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    The Trailers 
  • The first time anyone saw the very first trailer, all anyone could see was the original cartoon that anyone had so loved as a child. The look, the feel, the characters, absolutely everything was nothing short of perfect.


  • The intros for the various generics are pretty cool, but props go to the intro for the Dual Wielding Elite Seeker, who hacks at whichever Autobot the player is using before kicking him away.
  • There's something very satisfying about trading blows with a boss, countering and evading as necessary. The boss fights in general are highly entertaining.
    • Hell, any well timed evade where the classic slow motion sound effect plays and the screen goes blue is very fulfilling. And then landing a rush attack and following it up with two or three vehicle attacks makes you feel badass.
  • Performing a Vehicle Attack on a Combiner's head sends them spiraling through the air. For context of how extreme that can get, Bumblebee can send Devastator careening into a building.
  • All 5 Autobots really deserve credit for all they've went through. Especially for fighting both Devastator and Menasor. And WINNING!
  • Challenge 33 involves fighting a huge wave of Deceptions along with Skywarp and Thundercracker before Starscream decides to step in. 34 involves battling all the Constructions and Motormaster before Shockwave and Blitzwing appear, soon followed by Megatron. All whilst having the other Autobots back you up during both challenges. It's no surprise that the battles quickly turn into absolute chaos.
  • Also, finally filling your Ultimate gauge and letting lose a room-clearing attack. Usually with a massive explosion. Hell yeah.


  • The very first boss is Devastator, and he demonstrates why the Autobots were in such a panic when he made his appearance in the animated movie. On the harder difficulties, he truly demonstrates what it's like to face off against a combiner, and why said combiners are so feared.
    • The Constructicons are no slouches either. They absolutely refuse to fight by themselves, always having each other's backs by performing specific actions to augment each other's abilities on the field. They even get chances to smacktalk you if they find your performance lacking.
  • Starscream is described as That One Boss, and with good reason. Unlike Thundercracker and Skywarp, his shots have can paralyze the player (a reference to his Null-Ray), and he's very fond of dodging and transforming into his jet mode. For someone usually derided as a joke, the game makes a good argument as to why he's the Decepticon second in command.
    • It's much worse when he is fought inside the Space Bridge, and it's a lot harder to keep track of his movements.
    • But even worse is when you fight him in Challenge 13, where he teams up with Megatron to show you the OTHER reason he's second in command: Their fighting styles complement each other perfectly. Good luck getting any real damage on Megatron before you get hit with a missile or a null beam or rammed by Starscream's jet form, and good luck chasing down Starscream while Megatron is blowing shit up all over the arena. Starscream may be a slimy, backstabbing coward, but that is exactly what makes him so dangerous, especially in a team.
  • Menasor, another combiner you have to fight, is just as hard as Devastator. Despite his size he can swing his sword fast and it can catch players off guard. And when his heath hits 50% he charges his sword with lightning, allowing him to use shockwave attacks, a lightning laser, and to top it off, he can summon a tornado to send the unlucky Autobot into the air helpless to any kind of follow-up attack Menasor can and will most likely do to them.
  • Shockwave has one of the crazier fights of the game, demonstrating a ferocity not normally associated with the character (his matter-of-fact banter throughout is however). His blaster attacks can hit the player from clear across the battlefield sweeping horizontally or vertically, and he makes good use of his doppelganger attacks. After knocking his health to a certain point, he enters a Tranquil Fury and begins to use energy discs to redirect his blasts into a variety of patterns to fence you in while his clones continue the fight.
  • Soundwave is more or less a chaotic six on one fight as he won't be fighting alone. (Thankfully he'll only have two of his minions out at a time) Rumble and Frenzy will cause the arena you're fighting on to rise or fall, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw will take pot shots at you from the air, and Ravage will be doing hit and run moves. As for Soundwave himself, he'll most likely be at long range shooting you with homing missiles, stunning sound blasts, or he'll also cause a sound wave to blow you back or change the arena. Move in too close, and he'll show he isn't a slouch at close quarters either.
  • Blitzwing is a triple-changer, and especially on the higher difficulties demonstrates the difficulty of fighting such a Transformer. From transforming into jet mode to evade and bombard, to flying overhead and transforming into a tank to crush the unlucky Autobot who doesn't dodge in time, he's one of the tougher bosses, which isn't helped by the fact that he won't flinch when struck (unlike all the other bosses barring the Combiners).
  • Megatron. Being The leader of the Decepticons, he is no slouch with his attacks. The final encounter with him and Optimus Prime is breathtakingly amazing in it's atmosphere, dialogue and the sheer variety of attacks Megatron has at his disposal that look appropriately, well, devastating.
  • Near the end of the game is a chaotic brawl with all 6 of the Constructicons. You have your AI allies with you, but things can still get intense. Take all 6 of them down and they merge into Devastator, who as noted above is no slouch. Take him down to 50% and he busts out the drills as usual, but Menasor jumps into the arena to back him up. That's right. You have to fight both of the combiners. At the same time. Hope you brought power ups.


  • For those who grew up on the classic Generation 1 cartoon this game's very existence is CMOA. They've brought many of the familiar faces from the original show, and even recruited people who voiced them. The graphics are faithful to the look of the original series to the point where it feels like actually watching that show once again, the creators threw in several nice nods to that series. All in all, for those who first met the Transformers in the 80s, this game is like getting a chance to actually live and experience that world firsthand. And. It. Is. AWESOME!!!!
  • Speaking of nostalgia-bait, they got some new voice actors to sound very similar to the classic voices. And then they had Vince DiCola, who did the 1986 movie's soundtrack to help with this one. But the composers at Platinum know how to shred but also layer music. You get rapid-fire heavy metal right when the action's happening and it calms down after everything's dead. In the Ark, different instruments fade in and out as you navigate the menus. The graphics/aesthetic and soundtrack are beautiful.
  • Most licensed product games present themselves as "lost episodes" that, while mostly canon, do not raise the stakes or dramatically affect the storyline in anyway. This game is not satisfied with just that. While it could easily be seen as an installment of the original Generation 1 saga, Transformers Devastation really serves as a prequel to the entire Prime Wars trilogy, starting with Combiner Wars. Props to Hasbro for taking quite the risk and putting their faith in this game to jumpstart an entire storyline.


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