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Nightmare Fuel / Transformers: Age of Extinction

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  • The murder of Ratchet early on. Yes, MURDER, it can be classed as nothing else. He's a medic. He's hiding, the CIA flush him out. They start shooting him and EVENTUALLY he defends himself, and then he even surrenders. And they rip him apart just the same. Even without the rest of it, medics are off-limits in war time (unless they attack). If Ratchet had been classed as human, this would be a horrific war crime.
    • When Optimus and the others see it via the drone. In all continuities, Ratchet is one of Optimus' oldest and dearest friends. And he's just seen him slaughtered by the very people he helped save. Face it, anybody would be angry.
    Optimus: They've slaughtered Ratchet!! I'm gonna tear them apart!!
  • Lucas's charred corpse standing outside the factory after Lockdown kills him. Doesn't help that the camera goes back to it repeatedly and lingers on it. His chest also has a hole in it with flames coming out.
  • Lockdown's ship; a dark, dirty vessel filled with all sorts of strange aliens and odd robots. Even the Autobots are creeped out by it.
  • The freaky bug-eyed bots on Lockdown's ship that screech at Tessa. For that matter, Tessa being lost in the ship, trying to find Optimus, while Lockdown's wolves chase her.
  • Lockdown himself; probably one of the most terrifying villains in the entire film series this side of Megatron.
    • His main theme perfectly matches the visual of him calmly walking towards his target, which, as the main page points out, is highly reminiscent of the Terminators. Truly an ominous image.
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  • Seeing Optimus threatening and willing to kill humans. While there's no doubt that his experiences have scarred him, it's just horrifying to see the once noble Autobot leader now driven to his breaking point. Especially when you consider that he could potentially follow the same path as the last two Primes who openly denounced humanity. Fortunately, he gets better. Kind of.
    Optimus: Autobots, I have sworn to never kill humans. But when I find out who's behind this...he's going to die.
  • The Seed. Basically it's a bomb that can transform a large area into Transformium once it's been detonated. The last time a Seed was used? The time of the dinosaurs. And KSI wants to use it to make more Transformium while Galvatron wants to use it for creating an army of new Decepticons just for himself.
    • Transformium itself really. It's seen changing from innocuous items, such as a toy into weapons. If KSI wasn't preoccupied with giant robots, this stuff could've been put to terrible use.
  • Galvatron's voice. Never has Frank Welker ever sounded creepier.
  • Tessa being kidnapped by Lockdown and Cade is helpless to save her.
    • Tessa is basically a walking, talking can of Nightmare Fuel for Cade, with a healthy dose of Adult Fear thrown in for good measure. It starts with her dating (and possibly having relations with) a 20 year old man and goes downhill from there.
      • More like it starts with her vanishing shorts (and Lucas calling her hot) and emulates the flight path of a brick from there.
  • The whole scene where Lockdown uses his ship to repeatedly suck hundreds of boats and vehicles into the air (with people still in them), and then drops them all onto buildings and in the middle of the heavily populated streets.
    • In Hong Kong no less, one the most densely populated cities on the planet. The death toll depicted in this movie had to be in the hundreds at the lowest, thousands more likely, and tens of thousands is a definite possibility!
  • Judging by Attinger's Kill ’Em All policy when it comes to the Autobots and their human allies, it's probably safe to assume any characters who don't return from Dark of the Moon have been killed. Unless Attinger is letting them live as bait, in which case the Autobots can't contact them and the humans don't know if their friends are alive or dead. Or maybe they were just tortured for information. All lovely, lovely possibilities.
  • Attinger in general. Kellsey Grammer's acting is downright chilling and does an excellent job showing just how fanatical and insane Attinger is. In fact, several reviewers have noted that Attinger's portrayal wouldn't be out of place in a Die Hard or other such "Hard R" action movie.
  • Cade, Tessa and Shane attempting to leave the ship by the unstable, thin, constantly shaking tethers. While being pursued by Lockdown's Steeljaws. Who decide to start eating through the tethers when the humans are in the middle of crossing over. Even if you do not have acrophobia, good luck watching that scene without gripping tightly to whatever is close.
  • Optimus Prime's first transformation in the film, from the Yeagers' ( and Lucas's ) perspective. Think about it: one of the aliens that participated in the Battle of Chicago is right in front of them, with a loaded weapon, rambling about how he's going to kill them.
    Optimus: I'll KILL YOU!! STAY BACK!!
    • Easy to miss, but as Optimus Prime is transforming, he can be heard rambling what one can assume were his final thoughts before he lost consciousness. Among the many "No!"s, Optimus can also be heard saying something that sounds like "Sam!"...
  • Sentinel Prime's Head being slowly destroyed is horrifying to look at.
  • Imagine being a transformer and hearing about KSI's actions. You find out that the corpses of your friends are being mutilated, melted and used to create something else. It would be like finding out that your old army buddies were being hunted down and killed to make drums and clothes out of their skin. Not to mention that this makes the KSI bots practically Transformers zombies, with their lack of spark and recycled bodies.

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