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Not every day you see Megatron getting kicked in the bearings.


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     Issues 1- 21 


  • Whirl delivers a speech to an unknown group of people. He expresses embarrassment, and says he's not good at speeches, but thanks the unseen audience for helping him work through his issues, while pouring Energon all over the floor and holding a 'match' aloft. Then Cyclonus walks in looking for one of his friends, and the audience sees that Whirl is talking to a bunch of Sweeps Corpses that he's been mutilating, and is about to destroy. It's horrifying, and then this little bit of dialogue is exchanged.
    Whirl: Haven't you heard of knocking?
    Cyclonus: What the hell are you doing in here?


  • Some Black Comedy when Brainstorm and Rodimus talk about the Lost Light's quantum jump error:
    Brainstorm: [...] The first rule of interstellar travel - never stand next to a quantum generator when it's about to flout the laws of physics.
    Rodimus: So who broke the rule?
    Brainstorm: Um... good question. One of the Duobots, I think. Shock? Ore? I can never remember which is which... the blue one. Ore. He's sort of been - what's the scientific term?—Totally mashed into the generator itself.
    Rodimus: That sounds - that sounds terrible.
    Brainstorm: Oh, in many respects it is. But look on the bright side: at least it'll be easy to tell 'em apart from now on.
    • Ironically it turns out in a later issue that it wasn't Ore... it was Shock who was mashed. So it really wasn't any easier to tell them apart.
  • Tailgate's reaction to finding out that he's been out of commission for six million years.
  • Swerve explaining the quest of the Lost Light to Skids:
    Swerve: We've got to find the 12 fragments of the Primal Key, unlock the Infinity Gate, travel sideways in time, defeat the Agents of Chaos, and restore order to the multiverse.
    Skids: (gives Swerve a Fascinating Eyebrow.)
    Swerve: Nah, I'm just messing with you. We're actually looking for the Knights of Cybertron, a mythical group of supremely powerful do-gooders who left our homeworld 10 million years ago to civilize the galaxy, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in the form of a star map inside a dead Matrix.
    Skids: Yeah...I kinda liked the first one better?
  • Whirl had beaten up and thrown Cyclonus off a cliff in a previous issue. Whirl apologizes, by dodging all responsibility and trying to glaze it over. Cyclonus gives him a hug, and then whispers that he will kill Whirl, someday.


  • This gem, after Trailbreaker asks if anyone has ever seen a Sparkeater before.
    Ultra Magnus: "I once arrested a Decepticon who thought he was a Sparkeater. He called himself the Dark Assassin, Devourer of Souls and Propagator of Infinite Sin. His real name was Blip."
  • "Ratchet, could you put his brain back in his head? With corpses, I prefer to go through the eye sockets." "I cannot begin to tell you what's wrong with that sentence."
  • Whirl comes face to face with the Sparkeater and nearly blows it up. Trailbreaker spots him and stops him, because hitting an open spark could destroy half the ship, Whirl's response: "Which half?"


  • This exchange between Ratchet and Drift, right after Drift slashed the infected Dent:
    Ratchet: "What was that?"
    Drift: "I don't know, but I think it was infected."
    Ratchet: "I'm talking about you! What's with all the-slicing?"
    Drift: "He was going to attack Pipes!"
    Ratchet: "He was moving at two miles an hour!"
  • After Ratchet makes a backhanded comment, Drift responds with this:
    "You know Ratchet one day you'll say something nice to me. Right before you tell me I have a terminal disease or something."
  • It's in the background of Ratchet and Swerve talking at the beginning of the issue, but you can see three certain panels over two pages; Skids aiming his grappling hook at a service droid, the droid flying through the air behind some speech bubbles, and finally the droid being held under Skid's arm. Skids also appears to be quite drunk. For bonus points, Powerglide is passing by with a big ? over his head.


  • This exchange between Ultra Magnus and Tailgate:
    "I'm not convinced you're paying attention."
    "...what? Oh. Sorry—I, er, I thought I saw some graffiti on your desk. Yeah, some—some really tiny graffiti. 'Ultra Magnus is an O.C.D. control freak who uses learning to hurt people.' But it was just a speck of dirt."
    "It's okay, sir—it's gone. It can't hurt you now."

Spotlight: Trailcutter

  • The faceless Whirl "imitates" Trailcutter's "Forcefield face". He does so using three identical panels in a row, one of which has a speech bubble, the other two being Beat Panels.
    Trailcutter: I do not have a Forcefield Face.
    Whirl: You do. You do. You so do. You go like this.
    [beat panel]
    Whirl: Actually, that's unfair. It's more like this.
    [beat panel]
    • The irony? You realize that Trailcutter does seem to have a "forcefield face" by the end of the issue.
  • Whirl then becomes Trailcutter's Mentor, and trying to make him feel better. And his advice was actually pretty damn useful.
  • When Whirl pretty much points out that since everybody's getting these ridiculous Rodimus Stars with Rodimus' face on them - even him - they're practically meaningless - in fact, he's defaced his own with a mustache and broken tooth.
  • It's incredibly cruel, but Trailcutter's never-ending quest for respect is hilarious. Especially when he finally gets a Rodimus Star, only for the entire concept of the Rodimus Star to be negated when Roddy presents the rest of the crew with gigantic crests for "extreme courage in the face of adversity." Even Brainstorm, who froze everyone in the first place.

Spotlight: Hoist

  • Swerve declaring that he respects Hoist's privacy and desire not to talk about his past, only to give in to his impulse to be nosy a few panels later.
    • The fact that the meter of Swerve's urge to speak as depicted in the narration boxes defaults to 96% the second he says he'll mind his own business.
  • One of Swerve's mean digs at Sunstreaker, when he mentions his near-death experience, and Swerve imagines what everyone else's reaction was like:
    Optimus Prime: Hey, what happened to Sunst—
    Prowl: Dead, presumably.
    Optimus: Okay, moving on.


  • Trailcutter goes on a drunken rant about how overrated Fortress Maximus is. Fort Max then walks into the bar.
    Trailcutter: I mean, 'Fortress Maximus'—come on. What kind of a name is that? But everyone's like, 'Oh, Fortress Maximus, you're my hero! You've got guns in your legs and you killed tons of 'Cons at Simanzi...' And I'm like 'That was a thousand years ago!' He's a relic! He's a has-been! He's—
    Chromedome: Just walked in.
    Trailcutter: Great to see you, Max! Come on over! We were just talking about Simanzi! With the thing and the—the stuff! So... oh wow! You've got guns in your legs! How's that working out for you? That's awesome, man. You're awesome.
  • When Fortress Maximus loses it and takes Whirl and Rung hostage, Whirl gets a goldmine. And Whirl isn't just pissing off Fort Max, he's judging whether Max really is going to kill him and voicing the thoughts that would be in Max's head:
    Whirl: Seriously, all of this is a bit—it's a bit pathetic though, isn't it? Even for an epic, epic failure like you. I mean, not only do you practically beg the Decepticons to take G9 off your hands, but you curl up into a ball the moment Overlor
    (Fortress Maximus pistol-whips Whirl.)
    Whirl: Wow. If I'd known that was the best you've got, I'd have said something genuinely offensive.
  • Three hours later, when Max hasn't yet killed anybody despite not getting anything he's demanded, Whirl is still going...
    Whirl: I give up. You win. Three hours I am so bored I think I'm going to-... Max I seriously doubt you have what it takes to see this through but if you have, then please just skip to the end and kill us.
    Rung: Whirl! What is wrong with you?!
    Whirl: You tell me - That's your job, isn't it?
  • And as the situation heats up again, this could be the funniest line in the entire series - mostly since Max is pointing his gun at Whirl:
    Rung: Everyone please - just stay calm. Max, please lower the gun. I know what this is about - what this is really about. Lower the gun and we'll talk, yes?
    Whirl: Don't listen to him! It's a trick! Pull the trigger!
    • As a Genius Bonus, if you know a little about negotiation techniques, you'll see that throughout the hostage situation Whirl is deliberately getting Fortress Maximus to identify with him, voicing the most likely thoughts in his head. He keeps Max from shooting anybody by making conversation (Whirl-style) while help arrives. He also tries to subtly introduce the idea that in this hostage situation Max now plays 'Overlord' to Whirl as 'Max'.


  • Issue 7 focuses more on the Decepticons, and they have their own comic relief in the form of Misfire.
    Krok: Oh my. Look at that...
    Misfire: What? What is it? Should I be running? Am I wasting precious running away time by talking to you?
    • Most of the Decepticons in issue 7 provide some entertainment:
      Fulcrum: Mark my barely audible words: this is the last time I ever team up with Spinister. He just attacked our torch because it was glowing at him funny. I'm a bit scared.
    • When the Scavengers are sitting around their campfire, Spinister provides us with this little gem:
      Spinister: The fire's giving me funny looks Krok. I think I'm gonna shoot it.
    • Misfire's whole introduction to Fulcrum:
      Misfire: Nice to meet you, loser! They call me Misfire. Long story. Actually, you know what? It isn't. It's a very short story involving a machine gun, a misunderstanding, and a dozen dead Decepticons.
      Fulcrum: I'm Fulcrum. I—wait a second. Is that my fuel pump?
      Misfire: (glances down at what he's holding) What, this? Um...yeah. Can I keep it?
      • Hell, Misfire alone is a source of numerous funny quotes.


  • Ultra Magnus' appropriate reaction to the "Fantastic Voyage" Plot.
    Ultra Magnus: Whirl?! You let Whirl inside my body?!
    • His smile. It saved hundreds of lives.
    • And we later learn that Whirl left some graffiti in there.
    Whirl: It says "The duly appointed enforcer of the Tyrest Accord can duly appoint my shiny metal..."
    • Or he might have been kidding... you can never tell with Whirl.
  • Rodimus and the Galactic Council captain trade verbal blows:
    Captain: As I suspected: Cybertronians.
    Rodimus: As I suspected: a fleshling in a stupid hat.
  • Rewind asks Cyclonus for the Tale of the Creation, as told by a believer. He starts quite impressively until...
    Cyclonus: "Are you filming me?!"
    Rewind: "Shhh! Just keep going!"
    Cyclonus: "Er... can't remember where I was now..."


  • In the B-plot, Skids asks Chromedome to see if he can restore the former's lost memories. While the results are some off-panel Nightmare Fuel for the latter, the exchange beforehand is pretty damn funny:
    Chromedome: "Anyway, I thought you liked having amnesia."
    Skids: "Who told you that?"
    Skids: "Okay, okay, point taken."
  • Fulcrum's opinion on fighting the DJD:
    Fulcrum: "...It's suicide with delusions of survival!"
  • When the dust settles, Fulcrum is shown how the Scavengers pay their fallen:
    Misfire: "A senseless waste. His ludicrous search for the Necrobot ends unfulfilled. A terrible, terrible tragedy. Boo hoo."
    Fulcrum: "'Boo hoo'? I thought Flywheels was your friend! You're just going to leave him here?"
    Misfire: "You're right. What were we thinking?"
    Crankcase: "I'm having his rotor system—"
    Misfire: "There's probably enough for a sip of innermost Energon each..."
    Spinister: "Leave the knees for me."


  • From issue 9: Some of the crew get together in the bar where they witness Rewind's over-dramatic presentation of a repaired Rung.
    Rewind: It's true. You see - wait for it - We're going to repair Rung's Brain!.
    Ratchet: By the vaulted heights of-
    Drift: You had him hidden behind the bar?!
    Chromedone: (Facepalming): So Embarrassing.
    Skids: -not seriously telling me he was hidden behind there this whole time?!
    Whirl: Cool.
  • Drift, while recounting the time he was saved by Orion Pax and taken care of by Ratchet, says that Ratchet started praying while operating on him. Ratchet promptly slaps his (recently spray-painted) hand over Drift's mouth, smearing red paint on his face.
    Drift: So I'm laying on a circuit slab in Ratchet's Dead End workshop - and he says "Primus guide me, Primus protect me, I beseech you, oh might Primus, please-" mmmph!
    Ratchet: Unreliable narrator alert!
  • Tiny Rewind's failed attempt at Flipping the Table in imitation of Prowl's bad habit when he's angry.
    Rewind: When he's really mad, he does this. HHHHHHHRRRRNNN!!!!
    (Rewind strains with a large table for several seconds, then stares at his hands)
    Rewind: He throws tables around.
  • Chromedome reminds us that they're robots by mentioning a flashback where he asked Prowl how he makes the dismissive "Pfft" sound. It's a bit of culture clash, plus Chromedome can't do it naturally because he doesn't have lips.


  • Whirl messing with Rung's eyebrows to make him seem cross.
    Whirl: There. I've made him look cross. "Grrr. Don't get my name wrong".
  • After hearing about Orion Pax, Swerve accidentally splashes Whirl in the face with his drink.


  • Whirl makes Swerve tell him the super secret password before he lets him in. The password? "Whirl is a million billion times tougher than Cyclonus".
  • Tailgate ends up having to take notes to help him keep track of all the characters in the story Rewind's telling. Later he's shocked to discover that after the story Orion Pax became Optimus Prime.
  • After Swerve dismisses Rewind's concerns with a "pfft," Chromedome's reaction is not to stand up for his Conjunx Endura, but to ask someone to teach him how to make that sound.


  • In the opening panels, in the front of the shuttle the more battle-hungry mechs including Skids, Dogfight and Atomizer are led in a chant by Whirl as they approach Temptoria. Rodimus is trying to get their attention:
    Whirl: Whadda we do?!
    All: WE KILL CONS!
    Rodimus: Can I have your - Hello? is anybody listening to me?
    (Meanwhile at the back half of the shuttle, characters like Cyclonus, Chromedome, Perceptor and Rewind all sit in complete silence)
    All: WE KILL CONS!
    Rodimus: SHUT! UP!
  • There a Con named Blip that shows up who apparently sounds exactly like Megatron. When Whirl meets him, he tries to get Blip to act out an exchange between Optimus and Megatron with him.
  • This exchange:
    Rodimus: This is what you get for kidnapping innocent people, Snap Trap: a ship load of Autobots in your face! Wam, bam, in the van!
  • Also:
    Rodimus: "Ultra Magnus informs me that running through the Lost Light shouting 'Who's up for a fight?' doesn't technically qualify as a 'briefing.' "
  • On top of that, Tailgate tries to defuse a bomb. Rewind has this to say:
    Rewind: "D'you mind if I film this? If I die, I don't want my last recorded footage to be of Whirl punching himself in the face to prove he's 'super-unvincible.'"
  • When Tailgate is talking to Chromedome, CD mentions that he's "a close second" on Rewind's list, and that a 'bot named Dominus Ambus is the first.
    Chromedome: I'm doing a disservice by calling him a campaigner. He was more of a - Primus, where to start? Scientist, doctor, author, explorer.
    Tailgate: I hate him.


  • In issue 13 we get to see Cyclonus singing. Cyclonus. Singing. Even funnier, he's singing in an ancient, basically dead language. It sounds so horrifying that Swerve, Drift, and Aquafend barge into his and Tailgate's room because they think he's killing Tailgate. It becomes Heartwarming at the end of the issue.
  • Swerve mentioning that Whirl likes to introduce himself by saying he has "no known weaknesses". This is a riff on the somewhat...hyperbolic European tech specs in the late G1 to G2 era, many of which employed that exact phrase.
  • Whirl and Tailgate discussing their holomatter avatars.
    Tailgate: (A tiny baby in a baby carrier on Swerve's back) I don't know about you guys, but I was hoping for something more imposing.
    Whirl: (A pre-teen girl with pigtails, a missing tooth, an eyepatch and dual machine guns) At least mine comes with these.
    • It's like Whirl knows his avatar is embarrassing - especially since they've just been told that their avatars are supposed to reflect their personalities. But oh well, at least he's got guns.
    • Skids' avatar is based on the Eleventh Doctor.
    • And Ultra Magnus' is based on Verity, which raises eyebrows among the other 'bots.
  • Ultra Magnus was slipped a really strong drink by Whirl that knocks him out cold. Later on, Whirl uses Magnus' head as a coaster.
    Skids: This isn't Carbonated Engex! This is Weapons Grade Nucleon!
    Whirl: (Examining his own drink) Is it? Well I never.
    • Once you learn he's really about four feet tall underneath layers upon layers of armor, his inability to hold his energon makes perfect sense.
    • Ultra Magnus is a just plain funny drunk.
    Magnus: I'm a serious person Swerve! I can't help it! I have only two expressions, and the second is just an angrier version of the first!
  • Whirl and Skids got Rodimus a souvenir from the gift shop: a hat like the Galactic Council captain's.
  • Speaking of Ultra Magnus, his rant about the antics of the crew at the beginning of the issue contains some comedic gold:
    Ultra Magnus: "MUTINY! Everywhere I look, I see rules being stretched, and laws being broken, and protocols being dragged outside and kicked to death. I've made a list: one, Skids keeps using the maintenance droids for target practice. Two, Waverider and Sureshot insist on playing hand-grenade tag outside my office. Three: the warning signs that Dipstick's put up in the engine rooms are riddled with misplaced apostrophes. Four: Sprocket keeps touching his—"
    Rodimus: "MAGNUS!"
    • Shortly after this, Rodimus suggests that Magnus needs to relax and unwind...
    Ultra Magnus: "That's not even a word. I'd have heard of it."
    • And then Rodimus recruits Swerve to help Ultra Magnus chill out a little:
    Rodimus: "If anyone can cheer [Magnus] up, you can!"
    Swerve: "You say "cheer him up" like it's something other than a centuries-long undertaking destined to end in madness and suicide."
  • Rodimus had Drift give the crew 50 shanix each for spending money during shore leave. This isn't funny. What is funny is that Word of God says that Rodimus made Drift give the crew his own money.
    • It gets funnier and lessens Rodimus' Jerkass factor when you learn that Drift has at least 1 Billion shanix. Rodimus essentially asked Drift to give the crew an allowance that was barely pocket change to him.
  • The shore leave group realizes they only have twenty minutes to make their shuttle back, and Ultra Magnus is still unconscious. The others get their real bodies to the shuttle and then go back for him in their holomatter forms, planning to trigger his transformation to vehicle mode and drive him through a shortcut through through an organics-only area. How do they plan to do this? Well, when dropping him repeatedly doesn't work, they all start jumping up an down on himthough, obviously, Whirl had prayed it wouldn't come to that.
    Rewind: "Join me!" says Rodimus. "Help me search for the Knights of Cybertron!" "Explore strange new worlds!" "Seek out new life!" Jump up and down on the Duly Appointed Officer of the Tyrest Accord!"
    Swerve: I don't care what happens next: this quest just made the top three...
    Rung: Do you think this type of thing happens to Bumblebee and Prowl?
  • He indeed transforms to alt-mode - upside down.


  • In a meta-example... Hitler reacts to Issue 15#, specifically Rewind's death.
  • Rewind approaches Brainstorm, concerned about the fact that Chromedome has been saying Brainstorm's name in his sleep. Brainstorm assumes Rewind thinks they're working on a top secret project together; Rewind replies that that wasn't quite what he was thinking of.
  • Before the battle Swerve and Rewind are in the Science Lab talking to Brainstorm. Swerve fiddles around with a device in the lab which Brainstorm explains is a "Meta-Bomb" which causes it's victims to think they're characters in a narrative. After he warns Swerve not to mess with it this happens:
    Swerve: Guess what? I pressed it and nothing happened.
    Rewind: I didn't see you press it.
    Swerve: Yeah it must've happened off-panel.
    Rewind: What does that mean?
    Swerve: I have no idea.
    • Swerve then spends the entire battle afterwards spouting off fourth-wall breaking comments.


  • At the end of issue 17, after the crew discovers a field of sparks waiting to be born Cyclonus points out one green superspark. Brainstorm points out how rare and precious this sort of thing is... then starts trying to rip it up from the ground. This causes Perceptor and half of the crew to flip out in shock.


  • The 'security' Brainstorm installed in Swerve's bar, activated by a huge lever. By which we mean, guns in the walls.
  • Swerve's "My First Blaster", a toy-like rifle with flashy colors, a smiley face, and even yells "Hooray! You scored a direct hit" when it hits something, courtesy of Brainstorm! It even says on the side, "Big grip for little hands'. Probably something to make up for how smaller mechs have trouble with guns.
    • It even plays Sad Trombones when he misses, "Aww, you missed! Keep Practicing!"
    • The best part is the orange tip, a Mythology Gag relating to how toy weapons in America must have bright colors and how all gun-style iterations of Megatron, including the Masterpiece version, have to be sold with their tips painted orange.
  • After the crew is accused of crimes against the universe by Chief Justice Tyrest, he asks if they have anything to say. Rodimus responds with this:
    Rodimus: Yeah, WHY ARE YOU SUCH A-(cut to Rodimus talking calmly in his cell) And that's when I started swearing.


  • Tyrest punching Magnus in the face is darkly amusing for how random and unexpected it is.
  • When Magnus reveals that one of the crewmembers is a criminal, Rodimus instantly knows it's Whirl. He's surprised to be informed otherwise.


  • Getaway quickly proves himself to be one of the funniest characters yet.
    Getaway: BOMP! When you- BOMP- say something funny or clever or BOMP that's what I do. You hate it. You say it's patronizing. Which it is. Which is why I do it.
    Skids: I have no idea who you are. Or why you keep saying bomp.
  • Though the scene before it was heart-rending, First Aid gives a hilarious rebuttal to the famous "If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him" Aesop.
    Ratchet: No. If we kill him, we're no better than him. If we kill him, he wins.
    First Aid: Yeah except we are better than him and he doesn't win. He doesn't anything. He's dead. That's the point.
  • Whatever it is the Scavengers have been up to since we last saw them. Apparently Misfire got himself captured by the Galactic Council, and Fulcrum devised a plan to bust him out of one of their high-security detention facilities alone. Apparently everything was going flawlessly until Misfire insisted on stopping for snacks.
  • When the Killswitch signal hits Constancy, one can see Grimlock in the background playing jenga with Spinister completely unaware that Krok, Spinister, and Crankcase are all screaming in pain. Even funnier, Word of God says that the jenga set he's using is the only source of entertainment on the WAP and it has missing pieces.


  • Whirl asks Cyclonus if they can finally bury the hatchet. Cyclonus responds by shoving the screaming Whirl into a smelting pool... except Cyclonus was just having a happy Imagine Spot. He was really looking forward to killing Whirl.
    • The next panel also shows Whirl's claw just above the smelting pool, sinking in - a Shout-Out to the Terminator films when the Terminator sinks into the metal.
  • "The Sound of Breaking Glass" prose story ends on our heroes finally being able to contact Cybertron. Rodimus is assuring everyone that by now Bumblebee has likely won over both Decepticons and the NAILS and become the leader of unified Cybertron and launched a new Golden Age, when...
    "That's not Bumblebee." Said Fortress Maximus.
    "Don't tell me Prowl is screening his calls..." Rodimus muttered, turning back to the screen.
    Starscream looked down at him and grinned. "Well, well, well. What a lovely surprise."

     Issues 22- 57 


  • Ultra Magnus gets permission to edit Rewind's documentary. He exploits this to censor clips that make him look like an idiot.
  • Swerve sets up a bet that whoever finds out what Rung transforms into gets 100 shanix. Cue the crew getting into various insane schemes as they conspire to find out Rung's alt mode. Swerve and Waverider's idea is to throw stuff at the back of Rung's head to cause an involuntary transformation.
    • Tailgate, on the other hand, hosts an "alt-mode party," consisting of himself and several others sitting around in their vehicle modes, which he claims to have been popular in his day (which was also Rung's day). Rung immediately spots a rather significant flaw in the concept.
    Rung: How do you reach your drinks?
    Tailgate: ...
    Tailgate: ...
    Tailgate: Good point.
  • Skids and Whirl get into a contest with a group of Stentarians to find out which species is cooler. They get utterly trumped in every single way. The kicker is that they're small — the combiner form they brag about is the size of Skids.
    • And then Whirl reheats Ammonites-Terradore War by casually murdering the Terradore leader.
  • Ultra Magnus hugs Thunderclash.
  • Rodimus walks into the Bridge wearing a bucket. Blaster asks why and Rodimus explains that Swerve is having a costume theme night at his bar. "People You Want To Punch".
    "I was a lone Megatron in a sea of Whirls."
  • An example that sadly had to be cut from the issue was a planned B-plot about Ratchet tricking Drift into thinking that Pharma has possessed Ratchet's hands. It would've ended with Drift chopping Ratchet's hands off and throwing them out the airlock. Except that was a prank too.
  • Chromedome finally figures out how to make the "pfft" noise after four million years of trying.


  • When Getaway gets his first look at the Rodpod, he has a pretty funny line:
    Getaway: And this guy is your leader.
    • The Rodpod in general. It's a vessel shaped like Rodimus' head.
  • Orion Pax, Hardhead, and Rodimus are wandering the Dead Universe, and Rodimus and Hardhead bicker like children, forcing Orion to be the dad.
    Hardhead: Hey, I'm not judging.
    Rodimus: You are judging...Orion, he IS judging.
    Orion Pax: Stop judging, Hardhead.


  • The Rodpod hasn't magically gotten more popular.
    Perceptor: No-one's locking the Rodpod?
    Skids: Hopefully someone will steal it.


  • We see Swerve with 'My First Blaster' again. It turns out Brainstorm also installed an alarm on it for when the planet is currently exploding, and Swerve is busy panicing.
  • While inside Metroplex the Autobots follow painted arrows, and it turns out they follow them in circles, right back to the Rodpod. Whirl, who isn't keen on enclosed spaces, is infuriated.
    Whirl: I blame the frikkin' Rodpod.
    Skids: But-
    Whirl: I gotta blame something. (hits the Rodpod with a 2x4) Take that, you ugly piece of-
    Skids: Whirl!


  • The opening with Brainstorm and Nautica discussing the practicality of color-coded lasers.
  • One footnote thoughtfully defines "magic" as "science Rodimus doesn't understand".
  • Prowl when discussing Megatron's possible outcomes.
    Prowl: "We have two options: Public Execution, Indefinitive Spark Containment, or Public Execution."
    Ultra Magnus: "You said Public Execution twice."
    Prowl: "Cognitive bias, look it up."
  • Ratchet brings the snark:
    Ratchet: We can't remove Megatron's spark without killing him. His internal organs are shot. It's amazing he's still alive. Did I say amazing? I meant depressing.
  • Starscream and Rodimus bickering.
    Starscream: "As I said, my people want a trial."
    Rodimus: "They're not your people, they're not your anything. They're ordinary cybertronian citizens who went insane and put you in charge, any day they'll wake up and realize what they've done, and kill themselves. Suicide by face-palm".
  • Optimus' Eye Take after being told Rodimus has broken his half of the Matrix. Then actually Facepalming as he realises this now means Rodimus has no way whatsoever of finding Cyberutopia.
  • Megatron in therapy:
    Megatron: Enough's enough. Two hours listening to you tell my why I used to wear a giant weapon on my arm. I hate to disappoint you, Rung, but sometimes a fusion cannon is just a fusion cannon.
  • Swerve, Crosscut, and Riptide hold fake "crewditions" to try and decide who gets on the Lost Light. Their reasons for rejecting people include being easily distracted, looking too similar to Prowl, and having trisyllabic names. Nightbeat foils their prank by dramatically bursting in Phoenix Wright-style to point out that crewditions isn't a real word, specially after saying they're doing this on Magnus' orders, and Magnus would obviously not let them use a fake word to begin with.
    • Swerve claims that Rodimus doesn't want anybody with a trisyllabic name like Nautica because he was nearly killed by Megatron once.
      Nautica: But..."Rodimus".
      Swerve: Yeah.
      Nautica: [holding up three fingers as she says it] "Rod-i-mus."
      Swerve: [pretending not to see her point] Yes?
  • During their fight Whirl kicks Megatron in the crotch.


  • While Cyclonus is filling Tailgate in on what happened while he was in medbay, the two run into Jackpot and Mainframe. Jackpot is drunk off his ass and having to be dragged to Ratchet to keep from him suffering the Transformer-equivalent of a burst kidney. Why? He decided to hang out with Trailcutter.
  • The issue's plot is basically Trailcutter trying to steal the captain's liquor, while drunk. It's glorious. Until it takes a turn for the horrific at the end.
    "I'm at the medibay door—they've done something to it. They've made it all lock-y. I think I want to punch it."
  • Swerve has fixed up a dead Legislator and reprogrammed it as his bouncer. He calls it Ten because that's the only thing it says. So naturally, he paints a big 9 on its back. Swerve thinks this is comedic gold.
  • There's loads of Funny Background Events in Swerve's bar in this issue:
    • When Joyride walks in, he and Ten give each other a fist bump.
    • Groove and Streetwise are wrestling on the floor. Groove is winning.
    • The Lost Light Insider claims that Megatron almost attacked Ultra Magnus over the mysterious coffin. The picture shows Ultra Magnus screaming in Megatron's face while he makes a hilarious trollface.
  • Starscream's speech at Megatron's trial gets derailed a few times because Starscream can't quit talking about himself.
  • Nightbeat freaking out after seeing what appears to be Rewind's ghost.
    "Information carries weight. It's not corporeal, but it has presence. It can be felt. It hangs in the air like—like words. Like the morning after an argument! Actually, not like that. That's a bad analogy. I'm distracted. Shut up. Stop expecting things of me."
    • Also worth pointing out is that, throughout Nightbeat and Chromedome's entire conversation, Nightbeat's been unlocking the dozens of locks he keeps on his door.
  • Rattrap updates Starscream on how his public image has been bolstered by Megatron's trial:
    Rattrap: Some poor, deluded schmuck even called you honorable...
    Starscream: Let's hope he gets the help he needs.


  • This cover, which shows Rodimus handing the keys of the Lost Light to Megatron.
  • The comic has a lot of fun with a dead copy of Rodimus being in the coffin.
    • Rodimus pesters Chromedome into helping:
    Chromedome: I could die.
    Rodimus: "Could"! The luxury of "could"! I'M ALREADY DEAD!
    Skids: But... you'll have one arm for the rest of your life.
    Rodimus: At least I'll have a rest of my life!
    Megatron: (hand on chin) What if we're destined to reattach your arm after you die and before we put you in the coffin...?
    Rodimus: Okay, everyone promise not to do that.
  • Whirl, the psychopathic anti-hero, decides to protest to his confinement by projecting a little girl avatar of himself, braiding his hair, and watching off-world cinema.
  • It turns out that Rodimus is now "co-captain"... except he's not. That's just something Optimus made up to keep Rodimus from getting upset before the Lost Light left.
  • Brainstorm is listed as "the Genius" of Team Rodimus, only for a little anecdote to comment "citation needed".
    • Brainstorm's early early warning system (his early warning system always kicked in too late) with the known ratings "Uh-Oh!" and "Run For Your Life!"
  • When Megatron orders the Lost Light evacuated, Rodimus can be seen in the background fighting him for the radio.
    • Later we hear this argument between them:
    Rodimus: I'm blaming you for this Megatron! This has you written all over it!
    Megatron: Sorry. Not guilty.
    Rodimus: Did you seriously just say that to me? Did you seriously.
  • Ratchet's reaction to Rodimus' gift from the crew.
  • Sticking with Ratchet, his "suggestion" on how Rodimus's head gets sliced in half. Incredibly inept brain-surgery.
  • When Megatron changes his statement to Not Guilty, Starscream makes the most brilliant Oh, Crap! face, but even better is Prowl's expression of sheer rage.
  • The patrons at Swerve's bar are discussing how Megatron is actually holding classes on the Knights of Cybertron as part of his attempt to turn the mission around.
    Skids: Say what you like about the most feared and hated psychopath of all time-at least he's trying to educate us.
    Swerve: He's trying to distract us. While we're busy learning about the Knights he's devising ways to win us over, kill us, rebuild the Decepticons and take over the universe.
    Riptide: *Staring gloomily into his drink* That's what I need; goals.
  • Nightbeat Comically Missing the Point when the wall behind Rodimus in the medbay vanishes, prompting the crew to realize the ship is disintegrating around them.
    Chromedome: First Nightbeat's hab suite, now this. The whole ship's disappearing!
    Nightbeat: Which means I just won on points!
    • Earlier, Nightbeat had tried to tell Rodimus about opening the door to his hab suite and finding the wall had vanished only for Rodimus to angrily cut him off and say unless Nightbeat found his own mutilated corpse inside, Rodimus wins.



  • Nautica mistakes Ravage for a pet and tries to give him rubs.
  • It's revealed that Brainstorm apparently customized Nautica's wrench for her; the result is a wrench that has an absurd amount of pointless extra features and gadgets such as a flashlight and a small bulb that lights up when Nautica exaggerates.


  • The usual "previous issue" spiel isn't happened by a wall of text this time, but a narrative from Swerve...who delivers the news as only Swerve can.
  • The roll call shortly thereafter seems to appreciate the reaction of longtime fans to the return of a long-absent crew member, as it lists, after the mention of the others:
  • And, following the above, Megatron and Ravage's exchange could be viewed as a clever little nod to the readers:
    Ravage: Such a fuss. Is he important?
    Megatron: Come now, Ravage. Everyone's important these days. (Beat.) But yes, I gather they're particularly fond of this one.
  • Nautica's attempt at making a joke about quantum mechanics. Her lame attempt to explain it to Riptide manages to be funnier.
    Riptide: Are jokes not funny where you come from?
  • Nautica believes that Ravage would be willing to sacrifice himself to save some non-cybertronians — all the while petting him again:
    Nautica: Before you volunteer, Ravage, I'm sorry, but you lack the manual dexterity to perform the task.
    Ravage: Touch me again and I'll kill you.
  • Megatron and Nightbeat's discussion about moles and turncoats, once it's revealed that Brainstorm is a Decepticon mole:
    Nightbeat: "Did you know about this?"
    Megatron: "No. I don't know all our undercover assets. To be honest, he's not our type."
    Nightbeat: "There's a type?"
    Megatron: "Hmm. Have you never been approached?"
  • Alternate!Rewind needing to be brought up to speed on a few things; namely that a) Megatron is an Autobot, b) Nightbeat's not dead anymore, and c) Nautica's around and "he" is actually a "she".

MTMTE Issue 34

  • Bluestreak's reaction to Trailcutter reading the post-war edition of Megatron's Towards Peace.
    Bluestreak: "Postwar Edition"? Don't tell me-there's a new chapter at the end. "Ignore everything I just said."

MTMTE Issue 35

  • A random officer who holds up Rewind and Minimus Ambus is designed to look like Judge Dredd.
  • Chromedome's over-the-top reaction (he thinks it's heroic) to Rewind having a nightmare.
    Rewind: Look what you did to my door...
  • The reveal that Brainstorm is a time traveler causes Megatron to go into a breakdown, ranting about how his role on the Lost Light is actually his punishment:
    Megatron: "This conversation is ridiculous. You are ridiculous. Everything that's happened in the last few days is intensely ridiculous. Six months into this shambles of a quest—six months!—and not a day goes by—not an hour—when I don't have to stand back from this endless parade of nonsense and remind myself, by means of several blows to the head, that I am here of my own volition, and not as a result of some—some elaborate trap set by Optimus Prime. Why bother looking for the Knights of Cybertron? Why postpone my trial? I've already been convicted—and this is my punishment. You! This ship! This life!"
    • When he calms down and apologises for his outburst:
      Ultra Magnus: "Not at all. On this ship, a minor breakdown is practically a rite of passage."

MTMTE Issue 36

  • While explaining the situation to the crew, Rodimus delivers "the most Rodimus body language to ever Rodimus".
  • Whirl flips out at the idea of raiding Brainstorm's workshop to get weapons.
  • During the away team's briefing Tailgate can be seen piggyback riding Rewind.
  • Cyclonus points out that the Senate's floating device probably wouldn't harm the sparks in the hot spot because "if you're going to kill newborns you need to do it discreetly". Upon hearing this Tailgate throws a childish fit:
    "That's a horrible thing to say!"
    "I'm not endorsing it!"
    "It's still horrible!"
  • Throughout the issue Roller is drinking out of a juice box, even during combat. Becomes less funny when it turns out to basically be a steroid he's become addicted to out of desperation to be skilled like the Outliers.
  • When the away team discovers the weapon platform Riptide exclaims "They've gone to plan B! That's B for BLOW EVERYTHING UP".
  • This exchange:
    Rodimus: I think you should stay here, inside, where it's safe. If ever you're life's been in danger it's now.
    Orion: Trailbreaker I want you to-
    Rodimus: Oh. So you're just going to ignore me.
    Orion: I thought you were joking and yes.
  • While Orion is explaining the situation to Rodimus, Whirl can be seen in the background staring at the ceiling for no explicable reason.

MTMTE Issue 37

  • The whole war between the Autobots and Decepticons started... because Rung accidentally knocked over a bar patron's drink trying to get Tailgate a curly straw.
    "Chill! Rung's getting you [a straw]. Jeez, it's not the end of the world..."
    • James Roberts has said on Twitter that the creation of that curly straw will be his single biggest contribution to the Transformers mythos.
  • While on the way out, Rodimus tells the others not to make eye contact, singling out Tailgate specifically. When asked why, he says Tailgate just has one of those of faces.
    Tailgate: What's wrong with my face?
    Rodimus: It's basically a punch magnet.
    Tailgate: So rude! Cyclonus, did you hear that?
    Cyclonus: No. Was it about your face?
  • According to Ultra Magnus, Megatron's threat level is "incalculable".
  • Rodimus spies Megatron hiding under the table during the bar fight and laments that they didn't take Rewind with them.

MTMTE Issue 38

  • Megatron brings up Rodimus' myriad faults. Special mentions go to Roddy's apparent habits of somersaulting onto the bridge and feigning death to avoid answering questions. And introducing a reward system based on his own face.
  • Perceptor points at Brainstorm's (it can only be Brainstorm's) indicator for the low-fuel quantum engines. It's a large picture of a drained battery on the screen.
  • Ultra Magnus and Megatron compare Rodimus Stars, with Mags' for "neatest handwriting" and Megs' for "abandoning his evil ways." The conversation also brings Ultra Magnus' lifetime smile count up to four.
  • Cyclonus singing The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News. And encouraging everyone else to join in.
  • During an argument, Ultra Magnus points out that Megatron was happy to let Rodimus take care of things when it was Orion's life on the line. Megatron's response is "What?" followed by "Don't be clever. It makes you look stupid." And that's followed by a quiet "God, now I'm starting to sound like him."
  • Whirl being Whirl when Brainstorm explains everything.
    Whirl: No one cares.
    Brainstorm: You can say that, Whirl, but maybe-
    Whirl: (singing) No-one cares what you have to say...!
  • Also about Whirl, when Rung starts daring Brainstorm to pull the trigger on the not-yet-finished Megatron, Rodimus chides him by saying he'd expected that from Whirl, who leans in from off-panel and goes "damn right."

MTMTE Issue 39

  • Nickel chewing out the DJD like an angry grandmother, including reprimanding Helex for not brushing his teeth. While she's doing so, one can see the Pet trying to hop on Tarn's lap in the background and having to be shoved off.
    • She also makes some (apparently) incredibly obscene gestures at the other members of the DJD. Despite being the cruelest and most vicious murderers/torturers/genocidal psychopaths in the galaxy, they are rather taken aback.
      Tarn: "Not precisely sure what she means by that gesture, but I imagine it tilts towards the obscene."
      Helex: "Disgusting! You fix Decepticons with those hands?!"
      Tarn: "And...we seem to have an extended version of the first gesture. I— Goodness, now that really does leave no room for doubt."
  • Tarn's response to Tesarus complaining about bureaucracy:
    Tesarus: Tsk! Health and safety gone mad...
    Tarn: (Suddenly SHOUTING!) Black mark!
    Tesarus: Aw, for— All I said was—
    Tarn: Two black marks! One more and it's a written warning!
  • When the DJD arrives at Deathsaurus's ship, the still-weak Vos can be seen hiding behind Nickel.

MTMTE Issue 40

  • Early in the issue, Swerve is making a massive pyramid of glasses with Ten's help and Tailgate is heading towards the bar on a hoverboard that he's not very good at controlling. He collides with Ratchet, who's nowhere near the pyramid.
  • The reveal that Whirl, while thinking that Ten is non-sentient, spray-painted the words "I failed the Ambus Test" on his back. So not only does Swerve treat Ten like a drone, he lets others get away with it too. We later see that Swerve is one of the only crewmembers who Ten hasn't made art for/of.
  • While Brainstorm and Nautica are making up after recent events, Brainstorm adds a new button to her wrench; when pressed it makes the wrench shout "BRAINSTORM IS AN ASS".
  • During Brainstorm's hearing, Rodimus steals Ultra Magnus's name holder and rearranges the letters just to piss off Magnus. Then he spends several panels trying to figure out how Brainstorm's faceplate works, rejecting help like an angry child. Bonus points for making it sound rather like he's playing with a Transformer and can't figure out how to make it change shape.
  • Swerve invites Megatron to perform poetry at Mirage's rival bar "Visages". Megs barely gets through the first verse before everyone flees back to Swerve's bar.
  • This exchange during Brainstorm's hearing:
    Brainstorm: Everyone who's ever built a fully functioning time machine, stand up.
    (Riptide stands up)
    Riptide: Oh, a time machine...! Sorry.
    (awkwardly sits back down)
  • Another one happens when Perceptor starting applauding after Brainstorm goes on a small rant about not being held accountable for actions that aren't his own. Everyone stares at Perceptor for a minute before resuming the hearing.
  • Tailgate still thinks Whirl's name is Nutjob.

MTMTE Issue 41

  • A lot of this issue's humor comes from shenanigans in the background:
  • Nautica is cheered to realise she can read while hanging upside-down, because she'd always wondered if she could. When it's pointed out that she could have simply turned a book upside-down:
    Nautica: (hides face behind hands) I'm not here and you can't see me. I'm hiding behind my wall of shame.
  • There's also the ridiculously horrible fact that Rodimus seems happy that Thunderclash is dying.
    Rodimus: Having said that, it looks like [Thunderclash's] derring-do...
    Megatron: (facepalming) Don't even say it.
    Rodimus: derring-done.
    • Taken a step further over the line a little later in the scene:
    Rodimus: [double thumbs-up, huge grin] I wouldn't want anyone here to mistake my grief for giddy excitement
  • Thunderclash sends a message to his observers by essentially killing himself so his life sign monitors make words. This would be horrifying if not for this gem of a comment. From Minimus Ambus of all people!
    Velocity: He's killing himself to send us a message...?
    Minimus: A grammatically correct message. Look at that apostrophe...
    First Aid: He had to reduce his lifespan by six hours to generate that apostrophe.
    Minimus: I know that's not supposed to impress me, but...
  • Bluestreak pouring Engex into a bowl for Ravage to lap up.
  • Swerve has consumed the entirety of human cultural output. Every movie, book, song, play, etc. And he has reached three conclusions.
    Swerve: One: Life is inherently tragic - and over far too quickly.
    Swerve: Two: All art thrives on conflict. We valorize fiction because it helps us make sense of ourselves.
    Swerve: Three: Season 4 of Community was a serious misstep. Why they fired Dan-
  • The story opens with Rodimus banging a giant gong to summon everyone to a meeting. It's to indicate that they've hit a milestone on their quest by successfully tracking down Thunderclash. Except no one except Swerve knows what the gong is because this has never happened before. And Rodimus even puts up a banner saying "WE'VE ACHIEVED SOMETHING".
    Rodimus: Everyone turn to your left, shake hands with the person next to you, and say "Well done"...Okay, it's not gonna work if everyone turns to their left...

MTMTE Issue 42

  • Roche and Burcham's cover, with the crew having a dance party while Rodimus plays an air guitar.
  • Nautica attempting to fight the invisible monsters:
    Nautica: All I've got to throw at them is a selection of scathing literary quotations. "There is none so craven a fighter as one who uses heft to-"
  • Nightbeat and Getaway arguing with each other while getting beaten up.
  • At the end of the issue, Nightbeat is overjoyed that he apparently solved the mystery and saved the day like always... only for Ultra Magnus to reveal that in reality Skater, Flex, and Borer-three random background characters-were the ones who actually saved the day. And further they figured out what was going on before Nightbeat did. And they did it without rubbing it in everybody's faces.
    • Not to mention the way in which the day was saved; by getting Rodimus and Megatron to walk into the room and having all the personality ticks immediately fall over dead from overdosing on the combined force of their overwhelming charisma.
  • During the party at the end Riptide and Ravage are hanging out and we get this exchange:
    Riptide: So, Megatron or Soundwave?
    Ravage: What? What kind of a question—
    Riptide: If you had to choose. If.
    Ravage: What is this, a suicide attempt?
    Riptide: I'm sensing Megatron.
    Ravage: I didn't say that.
  • Also the fact that Firestar seems convinced that Nautica was a total badass, even though, as noted above, Nautica got the crap kicked out of her in the fight.
  • Nautica and Skids discuss the values on Nautica's homeworld. Skids makes some assumptions.
    Nautica: If you haven't found at least one amica endura within ten megacycles of your creation date, you're -
    Skids: What? Killed? Because oh my god.

MTMTE Issue 43:

  • Bluestreak, Skids, and Rung getting dragged into an impromptu paintball fight with the neighbors ("As you do."). Skids' utterly dejected expression is gold, as is Cyclonus' completely exasperated one when Rung accidentally sprays him in the face.
  • The crew first discovers the mysterious holomatter planet pursuing them when they pick up the lone radio signal it's giving off; the Cheers theme song but with the lyrics altered to be about Swerve's bar. Rodimus and Blaster think it's catchy, while Megatron just buries his face in his hands out of embarrassment.
  • Rodimus sends a message to one of the away teams:
    Tailgate: Even I know you don't write hashtag...
  • Rodimus and Bluestreak discover that the holomatter Earth has a laugh track built in:
    Rodimus: I heard people laughing. Lots of people. Are you having a party?
    Bluestreak: Oh wait—that'll be the canned laughter.
    Rodimus: The what?
    Bluestreak: 'Swearth' isn't like normal planets. It's... how can I put this? It's got it's own laughter track.
    (Laugh track plays)
    Rodimus: There it is again! I didn't even say anything funny!
    Bluestreak: You probably made a face. Reactions get big laughs too. And don't be freaked out if you walk into a room and there's a round of applause and cheering.
    Rodimus: Eh. That's what happens normally.
  • When Cyclonus, Tailgate, Bluestreak, Skids, and Rung arrive on "Swearth" they end up in the apartment from Friends. Later we see that Chromedome, Rewind, and Ultra Magnus ended up in the study room from Community.
  • The bar Rodimus, Nautica, Nightbeat, and Megatron visit is titled "The Jumping Shark".
  • Numerous tiny gags involving the crew's holomatter avatars:
    • Rodimus looks like a punk rock version of Marty McFly.
    • Tailgate is not only still a baby, but he has a goofy-looking hat with a big "T" printed on it. He also has an Autobot symbol with a ruffle-y bonnet and star-shaped eyes on his overalls.
      • And Cyclonus carries him around in a few panels with one of those baby harnesses strapped to his chest.
    • Cyclonus and Rung are both dressed in inexplicable Victorian outfits that look like they came from the 1800's.
    • Skids is, once again, the Doctor, this time being the 9th Doctor.
    • Nautica looks like a plumber.
    • Nightbeat resembles Idris Elba.
    • Megatron looks like a supervillain, complete with gratuitous red eyes and a tacky skull-shaped belt buckle.
  • Tailgate has a little Cyclonus mug.
  • Nautica tries to tickle Megatron. Turns out he isn't ticklish.
    Nautica: Which you are not! So that's settled!

MTMTE issue 44:

  • Swerve taking a selfie with the Necrobot/Censere.
  • Megatron and Ultra Magnus both realize that they aren't cut out for quips.
    Ultra Magnus: When I said that, I didn't...I was attempting to make a joke.
    Megatron: Yes, I know - I was running with it. There's a lot of banter on this ship; I thought I was ready to take the plunge.
    Ultra Magnus: I think we've both learned something from this.
  • The crew approach the Necrobot's hideout in the Rodpod:
    Rodimus: Engage stealth mode.
    Mainframe: We don't have a stealth mode.
    Rodimus: Humor me.
    Mainframe: (whispering) Stealth mode engaged.

MTMTE issue 45:

  • It seems the Scavengers have been having a rather...interesting couple of months since we last saw them. This included, amongst other things: being cursed to sing perpetually, fighting a giant sea monster, infiltrating an alien culture, getting trapped in the 2nd dimension, saving the universe through a game of jenga, and turning into toys. As in their actual, real life toys from the old Generation One toyline.
    Krok: (In toy form) I know what's happened! It's obvious what's happened! I want to know how we can make it Un-happen!
    • The best part is that if you look closely at the toys, Spinister is doing his usual thing: not actually paying attention to the circumstances at hand and being distracted by something off-panel (which happens to be right around where a reader's hand would be if they were holding the comic).
    • One of the panels features what looks like Shockwave's arm cannon sticking out through a datapad at Misfire, who simply says "Krok? It's happening again..." implying that this is a regular enough occurrence for Krok to know what he means without explanation.
    • The Jenga panel deserves some mention due to how absurd it is. Fulcrum is playing Jenga wish a Jellyfish-like Eldritch Abomination that can end the universe and his only backup is Spinister. Also the fact that a world ending horror is willing to spare an entire universe over a game of Jenga.
    Fulcrum: The fate of the entire universe rests on my next move, Spinister. And the worst thing is, if we win, we won't remember this moment - or the perfectly logical series of events which gave rise to it.
    • Back in issue 8, Fulcrum demanded that he never be left alone with the ever-violent and triggerhappy Spinister. The flashback montage shows that the other Scavengers teamed him up with Spinister again anyways, not once but twice, with both occasions putting Fulcrum in extreme danger.
  • The issue opens with the Scavengers having a nerf fight (or rather, "Shoot Shoot Bang Bang" as they call it), leading to numerous funny momments:
    • Misfire is carrying a can of engex. At one point he lifts it up to drink and you can see it has a note on it that says "Krok's", suggesting that Misfire stole it after Krok got knocked out of the game. And later on Krok complains about someone stealing his engex.
    • Misfire treats it as incredibly Serious Business, depicting it as if the Scavengers are actually killing each other. Or at least he tries to; he can't focus and starts wondering which is more grammatically correct, "burnt bonds" or "shattered bonds".
    • Misfire versus Spinister:
    Misfire: There's just the two of us left: me and-
    Spinister: (punching Misfire) SPINISTER!
    Misfire: You just shouted out your own name you pinhead.
    Spinister: Yes! To confuse you!
    Misfire: Yeah? Well confuse this! (tackles him)
    Spinister: That doesn't make sense either!
    • The game ends with Crankcase stealing Spinister's shot just to ruin the game for everyone. And then he gets angry when Fulcrum uses the "Shoot Shoot Bang Bang" name because apparently he copyrighted the name (this causes Fulcrum to call it "Crankcase Doesn't Know How Trademarks Work" instead). And then it turns out Crankcase left his piloting position just to ruin the game, at which point this happens:
    Krok: Crankcase! What are you doing here?!
    Crankcase: A question I ask myself everyday.
    Krok: We about to crash into Tebris VII! Why aren't you piloting?!
    Crankcase: Oh chill the hell out this crate lands itself...
    (ship crashes into a nearby mountain, knocking Krok unconscious)
    • The crash is depicted looking awfully like the Ark crashing to earth way back in the very first episode of The Transformers. The Scavengers' ship, the Weak Anthropic Principle, even resembles the Ark, and we are seeing it for the first time, suggesting it was designed this way specifically to aid this Mythology Gag.
  • While on their way to meet Demus about a possible job, Crankcase says "Are we gonna kill him and steal his money? Ha! Joking. But seriously are we gonna kill him and steal his money?".
  • Said while Grimlock is rampaging about the ship:
    Krok: (while embedded in the wall because Grimlock smashed into him) Who's panicking?
  • Spinister really steals the show in this issue:
    • When the group is asked by Demus to sell Grimlock to him, they all react with shock or surprise... except Spinister who instead shouts "WHAT AM I REACTING TO AND IS ANGER APPROPRIATE?!".
    • He thinks the WAP's communications screen is alive and that people messaging the ship represent the TV changing it's face.
    • He refers to thoughts as "voices in your head" and apparently thinks squirrels live in your head too. God only knows how (or even if) he knows what squirrels even are, given he's never been to Earth...
    • Crankcase hasn't gotten his old head wound fixed by Spinister because Spinister is "a brilliant surgeon who classifies random objects as 'goodies' or 'baddies' based on the sound they make when he punches them".
  • After the war Skullcruncher has become a stand-up comedian with a self-hating Decepticon gimmick. Most of his routines consist of taking the piss out of Megatron and lampshading Fridge Logic issues with Decepticon schemes.
    • In particular, the Mythology Gag about how the famous "Infiltration Protocol" is a Missing Steps Plan, with no one sure what comes after step two. Skullcruncher even theorizes that Megatron's Heel–Face Turn is an attempt at enacting the Protocol, only to realize that even he doesn't know what he's supposed to do next.

MTMTE issue 46:

  • The reason Crankcase was able to bluff Fortress Maximus? He suffered a bout of facial paralysis at that moment.
  • Another reason they managed to bluff Fort Max, Red Alert was using the Autobot equivalent to Wikipedia to quickly gather information on the Scavengers and Misfire frequently vandalized their page on said site whenever he was bored.
    Red Alert: (reading Misfire's entry) "A debonair sharpshooter who once fired a bullet through a bullet shaped hole in a slightly larger bullet, whilst riding a bullet train. Feared and respected by his colleagues, he is credited for introducing Megatron to the world of interpretive dance."
  • How the Scavengers manage to get away from Max at the beginning of the issue.
    Krok: So what happens now? I mean, you killed ten thousand of us at Simanzi, so we're not about to fight you.
    Fortress Maximus: I escort you to my ship, take you back to base, and lock you up.
    Misfire: What, now? Like, right now? That's a shame. I was kinda hoping for an opportunity to escape.
    Fortress Maximus: It's not going to happen.
    Misfire: Hm. What if I was to distract you, long enough for my colleague to turn his rotor blades into a bludgeon and hit you over the head?
    An alarmed Fortress Maximus swings his gun over to Spinister...who has been staring into a length of pipe the whole time.
    Spinister: Wot.
    Max is shot in the back by Crankcase's shoulder guns with a resounding CHOOM CHOOM.
    Misfire: Gotta love the choom choom.
    Crankcase: If you ever say that again, I'll turn these guns on you.
  • Spinister's note to Fortress Maximus at the end. He's such a Cloud Cuckoolander that he signs it with kisses even though Fort Max had been antagonizing the Scavengers all issue.

MTMTE issue 47:

  • The way Cyclonus and Whirl are sitting and talking. They look like two middle-aged Gal Pals talking out their problems over coffee, especially with the way Whirl is sitting - with one knee over the other, his feet look exactly like a pair of fashionable high heels in this issue.

Holiday Special:

  • This exchange:
    Minumus Ambus: Exposure to invisibility fields has been linked to irritability, erratic conduct, chronic moping, and extreme sarcasm.
    Rodimus: God, imagine if anyone on board started exhibiting those behaviors.
  • When Rodimus comes in he finds that for reasons that totally make sense Megatron and Minumus are hanging glass baubles on a pine tree looking device, he has to wear a hat that looks like a paper crown, strings of lights are hung up everywhere, Megatron offers him some energon in the form of a Christmas Cracker, and everyone must spend the evening nestled snug in their B.E.Ds. And it's implied that the reason all this is happening is that Brainstorm has invented a "Contrivance Engine".
  • The protoform gets into the Magnus armor and animates it. Minimus believe it has actually come to life, and gets clocked by Nautica. Then the armor tries to give Megatron a hug, and his attempt to let Ultra Magnus down gently gets broadcast over the intercom.
    Rodimus: I knew it.

MTMTE issue 50:

  • This may be a severe Wham Episode, but it still has some very funny moments.
    Rodimus: This is the new teleport drive. Nautica built it as a thank-you present after I stopped going on and on about how much I wanted a teleport drive.
  • And if that wasn't enough evidence that Rodimus knows exactly what he's doing when he acts like an ass:
    Megatron: When did you first realize that he uses bad grammar to distract you whenever you raise an objection to something he wants to do?
    Ultra Magnus: He does WHAT?
  • Magnus continues to be a Grammar Nazi:
    Ultra Magnus: You can't have people throwing made up words around willy-nilly. There are impressionable 'bots on board.
    Brainstorm: Magnus is right. Making up words leads to criminanarchy and pandebordination.
    Ultra Magnus Brainstorm, one more and you're on remand!
  • In the final panel Nautica is slipping an Energon Goodie under the table to Ravage. Looks like he warmed up to her after all...
  • The Scavengers watch the Autobots final messages while sitting on a couch, scarfing energon goodies, like it's a football game. Even Grimlock looks entertained. And behind them in the wall is the Krok-shaped hole that got put there in their last appearance.

MTMTE issue 51:

  • Nightbeat has discovered a teleportation door.
    Brainstorm: So we just step inside the chamber and ...VOMF!
    Nightbeat: I make no guarantees as to the sound.
  • Given the dark nature of the issue, Gallows Humor abounds. Like when Rodimus is going over their list of assets after the Necrobot's fortress has been thoroughly searched for weapons, defenses, or escape routes.
    Rodimus: Hmm. Okay, so the bad news is that we're comprehensively weaponless, our defenses amount to a giant umbrella and the only transport in this paper-thin "fortress" is a space scooter so unconvincing it needs the words "space scooter" painted on it.
    Tailgate: What's the good news?
    Rodimus: Who said anything about good news?
    • And the "unconvincing" scooter bears a suspicious resemblance to the GoBot Scooter, continuing the long tradition of Transformers taking potshots at its once rival.
  • Then, after the team decides none of them are going to use the newly-discovered quantum teleporter to escape (and thus abandon the organics the Necrobot was keeping in stasis to the DJD and Deathsaurus' army), Swerve has an idea.
    Rodimus: Then it's settled. The door closes and...we're staying.
    Swerve: Maaaay-be not. The DJD traveled here, right? All however-many-hundred of them. If we stole their ship, we could smuggle the life support pods on board and scoot!
    Whirl: I...think I'm going to select "we don't know where they've parked" from the long list of reasons why your plan is rubbish.
    Cyclonus: Let him finish.
    Swerve: That's it. I'm done. That's my plan.
    Cyclonus: Ah.
  • Ultra Magnus apologizes for swearing...because he said "Screw Getaway".

MTMTE issue 52:

  • The return of Vitriolic Best Buds Drift and Ratchet:
    Ratchet: Drift! Say something inspirational! I fight better when I'm annoyed!
  • The gravitas of Tarn and Overlord's showdown is somewhat lessened when one realizes that they spend the entire issue arguing about who Megatron liked more so they can figure out which one gets to kill him.

MTMTE issue 54:

  • This is a very bleak issue. Very, very, very bleak. There are two tiny things that are rather funny once you notice them, though. When Rodimus uses his "Flame Out" power, his Autobot sigil is making a face that can be best described as "OH GOD TOO HOT", and when Megatron charges back into the field with his new fusion cannon, pissed off and no longer worrying about holding back, this change in temperment is accompanied by his Autobot sigil becoming noticeably angrier.

MTMTE issue 56:

  • Prowl spontaneously appears on the Luna 1 space bridge in a hurry. An understandably upset Fortress Maximus proceeds to punt him like a football, followed by a tidy little reminder that they're, y'know, robots that change form regularly.
    Fortress Maximus: "Come on! Stand up! I'm not fighting a car!"
  • The way that it had to take a minute for Prowl for what he did to Fortress Maximus.
    Fortress Maximus: "Ask him what he did."
    Cerebros: "Well? What did you do?"
    Prowl: "Bear with me a second... I've hacked off so many people it's hard to keep track... Whatever I did, I know for a fact it was necessary, proportionate, and staggeringly far-sighted, and i'm confidant that history will prove me- OH! Garrus 9! There we go."

MTMTE issue 57:

  • The recap page keeps it short and sweet:
    Sentinel Prime is on Luna-1 and he's just summoned an army of undead Titans, which he plans to send straight to Cybertron.
    That's, uh, that's bad...
  • Partway through the story, the fate of Cybertron, and beyond... relies on Prowl Flipping the Table. ... well, a switch that just happens to look like a table. This is after Fortress Maximus, who's a Point One Percenter and by Cybertronian standards has super-strength, tried and failed to flip said switch.
    • Doubles as a callback to the first issue. Prowl is drawn in the exact same pose!
  • Prowl is definitely being played Lighter and Softer here than in his usual appearances. Such as when he's told that a brainwashed Red Alert was the one who shot him, which causes him to freak out. But because he's Prowl, this doesn't elicit much sympathy from Fort Max or Cerebros.
    Prowl: He shot me! Red Alert! He shot me!
    Fortress Maximus: Living the dream.
    Prowl: What?
    Fortress Maximus: Nothing.
  • The manner in which Sentinel Prime is ultimately dispatched. Just as he's about to make Red Alert kill himself Beak, one of the Roboids Max and Cerebros have been rehabilitating, flies in, snatches Sentinel (or rather, Infinitus, Sentinel's actual Titan Master self, who is much smaller than the average Cybertronian) in his claws, and then proceeds to fly over one of Luna-2's giant planetary thrusters and drops him down it. Sentinel/Infinitus barely has time to react before he's sent plummeting to his presumed death. It's hilariously anti-climactic.
  • At the conclusion, Red Alert he misses the Lost Light crew. Sort of.
    Red Alert: I miss [Rung]. I miss all of them. All the crew. Well, most of them. At least half of them. A good ten, fifteen per cent.
    • Want a quick Genius Bonus? Hey, the central cast make up about 10-15% of the actual 200+ crew!

MTMTE Revolution Special:

  • It's entirely possible the people working on the comic are not too thrilled about being brought into the crossover, going by the fact one of the cover has a dramatic image of Grimlock fighting Rom... with little snarky captions pointing out things like Rom not being involved at all.
  • The solicits get in on the act:
    After years of doing very little, Krok, Crankcase, Fulcrum, Spinister and Misfire think they can wriggle out of anything - but not even they can avoid a heavily-promoted multi-franchise crossover.
  • The entire story is basically a parody of comic book crossover events. Turns out "Cons4Eva" worships "The Brand", and needs to get at least three species together (just two and it's merely a "t'mup") so he can achieve full "Brand Awareness" and "crossover". And even though nothing of real consequence happens, the title of the story is "Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again!", mocking how crossovers are marketed as a big deal, but often fail to have any long term ramifications.
  • Not to mention that it's basically a story where the worst Decepticons (in the "not good at it" sense) team up with a failure of a Dire Wraith and a member of G.I. Joe whose most impressive piece of equipment is a pen he can use as a straw but not as a pen (it lacks an ink cartridge). It's like a multi-franchise meeting of the losers.
  • Krok shows his usual level of respect for his crewmates:
    Krok: When I want your opinion, Fulcrum, I'll kill myself.
    • And gives excellent dating advice:
    Krok: Be who you are. Within reason, obviously. Be a less abrasive version of who you are.
  • Misfire and Spinister use holomatter avatars to pose as M.A.S.K. operatives with fake names and appearances. This is ripe for comedy on so many levels.
    • Spinister is introduced as "Dennis Taylor," but manifests as an eight foot tall Statuesque Stunner, proving just how bad he is at understanding human gender norms. The only reason would be that he likes how he looks this way.
    • Failing to grasp the notion of 'useful,' the two of them introduce their 'special powers' to the aforementioned GI Joe loser, MP3. As 'Suds,' Spinister cleans his visor with tiny windshield wipers, while Misfire as 'Anti-Spill' ejects two cupholders from the side of his head.
    • They try to take off their fake MASK helmets in a show of human solidarity with MP3; Spinister is so bad at the whole human-pretense thing that the moment his avatar removes her helmet, there is only another helmet underneath. Misfire scolds him for a lack of imagination, then takes off his avatar's helmet, only to reveal a Garry's Mod-like abomination underneath, with one eye and a tiny nose and mouth situated squarely in the middle of his face. It's nauseatingly Uncanny Valley.
      • As a bonus, MP3 understandably passes out cold... and we later learn that Spinister unintentionally buried him alive out of a misplaced show of respect. They only figure this out thirty minutes later when they see a fireman revive an injured woman and they realize that MP3 wasn't actually dead. No hard feelings, fortunately.

     Lost Light 

Lost Light Issue 1:

  • Anode's response to Ultra Magnus' eight-hundred and nineteen slide-long presentation:
    That was so boring it made my life cry.
  • Ultra Magnus, Ultra Magnus, manages to successfully troll the defrostees.
  • Swerve starts questioning Anode and Lug about themselves, including whether they've any dark secrets, hidden superpowers or ex-lovers that might come back to haunt everyone.
  • As Anode and Lug are trying to leave through the teleporter, Drift pops out of the den and stops them. When Rodimus crawls out, Lug asks if there are any more in there. When Drift explains that they were mapping coordinates, Anode says this.
  • Brainstorm has converted Megatron's fusion cannon into a teleporter. There's been some... aesthetic compromises. As in, it looks like a den.
  • When Brainstorm and Nautica are talking in the background about how many times he checked the teleporter, which was NINE TIMES by the way, in the foreground, you can see Rewind giving Megatron a look that says 'You'd better not...', and while Megatron could have said something, he was still caught staring directly into Chromedome's ass.

Lost Light Issue 2:

  • After Tailgate, who is busy beating up Fangry, tosses Anode across a field with a single backhand when she tries to intervene, he angrily turns to the other Decepticons who are trying to come to Fangry's defense.
    Tailgate: Anyone else want some?!
    Decepticon: Hey, no, we're fine. He's genuinely not worth it.
    All the Decepticons quickly flee.
  • Minimus Ambus does a bad job of trying to give Rodimus a pep-talk.
    Rodimus: I blame Rewind. If he hadn't shot Megatron, this universe wouldn't exist.
    Minimus: Rodimus-
    Rodimus: Without Megatron, there was no one to stop the Senate, or the Functionists. If he'd survived, none of this would have happened.
    Minimus: No, but the war would have happened instead. Billions would have died, on Cybertron and elsewhere.
    Rodimus: I know. I know! I'm just-
    Minimus: Angry. I understand. The Lost Light's been stolen; we're once again without a map to Cyberutopia; and now, to top it all, we're trapped in entirely the wrong universe. We've never been further from our goal. Ever. In fact, it's hard to escape the conclusion that we'd be closer to finding the Knights of Cybertron if we hadn't started looking for them in the first place.
    Rodimus: What was that? What was that supposed to be? The opposite of a pep-talk, that's what that was. God! I was angry, now I'm angry and depressed. (to the rest) Can I be chained to someone else please?

Lost Light Issue 3:

  • Rodimus informs Brainstorm over the phone that they are stuck in a parallel universe. He squeals and starts running around the room with joy. Nightbeat picks up the phone and hears the news as well. He too squeals, and in the next panel you can actually see him in his alt-mode, driving along the walls with glee.
  • Swerve's reaction to Killmaster and Whirl being arch-enemies. And this time it's not actually Whirl blowing off hot air; Killmaster actually confirms it.
    Swerve: I can't believe both of you literally refer to the other one as their nemesis. It's the best worst thing ever!
  • They have officially stopped calling it a teleporter and started calling it a Den. Also, for the first time Rodimus is officially being called 'Rodders' by Brainstorm, which has previously only ever been a fan-nickname. Now it's canon!

Lost Light Issue 4:

  • The reveal that Killmaster's real name is actually Murderking.
  • Rodimus completely refuses to take one of the Councilors seriously, then picks a fight with all of them.
    Rodimus: "This is you right now: Blah Blah Blah..."

Lost Light Issue 5:

  • Brainstorm goes into a typical Mad Scientist "They thought me mad" sort of speech over successfully reverse-engineering Killmaster's wand, only to have Cyclonus correct him.
    Brainstorm: And to think—to think!—you said it couldn't be done!
    Cyclonus: On the contrary, I said I was confident you'd find a way to bring them back. In fact, I've been nothing but supportive since I brought you the wand.
    Brainstorm: Oh. Yeah. Sorry. Thanks to Rodimus, I'm conditioned to expect incomprehension, mockery, and boredom—usually in the space of thirty seconds.

Lost Light Issue 6:

  • Minimus Ambus has a bad day.
    Minimus: It's Brainstorm. He says - and I quote: 'You've got twenty minutes to get your backsides back to Necroworld before Killmaster's miracle stick runs out of super-juice and you're stuck in the nonsense-verse forever.'
    Rodimus: What?
    Minimus: Please don't make me say that sentence again.

Lost Light Issue 7:

  • As Rodimus reveals the plan for 20 of the crew to leave and make contact with Cybertron, while the rest stay on Necroworld.
    Whirl: Permission to start a petition to leave Swerve behind.
    Rodimus: Don't be ridiculous. What a ridiculous thing to say. You don't need to bother with a petition.
  • This exchange between Velocity and Ultra Magnus.
    Velocity: I suppose I'm lucky—I was able to take him at face value. I didn't know the old Megatron.
    Ultra Magnus: You didn't know the old me, either. I used to be a lot more uptight.
    Velocity: I find that genuinely hard to believe.

Lost Light Issue 11

  • During Getaway's session with ship's psychiatrist Froid, the subject of his treatment of Tailgate comes up.
    Getaway: Tailgate. That was my first misstep...
    Froid: I'd like to talk about that. Has anyone ever used the word "predatory" to describe your behavior?
  • We get to see Rodimus' part of the distress call/final will and testament that got sent from Necroworld before the showdown with the DJD and Deathsaurus' forces. Rather than being heart-rendingly sad, Rodimus leaves detailed instructions to whoever retrieves his body to have his innermost energon sold off—it's Matrix-enhanced after all, which makes it more valuable—so they can hire Death's Head to track down Getaway and shoot him in the face with a Pathblaster cannon made from Rodimus' own corpse (ideally with his colour-scheme but Rodimus isn't exactly picky about that). It's hilariously over the top and entirely within character for Rodimus.

Lost Light Issue 12

  • Thunderclash finally gets the chance to air his grievances with Getaway's captaincy of the Lost Light.
    Getaway: Thunderclash! You're awake! Thank god!
    Thunderclash: Save it, "captain". On behalf of Rodimus, and all those we left to die, I'd just like to say:

Lost Light Issue 13

  • This cover, an homage to Spy vs. Spy.
  • The prank war between Anode and Swerve, which gets downright psychotic.
    • It started back in issue 1 with Swerve's fake crew survey.
    • Anode then gets Lug to paint herself in Swerve's colors, and convinces him that she's a fan and that he's a celebrity on Caminus.
    • Swerve retaliates by having Velocity give Anode a medical examination...and discover that there's a fully sentient alternate head, essentially a conjoined twin, hidden within her body, and that they'll need to compromise on who gets to control the body. And the head is
    Velocity: Hey, I know it's a cliche, but a lot of people with an extra head in their butt go on to lead rich and fulfilling lives.
    • Made even funnier if you owned Transformers with similar features (one similar example being possibly Armada Optimus Prime) and realizing that is completely plausible by Transformers standards.
    • Anode then sneaks into the recharge chamber as Swerve is asleep, and tries to spray him with magnetizing spray...only to get doused with it herself because Swerve put it in the sprinkler system and caused a fire. It activates after 20 minutes, and he makes sure she is talking to Ultra Magnus when it happens.
    • However, Swerve also discovers that a bomb was teleported into his head during his fight with Killmaster...a bomb that will go off not with a timer, but when he says too many words. Heartwarmingly he uses his last few words to warn Anode about Cyclonus' sword and save her...but there was no bomb, Anode had Whirl plant it in his head as another prank (hinted at by the timer being so big; Whirl is a clockmaker, but can't do delicate work due to his claws).
  • Chromedome and Rewind need some alone time. So they hide out in Roller's trailer while he's sleeping. His horrified reaction (and Rodimus' boredom with it all) is priceless.
    Roller: And you know what else? I can't be certain but I think they were...canoodling.
  • Ratchet suddenly loses all color, something that usually only happens to Transformers when they're dead. He barely reacts.
    Ratchet: Oh, terrific.
  • Ultra Magnus is looking forward to arriving at Cyberutopia - because he is certain a mountain of paperwork awaits new arrivals, and he can't wait to get started on it. He's also working on a self-help book to guarantee peace and happiness. Well, not so much a self-help book as a mandatory way of living, with death being the implied punishment for violations (though he tries to think of a nice way to say it). Seems there's a reason he and Megatron got along so well.
    Cyclonus: What will you do when we reach Cyberutopia?
    Ultra Magnus: Well, my immediate priority will be the paperwork.
    Cyclonus: I don't know why I expected a different answer.
    • Cyclonus then confides in him about how Tailgate ended things with him, and being uncertain what he wants to do now, since he was planning on going to Cyberutopia with Tailgate, and that maybe, Magnus' book might help him with it. Magnus' response is...well, it's honest.
      Ultra Magnus: Cyclonus, I... my deep-seated distrust of intimate conversation, and my unwillingness to reflect on—let alone disclose—my own feelings usually makes it impossible for me to offer meaningful advice when those around me open up.
      Ultra Magnus: So I'm just going to sit over there.
      Magnus leaves
  • Room on the ship is extremely sparse, with everyone cramped together and driving each other crazy. Rung doesn't even appear in this issue, except as his alt-mode tucked in a corner, presumably to save space. So of course we get a panel where Whirl is spread out across the floor, taking up as much room as possible.

Lost Light Issue 15

  • This cover showing the tiny Nickel putting her dukes up at an extremely unimpressed Scorponok.
  • "Bad news, you're a Scavenger now. Don't worry - as far as ranks go it's demotion proof."
    • Also from the Accurate Scavenger Self-Assessment Files:
      Krok: After you triggered Grimlock, you left us to do what we do best — panic.
  • Scorponok being a drama queen. When his monologuing winds up distracting him long enough for the Scavengers to get the drop on him, he refuses to explain the rest of his plan. Until they just decide to ask the Magnificence, so he changes his mind and explains everything anyway rather than have his thunder stolen by a Magic 8-ball.
  • Spinister is such a Cloudcuckoolander that he didn't notice his arm had been ripped off, except to note that his balance was funny.
  • Misfire, possibly the worst shot in Transformers history, somehow manages to shoot and kill three guards and acts like it's no big deal.

Lost Light issue 16

  • First off, everybody's dead. This issue is them reacting. True to form, it's mostly by bickering.
  • Rodimus discussing how he's got some post-death amnesia.
    Rodimus: Heck, I've only just remembered who I am. As it turns out, I'm pretty fantastic.
  • Rodimus has no idea how big galaxies are:
    Rodimus: So where's "here"? C'mon, Mags, gimme a name - I bet you catalogued all the planets years ago.
    Magnus: Catalogued all the-? Rodimus, there are over 100 billion planets in our galaxy.
  • Ten has a new experience.
    Ten: I can't explain it. But it's a pleasure to participate in my first ever conversa-
    Rodimus: Shh-shh-shh.
    Ten: (quietly) Interrupted mid-sentence! It's everything I hoped it would be! And now I'm speaking to myself! Even better!
  • Whirl takes exception to Swerve being cryptic:
    Whirl: Here's an idea: Let's all play the making sense game. When person A asks a question, person B has to give an answer that requires no further elaboration. If I ask "what happened to Ten?" and you're a mouthy little bartender - for example - and you say "he ascended" and I have to speculate as to what you mean, or infer things, or go away and do some research - then you lose.
    Velocity: Great game! I'll go first! Questions for Whirl: Where are we? How did we get here? And why is Ratchet solid when last time we saw him he was insubstantial? Sorry, am I not playing fair?
    Whirl: (Death Glare) Word of advice, when my eye does this, clear the area.
    • As Cyclonus interrupts, Velocity is smirking at Whirl.
  • Ultra Magnus: Master of the poorly timed comment, as Ratchet takes to the idea of an afterlife rather poorly.
    Ratchet: First, I survived a terminal illness by dying - something which makes even less sense when I say it out loud. And then I'm told that everything I lived my life by - everything I defined myself with reference to - science, medicine, rationalism - was wrong.
    Ultra Magnus: I believe they call that a "double whammy".
  • Whirl has his own problems with being dead. Namely, he thinks it sucks.
    Whirl: If I'd known death was going to be like this, I wouldn't have courted it so much.]] Angry denials, stunned silences. Gasps of disbelief. It's like that time Magnus tried to tell a joke.
  • Trailbreaker tries filling everyone in on why the Afterspark looks so... flat.
    Trailbreaker: If you were exposed to the full force of the next life straight away, your mind would struggle to cope. The extremes of your personality would be amplified, your emotional range would be severely restricted, and you'd struggle to relate to what's around you in any meaningful way.
    (Whirl, Nautica, Ratchet and Swerve look at Magnus)
    Magnus: Why are you all looking at me?
  • Rodimus goes into a Heroic BSoD. Ratchet tries to cheer him up by sinking to his level, which doesn't work. So Whirl shows him how it's done.
    Whirl: Hey. Cry-baby. Situations like this, there's only one question you gotta ask yourself: WWMD? What Would Megatron-
    Rodimus: [jumps to his feet] Alright! Okay! Enough's enough! Dunno about you guys, but I'm giving the Afterspark a big thumbs down. Two Matrixes out of five. Would not visit again.
    Rodimus: Trailcutter! Who's in charge round here?
    Trailcutter: Who's in charge?
    Rodimus: Yeah, who's the boss?
    Trailcutter: That...would be God.
    Swerve: Even if you're right, you can't just - you can't just demand an audience with God.
    Rodimus: Watch me.
    Rodimus whistles loudly
    Rodimus: Yo! Primus! Rodimus here. Long time fan, first time caller.
    Swerve: Oh. My. God.
    Ultra Magnus: And yet, if Rodimus was ever going to engage in theological conversation, this is exactly how it would play out.
    • It ends with Primus apparently disintegrating Rodimus in a flash of lightning.
      Whirl: (as everyone stares at where Rodimus had been standing) Now there's a god I can believe in.
    • Rodimus then finds himself before The Guiding Hand, the five gods who created the Cybertronian race, who tower over him like living mountains. He grins and offers them a friendly handshake.
  • A subtle one, but when Ten directs Brainstorm and Nautica on how to modify Skip's engines, they are apparently downstairs and Ratchet is apparently still sinking into the floor, because you can see Cyclonus staring in shock at his legs sticking out of the ceiling.
  • Whirl offers some suggestions as to what happened. It says a lot about this series that none of them seem beyond the realm of possibility.
    Whirl: How did we get out of that one? Did we find a subspace portal in Swerve's mouth? Were we rescued by our future selves? Did Brainstorm invent a weapon that turns danger into flashbacks?
  • Ratchet doesn't believe Cyclonus' claim that this is the afterlife.
    Ratchet: What can you or anyone possibly show me to make me believe that this is the place where the dead go to live?
    (Trailcutter and Pipes appear in a burst of light.)
    Ratchet: Okay, I don't know how you did that, but...
  • Ratchet demands to see proof that they're dead and this is the afterlife. The irritated Whirl bops him on the head and reminds him that they only took that dangerous shortcut to save his life, and now they're all waking up on autopsy tables in a strange place with a giant Matrix in the sky. Ratchet accepts this is a fair point.

Lost Light issue 17

  • Ratchet's scepticism after meeting the Guiding Hand remains firmly entrenched.
    Ratchet: I'd like an explanation so I can reject it.

    Ratchet: Anyone can pretend to be a giant robot and get you to tell them their origin.

Lost Light issue 18

  • During the confrontation in Ward Zero, Rodimus reveals that he's seen something like the stone guardians they're facing before. When Drift hopefully asks if they were friends, one of the stone mechs hauls off and punches Rodimus.
    Ultra Magnus: To be fair, that's not conclusive proof either way.
  • Nautica successfully bluffs the Scavengers by pointing her fingers at them and claiming her hand is a gun. Namedropping Brainstorm is all it takes to convince them, as they are well aware of his reputation.
    • Even funnier? Considering how many upgrades he's given her wrench, and their closeness, we can't really be sure he didn't give her a finger gun.
  • In the midst of all the Mind Screw, the Scavengers get distracted by how funny the word "truth" sounds if you say it a bunch of times. Nautica can only give a flabbergasted look to Nickel.
    Nickel: I know. Now imagine being with them all the time.
  • When examining the power source that the stone Omega Guardians were protecting, Ratchet concludes that it's being supplied by the patients who are wired up to it, and that tampering with it in any way would probably be a Bad Idea. Then he picks up a chair...
    Drift: Er...what are you going to do?
    Ratchet: I'm going to tamper with it.
  • Meanwhile, Ultra Magnus is taking a call from Whirl:
    Whirl: Excuse me! I haven't done anything!
    Ultra Magnus: Forgive me, but the last time we spoke on the phone, I was asking you to let the hostages go.
    Whirl: Yes, well, I was a different person then.
    Ultra Magnus: Yes - you could be reasoned with.
    Whirl: Look, I never thought I'd say this - to you of all people - but there's no time for flirty banter. We have an issue.
    • Later in the conversation, Whirl admits he's doesn't lack faith in religion so much as he actively hates the gods.
    • Even later, after the truth is revealed, Magnus tells Whirl to stay on the line and not do anything rash.
    Whirl: That's like telling fire to not be hot.
    • Seriously, the Magnus-Whirl banter is a gold mine that does not dry up:
    Whirl: Slow down, Chunky. What's going on?
    Ultra Magnus: This isn't the Afterspark, the dead haven't come back to life, and don't ever call me "Chunky."
  • Drift warns Ratchet that if this is the Afterspark, tampering with its power source (which Ratchet questions, as why would the afterlife need a power source) could end up damning him for all time. Ratchet only hesitates for all of one panel before swinging a chair right into the power core.
  • As Rodimus' group tries to make sense of The Reveal, the Scavengers reveal that they were expecting to arrive at Garrus 9. Ratchet notes that, had they stayed in their own Lotus-Eater Machine long enough, the Mederi program would have devised a means to kill them, like it did with Ten and Nightbeat.
    Ratchet: There you go.
  • A subtle one. Rodimus mentions his quest to recover The Magnificence in this issue. He apparently doesn't notice that Nickel is wearing the thing around her neck. In one panel he even puts his hands on her shoulders, but doesn't glance down.

Lost Light issue 19

  • Ultra Magnus proving he can be just as petty as Rodimus.
    Ultra Magnus: Run, people! Threat level five! Emergency protocol five! Escape procedure fi-
    Misfire: Five?
    Ultra Magnus: Six, actually!
    Misfire: Pretty sure you were gonna say-
    Ultra Magnus: Don't pretend you know the system!
  • Ultra Magnus giving Grimlock a warning shot to tell him the Sparkeaters are on their side...with Crankcase filling in as the gun.
  • After Grimlock suddenly shows up, Ultra Magnus is ready for the worst, since he and Grimlock aren't on the best of terms. However, he quickly loses his grip on the situation.
    Misfire: Grimsy! You're alive!
    Ultra Magnus: Best to keep your distance, Decepticon. Grimlock has a tendency to—
    Misfire embraces Grimlock
    Ultra Magnus: —hug people?
    Rodimus: Now that we've found Cyberutopia, we should go on a quest to explain this.
    Ultra Magnus: ...Grimlock's been missing for years. They probably found him, saved him—by accident, no doubt—and he feels protective towards them. You see? There's an explanation for everything.
    Ultra Magnus: *Blank expression* Nothing makes sense anymore.
  • The world may not be ready for the comedic duo of Swerve and Misfire, as evidenced by their reaction to the Info Dump provided by First Aid, Thunderclash, Riptide, and Wipe-Out regarding how they and Grimlock came to also be on Mederi.
    Misfire: That's how I like my explanations. Hard, fast, and confusing.
    Swerve: Yeah, I used to be in the recap business, and that precis did not take any prisoners.
    Misfire: It was like being beaten to death with a story so far.
    Misfire: *Shaking hands with Swerve* How come we've never met?
    Swerve: The universe hates winners.
  • The fact that Grimlock, who was supposed to give the Magnificence to Agonizer, actually gave him a baby to watch instead. One could only imagine the Curator's surprise at that.
  • Ratchet explaining that, due to the fact that half of the Sparkeaters' fuel lines are outside of their body, one clean shot will blow them to bits. Three guesses where he shoots Sparkeater!Bluestreak next.
    Ratchet: I swear I wasn't doing that to prove a point.

Lost Light issue 20:

  • First Aid's plan to fix the sparkeater situation is a "kinetic program code".
    Brainstorm: Wait - you're saying we're gonna punch them back to health?
    First Aid: Essentially, yes.
    Brainstorm: I picked the wrong profession.
  • Grimlock throwing his sword at the giant Scraplet monster mainly just Ultra Magnus will shut up.
  • Getaway's Lame Comeback to Rodimus' epic burn. And Scorponok's comeback to the comeback.
    Getaway: Kill him.
    Scorponok: (as he's already preparing to crush Rodimus' head) As opposed to?
  • Seeing the combined swarm of Scraplets act like an affectionate kitten to Whirl, just after they've killed Getaway in a hideous, hideous fashion.
  • Crankcase trying to fill in for Misfire in the puns department when the scraplets get stabbed in the head. Much to Grimlock's confusion. And his own!
    Crankcase: Splitting headache.
    Grimlock: Huh?
    Crankcase: That's what- if Misfire were here, that's what he'd say. "Something something"...pause...Splitting headache! I don't know what my point is.
  • Rodimus noting that Ultra Magnus takes such good care of the sprinkler system, he might as well be writing sprinkler fanfiction.

Lost Light Issue 21

  • One of the items on Swerve's questlist is "Use a solar eclipse to convince god-fearing locals that you command the heavens".
  • Misfire's spot-on lampshading of what's going to happen.
    Misfire: A new place, a new mystery, random fragments of information...In thirty seconds' time, we'll be fighting for our lives.
    Chromedome: What makes you say that?
    Misfire: S'what always happens. To us, anyway...
    Rewind: He's not wrong.
  • Ultra Magnus going on about a colleague who used to exaggerate frequently. Between their first meeting and the time he transferred away, Magnus surmises he exaggerated...about four or five times.
    Misfire: That...didn't go where I expected.
    Swerve: And yet it kind of did?

Lost Light Issue 22

  • Grimlock is surprised to hear Rodimus working so well with Megatron, after he returns from the Functionist universe with the rest of the AVL.
    Grimlock: Megatron?
    Rodimus: I never thought I'd say this, but...he's not that bad once you get to know him.
  • Swerve and Misfire continuing to be the ultimate comedic duo.
    Misfire: Look, I'm glad everyone's on the same page, but it's the last page in a book called We're All Going To Die.
    Swerve: (facepalming with a giant grin) What? That's not even clever. I love it.
  • With everyone assembled, everyone tries to come up with a plan for how to deal with the functionalist universe's version of Primus.
    Grimlock: We blow him up.
    Ultra Magnus: We blow him up. That's your plan.
    Grimlock: What's your plan, we don't blow him up?

Lost Light Issue 23

  • Whirl takes the revelation of Rung's true identity in his own unique way:
    Whirl: "I strangled God."
    • Ratchet's reaction is pretty good too.
    Ratchet: I'll tell you one thing...if there's a God, He's making less and less of an effort to make me believe in Him. [...] It's not hilarious it's—it's silly. It's deeply silly.
  • After making it back to the Lost Light, the cast tries to make sense of what to do about the Functionist Primus.
    Fulcrum: Do we run? Asking for a friend.
    Megatron: If we run, we condemn the entire universe to death.
    Fulcrum: So... that's a no?
    Rodimus: Not now, Magnus.
  • After the Lost Light makes it off of the final Cybertron before the Functionist Primus destroys it, Megatron gives Crankcase, the pilot, an order.
    Megatron: Excellent. Now turn us around.
    Brainstorm: Turn us a—What?!
    Megatron: Crankcase?
    Crankcase: As you command, Megatron.

Lost Light Issue 25

  • Turns out Rodimus wasn't kidding about the sprinkler fanfiction.
    Ultra Magnus: And that's Sprinklor—he's the second in command. Hates fires. I mean they all hate fires, but he can't stand them. He's very by-the-book, very rule-driven.
    Brainstorm: Cool. And everyone takes the piss out of him behind his back?
    Ultra Magnus: Out of Sprinklor? Why would they do that?

  • Not from the comic itself but this message from Jack Angel (the original voice actor for Ultra Magnus in the cartoon series) to James Roberts in which he challenges Roberts to a fistfight over his portrayal of Ultra Magnus. It's amazing.
    "Unlike Ultra Magnus I can and will deal with you now!"
  • A Fanon piece by the series' colorist, Josh Burcham deals with Ultra Magnus handing Megatron the Autobot book, the unabridged version.
  • Turns out that Hot Shot's single panel cameo in issue 35 happened because Dave Willis asked Alex Milne to. Even funnier, it forms a sort of brick joke/call back; several years ago Milne had used Hot Shot as a red-shirt background character in another comic as a playful jab at Willis.
  • James Roberts revealed a deleted scene from issue 22 wherein Ratchet's hand's may be haunted. Josh Burcham recreated the scene on his own time and posted it.
  • The realization that, when he can't punch his way out of a situation, Megatron's instinctual defense mechanism is to huddle in the fetal position.
  • There's just something amusing about how everybody used to respect Pharma as much as they did Ratchet, but now he's gone crazy with chainsaws on his hands, everybody calls him "'Mad Doctor' Pharma" whenever he's brought up.

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