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Heartwarming / Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

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  • Hank's earnest attempts to get Russell to play football with her and the other kids in "More than Meets the Eye". She had only met him that morning, yet she was determined to help him fit in and have fun with them.
    • Grimlock later insists that Team Bee go and watch Russell when he plays with her and the other kids again. When Russell kicks a field goal, the whole team cheers for him.
  • When Grimlock suddenly starts attacking the rest of the team in "True Colors", it's Sideswipe who continues to defend the Dinobot against accusations of being a traitor.
    • Grimlock is also Fighting from the Inside the whole time. Preventing Minitron from killing his friends and even from attacking the far more vulnerable Russell.
  • Chop Shop (his sentient right arm anyway) of all bots has a moment in "Even Robots Have Nightmares". When Russell is being chased by Nightstrike, and Denny is too busy desperately trying to free the Bots to help. Bumblebee, now conscious actually asks the Decepticon to protect the humans from Nightstrike. Though the Con heads for the door. When he spies a can of paint, he flings it at Nightstrike, temporarily blinding him. Chop Shop even gives Bee a smile and thumps up before leaving.
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  • Sort of a Fridge Heartwarming moment; in "Ghosts and Impostors" the gang goes to the Western part of the continent, which looks very much like the area around Jasper, Nevada. Bee says it's one of his "favorite places on Earth".
  • Another example occurs in "Battlegrounds, part 1" where the Fallen threatens to have Clampdown tear off his own arm, in order to force Steeljaw to comply with his demands. Keep in mind that Clampdown is the Steeljaw's least valuable minion, yet he still complies to save him. Saving Clampdown did wind up working for Steeljaw in the long-run, since he returned the favor by grabbing hold of Grimlock while he finished the arch.
  • By the end of "Battlegrounds, part 2" Optimus is back, again and it looks like he's gonna stay for good.
  • Denny's concern for Strongarm in "Suspended".
    Denny: Take it from a parent. Strongarm wants to be a part of the team, but the mistake she made on the freeway is all she can think about. She needs a win.
    • When Fixit agrees to help Strongarm build back her confidence. Denny grabs him and breaks into a happy dance.
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  • As misguided as it was, it was nice of Windblade to worry about Optimus in "Cover Me".
  • Bumblebee's geeking out over the band Rear Axel in "Bumblebee's Night Off". His reason for liking them is actually rather adorable.
    Bumblebee: They play songs about fighting for justice, and not giving up so long as the music's still playing! I mean it's like they know me!
  • Ratchet returns in the second season finale, and is overjoyed to see Optimus alive and well after Predacons Rising. The two old friends' reunion is adorable to watch.
    • Ratchet actually understands Grimlock perfectly.
  • This entire subplot of "Decepticon Island" - Optimus and Bumblebee's relationship begins to strain, as the former begins to increasingly question the latter's decisions, believing Bumblebee is not prepared to lead a team of this size, or lead a mission of such magnitudenote , thinking under the circumstances, he should take the lead, due to his leading experience. This strain begins to worsen more and more as the mission goes on with Optimus questioning his decisions even more, along with Bumblebee's anger and frustrating reaching a boiling point. The two are forced to talk out their problems, with Bumblebee finally able to vent how he feels:
    Optimus: Bumblebee, do not take your anger out on others. You are upset with me.
    Bumblebee: You're right. And this isn't the best time for this conversation, but the situation is too critical not to have it. Tell me - why do you think you should be leading the team right now?
    Optimus: Experience. I have always lead.
    Bumblebee: Here's my case - I know Steeljaw. I know what our teammates can and can't do, and I've been leading them for a while without you looking over my shoulder. I learned from the best. You said you wanted to be equals on this team, fine. I respect your voice above all others. But right now I need you to have my back. Because of a single voice does not lead, it means disaster for all of us. Do you remember who said that?
    Optimus: ... I did.
    • It's heartwarming now knowing that the two finally were able to make amends with each other.
  • By the end of "Decepticon Island, Part 2", Sideswipe decides to stay on earth, as a permanent member of Team Bee.
  • Grimlock making friends with Brother Gunter in "Pretzel Logic".
  • Sideswipe rushing to shield Slipstream and Jetstorm from a shot from RoughEdge in "Worthy". Especially after he'd just been so rude and dismissive towards the two Mini-Con's not long before.
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  • While neither of them would have saved him, Bumblebee pulling Drag Strip and Wildbreak from the fire in "Bee Cool".
  • From "Enemy of My Enemy", Grimlock greeting Drift after he'd been away from Earth for several episodes. Also a Funny Moment.
    • When Optimus mentions his standing with the High Council, he mentions that any Transformer that stood up for him was blacklisted. Cut to a large amount of wanted posters for Autobots from across the Aligned Continuity family.
  • Cyberwarp's speech on why she saved Bee and his team and turned against the other Deception council members.
    Cyberwarp: We share a planet. There has to be a better way, to settle our differences...than destroying one another.
  • Any episode involving Drift gradually warming up to his Minicons. Drift may have flaws, he may be strict and dismissive but he really cares about them and is ready to save them whatever the cost is.
  • Villainous version but any time involving Divebomb and Airazor worrying for their Master is a bit heartwarming. Whenever Fracture is in trouble, they immediately abandon everything to rescue him even if it means ruining the mission, and are ready to do everything to make him happy even if it displeases them. Undying Loyalty indeed.

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