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    Chapter One 
Episode 1 – Fractured
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Bumblebee falling to death? Horrifying. But after Windblade saves him and Bumblebee says "Again, again, again! I want another ride!" Hilarious.

Episode 2 – Memory

  • One of the highlights is when Bumblebee annoys Thundercracker:
    Thundercracker: "You filthy Autobot scum!"
    Bumblebee: "Really? 'Cause my friend's cousin's neighbor, like, totally saw you at the roller rink last night..."
    Thundercracker: "I will destroy you for saying... whatever you're talking about!"

Episode 3 – Allspark

  • Bumblebee first called the Allspark as "AllSparkles".

Episode 4 – The Journey

  • Wheeljack is too busy with his latest experiment and puts the Ark on a blackout as a result.

Episode 7 – Cube

  • The Decepticons' training program is a game of Pong.

Episode 8 – Terminal Velocity

  • This:
    Hot Rod: "I could do this course with my optics turned off."
    Blurr: "Whatever you say, Hot Shot."
    Hot Rod: "That's Hot Rod."
    Blurr: "Hot Rod, Hot Dog, nobody ever remembers who comes in second place anyway."

Episode 9 - Shadowstriker

  • Bumblebee doesn't believe he will succeed in saving Optimus:
    Bumblebee: "Bee to Grimlock. I’ve located Optimus. I’m gonna try something, I don't think it's gonna work. Yep, probably won’t work. Wish me luck!"
  • Windblade tries to remind Bumblebee of who he is:
    Windblade: "The Bumblebee I know fought in countless battles, not only bravely, but with unparalleled skill."
    Bumblebee: "Sounds awesome! I wish I was him."

Episode 10 - Maccadam's

  • Soundwave dancing. It has to be seen to be believed, especially when two Seekers decide to join in.

Episode 11 - Sabotage

Episode 12 - Teletraan-X

  • If there's something that will make Slipstream and Windblade to agree on something is that Teletraan-X's saying of 'not crew' is very annoying.
    Slipstream: "Finally this annoying little Ark drone is good for something... other than saying 'not crew'."
    Teletraan-X: "Well, you're not."
    Slipstream and Windblade: (in unison) "SILENCE!"

Episode 13 – Matrix of Leadership

Episode 14 - Siloed

  • When Slipstream and the Seekers try to interrogate Windblade:
    Slipstream: "We know everything. I'm simply waiting for the command from Starscream to deactivate you. Something I'll do with pleasure."
    Windblade: " Thundercracker. Is any of that true?"
    Thundercracker: "Well, not really, but it's scarier that way."
    Slipstream: "THUNDERCRACKER!"

Episode 15 - King of the Dinosaurs

Episode 16 - The Extinction Event

Episode 17 - Awaken Sleeping Giants

  • After the plane crashes, Teletraan-X still remains as upbeat as ever.
    Teletraan-X: "Wasn't that an exciting flight? Oh look, we're still under attack!"
    • Also, during the battle with the Seekers, Teletraan-X tries to intimidate Thundercracker by claiming himself to be his doom and destruction in the least intimidating manner possible, as Thundercracker tries to shake him off...and then Teletraan-X takes him out with his lasers.
  • Grimlock catches Bee in his arms. And Bee cries like a baby!

Episode 18 – Eruption

  • After Teletraan-X uploads himself to replace Teletraan-1, he has trouble launching the ship, and we have this:
    Bumblebee: "Get us out of here! Now!"
    Teletraan-X: "I'm doing the best I can. I'll try everything!" [upbeat polka music fills the ship as doors and lights switch on and off]
    Grimlock: "Turn that music OFF!"

    Chapter Two - Power of the Spark 
Episode 1 – Sea of Tranquility
  • Somehow, between Seasons 1 and 2, the Autobots and Decepticons have not had the same level of success in hiding themselves they've had in previous series, as demonstrated by three online videos:
    • A guy pointing out Prime and Bumblebee's vehicle modes on a quiet city street, at first seeming like a typical tinfoil hat-wearing Conspiracy Theorist... until he pans the camera a bit to show Windblade creating a traffic hazard by parking her jet mode in the middle of the street.
    • A newscaster freaking out when a typical police pursuit coverage turns into a throwdown between Shadow Striker and Prowl.
    • A "Top 10 Bot Fails" compilation with the top 3 being:
      • Megatron tripping over some wires. Yes, you read that right.
      • Bumblebee doing a little dance before falling on his tailpipe.
      • Hot Rod doing some drifting before transforming to robot mode... only to fall down a crevasse.

Episode 2 – Bad Moon Rising

  • The episode begins with a compilation of Megatron berating Starscream... shown from the latter's perspective.
  • Grimlock tries to knock a door down only for a self-destruct sequence on the other side to kick in, causing the door to knock him down.
    Grimlock (cheerful): "Yes, these Decepticon control rooms - always blowing up in our faces!"
  • Starscream clearly didn't prepare for his brief time as Decepticon leader:
    "Prepare engines for takeoff! Recall all Seekers! And someone tell me what these little buttons do!"
  • Wheeljack's cavalier approach to technology keeps shining through:
    Optimus Prime: "Unless we shut down those engines, the moon will shatter the earth!"
    Wheeljack: "Oh, we can stop it, no problem! One question; how important is it to keep the earth's moon intact?"
    Hot Rod: "Yeah...they'll probably want it in one piece."

Episode 3 – The Visitor

  • When Bumblebee tries to talk to Teletraan X about the "Moon Cheetah" the ship's computer tries its best to help but instead delivers unintentional hilarity by offhandedly referencing Aztec Astronauts and concluding that Bumblebee must have seen a banana rather than a living creature. He then cheerfully launches into a long lecture of banana an empty hallway.
  • Arcee's collection of selfies with Earth animals.
  • This exchange:note 
    "I just got a repaint!"
    "So did I. Mine looks better!"
  • After a plan to stop Grimlock's hyperfuel-induced rampage with a mega-magnetizer backfires and only succeeds in magnetizing him as well, Hot Rod and Windblade wind up stuck to the speeding Dinobot, with more and more objects getting stuck to all three of them.
    Hot Rod: "Why does everything in our life have to be metal?!"

Episode 4 – Bring Me the Spark of Optimus Prime

Episode 5 – Trials

  • First stage of the titular "Trials" is essentially Cheetor asking Optimus and Megatron trivia questions about each other, much to their confusion.
    • Not to mention Megatron being offended that Optimus doesn't know who he defeated in his most well-known victory as a gladiator.
  • Cheetor then runs from GroundBridge portal to GroundBridge portal, confusing Prime and Megatron even more.
    Optimus Prime: "This is... strange."
  • When Starscream suddenly intervenes and steals the AllSpark, Optimus accuses Megatron of planning this from the beginning. Megatron feebly plays along.
  • Grimlock's reaction to Cheetor's naiveté:
    "I like this one!"

Episode 6 – Dark Birth

  • Grimlock and Cheetor prove to be a surprising comedic duo.
    Cheetor: "What is the AllSpark like? The AllSpark is like... the AllSpark!"
    Grimlock: "Ah, yes, of course. It would be very similar to itself I imagine."
  • During the battle between Autobots and Decepticons taking place in the Nemesis, Clobber and Lockdown hide to cut a break from fighting the Autobots.
    Clobber: "I'm so tired of fighting Autobots..."
    Lockdown: "We better not let anyone see us here!"
    Hot Rod: "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone!"

Episode 7 – Parley

  • An unhinged Starscream introduces the Seekers to the reborn Primes of the form of mindless Scraplets. While gloating about their "exquisite new bodies," the camera zooms in on one of them vomiting up energon.
  • In the meeting room, Optimus and Megatron try to have a discussion. However, Soundwave keeps annoying Windblade with a music while Shockwave annoys Grimlock by staring at him. As the heat between them tensions, Megatron angrily demands everyone to leave the room.
  • Slipstream unsuccessfully tried to get Soundwave (who tried to kill her for betrayal) to listen to her pleas about Starscream:
    Slipstream: Starscream's gone mad! He's made these-
    Soundwave: He was always mad. (continues attacking her)
  • Wheeljack and Shockwave end up being together once again. Wheeljack gets very excited and giddy. Shockwave...does not. The sheer dissonance between them is hilarious.
    • As it turns out, after all these years, Shockwave's drones still can dance on command.
      Wheeljack: And, uh, they still do that thing?
      Shockwave (in an unamused tone): Pathetic... (inputs the command, and drones start dancing, much to Wheeljack's amusement)
    • And when things finally go downhill as the truce breaks, Wheeljack and Shockwave have different opinion on their experiences:
      Wheeljack: "Well, it was fun while it lasted."
      Shockwave: "No, it wasn't."

Episode 10 – Secret Science

  • Wheeljack once again gets excited by Shockwave's stuff, as Shockwave has to deal with his antics, repeatedly trying to get him to stop touching his stuff.
  • After Megatron scolds Shockwave for the main cannons of Nemesis not working, he threatens to get him replaced by Soundwave as a scientist if he continues failing. After he dismisses him and tells him to get back to work, Soundwave decides to rub the salt in his wounds even further by playing electronic version of Losing Horns, much to Shockwave's annoyance. It got even Shadow Striker, of all people, to chuckle.
  • While Wheeljack was working on the device that would control the drones, he had Shockwave's hand to give him necessary tools. As he kept requesting tools, he eventually requested the blaster. The hand instinctively gave up its blaster to Wheeljack, who now had means to threaten it. As the hand realizes what it had done, it tries to snatch the blaster back from him.
    Wheeljack (after taking the blaster): Wow. Didn't think that would work.

Episode 12 – I Am The Allspark

  • Allspark-powered Starscream tries to intimidate an unimpressed Megatron.
    Starscream: Oh, Megatron. Where would I be without the mighty Lord Megatron? I really should thank you for all the pain! The humiliation! The unrelenting cruel-
    Megatron: You're welcome!
    Starscream: No! This is the part where you beg for my forgiveness!
    Megatron: Why should I? You are Starscream. You will fail. You always have. And you always will.

Episode 13 – Escape From Earth

  • After he was dragged into his prison cell, Starscream wakes up and tries to use his Allspark powers to kill the Autobots...only to realize he doesn't have the Allspark in his body anymore, resulting in him being mocked by the Autobots.

Episode 14 – Party Down

  • Optimus Prime awkwardly trying to make a celebratory speech. As puts it, "inspiring speeches to lift spirits, he can do. Celebratory speeches, not so much".
    Optimus Prime: Er, together, we will triumph over, er, I mean, enjoy this party. It is up to every one of us to do our duty and be... festive. Er, now to the best of your ability, I call upon you to have fun!
    The other Autobots are stuck in a pause before awkwardly applauding
  • In the ending, Optimus Prime dances. It must be seen to be believed. Also, given the context, doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

Episode 15 – Wiped Out

  • Sharkticons denying the fact they look exactly alike, pointing out their differently-colored battle stripes.

Episode 17 – Perfect Storm

  • The Running Gag of Grimlock and Arcee reciting some trivia about things they encounter only to realize how much danger they pose to the now-deactivated Ark.
    • First, they see the Air Hammer flock and talk about how their heads are made of the hardest substance in the known universe, and that they can tear any spaceship to bits if they hit it. Then they realize the flock heads straight for them.
    • Then they say that the flock of Air Hammers usually means a comet storm is incoming. Then they realize the comets fly straight at them.
    • And then they talk about how comet storms are sometimes caused by the supernova explosions...and once again a realization hits them.
  • To make sure the Allspark will reactivate the Ark and the Autobots, Grimlock grabs Cheetor and tap Allspark with Cheetor, explaining it with the Allspark always working when Cheetor touches it.
  • Later on, Arcee tries to sacrifice herself to reactivate the shields to protect the Ark from the supernova explosion. Grimlock doesn't allow her and tries to sacrifice himself instead. As a result, they actually break into a fight to prevent the other from sacrificing themselves.
  • And then, they discover Teletraan-X in his drone form, who tells his story about how Ark got deactivated. He then points out that he got almost shot with lasers during the comet storm, and Grimlock and Arcee, who were responsible for lasers due shooting off the comets, just sheepishly grin.
  • Ultimately, Teletraan-X reveals that the whole time there was a single button that could reactivate the whole Ark and restore the shields.

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