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Nightmare Fuel / Transformers: The Last Knight

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It seems that Optimus Prime brought this with him. Yes, THAT Optimus Prime.

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  • The first trailer can leave one to feel a bit uneasy. For example, the scene where someone is running on a junkyard, with something visible in the sky. Something large. And it's likely slowly approaching Earth, with unknown intentions.
    • Oh, but there IS a likely intention. Now what is Unicron most famous for?
      • Recent material from the film suggests the object is actually Cybertron, but it's still terrifying all the same.
    • Freeze the trailer right after that part, where there's a shot of a big pinkish-orange stretch of sky. That small pale blob is not a cloud, it's the Moon breaking into pieces from the "something"'s approach.
    • The Super-Bowl Extended Spot gives a beautifully eerie shot of the planet's pieces descending into Earth's atmosphere on those strange cables, burning with air friction.
      • It also shows Osprey Transports- likely with tons of humans on board- attempting to navigate through the cables. Not all of them make it.
    • The music, provided by Ursine Vulpine. Throughout, Do You Realise carries a sense of dread, of finality, of "something is coming that no one can stop". Then Cybertron looms above the Moon, and...
  • Not to mention Optimus Prime attacking Autobots. Optimus Prime, who killed The Fallen, ripped Megatron's head off after losing an arm, defeated Grimlock without breaking a sweat and survived against Lockdown (who had a perfect track record until that point). How can a few Autobots stop something thousands of Decepticons couldn't kill?
    • From the looks of it, the answer is... they can't. Several trailers show Optimus slaughtering his way through the knights Cade was sent to revive.
    • Optimus' eyes turn from blue to purple as he's about to execute Bumblebee and Cade. He even pleads for them to forgive him before he presumably kills them.
    • The Super-Bowl Extended Spot reveals that Optimus believes himself The Atoner, paying for his crimes against his homeworld.Kind of along the lines of Sentinel in the third film. What was it the elder prime said?
      Sentinel: You're lucky I didn't kill you. In time, you'll see...
    • The entire Super-Bowl Extended Spot is this. The ominous, gloomy atmosphere, the music, and the planet-sized object over Earth along with Optimus Prime's eyes turning red briefly gives the whole thing an unsettling, apocalyptic feel.
  • According to a TFWiki.Net interview, the situation between humans and Transformers has not improved. There's a new, government-sanctioned version of Cemetery Wind hunting down Transformers (though they seem to be targeting mostly Decepticons), with two possible fates: either they're captured and put in The Alcatraz, or they're killed and sent to a massive junkyard...except the humans don't check if they're fully dead.
  • A recent promo clip showed a close up of several Transformers, the first being Optimus Prime who appears in a pose staring at the screen with his optics colored blue. They suddenly turn purple as the terrifying alarm sound from the first trailer plays. It's rather unsettling.
  • The third trailer shows our first look at Quintessa, one of the Creators of the Transformers. From what we see she appears to a bio-mechanical humanoid being with tentacles instead of legs.
  • At one point during their fight, Optimus slams Bumblebee down on his knee and then rips the poor little guy's car door wings off. It looks a lot like the famous "Bane breaks The Bat" scene.
  • "For my world to live, yours must die." It's as saddening as it is frightening that Optimus is sounding more and more like Sentinel Prime.
    • A later trailer replaced the line with "For my world to live, Earth must die", meaning that it was not just an out-of context line to the creator(s).
  • If a single Quintessan is able to beat Optimus Prime, what could an army of them do? And how powerful is their technology, since they managed to brainwash him?
  • The fourth trailer gives us our first look at Quintessa's face. It's similar to those of the Autobots' but looks even more human which somehow makes it look just wrong.
  • The fifth trailer is deeply unsettling: it features virtually no dialogue, just a series of increasingly violent action scenes intermixed with what looks like the entire planet being ripped apart, and rising war drums in the background. Any scene that doesn't qualify in those categories is of a human looking terrified- except a scene in which Quintessa gives the camera a Psychotic Smirk.
  • Equal parts funny and nightmarish, the original concept for Daytrader had his face modeled after his voice actor. Look and be afraid.


  • Like in Transformers: Prime, Earth formed around Unicron. And some human scientists are studying pieces of him. Who's to say he's not going to wake up at some point soon?
  • The prophecy states that Unicron's horns will rise to fight the Mad Goddess, Quintessa. Makes Unicron sound heroic, doesn't it? He's not. He's worse than she is.
  • Quintessa is a legitimately creepy character. Not only is her face a fantastic example of the Uncanny Valley, but the incredible power she wields shows just why Lockdown payed her so much respect in the previous film. Case in point, how she corrupts Optimus to do her bidding is horrifying.
  • Optimus Prime's return to Earth as "Nemesis Prime". There's something very wrong about Optimus Prime with purple optics.
  • While we hear Quintessa say "Earth... will die" we hear Optimus in the background say a very unsettling yes...
  • The TRF's prison. It really shows just how little sympathy humans have for Cybertronians, of any faction.
  • The Final Battle between Optimus and Megatron. Optimus gets pinned by Megs with his own sword an inch away from being forced to decapitate himself.
  • The ending shows a woman in blue robes approaching one of the horns, which has now become a worksite for humans. She warns them not to touch the horns as Unicron does not like being touched, and then she switches to a Voice of the Legion as she offers to show them how to kill him, her face switching to that of Quintessa.
  • The hateful way Megatron hisses to Isabella ”This planet is hell” really drives home how much he absolutely despises Earth now.
    • Given that Megatron knows about Unicron being the Earth's core at this point, and Unicron is his people's version of Satan, it's rather justified in his eyes. Still pretty horrible.
    • Megatron murdering Burton with a blast from his arm cannon.
    Megatron: You . . .wretched human!

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