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  • Cade and Lucas throwing the football around in the theater. Except Cade hits Lucas right in the head, and Lucas throws it so badly that it bounces back at the walls.
    • Crosses into Moment of Awesome when he uses the exact same skill to stun James Savoy, a CIA black book assassin, during their fight, allowing Cade to push him out a window to his death.
  • Another instance of the Transformers arguing is when Drift is dissing Bumblebee:
    Drift: With your fate unknown, Bumblebee has held command, despite his complete and total lack of anything resembling warrior discipline. He's like a child.
    Bumblebee: This child is about to kick your ass!
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  • Optimus loses his respect for humans:
    Optimus: Autobots, I have sworn never to kill humans...
    Hound: (onscreen) Big mistake.
    Optimus: ...but when I find out who's behind this... he's going to die.
    Hound: (offscreen) Hoo-ah!
  • Drift's reaction to seeing Grimlock transform: "I was expecting a giant car."
  • The hilariously jubilant text message Joyce receives from his staff on the destructive range of a Seed. "LIKE A TACTICAL NUKE; LOL!"
  • One of the KSI scientists using Transformium to create a Rainbow Dash doll that he's seen cradling. There's even a diagram for it on the screen!
    • The knowledge that another Megatron is a brony makes this even funnier, considering this is the scene in which Galvatron (who is, like TFP Megs, voiced by Frank Welker) takes control of the Transformium to raise a Vehicon army.
  • Joyce going momentarily Laughing Mad, explaining to the Chinese guy he's sharing the elevator with that not only is he being chased by killer CIA agents and robots, but that it's happening while he's carrying what's essentially a live nuke. Even better, there's no indication the other guy even understands him.
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  • Crosshairs relishing in the thought of Drift and Bumblebee killing each other so he won't have to be bossed around while knowing that Optimus is right behind him.
  • Hound's cigars are actually shell casings containing live rounds that he can fire at enemies that get too close for comfort.
  • When Joyce, Tessa, and Shane get stuck behind some slow old ladies when trying to get the Seed out of Hong Kong, an exasperated Joyce says "How do you say 'Get the fuck out of the way' in Chinese?"
  • Bumblebee's reaction to the man-made Transformers in general. When he sees Stinger for the first time and then hears people badmouthing him as a cheap predecessor, he goes on a hilarious rant.
    Cade: Bee, you gotta calm down right now.
    Bumblebee: I'm perfectly calm, dude.
    Cade: You gotta breathe, or do whatever it is you do.
    Bumblebee: I'm calm, I'm calm, I'm not even touching it, okay, I'm barely touching it. I'm barely touching it.
    • The rant gets even angrier when the advert continues, with Bee using censor noises.
    • He finally gets to kill Stinger personally.
    Bumblebee: I hate cheap knockoffs.
    • Also, when he attempts to blast Galvatron with missiles only to have him do that weird matrix-y transformation, he makes this wide eyed expression and says in his broken voice, "What was that?!"
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  • Cade's reaction to the annoying driver complaining about insurance is priceless. He points out that it's a damn spaceship, pops open a beer on the guy's car door and chugs it, then asks his daughter to hand him his alien gun. The guy wastes no time leaving.
  • Cade chasing off the real estate agent who's trying to sell his farm.
    • Which leads to an unintentionally hilarious moment when Lockdown blows up his farm
  • Shane and Cade's awkward conversation after the latter finds out he's been dating Tessa behind his back.
    • As CinemaSins pointed out, the fact that Shane has the Romeo And Juliet law on a card in his wallet is (probably unintentionally) hilarious, with a side of Squick.
  • While he, Hound, and Crosshairs are infiltrating Lockdown's ship, Drift launches into a typically self-righteous speech about how they have the element of surprise and should only resort to violence in an emergency. Not one second later, one of Lockdown's alien specimens reaches out of the wall and frightens him, resulting in Drift completely losing his slag and frantically stabbing the thing to death while screaming, "I KILL YOU! KILL YOU!".
    It's not alive anymore...
  • During the fight in Hong Kong, in one scene when Hound was getting hammered by weapons fire from multiple transformers from Galvatron's army, he likens himself to a ballerina, dancing and rolling around while gunning down enemies with his arsenal of many, many guns.
    Hound:"I'm a fat ballerina who takes scalps and slits throats!" (Hound is the only one who can take yet another level in badass and ballerina classes at the same time.)
  • Cade and Joshua's frantically funny behaviour when a transformer-sized grenade drops into their hiding spot, especially the moment Cade pulls the pin and the grenade starts ticking, and Joshua was clearly frightened that he had a LIVE grenade in his hands.
  • Oh, and how can we forget Joshua's sarcastic comment on where they were hiding the Seed while the Autobots do battle with Galvatron's army?
    Joshua: Oh, this is the perfect place to hide! A big glass box! Nobody would ever find us here!
    • And he proceeds to destroy a mahjong table.
  • After telling off Tessa for snuggling with her boyfriend right in front of him (her own father), Cade exasperatedly mutters, 'Teenagers...' to which the stoic Optimus, who is casually leaning on a wall, responds with: 'I went through the same thing with Bumblebee.'
  • Hound in general. Just image of a jolly fat robot with a beard who happens to be carrying a small arsenal is kinda funny in and of itself. It helps that he got some of the best lines.
  • When Attinger tries to remind Lockdown of the terms of their deal by invoking the Enemy Mine clause, Lockdown simply replies "On my planet we have a saying as well: I don't care".
  • Prior to the Hong Kong battle, poor Hound falls into a building, but when he tries to get up, his wide girth prevents him from doing so.
    Hound: "My fatass is stuck!"
  • When the Autobots confront Joshua in KSI and free Brains, the little guy is all too happy to finally have shut up the man who tortured and enslaved him for four years. The audience was applauding quite enthusiastically.
    Brains: "Ohhhhh, ain't talking so much now, are you? Not when you got Hound on you!"
  • When Cade (an inventor) casually gets the alien gun from Lockdown's ship, after he uses it for the first time on some alien guards and robots and sees its firepower:
    Cade: "Man, I'm SO gonna patent this thing!"
  • While kind of sad, the image of the squabbling Autobots bitching at and beating the crap out of each other, is kind of hilarious. Drift threatening Bumblebee, Crosshairs hoping they both kill each other so he doesn't have to listen to them anymore, Hound's reaction to Drift's haiku, and Cade sarcastically telling Optimus, "Well, you've clearly been missed."
  • Meta example: This video, suggesting "improvements" that could be made to the filmnote . Examples include:
    • Rebooting the franchise and retitling it "Transformographagizers" (complete with a new theme song).
    • Making every explosion followed by a John Cena walk-out (this was made before said walkout became a meme).
    • Limiting Bumblebee's voice samples to clips from The Goonies (specifically, Sloth).
    • Making the Oreo Transformer a main character.
    • Turning the film's already rampant Product Placement Up to Eleven.
    • Bringing back a Beats Pill, renaming him "Soundwave by Dre".
    • Demanding more "Seizure-inducing eye candy".

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