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Headscratchers / Transformers: Robots in Disguise

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Why when after Bumblebee stated clearly in the pilot that the team had to be "robots in disguise", does he never take Grimlock and Fixit aside and make them scan new earth vehicle modes?

  • From what we've seen in the show, earth vehicle modes are somewhat similar to the original Cybertronian ones (whether that's a real necessity or a matter of personal preference is unclear); where are they gonna find something like that for Fixit and Grimlock? Besides, Fixit is too small to find a practical disguise and is supposed to stay in the base and out of action anyway, and Grimlock's nature as a Dinobot might limit his choices of alternate modes.
    • Is Fixit even capable of transforming? We've seen nothing to indicate that he can.
      • He can turn into non-combat tools for his teammates to use, and the toyline shows him with a twin-headed driller unit mode (but then again, everyone can transform in the toylines).

Just how many years have gone by since the end of Transformers: Prime until the start of this show? Cybertron looks all fixed up, no small task, but the human technology seems not very advanced from the 2010s era.

  • To be fair... it was shown in the novel Transformers: Exiles that Cybertron did have colony worlds. So they may have had help repairing Cybertron thanks to the formerly lost colonies.
    • That doesn't explain the fact that there's absolutely no mention of any of the Autobots' previous human allies, even in passing. As close as Bumblebee was to Raf, you'd think he'd at least try to catch up with him, especially once 'Bee realized he was going to be on Earth for a while. If it's been long enough that Raf, Fowler, and the others possibly died of old age, then there's still the problem of Earth not looking 80+ years more technologically advanced.
    • Has there been a timescale stated? Cybertronians are an example of Time Abyss's who live for literally millions of years, their war lasted anything from four-six million years. For all we know human society rose, then fell back to the stone age, and has risen again. That happening wouldn't even have taken one million years. It is possible that we are a couple of million years down the line, and this could be the third or fourth reiteration of human civilization.
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    • Bees appearance in season 4 of Transformers: Rescue Bots seems to imply that Robots in Disguise takes place 3 years after Transformers: Prime
    • Just one problem: Bee and his team visited Hanger E in one episode, and it and the base it was located at was long abandoned. That means at least a decade has gone by.
    • The base could've been abandoned shortly after Team Prime left Earth for better and more secure locations. Also, Sideswipe later appears in Season 4 of Rescue Bots, and Blurr also makes an appearance in Robots in Disguise.
  • Why the hell is Denny Clay keeping a bottle of HYDROCHLORIC ACID in a METAL. SCRAPYARD. (Although it is referred to Hydrofluoric Acid, it is actually Hydrochloric Acid that dissolves metals as seen in "Railroad Rage".)

The New Decepticons

Given the Predacons Rising movie where the remainder of Megatron's forces were partially reformed to help in the reconstruction of Cybertron, it's understandable that after everything some would return to going against the Autobots, and many would be rogue like given Megatron is no longer leading and Starscream may or may not be dead thanks to Predaking. However why are all these new Decepticons based on animals in their robot modes. Many of them are even identified as [animal]-ticon as if they're are many similar rather than unique bots. This would all make sense if the Predacons following a revival thanks to Predaking, but why call them Decepticons?
  • The Answer lies with Shockwave. It was once explain in a aligned comic. (Which may or may not be canon) that Shockwave was the one who created the Dinobots and may have experimented newer life-form before starting work on the Predacons (This make sense as the novel Transformers: Retribution shows Shockwave created the aligned version of Rack'n'Ruin and was experimenting with other Transformers as well). Plus Bulkhead (Back in Beast Hunter) did say that a Predacon and Dinobots are COMPLETELY different so that may be the case here as well.
  • The Covenant of Primus also said there were many different types of Cybertronian subspecies based on existing lifeforms in the universe; the Decepticons shown probably belong to some of those. Why they are all Earth animal-themed and no Autobot member has been seen yet is probably the best question. (Also, Predacons in Aligned are only draconic-themed, not animal-themed)
  • We're also forgetting the Insecticons that were introduced in Prime. We have about three "animal" type Decepticons there and let us not forget the lovely spider, Airachnid. There could easily be animal based Cybertronians in this universe we were not introduced to until this moment.

Seriously, what's the deal with the Decepticon Hunters? When they first appeared, they were said to turn into any weapon or tool the user wanted, and these seemed to be made of Hard Light / Pure Energy constructs. Then on episode 14, they seem to be stuck in one mode only for each bot, and have a more mechanical transformation. While this could be expected from the duplicated Decepticon Hunters (which were created using Earth materials and technology), it seems to apply to the original, supposedly fixed Hunter as well. What happened?

  • Simple, user preference. Yes they can form multiple weapons but to there wielder who prefer fighting in one style they will probably revert to that user prefer method of weapon handling. A default setting if you will.
    • Ok, that's a good theory for the single mode (and the Season Finale confirmed it), but it still doesn't explain the change from Hard Light construct to mechanical transformation.
      • Three potential options: 1) User preference again. 2) The Decepticon Hunters use energy to map out where they eventually become solid objects. 3) Art Evolution.


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