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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

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    Brainstorm Guesses 

Brainstorm will become a Headmaster.
  • It would be a great plot twist and Mythology Gag. After all, he was at least partially responsible for creating the process in the original series. Naturally, this will lead to a moment of pure comedic gold when he's decapitated... only for his head to transform into a smaller robot and reattach itself as the other Autobots watch in horror.

  • Is also responsible for Red Alert's botched "suicide." For whatever reason, he's clearly operating under some agenda as far as Overlord is concerned, one that can't allow for others to interfere.
  • Was himself executed for protesting Chromedome's demise. If Issue #16 is anything to go by, he genuinely cares for Domey, and probably wouldn't be too happy with the DJD moving the goalposts for his survival.

The reason the DJD killed the other Brainstorm
  • Is because he was a traitor. He's just being Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves.
  • Maybe they killed him for failing to deliver Overlord to them at the first opportunity. Remember, he was in on Project: Total Insanity from the start and could have done so at any time. Why would he wait to do so only after Drift exposed the secret? It's possible that Brainstorm Became The Mask and neglected to do so to save his friends. This raises some questions about who else might have done such a thing if he didn't, and on that note...

Brainstorm actually died long ago
  • The real Brainstorm kicked the bucket long ago, and was supplanted by a decepticon mole. The reason why Brainstorm told everyone he was forged was because the original WAS forged, but the impostor was constructed cold and later replaced him. Think of it as the anti Ultra Magnus.

Do you remember that point one-percenter spark that Brainstorm picked in luna-1?
  • That's actually Megatron's. He kills the cold-constructed, spark that was meant to be Megatron, and replaces it with the forged, point one-percenter spark he absconded with during "Remain in Light".
  • Confirmed. Although Brainstorm is stopped from killing Megatron, it's Rewind that instead takes the shot to ensure a brighter future for every non-Cybertronian; however, Whirl uses Brainstorm's spare one-percenter spark to save Megatron to spite the Functionist Council that ruined his life.

Time-Travel Predeterminisation
We learn after the DOD arc that everything the Autobots do in the past was predetermined.
  • Shockwave didn't just turn evil after his empurata - he invented Cerebro-surgery too, which is Chromedome's big thing. If Whirl hadn't jumped those thugs, sure, Shockwave wouldn't have been turned evil, but Chromedome would never have been able to use his cerebro-fingers in the past, or ever! So he couldn't have wiped those guys' memories anyway!
  • Rewind mentions that Optimus Prime's memories of the year they travelled to are fuzzy. Why was that? Because they all went there and shook hands at the end to wipe memories.
  • Whirl meets Optimus twice. Optimus comments that he had last seen Whirl in prison, when he had warned Optimus about a bomb. He had insisted at that time it was about revenge. If Whirl and Chromedome hadn't been among the time travellers, Optimus might not have trusted them to help.
  • It's suggested that the energy from time travelling is what made the hot-spot flare up. Not only did Rodimus cause and protect the hot-spot where he was forged, but if he hadn't gone and forged it, Optimus wouldn't even have gone there.
  • In both Issue #9 and #37, Nightbeat talks to Quark about some crazy Ex-Primal Vanguard breaking into a relinquishment clinic in Apophenia and shooting up donors. The Whirl of that time was in prison... but a future Whirl is in the area at the time, he's ex-military with integrated weapons, and he's certainly not keen on the Institute. This incident went some way towards making people wonder why any lunatic might be outfitted with weapons unquestioningly.
    • Ultra Magnus is also Elite Guard - perhaps he will do some time-travelling to that place later...
  • When Whirl jumps the thugs, he finally learns that it was the Functionists who had his shop destroyed and his hands and face removed, not the mob. If he hadn't learned that, he wouldn't have come to hate the Functionists as intensely as he now does, so he wouldn't have used a Forged spark to repair Megatron's cold-constructed Spark.
  • Cyclonus complains about Tailgate trying to contact the future, but Tailgate's message from the past to the future comes in too garbled anyway. Still, it rouses curiosity in Prowl, who receives the message and thinks it would be a good thing if the Lost Light never took off, or returns as soon as possible. He's the one who put Overlord in the basement, and Overlord killed the Rewind of the Lost Light A, but the Rewind of Lost Light 1 still exists...

Megatron's Words

  • Also Fridge Brilliance... In issue 34 Megatron loses his words on Messantine. But his words could refer in ways to his experiences both that have been and things that are to come. At one point he thinks about how you can no more acquire a skill unrelated to your work than the sky can acquire a conscience - words that could easily refer to less moral flying characters like Cyclonus, who's making a Heel–Face Turn and listened to his poetry when he was younger, or the time he was beaten up by Whirl, the soldier who'd wanted to be a watchmaker, or even Brainstorm, who decided not to shoot him after all. He asks if a miner would feel comfortable working beside a microscope, which is talking about Perceptor. And a soldier who is a Data Slug could refer to how little Rewind shot him at birth so his spark had to be replaced with that of a genius, or any of Soundwave's 'tapes'. Everything the Autobots did contributed to the young Megatron's thoughts. It was because of Brainstorm's time travel that the war truly started. Except the Autobots only time-traveled because Brainstorm time traveled. That's where Brainstorm's paradox went.


Part of Roberts' intention is to create personalities for these previously barely-known characters in case/so that they enter cartoons
  • Obvious examples involve Brainstorm, Chromedome, Tailgate, Swerve and Whirl. While you've heard of the others, guys like these are so incredibly rarely mentioned, it's understandable if you didn't even know they existed before their IDW. My guess is that Roberts used them so that he could add his own personal touch forever - like, Brainstorm will always be thought of as a mad scientist who can and will invent absolutely anything, ethics aside, Chromedome is the Cybertronian version of a drug addict, and is addicted to reading minds, even though it's dangerous, Tailgate finally has a personality as being adorably naive instead of somebody who is killed in background events, Swerve is a doctor and highly religious as well as almost incapable of not talking, and Whirl is not just crazy-violent, but a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who should be worth sympathising with for his disfigurement. And that way, Roberts can forever look at any future portrayal of such characters and say, "I made them like that."

After the events of Prime Wars, Rodimus will become Rodimus Prime
  • At least for a little while. After all hail Optimus and Prime Wars, Optimus and Sentinel will be dead, leaving the position open. The obvious choice for the next Prime is Rodimus.

Whirl will hook up with Velocity
  • Whirl was given the task of being Velocity's bodyguard, just in case of danger. It was a trick to get Whirl off the ship and onto the Rod Pod, but everybody seemed to buy it. And in a few panels Whirl is drawn standing fairly close to Velocity. Not to mention in the Holiday Special Velocity was nice to Whirl about the Scraplet event... So Whirl will take this task fairly seriously and act as Velocity's bodyguard and they will eventually hook up... Hey, it's WMG!

Overlord's mysterious benefactors are the Quintessons
  • Who also may or may not be the Knights of Cybertron.

Overlord's mysterious benefactor is the original Rewind
  • Because why the hell not?

Did Tyrest accidentally shadowplay himself?
  • We learned in issue #15 that trainee mnemosurgeons practiced technique with finger-drills before they received the signature finger-needles.
  • We learned in issue #19 that Tyrest had taken to self-mutilating himself with finger-drills out of guilt, but he only had his divine revelation after drilling into his own forehead.
  • It seems there's a number of ways a mnemosurgeon can access a brain module; common practice is via the back of the neck, but Chromedome has a self-avowed preference for going through the eye sockets.
  • Finger drills + forehead drilling = accidental mnemosurgery and 180 degree turnaround in personality?

The Legislators are looking for a medic to repair Tyrest and Star Saber.
  • Since Pharma is dead now and can't treat their injuries.
  • Maybe they're just some powered-down guards from Luna 1 that reactivated when Fort Max and Red reinstated the (now-corrected)Tyrest Accord.
The coffin contains some sort of mind-reading psychic emitter.
  • This would explain the appearance of Rewind's apparent ghost and why it appears to contain Rodimus' corpse (and besides, there's no way Hasbro would allow the latter to be killed off like that). Absent crewmembers with a lot of negative emotions tied to their deaths/disappearances would stick out like a sore thumb to any mind-reader, and be extremely easy to copy.

Sector 113...
  • Is the last existing vestige of the Dead Universe, which broke through into the main reality after Shockwave Warped Reality at the climax of Dark Cybertron. The reason bits of objects are winking out of existence isn't due to them being stolen— reality itself is being eradicated by the Dead Universe's proximity. Notice how there seems to be an unusually heavy amount of object disappearance around Nightbeat, who was turned into a zombie by it five years prior. It might be using him, Cyclonus, and Brainstorm, also infected by the Dead Universe, to "soften" reality before sending in the coffin to actively start destroying the ship.

An alternate timeline/dimension plot is in the works.
  • We have Rung commenting on his feelings of deja vu right before vanishing through that as-yet unexplained portal back in "Remain in Light," a load of important characters about to bite the bullet (if the Necrobot's list and the rough timeline are accurate), lots of exposition about the faster-than-light quantum engines, and Rodimus' corpse FROM THE FUTURE! and what appears to be the shattered remnants of the Lost Light.

Issue 7 & 8 (Who's afraid of the DJD) happened in the branched timeline
  • Issue 7&8 list Ultra Magnus, Hound and Drift as dead. This statement is only true in the branched timeline, where we see Ultra Magnus, Hound and Drift dead in the "Lost Light" after the massacres the whole crew. In the original timeline, Drift is not currently part of the roster of the "Lost Light" and it is unlikely to get killed given that he's getting a mini-series, therefore — branched timeline.
    • Jossed. During the Light Light's initial launch, a malfunction caused a duplicate ship to appear, with events unfolding differently from the original we've seen. It all ends with the DJD attacking the Lost Light and massacring the entire crew save for Rewind.

  • Whirl is Asexual.
    • Yeah, I know they're robots, but there are several pairings and general suggestions that some kind of sex can exist for Cybertronians. In #53 he has a conversation with Cyclonus - while he says that he doesn't do relationships, and his world begins and ends with him, he immediately goes on to express more interest in Cyclonus' relationship with Tailgate, which shows an interest in 'relationships' in general, if not for himself. It's a very asexual thing.
      • The word you're looking for is aromantic - all IDW Transformers seem to be asexual.

    I Knew It 

Prowl is the one responsible for Overlord
being on the Lost Light.This was foreshadowed way back in the first issue; Overlord was Prowl's "plan" to keep Rodimus and his crew from leaving. To whit, Overlord was repaired, at least physically, on Prowl's orders, secretly moved out of the Autobot penal system, and was the cargo loaded into the Lost Light by Shock and Ore. It seems likely that Overlord's presence was supposed to be revealed in order to get Rodimus to turn his ship around, and head back to Cybertron to offload him, since even Rodimus would probably pause at keeping Overlord around, and Prowl most likely intended that once that happened, he'd ensure that the ship wouldn't be able to take off again. Shock and Ore's deaths derailed this however, since they were the only ones who knew about Overlord's presence before Red Alert found out. This level of extremism, and the ability to cover up Overlord's location-remember, Rung told Fort Max that Overlord had been imprisoned-fits with Prowl's characterization in the IDW comics.
  • Or he may have put him there to attract the DJD. Kill Overlord and decimate the crew. This seems too needlessly cruel for Prowl, and not pragmatic enough, but one must also think of the consequences of letting loose Overlord and a now peaceful society. If they put Overlord on trial, then it could open the door for more trials for War crimes, which would certainly turn the NAILS against the Autobots and Decepticons.
  • This may explain why Prowl was so insistent that Chromedome not go.
  • Confirmed in issue 14. Prowl had Overlord sumggled aboard the Lost Light because he wanted to learn how Phase Sixers were created and needed Chromedome to perform mnemosurgery on him to find out how. Chromedome didn't want to do it, so Drift was to manipulate him into doing it.

Drift taking the blame was pre-planned
  • Prowl knows who makes a good scapegoat and who doesn't, and it may have been why he recruited him in the first place. Of course, this raises other questions, such as why Drift would agree to such a plan.
    • Apparently confirmed. Drift claims this is the case, but we don't know what Prowl actually said.

Ultra Magnus...
  • Actually died every every single time in those flashbacks from issue 16. It just happens that his body has a failsafe that automatically makes his body go to wherever Tyrest is, so Tyrest can give him a replacement body. The only difference this time around is that Magnus allied himself with Rodimus, which Tyrest considers a conflict of interest, therefore not giving him a new body and leaving him as his true identity, Minimus Ambus.
  • Or instead, is a Legacy Character. Every time he died, Tyrest would chose a new 'bot to take on his identity, and Minimus Ambus is merely the most recent holder of the title, which would explain why he was apparently "arrested" by Magnus in the past (as well as the drastic differences in Magnus' personality over the years, since he was actually different 'bots). Ambus is locked up and no longer Magnus because he failed Tyrest in some fashion (perhaps the conflict of interest spoke of above) and has been stripped of his status as the current Ultra Magnus. By the end of Remain In Light, the character of "Ultra Magnus" will be retired and he will have "died" in that sense, but Minimus Ambus will continue on his place on the Lost Light, thus why Magnus' name appeared on the Necrobot's list.

The Legislators are creations of Chief Justice Tyrest.
  • Solicits for August mention, amongst other things, an ancient visionary is about to eliminate the Cybertronian race with a wave of his hand. That visionary is Chief Justice Tyrest, architect of the Tyrest Accord, and former Autobot. He's been lurking around the fringes of the series from the beginning, and was name-dropped as early as the Annual. We know that Tyrest is no longer affiliated with the war and is still held in high esteem by the Galactic Council, which hates most other Cybertronians, a view which Tyrest has also adopted. He may have become so disgusted with what his race has degenerated to that he's decided it would simply be better to wipe them all out. The Legislators are his own creations to help him in his plan to eliminate his own race.

The Legislators will turn on Tyrest
  • They are programmed to follow the law ruthlessly and without regard. So maybe Tyrest will step out of line with his plan, and be too far away from the computer that lets him edit the laws, they'll see him as a threat and attack him. The Weapon of Mass Suggestion looked like a crime of Thought Warfare.
    • Somewhat confirmed. Tailgate repeals all the laws using the editing computer, and they stand down, allowing Tyrest to be taken away.

Ravage snuck aboard the Lost Light to assassinate Megatron on Soundwave's orders.
After Megatron publicly denounced the Decepticon movement and ordered his former army to stand down in exchange for the captaincy of the Lost Light, Soundwave dispatched Ravage to infiltrate the ship and kill Megatron when an opportunity presented itself. It just hasn't yet which is why right now Ravage is focusing on intelligence gathering (listening in on Megatron and Rung's therapy sessions) and learning the lay of the ship.
  • Actually looks like it's confirmed; Megatron really was surprised to see Ravage onboard the Rodpod and only told him to play dead so the Autobots wouldn't just kill him outright. While they're both locked up on the wrecked Lost Light after it looks like Megatron might have had something to do with the slaughter, Ravage confronts him about his abandoning the Decepticon cause and then admits that he's here because Soundwave ordered him to keep an eye on Megatron, and, if his defection really was genuine and not part of some farther-reaching plan, "put him out of his misery".

The "Lost Light" exists in a quantum state that allowed for duplicates.
  • The initial explosion on Issue 1 created TWO Lost Lights kinda like Will and Tom Riker and the teleporter accident they had. This allows for one Lost Light to go one way and the other go the other way. In one "Lost Light" some events did not occur because they were not near them. With Skids not present, Swerve did not start a bar (and possibly Rung died to the Sparkeater). Rewind never got injured in Temptoria, so Chromedome never got to mess with Overlord, which is why Overlord is still in his prison. It is this "Lost Light" that gets attacked by the DJD when they picked Overlord's signal and the one the Necrobot listed on his datapad. The coffin is the equivalent of the Schrödinger's Cat. With it opened, the two quantum states overlapped, and the one that won was the Dead "Lost Light" as Sector 113 was where their quantum foam leaked, altering the time-space in that area of the universe.
    • Confirmed. Nautica explains that Quantum Jumping involves jumping from a fixed point A to a plethora of point Bs, which later get narrowed down to a single. Because the engines failed following take-off, it narrowed it down to TWO point B's instead. Both Lost Lights are as real as the other.

Issue 34 takes place on either Luna-1 or Ofsted XVII.
The solicitations tell of "four damaged Autobots" making the choice to "kill or cure" on "a planet dedicated to right and wrong."
  • Scenario #1: Fort Max, Red Alert and a couple Circle of Light are facing Legislator trouble again and need to find and stop Tyrest (who is both batshit insane and at the very least crippled, hence "cured") from calling the Legislator attacks on them. For what it's worth, Fortress Maximus showed up in one of Nick Roche's promotional images for Season 2...
  • Scenario #2: Four of the newer crew members, spared from quantum abeyance, promptly fall to Ofsted XVII without any shuttles. The issue is a showcase of soon-to-be-important characters as a lead-in to "Elegant Chaos" as they try to deal with the incomprehensile societal code of the inhabitants while trying to contact the Lost Light.
    • Confirmed. First Aid, Bluestreak, Mainframe and Trailcuttter are trapped on the lectureworld Ofsted XVII after the quantum duplicate incident, and have to choose whether or not to save an unknown Cybertronian injured in a battle with the Galactic Council.

The Replacement Goldfish trope is in for a vicious deconstruction with Chromedome and Rewind.
Just because they're back together doesn't mean they get a pass on this kind of thing. Poor Rewind is going to have a heck of a time with characters he never got an opportunity to know recalling all of "his" adventures, and may start to feel alienated from the crew. If the pair are especially unfortunate, each might begin to feel like the the other isn't the "real" Chromedome/Rewind due to their vastly different experiences on their respective voyages. And of course Chromedome will pick the worst possible time to air his secret, risking a rift between them. Despite all of this, I'm fairly certain they won't split up, at least not permanently.
  • Discussed in #35. Chromedome wants to pick up where their relationship last left off, but Rewind of the alternate Lost Light reminds him that he never did get to experience most of those events with Chromedome. Chromedome promises to take things slow and let Rewind adjust to the situation.

The Knights of Cybertron are Really
Quintessons: they created the Transformers in several continuities. Also, The 6th issue mentions that every one of Drift's theories on who they are are wrong, implying that they will defy expectations. Also, the only time they appeared, in a carving in Spotlight Wheelie, will be revisited in the other ongoing, where Orion Pax goes to the system the carving was in.
  • The Lost Light Crew - in fact they're the members of the crew that Rewind interviewed. These are the guys who will make it - people on the ship at the start and at the end.
    • Drift thinks the latter.
  • In the annual, Cyclonus mentions the Knights of Cybertron being gifted with immortality - quite a few of the Lost Light guys are going with messed up sparks in some way - Brainstorm is a zombie, Cyclonus has a fresh spark, Tailgate's old spark became refreshed...

Roberts is Putting the Franchise Back Together Again
Basically, if you read The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers and his Ongoing issues as a Deconstruction of the franchise, showing all the brutal ugliness of what Cybertronian society and the Cybertronian Civil War would actually be like... this series feels a lot like it's trying to Reconstruct the franchise again. It still takes an in-depth deconstructive look at things like names and transforming and psychological effects of the war, and it's still gritty and creepy in many ways, but with an overall feeling of adventure, humor, glory, and the good guys triumphing over the bad ones.
Even characters like Drift are a microcosm of this; he's essentially had all of his elements deconstructed (how his fundamentalist nature, preaching, and turncoat-ness would actually be viewed by the others), and then put together in a way that is more enjoyable and sympathetic to the audience.

The Crew of the Weak Anthropic Principle will be killed
  • They found Grimlock in the ship, and judging from the cover of the next issue, it won't turn out well for them. Grimlock is known as one of the most feared Autobots out there.
    • On the other hand, Roberts is known to make minor cannon fodder more interesting, and allow them to survive.
    • Flywheels didn't make it, but he was killed by the DJD, not Grimlock. The others are still alive. For now.

Rung is one of the Knights of Cybertron.
Based on a conversation on Tumblr about all the mysteries surrounding Rung.
  • Rung is old enough to be a household name in psychiatry in Tailgate's day (not that anyone ever remembers him).
  • Sometimes he does things that psychiatrists are told not to/shouldn't do. Like use absolute time words, or threaten his patients when they attempt to harm him (and continue with the threatening after the danger is over and the attacker is cowering...Whirl, anyone?).
  • Rung had the "brightest spark", over everyone on the Lost Light, including Rodimus. Wouldn't the Knights of Cybertron have brighter sparks than everyone from the modern era?
  • The idea of Rung being a Knight was brought up as a joke in the bar back on Cybertron. What if that's foreshadowing?

Overlord will die at the hands of the DJD.
  • Since we know that the crew is going to be fighting Overlord in issue 14-15 and that the DJD is after him, Overlord will most likely be abandoned to the DJD at the end of issue 15 after they catch up to the Lost Light and they'll go to town on him like they did to Black Shadow. After all, the DJD are the only ones shown so far to be able to take down guys like Overlord so it would make since that they're used to take him down.
    • Or he will die at the hands of Springer, out of his coma and pissed off, come to finish the job he started in Last Stand of the Wreckers.

The Conspirator will be killed by Rodimus.
  • Drift will survive Overlord's rampage on the Lost Light and in the aftermath of this event, it will come out that not only was he aware the whole time that Overlord was on the Lost Light the whole time he never told Rodimus about it or enacted more than the flimsiest of security measures to keep him imprisoned. Rodimus will become so furious when he realizes that his second-in-command essentially betrayed them and has cost them Autobot lives that he'll pull out his blaster and shoot Drift right there in the head. Since there's a good chance Ultra Magnus will be dead by then and can't do it himself...
    • Jossed. Rodimus strips Drift of his faction symbol and exiles him from the ship. Hot-Blooded or no, it is still Rodimus, he's unlikely to kill a "fellow" Autobot, no matter how angry he looks in the scene.

Red Alert didn't try to commit suicide.
  • He was actually actually attacked by someone trying to silence him because he knew of the existence of Overlord aboard the ship.
  • And that someone was Drift. After all, he installed a security program in the ship's systems to track down who even mutters the word Overlord; so Drift attacked him and ripped his head off for finding the truth about what's in the basement.
    • The security system did pick up Red Alert confiding to a comatose Rung that he had found Overlord in the basement.
    • And Drift casts the deciding vote on not reviving Red Alert for the time being.
  • Also, in the Signal to Noise short story, Rung seems to hint that he doesn't believe Red Alert committed a suicide, referring to it as an accident instead.
  • Possibly Jossed, since in the short story The Sound of Breaking Glass, Red Alert confirms that he did try to kill himself. Although there's always the possibility that someone made him think he tried to kill himself.

Chromedome's last words to Rewind have to do with Dominus' fate
  • It is why we see that scene from Rewind's perspective as we're not supposed to know the fate of Dominus yet.
  • It is also what Prowl was gonna use as blackmail.
  • Interestingly, they have a conversation when they are back in time where Chromedome asks Rewind if he and the Alternate Chromedome ever talked about Dominus. Really talked. Methinks Domey was wondering if the alternate him ever came clean to Rewind about something, and tried to figure out if this is the case.

The Necrobot
makes a mistake.When he shows up at Clemency to record Flywheels' death, an event that hasn't actually happened yet, his list notes Chromedome as one of the dead Cybertronians he's already recorded. But he actually made, or will make a mistake. He'll find the ruined slow cell out in space before he gets to Clemency, and happen to come across Chromedome's severed arm that was sliced off when Rewind successfully closed the door, while no trace of Rewind remains. The Necrobot sees the arm, assumes given the circumstances in which he's found it that Chromedome must have perished, and records his death, and not Rewind's. This means that eighteen or however long it is until the scene on Clemency with Flywheels, Chromedome will still be alive.

There's more than meets the eye to Spinister
He's been around since before the war started. He's taken part in several major Decepticon operations, including being part of the forces that the Decepticons sent to fight Thunderwing. And he's still alive. Impressive for the "Dumbest being in the universe". My theory is that he's like Skids. He was sent to investigate the same thing Skids was running from. And like Skids he got his head mucked with. Only it affected him a lot worse. Things like shooting fires and torches, and interrogating his fingers? Residual paronioa.

The ship the Scavengers find in issue 7 has something to do with the Legislators.
  • I assume this because of one specific scene. While the Scavengers are looking around the ship, Krok and Flywheels find a bunch of aborted protoforms. Krok assumes their cybertronion but notes that they're different in some ways. Perhaps those are actually unformed Legislators and the ship was involved in their creation.

Chromedome and Prowl were once Conjux Endura

Tyrest is Crazy...
  • because he got shot in the head. Ultra Magnus mentions right away what's up with all the bullet holes, and he has one right in the middle of his forehead.
    • More or less confirmed, though the wound is self-inflicted and it seems that Tyrest's issues were already reaching a breaking point before he drilled his head.

Star Saber is the Man Behind the Man to Tyrest
  • Tyrest mentions that he's found religion, and Star Saber is known as the "Dark Evangelist".
    • Another theory is that it is actually Shockwave behind Tyrest. Tyrest can kill many cybertronians with the flick of a switch, and Shockwave can resurrect them with Ore-13.

Cyclonus will abruptly, and without warning, kill Whirl at the end of Remain In Light.
  • Despite Whirl's best efforts to either kill Cyclonus (locking him and Rewind in the room with the bomb on Temptoria) or get him to call it off via becoming Bash Brothers, Cyclonus has remained tight-lipped on whether or not he still intends to murder Whirl. In fact, he still does, and will at the very end of Remain In Light. There'll be absolutely no build-up to it, or forewarning it's coming. He'll just whip around and shoot Whirl in the head (or in the back), and it will serve as one hell of a Gut Punch to all of Whirl's many fans.
    • Parodied: Whirl asks if they're cool, and Cyclonus pushes him into the smelting pool where he dies horribly, only to have been all an Image Spot of one of Cyclonus's fantasies. While Cyclonus still loathes Whirl, he now knows that the Ex-Wrecker isn't all bad and has his reasons. Since Whirl has helped Cyclonus several times now, it's unlikely Cyclonus will try to kill him.
    • But we sure will be surprised if he does!

Pharma is still infected with the Red Rust virus and will suffer a Death by Irony
  • Issue 20 confirms that Pharma chose to fall from Delphi rather than transform and become infected. Notably, ever since he showed up again, we haven't actually seen him transform back to his jet mode. While that could simply be that he hasn't had a reason to, it might also be foreshadowing that if he transformed, it would activate the virus still inside him and kill him. Maybe it's because being used as a guinea pig by Tyrest to see if the Universal Killswitch wouldn't target forged Cybertronians somehow mutated the virus to such a degree that the cure that was developed no longer works and for all his bluster about his skill and the cutting edge tech his new medibay has, he can't figure out how to cure the now-mutated virus. His hands still being able to transform into anything might not trigger the virus because it's not a full-body transformation, which is why he's been using them to such a degree; it's literally the only method of transformation left to him. In any event, the fact that Pharma is still infected will end up being the way in which he is finally killed, which will also sidestep Ratchet's vow to not kill him.

Misfire is a thought crime victim
  • Skids wiping his mind destroyed all memories related to the diplomatic corp. him forgetting Misfire may mean Misfire was associated with the corps at one point. Maybe he was a ruthless Decpeticon agent, and Skids shot him with a thought bullet which turned him into the aimless "stoner" he is today, or maybe he was something else before and Skids turned him into what he is today.
  • Or maybe the reason why Skids says Misfire is his rival is because of word association, after all, the whole suggestion gun misfired on Tyrest due to his brain damage

"Primus' Opposite" is NOT Unicron
But we are meant to think that it is because Unicron is always Primus' Opposite. Cyclonus almost mentions him when he relates the Creation Myth back in the annual, but gets cut off before he can say the name. Nova Prime only vaguely alludes to the Opposite in the RID Annual as well, and the destruction of LV-117 in that series also looks a heck of a lot like Unicron's work without Unicron ever actually being shown or directly mentioned. Well, if the Opposite actually IS Unicron, why not just say so? It's not like it's a big secret or anything. In fact, it smacks of what happened with The Reveal about Tailgate. In Shadowplay, Ironfist talked about having the bomb disposal kit used by a member of the Primal Vanguard which at the time we were meant to think was Tailgate based on his claims, but Chromedome cuts him off before he can say the soldier's actual name, and we only see the "Tail" part of the name on the Ark-1 Memorial, which turns out to have been for Tailpipe, not Tailgate, again going just far enough to suggest Tailgate, even though it isn't. Something similar is going on here; they keep alluding to Unicron without actually saying it's Unicron, but if it's going to turn out to actually be Unicron, why keep dancing around the issue? The mythology here is already significantly different from the "established" creation story of the Thirteen, that just because Primus has an Opposite, it doesn't necessarily follow that the Opposite must be Unicron. But they're counting on most fans to default to Unicron based on 25 years of canon and by showing just enough to suggest that it's Unicron so that they can subvert our expectations when Primus' Opposite actually does appear. Basically, my argument is that "because the evidence overwhelmingly points to Unicron, it must not be Unicron" because that's just too obvious and I don't think these are the kinds of series to do that.

"Cyberutopia" is the home of the Quintessons.
  • The tentacles that dragged Pharma's body through the space bridge are something of a clue.

Rodimus has had his own memories tampered with
  • He never actually agreed to bring Overlord on board, he just thinks he did. For example, the details of the meeting seem a bit fuzzy; he can't quite recall what Prowl said to him exactly, and when he said Drift called him an idiot for being hesitant, Drift wonders aloud if he was that blunt. Someone's performed memnosurgery on Rodimus to make him think he was a member of the conspiracy all along when he really wasn't. And it probably wasn't Chromedome who did it, because of the issues with remembering the meeting exactly; Chromedome's work with Overlord proved he was more skilled than that, though it appears that Rodimus has taken his place in the conspiracy. Chromedome is the only one involved who Rodimus does not name check when he lists off the others involved in the conspiracy; Prowl, the Duobots, Drift, and Brainstorm, and the meeting Rodimus had with Prowl and Drift almost seems like it was the meeting Prowl had with Chromedome prior to the start of the series, only altered to include Rodimus and Drift (who weren't actually there, which is why Drift wondered if he'd really have been so blunt). Huh. When I write it out like that, maybe Chromedome did alter Rodimus' memories (and maybe Drift's as well, if he wasn't simply playing along with Rodimus to begin with).
    • Also, the message he sent in the third part of Elegant Chaos is suspicious. "Don't let them take Skids," is a weird thing to say when he's the captain of the ship and he would be addressing himself. Something about Overlord or the Sparkeater would make more sense since they were his biggest regrets at this point, and both of them contributed to him being killed in the alternate timeline (if the Duobots hadn't been messing with Overlord, they wouldn't have messed up the Quantum jump and if Overlord hadn't been there the DJD would never have come. If they'd known about the sparkeater before launch they could have avoided his alternate timeline death.) The message also doesn't make sense because it only really applies in two situations: when they first pick up Skids in Hangers On, and when the Legislators take Skids to Luna-1, neither of which make sense, as it was Magnus that led them to Luna-1 and to their capture by Tyrest, and Skids didn't really do anything before they went to Luna-1. Also, Rodimus' removed the engraving on his hand, an engraving that signified his regret with the terrible decisions he made during the first season. He says he got rid of it after a conversation with Ratchet but we later find out that the conversation was Ratchet revealing that he voted against Rodimus, so why would Rodimus remove the engraving after that?

Everyone on the Necrobot's list is still going to die
  • They just didn't die during Remain In Light. Dark Cybertron is still to come.

Rung is instrumental for...
  • something... either defeating Galvatron, Shockwave, reactivating Primus, being a part of some weapon... or a ladder... and then he dies.

Whirl is going to be rebuilt into a new body
One that just so happens to look more G1 and looks like his upcoming Voyager toy. Considering the beating his chassis took on Luna-1, that seems like a good pretext for completely rebuilding him into a similar but new body. It certainly fits with Hasbro's recent trend of using the comics (the Spotlight one-shots and RID) to showcase upcoming product. There will also probably be a scene accompanying this of Whirl transforming into a "walking helicopter" since the toy has an official GERWALK-inspired third mode.

Star Saber will join the crew of the Lost Light
But, it will be revealed that his body is Powered Armor in a similar manner to Ultra Magnus. Whoever is wearing the armor will be killed off and Star Saber will become a Legacy Character after another character takes on his identity.Or: It will turn out he was a victim of Shadowplay. His original personality was just like he Victory G1 personality.

We've not seen the last of Ore.
He's alive now, and teleported away to parts unknown by the Metrotitan. He'll serve... some purpose later on.

Pharma wanted First Aid to shoot him.
  • The space bridge's forcefield rejects those harboring guilt/not at peace with themselves, and he couldn't pass through it, more or less confirming that he feels some level of guilt for his crimes. Rather than be imprisoned to live a life of regret, he decided to take the "easy" way out and pushed First Aid over the edge.

Rung's Alt Mode is A Sonic Screwdriver
  • I mean just look at it! All he needs is a timelord big enough to use it.
  • I say it's a desk pen.

In a case of Bookends, Whirl will end up sharing his Hab Suite with Megatron.
Hilarity Ensues.

Rung is one of the Guiding Hand.
  • Based on a theory suggested on Tumblr. There's clearly something weird about Rung. Perhaps Mortilus didn't actually die like the legend says but was actually placed in a weak body as punishment and underwent a Heel Realization, becoming Rung as we know him. This would explain why Rung seems to be nigh-impossible to kill (very few Transformers have survived having their skull exploded) and his useless alt mode (it's meant to be humiliating).
    • Confirmed: He is the reincarnation of Primus himself.

Brainstorm's briefcase has a connection to the Dead Universe.
  • The reason why he keeps it close to him at all times is because it's what keeps him alive, given the revelation he's undead as well.

Megatron joins the Autobots because...
  • He promised Bumblebee, as Bumblebee lays dying, that he would make it up to everyone for all what he did as the leader of the Decepticons.
    • Jossed, but still not far off the mark.

Ratbat had something to do with what happened to Senator Shockwave.
  • He was supporting Senator Proteus' Clampdown plan and would want someone against it out the way, and as such would support having Senator Shockwave subjected to Shadowplay and empurata.

While Megatron was disabled, Chromedome took the opportunity to do some Heel–Face Brainwashing using mnemosurgery.
  • During Issue 27, Chromedome got close to the legless Megatron, and while no one was looking, did some reshuffling usptairs, forcibly reawakening Megs' old idealist self and planting the thought that he should end the war.
    • Jossed though alluded to in that Optimus and Rodimus wanted Chromedome to perform mnemosurgery on Megatron to give Megs evidence at his trial. Megatron objected for precisely this reason; he didn't want his mind tampered with.
    • Suppose Chromedome managed to do it while recovering him immediately after the Necrotitan's defeat? It would have to be a rush job, and Megatron might have some residual subconscious memory of the event (hence his reaction).
    • Megs also shows disgust at mnemosurgery in Issue #30, so there may be something here. That or a nasty mnemosurgery-related event in his past
      • It's revealed in issue#34 that Megatron, during his days as a miner, was subjected and nearly mind raped by Trepan via mnemosurgery, which explains his intense fear and disgust of mnemosurgery.
    • Or maybe he just hates it on moral and ethical concerns.

Megatron's sentence...
  • Is a a probationary one. He admitted his guilt in court and yet is seemingly free at the moment. We know thank' to Magnus' POV in issue 1 that there's a reintegration act which is why Drift be tried for his crimes, but due to Megatron's particular record they can't use that in full, so it's been used on the caveat that if he steps out of line for a moment he will immediately arrested by any and all of the crew and his death sentence carried out.

Whirl is working for...
  • Prowl. Having someone with personal history with Megatron attack him in an attempt to get him to step out of line so they can justify lethal force is exactly his M.O.
  • Rodimus, ever the pinnacle of maturity.
  • He's not working for anyone, just in cahoots with a bunch of Autobots out to discredit Megatron. Hence why he's got Atomizer's bow.
    • What we now know of Atomizer suggests he would be less than happy with someone other than Rodimus as captain.
  • Issue 47 reveals that he was working for Getaway, although the fact that Getaway was in the Diplomatic Corps under Prowl suggests that Prowl may still be running the show.

Atomizer has Rodimus Apotheosis.

Atomizer edited the voting list he gave to Rodimus to demoralize him.
  • It may explain why we see Rodimus with half his head cut-off inside the coffin.
    • ...How?
    • Partially confirmed. The list was edited (as suggested when Ratchet told Rodimus his name wasn't on the list of people wanting him gone), but the exact reason is yet to be determined.

The Worldsweeper is (or has something to do with) the Nightmare Engine.
  • For those not in the know, the Nightmare Engine is an unknown object (possibly a Decepticon superweapon) that has been repeatedly referred to ever since Last Stand of the Wreckers, but has yet to be explained in any real capacity. Given the horrific contents of the ship, it's not exactly a stretch to assume that it's somehow related to a probable weapon with "nightmare" in the title. And Roberts did say that the Worldsweeper was an important part of later plot developments...

Tyrest harvested the sparks from the hot spot while the Autobots were imprisoned.

When Metroplex said the Lost Light crew "didn't deserve to know" about the Knights...
  • Rather than meaning that he felt they weren't smart / worthy / whatever enough to know, he mean there's some dark secret (or secrets) about the Knights that he's trying to keep from them, for their own good.

There are dozens of Decepticon moles/sleeper agents on board.
Count all those mouthplates. Count 'em.
  • Interestingly enough, Getaway and Atomizer have them. Whirl has no mouth.

Riptide is evil.
  • Or at the very least there's something up with him and he's not what he seems. His title from the season 2 scavenger hunt was "The Knave", which sounds suspect, and he's also an original character, which means they can do whatever they want with him without risking a Hasbro veto. I also find it interesting how absolutely NO ONE ever mentioned him in season 1, or that he'd apparently been left behind on Cybertron, yet he suddenly shows up in the post-Dark Cybertron comics like everyone's always known him, so I'm wondering if memory alteration (not necessarily memnosurgery) plays a part there. The story he told about Drift purchasing the Lost Light is interesting because the two people he was with in that story were Pipes, who's now dead, and Drift, who's been exiled and is no longer on board. And the idea that the Mortilus-worshipping former of owners of the ship just beat him up and left him unconscious for two days so he missed the launch? There's something fishy about that I can't put my finger on. I'm wondering if Riptide is actually a Mortilus worshipper himself or maybe a Unicron cultist, something like that.
    • Back in issue 12, when Rewind needed a spark transfusion and after Chromedome's donation doesn't work, Ratchet says he's sent out a message to all those onboard who have a compatible spark-type. We find out in issue 31 that Riptide has the same spark-type as Chromedome, and we get this information from Ratchet. Ratchet also knows that Riptide has an unreliable transformation cog, and considering the way that Riptide missed the launch, it sounds like Ratchet might have a history of treating the hydrobot. Riptide went with Pipes and Drift to buy the Lost Light, so when Ratchet and Drift got chummy they must have ended up talking about him. Also, if Ratchet was treating him, why not take him when they go on their launch? It's the same reason he brings Whirl, Tailgate, and Cyclonus onto the ship: duty of care. Maybe it's too inconvenient or he signed the patients over to someone else, but wouldn't Riptide be signed up for the Lost Light already?

James Roberts and John Barber have a bet running on who can kill more toy-sellers.
Maybe it has something to do with all the old Furman stories they had to read while plotting The Transformers: Dark Cybertron, or it's their revenge for being forced to shoehorn a bunch of toy characters into the comics. Or it might just be that that they're both huge trolls.
  • Oh, no... I just remembered that Roberts visits the wiki sometimes.

The Lost Light is going to get its own combiner; Defensor.
  • Because ALL of the members of the Protectobots are now onboard the Lost Light, though First Aid is the only one of them to get any real exposure. But Blades has been a background crewmember since season one, and rather conveniently, the season 2 comics have seen Hot Spot, Groove and Streetwise, the remaining three members of the team sign up as well, though again, the comics haven't called attention to it apart from Groove in the Crewditions gag. Given the 2015 Generations' toyline being heavily combiner focused (with new versions of Superion and Menasor, who also happen to be two of the few current combiners active in the IDW 'verse) AND a duo of multipacks that are non-combining Protectobots who are repaints of various Prime, Universe and Movie toys and, it seems likely that Defensor is in the works. Conveniently, this would also mean that all the major groups of characters across the comics would have something to tie them into the next Crisis Crossover (the Autobots, or perhaps more accurately, Prowl, has Devastator, the Decepticons have Menasor, Starscream's Cybertron would have Superion, and Monstructor is still out there as a Wild Card along with Defensor for the Lost Light). This will probably coincide with the announcement of a Defensor toy, probably either at Toy Fair or Bot Con 2015, which are when Hasbro likes to do its big reveals.
    • A Generations Defensor is indeed in the works, and solicits for Combiner Wars hint that certain Autobots from the Lost Light will play a part in the crossover.

James Roberts's quote...
  • On which leg Ambulon formed may have some significance with the Combiner Wars storyline on the horizon.
    • Boy, I hope not, considering he's been dead for over a year now.
    • Maybe confirmed? Rook's death meant the Protectobots had to use his corpse as a spare leg, but I don't think it mattered which one because that kind of combiner has interchangeable limbs.

Deathsaurus will be a Noble Demon or outright Anti-Villain.
  • Since his Autobot counterpart from Transformers Victory, Star Saber, has been adapted into a fanatical religious zealot who believes he has an Omniscient Morality License and wants to kill all the unbelievers, Deathsaurus will be reimagined into a courageous, honourable warrior. Someone who's actually a pretty decent guy if not for the fact that he was a Decepticon. A nature like that would also explain why the DJD would be after him as well.
    • Confirmed.

Issue #83 will take place in the Functionist Universe.
  • Roberts recently mentioned he was working on Issue #83 ahead of all the others. Why? In the vein of George Orwell's 1984, he switched the numbers at hand around (Issue #38-> #83), much as Orwell himself simply shuffled the year of his work's gestation around to get the title of his book. And as issue #38 features a totalitarian regime...

Rodimus' Matrix isn't what lit up the hot spot
  • Rung is. He and Rodimus hop off the MARB at about the same time and get back off the ground at about the same time, and that in the midst of a chaotic situation. The extra prose story shows that Rodimus takes the broken Matrix back later to see if the hot spot will reignite with only Getaway for company; it could stay dark because the Matrix is broken, or it could stay dark because Rung isn't there this time around. It could have something to do with his bright spark.
    • When Rung is getting held at gunpoint in the Functionist Universe, he says his death will be the "beginning of the end". A lot of fans seem to have taken this literally, thinking killing him will immediately trigger Armageddon. But what if he was talking about a slower end? The Cybertronian race is finite; new Sparks aren't getting made, which means the population is dwindling. If the above theory is true, then there IS a way to make new Cybertronians, and Rung is it. He can ignite a Hot Spot somehow. But if he dies, the race is doomed. Now, the Functionists are fond of killing entire segments of the population just because their alt-modes are obsolete, which is why when they figured out what Rung is they said he's the "last thing we want". What's the point of killing all the laser pointers if more will be born? It goes against their belief that they are doing Primus' will by eliminating them. So they intend to kill Rung. But Rung is pointing out that no new Cybertronians period is even worse. That's the meaning of his final taunt; "Go ahead, squeeze the trigger, be the guy who kicked off the extinction of our entire species".
    • And as an added idea, Brainstorm may be aware of this and not want anyone else to know for some reason. He's the one who immediately insists that Rodimus touching down on the ground is what lit everything up.
    • Confirmed! Rung is none other than Primus himself, and it's him who ignited it.

Tyrest and Luna-1 are about to come back into play.
  • An upcoming arc is called "Dying of the Light," and Nick Roche's Season 2 cast commission features Fort Max. Oh, and #43's solicitations claim a planet is chasing them, and Luna-1 was shown to have planetary engines on its far side...

Rung is...
  • Actually the Key to Vector Sigma, and the reason the Hot Spots slowed and finally stopped on Cybertron. Similar to an above WMG, but thought of before seeing that one. And it explains the Functionist Universe having to kill Rung! Forged Cybertronians are implied to 'grow' their bodies around the sparks. It would ruin everything the Functionists preach if new Laser Pointers were 'born' after they'd been declared obsolete. Yet the Functionists NEED new sparks because they're killing people by the thousands or millions with every Recall. Without Rung, there are no more new Hot Spots. No more new Sparks. And the Cybertronian species is doomed to slow extinction. The beginning of the end...of the Transformer race.
    • I second this theory, if only for how entertaining any Beast Machines adaptation would be as a result.
  • He's not an ornament, nor is he a rung of a ladder, he's a lever. Obviously useless on its own, but if you find what he's a part of things could get interesting.
  • He's a pen. One of those ballpoint pens with a little clicker thing in it.
  • Or worse... He's also a Gene Key from Regeneration One. There's something incredibly appropriate and horrific about a psychologist also being a personality-altering superweapon in his spare time... why else would he be ask to be "put beyond use" if he passes away in his alt mode?
  • All have since been Jossed: Rung is a photonic crystal generator. Which is to say, he creates blank Transformer souls of the kind used in cold construction, where sparks are placed into pre-made bodies. Now it's not so hard to understand why quiet, mostly pacifistic Rung is so terrified of his alternate mode: he is an army-making machine, and the Functionist Council eventually figured this out.
    • And Jossed again. He's more than that; he's Primus!

Rewind has been subjected to mnemosurgery before
  • Re-reading some of the past issues, it seems a little convenient that he's "allergic" to ultraviolet light, yet ultraviolet light is the only way to see the needle marks left behind by mnemosurgery.
    • Are you suggesting Chromedome pulled a Willow/Miss Martian on Rewind to keep their relationship afloat? God, I hope that doesn't turn out to be the case.
      • Maybe not Chromedome explicitly (though, being completely honest, it sounds like the kind of Bad Life Choice he has a tendency to make); there were plenty of other trained mnemosurgeons during the war. If it weren't for Minimus' existence and clear connection to Dominus, I would almost wonder if Rewind's memories of Dominus are completely fake - it would explain why he's never found any clues as to what happened to him despite spending the entire war searching.
  • Supported by the fact that what Chromedome says Rewind's words to him are early in the series are different than the ones we hear him say in the flashback of their meeting. The "because you and me apart strikes me as intensely wrong" line is vaguely suspicious in how it's worded. Also, what else would cause Chromedome to freak out so much that he would Mind Rape Prowl when threatened? Prowl knows, or knew, he shadowplayed Rewind.

Ten was Dominus Ambus
  • We do know that Tyrest makes the legislators out of the remains of his victims. Ten somehow knows about Minimus Ambus and his altmode, despite the fact the the legislators were not made when Minimus took up the mantle of Ultra Magnus. It's unlikely Ten was on Tyrest's ship when he was stripped of the Magnus Armor, because the battle damage Ten was shown to have included arrows, something that only Atomizer has, and who was still on the ship during the events of the Remains in Light Arc. Swerve's reprograming might have brought out the remains of Dominus's personality, but he is unable to express himself due to his current limitations.
    • A valid theory, though that brings to question the fact that Rewind is left out of the mural and has no figurine. Sure, he wasn't around when Ten first came aboard, but he's been around for a while now, and someone as important as Rewind is/was to Dominus' past would surely be included.
      • Good point, but it's also possible that Ten might not have all his memories as Dominus Ambus because of his reconfiguration into a legislator. Or perhaps he does remember Rewind and doesn't want to bring it up because he's figured out about his relationship with Chromedome.
    • Tyrest probably programmed knowledge of who his enforcer is underneath the armor into the Legislators. If Magnus went rogue somehow and Tyrest wanted to have him tracked down, it wouldn't do any good if Minimus could just hop out of the suit and say He Went That Way when the Legislators caught up.

Riptide is a historical constant, like Rung.
  • Sparktype hasn't yet been confirmed as the reason for Rung's historical omniprescnce, so it's still possible a constructed cold MTO could be a constant. It would also explain why he's suddenly being shoehorned into every arc of season 2 (which I can't help but feel is going to be significant later).
    • Well of course he might become a historical constant, like Rung, he was time travelling along with Rung and the others.

Getaway and his possible motives
  • I was more than happy to give him the benefit of the up until this point, but golly was that some creepy behavior in issue 40. I'd love to hear everyone's theories on the subject, and I'll be sure to add any that cross my mind.
    • I personally think it's very simple: he's just a Gold Digger. Notice he only started showing interest in Tailgate once Tailgate started becoming popular with the crew. He wants to be seen with Tailgate because, since Tailgate has become popular with the rest of the crew, that will make him popular by extension.
    • Getaway himself seems fairly popular amongst the crew (or at least not unpopular). The more I analyze his behavior, the more I wonder if he just goes about making "friends" in a rather shitty and manipulative way, exploiting others' personal insecurities without really thinking about it. He might actually be a more mundane example of a sociopath, given his considerable superficial charm.
    • In #47, it's revealed that he, Atomizer, and Whirl were conspiring against Megatron to either get him killed, imprisoned, or removed from the Lost Light. When Whirl's attempt to goad Megatron into a fight failed, Getaway stepped in yo groom Tailgate into their plans. By manipulating the naive Tailgate, spreading lies about Cyclonus, and faking their relationship, Getaway had it so Tailgate (who'd be equipped with mnemosurgeon needles) would be killed by a panicking Megatron (who has demonstrated his intense fear of being mind raped), therefore justifying Megatron's death or removal. Getaway cared nothing for Tailate, and was only using him to get back at Megatron.

Rodimus' desk carvings
  • Issue #41 established that Rodimus is still carving into his desk (first mentioned in the prose story accompanying #13), and he's run out of room. Thunderclash was carving part of the map to Cyberutopia into his wall. Maybe Rodimus is carving a different part of the map or something else related to Cyberutopia and doesn't realize it? It's interesting that we haven't actually seen what he's carving yet.
    • Confirmed as of #44

Whirl's holomatter avatar indicates he is going through Character Development
  • The holomatter avatars are based on their personalities. Whirl's is a little girl armed with a pair of submachine guns, which indicates both his immaturity and love of violence, while comparing him to putting automatic weapons into the hands of an 8-year-old girl. But when we see his avatar again in Season 2, it appears to have aged into his (or her?) mid-teens. This might show how Whirl is mentally/emotionally maturing from his time on the Lost Light - while still rebellious and immature he's at least learning.
    • Not to mention in his initial avatar he seems to be stuck with holding them all the time; in his matured avatar he finally has leg-holsters.

Swerve's disappearance has to do with opening the briefcase.
  • He friggin' quantum leaped out of there, after all.
    • Semi-confirmed. The meta bomb he set off wayyyy back in #15 combined with the energy from Brainstorm's briefcase (which we learn he opened off-screen in #21, and he's been steadily losing it since.

Rook's sudden inclusion in the Protectobots is going to be given a Lampshade Hanging
  • Due to the somewhat...inconsistent nature of Combiner Wars' writing, Rook (a new character who's toy takes the place of Groove as a limb in the recently released Protectobots) suddenly appeared standing with the rest of the Protectobots just when Starscream needed to turn a bunch of robots into a combiner, despite not being referenced or even seen with the Protectobots before then (though a crowd shot did have him running from Menasor on Caminus). Therefore, MTMTE is going to have fun with this when First Aid and his team get back from Cybertron, with Hot Spot and his crew now being forced to drag along an unwilling Camien who just happened to be wandering by when the leader of Cybertron forced him to become a limb in a combiner, and because of this, now has to join a bunch of weirdos on a trip through the cosmos that he never actually wanted to go on. Hilarity Ensues.
    • I want this so badly, but John Barber said at NYCC 2015 that Rook remained on Cybertron. Then again, Barber isn't in charge of MTMTE...
    • The Protectobots and Mirage return to the ship in Lost Light issue 8, and Rook is indeed amongst them, though the story recap now claims him to be Cybertronian instead of a Camien so a possible Retcon has happened.

Megatron's planning something
  • He plans to send a completely different version of Towards Peace back in time using the briefcase Ravage stole while Rodimus and Perceptor were burning the others. After visiting the Necrobot's planet he has seen the height of his crimes and wants to retcon his life so that he can undo all of the damage. But we've already seen that the You Already Changed the Past is in effect, so this act will contribute to Megatron's paranoia, rather than fixing things. He says he doesn't know how he was, meaning he can't remember how he used to think.

Grimlock was...
  • ...being held by the Cybertronian version of the SCP Foundation. Secure (Prepare), Contain (Confront), Protect (Repel) — even the logos are similar.

  • ...doesn't just read TV Tropes; he posts in this WMG to both give future hints and throw us off.
    • That said, he actually denied this on twitter when asked about it, but maybe he's lying!

Rung does know what his alt-mode is
  • He claimed to have no idea, but he is one of the oldest Cybertronians still around, has managed to avoid serious injury (up until recently anyway), and kept his body in exactly the same state for millions of years. Why? We've seen him fight surprisingly well with a staff, so we know he's not opposed to combat. One of the prose stories also mentions that there is a limit to how much a Cybertronian can increase their size before their spark can no longer support it, but Rung has the brightest spark on the LL, so he could probably handle a more powerful body. But he keeps the same puny form and useless alt-mode, even getting rebuilt the same after losing his arm and head. It's because he knows his alt-mode isn't useless, and that one day it will be needed.
    • Issue #50 lends some credence to this theory; during Rung's video detailing his instructions for how he wishes to be interred, his only request is that if he dies in his altmode, he be completely dissassembled, in his own words "be put completely out of use". That does seem to suggest he at least has an idea of what his altmode is, but maybe he doesn't want it to ever be used, hence his request?

There's another Map/Matrix Half out there!
  • The Lost Light was duplicated, as was everyone in it. And everything. Logically, that would include the half of the Matrix that Rodimus carried and which contained the Map to Cyberutopia. Now, most of the duplicated items/people eventually vanished...but Rewind didn't. Why not? Because "our" Rewind was destroyed by Chromedome to prevent a far worse death at Overlord's hands. The universe could only maintain the existence of one Rewind, and there was only one Rewind, so it allowed alternate Rewind to continue existing. Logically the same would be true of the Matrix half - "ours" was destroyed turning off the Kill Switch (Rodimus scattered the remains on the Hot Spot), so the duplicate could still exist. But where? Presumably when Duplicate Rodimus died, Drift and Ultra Magnus took it off him, so they could continue to use the map. But both of them were then slain by the DJD. So either A) The DJD now has it, which is very bad news, B) One of the Lost Light crew found it when investigating the Duplicate but is keeping it a secret for now, or C) because no one thought to look for it, it just remained behind when the ship vanished, and is now floating in space, waiting to be found. Either way, the story of the Ultimate Autobot MacGuffin isn't over yet.
    • You mad genius.

Getaway was shot with a thought bullet.
  • The reason he was so dedicated to bringing Megatron down is because Prowl arranged to have the thought to do so put in his mind. It doesn't have to mean that he's anything less than a complete POS. So long as he wasn't in full control, the already sticky particulars of his imprisonment are even more contentious.

Ten "died" when he was reprogrammed
  • In "No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases", we get a series of flashbacks to scenes in Swerve's bar. Each centers around a character who died throughout the series, such as Shock, Ore, Ambulon, Pipes, Tripodeca, and Trailcutter. There's one exception; Ten went back to watch the scene where Swerve asks the others to see if they can find an intact Legislator he can repurpose as a doorman. This seems like the odd-scene-out; no one in it went on to die, the Legislators were already dead, and Ten is now back on his feet. If anything it's more like Ten watching his own birth...unless he considers the person he was before to be dead since his reprogramming, and is mourning his old life. The Legislators may have seemed like mindless killing machines, but unless Ten is a fluke they are self-aware beings. As far as Ten is concerned, his previous self was erased when he was reprogrammed, and he wanted to say goodbye.

Getaway lied.
  • Specifically, about having the entire rest of the crew on his side regarding his mutiny against Rodimus, Megatron, and their circle. There are probably a few more dissenters who, even if they don't like Megatron particularly, aren't willing to go as far as Getaway and his crew are, but they can be handled more efficiently. Everyone who got sent to the Necrobot's planet is extremely powerful or dangerous in their own way; either powerhouses like Magnus, Whirl, Cyclonus, newly superstrong Tailgate, and Skids, or in other ways. Chromedome and Rewind are a pair, and a memnosurgeon is a really dangerous enemy to have, and Chromedome has a history of making bad life decisions, so they both go. Swerve isn't dangerous on his own, but he's good buddies with Skids, who would have come to his aid, so better they both go to the Necrobot's planet, and Nautica, being a quantum engineer who could futz with the ship's engines is probably not someone Getaway would want to keep on the ship if she wasn't completely onboard with his plan. Nightbeat was too dangerous to be kept around as well, due to being extremely intelligent and cunning. Something similar is probably true of Rung (who also might have been seen to be getting too chummy with Megatron after their therapy sessions). Velocity was probably an unplanned casuality, since Mainframe did try to attempt to talk her out of going, but considering she probably doesn't have the same strong feelings on the war and Megatron as Getaway's crew does, probably safest she be removed anyway. First Aid and Ratchet will be returning to the ship at some point, so Getaway is probably hedging his bets that at least one of those medics will sympathize with them (First Aid bowed out of helping Vos, so more likely him than Ratchet). Plus it provided an organic excuse to send Whirl with them too. Everyone else who wasn't onboard with a mutiny can be dealt with, locked away in the cells until they're convinced to come around or left somewhere less dangerous. Getaway just told Rodimus the entire crew was on his side to try and demoralize him and his team to make it easier for the DJD and their allies to swoop in and take care of things.

Tarn's execution of Kaon
will cost his alliance with Deathsaurus.

Skids committed suicide.
  • Ratchet explicitly warned him that any further physical exertion would be fatal. The despairing, hysterical Skids then chose to end his life to atone for Grindcore by doing exactly that.

The situation on the Lost Light is going to fall apart.
  • By the end of Dying of the Light, it's revealed that Getaway wasn't actually in collusion with the Decepticon Justice Division, but instead the Galactic Council, who felt that a Megatron who was now actively defending organics instead of killing them made the Council look bad, and wanted him removed. The DJD being on Necroworld was an unplanned coincidence and Getaway didn't realize that the Council was using Overlord as an agent as well. That explains why the rest of the crew was okay with dumping Rodimus and the entire central cast on Necroworld; the Council would take Megatron into custody, and Rodimus and his crew would be left behind, probably to try and find some way to limp back to Cybertron so Getaway and the Lost Light could focus on finding the Knights. They may be mutineers, but they're still Autobots, and leaving their own to die horrific deaths at the hands of Decepticon extremists probably wouldn't sit right with most of them, especially since most of the non-Rodimus crew left on Necroworld were shown to be chummy with some of the mutineers (Jackpot sincerely, if drunkenly congratulating Tailgate, Perceptor's respect for Brainstorm, Rung reaching out to Hoist after Trailcutter's death...). Once the Council doublecrossed Getaway, and the reveal that the DJD, and Overlord were now involved becomes known, the mutiny is probably going to start to fracture; there will be those amongst the crew, like Mainframe (who was shown to have some reservations about the whole thing), who will want to turn back and try to rescue the crew (because they did not sign on to get otherwise good Autobots killed), and most likely Getaway and some loyalists like Atomizer who decide that it's unfortunate things turned out the way they did, but it's too late to do anything for them now, might as well press on. This will help soften the blow of the crew's betrayal, and even help redeem Getaway somewhat, who will probably privately be tormented with guilt as well (he may be a snake, but he is a hardcore believer in the Autobot cause and even he probably admits that no one besides Megatron deserved to die). This is why we see Getaway privately viewing the celebration in Swerve's when the time portals re-open, doing precisely what Megatron was saying you'd do in such a situation, pay silent tribute to the dead. He actually hates that he (thinks) he got Rodimus and his team killed, but can't afford to openly show that regret after he's come so far. The reason the Lost Light doesn't respond to hails after the events on Necroworld when Optimus tries to raise them might be because the feud between the people who want to turn back and try to help and Getaway's loyalists has turned so bad the ship has been put on complete lockdown while they try to resolve the issue (if it hasn't come to outright combat by then).
    • Seems to be partially true; other than Atomizer, none of the other Autobots know the extent of Getaway's plan; they merely thought that they were ditching Megatron, that the Council would handle him, and that everyone else would be spared. And when evidence to the contrary showed up (they crew saw part of the distress call the Rod Squad sent), Getaway had them brainwashed by Sunder to believe they left to seek Cyberutopia themselves.

Shockwave is back and he is the "Grand Architect" from "Animals".
  • Nine-of-Twelve and Six-of-Twelve both show characteristics of IDW's Biggest Bad so far. Nine has the characteristics of Pre-Shadowplay Shockwave (arbitrarily changing his appearance between issues, helping out the socially outcast in defiance of the government and trying to overthrow an oppressive regime at great personal risk), while Six-of-Twelve has characteristics of Decepticon Shockwave (cunning, ruthless and the solicitations for Issue 5 state that the council will "implement a plan millions of years in the making", a phrase last used to describe Shockwave's Regenesis endgame: DARK CYBERTRON).
    • Bulding on this, BOTH OF THEM are Shockwave. The Time Drive explosion at the end of Dark Cybetron "split" Shockwave in two and deposited both versions of him in the Functionist Universe as Six-of-Twelve and Nine-of-Twelve. Nine will end up pulling a Megatron and joining the Lost Light crew as Senator Shockwave, while Six-of-Twelve will become Decepticon Shockwave and be the new Big Bad of the series as a whole.
    • Tying into the mysterious gear symbol, they work for Shockwave. During the war, as one of his many schemes, Shockwave saw some great threat coming and set up a third faction to deal with it (Shockwave used to run a P6 Worldsweeper like the one found by the Scavengers, containing all the stuff owned by the Gear faction, including Grimlock who was seen in Drift's vision where we hear the words "PREPARE, CONFRONT, REPEL" again).
    • The threat Shockwave was preparing for is the Quintessons, who have gotten a direct reference in Optimus Prime. The reason the Screw Ship showed up there and not in Lost Light is the same reason they did Shadowplay in More Than Meets the Eye and not Robots in Disguise; they're trying to throw us off the scent by putting it in the "wrong" comic. Hell, Shockwave even got a direct reference as the guy who oversaw the Decepticon campaign on Junkion.
    • The Quintessons ARE the Knights of Cybertron, and Lost Light and Optimus Prime will conclude with a crossover event loosely based on Five Faces of Darkness
      • Jossed. The Knights were explorers who got sick and wound up at a telepathicly created VR euthanasia clinic, their personal fantasy being Cyberutopia, in the footage they were normal Transformers
    • - Hectogon
    • Jossed. The Grand Architect is actually Scorponok and their goals aren't Quintesson-related, but a continuation of Scorponok's attempts to improve the Cybertronian species via the creation of the Infinite, that also somehow also involves the Magnificence from Spotlights: Hot Rod and Doubledealer way back when.
      • Not true, in Lost Light # 20 Tyrest actively teleports Scorponok away under the orders of the Grand Architect who still needs him, who he really is is still unrevealed.
  • Turns out he is Adaptus, posessing Pharma.

The Functionalist Universe will end up becoming the Shattered Glass Universe
  • Megatron ends up staying behind at the end of Dissolution and forms a peaceful Decepticon movement, and is shown at the end to get into contact with Functionalist Orion Pax. This Pax, however, is a hard line Functionalist (hence is survival) and forms the tyrannical Autobots, eventually hammering Megatron enough that he has to kick off a second war.
    • Rodimus was wearing his SG colours throughout the Dissolution arc
    • John Barber merged Hearts of Steel into the main continuity, so it's not too much of a stretch

Sunder is affecting Getaway too
  • For a second there, it seemed like Even Evil Has Standards and Getaway would draw the line at sacrificing 25 members of his crew in return for Sunder's services...he quickly changes his mind. Or did Sunder change his mind for him? He is standing right there, and he has his eyes in, which are all he needs to perform Mnemosurgery on someone. Getaway, the dope, didn't think to remove them as a precaution.
    • And WMG that Getaway will totally kill more members, going down his list of people who didn't agree with him quite so much. There will be a lot of bodies in that Energon pool. And a lot less people on the Lost Light when Roddy gets back.

Those scraplets were the ones from the Holiday Special
  • Getaway said they were partly domesticated - perhaps by Whirl? And as a result, they'll listen to him a lot more readily than Getaway if the need arises.
    • Probably Jossed - the ones in the reservoir are Red Scraplets, and the ones Whirl adopted weren't red.
      • Nope It's actually sort of true, while they weren't all the Luna 1 ones those were the ones in command, so they save Whirl and kill Getaway

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