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Fridge Brilliance

  • "And now two worlds colliding, only one survives." is a basically "One shall stand, One shall fall", just neatly disguised, fitting for the franchise.
  • Cybertron reappearing after it's apparent destruction makes sense if you think about it: the creators made it from the same materials as it's inhabitants, and nothing prevents them from simply reprogramming it's ruins to (re)transform into a sphere and giving it the ability to move. This is also Fridge Horror; what if it were to be programmed to become sentient?
    • Or, since Quintessa had recruited Megatron early on, she had the chance to study KSI's Transformium up close, then develop an even better version to act as Cybertronian Kragle and whatever she needed.
      • This may also be how Megatron was reformatted yet again from his KSI "Galvatron" body and make him a proper transforming Cybertronian again.
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  • During the movies series, Decepticons are evil and thus have Red eyes and Autobots are good and thus have Blue eyes, with the exception of defecting Decepticons which retain their red eye color. What do you get when you combine red and blue? Purple, which is the color of Optimus Prime's eyes when under mind control, turning him evil. Optimus is being forcibly turned into a Decepticon and thus his eyes reflect what he was and what he is becoming.
  • Megatron tells Izabella "This planet is hell." and it appears as though he is just swearing to finally show that Earth has pushed him over the edge. However, if you look at Megatron's entire history with Earth, and take into account Earth is formed from Unicron, this comment is a major Rule of Symbolism. Unicron is Satan and Hell is Satan's domain. Megatron crashed on Earth, and is used as an experiment by the humans, who from his perspective are demons. Once he is killed the first time, he is put in the Laurentian Abyss, the second deepest place on the planet, effectively damming Megatron to Hell. When he is brought back, he is badly maimed and ultimately killed once again. He is then resurrected by the demonic spawn in a brutal desecration of a Cybertronian body and it is only through working with Quintessa, Bayverse's equivalent of God, that he becomes normal again. Looking at how many Cybertronians have died on Earth, and the human purges in Age of Extinction and this film, thus damming the Cybertronian race as punishment for their sins, it isn't surprising that he would refer to Earth as hell.
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  • Given the revelation that Earth is Unicron, it makes the Fallen's efforts to destroy the Earth as less of the actions of a Big Bad and more of the actions of a Well-Intentioned Extremist. Given the Primes' arrival on Earth during the early days of the human race, they had to have known at some point that the land they were standing on was actually Unicron, the sworn enemy of Cybertron. Given the Primes' decree not to use the Star Harvesters to destroy planets with life, this may have created a rift between the Fallen and the rest of his brothers over whether or not they should kill the humans in the process of destroying Unicron. The other Primes may have ultimately decided to find another way to prevent Unicron's return without killing the humans, while the Fallen remained steadfast in his belief that Unicron had to be destroyed at all costs. The Fallen did insist to Megatron that he was the one betrayed by the Primes, not the other way around...

Fridge Logic

  • When they awaken from their centuries-long stasis, the Guardian Knights, despite their supposed nobility and gallantry, were almost as merciless and volatile as Optimus had started to become since Age of Extinction. Not really what one would expect from beings that supposedly prized "purity of heart, valor, honor, integrity"; qualities of a knight. However, if Arthurian lore is as true as the stories that have been written for it, then these Knights have also experienced the betrayal of Mordred, the breaking of the fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table, and finally the Fall of Camelot. All at the hands of a fellow human they had once trusted. Perhaps Optimus wasn't the first Cybertronian to believe that humanity was exceptional only to have their faith shattered.

Fridge Horror

  • As if hostile robotic aliens that can transform into common vehicles weren't scary enough, their creator has assumed human form and now walks among us with the intention of destroying the very planet we live on.
    • It gets even scarier when you consider the reason she wants to wipe Earth out. Our planet's core is a malevolent giant Transformer referred to as "The Chaos Bringer", which, in other continuities, is known for devouring entire planets! And the events of this film have probably just awakened it.
    • According to the main page, there's no reason for tectonic activity to affect the placement of the horns since they're all directly connected to Unicron at the core. What if he has been transforming?!
  • I have not seen the film yet, but I am aware of Topspin and Roadbuster's cameos. As Attinger who loathes Cybertronians, gave them of all people Asylum, it raises a question... Did they rat out Leadfoot?
    • Doesn't seem like something they'd do. More likely, they got to Cuba first and Cemetery Wind caught Leadfoot before he could join them. They sure got over it pretty quickly though...
  • Unless they are just plot holes, Quintessa is very likely lying about creating the Transformers and being a Prime.note  If this is the case, this means that the real creators are still out there, and are still planning on "wiping the chessboard clean".
    • Unless she was the client of Lockdown, and had lied to him as well, given that the initial trilogy seemed to go with the mystical side of transformers, with the Alspark actually creating new transformers in the first film, it seems entirely possible Quintessa took control of Lockdown a long time before AOE and convinced him that the Transformers were created by her, and her power allowed him to convince Optimus.
      • This brings up another bit of fridge horror; if Lockdown was a slave of Quintessa, what was he like before, given what happend to Optimus in a few days, it's possible Lockdown was a good bot once...
      • Quintessa is likely the creator. The organic arm when studied mirrors the look of the primes and Quintessa does call herself a prime. The primes are the creators likely made by Quintessa who she than had Cyberform Earth which she knew was Unicron's form to harvest Transformium to build the first actual transformers. The knights than rebelled and stole her staff freeing her creations, the primes than led the Cybertronians, them Cyberforming other worlds is why they have their code.
  • Edmund says he is the last living member of the Witwiccans, the group who knew of the robots’ presence on Earth through history. Sam Witwicky is on the family tree he shows. That very likely means Sam is no longer with us. Even the TF Wiki writers don’t think it looks too good for him. It would explain his absence in the fourth film and this one.
    • Consider the way Cemetery Wind treated Cade and the others in AOE, just on suspicion of being in contact with a transformer and Savoy was about to execute them, as an established Ally of the Autobots it's likely he was attacked by Cemetery Wind, trying to draw the Autobots out.