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  • Watching Alexis and her Mini-Con friend (covered in a ridiculous amount of clothes to try and hide her appearance) go shopping. Amazingly, only a child in the store notices something's up.
  • Megatron linking up with his Mini-Con Leader-1 which makes his cannon so powerful each shot sends him flying, and at one point he FALLS flat on his back and his cannon is still firing!
  • In the episode "Rebellion" the lack of morale at Decepticon HQ makes Demolisher worry. You know the Decepticons are in trouble when he starts to consider that Cyclonus is the only sane one.
    Demolishor: What is going on with everyone here? Ever since we lost that battle, everyone's gone loopy. (glances at Cyclonus, who's still sleeping and snoring) Well, at least some things never change around here. But Cyclonus is starting to look like the only sane one.
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  • Thrust's nickname, "Squidhead". Making it funnier, even Megatron gets in on it.
  • Megatron and Thrust's fight in "Crisis".
  • Side Swipe chasing Hot Shot around the Autobots' command center for a hug. The expression on his face when Side Swipe catches him is priceless.
    Hot Shot: HE'S GOT ME!
  • A bit of a funny moment during a dramatic scene. When Starscream overhears Megatron and Thrust mocking him in "Regeneration" and attacks them, Thrust acts like a complete coward.
    Thrust: It's a rebellion! Starscream's starting a rebellion! Run before it's too late!
  • You have to love everybody's uneasiness at the start of the first Autobot-Decepticon alliance. Watching everyone greeting each other and shake hands is hilarious beyond words.
    • Jetfire and Tidal Wave.
    Tidal Wave: (as cheery as possible, for him) Tidal Wave...
    Jetfire: Uh...nice meetin' ya.
    • Not to mention Cyclonus and Side Swipe.
    Cyclonus: Ha! I can't believe I'm fighting for harmony! What a load of bunk! I'm a lean, mean, fighting machine! Hahahaha!
    Side Swipe: I gotta work with this guy? I'm not so sure about this.
  • Galvatron having to learn manners from Alexis in "Origin", it becomes a little less funny when you remember that he likely knows that she knows he indirectly caused Starscream's death.


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