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  • Animorphs has Cassie. A large part of the fandom thinks she's hypocritical and self-righteous and just can't stand her in general. It doesn't help that many of her books are Filler, and the ones that do give her plot-relevance tend to do it by either giving an Ass Pull for how she's special (Megamorphs 4 making her a "temporal anomaly") or forcibly benching the rest of the team (The Sickness, where the other Animorphs were all sick). Plus, in the final book, she's the only character to get a happy ending with the rest of the cast strongly implied to have died in the Bolivian Army Ending. All that said, it's generally acknowledged that while her bad books were some of the worst, her good books were genuinely some of the best.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire has a number of characters you could call "controversial". That said, some of them are more hated than others:
    • The most disliked character in the books is Darkstar. Unlike the other controversial characters, it doesn't seem like anybody actually likes the guy. That might have something to do with his appearance being a rare example of Martin breaking the "Show, Don't Tell" rule to make a replacement for Oberyn Martell— he is supposed to be some kind of amazing, witty badass. Unfortunately, this attempt at an Ensemble Dark Horse went horribly wrong, as his greatest "onscreen" achievement, a botched attempt to assassinate another fan-favourite— Myrcella Baratheon, an 11-year old girl— only managed to inspire his entire hatedom, based on this appearance in that one chapter.
    • Sansa Stark was this as well for a period of time, though she grows out of it.
    • Catelyn Stark is a very polarizing character, but she remains one of the most unpopular of the main cast for her actions against fan favorites Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.
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    • Her sister Lysa Arryn isn't particularly popular, either, due to her Genre Blindness, wanting to see Tyrion Lannister executed, indirectly causing the entire plot to kick off, and trying to murder her niece Sansa. Not to mention she still breastfeeds her six year old son...
    • Many of the characters in Daenerys very disliked Meereenese storyline in "A Dance with Dragons". Dany's Meereenese supporting cast in A Dance With Dragons is very unpopular for a variety of reasons - difficult names, perceived blandness and the idea that the conflict in Meereen is ultimately irrelevant. Daario Naharis draws particular ire for his negative effect on Dany's character.
      • Dany herself to a lot of readers as a matter a fact. In a series where stupidity tends to be swiftly rewarded with predictable results, she gets away with plenty of blunders yet keeps on surviving because she happens to have a very strong army, very competent subordinates and of course, dragons. Far more competent characters can only dream of ever having such resources at their disposal. Her very unpleasant comments on Ned Stark don't help matters, showing how out of touch she is with reality.
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    • Daario Naharis is hated by many readers for a number of reasons, the main being his constant claims of being an amazing swordsman, his arrogance, his disrespectful attitude towards in-story legends like Barristan Selmy, and his cartoonishly flamboyant descriptions. Despite this, he is adored by Daenerys and therefore takes up a lot of her internal monologue during the disliked Meereen storyline.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club:
    • Dawn Schafer has gained quite a hatedom in recent years, though most of this can be blamed on her Flanderization from a laid back Granola Girl to a self-righteous extreme Liberal environmentalist. Mallory and Jessi are hated too, fans seeing Mallory as whiny and unsympathetic and Jessi as a badly-written Token.
    • In the spinoff Babysitter's Little Sister series, Kristy's stepsister Karen Brewer is seen by many fans as an insufferable Bratty Half-Pint.
  • The Casteel Series: Logan Stonewall, for being a Bastard Boyfriend to Heaven that showed no sympathy to her ordeals and pretty much acted like it was her fault that she was sexually abused by Cal Dennison.
  • Manny, Greg's Annoying Younger Sibling from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He never gets in trouble for any his actions, often gets rewarded for his overall behavior despite being a total Spoiled Brat, and always ends up on top no matter the trouble he causes. The most notorious example of this is in Cabin Fever, in which he cuts out all of the electricity to the entire house during a blizzard (and also stealing most of the family's food in the process), thus leaving everyone to die from starvation and hypothermia — and still suffers absolutely no consequences for doing so. And just the very fact that he hasn’t gotten better in the slightest since Cabin Fever easily makes him out to be the absolute worst character in the book series for a number of fans. Not to mention that in The Long Haul, he acts as The Millstone towards the entire family and gets rewarded a pet pig in the process.
  • In-universe example: In Discworld, the Personal Dis-organizer is an imp-powered PDA that comes equipped with so many malfunctions, warranty loopholes, and annoying personality-flaws, people unfortunate enough to purchase one (or, in Vimes' case, have one foisted off on them by their wives) have been known to snatch up a sledgehammer at the first hint of a "Bingeley-bingeley beep!". The introduction of the Gooseberry in Thud! serves as an in-universe example of Rescued from the Scrappy Heap.
  • Sam Jones, from the Doctor Who Eighth Doctor Adventures, whose Holier Than Thou and overly politically correct and 'right-on' character was so disliked that her replacement, Compassion, may have been deliberately written as the exact opposite - i.e. rude, snobby, opinionated, and selfish - either to avoid this Hatedom, or to make people say "now that I think about it, Sam wasn't that bad."
  • Gone is a series with a pretty widespread fanbase.
    • For every child-whipper, sociopathic Magnificent Bastard, and manipulative Tsundere, there is a fanbase. Except Zil Sperry. You cannot like that guy. At all. Doesn't help that the author based him on Hitler.
    • There is also a lot of hate for the rest of the Human Crew, as well as Penny, Bug, Taylor, and Astrid. But even they have pretty dedicated, vocal and yes, reasonably sized fanbases. Just less so than others. No one's really the scrappy except Zil...and even he has a few notable followers on Gaiaphage.Com.
  • Harry Potter: A significant portion of the fandom aren't too fond of Ginny Weasley, mainly for her sudden Character Development from a Shrinking Violet to a Fiery Redhead (which, to some, came off more as a hasty retooling of her character to make her into the main character's perfect girlfriend) who often receives Character Shilling for her supposed "talents".
  • Adam from If I Stay. He's a Jerk Ass to Mia while acting like an Emo Teen, vanishes for days while on tour, and breaks up with her twice because there's a possibility she may go to New York.
  • The eponymous character of Karlsson on the Roof in Sweden, apparently. In Russia he has a cult following.
  • Little Brother: The Severe Haircut Woman, or Carrie Johnstone, the Big Bad of the book. The reader is supposed to hate her because she's the villain. However, due to the Anvilliciousness of the story, readers ended up hating her because she's a one-dimensional Strawman Political. Rather than caring about the safety of the country, she joined the Department of Homeland Security and enforced its strict security methods just For the Evulz, and then waterboards the protagonist, Marcus, just to unnecessarily drive the point on how evil she is.
  • Maximum Ride:
    • Dylan has virtually no fans due to being a bland replacement for Fang as of the end of Fang.
  • Discussed in The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin, where the protagonist and one of his sidekicks decide to pass the time by naming fictional characters they detest, whom the author intended as sympathetic. They come up with Beatrice and Benedick, Lady Chatterley and "that gamekeeper fellow", Britomart, "almost everyone in Dostoevsky", "those vulgar little man-hunting minxes in Pride and Prejudice", and the Leech-Gatherer. At which point, they are interrupted by an outraged Jane Austen fanboy... who just happens to give them the next clue they need.
  • Milo Banda is likely the only character in Septimus Heap who is disliked by some fans due to him being constantly away on travels while his daughter Jenna and the Heap family are in trouble and being generally embarrassing for Jenna.
  • The Silmarillion: Many fans of Fëanor and his sons loathe Indis (much like Fëanor himself), seeing her as the cause of Fëanor's anger and believing that Finwë had no right to marry her after his first wife's death (since Elves generally do not remarry). This dislike is so misguided that it ignores any personal attributes of her and instead is caused merely by her role as a second wife.
  • Twilight:
    • Bella Swan. Many fans, whether they really enjoy the book's content or just see it as So Bad, It's Good, really do not like Bella. This is because she lacks much personality, treats her parents and classmates like shit, and most of her positive characteristics are informed (for example, claiming to be well read, while completely missing the point of Romeo and Juliet and taking it as a ideal romance). And even if she's supposed to be a socially awkward and insecure girl who has trouble fitting in, she immediately becomes a popular Dude Magnet at her new school for no apparent reason.
    • Renesmee because she is responsible for the infamous birth scene, and everyone loves her instantly. She is also hated because she's more of a thinly-veiled motherhood fantasy than an actual character.
  • The Vampire Chronicles:
    • Within the fandom few characters get as much malice as Merrick, a never-before-seen crossover from a different Anne Rice series who somehow became a titular character. Many fans consider her to be the author's personal Mary Sue (evidenced by her impossibly beautiful and talented self showing up out of nowhere and immediately becoming beloved by all other characters, including the previously gay narrator, David) and argue that the entire novel reads like bad fan fiction (people behaving out-of-character, presence of a Mary Sue, ridiculously pointless plot even for Anne get the idea). Fans who had managed to survive past Queen of the Damned agreed that this novel was the moment the series was ruined and put all the blame squarely on Merrick's shoulders. Cue dozens of Fan Fics wherein the character is either ignored or killed outright, sometimes to the point of having other characters kill her for being so annoying.
    • Daniel, the "interviewer" of Interview with a Vampire, has his own hatedom as well. His habit of puppy-dogging behind Armand earned him the nickname "Daniel the Spaniel" from many, many writers.
  • Warrior Cats
  • The Wheel of Time series has Faile as the most hated character by far. It didn't help that her introduction as a Slap-Slap-Kiss Rescue Romance Love Interest hardly made sense at all, or that her entire culture believes men and women in love should yell at each other in a never-ending struggle for dominance. Not that her personality is any more obnoxious than any other female character from The Wheel of Time, but that's another story...
    • Nobody seems to like Nynaeve either. She is arguably the most obnoxious female character (or character full stop) in the series, which is one hell of an achievement considering what the others are like.
      • Some readers like Nynaeve, if only because of her channeling/healing awesomeness and the fact that she was one of the two women the Dragon takes with him to face the Dark One... alongside freaking Moiraine Damodred.
    • By contrast, Egwene has begun to fall into this role as she does everything from single-handedly re-uniting the Aes Sedai to rediscovering how to manufacture cuendillar. She also manages to drive away, isolate, endanger, horrifically abuse, disrespect, insult, and otherwise screw over all of her friends. By the end of the Gathering Storm, Egwene, by virtue of rallying the defense against the Seanchan attack against the Tower and prior to that, undermining Elaida's misrule has gained a lot of admiration and support in the fandom.
    • Elayne gets a lot of hate, because she spends a ton of screentime complaining, and/or daydreaming about Rand. It doesn't help that her politics-heavy storyline takes centre-stage just as the plot slows down and the writing gets much worse (Books 9-11).
  • Most who read Great Expectations did not like Estella, finding her cold and haughty persona intolerable. There is an in-universe reason for it which makes her a little more sympathetic, but they also felt that Dickens got really carried away with the descriptions of her beauty, and Pip pretty much falls for her based on her beauty alone even though she treats him with indifference at best. It was the 19th century where young men weren't able to socialize with women like they can now, but this comes across as shallow now. She does go through some Character Development that humbles her and makes her more friendly, but this happens at the very end. And off-screen.


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