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Issue #6

  • Jhiaxus on Monstructor's insanity:

Issue #7

  • Sky-Byte and Jazz doing a musical poetry slam at Maccadam's Old Oil House.


  • For context: Blurr, searching for Ironhide and the Dinobots, has just run into an explosion.
    Starscream: Ha! I said that! Right before he left, I literally said that the only way that idiot could find anything is if it exploded in his face! Now look at that! Ha ha! I was just kidding, but look-
    Metalhawk: Starscream.
    Starscream: What-? Oh you want to help. Fine.
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  • There's a great shout-out to sister series MTMTE when Wheeljack expresses the danger of the crashed Metrotitan by explaining it's a 0.6 on a scale from "Reasonable to Brainstorm''. 0.6 Brainstorms apparently involves turning an entire solar system into a black hole of death.
  • Nova Prime and his cohorts introduce themselves via an Introdump based after those in the old Marvel comic, complete with old-school art and coloration techniques. It is glorious.


Issue #18

  • Everyone's been exiled from the city, and the Autobots realize the Constructicons are following them. They prepare for attack, the Dinobots jump the Constructicons and Prowl realizes things have just gotten really out of hand. Then-
    Prowl: Wait, wait, this isn't right. Everybody, stop. Constructicons, what do you want?
    Hook: We want to be on your side.
    Prowl: What?! You want to be Autobots?
    Hook: Not Autobots. You.
    Prowl: ...
    • It's really Prowl's absolute shock that sells it.

Issue #28

Issue #29


Issue #30

  • Apparently Galvatron calls Astrotrain "spacebus". Even funnier, he knows Astrotrain's actual name. He just doesn't care.

Issue #31

Issue #33

  • Starscream getting to be in charge of Cybertron is a very meta, franchise-scale point of humor. For extra points, one panel points out that he "isn't loving it".

Issue #35

  • On the subject of Starscream's rulership of Cybertron and being the "Chosen One", Galvatron at one point grumbles that the originator of that particular prophecy, Alchemist Prime was tripping on twelve drams of rancid Energon when he thought the "prophecy" up, which suggests it's all complete and utter nonsense.

Issue 36

  • Soundwave mistaking Thundercracker's pet dog Buster for a pest and immediately getting the meeting off to the worst possible start by offering to kill it.
  • At one point Jimmy shows Spike a selfie of himself, Hunter and Verity (from the Infiltration miniseries) - along with Prowl, who has the most baffled look possible on his face.
  • Spike and Jimmy anger a pedestrian while fleeing from Prowl.
    Random Bystander: Idiot Americans!
    Jimmy: I'm from Canada!
    Spike: You're from Portland!
    Jimmy: Shh! They don't know that. People hate us enough without going all blues...
  • Jimmy meets Arcee.
    Jimmy: Hey— ahem—hey, there. I couldn't help but notice you're pink. Well, as it happens, my name is—
    Arcee Shut it, human.

Issue 37

  • The Decepticons and Constructicons face off, with Arcee caught in the middle. For a moment it looks like she'll help her nominal allies, the Constructicons - then remembers the whole mess has nothing to do with her and leaves them to beat each other senseless.
  • Jimmy tries playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon with Blitzwing, Scoop and the Cassettes. None of them understand it.
  • Blackrock admitting that his sounding like a James Bond supervillain in showing off his technology and schemes was his attempt to impress Marissa and Ayana. Both are a bit freaked out.

Issue 38

Issue 42

  • When Arcee complains about Galvatron bringing Astrotrain to their meeting (as his shuttle mode is a useful transport) Galvatron immediately and casually offers to kill him, to Astrotrain's obvious shock.
  • Later, Galvatron bemoans the state of the Decepticons' research abilities, pointing to Astrotrain screaming in panic as he sees a giant bug.

Issue 43

  • Laserbeak and Buzzsaw's Statler and Waldorf routine throughout the issue gets some great lines, particularly at Brawl's expense.

Issue 50

Issue 51

  • The President's completely unfazed reaction to Aileron showing up on the White House lawn and demanding they discuss the terms of humanity's surrender.
  • Sunstreaker's lame jokes about things getting "out of hand" after Optimus gets his arm blown off by the EDC.

Issue 52

Issue 53

  • Arcee offhandedly revealing to Soundwave that Alpha Trion is also a Prime. Soundwave's Double Take sells it.
  • Sunstreaker telling Arcee that Sideswipe used to write to him with stories of her. When Arcee questions that Sideswipe even knew how to write, Sunstreaker admits he sent videos.

Revolution One-Shot

  • Thundercracker's rescuing a bunch of humans from a burning building - one, not exactly filled with confidence at the fact Thundercracker is working on his screenplay/calling Optimus, tells him not to drop his son, while another has a mild Freak Out when he sees Buster in Thundercracker's chest/cockpit, convinced that the Seeker ate it.
    • The implication in the same conversation that Optimus is deliberately keeping Thundercracker out the way so he doesn't have to listen to said screenplay.
  • Thundercracker not recognising Marissa's voice when she calls to beg for his help (though it's implied he's being a Troll about it).
  • The President's sheer frustration with the situation, raging that "Taft never had to deal with this crap".
    • Later, as the White House is utterly wrecked by the battle, she bemoans that she won't get the House's security deposit back at the next election.
  • At one point, Thundercracker sics Bob (a tame Insecticon) on a Dire Wraith. Everyone is appalled by the Dire Wraith subsequently getting torn to shreds - apart from one Secret Service guy who asks where he can adopt one.
  • Thundercracker's calm and professional assessment of the situation involves storming into the Situation Room and blasting every alien in sight.
  • The final battle, which Thundercracker wins pretty much by accident. And he messes up his Bond One-Liner too.
  • Any reference to his wonderfully awful screenplay throughout.

Optimus Prime #1

  • A subtle one, but at one point the President of the United States points out that as head of one nation she can't speak for the entire world. Then a massive alien ship is detected approaching Earth, projected to land in the Alps, and Prime respectfully asks her permission to go deal with it - proving that, as the Alps are in Europe and the US has no authority over sovereign states there, Optimus either hasn't been listening to her, hasn't understood what she's saying, or just doesn't care.
  • The ID panels are rather meta, painting Jazz as the "trying to be laid-back one" and Arcee as the "used to being angry one".

Optimus Prime #2

  • The ID panel gag continues, noting Arcee as "Not Sure About This Plan" as Victorion combines to face the incoming ship.
  • Wreck-Gar is pretty much bang on his The Transformers: The Movie characterisation, talking entirely in TV slang throughout. Of special note is his laughing off being reduced to a head after being blasted to bits by G.I. Joe.
  • Thundercracker hanging out at the Sphinx, identifying it as "some thing."
    • He's also got Transformers-sized sunglasses especially for the occasion.

2018 annual

  • The solicits alone let the readers know what they're in for: "Starscream: The Movie", written by... Thundercracker. Uh-oh.
    • How the solicits describe the situation to begin with:
    Will Thundercracker stand by his principles or... well, no. He makes the movie.
  • Thundercracker manages to make an attempt at his own assassination into a darkly hilarious event by getting so stuck in his writer mentality that he keeps thinking of one-liners to use as he's clubbing one assailant in the face with the other's legs.

Optimus Prime #20

  • Jetfire comes across the result of Arcee versus the Maximals. In the background, it's possible to see a still alive Heinrad and Stampy running for their lives (Heinrad's even carrying his accessories). In fact, the two of them are the only survivors, come to think of it.

Optimus Prime #21

  • Aileron's takeaway of Shockwave holding Jetfire at gunpoint and demanding his aid:
    Aileron: Jetfire - don't trust him. I don't think he's trustworthy.
    Jetfire: I know that, Aileron. That's what my indignant tone of voice was meant to signify.


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