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There will be many Easter eggs referencing the first Transformers generation.
The film does take place around the same decade the toys and cartoon were originally released and is almost the exact same year that the original movie came out.
  • Partially confirmed, the second trailer briefly shows us Cybertron, where we see a few characters with G1 designs.
    • Doubly confirmed; the entire opening scene on Cybertron is basically a love letter to G1 Transformers.

The Touch will be played at one point in the movie.
Like in the WMG above, the film takes place around the time the original film was released, so they could plant it in as an Easter egg. Like Bee could play it on his stereo.
  • Confirmed.

Bumblebee and the other Transformers in the film will just end up suffering from the Wolverine Publicity and most of the focus will be on the human characters.
The live-action Transformers film series have been guilty of doing this in the past, so it’s more than likely they’ll do it once again by having the human characters be a
Spotlight-Stealing Squad.
  • Jossed. Bumblebee gets a ton of screen time and the Decepticons are given more screentime than the other films beforehand.

This film will end up being Lighter and Softer
The previous film had a lighter tone compared to the one before it. So it’s possible that this one will have a lighter feel to it, especially since it’s the day in the limelight of the series’s Kid-Appeal Character.
  • Zigzagged; Charlie's and Bumblebee's relationship certainly brings some levity to the film, but there's still some pretty heavy stakes and a fair few gruesome deaths (and they don't just happen to the Transformers).

There will be a reference to Christine
The Decepticon that will appear in the film’s alt mode will be a Plymouth GTX. In Christine, Christine was a Plymouth Fury. One possible reference could be that George Thurogood's "Bad to the Bone" will play when the Decepticon makes its entrance.
  • Jossed

The Plymouth GTX Decepticon will be one of the Stunticons or Knock Out.
Jossed. It’s a new character.

The movie's ending will connect with the 2007 movie.
Based on Alex Yu's opinion, after the climax Bumblebee and the female lead go their separate ways, with Bumblebee saying he has an important mission. As he drives away, he scans a Camaro and we fade to black.
  • Zigzagged...he does scan a Camaro, but he joins none other than Optimus Prime, in his G1 vehicle mode nonetheless.

This film will result in a new direction for the Transformers film series going forward
The series will become one that will remain set in the late 80s and later the early to mid 90s, feature less overly complex designs, and generally more family friendly in general. Then, once that's gotten people to have a more positive view on the franchise, the movies can experiment with doing some stuff a bit closer to the Michael Bay films in terms of scope.
Confirmed: It's indeed been revealed to be a reboot, albeit with some nods to the prior films.

Only the first film will remain canon
Although Bobby Bolivia's speech is used in the trailer, Bee is afraid of a single human girl; even after he was shown killing Nazis left and right in Transformers: The Last Knight. This would allow the future films to use more characters (with the possible exception of Jazz), and Megatron could become Galvatron way before he did in the current films.
  • Jossed: Albeit Bumblebee does scan a 1977 Camaro that resembles the one from the 2007 film, Optimus is already on Earth, even with his Generation 1 Freightliner FL 86 altmode. In addition, at the end, it shows the other Autobots entering orbit. It's been very recently confirmed a reboot, so the 2007 film is no longer canon.

Charlie comes up with the idea of Bee using a radio to communicate
The original films did not tell us how Bumblebee realized that he can talk with a radio. Charlie will teach him to do so as a way to communicate with him.
  • The last scene of the teaser trailer seems to suggest that.
  • Zigzagged; Charlie is the one who fixes him up a new radio, but Bee himself is the one who figures out how to use it for communication.

It's Starscream's turn to be the Big Bad
And he will be both Laughably Evil and a Not-So-Harmless Villain with a heavy dose of
Smug Snake, thus a blend of his best known characterizations.
  • Jossed; he does make a brief cameo, but Soundwave and Shockwave seem to have command on Cybertron, while Dropkick and Shatter are the film's primary antagonists.

Charlie Watson will be Doomed by Canon
This will lead into a Cerebus Retcon for why Bumblebee chose a Camaro as his Alt Mode. As a Volkswagen, he didn't have the speed to outrun a Decepticon chasing him and Charlie, which led to him getting severely damaged and Charlie's death.
  • Jossed; she lives.

The movie will be a complete Continuity Reboot of the series, not just a Soft Reboot
Bobby Bolivia's speech being played in the first trailer will be just a Mythology Gag, and the presence of Sector Seven will lead to them being a much more prominent part of the series going forth, instead of being disbanded early on. More to the point, everyone's fates are up in the air, sparing the filmmakers the need to tie into the Michael Bay series.
  • Explicitly confirmed. Albeit with several occurrences that seem reminiscent of things established from the prior films, i.e. Bumblebee's losing his voice, in addition. from the addition of Bumblebee scanning a 1977 Camaro by the end, it immediately shows Optimus has already arrived on Earth, in his G1 altmode of a Freightliner FL 86, whom Bumblebee shortly joins. Afterwards, it shows Prime congratulating Bee's efforts in a forest, before witnessing the remaining Autobots entering orbit, all in the same timeframe.

In-Universe, the movie is both a prequel to the original timeline and one to the new series.
For example, Bumblebee and Charlie find some weird timespace thingy related to Unicron. By tampering with it too much in some way or making an important decision near it, the duo splits the timeline in two.
  • Jossed: It's been confirmed an explicit reboot with some affectionate nods to the original film that only make it seem like a prequel, notably the inclusion of Bee's first Camaro altmode. Unicron is completely uninvolved.

Barricade will have a prominent role in the first act, put in a cameo in the second act and be completely and inexplicably absent from the final act.
Because that seems to be his M.O.
  • Jossed. He's not even in this one. His appearance was scrapped when they reworked the film into reboot

Travis Knight saying that the red jet is Blitzwing is a trick.
The red jet is actually Starscream, who will be the Big Bad as theorized above. This would be a reveal in the movie (That Megatron isn't leading the Decepticons attacking Bumblebee). So in order to keep it secret Travis Knight said that the jet is Blitzwing.

Or This Troper could be utterly wrong and the Decepticon jet really is Blitzwing.

  • Confirmed, it's Blitzwing. Albeit Starscream does appear in the intro of the movie on Cybertron.

  • Well Blitzwing is never named in the film so it could be neither Blizwing nor Starscream, there were a lot of seekers on Cybertron.
  • Jossed. Starscream makes a cameo in the opening scenes on Cybertron, and the red jet really is Blitzwing.

We will find out how Bumblebee’s voice got damaged
This was something suggested by the wiki, as they noticed that Bumblebee’s battle accident has never been specified in the films themselves (only the prequel comics, which are now Canon Discontinuity). And ‘Bee has a lot of dialogue in the prequel comic for this film, which is what led to the genesis of this theory.
  • Confirmed. Blitzwing rips it out after briefly interrogating Bumblebee.

The Big Bad will be Shockwave.
If the jet is not actually Starscream, then it's likely that the role of primary antagonist would fall to Shockwave, known for being one of Megatron's most dangerous and terrifying Co-Dragons. As a logical, cold, emotionless being, he is an excellent contrast to Bumblebee. He is responsible for spreading the lie to Sector 7 that Bumblebee is a threat to the planet.
  • Jossed. Shatter and Dropkick are the primary antagonists, though Shockwave is one of the main commanders leading the Decepticon forces on Cybertron.

Alternatively, he and Soundwave are a Big Bad Duumvirate.
The above WMG will still be true, except that Shockwave is in an equal partnership with Soundwave.
  • Confirmed? Megatron is noticeably absent throughout the film, and Soundwave & Shockwave are the ones commanding the Decepticons in the opening scene on Cybertron.
  • Jossed. While Shockwave, Soundwave, and Starscream are in command of the Decepticons, Shatter and Dropkick are explicitly the antagonists.

Optimus Prime's alt mode.
It will be a Red Freightliner WFT-8664T Cabover Semi-Trailer Truck, which was G1 Optimus Prime's alt mode.
  • Confirmed; he appears in this mode complete with his iconic trailer in G1 decals driving along side Camaro Bumblebee on the Golden Gate Bridge. Although what specific Cabover he is hasn't been confirmed

On Cybertron, choosing a name is some sort of rite of passage.
In the movie every Cybertronian character in the film has their regular name, Cliffjumper, Optimus Prime, Ravage, etc. Except Bumblebee, who is referred to as B-127 and is christened his real name by Charlie. As this is not some sort of Cybertronian naming convention it makes sense that when Transformers reach a certain age they either name themselves or get a name from someone else, as Bumblebee gets his name from Charlie.

The scene with Bumblebee & Optimus in the forest.
Optimus Prime wasn't really there, though Bumblebee was talking to Optimus. What we saw was just Bumblebee's imagination or a well made hologram while Bumblebee was getting Prime's message.

It won't be too long until Charlie sees Bumblebee again.
Charlie is planning on moving out in 10 months, it's not inconceivable for Bee to track her down once she's on her own.
The "Bumblebee" that fought in WWII according to The Last Knight is not B-127
Since the main Bumblebee we've been seeing in previous live-action movies has been revealed by this movie to originally have been called "B-127", this could mean there are other robots (perhaps with the same design) prefixed "B". The one that came to Earth early enough to fight in WWII is not B-127 who came to Earth in 1987.
  • Alternatively, Bumblebee (B-127) merely time traveled back to WWII in the decades between 1987 and 2007.
  • Nope, it's been confirmed a reboot.

The Seven Autobots Arriving on Earth at the end are...

  • Ironhide
  • Ratchet
  • Wheeljack
  • Prowl
  • Jazz
  • Arcee
  • Brawn

In future movies, Charlie will essentially name most of the important Autobots
Since only Prime and Cliffjumper had explicit names, and Charlie gave Bumblebee his name, if she becomes the franchise's new token-human, it would be a way to explain away the ridiculous names some characters have.Assuming the above about Cybertronians considering getting a name to be a rite-of-passage, it could be an oddly sweet Heartwarming moment, as she ends up becoming the one to give many of them their autonomy by giving them actual names.

Some examples of hypothetical scenarios:

  • When being introduced to the others, Arcee could be introduced as something along the lines of 'RC-1280some-long-list-of-numbers'. Wanting to shorten that, Charlie decides to call her just 'RC', which gets interpreted as 'Arcee', giving her the name.

  • Sideswipe could be introduced under a similar letter/number designation, but after he sideswipes a Decepticon during a Big Damn Heroes moment, Charlie comments on how he 'Sideswiped that guy' and it sticks.

  • Ratchet and her could be working on repairs for others together, and she comments on how he's essentially 'one big Ratchet', and he takes a liking to it.

  • Jazz will listen to music with her, to which she points out he seems to "have a thing for Jazz", and it just sticks from then on.

  • Ironhide will get an opportunity to show his resilience and durability in battle, to which Charlie remarks on how he seems to have an "Iron Hide" given how he took so much punishment from the Decepticons and kept going.

So on, so forth.

In general, Charlie could just evolve into The Nicknamer, but the Autobots take her nicknaming extremely seriously because it gives them an identity outside of their robot serial numbers.

The Seeker that muted Bumblebee wasn't Blitzwing.
While not on the level of Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron, Blitzwing is still quite a popular character. In the film 'Blitzwing' doesn't have much of a role in the film and his design doesn't fit with canon Blitzwing, he resemble's the regular seeker bodytype more than a triple changer like Dropkick and Shatter, which he should be. He also goes unnamed in the film. Particularly with Bumblebee now confirmed as a reboot, not the swansong of the original film series, it makes sense to dismiss him as a generic seeker, leaving the door open for the real Blitzwing to have a role in a future film (possibly in the future Hasbro might give us a movieverse triple changer that actually has a triple changing action figure).

This movie IS a prequel.
  • Before you come at me with the "it's a reboot!" comments, please hear me out. It is true that the character designs are completely different from the Michael Bay movies, but this I blame on the different directors. Same with the Cybertron design. But this is my attempt at solving the problems between continuity.
    • TF1-everyone was still searching for the Allspark. It was an important part of the war, hence why Megatron went missing looking for it. But the Autobots coming to Earth in this movie wasn't to find the Allspark. At the time, all they needed was to regroup during their losing battle with the Decepticons, which they did. They left Earth with the full intention to come back to find the Allspark later.
    • TF2-no contradictions here, at least that I can think of.
    • TF3-as this movie shows, the Autobot-Decepticon was just going that badly, hence why Sentinel Prime made his deal with Megatron. The moon-landing...well, maybe the U. S. government just didn't tell Sector 7 about the transformers. After all, TLK proved that there were people trying to keep the Transformers under wraps.
    • TF4-there's really nothing wrong here.
    • TF5-this REALLY complicates things, but here's my attempt to connect the dots. The Transformers were likely coming to Earth to look for the Allspark, or possibly a way to kill Unicron. Yes, Bumblebee helped take down Nazis, but we only saw that one battle. For all we know, there were battles after that where Bumblebee suffered devastating losses. Therefore, when he found himself on Earth again, he was apprehensive about humans.

Whew, there we go. This is all my best attempts at connecting the dots between all of these movies.

In the sequel Arcee will scan Charlie's car
I mean come on, it looks exactly like what Arcee's alt mode would be on Earth in this era!

Bumblebee trashed Tina's car because he thought it was a Transformer, possibly a Decepticon
In his amnesiac state he latched onto Charlie as a friendly, however he witnessed Tina's car 'helping' the alpha bitch and her posse attacking Charlie resulting in him designating them as enemies. When they TP her house he really goes at it on Tina's car, utterly trashing it. Potentially his glitching memory identified the car as an enemy in alt mode, resulting in a similar reaction to when the army puts Charlie in danger.Tina should be thankful Bee's memory didn't come back fully then or he might have blown up the entire house!

Bumblebee will be the start of a Hasbro Cinematic Universe
With a Beast Wars film adaptation, a G.I. Joe spin-off about Snake Eyes, and a Micronauts film just to name a few. Why shouldn't they be set within the same continuity?

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