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Bumblebee isn't mute, his voice just transmits at a frequency which only other Cybertronians and young children can hear
There are two groups of people reliably known to be able to understand Bumblebee in Aligned, his fellow Autobots and young children (including Raf and the kids from Rescue Bots when he made a cameo). In the real world, there's a phenomenon known as presbycusis which means that as humans get older, their range of hearing decreases, which has resulted in kids downloading cellphone ringtones that only they (and not their teachers) can hear, or shopkeepers having high frequency sounds used to discourage teenagers from congregating around their stores. Maybe only Raf and other young children can understand Bee because his voice is stuck to a very high frequency that even the young teenager Miko cannot hear?
  • Bumblebee isn't mute in the show, the other Cybertronians can hear and understand Bumblebee just fine. The problem is that he's unintelligible to human ears for the most part. I like to think he's speaking what Cybertronian sounds like not filtered through a universal translator.
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  • Or maybe it's some kind of a morse code, and actual cybertronian consists of guttural engine noises? (which would also explain why Soundwave doesn't speak; his engine can't make decent noises because he's a stealth drone).

If Jetfire ever shows up, he will be voiced by Yuri Lowenthal

Airachnid is Shockwave's daughter
Okay, let me explain. Shockwave has "creations" not children, yet he treats them all the same. Notice during "Predacons Rising" he treats Predaking arguing with his "siblings" in a "good job, kids!" type of deal, and previously comforted Predaking when he lost his first mission, while Megatron was stoic and Starscream was smug. Airachnid looks similar to a female Insecticon and has the power to control them. Perhaps, besides being a slave to logic, Shockwave was known for - in Megatron's words - tampering with creation. Airachnid fits the bill. Even though she was a torture specialist during the war, she seemed to have a certain degree of power beyond that. As her dad is Shockwave, he'd likely permit her that. She has individuality, which 90% of Decepticons in the show don't. Since Shockwave likely ne eded a commander for the Decepticons, he created Airachnid to function as a commander to the Insecticons, therefore making her similar to his daughter. It would explain why Megatron is so familiar with her and why he didn't take immediate action to terminate her in Season 2. After all, why would he remember a single torture specialist who more or less let the positions of the Decepticons to the Autobots? In addition, his use of giving her command can be shown as a nepotism light.

The Nemesis is Trypticon.
Just putting it out there. After all, this was the case at the end of Exodus, plus it would make a nice little parallel to the Autobot ship in Animated having been Omega Supreme all along.
  • Well in the five part finale we did see it straight on and I could have sworn it had a face...

Bumblebee communicates via a complicated Morse code.
When you listen closely you can hear that there is a difference in his beeps and that he has different lengths for them and pauses between the beeps. Rafael can understand him because he knows Morse.
  • Alternatively, he speaks in some form of Binary, which a computer whiz like Raf is just as likely to know.
  • It can explain why the other Cybertronians

"The Horns" are Cliffjumper's guns.
As opposed to the obvious. Watch his fight in the first episode - after he says "You want the horns? You got 'em!", he pulls out the guns and starts shooting.

Ratchet has the damaged T-Cog
  • He swapped with Bumblebee after fixing it, because he didn't want the little guy to get spooked. He realized that his worked sometime before Triage.
    • Bumblebee wouldn't take Ratchet's T-Cog voluntarily, so Ratchet sneaked it in.
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  • Jossed

Grimlock and the Dinobots will make their first appearance during a Big Damn Heroes moment.
And they'll be so rowdy and disruptive that the government will assign another agent just to deal with them. And his name will be Simon Furman.
  • And they combine into Magnaboss.
  • And Agent Furman will speak many words of wisdom.
  • They're "on the radar" for an appearance.

Someone will call Miko out on her recklessness and mention the events of T.M.I., finally making her reconsider her behavior.
Let's go back to T.M.I. for second. No other episode made Miko regret her actions as much as that one. After all, she almost got Bulkhead killed with her actions. Someone (probably Jack or Ratchet) will eventually call her out on it, causing her to go into a Heroic BSoD that will make her reconsider her actions.
  • Well, at Comic-Con 2011, the creators said that Miko would learn from her mistakes and undergo some strong character development in season 2.

Optimus is not the last of the Primes
There is a Rodimus out there somewhere, who will show up about half a season before Optimus' traditional Heroic Sacrifice, and take over for him as leader afterwards, to keep with their "no revivals" policy.

Fowler and Silas will once again fight.
Though this time, Fowler will remotely control the Nemesis Prime body, because Silas will be using Breakdown's body this time.
  • OK, that would be awesome.

Soundwave and Nemesis Prime both have unpleasant things under their masks.
Nemesis has a half-built mess of machinery, while who knows what Soundwave's hiding under that screen...

The Moon is also Unicron.
Assuming the Giant Impact theory of the Moon's formation is accurate in this series, in which a Mars sized object hit early Earth and created the Moon. A portion of Unicron's "essense" could have ejected with the material forming the Moon. So if the Autobots manage to suppress Unicron's will on Earth or even manage to exorcise him, Unicron would live on in the Moon.

Unicron is the Giant Impact, aka Theia
That is to say, that the Giant Impact that formed the moon early on in Earth's formation was Unicron's arrival. A variant of the above theory.

  • Specifically in the case Breakdown. Aside from the obvious censorship reasons, maybe Airachnid drained all of the Energon. She was bleeding a lot from her wounds, so she needed the boost.
    • Perhaps her predatory traits allow her to do that because it would fit her character.
      • Or the Insecticon consumed it all.
  • Should this be moved to the Headscratchers page?
    • It's already under Fridge Horror.

Silas will lose his hair.
  • His body is already severely damaged, so maybe they shave his head for surgery or he loses his hair to the damage. Bald of Evil would suit him well.
    • And after Silas gains his new 'do, he'll start using Tox-En (the poisonous TF equivalent to Kryptonite) against the Autobots and Decepticons.
      • But wait, isn't he about to lose his whole body in the process of becoming Breakdown?
      • This guess was just for fun, but if you want to get serious Arcee has a holomatter driver, maybe Silas!Breakdown will have one with a shaved head, and possibly different features, so his former military advisers don't recognize him.
  • the preview for the latter half of the season does seem to show his shaved head hooked up to a machine.

MECH will use Synthetic Energon as the 'blood' for their Project Chimera
  • Energon is horribly rare on Earth. And in any case, this will make it stronger and faster and meaner. And there are also suggestions that it may be addictive. After all, everything else about the project is synthetic and second-hand. Why not its 'blood' too?

Soundwave is only semi-sentient
It explains why he never gets in trouble for the 'Cons screwing up, or for Screamer's botched plan in Darkness Rising; he will go along with anything if you can convince him it's in Megs' best interest (like Starscream does in Darkness Rising Part 3.). It will also explain why he's the only DECEPTicon who's, you know, actually loyal to Megatron.
  • Eh, I'm not so sure. I think he never gets in trouble because he's actually competent, without any obvious ego troubles. Plus, I got the impression that he wasn't actually involved in Starscream's, er, "side projects".
  • Other things stories the same continuity seem to suggest otherwise, as it's difficult to argue that Soundwave isn't sentient in Transformers: War for Cybertron, or the two novels that expand on the story.
  • It's debatable that's he's the only one who's loyal. A majority vote by the crew opted to try and revive Megatron, Skyquake refused to follow anyone else, and the only Decepticon other than Starscream who's tried to overthrow him so far is Airachnid. Knock Out went along with Starscream's plans, but once Megs was up and walking he seems happy enough to go back to his old job. Though most of the 'Cons could be acting out of fear (especially of Soundwave), it's possible that they, too, feel some degree of loyalty.
  • Perhaps a large part of it is that most are actually loyal to (or fearful of) Soundwave and not whoever happens to be the leader of the time being because he's effectively a one-man secret police (he's like Batman!). And since Soundwave is loyal (or at least, has decided to support) Megatron, everyone else does too. It may also be that he realizes that being the leader of the Decepticons means always having to watch your back... but being the trusted intelligence officer of whoever the strongest leader is means you have a lot of control with far less concern about someone trying to kill you.

On the contrary, Soundwave is not only fully sentient, but more aware than most transformers.

He doesn't speak for several reasons. It's unnerving, which gives him a psychological edge when he needs to confront someone. It also masks his intentions, making him harder to read, harder to plan for. But mainly... Soundwave has no time for small talk. He sees and hears too much.

In his job as Decepticon surveillance and espionage, he likely monitors hundreds, if not thousands of sources of data, searching for relevant intel. As such, he sees and hears more in a day than the average Decepticon does in a week, and needs to sift through it all. He's watching everything, listening to everyone, monitoring every last piece of data within sensor range, waiting for that one tidbit of info that will give the Decepticons the edge. All this, well, let's just say it leaves him little time to socialize.

Shockwave, if he shows up, will be a better Starscream than the Trope Namer
Especially if he can sabotage Megatron without us OR SOUNDWAVE finding out.

Soundwave will say an inferior/superior thing, or anything else he's ever said that went through Memetic Mutation

Soundwave is the biggest villain we will ever see
Even MEGATRON couldn't get away with killing a human on screen.
  • Well, it technically never happened on-screen, and the humans were never confirmed dead. Still doesn't eliminate the potential - we just have yet to get any solid proof.

Soundwave is the robots' version of Slenderman
He's of a lithe build, has no face, doesn't speak, has tentacles, and spends much of his on-screen time just standing silently in the background and observing others from a distance. True, he's just notably more proactive than Slendy, or perhaps Slendy spends some of his free time kicking ass and we've just never seen it.

The Decepticon position of second-in-command is a sham.
Think about it. Soundwave has time and again shown himself to be Megatron's most competent and loyal henchman, and yet Megatron continuously leaves people like Starscream and Airachnid in charge. Nothing ever, I repeat, ever goes their way. Megatron and Soundwave are probably savvy enough to set any over-ambitious underlings up to fail, humiliating them in front of the troops and damaging their certainty in their own leadership abilities. Hell, it's even possible that Soundwave only informs them of situations that will end poorly should they choose to get involved, while he himself discreetly deals with important assignments, such as locating Energon deposits. Keep in mind that Starscream gets much of his intel from Soundwave... and it's entirely possible that Soundwave could be filtering the transmissions picked up by the Nemesis.
  • Actually, I think this can be explained if you use a military analogy: the Second-In-Command position is a First Sergeant, while Soundwave is an Executive Officer. The First Sergeant is the one who runs the day-to-day of the unit, and so is the second-in-command under the Commander. Also, unlike the Commander, the First Sergeant is much more involved in the frontlines, with the Commander delegating his authority for such unless necessary for him to handle things personally. Then we have the Executive Officer(or XO), who still outranks the First Sergeant, and serves the Commander by handling administrative duties, effectively being the Commander's right-hand man. Also, an XO is sometimes derisively called a "snitch" by NCOs, since he also serves as the "eyes and ears" of the Commander, which is EXACTLY Soundwave's function. Finally, the position of Second-In-Command is used by Megatron to put a formidable Decepticon in a position of authority while still maintaining full control. This allows him to gauge said Decepticon's performance and loyalty(which he does not need to do with Soundwave since his loyalty is absolute). Thus, we break it down like this:
    • Commander: Megatron
    • Executive Officer: Soundwave
    • First Sergeant: Second-In-Command, currently Dreadwing

We will get a June centered episode in which she and Knockout get captured by Mech in order to complete the resurrection of Silas in Breakdown's body.
And it will be one hell of a jarring episode since MECH will not be nice to either prisoner.
  • It will end with a dramatic rescue by Dreadwing or Optimus, likely Dreadwing though just to get some character development.
  • Better yet it's Soundwave (not without a fight mind you) who gets captured with June, and its Megatron who does the dramatic rescue to save Soundwave. Soundwave groundbridges June home, which is both freaky and a nice act at the same time, cause it's Soundwave and he knows where she lives.
    • I can't see Soundwave getting captured, or needing someone else to rescue him. I can, however, see him rescuing Knock Out behind Megatron's back, and sending June home while he's at it.

The Nemesis will become Trypticon.
The ship wasn't built from Trypticon's body as Exodus would suggest, since none of the Decepticons ever seemed to twig to the fact that the ship could be Trypticon (and this was common knowledge in the books), which suggests another divergence from the novels. I'm going to say that the Nemesis isn't built from Trypticon, but it will BECOME Trypticon at a later date. Megatron could probably see value in having a transforming warship, but first he'll need to find a way to bring it under his heel before he allows the ship to regain sentience. Copious amounts of Dark Energon will most likely be involved.
  • Jossed by Fall of Cybertron as well as the novels. Trypticon is indeed Nemesis.

Cliffjumper was the first and only Autobot Starscream ever killed
If he'd, say, bombed a city on Cybertron and killed all the Autobots in it, wouldn't he brag about that instead of going "GUYS. GUYS. I TOTALLY KILLED AN AUTOBOT ONCE YOU GUYS. SERIOUSLY GUYS. SERIOUSLY."?
  • Given that the Autobots are now basically a long dead faction, with the exception of Team Prime (and Wheeljack) the bots are basically the factional equivalent of an endangered species. Granted he did kill him brutally and somewhat unfairly.
    • There are probably more Autobots out there, roaming around like Wheeljack was doing. Although I doubt there's a fully staffed Autobot warship or three going to show up in high Earth orbit anytime soon.
  • That "GUYS. GUYS." thing may be the best summation of Starscream's character I've heard yet. You get a cookie.
  • I think he keeps bringing up Cliffjumper's death for two reasons; one, it was more recent than any Autobots he might have killed while the war was still confined to Cybertron, and secondly, Team Prime is a small unit of True Companions. Starscream keeps busting out how he killed Cliffjumper because his death is more likely to still hurt, and especially hurt members of Team Prime, who were Cliff's friends and even surrogate family, more than any Autobots he may have killed millions of years ago that none of Team Prime actually knew. When he boasted about it to Airachnid back in Partners, he was trying to assert his dominance since Airachnid had had several run-ins with Arcee before rejoining the Decepticons, and continuously failed to scrap her. He was trying to keep some measure of authority. But yes, the "GUYS. GUYS." line was pretty hysterical. XD
  • As of "Triangulation," Starscream reveals that he enjoyed killing Cliff. Which leads me to think that, yeah, maybe 'Scream's killed Autobots, but maybe Cliffjumper's the only Autobot he's killed personally.
  • I think Starscream is just so pleased that he got Cliff back for taunting him in "Out of the Past". Yeah Screamer can really hold a grudge.

There will be a MECH mole (or perhaps several) in Fowler's agency.
"Grill" alluded to the existence of MECH agents who are actually currently enlisted US military personnel in disguise; it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to suggest that they may have infiltrated the ranks of various government agencies as well, including Fowler's.
  • And if it's Jack's dad, we can all die happy.

The Reason for the Conservation of Ninjutsu in the Insecticons is a Shoutout to G1 Insecticons
Much like the G1 Insecticons, These Insecticons can simply build clones of themselves. Inferior Clones made of Inferior Metals makes it easy for pretty much anyone to squash as mooks. If this is right, expect at least two more named Insecticons to pop out of the group (Namely Kickback and Shrapnel)

Breakdown's gun has a name.
  • Whether it's the comic's gun, or the shoulder-cannon in the show. Why? Firefly, that's why.
    • This guess came a little too late.
      • Also, Vera would fit better.

Humans are immune to the artifact found in Triage.
We've never seen it give an organic a pounding headache, have we?
  • To be fair, we've never even seen it used on an organic. Given its name, the Resonance Blaster, it would possibly still affect the humans (loud noises do hurt), but perhaps it uses a special frequency that only Cybertronians can pick up.

Green Kryptonite is a variation of Dark Energon, therefore Unicron may be responsible for all human "copy-cat" alien life.
Think about it, Kryptonite looks almost exactly like Energon and Dark Energon (though more like the latter). Whose to say Kryptonite and all its variations are a mutated form of Dark Energon? And it would make sense in the context of the latter part of the subject, Primus makes mechanical life and Unicron makes organic life.
  • They are both bad for humans to be exposed to, Kryptonite just takes longer.
  • If Kryptonite and Energon look alike, it's because there are a limited number of possible crystalline molecular formations.
    • On the other hand, Tox-En is basically Cybertronian Kryptonite, so there may be life in this one yet.

Soundwave has a face behind his mask.
But he keeps it obscured behind that Faceplate-like screen to inspire fear in the ranks, much like how Megatron wears gladiatorial armor. We'll get to see it when he speaks... if any such opportunity demanded or could withstand epicness of that magnitude.
  • Would Triage qualify?
  • This troper guesses that Soundwave will have quite a big involvement in second season's finale. He's way too "below the radar" while not being against showing how awesome and calculated he is. Either that or he'll finally speak.

Megatron frequents TV Tropes, is aware of the fourth wall, and can see us.
This is why he is more ruthless. He considers us his spectators and thus his world is nothing more than a drawn out gladiatorial match to him.

Insecticons are tougher in robot mode than in insect mode.
Megatron barely held his own against a single Insecticon in Crossfire, but in Armada, they get shot down like cannon fodder. Perhaps their robot mode is a lot more armored, or they have shields that cannot be generated while they are in flight because they don't have the power to be both flying and shielded.
  • Or their armor plating has to be moved aside so that their wings and thrusters can be used unhindered.

Soundwave is Megatron's best friend.
Though he wouldn't call him such, let's look at the facts:
  • Soundwave is probably the most loyal to Megatron.
  • They were gladiators together.
  • Soundwave is almost as strong as Megatron.
  • Megatron trusts him more then his various Dragons.
  • Everybody needs a friend.
    • I just d'awwwed at the last one. I don't know why.
  • All but officially confirmed, at least pre-Earth. Given Megatron's personality, a display like this says a lot.

Vogel's going to be Wheeljack's human.
If he joins up with the Autobots permanently, I can't see him going with a kid.
  • I can't see Wheeljack going with anybody, kid or adult. If he did, it'd have to be another cynical loner. Plus, the whole "don't call us, we'll call you" bit pretty well writes Vogel off as a one-episode wonder.
    • It's still a cool idea though.

Vogel's sweeper train will be replaced by Astrotrain.
Because there are few iconic trains in Tranformers, and his name does mean bird.

Humans are evolved from Cybertronians.
Think about it. We share unmistakable similarities to Cybertronians: Bipedal appearance, eyes, mouths, hands, and they've been around for much longer than we have. Airachnid and the Insecticons have to have some correlation to earth creatures...could it be that Unicron somehow unintentionally created carbon-based life-forms out of existing templates?

Metroplex will be mentioned.
And Optimus will call him a "valued friend".

Bulkhead will be remodeled when he is repaired
He will have a heavily altered appearance after being repaired; change of name to fit the new appearance optional. A new toy will be sold for the new Bulkhead.
  • Jossed

Megatron will graft the arm of a prime to himself.
Based off a recent trailer, I summarize that this is Megatron's new work around to the old ambition to becoming a prime. Even if he personally isn't one, he can still use this biological work around wield the weapons of a prime.
  • Confirmed.

Bulkhead's Future Part 1: He will perform a Face–Heel Turn and become a Fallen Hero
Bulkhead is a warrior, and battle not only flows through him like blood, it is his very soul. To be deprived of that is akin to a painter becoming blind and a musician becoming deaf. Rubbing salt in the wounds is the arrival of Smokescreen, whose spectacular debut further cements the reality that he is of no further use to the cause.

Jealousy, coupled with the temptation of being empowered to his former glory once more by the Apex Armor, can be a very tempting door to walk through.... to the dark side of your soul....

  • Jossed

Bulkhead's Future Part 2: He and Ratchet will trade positions on Team Prime.
A more optimistic outlook is possible if we look at the example of Barbra Gordon, who became an even more powerful crusader of justice when crippled than she ever was as Batgirl. Bulkhead, as an accomplished mechanic, could easily take Ratchet's place with some training, and Ratchet himself has proven himself to be quite the accomplished warrior all the way back when he single handedly sliced through HUNDREDS of zombie Decepticons like so-much wheat with Optimus Prime by his side.

Doctor Arkeville will make an appearance at some point.
  • He works for MECH, or allies with them. If the former, then he becomes the new leader.

Starscream had his mind wiped.
His treachery in Fall of Cybertron couldn't go unpunished, but Starscream, for all his conniving and betrayal, is still an immensely useful asset. As such, Megatron mind-wiped his betrayal and a fair bit of the events leading up to it, which is why Starscream was ignorant of Dark Energon when he should be Megatron's foremost expert. That's why he was pissed off at Starscream possibly falling into Autobot hands. If they find the secrets locked within his head...

Starscream is stuck in the Apex armor
How much do you want to bet that you need a T-cog to take it off? Starscream is the Butt-Monkey in this series so it only stands to reason his biggest victory as of late will bite him in the Skid Plate.
  • Jossed.

. Will be repainted red. The image at the toyfair seems to indicate this, but there is a disconnect between toy and show, so who knows
  • The red one was Swerve — Silas!Breakdown was the black repaint. That said, whether there will be an actual change in the show is up in the air; Japan does love their gratuitous black repaints, after all. Someone on another site suggested that the toy, when stickered, would be black and green, matching the colour scheme of MECH's vehicles.
    • Jossed.

Hardshell will be a Mauve Shirt.
He could join the Decepticons as a new brute.
  • Or he could die by the end of the episode (channel some Makeshift/Skyquake in this late into the show).
  • He was exposed to toxic energon and thrown into a volcano, but managed to climb out of the lava. So he may return...
    • Jossed; Miko blew him away with missiles from Wheeljack's ship.

There are hidden messages in what Fowler says when he gets electrocuted.
Those random phrases and words have a deeper meaning, even foretelling future events in the show.
  • When he says "The emu says YEAH!" if you switch out to U for an O in Emu it makes it emo. Miko is the opposite of emo, but looks the part. Another word for yeah is yes. Miko yells "Yes!" at one point in a future episode.
    • Or the Maximals could appear with a guy who turns into an emu whose first line will be "Yeah!".
  • "Bananafish!" Fish live in water, bananas are yellow, Bumblebee is yellow. Bumblebee will have a run in with water.
    • And in that water will be Sharkticons.
      • With banana yellow eyes!
  • "I can haz cheeseburger?" Cheetor and Tigatron are currently on Earth, possibly living in the internet somehow.
  • "And beavers, and ducks, and walnuts, and grandma!" Jack's grandmother is working for the government, having known about the Transformers all along. She is currently using Cybertronian technology to build the world's most advanced hydroelectric dam, along with realistic robotic ducks with spy camera eyes. And she likes walnuts.

Theories on the new recruit.
The episode airing on the seventh of September is confirmed to be about a new Autobot joining Team Prime. So, let's theorize on who said new Autobot will be.
  • Jetfire
  • Hot Shot
  • Jazz
  • Ultra Magnus
  • In a bit of a tease, the "new Autobot joining Team Prime" will actually just be Wheeljack becoming an official member of the cast, and not a wholly new Autobot.
    • That would seem to conflict with what was stated by the voice actors and crew, though, about a completely new actor joining the cast and playing an equally new Autobot.
      • Not necessarily if the new Autobot debuts, but doesn't join the team and Wheeljack does.
  • Grimlock
  • Who ever it is, the'll be a Wrecker
  • Whoever Nolan North's character is.
    • Confirmed: he's the voice of Smokescreen.
  • Sideswipe (perhaps finally fulfilling the early reports of James Remar being on the cast?)
  • Prowl. He does already have a design for the Aligned Continuity. Not to mention that the Autobot in question has red highlights on their head, just like the designs of Prowl we've seen already.
  • Ironhide
  • Starscream (It won't last long.)
  • Wreck-Gar, being played by Nolan North as a robotic Expy of Deadpool.
  • Depth Charge. A guy can hope, plus he was an Autobot before becoming a Maximal.
  • How about Knock Out? He's certainly not too happy with Megatron right now.
  • Elita-1
    • Oh, sweet Primus, how amazing would that be?
  • Blurr
  • Smokescreen— brief shots of him from promo commercials showed him to have a red and blue car mode with a number 38 along the sides and red, Prowl-like forehead chevrons in robot mode. All of these traits are consistent with most versions of Smokescreen. His model may be modified later on for Prowl himself.
  • After watching the promo a dozen times it appears that the Autobot is white, blue, and black with a blue stripe down the front of the torso, is most likely a doorwinger, and appears smaller and less bulky that most of the mechs but still outsizing Arcee.
    • Maybe Prowl and Jazz had a son.
  • A completely new auto-bot
    • It is a new recruit.
      • And the winner is: Smokescreen

Optimus was emotionally, and perhaps physically, abused as a protoform
That's why he's so stoic and doesn't show much emotion, because he's afraid that if he shows too much emotion someone (like his abuser) will hurt him. He won't laugh, cause he thinks that someone will just start mocking him, and say something like "How could you find that funny, you're so stupid!". He won't cry because he thinks it wont help, like his abuser made fun of his crying after being hurt. He won't "lose his cool" (usually) because he thinks it will just cause more pain, like he tried to defend himself and it made the abuser hurt him worse. He doesn't party because he never had much experience with "normal" 'bots, so he's socially awkward. Optimus told Ratchet (who knows him best) not to tell the others about his abuse, because he doesn't want them to have to feel sorry for him or burden them with his probelems, so when the others asked Ratchet why he was so unemotional, Ratchet lied and told them that "Prime's are built that way." and that "Primes don't party.". But one day, someone will discover the truth.
  • Or, maybe — crazy theory, hear me out here — he's just weighed down by the burden of leadership and behaves like every other Prime in history.
    • Considering he was an impassioned and outspoken civil rights leader from a privileged background, I'm leaning toward the canon explanation.

Bulkhead will become the Transformers Prime equivalent of Rhinox.
This WMG originates from looking at the Beast Hunters toy for Bulkhead.

Jack is still an honorary Prime.
This means that he'll get to use the Star Saber, or the Forge of Solus Prime at some point. Like the Key to Vector Sigma, they'll shrink so he can hold them.

Soundwave took his vow of silence after the death of his Mini-Cons.
In most works that take place before the show, like War for Cybertron and Exodus, show that Soundwave is quite capable of talking. He's also shown with a wider range of Mini-Cons than he does now. His boss battle in War for Cybertron and the episode Triage show that he cares about his Mini-Cons. Sometime before the show, they probably faced a major catastrophe, leaving Laserbeak as the only surviving Mini-Con. Soundwave, not wanting to look weak in front of the other Decepticons, took his vow of silence to hide his sorrow.

If or when Soundwave talks, he'll be voiced by...

The Vehicons are brainwashed Autobots
Seriously, think about it. They're definitely sentient, but out of all the 'Cons, only Breakdown shows any sign of thinking them of more than cannon fodder and a cheap form of entertainment. And it's, well, Breakdown. And all the Red Shirts in the video games had to be used for something, right? Shockwave wiped their memory cores clean and remodeled them heavily into standard ground- and flight- frametypes (so they wouldn't risk a memory trigger reflection) for cheap infantry. Definitely all Autobots, since the Vehicons are pretty uniform and useless overall and a lot less effective than a willing Decepticon.
  • Or maybe they're brainwashed non-aligned Cybertronians. Not everyone necessarily wanted to partake in the war.

June in Season 3.
Think about it; she thinks her only son is dead. She knows the Decepticons are to blame. She's not exactly an Action Mom, but mothers have been known to do some pretty badass things for revenge when their children are killed (like the one woman who became a deadly sniper when her kids were killed in a war). And you gotta admit, June going Mama Bear on the Decepticons would be both fun and awesome to watch.

Energon is equatable to our testosterone.
Not sure if this one's been said already, but I like this for a couple reasons:
  • The 'synthen' episode with Ratchet making an allusion to our steroids (synthetic testosterone).
  • More obvious one, the male majority we see, and the kicking-ass-and-taking-names ladies. (Perhaps ladies have a different fuel?)note 
    • Pre-Jossed. Arcee uses Energon, just like the rest of the 'Bots.
      • Women have some testosterone in their system too, thus the different fuel part only being a perhaps.

Both Knock Out and Soundwave will die.
Case for Knock Out dying: as of "Thirst," he has been demoted and will have to answer to Shockwave, and also, during the end of season two Knock Out sort of took Starscream's role as a sissy villain who is humiliated a lot. Now that Knock Out's had some development, he'll be killed off. Case for Soundwave: Shockwave has taken Soundwave's role as the villain feared by the other Decepticons, Shockwave also has no "face," Shockwave is the new smart guy and effective tactician, etc.. Soundwave will be replaced, probably speak once in a dramatic moment, and then die as well.
  • Jossed! Both survive the final battle. Though Soundwave is now trapped in the Shadowzone. While Knock Out is most likely in Autobot custody.

The movie will feature the return of Decepticons lost. Or more specifically, Soundwave and Megatron
.In the movie, Unicron will return by possessing Megatron and he will wage war on Cybetron, forcing the Autobots, Decepticons, and Predacons to team up and fight him, and Soundwave will return by either finding a way to groundbridge himself out, or he will be pulled out by Unicron.
  • Half confirmed and half jossed, Megatron returns, but Soundwave does not.

The closest we've gotten to a proper Galvatron was a Megatron hopped up on Dark let's take a few guesses on:

How Megatron will become Galvatron:

  • Unicron will awaken and make Megatron into Galvatron.
    • Partially confirmed, Megatron was resurrected, but he doesn't go by a new name.

What will Galvatron look like:

  • He'll probably look smoothed out, silver face, purple eyes, no fangs, flat fingers rather then sharp claws, purple plating.
    • Jossed, Megatron actually looks spiker, and has an old rusted look about him.

How will he act:

  • Crazy.
    • SUBVERTED of all things!

of course we might not get a Prime version of Galvatron.

Knock Out and Breakdown were always prepared for the possibility that the Decepticons would fail, and that's why they chose car alt-modes.
They thought that they'd be more quickly accepted if they adopted the enemy's stylistic choices. Hence why Knock Out tries to defect in the finale.
  • Jossed, Knock Out pointed out from the beginning that he liked the look of his vehicle mode and that's why he chose it.

Soundwave left the children alive because he wants them to lead him to the Autobots.
Soundwave took the pictures so he was able to single them out and set deployers on them so he can keep track of them and lead him to the Autobots' base or alternatively kidnapping them to bring the Autobots to him so he can destroy them.
  • I think you have a pretty good idea there. The moment where he snapped a picture of them is already under Foreshadowing.
    • Confirmed.
    • I think Soundwave left them because when it comes to hacking, he had finally found a Worthy Opponent in Raf.

Raf is an android.
Let's see:
  1. Pre-teen kid, check
  2. knack for robots that shouldn't even be possible, check
  3. Partnered with Bumblebee, check
This sounds familiar.
  • The Scraplets left him alone, though.
    • His organic beast mode hid him from their scanners.
  • He says in his notes (you can find them on the Hub website) that he's not sure why he understood Bumblebee, he just made perfect sense to him.
  • At one point while Megatron is controlling Bumblebee's body, he backhands Raf a good distance across the room, and yet it seems to do nothing, even though he's physically pretty scrawny...
    • Yet in that same episode he was confirmed to have a large family. That kind of downplays the possibility of something like that.
  • Apparently jossed by "One Shall Fall," considering it's presumed he has human anatomy.
    • Unless the Dark Energon was tampering with the android machinery, simulating a dying little boy.
      • Even Miko is guessing this, as of Persuasion.

Miko will pilot a traditional Humongous Mecha.
Because she's going to die without one. She'd probably be a natural pilot, with Jack doing the repairs and Raf fixing any software errors.
  • If anything, it'd probably be a Headmaster kind of thing.
  • Masterforce reference perhaps? It would fit, since she is a Japanese exchange student (imported from Japan, as it were...)
  • See below re: the Apex Armor.

Miko has a relative or knows somebody with Asperger's Syndrome
Though Miko doesn't seem to have any symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome, somebody she knows might, so to raise awareness of Asperger's, she is wearing a tank top that looks strangely similar to the little alien dude from, an Asperger's awareness site.
  • It could also be the makers of the show throwing that reference in also for people they know with AS.

Raf's parents are divorced
When Jack and Miko started to fight, he seemed to feel REALLY bad, maybe that made him remember his parents' fighting.

Raf is a "Well Done, Son" Guy in his family.
His parents only notice him when he's failing in school, as what we've seen in "The Human Factor".

There's a conspiracist that's aware Raf is removing pictures of the Autobots and Decepticons from the internet.

Megatron is a reincarnation of Megatronus Prime.
The Covenant of Primus reveals that Optimus, born as Orion Pax, was actually one of the original Thirteen Primes. Megatron, meanwhile, was born from the Well of All Sparks in an age when protoforms didn't develop personalities or even names, courtesy of the Quintessons. It's possible this was done to reincarnate Megatronus in secret, after he had departed to serve Unicron following his murder of Solus Prime. As such, Megatron has a Secret Legacy to mirror that of Optimus.
  • Alternatively, Megatron is the son of Megatronus and Solus Prime.
  • Jossed Megatronus appears in the sequel show.

The Vehicons/Eradicons are the generation of protoforms born semi-mindless because of the Quintessons.

Cybertronians don't really have sex or gender nor concepts of such.
Why would they, if they don't reproduce sexually? Some of them just look conventionally feminine to human eye, and those who don't are assumed male by default. They don't understand why is it so important and just roll with it.

Arcee's name isn't actually "Arcee".
It's short for something with the initials R.C, which would explain her case of Odd Name Out (all other Cybertronians in the series except for Wheeljack, Predaking, Optimus, Megatron, and Alpha Trion have word-names, and all except Wheeljack have some kind of an excuse (Optimus and Megatron(us) are named after ancient Primes and Alpha Trion IS an ancient Prime or at least very ancient, and Predaking named himself.).

The character's names aren't actually what they're shown calling each other in the show.
It's a Translation Convention, like how white people translated native american names (i.e. Čháŋ Óhaŋ -> Crazy Horse). Whatever noises alien robots would actually use to communicate (possibly engine or gear noises?) would realistically be unpronouncable to humans. Optimus', Megatron(us)'s, Primus', Unicron's, and Alpha Trion's names stick out because they're ancient (Megatron named himself after Megatronus Prime and Optimus after The Thirteenth Prime, and Alpha Trion either is a Prime or as old as The Primes) their actual meanings have been lost (like has happened to many human names) and with "Prime" being a title, and Autobots, talking to humans, came up with something as close to the actual names as possible.

The Forge was depowered due to Dark Energon
Neither the Star Saber, nor the Apex Armour are ever referenced having limited power, to this troper it feels contrived that the Forge just runs out of power after restoring Optimus; it felt like they needed the forge to restore Optimus, but then too useful not to use, so they needed a reason for the Autobots to not use it.

However there is a more logical reason for the Forge to have depowered: The Dark Star Saber. When Megatron grafted a Prime arm onto himself to use the Forge, he used it to fashion a chunk of Dark Energon into a sword to counter the Star Saber. Now consider it, the Primes got their power from Primus, so did their relics, Dark Energon is literally the antitheses of that power; Megatron, likely unknowingly, poisoned the Forge, which caused it to run out of power after restoring Optimus.