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Heartwarming / Transformers: Devastation

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  • When playing as Wheeljack during the Proudstar segment, the Computer ominously foreshadows his fate in the Movie, saying that "Darkness comes for us all. While your time may be short, your legacy will endure. That which you have made will in time save planets." Also counts as funny cause he immediately dismisses it as, "Hocus pocus prophecies" only to then say "Please don't be true, please don't be true, please don't be true."
    • The bit about his legacy enduring is, however, rather heartwarming since he co-created the Dinobots and not only do they survive the events of the movie but they go on to live happy lives on Cybertron and continues to do good. Had he known, Wheeljack would probably have found a lot of comfort in that. It helps add some light to what would otherwise be a dark end.
    • Playing as Optimus in this segment will result in him accepting his eventual fate, as long as it means his friends are safe and the war ends. Prime leads the Autobots for a very good reason.
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    • When playing as Bumblebee, the franchise's Kid-Appeal Character becomes quite touched to learn that he'll be a respected hero years from now.
  • More of a Tearjerker slightly, after Soundwave is defeated in Chapter 6 Megatron makes an announcement on the Ship speakers but his voice feels a little sad, one would think that he wanted Soundwave by his side when he cyberformed Earth but the Autobots denied that to him.
  • In the game's ending, Defensor and Superion each only have one line, but they are both very sweet. Defensor mentions how it's the Autobots' mission to protect and serve, while Superion informs Optimus that he and Defensor are there to help and that he doesn't need to fight the Decepticons alone.
  • The part when Megatron, sounding genuinely remorseful, laments that he and Optimus Prime are fighting against each other as enemies when they should've instead join forces in restoring Cybertron back to its ancient glory. What makes this moment heartwarming is that for a brief moment, another side of the hammy, card carrying villainous and organic hating Evil Overlord shows itself before his enemies. A decent side of him that secretly regrets having to fight the war, and especially against Optimus, whom he actually respects as a Worthy Opponent. Alas, the moment is ruined when after Optimus tries to appeal to that side, Megatron's dominant side of that of the power-hungry warlord quickly represses it.
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  • While we've heard similar speeches before and it's kind of lost it's impact by now, Prime falling back to earth while explaining that they should consider Earth as their home is rather warming.


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