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Funny Moments from the 1991 animated series have their own page.

From the comics:

  • In general: Whenever Captain Haddock loses his temper. Because when Haddock does lose his temper, some wonderfully creative insults are on their way.
    Mountebanks! Bashi-bazouks! ICONOCLASTS!!
  • A lot of Tintin's adventures could have been avoided if only he just kept to himself. (Albeit, The Black Island had some dumb mooks try to kill him simply because he might find out their secret, but the sometimes the efforts that he goes through to uncover the story are insane!)
    • Then again... Picaros had Tapioca aggravate the Captain and have Tintin follow after. This troper bets that a there are a ton of other examples but honestly this troper doesn't care.

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     Tintin in America 
  • Somehow Tintin finds himself in possession of a barbell prop belonging to a sham heavyweight.

    Cigars of the Pharaoh 
  • After crashing a plane in the jungle, Tintin ironically gets hit in the head by a first aid kit.
    • Then as if on cue, Tintin gets hit on the head by a first aid manual.

     The Blue Lotus 
  • Tintin feigning madness.
  • The Thompsons' OutdatedOutfits and being followed by a huge crowd of locals, dressed in normal clothes and laughing at them.
    "Don't look now, but I think we're being followed."
  • Tintin (disguised as a General), screwing with an enemy Colonel:
    Colonel: Attention! Present arms!
    (Tintin inspects the lineup, running his riding crop over the Colonel's stubble.)
    Colonel: Unshaven, sir. Two days detention, sir?
    (Tintin holds up four fingers.)
    Colonel: Yes, sir. Four days detention, sir.
    (The Colonel sweats as Tintin eyeballs him. A piece of paper blows across the parade ground and lands against the Colonel's Leg. Tintin holds up four fingers again.)
    Colonel: Another four days? But, sir, it was the wind-
    (Tintin furiously holds up eight fingers.)
    Colonel: Yes, sir. Another eight days detention, sir...

    The Broken Ear 
  • In one of Corporal Diaz's attempted assassinations of General Alcazar has him place a box of dynamite next to the general's quarters and light a fuse, which he observes from what he thinks is a safe distance under a statue of General Olivaro, Liberator of San Theodoros. As the dynamite explodes, he shouts, "Justice is done!" In the next panel, the decapitated head of General Olivaro gives him a concussion, and it turns out that it did no harm to Alcazar except give him a case of jaundice (which, to complete the picture, he had just been joking with Tintin about).
    • What is particularly hilarious is that the corporal forgot to bury the dynamite before detonating it. As one of the conspirators in the assassination coup lampshades, putting dynamite next to a wall produces nothing but a loud bang.


    The Black Island 

    King Ottokar's Sceptre 
  • Snowy tried to steal a dinosaur bone from a museum.
  • Tintin and Snowy hitching a ride with Bianca Castafiore to the Syldavian capital, and she decided to "treat" them to her music.

     The Crab with the Golden Claws 
  • Tintin gets a well meaning but hard clap on the back from Thompson and Thomson each, but he returns the gesture by doing the same thing to both of them and making them slosh their beers.
  • Tintin, Haddock and Snowy getting drunk off wine fumes:
    Haddock: (chasing a villain) Blackamoor! Anthracite! Coconut! Fuzzy-wuzzy! Cannibal!
    Tintin: Go on! Seek! Seek! Bite him!

    The Shooting Star 
  • During a dinner break, the Aurora begins sailing through stormy water, causing the scientists to get seasick. Eventually only Tintin and Haddock are left at the table.
  • Professor Phostle getting splashed in the face with ocean water.
  • Snowy eating all the sausages meant for the bangers and mash to be served at dinner.
  • Captain Haddock’s relief when they reach land. It’s not because they’re out of fuel, but because they’re out of whiskey.

    Secret of the Unicorn 
  • There's a Running Gag where Thomson and Thompson keep getting their wallets lifted. Eventually they decide to secure their wallets with elastic bands, which results in a bit of slapstick when the pickpocket shows up later in the story. Later, they are amazed that their wallets haven't been stolen, despite said wallets being on a chain (predicting, by coincidence, a minor fad in the 1990s). Finally, they pay the pickpocket responsible a visit, and a search of the thief's collection (he's a kleptomaniac who hasn't actually taken the contents of the wallets for his own use, and in fact feels some guilt over it all) reveals an entire shelf of alphabetised wallets... with a conspicuously large section labeled "T".


     Red Rackham's Treasure 
  • When Calculus is discovered aboard the ship, it leads to a Who's on First? exchange culminating in "Separate pieces? My whiskey is in separate pieces?"
  • Thompson and Thomson try to help with navigating. After reading the coordinates they give him, Captain Haddock tells them to remove their hats and pray. They do, and enquire why. The reason? "According to these coordinates, gentlemen, we are currently standing inside Westminster Abbey!"
  • The parrots on the desert island who are still mimicking the curses taught to them by Sir Francis Haddock centuries ago, and passed down through generations.
  • The time Haddock doesn't lose his temper, and is faced with a reporter from the newspaper that had leaked their treasure hunting intentions. Instead of chewing the man out, he asks that he interview his secretary: Professor Calculus.
  • After returning to Europe, Thompson and Thomson say they'll be staying at some friends' farm for a well-earned vacation. They end up working on an agricultural machine that look exactly like that accursed manual air pump they've been operating for the last weeks.
  • Near the end of the book, Calculus tries to explain that they can buy Marlinspike Hall with the money he got from selling his invention to the government, but Haddock is so upset about the seemingly-failed treasure hunt that he cuts him off with a rant:
    “Money? Oh, you’ve got some money? Good for you! Personally, I haven’t any!”

     The Seven Crystal Balls 
  • Captain Haddock trying to figure out a famous magicians magic trick of turning water into whiskey.
  • Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock are out attending a variety show where one of the acts is Bianca Castafiore performing the jewel song from Faust. Once she starts singing, Snowy chimes in howling, prompting all three of them to leave their seats.
    • Tintin and Haddock's reactions to her singing are worth noting.
      Haddock: "Powerful stuff, eh!"
      Tintin: "You've said it!"
      Haddock: "I don't know why, but whenever I hear her, it reminds me of a hurricane that hit my ship – when I was in the West Indies some years ago…"
  • Captain Haddock accidentally knocking over some unused sets with one kick. This also prompts a bull mount to get stuck on Captain Haddocks head.
    • If that weren’t enough, he also stumbles onstage interrupting a magic act and creates a ruckus.

    Prisoners of the Sun 

    Land of the Black Gold 
  • Oliveira da Figueira disguises Tintin as introduces him as his nephew Alvaro to get into Professor Smith’s house. He then weaves an elaborate story about “Alvaro’s” parents died and left him a orphan. This is taken Up to Eleven in the Nelvana series.

    Destination Moon 
  • An X-ray machine makes Thompson and Thomson think there's a live skeleton walking around the complex. Searching around for it, they find a model skeleton in a doctor's office. They decide to handcuff and arrest it, accusing it of merely playing dead. The doctor is not amused.
  • The calamity that ensures after Captain Haddock refers to Calculus as a "goat":
    Calculus: (while crashing a jeep through a guard outpost) MAKE WAY FOR THE GOAT!!

    Explorers on the Moon 

    The Calculus Affair 

    Red Sea Sharks 
  • Haddock's in the bath when the phone rings. He has the detachable shower head in his hand, and mistakenly puts it up to his ear instead.
  • Castafiore comes to greet the rescued Tintin, Haddock and Skut. Haddock's (perfectly serious, slightly panicky) reaction: "Do we get back on the raft?", followed by this dialogue: "Ah, and Captain Padlock, er, Harrock" "...n'roll, Signora Castoroili. Harrock'n'roll!" (the Captain wearing what can only be described as a trollface).
  • A very subtle one, but when Tintin, Haddock and Skut are stranded on a raft, Haddock use his sweater as a flag so a ship will notice them, when he put it back on, you'll notice that the anchor logo is on the back of his sweater instead of the front meaning that Haddock accidentaly inverted it.
  • One moment has Müller in command of a military base, tasking some aeroplanes to eliminate the convoy Tintin and Haddock are travelling with. Müller then says that armored trucks are on their way, and reiterates that Tintin's convoy need to be wiped out. The pilot commander, who is kind of an idiot, orders his planes to eliminate the armored trucks. Müller congratulates the commander on his excellent job, then as soon as he hangs up, realises what has happened. It can be assumed that the commander is dealt with.
  • When what turns out to be a slave trader boards the ship (thinking Haddock is the regular captain), Haddock kicks him off the ship and continues yelling his trademark insults after him, until Tintin points out the slaver is out of hearing range. Haddock then gets a megaphone and continues to rain insults until definitely out of range.
  • Haddock breaking the Ramona's engine order telegraph and, after failing to fix it, trashing it in a fit of rage (and hurting his foot in the process).
    • Worth noting is that instead of "full speed ahead," it gets jammed at "half speed astern," (aka. putting the Ramona in reverse).
      • Even better – the sudden change of direction allows the ship to dodge a torpedo.
    • Later, after finally smashing the E.O.T. to pieces with a hammer, Haddock gets a Call-Back to the aforementioned shower/phone incident when he tries to contact the engine room by the ship's intercom… only to hold the wrong instrument against his ear.
      Haddock (holding the hammer to his ear): "Hello? Engine room? Hello?"
      Engine room (through the receiver in the Captain's other hand): "Hello, effendi?"
  • An underwater Time Bomb gets mishandled and is swallowed by a shark, which keeps hiccuping until it explodes, much to the confusion of everyone aboard all three vessels.

    Tintin in Tibet 
  • The Tibetan members of the team try to tell Haddock a story about how the Yeti once found a bottle of alcohol and drank it. Problem is, said alcohol happens to be named "Tchang", just as Tintin's friend they are on a quest to find. As a result, Haddock is left wondering what the hell they are talking about as they tell him the Yeti "drunk Tchang".
  • When Tintin has his premonition and screams "TCHANG!", everyone in the room jumps - apart from the 'slightly hard of hearing in one ear' Professor Calculus.
  • When the group's tent is blown away in Tintin in Tibet, they hear the yeti roar, then a crunch, and next we see it squealing in pain, having run into (and denting) a boulder.
  • Haddock's Unstoppable Rage on seeing his whiskey bottle drained by the yeti.
    • Also his freak out when he thinks Bianca Castafiore is in the next tent (It's actually the radio.)
      Haddock: Bianca Castafiore! She's HERE by thunder! That woman follows us to the ends of the Earth!

    The Castafiore Emerald 
  • So many Running Gags and Brick jokes.
    • The step never being fixed until the end ...whereupon it's completely destroyed again.
      • The builder shown as being lazy.
      • Everyone falls down the stairs at least once. Sometimes you see them sitting or lying on the ground, or other times they fall and just hold their back.
      • One particular time, Nestor goes to answer the door, slips on the step, but then jumps on one foot all the way down the stairs and slides to the door and doesn't fall. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
    • "Helloooo! I can hear you!" ("Allo! J'écou-ou-oute!")
    • "No, I'm sorry, this is not Cutts the Butcher!" ("Non, Monsieur/Madame, ce n'est pas la Boucherie Sanzot!")
  • There's something hilarious about the Paris-Flash tabloid proclaiming the betrothal of Haddock and Castafiore. One of the photos shows Haddock scowling murderously at Iago the parrot, accompanied by the placid caption "He opens his heart to the parrot she gave him."
  • The fact that Bianca is world-famous despite every on-panel character hating her singing, with one of the few exceptions being Professor Calculus, who's poor hearing means the shrillness of her voice is scaled down and he can actually hear the tones... Except not really! He knows she's a renowned artist, but doesn't really knows what kind of art she specializes in. He complements on her excellent paintings and is heavily implied to have a crush on her.
  • After putting up with Iago imitating Bianca Castafiore he tells it to change the record after she's gone, whereupon it scares him by bellowing "BILLIONS OF BLUE BLISTERING BARNACLES, SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING!" in his face.
  • The remarkably surreal scene where Calculus attempts color television.
    News broadcast: "At the 21st Taschist Party Congress in Szohôd, Marshal Kûrvi-Tasch, in an exceptionaally violent speech (Calculus tries to adjust the picture) DIGADOG DAGADIGADUG DOGODOGDOG DAGODAGODAGODUG DIGADIGDUG…"
    Calculus: That's better, isn't it?
  • Haddock's nightmare deserves a mention. You can't possibly say that a parrot wearing a dress and singing opera doesn't make you laugh.
    • Additionally, you'll notice Haddock in a front row seat, apparently naked while the rest of the audience (all birds) glares at him.
  • At one point earlier in the story, an old Romani woman offers to tell Haddock his future, much to his irritation. As he is trying to politely refuse, she appears to notice something on his hand and screams in surprise, causing him to ask what it is:
    Old Lady: You bitten.
  • Haddock's various snarks while watching the Castafiore getting interviewed:
    (After she announces she'll be going to the United States soon) "Poor Americans. What have they done to deserve it?"

    Flight 714 to Sydney 
  • This exchange:
    Haddock: But we are in Jakarta!
    Calculus: Really? I could have sworn we were in Jakarta...
  • The Truth Serum-induced Eviler Than Thou bit between Rastapopulous and Laszlo Carreidas. It was also even funnier in the animated adaptation, in which, after Haddock tapes their mouth shut, Laszlo starts chanting "I'M the baddest, I'M the baddest..." and Rastapopulous bursts into tears. Tintin then says that this will make an interesting story. In the comic, when Tintin bursts in, thinking Carreidas is being tortured, he is greeted by Rastapopulous politely asking his arch-enemy to tell Carreidas that he's more evil than him.
    • Rastapopulous's Villain Decay is driven home in this book when he swears that he's going to crush Tintin and his friends "like this spider"...only for the spider to continually dodge his attempts to squish it.
    • Allan sees a monkey and laughs at it because it has a big nose, then says that it reminds him of someone. That someone is Rastapopulous, the person Allan was talking to.
  • The ending to the animated adaptation, where the cast are being interviewed regarding the plane crash and the disappearance of half the crew (who were the villains of the album). Since they were all subjected to Laser-Guided Amnesia by the aliens who saved them, the only clue they have is a strange metal bolt Calculus had found in the volcano and left in his pocket, which tests revealed was made of an extremely advanced alloy not found on Earth. As the reporter concludes that the truth of what really happened may never be known, Snowy barks at the camera trying to reveal the truth, since he does know, the aliens not having bothered erasing his memories, but since no one can understand him, he whines and curls up in Tintin's arms like he's saying "Oh, what's the point?".

    Tintin and the Picaros 
  • A bit of Black Comedy at the end of Picaros, when Tintin gets the favor he asked of Alcazar for his help: That nobody, not Tapioca's troops, not his ministers, not even Tapioca, be shot. Made particularly hilarious by Tapioca begging that they spare him the horrible fate of being spared. He and Alcazar share a moment when they comment on these idealistic young people, what is the world coming to...
  • In a conversation with Calculus, Tintin and Haddock repeatedly end sentences with words that sound like "sister", leading Calculus to get increasingly annoyed: "And for heaven's sake would you stop talking about my sister!" He then thinks for a moment and remembers that he doesn't have a sister, before storming off in a huff anyway.

From the radio dramas:

  • Leo McKern's deliciously hammy delivery of "MY WHISKEY IN SEPARATE PIECES?!" in Red Rackham's Treasure certainly counts.
  • From Tintin in Tibet:
    Haddock: I'm not going [to Kathmandu]! And when I say "no", I mean "no"!
    Haddock: So. We're in Kathmandu.
  • From The Seven Crystal Balls, when Snowy starts howling during Bianca Castafiore's performance:
    Audience member: Will you shut that dog up?!
    Haddock: That is no way to talk about a lady, sir!
  • From Secret of the Unicorn:
    Tintin: What did you say the pickpocket's name was again?
    Thompson or Thomson: Aristides Silk.
    Tintin: Well I think it's time we arrest-tided him.


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