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  • Charlie reassuring and befriending Bumblebee.
    "I won't hurt you... what's your name?"
  • Charlie and Bumblebee comforting each other with a hug later on.
  • The whole first trailer in general just reminds us why Bee is one of the most heroic and compassionate Autobots and just why he and Sam clicked so well.
  • For some viewers, hearing Bernie Mac's dialogue from the first movie brought smiles to their faces, even ten years after his death.
  • The second trailer once again affirms just how nice Bumblebee is.
    • His shy wave to Memo.
    • Trying to rub sand out of Charlie’s hair.
    • When Charlie ask if there’s any that can help him or if he has any family he sweetly points to Charlie.
  • Charlie herself takes 1st place for being the first human to interact with an Autobot… and for the most part is completely calm (if not a bit surprised) about the whole thing. Even Sam freaked out a bit when he found out about Bumblebee being an alien robot.
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  • Charlie firmly telling Bee that she’s not leaving him no matter what.
  • A moment from the second trailer has this bit:
    Charlie: Do you have anyone? Like, a family?
    Bumblebee gently pokes her in the chest


  • As gruesome as Cliffjumper’s torture and death scene is, he uses his last moment assuring that B-127 would not break under torture after Shatter and Dropkick decide to go after him. The way his face goes from horrified to stern when he says it really shows how much he trusts his fellow Autobot.
  • How Charlie comes to own Bumblebee in the first place: after discovering and falling in love with what looks to be a perfectly ordinary, if rusty Beetle in her uncle Hank's junkyard, she shows up the next day (her 18th birthday) and pleads for it, offering to work for Hank at his place for a year in exchange. Hank rejects the offer because they're not hiring... but knowing it's her birthday, he gives it to her for free.
    • Before she makes her offer of free work, Charlie's first proposal is to make a deal that if she can get the car to start, she can keep it, though Hank dismisses this offer because "that's not a deal, that's [her] taking [his] car". Bear in mind that Bumblebee appears to be a trashed, water-damaged junker that's barely held together. Despite that though, Hank never had any doubt that Charlie could get him up and running if she tried, which shows a great deal of pride in her abilities.
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  • Bee encouraging Charlie to take up diving again, knowing it's what her dead father would have wanted.
  • By the end of the movie we see that while the family is a bit dysfunctional there is love. Charlie even appreciates her step-dad considerably more by the end.
  • Even Burns, who was antagonistic during most of the film, has a nice moment by the end of the movie. He came to respect Charlie and Bumblebee, calling the latter "soldier" and saluting him.
  • There’s something wholesome about the synergy between Shatter and Dropkick, in contrast to most Decepticon relationships in most other Transformers fiction. While their dynamic in regard of exact military ranks is unknown, Dropkick seems to heavily respect Shatter as his superior/the one who is calling the shots and, while grudgingly, puts his Blood Knight tendencies aside to assist her in her scheme while never acting disobedient or talking against her. Meanwhile, Shatter doesn’t treat her partner as a mindless brute and addresses him in a calm manner, even calling him ”comrade”, all the while happily letting him have his fun (that is, to kill their targets, even though she is evidently the even more capable fighter) whenever she has gotten what she wants. The only time she brings her Deadpan Snarker attitude to brunt against him is after realizing his failure to execute Bumblebee.
  • Bumblebee has to go on the run and Charlie has to stay behind. Using the radio, he forms the words "Thank you for giving me my voice". They hug and as he drives off, she's reflected in his wing mirrors which read "objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear". They'll be apart but always together.
  • At the end when Charlie and Bee are forced to part ways, we see Bee driving alongside a very familiar-looking semi truck. Then mid-credits we get confirmation that the truck really was Optimus Prime, confirming that he didn't waste time coming after Bee.
  • In the epilogue, Optimus congratulates Bumblebee on completing his mission by using his old designation, B-127. Bumblebee just corrects him and asks him to call him Bumblebee.
    • Also if one listens closely the voice that is used to say Bumblebee's name is Charlie's - from the first time she called him that.
  • Charlie finally fixes the car that she and her dad had been working on before he died.
  • Just the friendship between Charlie and Bumblebee throughout the entire film both help each other with their personal problems. Charlie helping Bee with his loneliness and doing everything she can to keep him safe while Bee helps her with her grief over the death of her father.
    • It’s telling that Charlie never once really gets angry with Bee (if maybe a bit frustrated but it’s usually Played for Laughs) and is always kind and gentle when speaking to him.
  • After Tina accosts Charlie and taunts her about her dead father, both Memo and Bumblebee want to get back at her for it. Though Played for Laughs, Bumblebee himself is the one most eager in the pranks, taking the egging a step too far and totals her car, all the while with a happy expression on his robot features. It's evident that he takes making fun of Charlie personally and is gleeful to get revenge on her behalf.
  • The effect Bumblebee has on Charlie. In the first few scenes with her, we see her morning routine and it's clear she's got some serious signs of depression; she's unhappy to get up, doesn't bother getting a shower, and wearss the same clothes she was sleeping in (only difference being pulling on some overalls), while also getting annoyed about not having breakfast pre-made. Second time around she doesn't even bother putting pants on, and tries to go back to bed pretty quickly and only stays up when she can't fall back to sleep. The morning after discovering Bumblebee, she's happy to get up in the morning, actually wears pyjamas, and subsequently after that we see she's actually getting dressed, making her own breakfast, and in general taking care of herself. She says it herself in the end, Bumblebee helped her "feel like [herself] again", but we see over the course of the film how he pulls her out of her depression.
  • At the start of the film, Charlie has a little tribute to her dad in the form of a photo of him by her desk and in the garage. Later, we see she adds a selfie she took with Bumblebee to it, evidently holding him to the same esteem she did her father.
  • The budding, fairly organic relationship between Charlie and Memo has some moments. Firstly the fact that when Memo first stumbles upon Bumblebee, though he freaks out, he's able to calm himself enough to accept what he's seeing and promises to keep his and Charlie's secret. When Charlie gets targeted by Tina, Memo stands up for her, and is the one to plan the revenge against her largely to cheer up Charlie. He helps to try and cover up for Bee's damage, goes with Charlie when she needs to cool off after arguing with her mother, and helps her break into the military base to save Bee, before staying behind to try and buy them time (key word being 'try', of course). Throughout it all, Memo repeatedly demonstrates a great deal of loyalty and concern for Charlie, and even accepts when she doesn't want to move their relationship into couples territory yet. For her part, Charlie doesn't seem mad at him for entering her garage without invite, and despite him being a huge geek she seems to seriously appreciate how kind he is to her and happily brings him along with her adventures with Bee, and even seems appreciative of his romantic gestures.
  • In a tragic sense, Cliffjumper's Defiant to the End resistance to Dropkick and Shatter's torture, which does a great job showing how much Undying Loyalty the Autobots have for Optimus. Bumblebee similarly shows a similar refusal to betray Optimus and, once his memory is restored, quickly goes to fulfil his mission and meet up with Prime. For Optimus' part, he demonstrates a great deal of concern for his soldiers, as he immediately commands them to fall back and escape once Soundwave, Shockwave, and Starscream show up. Despite the fact that Optimus then demonstrates the ability to fight them and their seemingly endless army of mooks on his own, he's visably afraid when they show up because of the risk they pose to his soldiers, and when he commands them to escape, he stays behind alone to buy them all time. In general, it's pretty clear that the 'Autobot Resistance' are a Band of Brothers to the very end.


  • Epic Voice Guy, known for his Youtube fan videos of Transformers, finally gets a big screen role as the voices of Shockwave and Soundwave! Though small and basically a cameo, he's utterly thrilled to finally be an official part of the franchise, even saying on his Instagram that it's "a dream come true".
  • How different behind the scenes material shows director Travis Knight and cast talking about their childhood nostalgia for the franchise and being glad to be given their own chances with a film made to capture spirit of the original series as closely as possible.
    • In similar sense, this film at the moment seems to be Peter Cullen’s latest role as Optimus Prime, being absent from two latest Transformers cartoons (Cyberverse and Rescue Bots Academy) after doing active voice work for the role in offical movies and shows since 2007 film, which is not that suprising concidering his age. It could be seen as poetic for his currently last role as iconic Autobot leader to be the film that for many people refined and/or redeemed both the film series and the character himself.
  • Seeing all the Transformers and even Cybertron itself sporting their classic G1 designs in live action for the first time; doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, as it proves those designs can work and the overly detailed designs from the first five movies aren't the only way to go.
    • Soundwave saying "Ravage, eject!" in his G1 vocoded voice sent fans cheering in the theaters, as finally, these characters that we know and love are just like we remember them, and shows Travis Knight's attention to detail and love of the franchise.
  • Travis Knight and Christina Hodson have been nothing but glowing in their praise of how supportive Michael Bay was of them during production; even sticking up for Knight when execs got nervous about the difference in tone.
  • Live action Camaro Bee and G1 Optimus Prime driving side by side at Golden Gate Bridge at the end of the movie can be seen as this in context of both film’s story and in a sense of that no matter how you look at the live action films themselves, they brought Transformers into new age of relevancy and popularity, thus the shot showcasing viewers an acknowledgement that both series have their place as important pieces in the franchise.
    • Given that Knight and Hodson have expressed nothing but praise in how supportive Bay was of them, it's possible this is their way of saying "We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Thank you, Mike."
  • The announcement by Hasbro that the film would indeed be a Continuity Reboot after this was initially being dismissed by producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, when you take a look back at the history leading up to the movie and this decision. The plan was for Bumblebee to the last Bayformers film, and after that a new 'Hasbro Cinematic Universe' would take its place. It didn't matter if Bumblebee was a good movie or not because they were expecting to clean the slate regardless. Rather than half-ass it, Travis Knight made a damn good Transformers movie that fans immediately loved. This kick-started plans to make a follow-up, but given how many fans wanted Bumblebee to be a reboot, Hasbro's decision to continue with the reboot plans but sever the ties to the Bay films (not that this was difficult) and make Bumblebee the launchpad for it essentially means they took what fans were asking for and listened. Combined with news that they were taking a more 'Marvel Studios' style approach and playing a bigger role in how their movies are made, it became pretty clear for Transformers fans that Hasbro are trying to make content that they'll actually like.

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