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  • Cade has really taken a level in badass, singlehandedly taking on TRF drones and really having improved his ability to repair Cybertronians. He's more or less the leader of the junkyard Autobots, and it's telling that even someone as disagreeable as Crosshairs respects him.
    • Cade, early in the movie, is given a mysterious medallion by a cybertronian older than Optimus himself. It turns out to be a reactive symbiotic machine, shapeshifting into whatever is needed to protect him from harm to the best of its abilities. When a knight prepares to execute Optimus for his betrayal, Cade blindly swings at the oncoming weapon and manifests the medallion into a sword that stops the two story tall blade dead as if it were a human-sized shortsword.
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  • Bumblebee, Hound, and Cade's stand-off with the TRF. Lennox is able to defuse the situation, but both sides get what they want out of it - the TRF is able to track Bee back to the junkyard, while the 'Bots get to go free.
  • Megatron almost effortlessly strong-arms the TRF into freeing a bunch of Decepticons to him in exchange for two hostages. They all get their own Tarantino-esque introductions accompanied by some evil-sounding metal, which is saying a lot for the Decepticons in the film series. Too bad they all die unceremoniously later in the movie, and during their short screentime almost none of them has any memorable personality.
    • One for Lennox in the same sequence - when the TRF refuse to release Dreadbot, a furious Megatron slams his truly-enormous sword into the ground next to him, scaring the crap out of everyone else present. Lennox doesn't even flinch.
  • Hot Rod, as an old Citroen DS, forcibly takes Vivian to the party. Along the way, an orange-black Lamborghini Centenario passes him, which Hot Rod scans and voila, he's a Lamborghini Centenario. In case that isn't awesome enough, his Weapon of Choice is a temporal rift capable of stopping/slowing time down.
    • On a meta level, Hot Rod, who is one of the more divisive G1 Transformers (being more or less indirectly responsible for the death of Optimus Prime), is one of the more dependable Autobots throughout the movie. He is less impulsive and reckless than his G1 incarnation and uses his temporal-rift weapon conservatively. In fact, each use of it was to save an ally (human or Autobot) from immediate danger.
  • When the TRF and the Decepticons finally locate the junkyard, everybody immediately springs into action, having rehearsed such a scenario for presumably years. Cade, Drift, Crosshairs, and Bumblebee flee into the nearby ghost town to hide, Hound stays behind to fend off the Decepticons, and the Dinobots secure the perimeter outside of the base. Watching the Autobots put this plan into action is nothing short of genius.
    • Hound stays behind to buy Cade and the others some time, and takes on Megatron himself.
    • The bulk of the TRF forces are wiped out by Grimlock and Slug, who emerge from underground tunnels they've been hiding in and make short work of the TRF.
    • Izabella marching straight up to Megatron, demanding that he put down Sqweeks, and telling him to "go to hell". Luckily for her, Megatron instead opts to threaten Cade instead. While such a defiant act took guts on her part, Cade later berates her, as Megatron could have easily killed her with zero effort on his part.
    • Cade sets up an explosive trap for the Decepticons which disorients them and gives the Autobots the advantage.
    • Drift and Crosshairs face off with the much bigger Onslaught. Drift chops off one of Onslaught's legs, then Crosshairs does a somersault as he peppers him with gunfire, leaving Drift open to behead him.
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    • Grimlock arrives in the town to help fight the Decepticons, knocking Barricade aside like a toy and chomping down on an unfortunate Dreadbot.
    • The final round of fighting has Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Drift, and Grimlock fighting Megatron, Nitro Zeus, Barricade, and Mohawk. Grimlock knocks Nitro Zeus down with a casual swing from his giant head, Drift throws his sword at Megatron, who quickly calls a retreat. The battle had already been going downhill for the Decepticons, but Grimlock's arrival pretty much ended the battle.
  • Crosshairs quoting one line that is completely relatable to the fans' reaction to Optimus Prime's heroism and his voice:
    Crosshairs: Love that guy. Goosebumps everytime.
  • Sir Edmund Burton firing directly on Megatron with his gun. While such an act gets him killed, there's no denying that it took serious guts on his part.
  • The epic shot of Megatron, Nitro Zeus, Barricade, Infernocus, and other Decepticons charging out to meet the Autobots in battle.
  • Hound notices the humans pinned down by enemy fire, and hops down from his Orbital Assault Carrier to lend a hand.
    Hound: Pinned down with Hound!
  • Bumblebee holding off a brainwashed Optimus Prime and getting to, for a while, mop the floor with him. And while Optimus does get the upper hand later, Bumblebee manages to snap him out of his brainwashing. If there's any doubt about Bumblebee being a Badass Adorable Kid-Appeal Character, there's none now.
    Bumblebee: I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend. Optimus, I would lay down my life for you.
  • During the final battle, Megatron, who has since the last movie been steadily reestablishing his badassery, takes on Optimus, Bumblebee, Hot Rod, and Hound all at once and comes damn near close to killing Hound had Hot Rod not shot him with his time-stopping weapon just as Megatron brought his sword down on Hound. And despite losing his arm later, he pins Optimus down with his own sword, leading to this exchange
    Megatron: We were brothers once.
    • Optimus answers with "once", then proceeds to whoop Megatron's metal aft and kick him off the ship.
    • The start of the face-off is pretty great too. It's mostly in the background, while the camera focuses on Cade and Viviane, but we can see Hot Rod, Bumblebee, and Hound all dogpile Megatron at once, while Optimus fends off Nitro Zeus.
  • One for Hot Rod and Megatron in the same interaction. Hot Rod saves Hound's life as he traps Megatron in a stasis bubble. Hound gets back on his feet and yells "I'm gonna blow your head off, Megatron!" and fires several dozen bullets into the bubble, and once the bubble collapses, all of those bullets hit Megatron square in the chest and send him flying back a couple hundred feet. What does Megatron do? Simply get right back up and continue firing at Hound and Hot Rod.
  • "Sting like a bee." Bumblebee gets to be the one to defeat Quintessa as Optimus distracts her.
  • The flashback to Bumblebee's WW2 days with the Devil's Brigade. is this. There's a gala outside a Nazi stronghold, with soldiers and officers guarding the area. A truck pulls up, driven by a German worker in a flat cap and overalls. One of the guards asks who he is. The worker turns around and says in an American accent, "Oh, we were not invited". Immediately, GIs open fire with their tommy guns, then jump out of the truck just as it transforms into Bumblebee. As the Americans begin opening fire, Bumblebee, accompanied by Hot Rod, blow apart the rest of the German defenses.
  • During the climax, the Autobots and TRF are pinned down by the Decepticons and are being driven back by the superior firepower... and then Optimus swoops in, riding atop the Knights of Iacon, who have merged into a giant, three-headed dragon. Unsurprisingly, Izabella lets out a Big "YES!" in response to seeing this.
    • Shortly after this, Optimus faces off with Infernocus, effortlessly causing him to break apart into his component Transformers. They then charge him, only for him to decapitate them all with a single sweeping blow.

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