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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

Optimus Prime is Dead All Along and is now a Zombie Autobot.
  • Shortly after Age of Extinction, Optimus is Killed Off for Real by one of the Creators. His dead body is then, possessed by one of them. Using Optimus's body, the Creator tries to travel back in time in an attempt to destroy the human race and restore Cybertron. Believing that Optimus is brainwashed, Bumblebee tries to stop him. They fight to the death, only for Bumblebee to realize that Optimus was Dead All Along.
    • This will subsequently tie in directly with the Bumblebee solo spinoff film, which would focus on Bumblebee transition to becoming the new Leader of the Autobots.
    • Jossed. He ran out of fuel and was orbiting jupiter beforing being called back to Cybertron and revived then, after a brief battle, gets brainwashed by Quintessa.
Cyclonus, Split Personality and Optimus's brutality
  • First of all, I'm guessing that the new unnamed "Dump Truck" is Cyclonus, and that the underwater spaceship belongs to him. He was sent by the Creators after Lockdown's failure, not knowing Optimus had left the planet. He find's Galvatrons lack of spark intriguing and teams up with him.
    • Megatron co-existing with Galvatron could be a a split personality; That a fragment of Megatron's mind corrupted during the upload or something, either forming the Megatron or Galvatron half. The two halves go through several arguments that presumably result in some triple/quad-changing action in the form of two distinctive Robot and Vehicle forms.
    • Thirdly, the movie will explain that Optimus's overly brutal ways of dispatching his foes is a result of a Dark Energon, infected to him by (presumably) Megatron before or during the first film, or even possibly the Forest fight of the second film. After all, his pupils are beginning to turn purple, as one of the symptoms.
    • Jossed. Optimus Prime gains the purple eyes when Quintessa mind-controls him

Hot Rod is the Last Knight.
  • Probably jossed as it appears from the Cinema Con 2017 footage that was shown that the human Cade Yeager will be the Last Knight.

Bruticus will appear in the movie, with Barricade taking Brawl's traditional place in the Combaticon line-up.
  • Jossed. Onslaught is only an in-name incarnation of his G1 counterpart and is killed pretty quickly into the film.

"Megatron" is not Galvatron retaking his old name, but is from an alternate universe.
Taking a page from the original Marvel G1 comic book, Megatron in this movie will not be Galvatron taking back his old name, but will instead come from an alternate universe. The foreign Megatron and the native Galvatron will then fight over the right to be Decepticon Leader. And then it will be revealed that this is all Unicron's fault.
  • Bonus points if Frank Welker voices them both.
  • Jossed. Megatron is all but confirmed to be a restored Galvatron from the last film.

There's two Megatrons
  • Similarly to the above point, there is another Cybertronian who named himself after the original Megatron (I believe Beast Wars did so).
  • Bonus points if it is Beast Wars Megatron
    • Jossed. In the movie, there is only one Megatron

"Me Grimlock"
  • If he appears/speaks, Grimlock uses Hulk Speak as he has yet to properly learn earth languages.
    • Jossed. Grimlock doesn't speak

They're planning to kill off Bumblebee
  • Very unlikely I know. (Especially with the spin-off BB movie on the works) They've made Sqweeks to test a new kid-appeal character, and his failure/success will then determine BB's fate in the final movie.
    • TF 6 is slated to be a Bumblebee-centric spin-off. So, even more unlikely.
    • Jossed. Bumblebee survives The Last Knight

The Big Bads of the movie will be both Megatron and Galvatron.
The movie seems to involve time travel so I think that the main villains will be Galvatron of the present and Megatron of the past. Megatron will end up getting frozen to preserve the timeline.
  • Jossed. The big bads are Megatron and Quintessa

This movie will introduce Unicron as a Greater-Scope Villain
The new trailer seems to show a planet going around eating other planets. Now who do we know in Transformers that has a habit of doing this?
  • Going from this, we'll learn the Transformers were created by the Quintessons to fight Unicron, with the "Knights" being the only ones capable of defeating him.
    • semi-Jossed. Unicron remains inactive within Earth's core, the Knights are defenders of Earth and oppose Quintessa who is trying to kill Unicron/Earth

Unicron is using mind control on Optimus Prime
Whatever happened to Optimus that left him drifting through space led him to cross paths with Unicron. Unicron then used some form of mind control on Optimus. This is why Optimus appears to be "evil". This will lead Bumblebee and Cade to have a "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight with Optimus later in the movie.
  • Jossed. Quintessa is mind controlling Optimus Prime to kill Unicron/Earth to revive Cybertron

We will find out what happened to Sam
Sam Witwicky did not appear in Age of Extinction and was not mentioned. The Witwicky family motto of "No Sacrifice, No Victory" is mentioned by Anthony Hopkins' character in the trailer. We will learn what became of Sam. If Sam died, reminding Optimus of him (probably by saying the motto) is what will help Optimus break through whatever is making him fight against his friends. Sam dying would also explain why Optimus lost his faith in humanity; not only was Attinger killing his fellow Autobots, but a human who was one of Optimus's closest friends.
  • Jossed. We do however see the extended Witwicky family tree and a brief photo of Sam's eBay profile picture.
    • Edmund does say he’s the last of the Witwiccans, though. So Sam may possibly be dead.

Izabela is an aged-up Expy of Sari Sumdac
Right down to being an android.
  • Jossed.

The Autobots and the Transformers Response Force will form an Enemy Mine in the climax.
Alternately, the Transformers Response Force will force an Enemy Mine between the Autobots and the Decepticons.
  • Alternately again, the Deceptions will at the very least help the Autobots subdue Optimus because they want to defeat the Autobots without his "help".
    • Confirmed. Briefly with Megatron to release his Decepticons from prison. Then an enemy mine with the Autobots in the third act after Optimus Prime is un-mind controlled.

Cybertronians and Cybertronian artifacts end up on Earth all the time...
Because Earth is Primus. Unlike other continuities, where Primus also doubles as Cybertron, Primus in this continuity created Cybertron, and then went off into the vastness of space, eventually settling in the Solar System and becoming the core of Earth.
  • Jossed. Earth is Unicron. Earth formed around him like in the Transformers: Prime continuity and is the main reason Cybertronian artifacts and Cybertronians themselves keep showing up on Earth. The reason at least for most Cybertronians coming there excluding the Dynasty of Primes and the Kngihts of Iacon although unknown to the Cybertronians themselves is that Cybertron needed to be restored by draining the spark of Unicron with a staff owned by the Creator Quintessa stolen from her by the Knights of Iacon and hidden on Earth.

Archibald Witwicky was part of Sir Edmund Burton's group
Taking from another Troper's WMG above, we'll find out that the Witcwicky motto actually belonged to Sir Burton's secret order, and that Archibald Witwicky didn't discover Megatron by accident: he was looking for him! For some reason, after he became mad his descendants were kept in the dark about the rest of the order (maybe to protect them from scrutiny by Sector 7; maybe because Archibald had gone rogue) and forgot his involvement, but they kept the motto as their own.
  • Half-confirmed. Archibald was a member of the Order of the Witwiccans. It's likely the Witwicky family name originated from the Order's name. Their family motto came from the Order, which it, in turn, got from a quote by King Arthur himself during a battle against the Saxons.

The round thing in the end is an eye
Just after Optimus's attack and before the film's title, we see a large eye when the camera zooms outwards.

Just like the G1 series
  • Confirmed

The female "maker" is Solus Prime
.Given that we see Bubblebee wield what appears to be the Forge of Solus Prime against Optimus in the Super Bowl Extended TV Spot, it's looking very likely.
  • No longer likely. It appears the "Maker" will be an original character called Quintessa, named after the Quintessons' home planet in the cartoon.
  • Half-jossed, half-confirmed. Quintessa refers to herself as a Prime.

Barricade didn't survive Chicago, but he came back the same way Megatron did.
  • In Age of Extinction, we find out Megatron uploading his mind into a Sparkless Transformium body that was built by KSI. He might not have been the only one to do so.
  • Alternatively, he may have just been wounded, captured, and thrown into the Decepticon prison that humanity has apparently been maintaining.

This movie will be both a grand finale and a stealth reboot
  • Long story short, this movie will do what the X-Men movies did and will pull a Days of Future Past. This is assuming from the trailers that time travel really is involved and the scenes with the knights and nazis are not simply flashbacks. The movie will end with the timeline being reset, wiping the board clear so Hasbro can better fit the Transformers movies into the Hasbro Cinematic Universe.
  • This will also have the added benefit of bringing back deceased characters like Ironhide, Ratchet, Jazz, Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave.
  • Bonus points if the designs are more G1 accurate this time.
    • Jossed. The sequel hook ending continues with Quintessa disguising herself as a human and planning on tricking some humans into destroying Unicron/Earth
      • Actually, the grand finale angle could be confirmed. The film's critical and commercial failure have thrown all possibilities of a proper sequel in limbo, according to the latest reports.

Cogman is an Expy of Dutch, or maybe Dutch himself
Let's count the similarities:
  • Dutch was Simmons' butler; Cogman is someone's robot butler.
  • Cogman is said to be The Sociopath; Dutch apparently has a violent past he doesn't want to go back to.
  • Dutch is human; Cogman is a Headmaster, which usually is a human (or Nebulan) altered to become a Transformer's head, or a human-sized Transformer that becomes the head of a lifeless body.
If they do turn out to be the same character but somehow suffer The Other Darrin, it could be easily handwaved as being due to the binary-bonding process.

Optimus' quotes from the trailers are actually Quote Mined
Basically, they will have a completely different context once in the film:

Cogman will be a Headmaster in the vein of the Japanese interpretation of the concept
Where a smaller robot transforms into the head of an otherwise lifeless body, as in Transformers: ★Headmasters, rather than a human being binary-bonded to a Transformer as their head.

This movie will be a continuity reboot of epic proportions with everything we think we know about the series so far being retconned
The official movie app's lore retcons quite a lot of the existing movie lore as well as creating continuity issues; Sentinel Prime is killed and does not leave Cybertron aboard the Ark for instance and Optimus receives the Matrix of Leadership millions of years before the events of Revenge of the Fallen as well as crashing on Earth aboard the Ark and falling into stasis. In order to explain away these issues (and similar to an above WMG), time travel will be used creating an entirely new timeline. The lore on the app is the lore for the new timeline that will be created due to time travel. Failing that, the app will continue to rewrite huge swathes of the movie lore; the Sentinel Prime in Dark of the Moon is not the same Sentinel who was killed (or the original Sentinel will be revived somehow) to preserve Dark of the Moon and the Fallen will steal the Matrix from Optimus while he's in stasis aboard the Ark sometime during the early years of humanity allowing the other Primes to steal it back and hide it to preserve Revenge of the Fallen. The entire continuity outside the movies will be jettisoned with prior movies being retconned to connect to the new lore.

Megatron is trying to revive his old lieutenants.
Explaining Barricade's return, why Onslaught, Hooligan, and Nitro resemble Long Haul, Crowbar, and Shockwave (respectively), and why, according to sizzle reel, there is a scene of him holding Starscream's head.
  • Jossed. Megatron barters with the TRF to release his subordinates from captivity while Starscream remains dead.

Megatron's rebuilt body...
His new body being composed of earth transformium (floating cubes) allows him to change size, and he turns into his original gun altmode for a short while.

Cyberton is Unicron, but...
He is stuck in stasis lock. The creators are trying to resurrect him with whatever is hidden on earth, so they could wipe out every other species from existence. The prophecy is about Unicron the planet-eater's eventual return/rise, and Nemesis-Optimus is one of his "horsemen".
  • So Jossed. Earth is Unicron

The Primes are connected to the Creators
The arm of one of the Creators resemble that of the Ancient Transformers in Revenge of the Fallen, particularly the Primes indicating they were made in their image.
  • The Primes are the Creators. Quintessa is Optimus Prime's maker, aka the Creator he sought at the end of Age of Extinction, is a Prime and is also called a goddess. Sentinel Prime said to Optimus on Cybertron they were gods.

Each movie takes place in its own universe.
It's been long established that the Transformers setting is a multiverse. The reason why each movie seems to ignore a lot of what happened in the last ones is that we're seeing a different timeline in each film.
  • Mostly jossed.

Seeing how he is the Earth's core, this may bring into scope everything that has happened throughout the movies. The Allspark was probably drawn to Earth because it resonated with Unicron's energy as it had with Cybertron, and The Fallen and Sentinel Prime might have known about Earth having to have formed around Unicron, which may explain their hatred for humans; in their eyes, both see the humans as nothing more than Unicron's unholy spawns.
  • And he is warping reality around Optimus Prime to help him, since Autobot leader's action are profitable to him. This is why Optimus became so effective in ROTF without any good reason. This could also explain his Plot Armor.

NEST will be re-established.
  • Jossed, but the TRF do have a Heel–Face Turn before the final battle, so perhaps somewhat confirmed in spirit.

Harold Attinger was a member of the Order of the Witwiccans.
He left the order when he lost his faith in the Autobots following the Battle of Chicago.
Edmund: You've betrayed us, brother!
Harold: No, you've betrayed our kind, brother.

Quintessa was the reason of Sentinel Prime's betrayal.
It may or may not be More Than Mind Control.

The Fallen was a Well-Intentioned Extremist.
The Fallen claimed he was the one betrayed by the original Primes for stopping him from activating the Sun Harvester on Earth. Assuming the Dynasty of Primes knew about Unicron being Earth's core, perhaps he didn't want to destroy the planet so much because of his hatred of the humans, but because he wanted to destroy Unicron, whom he either understood was an even greater evil than himself or even because he saw him as a threat to this own power.

Megatron is a master negotiator
Megatron never wanted Berserker on his team. He knew the TRF would never let Beserker be released but that him wanting Berserker would unnerve them, making them more likely to give him the Decepticons he actually wanted in order to keep Berserker imprisoned. Megatron doesn't even need a second to think after being told to pick someone else meaning either he had several backup choices or, more likely, Berserker was simply a negotiation tactic to make the TRF more open to Megatron's other choices, who they may have been more unwilling to release otherwise.

Quintessa is the "daughter" of Primus.

Megatron don't want to kill Optimus Prime at all
Or at least, he want to keep him alive so his archnemesis will see his final triumph. Sure, he killed Optimus in ROTF, but this ordered by The Fallen and necessary to proceed further. However, In Mission City, despite all adventage he had, he never really tried to deal a fatal blow. Also, both in Chicago and battle with Autobots in TLK, he could kill Optimus easily, but both times he decided to taunt him instead.
  • Well, in the climax, he reminded Optimus that they were brothers once, apparently grown tired of fighting each other.
    • Optimus solemnly replies "once..." and threw him out. This may lead to a fight to the finish next time, and it'll be for good.

The watch didn't actually kill Hitler.
It simply caused him enough pain to commit suicide.

The Knights of Iacon went through a similar experience with the humans as Optimus did
Those familiar with Arthurian lore know that King Arthur's court did not last. King Arthur is betrayed and killed by his son (or nephew) Mordred and his best knight Lancelot started having an affair with his wife Guinevere, which eventually lead to the dissolution of the Knights of the Round Table and the fall of Camelot, ultimately shattering the faith the Knights originally had for humans.

The only reason Barricade survived the events between DOTM and this film...
... is because he's still searching for "username:ladiesman217."

Unicron will go through Adaptational Heroism in the sequel
And Primus Adaptational Villainy. Unicron was originally like he was in G1. However, upon becoming the earth and seeing the rise of humanity he Took a Level in Kindness upon seeing the value of life and decided to help humanity throughout various points in history becoming the inspiration for many religions across the planet, and began to see humans as his children.

Quintessa played a hand in Sam's death.
Sam's death is all but confirmed at this point, given Sir Edmund's claims about him being the last of the Order of the Witwiccan (which Sam's family was a part of). Considering Quintessa's plans for Optimus in the film, it certainly seemed to be in her best interest to demoralize him to the point where he would be vulnerable to her brainwashing. Whatever happened between the events of Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction caused Optimus to become disillusioned with humans by the latter film, and what better way to explain that than the death of the one human he completely trusted? Now, Quintessa didn't really need to arrange the creation of Cemetery Wind, since overall public opinion of the Transformers was already on the rocks by that point, but Sam, on the other hand, was the one major obstacle in her path to controlling Optimus. So, she took care of him somehow.

Nitro Zeus used the remains of a KSI Drone to repair himself at some point.
It would explain why Nitro Zeus resembles one of the KSI Bosses from the last film. After the events of Age of Extinction, he seemingly arrived on Earth, damaged to some degree. He likely landed near a scrapyard housing the remnants of the KSI robots. Stealing one of the deactivated KSI Bosses, he upgraded himself into his current form.