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  • Charlie crawls under Bumblebee's alt mode to look at him... and realizes he has what fans commonly call "visible head syndrome" with his face staring directly down at her in plain view.
  • Charlie puts a cassette with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" in Bumblebee's automotive head unit... and Bumblebee promptly ejects it, with Charlie ducking just in time to dodge it. Even alien robots don't like to be Rickrolled.
  • When transforming into his robot form outside on the beach in front of Charlie, Bumblebee accidentally gets sand in her hair. He then tries to rustle her hair to get it out much to Charlie’s chagrin.
  • Charlie leaves Bee alone in the garage, only for Bee to get curious about the interior of her house. Naturally given his size Bee has to hilariously take care to try not to break anything in her home.
    • The way he sits down in her chair is funny mixed with adorable.
  • Charlie teaches Bee how to throw toilet paper rolls into a tree. Bee first takes one in his hand and crushes it, then takes the whole package and throws it.
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  • It turns out that Agent Burns has a few more reservations about working with Shatter and Dropkick than initially thought.
    Burns: They literally call themselves "Decepticons"! That doesn't set off any red flags?
  • Jack Burns is introduced doing a paintball drill. While lecturing his subordinate after hitting him, Burns "accidentally" shoots him over and over again.
  • Memo's adorably awkward attempts to talk to Charlie and later trying to get her to be his girlfriend. Even funnier is at the end, Charlie is still not quite ready to start dating him.
  • Charlie takes Memo for a joyride with Bumblebee. She tries showing off by taking Memo's shirt, using it for a blindfold and sticking her head out of the opening in the roof, but the wind sweeps it off her head within seconds. Even funnier is that Charlie was wearing two shirts at the time, so that was completely unnecessary.
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  • Charlie works at an amusement park selling junk food. When her manager tells her they need more sticks for the hotdogs, Charlie asks if hotdogs really need sticks. Cue a shot of her manager standing in front of a sign clearly advertising hotdogs on sticks, with her manager giving a very blunt "yes".
  • After accidentally trashing Charlie's house and getting scolded by her, Bee skulks off...with his legs transformed into his hind wheels.
  • Shatter decides to use the humans to her advantage and kneels before a blockade. Dropkick is stupefied a moment, asks what she is doing before taking the hint and kneels too.
    Dropkick: (mutters) This is humiliating.
  • Dr. Powell is so enamored with the idea of high-tech alien robots interacting with Earth that he can't stop babbling about it, which the commanding officer quickly tires of and cuts off communication with him.
    • Burns' reaction to Powell's first suggestion that they ally with the Decepticons:
    Burns: I say this with all due respect, have you lost your damn mind?!
    Powell: That's with all due respect?
  • In the movie proper, the toilet paper scene is followed by Memo and Charlie teaching Bee to egg the Alpha Bitch's car. Sure enough, he takes all four cartons of eggs and smears them all over the car. And then pats it down. And then steps on the car. And then jumps on it a couple of times for good measure. Needless to say, there's not much of a car left afterward.
    • When Tina sees what happened to her car her reaction is just priceless.
    • Before that, when Charlie is showing Bumblebee how to TP a house, she begins to explain what toilet paper is. When she realizes that Bumblebee is a robot with no use for toilets, she stops herself from the awkward explanation and just decides to get on with explaining the prank.
    • When Bumblebee jumping on the car sets off the car alarm, Charlie panics and orders him to hide. He does this not by transforming, but by tipping the car on its side and crouching behind it in a fetal position.
    • The toilet paper part of the scene is even funnier when you realize that he squeezed and exploded a roll of Charmin toilet tissue (guess someone either didn't watch the commercials or listened to Weird Al's advice).
  • Bumblebee tries to prompt Charlie to dive off a cliff in front of her classmates and is just learning to use his radio to speak. One of the songs he puts on while trying to encourage her?
  • After Bee and Charlie initially escape Sector 7, Shatter and Dropkick soon appear and attack them. Dropkick, who has grudgingly held back his lust for violence, is not pleased when Autobot refuses to fight back because of his amnesia. His reaction almost screams ”Seriously, after all this time this is all I get!?”
  • While trying to explain Charlie's attitude to Agent Burns, Ron notes that he used to shoplift when he was a teenager. Burns's response?
    Burns: We know.
  • After the car chase sequence where Ron, Sally, and Otis are all nearly struck three different times by Sector 7 agents. The chase itself ended with multiple cars screeching to a halt moments before hitting the station wagon, rather than the usual mosh pit of impacts.
    Otis: That. Was. Radical. (a quick beat, and then he pukes)
  • After Charlie and Bumblebee save the day, Burns appears and — having just been saved by Bee and accomplished a shared goal in defeating the Decepticons — decides to let the two go, shooting Bee a formal salute... which Bee responds to with a Breakfast Club-style Fist Pump.
    • Shortly afterward, Memo shows up on his bike after they leave.
    Burns: Too late, kid, world's already been saved.
    • Even better is Memo's follow-up line:
    Memo: ...could you call my mom?
  • Charlie and Bumblebee's tearful farewell ends on a more humorous note when Bee scans a shiny new Camaro for his new alt-mode before zooming off. Charlie's indignant reaction is priceless.
    Charlie: You could've been a Camaro all this time?!
  • Charlie teaching Bumblebee that he has to hide when he's around other humans. At one point she makes believe someone is coming and hides behind a rock. After a while, she looks over it...and Bumblebee, rather than transforming, is hiding behind an extremely small pile of sand, with the rest of his body in plain view.
  • When the military is trying to get back into a locked building on their base, Burns shouts "THERE'S A DOOR IN MY WAY!" Cue explosives.
  • Burns’ reaction when Bumblebee’s eyes turn red after he sees Burns shove Charlie to the ground.
    Burns: Oh, shit. (Bumblebee smacks him, sending him flying)

Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

  • The outtakes on the home release mostly amount to letting John Cena go wild with his improv while staying completely in character. However, rather than merely show them uncut, the outtakes are fully edited and have special effects from the finished takes imposed over, making them function as utterly ridiculous deleted/alternate scenes. Special mention goes to his first meeting with Bumblebee, which has Burns, instead of reacting with hostility, merely happily question Bumblebee as to what he was doing, where he was going, and trying to introduce him to the friend he just nearly killed with his landing.
    • Another is Burns just going crazy when arguing with General Whalen and Powell. He starts off telling Powell to 'suck farts' then descends into claiming to get a phone call from the President and detailing to him how terrible Sector 7 are running things. He then awkwardly admits to the General he was making it up for dramatic effect.
      • There's also the brief discussion between Burns and Whalen about the latter's games of Bridge with the President.
      Whalen: You gotta let him win, he's the President!
    • The delightfully awkward ending scene of Memo driving up after the climax is made funnier in the outtake, where Burns responds to his question of 'what I miss' by explaining roughly what just happened. When he mentions Charlie and Memo smiles, he proceeds to playfully egg him on if they were a thing, then gives him big brotherly advice on asking her out on a date. He ends this by claiming Memo should listen to him because he 'collects coins', causing Jorge Lendeborg Jr. to begin Corpsing.
    • During the final fight between Bumblebee and Shatter, a missile comes straight for Charlie and she attempts to duck and cover in a dumpster, only for the lid to sloooowly close behind her.
    Charlie: Well, that didn't work.
    [The missile immediately explodes]
  • A subplot cut out of the movie involved Charlie's friends cutting her out of their friend group because of her recent attitude. The event that pushes them to do it is Charlie railing on the stupidity of legwarmers, something her friends adore. The scene itself is pretty sad, but Charlie's legwarmers rant is entertaining in how adorkable her criticisms are.
    • A second scene cut following this would have had Charlie bumping into them at Tina's party. They pretend that since ditching Charlie, they've now become part of the popular crowd, no longer targeted by Tina and instead invited to her parties. When Charlie questions this, one of them immediately caves and admits they just bought their way to popularity by giving Tina free Hot Dogs. They try to save this and insist that regardless, they're 'cool now', and even try to insinuate that they always were and Charlie just held them back... at which point some random kid calls them the 'Wiener girls' and causes a small chant to start, making it clear they are not as respected as they think they are. Charlie can't help but take some enjoyment in this given how they treated her.
  • Along with the indignities left in the film, one cut from her birthday scene was Charlie would have had to babysit her brother that day. When she decides to go get the Beetle, she stops to warn him that if he dies while she's gone, she will murder him.
  • When she brings the Beetle home, it's still filthy, so she makes Otis wash it with her because she'll give him rides to places. We see a montage of her doing most of the work while he mostly just uses a hose, doing so deliberately to make it splash her. In the end, Charlie's looking at the now-clean Beetle with pride, where Otis merely sees it as something a 'homeless hippy would live out of', after having gone back inside to play video games.
    • What adds to it is just Charlie's sheer ''happiness' as she works on cleaning the Beetle. It's the height of adorkability as she eagerly cleans the thing despite just how terrible the condition was.
    • After this, Charlie takes Otis for a ride in the Beetle. While lecturing him on how stupid he is for not understanding the importance of having a car, the Beetle breaks down in the middle of the road. After everyone points and laughs at them, Tina drives by and laughs, at which point Otis snarkily wishes her a happy birthday. Charlie, clearly not at all in the mood for it, gives him such a death glare he abandons the snotty younger brother routine and leaves.
  • One cut scene had Charlie dropping Conan and her mother off at the vet. She overcompensates her supposed eagerness for Conan's health by cheering the dog on, promising him he can 'crap on the rug' as much as he wants. When her mom looks at her annoyed, she then tells her that she's free to do that too.
  • The already-funny sequence of Bumblebee trying to dust the sand off of Charlie had a more elaborate version, where after she tells him she's good, he'd proceed to grab her by her ankles, lift her up, and shake her clean. She's only able to yelp, tell him its overkill, then insist he takes this seriously, at which point he puts her down.
    • Meta-wise/behind-the-scenes, this is even funnier when you take into account that such a stunt would have been quite difficult to shoot. Hailee Steinfeld was required to wear a harness and strings before being hung upside down and shaken around for the sequence, all for a five-second moment that was ultimately cut.
  • Memo comes up with a groundbreaking theory for what Bumblebee is: He's a Go-Bot. Charlie immediately scoffs at the idea that Bumblebee is a 'kid's toy' note .
  • The 'appliance scene' is generally agreed to be the worst deleted scene, but the scene does provide some almost Black Comedy humor in Bumblebee's horror at them having to kill the Energon mutants he created. On top of that, Charlie has to dodge dishes being tossed at her head, something she easily does... the first time, then another volley is tossed and nail her right in the face.
  • While in a hanger, Dropkick expresses how bored he is of waiting for the humans to do their job, while Shatter insists they're useful because they can do the work for them. When Dropkick says he will kill them after their usefulness is outlived, Shatter calls him a child.
    • This moment when Dropkick finds a flamethrower:
      Shatter: That's terrifying... if you wanted to poke someone's eye out.
      *Dropkick triggers the flamethrower, ejecting a pillar of flame*
      Dropkick: Or melt them.
    • Right after this, Dr. Powell comes into the hanger telling Shatter and Dropkick that his superiors will agree to work together, he ushers them to follow him... through a door. When he realizes that won't work, he ushers them through the way they came.
  • This exchange between two Sector 7 agents about Cybertronian origins:
    Female Sector 7 Agent: No, dumbass. The machines make other machines.
    Male Sector 7 Agent: Yeah, I know. But who made the first machine?
    Female Sector 7 Agent: It makes you wonder.
    Male Sector 7 Agent: Like, is their version of God a bunch of wires, or...?
    Female Sector 7 Agent: That's stupid.


  • The sheer backlash of the fanbase when "Starscream" from the trailer was revealed to be Blitzwing was hilarious to behold, with tons of Memetic Mutation that popped up afterward. Then came the whole "we forgive Travis Knight" after the movie came out and was much better than expected.
    • Transformers comics writer/artist Nick Roche watched the trailer with his son. Like everyone, Roche mistook the Seeker as Starscream but much to his shock and confusion his son accurately recognized him as Blitzwing.
  • Just the mere fact that Bumblebee holds a whopping 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. Who would have thought that a spinoff about a perceived Creator's Pet would so outclass the rest of the series, even the 1986 film considered to be a classic?

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