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  • After defeating Menasor to stop him from delivering a plasma energy core to Megatron, he rises to his feet, declaring, "No one defeats Menasor!" and...starts ranting like an angry child and delivers it anyway, hurling his target like a football to a horde of Insecticons waiting to catch it. The Autobots simply stare in stunned silence.
    Bumblebee: I... did not see that coming.
  • Bumblebee enters the Proudstar and fights Insecticons, before fighting more of them.
    Bumblebee: Reinforcements ? Really ?
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  • Bumblebee's reaction to Optimus feeling the Matrix turn off and then on again. It's kind of Mood Whiplash to an Oh, Crap! moment.
    Bumblebee: Wow. Ominous, much?
  • Optimus Prime's reaction to Menasor arriving to back Devastator up:
    Optimus: This will be... a challenge.
    • Wheeljack's reaction is also pretty funny.
    Wheeljack: If I were a betting bot, I'd put my money on them!
  • After making their way to a quiet spot in the Proudstar, Optimus asks if there's a way to the control room nearby. Teletraan-1 makes note that they're standing on a cargo lift, but it doesn't have the information or clearance necessary to hack the lift remotely or even know how to operate it. Optimus quietly loses his patience and decides to use his "delicate lock-picking technique" on the console without hesitation.
  • Optimus actually engages in a little Trash Talk at a few points in the game. note 
    • Special mention to what he says if the player defeats Starscream while using him.
    Megatron was right, you are useless.
    Grimlock: Me Grimlock beat you up!
    Starscream: You over-confident fool!
    Later in the fight
    Grimlock: Me Grimlock still beating you up!
  • When engaging Skywarp and Thundercracker, Skywarp declares that he's now the new leader of the Decepticons. Only to change his mind, asking "Anyone want this job?"
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  • While several missions will have objectives like "Defeat the Decepticons", 40 through 43 tells you to Punt them. It's revealed the entire thing is an enclosed arena not unlike one of Madworld's Bloodbath Challenges, where usage of heavy knockback attacks is encouraged to send Decepticons hurtling into scoreboards. For the second stretch of the challenge, you are given Starscream to fight, but it's likely you'll send him flying off the edge immediately after he trash talks you. The final stretch lets you do the same thing to Megatron.
  • Some of the dialogue from the Autobots when the Proudstar's computer scans them and warns them of their fate are pretty hysterical.
    • Wheeljack dismisses the foreseeing of his death in the movie as a "hocus pocus prophecy", only to quickly say to himself "Please don't be true, please don't be true, please don't be true".
    • Grimlock just expresses his annoyance at the fact that a wall is talking to him.
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    • Sideswipe remarks that the computer sounds just like his brother (i.e., Sunstreaker).

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