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The 'Starscream' from Energon and Cybertron is a Clone with a different Spark
Starscream in Armada transitioned from a reboot of G1 screamer to a Noble Demon who was still loyal to Megatron and the Decepticons, but had a sense of honor, integrity and cared about the Humans. In Energon he was Megatron's slave, but then, with his free will restored, in Cybertron he became an amoral manipulator who tried to kill humans for a distraction. How is this reconcilable from the guy we genuinely mourned when he died to unite the factions against Unicron? Simple, when Alpha Q recreated him he copied Starscream's body, perhaps even his memories, but it was a different spark, a less noble spark. This isn't Starscream, it's Starscream II

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