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Heartwarming / Transformers: The Last Knight

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  • Izabella seems like a Good Counterpart of last film's Dragon, James Savoy: while both lost loved ones during the battle of Chicago, Izabella does not blame the Autobots, and is actually trying to help them, while Savoy decided to destroy any and all Transformers and any human who joined them.
  • Despite getting the permission to leave and roam freely, the Dinobots have returned to the main Autobot group, and stay with them. That's loyalty.
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  • Wheelie turns out to have survived the Battle of Chicago and has rejoined the Autobots.
  • The Knights of Cybertron found King Arthur and the Round Table's ideas noble enough to join Camelot's ranks.
    • Confirmed in the movie: while they initially stayed out of Humanity's conflicts, it was when they witnessed King Arthur's rule and Camelot that they came to believe in humanity's goodness. Merlin's plea to them for aid probably helped too.
  • In the scene where the Decepticons attack the junkyard, there's a brief scene of Megatron finding and musing on Starscream's severed head. While he does condescend his deceased soldier, Megatron wistfully calls Starscream his friend, suggesting he may have held some sort of affection for his late right-hand man after all—
    Megatron: The end is near, my old treacherous friend. What a shame you'll be unable to see it.
  • Hound has taken over the role of Autobot medic in the wake of Ratchet's death. Considering how trigger-happy and psychotic he is, and how much work and precision it takes to be a doctor, Hound loves his team enough that he'd be willing to take on a team role so adverse to what he is just to help them. It pays off, as Cade is much better at treating wounded Transformers this time around presumably thanks to Hound's expertise.
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  • Cade now practically runs a Transformers refugee camp. In the last movie he only worked with the Autobots because they were his only remote chance of getting his normal life back. Now he's willingly seeking out potential Autobot arrivals to Earth to bring under his and the other Autobot's protection.
  • Cade calls Tessa, but cannot say a word as the United States government will be able to track him down if they hear his voice. Tessa tells her father that she's doing okay, is happy, and hopes he can find a woman so that he won't die alone if he's to die before they see each other again. She gets cut off while telling her dad that she loves him, but enough gets through to Cade.
    • Tessa is in college and said to be doing well. Even though Cade may be declared a fugitive, it's enough for him to know that his daughter still has a future.
      • Also, considering the debt they had in the last movie, it's implied that Joshua Joyce made good on his promise to financially assist the Yeager family.
    • The Autobots are also very respectful and solemn during this scene, knowing how much it means to Cade. Bumblebee and Crosshairs are both sulking around, and Hound is actually the one rigging up the phone call for the "chief". When Tessa's call ends, Hound gently tells Cade that he's a great dad and asks him to not forget it.
  • Cade is shown to have a loving relationship with the baby Dinobots, and is proud of "T" (the baby Grimlock) roaring flames for the first time. He's also taught Terry (the baby Strafe) to fetch him beers from the fridge with almost no incident. Later, Izabella wakes up from her first night at the junkyard surrounded by the baby Dinobots cooing and playing with her. It's adorable as hell.
    • Heck, the existence of baby Cybertronians period, given it was implied the Cybertronians had lost the ability to reproduce.
  • Both General Morshower and Lennox wish that Optimus could return so they could arrange peace with him.
  • After we watched Leadfoot get hunted down and killed in Age of Extinction, we see that thankfully, his comrades Top Spin and Roadbuster are living a peaceful life in Cuba with Simmons. Furthermore, they seem to have formed a strong friendship with Simmons, as Top Spin is whining for Simmons to join them in playing sports.
  • When the junkyard comes under attack, despite Cade's protests, Hound personally volunteers to stay behind and hold the Decepticons off so the others can set up their traps to kill the rest of their assailants.
  • Grimlock and Slug ferociously defend their offspring and their Autobot friends on the outskirts of the junkyard. Later, Grimlock races to help the others fight the Decepticons in town, rescuing Cade and Izzy from Barricade and Dreadbot just in time.
  • When the Autobots prepare to head for the final battle, Izabella asks Hound if she and Sqweeks can join them as they want to help. Hound immediately agrees and lets them hop aboard.
  • "I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend. Optimus, I would lay down my life for you."
    • Optimus' reaction to the above, stating that he has not heard his voice since Cybertron fell. While Bumblebee did speak in the first movie, this scene gives you the impression that in that film, his voice was still damaged and that this is his true voice.
  • The Order of the Witwiccans. Even though most of humanity has now condemned Transformers, there is still a select few that knows of their commitment to their kind throughout the centuries and are truly grateful to them.
  • Just before the final battle, Cade calls out the TRF for hunting him down even though he has always been fighting on Optimus Prime's side, and that it was Earth's governments that turned their backs on the Autobots. Nonetheless, Cade says it is an honor to be fighting alongside them, and at that, the TRF tear off their emblems. After many years of condemnation, it is very alleviating to see the Autobots finally get some vindication.

  • Bay heard about Freya, an epileptic dog who's been passed up for adaption over 18,720 times during her 6-year life. He decided to give her a role in the film and find her a permanent home.
  • Some users at the TFW 2005 forums created a thread where they suggested users to tweet #YeahIfightlikeagirl to show support for Isabela Moner, who apparently gets a lot of hatemail for her role in the film, which isn't even out yet. The thread even notes that despite your opinion of her character, grown-ups sending threats and hate to a child who's just doing her job is just wrong.

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