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  • Merlin wasn't quite ready to give up women yet.
    Merlin: If I could, for one moment, change this world for the better, I would give up everything. Everything! I'd give up drink! Money! Wom...Drink and money.
    • A bit of fridge brilliance when you account for the importance of Merlin's bloodline to the film.
  • Barricade's new robot mode has both a holster and something that appears to be a taser. He also has Brass knuckles with the words "punish" and "enslave" engraved onto them (although during production, they instead had "protect" and "serve" engraved).
  • Cade and Bumblebee welcome Izabella to their little family. As Bumblebee gives Izabella an encouraging pounding over his spark, Crosshairs snarks from the background, "Just don't expect any bedtime stories!"
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  • Grimlock being told off by Cade for chewing on a police car. He behaves like a scolded dog.
    Cade: What have you got in your mouth? Drop the police car right now! (Grimlock spits out the car, and some green slime that lands on him) Come on, man!
    [After the film title appears...]
    Cade: You get back in your hole and think about what you did!
  • Optimus trying to master a British accent. (the Brazilian dubbers made seven regional variants of that...)
  • Not only is Cogman a psychotic Pintsized Powerhouse Battle Butler, he has a missile launcher in his mouth.
    • His first meeting with Cade. He, Jimmy, and Izabella are fleeing from the TRF and end up in an elevator, and then suddenly see him standing there, waiting for them.
    Jimmy: It's a damn leprechaun!
    Cogman: Leprechauns are small, green, and Irish. That's offensive.
  • Izabella repairs Bumblebee's voice box with replacement parts provided by Day Trader. Afterwards, bee begins to talk, albeit with Siri's voice.
    Siri!Bee: This is so exciting! Oh no, this isn't my damn voice.
    Cade: I'm going to kill him, Bee.
    Siri!Bee: Day Trader is a punk-ass bitch! (rips out the voice box)
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  • When Jimmy gets shot by a TRF drone, he starts saying his dramatic Final Speech to Cade, only for the latter to exasperatedly explain that he was just hit with a beanbag.
    Jimmy: That hurt like a bullet! I felt it go through me!
  • Cade's reaction to learning Bee was a Nazi-killing machine?
    Cade: But he's so nice.
  • Vivian listing all the qualities of a knight, like honesty and integrity, and includes being "chaste". Cade, who's stuck with the Clingy Macguffin and may actually be the titular Last Knight, may already be a father, but even he admits "it's been a while".
    Cade: Yeah, well maybe I'm saving myself...
    Vivian: For what, old age?
  • Mohawk's death. He ended up being lost during the battle in an abandoned town, wandering around to look for this cohorts right before he was blasted by Bumblebee. He still survives though, as a head. However, this makes you think if Skids & Mudflap died in the same way if they canonize this in DOTM.
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  • Near the end, Sqweeks gets to have his time to shine after Izabella sends him out to try and disable the turret. He finally gets a hang of the Decepticon arm that Izabella gave him, and reveals it has a gun assembly almost as big as him built into it, which he hefts directly into the barrel of the cannon before firing with a distorted one-liner sounding all too much like "Fuuuuck yoooou"
  • Sam's cameo in the film is little more than a portrait of him with bed hair.
  • Not many fans liked the idea Hot Rod would speak with a French accent. Well, it turns out that he hates the accent too and it wasn't his choice. He can't even turn it off, so he's stuck with it.
    Hot Rod: I hate the accent! But, I can't get rid of it! I'm stuck with the accent!
    • Right from the start, Hot Rod's interactions with Vivian. Her first appearance in the film involves her being thrown bodily out of Hot Rod accompanied by polo gear, giving one the mental image that he literally drove onto a polo field, kidnapped her, and then drove her to the castle.
    Cade [seeing her struggling to run from Hot Rod]: Is it a kidnapping sorta situation, or her first Transformer experience?
    Burton: It's both, really. But she does have a rather nice fight-or-flight response.
    Hot Rod [while Vivian is rolling down the hill]: She's very difficult!
  • Nitro Zeus jovially saying goodbye to his former jailers in his introduction. The fact that he has the exact same head as Shockwave somehow makes it even more amusing.
    • Even more so that he kindly remarks for one to say hello to his wife for him, and that he knows where one of them lives, and that said guard just flips him off.
    • Also, note his jailers are wearing earmuffs; no doubt counter-measures...
  • When Onslaught is released, he remarks for the guards to "make this door bigger". His containment cell door is actually too small for him to fit.
  • Admittedly Black Humor, but Lennox's line to the hapless support lawyer - that the Decepticons kill lawyers first - as she looks over and sees the towering Megatron unsheathing a titanic blade. The look of panic on her face is darkly hilarious.
    • In the same sequence, one of the legal people Lennox brings along starts gibbering about how Dreadbot has to stay within county lines, to which Lennox turns to Megatron with a "you see what I've got to put up with here?" expression. Bonus points for the implication that he finds he has more in common with Megatron than the idiot bureaucrats.
    • Also they agree to release all of the Decepticons except for one Berserker. We cut to said Berserker, looking completely demonic, spitting slime, muttering "I'll suck your brains." The lawyers' response: "No. Absolutely not." Lennox adds "No. No. There are limits. Pick again."
  • Cogman getting road rage during the car chase.
    Cogman: Move bitch, get out of my way. Move, bitch get out of my way.Note 
    Cogman: (freaking out) They're all around us and I just have so much road rage!
    • In the same sequence, it's pretty amusing to see Sir Anthony Hopkins, the quintessential English gentleman, casually flipping pursuing police cars the bird.
  • While Cade and Vivian are in Vivian's house, searching for some "Very" important files, Vivian's mother and her friends all think that Vivian has finally found her man, with the appearance of Cade, when in reality, they are searching for clues to the Staff of Merlin / Staff of Cybertron. Cue Vivian immediately taking Cade upstairs, and the women thinking the two are getting closer than they intentionally realized. The two's comments really don't make it any better.
    • The entire earlier scene of playing matchmakers:
    Vivian: History is being written and you want to talk about a man?!
    Aunt Helen: Or a woman
    Vivian: [Sigh] Aunt helen...
    Unnamed relative: "Woman seeking woman", here we go.
    • Promptly followed by Helen responding to a reference to what Vivian's father and mother had together with "He was an ass," British accent and all.
  • When arriving in the ignition chamber, Cogman says that he's not going to go into the water, fearing it will mess up his gears and inner mechanics. Cue Bumblebee knocking him into the water
    Cogman: You're all on my shitlist.
  • Izabella tells Megatron to go to hell, to which he answers with "This planet is hell". The best part? He's kinda right. Earth turns out to be Unicron, so from Megatron's point of view Earth is not just hell, but Satan himself.
  • During the flashback to King Arthur and the Transformers, the background music starts to swell, until it flashes back to the present, revealing that Cogman was playing a pipe organ. "I was trying to make the moment more epic."
    • As Burton continues with his explanation, a One-Woman Wail begins in the background, only for it to be revealed that it's Cogman doing it.
  • Burton goes to 10 Downing Street to get some government support for the Final Battle, but since the police won't let him in, he sneaks in through a hidden tunnel that leads directly to the Prime Minister's office. For his part, the Prime Minister is taking a phone call, only to suddenly turn and see Burton casually sitting in a chair waiting for his attention. And then the PM quickly calls for security in a panic.
  • If you pay close enough attention, you can hear Barricade demanding Grimlock to freeze during their brief fight.



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