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Headscratchers / Transformers: The Last Knight

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     Onslaught's gun 
  • When Onslaught first shows up in the movie, he is seen having been imprisoned in the TRF prison. He throws his gun out the door but then it turns out he can't get out cause he's too fat. Then, why did he throw his gun out the door in the first place? Why not just use the gun to have shot his wall a bunch of times and make the door bigger?
  • Onslaught had a gun on him the whole time he was in the TRF prison. What did TRF let him keep that gun for? He's being imprisoned but not disarmed for his crimes?

     Optimus says Steal 
  • Optimus claims "To save earth and her people, we are going to steal Quintessa's staff!" Isn't "steal" supposed to be a negative connotation of "take"? "Steal" means to take what is rightfully someone else's, but Quintessa's staff doesn't rightfully belong to her if she's going to use it to wipe out human cities off the earth. Take away might be a better choice of words.
    • So? The Death Star rightfully belonged to the Empire. Just because she's evil doesn't mean she forfeits property rights (unless there's a Cybertronian law to that effect, I guess).

     Starscream's head 
  • The whole Internet has been asking this lately. Why is Starscream's head intact in this movie when clearly it was dismantled and blown into pieces back in Dark of the Moon?
    • A likely answer is that someone repaired his head, but who would it be?
      • It could be the KSI from Age of Extinction who collected all the dead Transformers bodies as spoils of war from the Battle of Chicago to get as much as data as they can to create man-made robots. Perhaps they wanted Starscream's head back in one piece as part of the designing process of their prototype robots.
      • Perhaps some Decepticon that landed on earth and built Starscream's head back together.

     Last time Bumblebee spoke 
  • Optimus claims that he did not hear Bumblebee speak since Cybertron died. But didn't he hear him do so back at the end of the first movie that came out in 2007?
    • Perhaps at the end of the 2007 film, Bumblebee's voice was altered and it sounded different than his usual voice.
    • I was always unclear whether or not that line was meant to be Bumblebee's own voice, or him using another radio clip. I admit I don't know where the clip could be from, though.

     We already did Knights 
  • Is there supposed to be some relationship between the Dinobots from the last movie and the Knights of Iacon? It feels like the Dinobots just lost their "mystic knight" status sometime between this film and the last, and these new characters just picked it up.
    • Lockdown called them knights. Optimus calls them "legendary warriors".

     What has happened to my world? 
  • Optimus is surprised to see Cybertron devastated. When was it ever anything but devastated? I thought the war destroyed Cybertron. That was a main plot point, right? Sentinel in the third movie was trying to use resources from Earth to rebuild civilization on the planet? And that's why they couldn't flee in the face of persecution in the fourth film?

     Your Size May Vary 
  • Why is Cybertron dramatically smaller than we saw in the third movie?
    • My personal theory is that since it got halved in DOTM and is made from Transformium like it's inhabitants, it's not too hard to imagine that Quintessa just transformed it or it has some sort of failsafe system to keep it in sphere form. It's the best reason I can come up with, anyway.
    • Cybertron varies in size even within the movie. Like, the establishing shots in space show that Cyberton is now smaller than earth, but it's still moon-sized and its chunks that approach our planet should at least be as large as a mid-sized country, and yet when the action is with the characters that clearly isn't the case. On the other hand, nonsensical shifts in size and mass is such a staple in the franchise, honestly that's the least of the film's problems.

     We learned Earth languages through the World Wide Web 
  • We learn Transformers have been interacting with humans since at least the 5th century. Optimus' explanation for their English fluency back in film one was that they learned off the Internet. This implies that they didn't speak Earth languages until the invention of the Internet, so how did they communicate with humans back then?
  • Well, it could be that they slowly learned it from humanity before internet, but that internet allows them to learn it in seconds.
  • The series frequently retcons a lot of stuff from earlier movies to make things work, it's just that Last Knight is extra retcon-y.

     Our worlds are now joined as one...? we all dead right? 
  • So the film ends with Cybertron literally connected to the Earth/Unicron not to beat a dead horse, but wouldn't that have caused at least some form of ecological, not to mention, apocalyptic damage, even if it wasn't with Quintessa trying the earth dry, it seems to be a bit bigger than the earth, and if something as small (astronomically speaking) as the moon can affect the earth from in the region of 240 thousand miles away, how is it that Cybertron which while being mostly honeycombed hollow, would still have a significant gravitational field, the second Cybertron hit even near the moon, we would start to feel problems straight away. not to mention the part of Cybertron imapacting, that would of caused extinction events several times over. (to be fair this probably applies to Cybertron in Dark of the Moon). also are they just leaving cybertron there, the ending wasn't clear.

     Why didn't Unicron react to Cybertron in Dark of the Moon? 
  • So Unicron can sense the arrival of Cybertron when it is days away. Yet in Dark of Moon, Cybertron was right in Earth's orbit and Unicron doesn't stir at all.
    • Quintessa was doing more than just bring in Cybertron to Earth. She was also attempting to use Merlin's staff to suck out Unicron's energy and life force, which could have helped him wake up.
    • And in Dark of the Moon, Cybertron did get close to Earth but it never touched the surface. In this movie, parts of Cybertron did interact with the Earth's surface as news announced human cities are being literally scraped away.

     "Treacherous Friend"? 
  • When Megatron finds Starscream's head he refers to him as his "Treacherous Friend". The thing is that, with the possible exception of taking command while Megatron was dead (which presumably had him sighing off on the plot to resurrect him) Starscream doesn't actually display his usual backstabbing nature in the films. So why include the line?
    • Because Starscream abandoned him for dead back in the ending of the first movie. Not only that, Starscream even tried usurping command of the Decepticons behind Megatron's back in ROTF.
    • Starscream doesn't always seem to be very loyal, he chickened out of helping Megatron and The Fallen both getting their asses owned by Jet Optimus in the climax of ROTF and in DOTM he mocked Megatron's facial burns, it seemed Starscream was more than eager to usurp Megatron and verbally admitted so.
    • Starscream and Megatron apparently competed for leadership before the first movie began, much like they did in the G1 cartoon, where Starscream wasn’t as afraid of Megatron as his Bayformers counterpart.
    • Some fans speculate that at the climax of the first movie, Starscream joined the other F-22s in firing at Megatron.
    • Tie-in materials to the movies suggest Starscream’s suppose dloyalty in the films was mostly just an act.

     The Voice 
  • Who was the one saying "Optimus Prime: Re-enter Cybertron" at the beginning?

     Galvatron to Megatron 
  • How was Galvatron, a Vehicon, reverted into a Cybertronian and made Megatron again?
    • Best (only, really) guess: Quintessa did it. You'll note that Megatron has that same red mark on his face she gave to Optimus when brainwashing him, so we know they're in cahoots. Its quite possible she had the power to restore his original body.

     Is This Supposed To Be The Same Guy? 
  • What's happened to Lennox in this film? In the first, he was a loyal soldier, but also a hardhead who would punch other government agents in the face and hold them at gunpoint for not agreeing to align with the Autobots. In the second and third films, he and his second in command, Eps, were established to be friends, not just comrades, with the Autobots, opposing the government's every attempt to stymie them or negotiate with the Decepticons, and both times, their beliefs were more than validated. Now that he's got more authority and the government seems to justifiably look to him as the leading military expert on Transformers, and after presumably learning at least some thing about how Cemetery Wind killed Sideswipe, Arcee, and Ratchet... he's working for a government group that hunts all Transformers and doesn't protest much, let alone resign or go rogue when the government agrees to work with Megatron, release several Decepticons and send him (and his trigger-happy comrades) after a group of Autobots led by Bumblebee? Was he only hastily written in when Josh Dumahel said he'd come back?
    • He’s a Double Agent working for Morshower.
      • I don't quite understand your answer. Lennox is still working for Morshower, who orders him to betray Megatron as soon as they get the weapon they're looking for, but A. They're still going after the Autobots in earnest and B. it should be obvious by now that even letting Megatron and his army close to an ultimate weapon is far too dangerous.
    • Best guess? He probably hoped to used his position and his relationship with the Autbots during his time in NEST to try and arrange for the remaining Autobots to surrender peacefully, and from there, it was more than likely, the UN plans on kicking the surviving Transformers off Earth. Unfortunately, he never got the chance.
     TRF's Double Standards 
  • So, apparently the TRF's ROE is Autobots=Kill on sight, Decepticons=Lock them up in a prison where they can easily escape or be freed. Uhmmm, shouldn't it be the other way around? The Decepticons are the guys who tried wipe out humanity several times, while the Autobots, at worst, brought their war to Earth. At the very least show some Autobots in the prison there.
    • The circumstances of the Decepticons' capture aren't clear; it's possible, likely even that all the ones we see imprisoned surrendered upon being cornered, and the government decided that they were more use alive, regardless o alignment. It's even possible that some were captured while the Autobots and humans were still allied. Now, any Autobots who did surrender would likely get the same deal, but none so far have, either out of their heroic ethos, or because there just aren't many Autobots left thanks to Cementery Wind (who'd actually have a far easier time killing Autobots due to Autobots reluctance to kill humans, and possible initial trust of them.) Of course, as pointed out above, aligning with the Decepticons and letting Megatron's goons out of prison was more than moronic.
     Humans betraying Autobots ONCE AGAIN 
  • Okay seriously, this is getting old. "Oh how horrible! The Autobots were being hunted down by a rouge CIA paramilitary. Anyways, let's declare all Transformers illegal and kill them all." Ignored Epiphany much humanity?