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  • Optimus Prime himself appearing out of nowhere in the pilot episode, singlehandedly defeating Underbite. And saving Denny from getting crushed (and possibly eaten). Contrived? Yes. Deus ex Machina? Definitely. Unashamedly awesome? Totally!
  • From episode 4, Fixit, who at this point was shaping up to be The Load gets kidnapped by the combiner Chop Shop. After Chop Shop forcibly makes Fixit his replacement arm (it makes sense in-context). With a little encouragement, Fixit takes control and beats up Chop Shop himself.
    Chop Shop: (realizes Fixit is resisting his control) You work for me now pally!
    Fixit: I (punch) work (punch) for (punch) my team! (punch)
    • Also, Fixit's stutter seems to vanish during the battle with Chop Shop.
  • Denny gets two in "Can You Dig It?":
    • He manages to knock Ped out for a short time by ramming his power shovel into him.
    • When Ped is about to escape his stasis pod, Denny drops his electromagnet on top of him, trapping him in the pod.
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  • Think what you will about the RID version of Drift, but his duel with Fracture in "Hunting Season" was actually pretty epic.
  • Episode 14 shows how Team Bumblebee's really improved, fighting all those 'cons. They were each able to hold their own against their respective Decepticon opponent.
    • One goes to Steeljaw as well; He was able to not only free his teammates, but create a distraction that forced the good guys to stop chasing them and deal with said distraction.
  • Grimlock vs. Groundpounder.
  • From "The Buzz on Windblade", Strongarm's What the Hell, Hero? speech on Windblade.
  • While admittedly divisive to some, Megatronus entrance during the two-part season one finale was actually pretty awesome.
    • Simply revealing his plans shows just why he's considered one of the most dangerous ancient evils.
    Megatronus: You've earned your reward, Steeljaw. Though I can't imagine why you would want a pile of dust.
    Steeljaw: Dust?
    Steeljaw: But combining the Sparks will blow both planets too!
    Megatronus: Precisely.
    • Every other of the original crew needed a power up to fight against Megatronus on even ground. Grimlock just needed his own two fists.
  • From "Overloaded, Part 1", Optimus showing that even when suffering from a power drain, he was able to turn the tide and take down Polar Claw.
    • Windblade using her turbines to help stop the snow storm from burying there team alive.
  • Saberhorn in "Metal Meltdown", he was able to hold his own against, Bumblebee, Strongarm and Grimlock. He was also smart enough to stay around and make sure the death trap for Bumblebee will do its job and he doesn't escape.
  • Optimus faking how injured he was to defeat Razorpaw, Glacius and Swelter near the end of "Cover Me".
    • How Sideswipe saved Windblade from the river.
  • Bumblebee and Grimlock creating a firebreak in "Suspended".
  • In "Brainpower", Grimlock subverts several usual tropes that occur when a character gains new intelligence. He instantly realizes his new intelligence is putting his life in danger and agrees he should return to normal soon, instead of trying to find a way to keep it. Later in battle, he realizes quickly that his intelligence is interfering with his ability to fight properly. When he returns to normal he manages to use his own knowledge to beat Simacore in a battle of wits, using a piece of knowledge he knew all the way back in episode 1 about Underbite eating Nuon City and then distracting Simacore with his own simple riddle long enough to knock him out with one hit.
  • "Misdirection", Steeljaw's plan, he faked being injured by Scorponok to get inside the autobot base and with some new devices, he was able to easily escape his stasis cell and capture Denny, Russell and Fixit, then freeing some of his old pack as well as Groundpounder, Bisk, Quillfire, Overload and Springload while most of team bee has to fight both Scorponok and Crazybolt.
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  • The final battle between Bumblebee, Optimus and Steeljaw at the end of the "Decepticon Island" two-parter.
  • Bumblebee and Bisk's fight while onstage at the Rear Axel concert in "Bumblebee's Night Off".
  • "Portals" features the return of Soundwave, who proves he's still superior by curb stomping Bee and his team in minutes.
    • Grimlock and Strongarm hold their own and manage to defeat Laserbeak.
  • Drift in "Graduation Exercises", proves he can take care of himself even with both his legs useless. Gathering up the weapons in Windblade's cache and using them to defend himself from Stockade's Minicon army.
  • "Mighty Big Trouble" has Starscream return, who (unlike Steeljaw) is The Dreaded to Autobot and Decepticon alike. The realisation of who they're dealing with has Clawtrap and the Scavengers cowering in fear, and Bumblebee is as horrified by his return as you'd expect.
    • Worse, he also has a holdover from Transformers Prime: the Dark Star Saber!.
  • The final battle at the end of "Worthy", Optimus and Aerobolt face off against a super-powered Starscream. Then Bumblebee comes out of nowhere to catch's ahold of Starscream's leg. Starscream tries to stay in control of the situation, but finally loses the battle after he's forcefully separated from the Mini-Cons and loses consciousness.
  • "Blurred" has Sideswipe get over his jealously of Blurr, and the two perform an excellent save. Sideswipe gets a epic drop kick on Ragebyte while Blurr manages to get the bomb away from the city and outrun the explosion.
  • "Moon Breaker" ends with an epic battle between Ultra Bee and Menasor on the Moon's surface. Ultra Bee turning the tide of battle thanks to all five bots cooperating with each other better than the Stunticons who make up Menasor, destroying the plasma module the Stunticons were after. It ends with Ultra Bee punching Menasor so hard he separates back into the Stunticons.
  • Soundwave returns again in part two of "King Of The Hill". Though we don't get to see him (he's still trapped in the Shadowzone), he actually speaks in the episode. Best of all, unlike his brief line in Prime, the vocoder they use here makes him sound exactly like his Generation 1 counterpart (and yes, Frank Welker still voices him).
  • "Enemy of my Enemy" showed lots of Autobots either from Prime and possibly Rescue Bots and the new ones are based on G1.


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