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    Fridge Brilliance 


  • In a meta-example, one of Megatron's first lines is "Decepticons, I have returned.". This is a clever nod to how much this is the first cartoon since the original series that Frank Welker voiced Megatron. note 
  • Why would Starscream wear high heels? For one, high heels extend the wearer's height, making them look taller- considering Megatron is extremely tall and bulky, that extra height might making Screamer look more intimidating. Additionally, cavalry archers originally wore heeled boots(due to the better stability while ridding their horse and firing at the same time), and Starscream, as a jet, is pretty much the Cybertronian equivalent to The Cavalry.
  • Soundwave's G1 counterpart was a cassette-recorder, with his minions as ejectable mixtapes. In Prime, he's sleeker, slicker, and thinner, and his minions now dock onto his body and undock when he deploys them. Not only that, but Soundwave can now function as a communications hub, gather information from the internet, hack computers, remote-control various equipment, track locations, and so on. Soundwave is still based on a device the kids watching listen to music on; it's just that the device in question when Prime premiered was the smartphone.
  • There’s something interesting in the way the Transformers in this franchise view death. When the Autobots heard about Megatron raising undead soldiers, including Cliffjumper, they were horrified (obviously), but then I noticed a larger pattern. Knockout didn't care about Airachnid killing Breakdown but was incensed at Silas defiling his body by using it as a suit. Dreadwing didn't care that Bumblebee was the one who killed Skyquake, but he became enraged when Starscream tried to turn him into a zombie. The logical conclusion from these observations: Cybertronians, especially Decepticons, view the defiling of a corpse as a greater atrocity than the actual killing of a Transformer.
    • That might have something to do with their lives- the lives of most cybertronians, in the modern era, are terrible- a constant war that has raged for millions of years with no end in sight, the very supplies necessary to keep their race from extinction rapidly depleting, their homeworld a desolate wasteland of ruined scrap and rubble... It's possible that the Transformers believe so strongly in the promise of a better life after death that they almost look forward to it. The prospect of finally laying down one's burdens, stopping the fight, and experiencing possibly the first peace in their entire lives... that's a prospect that human religions have espoused for thousands of years.

Darkness Rising, Part 4

  • Why does Bulkhead ask Miko to look away when he's fighting the Vehicon? From his perspective, he's ripping someone's heart out, which is certainly not suitable for kids, and he knows it.

Darkness Rising, Part 5

  • Ratchet not knowing about the large radio antenna array is a prelude to the episode where he's unable to help Raf. Just as he wouldn't have bothered to study human medicine, given that he doesn't think highly of human technology, he naturally wouldn't have looked at that either.
  • "One shall shall fall." Megatron shall stand at the entrance to the destructing Space Bridge screaming and desperate to save his doomed undead army, and Optimus Prime shall fall into the waiting Groundbridge to escape to Earth with the other Autobots.


  • The "minimal force" used against M.E.C.H. seems excessive, as in blown up cars excessive. However, that kind of force would have been minimal against Decepticons. Clearly, human vehicles are more fragile than what the Autobots are used to fighting, making this a collective Does Not Know His Own Strength.

Deus Ex Machina

  • Starscream's disdain for an automobile alternate mode makes more sense if you remember that a good portion of the Vehicons, the minions, turn into cars. To Starscream, not only does it lack the perks, but also, to Decepticons, flight is a symbol of status and command.
    • It could also be seen as faction divisionism, since the Autobots seem to prefer car-based alternate modes in general. It may explain why Knock Out is considered such a Butt-Monkey even by his fellow Decepticons.
    • If Megatron's backstory is what we think it is, the Decepticon cause started thanks to Caste-based oppression. The very concept of flight could represent freedom, which is what the Decepticons were originally fighting for, and even if the ideals of the cause no longer apply, it could be a cultural thing for Decepticons to prefer flight-based modes.

Rock Bottom

  • Rock Bottom is often a term where a character hits at his/her lowest emotional and psychological state. When the mine collasped, the five characters( Megatron, Starscream, Jack, Miko, and Bulkhead) all hit into a desperate situation with little to no help coming soon and we see how they react to this situation, revealing what they are in dark.
    • For Starscream, although given the chance to abandon Megatron to his fate, we see that he would rather risk his own life to save Megatron for his master's respect than live his life as a rogue, hunted and devoid of resources while the other Decepticons receive all the fame and glory for Megatron's rescue.
      • Part of this was pragmatism on the account that, well after surviving the space bridge explosion Starscream was smart enough to recognize Megatron's capacity to survive the impossible. It also serves as fun foreshadowing into future plots, since Starscream gets Put on a Bus the very next episode in opposition to what happens in Rock Bottom, and much of season 2 is spent with Starscream squaring his ambitions with his rationality and pragmatism over what he REALLY wants out of life.
    • Megatron, on the other hand, doesn't fear death even when it's right at his face. He reveals himself to be a Social Darwinist at heart and directly mocks Optimus Prime's beliefs in peace and mercy by encouraging Jack to kill him in this helpless state. If Jack does kill him, then he has proven that the Autobot morals are easily corruptible and that they are no better than Decepticons. If Jack doesn't however, then Megatron lives and would continue to wreak further atrocities, thereby ruining any chance of ending the the war quickly. Either way, Megatron wins.
    • When Jack Darby is trapped and separated from his partner Arcee, he shows that he is capable of handling the situation with no one around, quickly finding a drill machine and using it to tunnel his way out and find the others. When Jack was given the chance to kill Megatron, he did not relinquish Optimus Prime's ideology even if it could end the war.
    • When Miko and Bulkhead are trapped in a cave, with Bulkhead holding the ceiling and the level of oxygen decreasing, both of them show a side of concern and care for the other. Miko, despite being unable to dig her way out or fight decepticons, is more than willing to try to save Bulkhead from being crushed under the ceiling even to her own detriment. Even after Jack breaks in and offers her an escape, she only accepts it with extreme reluctance and not without considerable grief on her part. Bulkhead's first priority is to get Miko out immediately before focusing on his problem. When Starscream threatens to attack Miko, Bulkhead demanded that Starscream deal with him alone despite his disadvantage.
    • We don't see much of Arcee in this episode despite her being one of the causes for the cave-in, but the truth is she already hit her rock bottom. In fact, the bitterness of hitting the bottom was how Jack found her way back in Darkness Rising. She already experienced the despair of "no way out" under Arachnid, and so all she can do now is move to help the others out of their predicament since she's been there, done that.


  • Given how careful Silas, you would think he would notice if Jack stole his radio. But certain objects can so light that person might no notice their presence, like not realizing if a cellphone is in their pocket. With Jack stealing it, Silas is smart but all of his precuations are typically for things that are within reason like being discovered, or a Decepticon turning on him. A teenager trying to trick him is something so out of the realm of possibilities he would never expect it.

One Shall Rise, Part 1

  • There are some goofs, like some grammatical errors and Optimus stating that Earth's core is full of lava as opposed to magma, but these are Aliens Speaking English. It takes us long enough to learn the language of the country next door to us! And, even if these guys use the internet like their movie incarnations, who's to say that they didn't pick up some dodgy urban myths while doing so? Besides, none of the humans present seem like the types to care (or know) of these errors, and the 'Cons are the ones making most of them, especially Megatron; the guy who spent three years in space, thinks Humans Are Bastards and refuses to sink low enough to take an "native" alt mode.
    • Not to take away from the main point, but A) complaining about lava vs. magma is like complaining about using the wrong meteoroid/meteor/meteorite, and B) the core isn't made of magma, either; that's the mantle. The core is made of metal.
      • Living metal...making it a stealth double Fridge Brilliance looping back on itself!
  • It seems that, for all his Chewing the Scenery, Unicron's power is finite, given that he can create a single Mook capable of talking and over powering Optimus, but an army speaks in unison and does about as well as Megatron's mooks. The giants he creates later seems to be incapable of anything other than dull movements, such as scraping the ground and walking slowly.
    • Of course, Unicron was never fully awake during the entire season 1 finale, as that would have destroyed the Earth. A fully-conscious Unicron could probably split his consciousness more ways than a semi-conscious one could.
  • Given Unicron is one with the planet Earth and energon is cybertronian blood, they're basically taking Unicron's blood. But more than that, humans might also be doing the same in the form of things like oil and geo-thermal energy...
    • Which actually justifies his condemning humans as "parasites." After all, how would YOU feel if you found out somebody's been stealing fluids and tissue from your body while you were asleep?
    • Mind you, the minerals we use generally aren't from Unicron - he is just the Core of the Earth, and things like oil and metallic ores found their own way here, so the argument isn't really as valid (we haven't really gone beyond the Crust, let alone hit the Mantle or the Core). Back to square one for the most part - he'll kill use just because our existence is an inconvenience to his waking up. Then again, he is Made of Evil... we shouldn't really expect much empathy from the Cybertronian version of The Devil.
  • When Unicron uses his first avatar to initially attack Optimus, Optimus instead pauses and attempts to reason with him first instead. Surprisingly, Unicron halts his attack and seems interested in hearing what he has to say. Why? Well, if one remembers that The Fallen was once a Prime who fell to Unicron's influence, then there's a good reason why Unicron would hear Optimus out; to see if Optimus himself would also be willing to make an offer of servitude.

One Shall Rise, Part 2

  • Some people complained that Megatron hearing Rachet's communication with Arcee in this episode was a continuity error. However, if you watch some of the earlier episodes you'll notice that Soundwave is somehow able to pick up transmissions between Autobots. Somehow, he might have been able to break the code, allowing them to hear Arcee's position, Wheeljack's arrival, and Optimus's troubles with MECH.
    • Furthermore, we later learned that the reason the Decepticons came to Earth in the first place was because Starscream picked up an Autobot transmission. If Starscream was able to pick it up, then someone like Soundwave would definitely be able to decipher secure Autobot transmissions.
  • Jack refusing to take the bait from Megatron. Jack made that mistake with the school bully back in "Speed Metal," and got in trouble with every Autobot, Decepticon, and human involved. Lesson learned!
  • When Optimus gives Jack the Key to Vector Sigma, pay close attention to Optimus' facial expressions. As he explains what the key is, Optimus doesn't make eye contact, he's blinking rather quickly, and he doesn't look at Jack until he finishes his explanation. Why is this important? These are all dead giveaways that someone is lying.
One Shall Rise, Part 3
  • Earlier in the series, Starscream spends a lot of time trying to get around Soundwave rather than directly challenging him whilst in command of the Decepticons. Then this season finale comes along and Airachnid doesn't think she needs to. Cue Soundwave utterly owning her and forcing her to yield. Starscream was worried about getting his skidplate kicked if he tried anything too ambitious.
    • Also note that, in the fight, Airachnid doesn't land a single damaging blow onto Soundwave. Why? Because Soundwave is a scout; it's his job to watch people and listen in on them, meaning he's been watching Airachnid's moves, and accordingly created a strategy.
      • It's possible that Soundwave was defeated by Optimus in "Minus One" because he has barely seen the new Optimus in action.
    • Ratchet mentions that Soundwave's loyalty was important for Megatron when the latter was leading his revolution. This seems like a offhanded mention at first. However:
      • In "Masters And Students", Starscream refuses to investigate Megatron's detected life signal...a decision he quickly reconsiders out of fear of displeasing Soundwave.
      • In this episode, the Decepticons were all ready to rebel with Airachnid against Megatron until Soundwave thoroughly stomped her into the ground.
    • The Decepticons are more loyal to Soundwave than Megatron. Why? He was the only Gladiator in Kaon that could have bested Megatron. No other Transformer, not even Optimus, holds this title.
    • Why was Starscream worried about Soundwave when Airachnid wasn't? Because Starscream has worked with Soundwave since the earliest days of the Decepticons, and thus knows how dangerous Soundwave is, whereas Airachnid was new to Megatron's inner circle, and thus had no idea what she'd just picked a fight with until it was too late.
  • Why Bulkhead is the only one affected by Dark Energon: all the others have already come into contact with it; it's keeping Megatron alive, Optimus has fought a bunch of Terrorcons and was in the midst of a Dark Energon eruption, Bee directly handled a shard of it in episode 14 and was hit with the stuff in episode 23, and Arcee was infected with it way back in episode 2.
    • This also helps to explain why Bee recovered from the dark energon effects of Megatron's blast fairly quickly even though he should've gotten sick from it like Raf did.
      • Arcee and Optimus only had second-hand contact with Dark Energon that was diluted with other substances (non-Energon fluids from the zombies, soot and ash from the volcano). Bee, however, spent a good portion of an episode with a concentrated amount of undiluted Dark Energon in his hand.
  • The writers have found a way to kill Optimus without breaking their rule that when a characters dies, they stay dead. By having Optimus loses his memories as a Prime, and worse yet, join the Decepticons, in effect, Optimus Prime is dead.
  • Megatron is briefly possessed by Unicron, and appears to be in flames. Consider the source of Megatron's name. If one is not savvy on the mythology of Transformers: Megatronus Prime would later go on to be known as The Fallen.
  • So why did Unicron have an eye inside his own body. 2 reasons: 1) he finally caught on to the fact that anyone who wants to defeat him will enter his body to do it, (2) He realized you can't fly a ship through his eye when it's on the inside.
    • There's also the fact that despite having transcended physical form, as Optimus states in the season finale, he also still has a physical form that he can and as shown by his spark being still within his spark chamber, does inhabit. As such, being a god, he can pretty much do anything he wants to his own body.
    • He's in his alt mode, and the eye is part of the Kibbles and Bits.

Orion Pax, Part 1

  • Agent Fowler asks, "Why send a boy to do a Bot's job?" To me, that was a good question - why would Optimus make Jack the only one who can restore his memory, when the other Autobots are more likely to survive to finish the job? And this is more than Optimus trusting in Jack's maturity; the other 'bots have been with him far, far longer than the humans have. But Optimus gave the Key to Vector Sigma to Jack because he knows Megatron's disdain for humans in general: when Megs was waiting on the other side of the Space Bridge, he was expecting Arcee to hold the Key. But when Arcee arrived, she fought him instead, buying Jack enough time to restore Optimus's memory. Optimus knew what would happen when he unleashed the Matrix on Unicron, anticipated what his team would try to do - and found the one factor he knew Megatron would overlook.
  • Starscream returning to steal energon makes perfect sense when you think of the fact that all transformers use energon to function. Starscream doesn't know where the autobot base is, so it makes sense that he would come back aboard the decepticon ship to steal cubes for himself.

Orion Pax, Part 3

  • So Optimus' Matrix of Leadership was reformatted, and Jack had to retrieve a new copy of the data. Jack was in possession of the only active copy of the Matrix. Jack was, temporarily, a Prime.
  • Megatron single-handedly bests all of the Autobots with little effort. This shows above all else, why the Autobots are so desperate to get Optimus back aside from being their leader or friend. He is the only one of them shown to be an even match for Megatron, thus without him they literally do not stand the slightest hope of a chance of winning against the Decepticons.
  • If you pay attention to the modified image of Optimus Prime Decepticons make, it is actually does not resemble to Optimus Prime(i.e Orion Pax) at all, but more like Ultra Magnus, who showed up in season 3 and look similar to Original Optimus Prime.

Operation: Bumblebee, Part 1

  • Bulkhead seems quite panicky at the thought of Optimus finding out that he's taken Bumblebee out on a scouting mission with him. This may be because he got told off for doing the same thing in "Darkness Rising" with Miko!
  • Now that we know Bumblebee was tortured and maimed by Megatron himself, his actions in Sick Mind/Out of His Head take bravery to a whole new level.

Loose Cannons

  • In this episode, Wheeljack is initially distrusting and not entirely respectful of Optimus Prime, viewing him as the kind of commander who would rather put his troops in danger than himself. Now, in this universe, Wheeljack and Optimus have never directly met or worked with one another before, so it makes a little sense that Wheeljack might judge his character wrongly. It makes a whole lot more sense, when you remember who the previous leader of the Autobots was in this universe and that his attitude towards his troops was scarily similar to that of Megatron.


  • Why Starscream's clones have T - Cogs. If you assume that the genetic code he's talking about is equal to DNA, it's completely logical for said DNA to contain code for T Cogs, we would have code for 2 kidneys even if one were removed, the respective genes would just be dormant everywhere but the kidneys.
    • It's more likely that the DNA simply contains instructions on what to turn into, and T-Cogs are simply standard equipment in the basic protoform bodies. Simply put, Starscream put software onto existing hardware—he didn't change the hardware.
    • Does this really count as "Fridge"? Because if you ever paid attention in Biology class, it shouldn't.
    • However, Fridge Logic ensues when you ask yourself why an alien robot would use DNA as carrier of its genetic information. And on the computer screen during the cloning process a DNA double helix is clearly seen.
      • Humans might just use DNA in the Transformers Universe due to Unicron's influence. My logic for this is basically this: Cybertronians are humanoid, and they showed up first. The original Cybertronians were created by Primus. The core of earth is Unicron, so therfore he may have been able to influence us while he dreamed. Therfore, humans might have been Unicron accidentally mimicking Primus's creation of the original primes while he was asleep.
      • Later episodes explicitly confirm the existance of Cybernucleic Acid (CNA), the Cybertronian equivalent of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA).
  • Paying attention early on, you'll notice something strange is going on when the Starscream Clone confronting Bulkhead has his hands change into guns, something that Cybertronians who lack T-Cogs are unable to do.
    • Even before that, close-ups reveal that clone!Starscream's scar is missing.

Tunnel Vision

  • Most people watching the show assume that the kids, Fowler and the Autobots simply abandoned Vogel, and...they would be correct. The logical explanation is of course, Optimus was not on location to insist that the man be taken into protective custody. The brilliance on part of the writers is that they took Optimus (the moral center of the team) out of the picture for that part of the episode!


  • Remember in "One Shall Rise, Part 2, when Miko said that Megatron would never forget her face if he hurt any of her friends? Take a good on Megatron's face when an Insecticon informs him that Hardshell was killed by a human girl.

Out of the Past

  • It was a bit strange that Starscream, who loves Evil Gloating (often to his own detriment), would kill Cliffjumper immediately once he was captured in the premiere, instead of interrogating him, or at least making a grand speech. "Out of the Past" shows he had captured Cliffjumper once before. Cliff was about to be killed by Shockwave, but he goaded Starscream into doing his own dirty work. Starscream babbled on for a while until Arcee and Cliffjumper managed to escape. He didn't want to repeat the same mistake.
  • This could also explain why Starscream likes to keep bringing up Cliff's death: he was holding a grudge and is just that satisfied to come out on top.
  • In "Sick Mind," Arcee hesitates when told they must enter Megatron's mind via cortical psychic patch to find a cure for Optimus. We now know this isn't the first experience she's had with the patch.
  • 'Scream. Been awhile.

The Human Factor

  • In Sci-Fi parlance, a Mech (or more properly, "Mecha") commonly refers to a humanoid robotic machine piloted by a human. What did MECH turn Breakdown into here?
    • It also doubles as a sickening twist on the concepts of the Powermasters and Transecters, with the smaller component in control of corpse.
  • Breakdown!Silas makes many shrewd errors in judgment, such as murdering his own men after they seem to have no more use to him, which could be chalked up to his ego, but is still rather questionable. But within him, you can see that Silas has a dilated right pupil, which is a sign of severe brain damage.
  • MECH has always been considered to be the human version of the Decepticons. I at first didn't see the resemblance since they are Terrorists Without a Cause while the Decepticons had a legitimate goal of trying to conquer a world to replace their dead one. It wasn't until Silas was put into Breakdown and killed his fellow MECH agents that I realize the parallel between them and the Decepticons, particularly their leaders. Both Silas and Megatron were both looking for weapons to further their goals and stumble upon an even greater and more dangerous power (Transformers, Dark Energon). Both try to experiment and harness this power, committing several atrocities in the process (Dissection of Breakdown, Zombie Cliffjumper). They both plan to have an army of these toys but were thwarted and nearly killed in the process. They would both also be critically injured in the process, but also be revived by said toys in the end (Megatron is still sustained by the shard of Dark Energon in his chest, while Silas lives on as CYLAS). And they both abandoned their team to appeal to a greater authority (Megatron and Unicron), only to find that they are out of their league. The only difference is that Megatron was rejected by Unicron immediately, causing Megatron to aid the Autobots to stop Unicron, while Silas was taken to the dissection table after he failed Megatron.
  • Silas thinks he's so awesome now he's in Breakdown's body. But to Megatron, he's just another soldier, with the downside of previously torturing his Sergeant (Breakdown seems to manage the Vehicons a lot) and having all that dirty, short-lived organic stuff inside. Considering that Silas' best gear can't take out a single Autobot, he can't beat Bulkhead when the guy's still weak, when Breakdown could give him a solid run for his money at full strength, Megatron risks losing his Medic's full loyalty by keeping him around, and he's trumped by three human children, then from Megatron's perspective, what use is he?
    • Megatron doesn't even care much about ruling Earth - no incarnation ever really did. He just wants to stripmine the place. If we're very lucky he might consider us worthy of living as slaves to assist in the stripmining.
  • This is the episode that proves it takes more than a shell to make each Cybertronian. As soon as he sees that body, Knock Out isn't all "Hooray! My head buffer is back!" He barely even mistakes him for Breakdown. He's just disgusted and angry at Silas, a human who's pulled a Frankenstein on his dead friend's body. In fact, he later justifies giving Silas A Fate Worse Than Death by saying it's what Breakdown would have wanted.
  • Breakdown's body was in decent condition when MECH found his remains. However in this episode it's noticeably cracked, with oil stains coming out of the "wounds" and looks extremely rusted. This is because MECH had to cut into Breakdown's chest so that the life support system for Silas could be installed, since Breakdown's body panels are not meant to open up like that, much less accept foreign (human) tech. The oil leak-like stains are likely from MECH's haphazard attempts at quickly welding the body up to save Silas's life.


  • When it comes to being evil, the Megatron of this series has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Let's review: He turned against his government, city, and his friend Optimus back on Cybertron - bad enough. Then he destroys the planet in the ensuing war - worse. Then he nearly offs someone Optimus is protecting - still worse. But ours doesn't quite stop there. By taking a Prime's arm to use the power of the Forge of Solus Prime, he's essentially telling the Transformers' version of a god exactly where to stick it. Those familiar with what happens before the show will remember what exactly Optimus is: a divinely appointed agent of Primus. So in "Alpha, Omega", Megatron has offended Optimus's deepest beliefs - and one can tell that Optimus is completely done putting up with Megatron's megalomania. If he had any qualms whatever about killing Megatron, they're gone for sure.
    • Don't forget shattering sacred relics or the fact that quite literally the only reason he isn't acting as a Herald helping Transformer Satan consume all that exists is because Transformer Satan told him to bugger off. Really, though, he proved his beyond-the-usual-standards evil back in the five episode pilot when he declared that doping with what is quite literally the blood of the devil is a great idea.
      • The frightening part about Megatron and the reason Unicron wanted nothing to do with him is quite simple, Unicron is part of a natural balance between chaos and order and therefore not technically evil, just pure chaos and hate in its most basic form balancing out the base form of order and love (Primus). Megatron is evil in a way more unnatural and perverse tripping up the balance and as such Unicron can't stand a monstrosity like Megatron anymore then his brother would.
    • Ironically, this might actually be a continuation of Megatron's defiance against The System, and taking for himself what was normally reserved for the elite. The Primes were flawed, eventually fighting amongst themselves and causing major problems. What would be an even more poetic act of defiance would be if Megatron took the arm of Zeta Prime, AKA, the asshat who instituted the Caste System that enslaved him in the first place. Just because someone was made a Prime doesn't mean they'll deserve to hold the title in perpetuity.
      • The last part is more amusing considering what happens in War For Cybertron between the two.
  • Why did the Star Saber shatter? It's ancient. It's been on Earth for millions of years, embedded in rock, unmaintained and subject to the elements. Cybertronians and their technology need regular maintenance. Most of the other Iacon relics were sealed in special containers. Also, the protective field it generated may have shielded it and the surrounding rock from unworthy Cybertronians, but since it was created on a planet deeply rooted in technology, it probably wasn't designed to keep out nature.
    • Not only that, but after being dormant for so long, the first time it's really used is against a corrupted duplicate of itself, made of Dark Energon, which in turn weakens Cybertronians in the area over time. So after a while, the Star Saber weakens and is shattered. Sadly, we don't see it used for longer battles after that, but assuming that Optimus also fixed the damage inflicted by nature when he rebuilt the blade, it may now be in a condition where it could withstand a prolonged battle with the Dark Star Saber. Optimus was probably also weakened by the Dark Star Sabers presence, and his sword arm was injured shortly before the Star Saber broke. He may have simply lost focus at a critical moment, allowing the Star Saber to be broken. Optimus even falls to his knees right after that, probably due to exhaustion.
  • When Optimus receives the message from the Star Saber, the first thing Smokescreen does is ask if Alpha Trion mentioned him. It turns out that in a way, he did. Not to mention all that talk about destiny...


  • Megatron enters Starscream's mind to decide if it's worth keeping him alive or not. We walk in on Starscream's obnoxious victory dance. The Brilliance? This is Starscream's base consciousness; the factor that his personality is based around. The thing he's thinking about all the time.
  • Why did Megatron allow Starscream to stay in the end, despite his, as the former noted, Chronic Backstabbing Disorder? Look at Starscream at the end of the last episode (confident and a Smug Snake) and compare that with him throughout the episode (wimpy and cowardly). The purpose of the psychic patch was for Megatron to mentally break Starscream to the point where he's sure that Starscream won't betray him again.
    • Or, he saw all the stuff that Starscream got up to while NOT where Megatron could see him- messing with Dark Energon, creating a legion of clones of himself, inspiring Airachnid to attempt assassination via Insecticon, giving away Cybertronian secrets to humans, acquiring his own Iacon Relics (the Apex Armor comes to mind), and thought that while Starscream plotting on the bridge of the Nemesis is bad, it's way better than having him be his own freelance agent of chaos. Keep your enemies close, and all that.
      • Turns out Starscream follows Megatron with Undying Loyalty after this episode, and even Devise a cunning plan to let Predaking and Autobot fight against each other. Starcream can come up with cunning strategy that would work, as long as he is not the one executes it.


  • Dreadwing dies. But the circumstances under which he dies is suspicious. At the time, he didn't wish to join the Autobots and likewise, he didn't feel like he could keep up with the Decepticons either. Knowing that he'd also have difficulty surviving as a neutral. Let's not forget the fact that he has helped the Autobots by giving them Solus's hammer... which could be seen as an act of treason if discovered which if he turned neutral would have meant being hunted like all the time and eventually dying some day. So he's rather boxed in as to where he could possibly go. In fact, he had no where he could go. Even if he stayed with the 'cons, they would eventually figure out his act of treason. So he had only one option left as to what he could do with himself and that was to go after Starscream to avenge his brother. Now, Megatron warns Dreadwing to stop his assault on Starscream. He was very clear about what would happen. At this point, Dreadwing could have stopped and he would have survived. But he didn't. So what we're seeing on screen isn't Dreadwing's execution. It's Dreadwing's suicide.
    • I saw it more as him going out the way he would have wanted. Though he probably wished he could have finished Starscream first.
    • Dreadwing's final act explains why, all the way back in the 6th episode and even during Dreadwing's own introduction, Optimus would try to reason with him and Skyquake; it wasn't Optimus's own optimism, he knew both Dreadwing and Skyquake were deep down honorable and good people. They were both loyal and honorable, they just happened to be on the wrong side.
    • Why Megatron choose Starcream, the one who has backstabbing history, over Dreadwing, the honorable warrior, in the first place? Because Megatron does not need anyone to be loyal to himself, but to the future of Decepticons. Starcream want to usurp Megatron, but only because he believes he can do better than Megatron. Dreadwing had already witnessed how Starcream disgrace his twin brother's body, and Megatron told him to keep it a secret. Dreadwing had lost his loyalty to Decepticon, and disobeying Megatron's order is the last straw that prompt Megatron to kill him, despite he is more competent that Starscream.
  • Why was it that Arcee, of all bots got the Apex Armour? Lets see, being Merchandise-Driven would be the biggest reason, if they ever made a properly Apex Armor toy, it'd be easier to have it fit both Starscream and Arcee than Starscream and say, Bulkhead. Secondly, it makes strategic sense, she can probably run past enemy lines then put it on, use it after a bike-jump, and generally being able to do more than frontal combat.
    • Or, you know, it could just be that they gave the nigh-invulnerable demi-god forged armor to the Autobot who was physically most fragile.
    • There's more to it than that, Arcee is repeatedly shown to be more skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and the original post has a point, with the Apex Armor she can switch between Fragile Speedster and Mighty Glacier, while giving it to Bulkhead means he's either a Mighty Glacier, or a Mighty Glacier that's bigger and can't shoot, much less of an advantage.

Darkest Hour

  • How did Optimus Prime manage to knock Megatron's Dark Saber hand aside to chop his arm off? He was wielding it with 2 hands, while Megatron only used one. The extra force of his other hand gave him more control on the recoil to give a followup strike right away.
  • When Megatron starts cyberforming Earth, he wonders if "Gilded Earth" would be a suitable new name for it. Now who was the being residing within Earth whose G1 verion was a golden planetoid?
  • The Nemesis unveils a surprisingly powerful Wave-Motion Gun that splits the Autobot base in half (effectively a small mountain). With the events of "Out of His Head" suggesting the Nemesis didn't have any sort of energy weapon like that, which is why they stole the human made laser lens, where did that gun come from? Well with the recovery of the Forge of Solus Prime and Megatron's vain attempts to use it Knockout suggested they were trying to make a "Fortress Maximus Grade Nucleon Shock Cannon." Megatron used the dead Prime arm to create the Dark Star Saber and nothing else? I think maybe he did.

Darkmount, NV

  • Why was Jack, normally a pathologically responsible kid, the one to break radio silence and get himself spotted? Because Raf and Miko both have large families (lots of siblings and (effectively) two sets of parents, respectively), while Jack and his mother only have each other. It was Jack's concern for June that led him to contact her, because while the other two know their families will take care of each other, Jack had no such assurances. She's literally all he's got, and vice versa. That'll crack even the toughest shell.


  • Ultra Magnus. Why is he so stringent? Well, if he was the autobot equivalent for Starscream, that means he probably had to do all things 2nd's end up doing: watching the troops, and keeping things moving. Optimus might plan, but Magnus executes, and when units are worried or tired, sometimes you need someone with a little more push to keep an entire army in check. For all we know, the Autobots were a collection of Reluctant Warrior people going into the war, and perhaps Optimus needed a strong military man to balance him since he was a thinker before the war.


  • Why does the Forge rebuild Optimus So big? In The Novel Exiles it's stated that the 13 Primes must've been huge, with the Requiem blaster's trigger as large as Axor's wrist, with Axor probably being somewhere between Bumblebee and Arcee in size. The Forge was a relic of the Primes, so would it use the modern cybertron as the basis for Beast Hunters Optimus? Of course not. It'd use the 13 Primes, so this is Optimus as a true Prime, inside and out. It makes even more sense if you consider The Covenant of Primus, where we find out that the 13th Prime IS Optimus.

Chain Of Command

  • Miko. Why does she follow Ultra Magnus's orders and respect him, in spite of her showing little respect for authority in earlier episodes? A large part of it is character development- After all, she had been kidnapped by Decepticons and nearly killed, and for a time had literally no idea if any of her friends besides Bulkhead (Who she was with) had escaped safely. However, it also is the fact that BULKHEAD respects Ultra Magnus- The 'bot who Optimus put in charge of the Wreckers, and who Bulkhead greatly admires. (Note that she was also kinda running from Predaking, so she at least has enough common sense to run for help)


  • The Vehicons. While CYLAS did manage to turn a few of them, they showed surprising competence when they were later seen fighting as a unified group against the Terrorcons, more so than when fighting against Optimus and the Autobots. The brilliance comes in when you consider the Vehicons are the ordinary soldiers in the Decepticon army, while all the Autobots with Optimus Prime are usually identified, ranked officers in the Autobot army. In the War of Cybertron, one did not become a ranked officer respected by the ordinary foot soldiers without a great amount of skill. It is not that the Vehicons are bad soldiers: the Autobots are just that good.


  • We see Team Prime chafing under Ultra Magnus' command. While he isn't really a mean guy, his Sergeant Rock attitude can come off as overbearing. This is possibly why the Wreckers "rusted" when under Ultra Magnus as they weren't used to following his command style.
    • Mind, that comment about the Wreckers having "rusted" was made by Wheeljack and no one else. So that may be his personal opinion alone.

Minus One

  • The episode sheds a new light on Soundwave and Laserbeak's relationship. When Laserbeak uploads his directive to capture Ratchet to Soundwave, he immediately gets up from his self-induced coma and gets to work. This explains why Soundwave was willing to pass up the opportunity to kill Wheeljack back in Triage. Laserbeak serves as a sort of diary. He contains back up copies of Soundwave's data. If the Autobots got Laserbeak, they would have access to vital information.


  • How is it that only one escape pod was left when Starscream and Shockwave escaped? Because it's more than likely the vehicons managed to escape first. After all, several seekers did leave with them.
  • This may count equally under Fridge Horror, but Optimus flies into absolute rage when Megatron kills Bumblebee, intent of finishing their conflict and ending his life without so much as a word. Now the death of any of them would have been a heavy blow, but with Bumblebee this is something that Optimus has almost seen happen before, only this time Optimus failed to save him and Megatron succeeded in killing him (if not for the Cybermatter). He could very well have been having a traumatic flashback to that very moment.
  • Many fans have complained that it was Bumblebee and not Optimus who finally killed Megatron. But Bumblebee wasn't just putting an end to an evil dictator, he was protecting his leader from suffering a similar fate at Megatron's hands that he himself just barely avoided.
  • Apart from Starscream's Big "NO!", the last thing Megatron hears before Bumblebee permanently offlines him is Bumblebee telling him that he'll never be able to take anything from anyone ever again. That's right, ol' Buckethead dies having to hear the voice of the one 'Bot who he not only just personally killed, but whose voice box he destroyed so long ago. If that isn't Karmic Death, we don't know what is.
  • Bumblebee being the one to kill Megatron is, in a way, the ultimate defeat. Megatron (and inversely Optimus to a degree) has an almost pathological belief in his destiny, which includes killing or being killed by Optimus Prime. He feels he is the opposite and equal to a Prime, essentially the Cybertronian equivalent of a demi-god. Bumblebee impaling him through the spark with the Star Saber not only kills him, but it destroys his prideful belief that he's truly special. This may contribute a great deal to his decision to later disband the Decepticons at the end of the movie.

Predacons Rising

  • While the Autobots are placing Starscream in the brig, if you look closely at Knock Out you'll notice the gesture he's making. As if he's washed his hands of something? He's symbolically disassociating himself with Starscream, and by extension the Decepticons as a whole once and for all.
  • Why did it take Unicron's torture to make Megatron understand the errors of his ways this time, even though he has suffered from something similar before, and didn't change? Simply because in those situations, Megatron had fought back against the oppressing force and was nearly successful in keeping Unicron at bay, thanks to his gladiator background. This is why he fell to corruption during the early days of the war. Fighting back with violence and force gave him a Social Darwinist sense of destiny and as invincibility. Unicron's complete Demonic Possession rendered Megtron's willpower and deception useless, making him feel truly helpless for the first time in eons.
  • Why does Megatron consider what Unicron put him through to be horrible torture? It's not because of physical pain or emotional pain, but rather it was the thought of being forever a remnant of Unicron's mind. Like the above point, Megatron would have been trapped forever within the Chaos-Bringer's mind had Optimus not sucked Unicron out. Megatron's specific words was that he learned what "true oppression" means, losing his own freedom was the greatest torture he could have endured.
    • Made extra poignant when one considers Megatron's origins, being a miner caste without even a name. He started the entire war at first, out of a desire for freedom.
  • 'Screamer doesn't realize it, but he owes Optimus big for sealing away Unicron in the Reliquary. Like Megatron, he made use of Dark Energon, which means his spark would have been Unicron's chew toy forever.
  • Bulkhead said that he cannot remember seeing Optimus ever laughing or even smiling. This is due to the incredible weight of being a Prime and commanding the surviving Autobots. Even when he left earth, he did not smile. When Prime bids farewell to his friends, he leaves with a subtle smile on his face. He can finally rest easy knowing not only that the peace he fought so hard for has finally been achieved, but also that, with the lineage of the primes ending with him, no one else will ever have to shoulder the incredible responsibility and stress he had to.
    • Alternatively, Optimus Prime is not Orion Pax, one personality cannot tolerate another, as long as Optimus Prime is present, Orion Pax is no more, and vice versa in Orion Pax.


  • We've seen repeatedly that the Vehicons are not simple drones. They have individual voices and personalities. So why are they all faceless mooks who have the same alt. mode? Because having a uniform appearance for their footsoldiers makes perfect sense from a military view. And only the higher-ranking officers have the unique names and vehicle modes.
  • The choice of a desert town may seem like a simply way to avoid the cost of having to animate trees and grass all the time, but it's not just an American desert state: it's Nevada. AKA: home of Area 51. The locals are used to hearing ridiculous conspiracy theories involving aliens and ignoring them, making it one of the perfect places for the Autobots to hide out without causing too much of a commotion. Any news from the area would just be chalked up as more silly rumors by UFO freaks.
  • Bulkhead's status as a Lightning Bruiser. How does the big guy move so damn fast? Well, look at his feet. Specifically look at the inside of his feet. There's wheels leftover from transformation. It's entirely possible he can use them for bursts of speed when he needs to move faster.
  • In addition, it's hinted that Bulkhead's body could be hollow in places, with at least one cavity large enough to accommodate a teenage girl. So he's actually pretty light for a bot of his size.
  • The recurring five-note rhythm pattern in the theme song? That's based on the classic transformation sound! The Transformers Prime theme music is also reciting the "robots in disguise" notes from the original Transformers theme song.
  • A lot of fans have complained about killing off complex/interesting characters such as Breakdown and Dreadwing. In regards to those particular characters though, it kinda hints at how dark this series really is overall. The Decepticons with noble tendencies get killed off before they have/get the chance to properly redeem themselves, in both cases by Decepticons with...not-so-noble...qualities, making the faction as a whole a genuine threat in this series.
  • Most incarnations of Starscream tend to have his design with the color red. In Prime, however, he has a grey color scheme. Most incarnations of Megatron are grey. Starscream is known for wanting Megatron's position as leader of the Decepticons, so the grey color scheme could symbolize him being a "Megatron wannabe".
  • Unicron has large horns, evil-looking facial hair, and dwells in the center of the earth, which Fluffy Cloud Heaven folks perceive as the location of Hell. Perhaps he's had some mutually-unconscious influence on human culture...?
  • The Prime human kids are a kind of inversion of the Armada kids: the respective ethnicities/genders correspond (Jack and Rad are Caucasian, Raf and Carlos are Hispanic, and Miko and Alexis (sorta) are Asian), but in Armada Rad and Carlos are the irresponsible ones with Alexis being the more sensible one. Here, we have the girl being the reckless one and the catalyst for the plots of several episodes, with the two boys being more quiet and introverted.
  • Bulkhead's toys in the Beast Hunters sub-line have the general colour scheme of Generation One Roadbuster. From a homage point-of-view, it makes sense since Roadbuster, in G1, was a Wrecker, as is Bulkhead from the Prime/Aligned universe...but in this show, Wheeljack mentions how Roadbuster, amongst other Wreckers (also from this continuity) are "all dust." Could Bulkhead be taking on his fallen friend's colours as a tribute to him? If so, this is not the first Transformers universe where this sort of thing has happened.
  • The way Arcee behaves toward Smokescreen might come across as unusually hostile as times. However Arcee's backstory involves her first partner Tailgate who was brutally murdered, her subsequent partner, Cliffjumper, follows suit in the series premiere. Watch the episodes featuring Tailgate and Cliffjumper, you'll notice both have very similar personality traits to Smokescreen. The real reason Arcee was hostile toward Smokescreen? She didn't want to become to attached to someone so much like her lost friends, only to feel more pain if she were to lose another like them.
  • By the end of the second season, each of the human kids have two Autobot partners in a sense. Jack is friends with Arcee and Smokescreen, Raf with Bumblebee and Ratchet, and Miko with Bulkhead and Wheeljack.
    • By season 3 we have Fowler with Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus.
  • The Vehicons going from formidable opponents to mere pushovers as the series progressed could be considered Badass Decay—or it could also just mean the Autobots are getting better at fighting them. Their sluggishness in Plus One is inexcusable though.
    • Or it could be the best trained or most experienced Vehicons were the ones on the frontlines the most, and killed as a result, later on the Vehicons fighting are more "Reserves" and less "Veterans" meaning less skilled troops and thus a lower threat level.
  • Knock Out and Breakdown act like cowards in that they're the first to bail as soon as they don't have the upper hand... but of course they would. They're medics, and ones that were brought in especially for Megatron at that. They're too valuable to lose.

    Fridge Horror 
Darkness Rising, Part 4
  • Megatron's plan to throw Dark Energon through a space bridge at Cybertron to revive the dead as his own army. Guess what dead gigantic Autobot City-bot is on Cybertron? Metroplex, If Metroplex was revived as a terrorcon zombie, the Autobots would be slagged.
    • Only Metroplex was placed in stasis, not killed.
    • Forget about Metroplex. There was an entire boneyard full of Predacons that do get revived much later on in the series and are only stopped due to Optimus trapping Unicron's essence within an empty All-Spark. If Megatron had been successful, chances are they would have been revived along with the dead Cybertronians and after seeing what they were capable of in Predacons Rising they would have been unstoppable.
    • Though the possibility of undead Metroplex is enough to give one nightmares... could he fly? The zombies were shown flying to the Space Bridge... but not every Cybertronian (even Decepticons) can fly. So even though there were lots who left Cybertron for the Space Bridge... does this mean that there are hordes of Dark Energon infused Zombies wandering Cybertron's wrecked cities?


  • Given the revelation of Airachnid' this episode, one has to wonder if Jack is the only human she's tried hunting.
    • He's probably the first human she's ever hunted, but that doesn't mean he's the first child she's ever hunted.

One Shall Rise, Three Parter

  • Just how many humans died when Unicron came close to waking up?
    • Millions? If Hawaii experienced a blizzard, that's thousands right there just from freezing, plus all the tornadoes, hurricanes and the like, there must have been quite the death toll with Unicron stretching.

Orion Pax, Three Parter

  • Bulkhead states that if the spacebridge crew calls in reinforcements, the odds will be 400 to 1 against the 'Bots. That means there are a minimum of 1,600 Decepticon soldiers ready to fight, not including miners and other servant-class 'Cons. And we know that it's possible to move up in the world and become a fighter. To say the Autobots are outnumbered is the understatement of the century.
    • It could have just been an expression. On the other, this does explain why the autobots don't stay aboard the Nemesis longer than they have have to, since every second they spend there is one where the danger of being overwhelmed increases.
    • They'd probably have been better off with 1600 Vehicons. Megatron is one bot and he completely curbstomped them.

Operation Bumblebee, Two Parter

  • When Starscream puts the drop of energon into MECH's prototype, only one of its eyes begins to glow. Why? Because they only got one eye when they tried to disect Breakdown. Megatron may not be a ghoul, but it seems Silas certainly is.
    • No, Silas used the eye to lure the Autobots into a trap and then it got blown up.
    • Ratchet put the eye on his tech-reader-whatever-thing, so it was carried away from the explosion when the 'Bots ran. Ratchet probably discarded it after that (the ol' "ew, yuck" *fling* maneuver), which would have allowed MECH to collect it later when they scrubbed the place.


  • When Breakdown's freshly dismembered corpse is discovered, there's clearly no Energon anywhere. Airachnid is the one who killed him...and spiders tend to suck the fluids from their prey.
    • If she had, why would she have needed to find more?
      • She's, leaking(?).
      • So she's a genocidal pedophilic vampire robot spider. Great.
      • Are you psychic by any chance?
      • The above person is probably not psychic, but it does seem like the kind of cold, ruthless thing she would do- to siphon off all of Breakdown's Energon for her own needs so she doesn't end up like we see Starscream later on, scrabbling for crumbs of Energon. That, or MECH recovered it, based on Starscream pointing out the need for Energon as a fuel source. If they can completely secure and remove a Cybertronian body in just a few minutes, getting the Energon spilled is probably not much of a challenge.
    • With Breakdown's death, this means that MECH has spare parts...

Nemesis Prime

  • Nemesis Prime's attack on the base must have killed at least two dozen or so personnel.
    • An interesting point: Nemesis Prime seems to have yellow eyes. Who else has them, who isn't in need of them anym- BREAKDOWN.
    • The eyes did not come from Breakdown, MECH has reconstructed him.... so he can serve as the new body of Silas. Whether this is any better is for you to decide.
    • Actually, Silas ends up having what's left of him simply stuffed inside Breakdown's corpse and hooked up to his nervous system. This is STILL not good news, especially if Energon passed into Silas. Alien Blood in your veins can't be good for your psyche.


  • Airachnid, sadistic genocidal maniac, now has an army of Insecticons that follow her with absolute loyalty. To put that in perspective, one Insecticon gave freaking Megatron a hard time and by the time he finally killed it, he was weakened to the point he was nearly helpless. Airachnid now has an entire army of the things!
    • And now, Airachnid's in stasis and imprisoned by the Autobots, and the Insecticons have reverted to their original setting: loyal to Megatron.
    • Speaking of the insecticons most people noted how easily Megatron seemed to handle them when there was a swarm of them heading towards his ship despite in an earlier episode having much trouble with them. Taking a closer look, he wasn't aiming for a kill shot on any of them: he was aiming to take out their wings and let gravity do the rest. He aimed under the carapace of the insecticon and took out it's wings. The Insecticon who fell off of the nemesis was clearly still alive. As for those that landed, they never actually attack him, since Airachnid got trapped in Stasis at that moment, resulting in the above.
  • The whole clone and pain business in "Armada" was played for laughs, but when you think about it, Starscream basically died no less than five times.

Flying Mind

  • Consider that when Knock Out came out of stasis, his reaction to Jack being on the control panel seemed to be "got you now", rather than "what are you doing here", implying he was aware about it the whole time. Consider that the Insecticons, Megatron (who has already demonstrated that he never forgets a face) and Soundwave will have probably been aware of all these organics climbing over them...

The Human Factor

  • Soundwave still has the picture he took of the kids from the opening mini-series. In this episode he targets a satellite at the location where Raf was hacking from (and Silas was dispatched to the neighboorhood earlier). That was Raf's house. The Decepticons know where Raf lives.
    • Addressed in the next episode: Fowler is relocating the family explicitly because of this.
      • Which raises the question: Why weren't Jack and his mother relocated after the events of "Criss-Cross"? Was it just that the stakes didn't seem as high back then?
      • Remember, that was just Airachnid and Silas at the time. Perhaps they thought that with Arcee already studied, and MECH in hiding, it wasn't the same threat level as a whole warship of decepticons.
  • Just how much of Jasper (besides the sign of K. O. Burger) was destroyed by the Damocles satellite?
    • Given the angle and direction of the beam, I got the impression it shot out over the town into the desert. If not, Fowler's going to be very busy.
      • They really messed up the part with the beam's trajectory. First of all, turbocharging the satellite's thrusters would send its aim somewhere else on the globe, like, say, Florida or even further to the east. However, in the following moments the aim is seen on Raf's computer circulating the streets, meaning that Damocles is still targeting Jasper from above. Then we have the almost horizontal beam which looks as if Damocles has flown a quarter around the globe (firing all the time!) and when it burns in reentry, it's still in the skies over Jasper. So if it didn't destroy Jasper, it did that to someplace else. Fowler's going to curse the day Silas was born.
  • Knock Out was rather pissed when he found out just what happened to Breakdown. And you know, the episode never really showed just what CYLAS's fate was... like how he died. Or not.
    • In the finale the Decepticons learn that the atmosphere of cybertron was toxic to humans. Given that they now have a human test subject...
  • A more minor version: Knock Out hardly seems surprised that Breakdown's signal is back online, only commenting that something seems off about it. When CYLAS reappears, he asks Breakdown where he's been this whole time, an odd question to ask of someone who was supposed to be dead. Add to the fact that Knock Out never mentions Breakdown's death in earlier episodes, only the fact that he isn't around, and it starts to seem like the Decepticons never even bothered to inform Knock Out about the death of his best friend. If that's the case, his first time getting the news would have been via seeing Breakdown's desecrated and zombified corpse. Ouch!


  • Where were the kids when the 'Cons grabbed them? Were they still at school? Where they at home with their families?
    • They were probably at school, or at least walking home since the next episode has June calling Ratchet saying that she hasn't been able to contact Jack and he didn't come home.
  • Dreadwing was sure pissed that Starscream used Dark Energon to revive his brother. However, Megatron, the 'con he pledged his loyalty to, tried to raise an entire planet of dead Cybertronians. How would Dreadwing have reacted to that if he knew?
    • An entire planet full of bots that aren't his brother and that he has no reason to get emotional about.
  • More Fridge sadness, but Megatron executed Dreadwing to save Starscream. Considering that Starscream would go on to screw up so badly, Megatron would lose half his army, that means that this relatively noble character's execution, from the perspective of the Decepticon cause, was for nothing.

Darkest Hour

  • At the end of the episode when the Nemesis destroyed the Autobot HQ, Optimus wasn't the only one left inside; Airachnid was too. Since her fate is not revealed in this episode, one of three outcomes is possible:
    • She may have been blown to smithereens with the base, which is pretty chilling in and of itself, even if it is Airachnid.
    • While the base is destroyed, the pod is still somewhat intact, most likely buried underneath the rubble to be discovered by someone/something in the next season.
      • Confirmed. Airachnid's pod is recovered by the Decepticons. However, given she's not exactly a loyal Decepticon, it seems unlikely that they'll free her any time in the near future.
    • The impact triggered her release...into a world where she no longer needs to hide herself from the humans.
  • Megatron planned to use the Omega Lock to Cyberform Earth and destroy all organic life. But not every lifeform on Earth is organic.
  • How many people were harmed or killed when Megatron began building his new fortress before Fowler was able to evacuate everyone?
    • Darkmount, NV confirms the town was successfully evacuated and left in the dark as to why.


  • Near the end of the episode, Predaking gives Starscream a rather annoyed stare after hearing his comments on being a voiceless animal. This is a clear sign that he is a thinking, sentient machine as opposed to a mindless machine. Shockwave has remade Predaking to be completely obedient to his commands. What exactly does that mean for Predaking (and by extension, all Predacons Shockwave revives)?


  • While it's more of a Fridge Tear Jerker, Alpha Trion beckoning a dying Optimus Prime to join the Allspark can mean only one thing. When the Iacon Hall of Records was attacked by Decepticons, the ancient Autobot must have perished when it was overrun.
    • The guy was an original Prime, practically a demigod. He might have abilities not normal to cybertronians.
      • Besides, Word of God on The Fallen, one of the other Primes and also a Multiversal Nexus, is that because they're multiversal nexuses (only one in all the multiverse), they just spend some time in universes where time goes backwards and dying for them doesn't do anything (probably reverting to the concurrent self in the reverse-time universe like reverting to a saved game). He'll be fine, worst-case scenario is he just can't come back to this timeline.
      • Actually, Word of God states that the Aligned continuity, the universe Prime takes place in, is a separate universe from the Transformers multiverse, so it's more likely Alpha Trion is dead. Or he does have special Prime powers that are undefined.

Plus One


  • After Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack attack the Predacon lab, Shockwave sets the Predacon containers to drain themselves, then ground-bridges away. A yellow liquid starts leaking from the containers and covering the floor; essentially, the 'bots are stepping in embryonic fluid. It gets even worse. When the containers are half-way drained, the Predaclones start showing signs of life: squeaking, roaring and crying out. They begin to immediately chip away at their containers, all of them desperate to get out. But after Wheeljack ignites the synthetic energon, the whole laboratory is engulfed in a fireball... and during that entire time, you hear the Predacons screaming for their lives. Poor little things.
    • As Ultra Magnus stated, if the Predacons got out they would have been turned against the entire planet, with the Humans caught in the crossfire. At the time, they also did not know Predacons could transform, and the resurrected Predacons were Shockwave's attempt to create an army to destroy the Autobots - and eventually the Human race. The choice was between destroying them or letting them live, the latter which would let loose the Predacon army on Earth under Predaking's command, leading to the annihilation of both Autobots and Humans, and eventually the Decepticons. In short, they halted the resurrection of one race in order to save another. At that point, the Predacons were fully grown, so it can't be called "infanticide".

Minus One

  • Soundwave's actions in this episode paint an entirely different light on the Surveillance Chief's status among the Decepticons. He is willing to place himself in a self-induced coma to keep the Autobots from getting at vital information, and his ruthlessness in procuring Ratchet once Laserbeak uploads the directive to him is chilling, easily incapacitating Smokescreen and Bulkhead when they got in his way, two Autobots who have bested the other Decepticon officers on regular occasion. Long-limbed, no face, and tentacles he uses when he goes after prey. Does that not make him the Decepticon equivalent of The Slender Man?


  • Trapping Soundwave in the Shadowzone was pretty clever of the kids. But not so great for Soundwave. He has to roam around the Nemesis as a ghost robot, never able to communicate at all with anyone and when he runs out of energon in his systems, he's going to die a slow and lonely death with no one noticing.
    • And just like that, this troper's feelings are crushed even more. The only thoughts I have that because he's such a smart 'Con he'll probably figure out a way to warp himself out by analyzing the last transwarp signals and then trying to do it himself. If he does, there will be hell to pay.
    • Considering that Soundwave is a) the show's foremost expert in the subject of Groundbridging save maybe Ratchet and b) directly wired into the Decepticon Groundbridge, I would be very surprised if he wasn't at least semi-familiar with his current predicament (or how to escape from it).
    • Or Soundwave will run into Skyquake in the Shadowzone.
      • The Shadowzone has shown to be pretty limiting to its occupants. Re-watch the episode "Shadowzone" and watch the kids run in circles till they are exhausted.
      • It's not clear whether they're running in circles because the canyon is normally shaped that way or because the Shadowzone itself is a warped space; in the latter case, Soundwave doesn't have to worry about encountering Skyquake because they're almost certainly in entirely different shadowzone 'bubbles.'

Predacons Rising

  • Megatron has proven time and again that he is a sick, twisted, and unrepentant sadist. But after he's freed of Unicron's spark, he orders the Deceptions disbanded and claims he does not wish to put anyone else through what he's just been through ever again. With such a drastic change in personality, makes one wonder just how horrible his torture under Unicron's control must have been.
  • Near the end of the film Optimus tells everyone that they've all acted like a Prime and that he has faith in them to carry on without him or the Matrix. But isn't the loss of the Matrix a millennia ago what started the decline of Cybertronian civilization in the first place?
    • Wasn't the Matrix of Leadership only created when Orion Pax went to the Core of Cybertron and spoke with Primus?
      • Nope, Word of God says it was originally created at the same time as the Primes and was what ultimately helped them to defeat Unicron in the past.
  • If watching the Autobots reaction to Optimus' sacrifice wasn't bad enough, just imagine how the kids will react when they find out, especially Jack.
  • Megatron may have had a case of Redemption Equals Life, but his situation in general is not going to be a happy one, even with Cybertron now restored, with other Cybertronians now likely to return. Most likely, he's going to be on the run from angry Cybertronians (possibly a few alien species as well) for the rest of his life, which for a Cybertronian is likely to be a very very long time.
    • This may just be what he wants, he was a gladiator the only way he would ever be willing to die of is in battle... And there is no harm in throwing a fight and allowing oneself to be run through a couple of times in none fatal areas. Megatron may just prolong suffering to last until his body and spark finally succumb to the sustained injuries and damage. Given that his spark belongs to Unicron, he knows he isn't going to the Allspark when he passes on.
      • Suicide by proxy if you want to be technical..


  • Given the darker tones and the emphasis on the war, TFP could almost be taken as a sort of robotic post-apocalyptic Mad Max. IE A world got to hell over oil (or energy in this case) and the turmoil it might cause.
    • Although energon is more crucial, since it's not just fuel for war machines and commerce, but it's also food, ammo, and just about any other logistical need one might care to mention.
      • Not to mention blood.
      • Which makes every their attack (and every single other move, actually) Cast From Hit Points.
  • Optimus and Smokescreen may both be victims of a combination of Because Destiny Says So and You Can't Fight Fate instigated by the greatest mastermind of all: Alpha Trion. Think about it for a moment, who was it that got Orion and Megatronus to speak before the high council where Orion gave his impassioned speech? Unknowningly convincing the council to elect him Prime and not the one for whom he was defending? Who was it that took the young Smokescreen under his wing when he arrived at Iacon? Not to mention telling the young rookie Optimus's life story. A way of grooming the next heir to the legacy of the Prime? Much of what has happend in the series up to this point can be attributed to a Xanatos Gambit on Alpha Trion's part. Meaning that, despite whatever either Optimus or Smokescreen thought, many of there actions were being manipulated by someone else pulling the stings, not a very pleasant thought.
    • ...That actually makes a lot of sense. And Alpha Trion shares plenty of similarities, visual or otherwise, with movieverse Sentinel Prime.
    • I didn't mean to make Alpha Trion out as the badguy, in a way he's just as much a victim of fate as Optimus and Smokescreen. Perhaps even more do to being one of the thirteen original primes.
    • It's clear that in Orion's case that that's exactly what was going on, but that's because Alpha Trion recognized him as the reincarnation of his brother, Optimus, the thirteenth Prime.
  • Soundwave is truly the Con's greatest weapon. Shock cannons do damage, but with Soundwave on survailence, Paranoia Fuel is without end, because there is NOTHING he can't pick up. Even autobot transmissions. And judging from what happened with Jack in Season 3, it's all too clear that any slip up in the choices the bots make will lead to immediate exposure.
  • Considering what Scraplets are capable of and that there is a population of them on Cybertron, one wonders what would happen if a horde of them got into the Well of All Sparks.

    Fridge Logic 
  • There are both Autobot and Decepticon crashed ships, energon deposits scattered all around the planet, tombs of ancient Decepticon warriors, not to mention various random alien artifacts lying around, and an entire graveyard of Cybertronians. Why hasn't a single earthling stumbled upon these? Especially the ships and dead Cybertronians?!
    • Well, the Energon Harvester has been discovered and put in a museum...
    • They probably have, but what's to say that they weren't killed in the process, deemed insane or just laughed at?
      • Here's another question, why would the U.S. government allow Skyquakes' remains to stay out in the open for anyone to stumble across? Yes he was buried but still?
  • In the season 2 finale, why didn't Optimus just use the Star Saber to finish off the Decepticons when he had a chance? Obviously, making sure Jack, Miko, and Raf were safe was his top priority, but once they were through the space bridge, there was nothing stopping him from taking advantage of the chaos he just caused by destroying the Omega lock and killing Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout, and the rest of the 'Cons present right then and there. Also, after the Decepticon fortress on earth was revealed, why didn't he just use the Star Saber to wipe out the attacking Decepticons? Even the Nemesis is unable to withstand the power of the Star Saber, so there was no reason for Optimus not to make a stand and annihilate the attacking 'Cons. Yeah, there wouldn't be a third season, but there's no in-universe reason not to fight back.
    • It is possible that the star saber takes time to recharge before it can use the sword beam again. Thus, Optimus wasn't sure he'd have time to fight back. Also, consider that the cons were essentially throwing EVERYTHING at the autobots at the time. Depending on how they maneuvered, they might have found a way around optimus prime, and taken him down that way. Finally, and most importantly, Optimus wanted to ensure the rest of his team survived, so he wanted to see them off before he tried fighting. He might have expected a ground invasion instead of just a Nuke Em All option, so he wanted that taken care of first.
    • Moreover, he could just pull one key out of the Lock and it would presumably stop functioning. Then he would have been able to defeat the decepticons with the Star Saber (now that the children are not threatened by them) and restore Cybertron. Well, maybe the firefight would result in casualties.
    • Many modern automobiles have a safety feature where the key can't be removed from the ignition while the engine is running. It's not unthinkable that something as powerful as the Omega Lock would have similar safeguards.
      • Also, there just wasn't time to consider every option. Optimus knew that the longer the Omega Lock was hitting Earth, the higher the casualty count would rise. If he tried and failed to stop the Decepticons once, they'd pile in and kill him, the other Autobots, and the kids. He only had one chance. Destroying the Lock was the one surefire way to stop it.
    • It's important to note that Optimus did use a Sword Beam against the 'Cons when they were attacked on Earth. Immediately after wiping out a wave of them, a second one descended on the Autobots. In short, Optimus simply didn't have the opportunity to fully utilize the range advantage of the Star Sabre's beam attack.
    • With the Zerg Rush going on Optimus knew their best chance was to retreat and disperse (ensuring everyone's survival) rather than trying to hold their ground in a conflict that had changed drastically in the last 2 minutes. It was a tactical retreat rather than leading a potentially deadly offense. The Star Saber was a game changer in the previous status quo but the fact it was shattered in the second episode shows that even it has its limits.
    • There's another explanation for Optimus' decisions: maybe he was just unlucky? Think about it. Optimus had no trouble at all in reclaiming the Star Saber at the start of Darkest Hour; maybe he just wanted to get the kids out of the way (rather than risk them getting harmed in the crossfire)? I think that, had Megs not opened fire on Earth and screwed Prime over, the Autobots would have "won" (keeping in mind that the Omega Lock only grants a political advantage) after the Lock had been activated. Then, his choice at the end of the episode (i.e. staying behind) may have ended better if the Nemesis hadn't fired a laser into the base. That was kinda unexpected to us too.
  • When it was revealed that Predacons had inspired much of Earth's folklore, how come no-one looked to said tales or revealed common knowledge about them to find out any weaknesses that a Predacon might possess? For instance it is common knowledge that a dragons weak spot is its heart and Predaking had a circle on his chest that was heavily implied to be more VUNERABLE than the rest of him, yet NO-ONE struck him there ONCE.
    • Remember, Predaking is one of the strongest beings in the Primeverse, one who bested Megatron if not for Starscream, easily mowed through what is implied as hundreds of Vehicons, defeated Optimuses powered up mode and stood against Unicron longer than anyone else, ALONE. The Autobots may be fully aware that he is weak at the heart but is not strong enough to exploit it, as he's not only fast enough to dodge blasts in dragon form, rmored enough to resist them altogether, but he's also an offensive fighter that strikes first, leaving them no time to try it. After all, we know all of Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee's weaknesses, that doesn't mean we can beat them.


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