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Bee in the City

  • The fourth wall basically doesn't exist in this reading, making for some great meta jokes.
  • Sari, Professor Sumdac, Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee all coming down with a bad case of Dull Surprise when the Professor's newest invention (predictably) goes haywire.
    Everyone Else: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  • Shockwave's constant insistence that he's not evil, just morally ambiguous.
  • While Shockwave and Optimus argue back and forth. Optimus points out that Shockwave isn't using proper grammar. Shockwave is not very appreciative.
    Shockwave: Items of cosmic significance like this Allspark-powered key are contraband in Axiom Nexus, and I will not allow you to Deus ex Machina your way out of this.
    Shockwave: SILENCE!
    • Earlier, Sari attempted to get Shockwave to let her go since she's "just a little girl." Doesn't take.
    Shockwave: Child, the only way you could make me more suspicious is if you were wearing a yellow hard hat.
  • Shockwave calls Optimus "Rescue Roy" before examining him, and it's most certainly a case of Malicious Misnaming given it occurs mere moments after Optimus corrects Shockwave's grammar.
    Sari: What? It's not like I'm some hyper-advanced, human-like robot my dad made or anything. That's silly.note 
    • Optimus' reaction to Shockwave's routine Matrix Check is... interesting.
  • After a cutaway we return to Bumblebee getting lunch at a drive through somewhere instead of thinking of a plan to help his friends.
    • This bit actually leads to Beast Wars Megatron's glorious entrance into the plot, hurrying Bumblebee along because he's taking too long at the drive through and Megs is famished, Yesssss!. After welcoming Bumblebee to Axiom Nexus, he hastily comes up with the pseudonym "Joe" to avoid conflict.
  • While explaining the Transtechs xenophobia to Bumblebee, Megatron takes the opportunity to make fun of Beast Wars and Animated's divisive receptions.
    Megatron: Why, when I came in they thought that I and my kind would destroy the Franchise. *chuckle* I mean... The Multiverse.
    Bumblebee: You too, huh?
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  • After hearing about Sari's Allspark Key, Megatron agrees to help Bumblebee rescue his friends, asserting that he's a heroic Predacon, after quickly checking if Predacons are a thing in Bumblebee's home dimension.
  • Bumblebee and "Joe" drop a few names while trying to think up a rescue plan.
    Bumblebee: We need help. BIG help! Maybe we can rig up a communicator and call in Grimlock. Or maybe con Lugnut into helping us out.
    Megatron: Oh, please. What do I look like, Scott McNeil?
  • Throughout the reading Bumblebee is mistaken for other Kid Appeal Characters, much to his irritation. note 
  • The way Megatron is defeated, Bumblebee tells all the robots that Megatron brought to life with the Allspark key that they'll have to fill out paperwork to be part of Axiom Nexus' society. They don't take it well and immediately turn on Megatron.
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  • The reason neither side mentions the events of this little excursion? Both sides independently of each other decide "Let Us Never Speak of This Again".