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For Wild Mass Guessing about the rest of the franchise, see Transformers.

Wedge is Bumblebee.
Just reformatted. Also, there's no Spike/Sam.

Scourge could have destroyed the Autobots if not for Kelly.
Her being accidentally scanned along with Optimus and the tanker resulted in his inheriting her horrible luck. Thus, even if his fighting skills are superior, he's got More Dakka, and has plans actually have teeth... he'll never fare any better than Kelly trying to enjoy her vacation. A sad fate indeed.

Car Robots was initially designed as a new incarnation of the Brave Series.
This is an old one, but worth mentioning. The toy line is extremely similar to other Brave lines: the main figure (Fire Convoy) has a smaller robot mode which combines with its trailer. A secondary figure (God Magnus) combines with it to make a super mode. There are also two secondary combiners (JRX and Build King). The enemies have one new figure (Gigatron) with repaints as the only other villains (Valdigus, Black Convoy, the Idiot Trio). Considering the successful relaunch of Microman at the time, they may have tried to do it again with the Brave Series, only to shunt it over to Transformers after the success of Beast Wars Neo.

T-AI likes to show off.
Presumably, she could just do whatever task is required at the moment without using a middle man (I.E. using a hologram to type out commands on her keyboard), but would rather take the slightly more confusing route just to prove that she could do it.

Scourge and the Commandos are Autobot Defectors.
Let's see... a lost Autobot crew looking for the O-parts ? Check. Not-so-nice names ? Check. This troper thinks Megatron tempering with their protoforms did not affect them much, except maybe by giving them the common sense of joining his Predacons as soon as they came online. Plus there is no other reason for Scourge and the Commandos to name themselves "Decepticons" when the main baddies are the Predacons. Also, this troper believes that Mega-Octane used to be in charge of the team until Scourge Took a Level in Badass after he scanned his tanker truck mode.

Robots in Disguise is part of the Unicron Trilogy.

The Robots in Disguise timeline came about because of the Maximals' and Predacons' meddling with history in Beast Wars.
It can't be a coincidence that the first Continuity Reboot of the Transformers franchise comes following a series that revolved around the characters Time Travelling to the time on Earth when the Autobots and Decepticons were still in stasis.

"Grandpa" (The JNR Class D51 that appear in the 8th episode) might be actually alive...
… Since he's a Robot In Disguise too! Why you may ask? It's simple really. As mention by the ever so popular on the 8th explosion, it should have exploded when it fell into the ocean since its furnace was still going, yet it didn't. My answer to this question: He's a Transformer! Hey, it wouldn't be first time that a Cybertronian would be a museum piece, so it would make a lot of sense really...


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