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  • Red's reply to various news in OVC kiosks can get rather snarky.
    (To fashion week announcement): I think you will want to re-schedule. — R.
    (To an incident at Red's concert. Red is reported missing): Still here for now don't worry. — R.
  • At Junction Jan's you can order flatbread at its OVC terminal. You order successfully and will get it in 8 minutes flat. Turn around and the Processes proceed to jump you. Transistor's reaction sells it.
    Transistor: Left ourselves open. For a seafood flatbread.
    • His first statement can change depending on how badly you flatten the Process, too.
    Transistor: Got themselves killed. For a mystery flatbread.
  • An unexpected Mood Whiplash that is the Backdoor.
    Transistor: So... Don't know what I was expecting but... it wasn't this.
    • Transistor's random phases should you decide to bounce the beach ball around:
    Transistor: Take that, ball.
  • If you decide to have some fun with the launchers in the maintenance tower at the Camerata HQ, the Transistor will have some things to say after each jump.
    "Round and round."
    "And round."
    "And round."
    "Okay, that's enough."
    "I hate you."
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  • The delirious Transistor alternates between sad and hilarious.
    They got Junction Jan's? Where are we going to get our flatbread now? ... This is a tragedy.
  • The walk through the processed Fairview is full of Alien Geometries, with one point where Red starts walking around upside-down.
    Transistor: Yeah... I got nothing.
  • On the way up the elevator to face the Spine, a delirious Transistor tries to lighten the mood:
    Transistor: Hey... wanna hear... a funny joke? What's the diff-
    (The Spine's tail comes down and hits Red)
    Transistor: Nevermind... Tell you later...
    • If you Mull over enough thoughts in the Backdoor, he finally gets to tell it.
      Transistor: Hey, back at Brackett Towers, I never got to tell you that joke. Wanna hear it? What's the difference between an administrator and a drunk? I've never been an administrator.
      Red: (groans)
      Transistor: Is this thing on?
  • Some of the flavor text from the interface dips into this.
  • During Turn(), if you queue up more attacks than you need to kill a Process, it will say OVERKILL next to it. Queue a few more, and it'll tack on a few extra exclamation points, until eventually:
    • Keep going and you'll get this:
  • When you pass through the Promenade again, there are Snapshots completely enamored with the yet-to-be-processed poster of Red and taking multiple pictures of it. They even have hearts floating above them. The Transistor's reactions to this sight sell it.
    Transistor: (cheerfully) Hey, they like you...!
    Transistor: (now a bit disturbed) They... really like you.
    • If you attack them, Transistor states that it isn't mutual.
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  • Reading about the disappearance of a sports star on an OVC terminal.
    Transistor: This day. First, I get killed. Now the game's cancelled.
  • Recursing through the story gives some very funny results when confronting the Process. The first time you go through the tutorial, you get a helpful explanation on how to do Turn(). The second time you go through, the Tutorial starts off as usual, and then clusterfucks the entire screen with Possibility arrows since you're likely to be facing improved enemies who can't even be harmed on the tutorial-initiated Turn() sequence and aren't likely to have the right skills equipped for the suggested actions to do anything meaningful.
  • Some of Royce's notes on the Process are utterly hilarious. There's this gem from the Bad Cell notes: "The Process, they spoil! Like, well, like something that spoils."
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  • Return from the Sandbox back into Fairview and you'll face Royce's floating screen in the middle of a speech:
    Royce: ...and that, I believe, is the Transistor's true purpose. Its true nature.
    Transistor: Wait, could you repeat that? note 
  • On your return to the theater you find that you have a full house of attentive Cluckers. Oblige by humming and they clap along by unfolding and re-folding their firing mechanisms. It's completely surreal.
  • It's a very dark sort of humor, but when you finally confront Grant and Asher and discover that they've been Driven to Suicide, the game ends the scene by giving you some exp and an end-of-fight summary as if you just won a battle, with the title "Process Terminated: Cowards".

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