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The Scrappy / Super Mario Bros.

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Given the longevity of Super Mario Bros., everyone is a Base-Breaking Character in some way, but these are the characters just about everyone hates. Sorted by the most relevant series.

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    Main Games 
  • Ukiki in Super Mario 64. On top of being a gigantic hindrance to the player in the Tall, Tall Mountain, he steals your hats with annoyingly cute dialogue and he's near-impossible to catch. Which makes it all the more satisfying to roast him using Yoshi's Fire Flower in the DS version.
  • Il Piantissimo from Super Mario Sunshine. His races can be difficult for some players, and he'll arrogantly trash-talk you if you lose, with Mario losing a life afterward. Even the Piantas hate his guts, referring to him as a "rogue", "creep", "uncool", "inconsiderate" and are very insulted by his Pianta costume.
  • Lubba from Super Mario Galaxy 2, for being a Replacement Scrappy for Rosalina as well as constantly spouting bad jokes/puns, generic encouragement, and reminders to take a break or change the Wii Remote's batteries. Some have even compared him to Patrick Star.

    Mario Kart Games 
  • Baby Daisy gets a lot of hate for essentially being slot filler in Mario Kart Wii, especially by those who already found her older self to be obnoxious as it is.
  • While Mario Kart 8 has included several fan-favorites characters, both old and new, it still has introduced a few heavily disliked characters:
    • Baby Rosalina. She's yet another baby character who, like Baby Daisy, has no basis from other games and seemingly serves as nothing more than to further give Rosalina, nowadays a Base-Breaking Character herself, even more representation in the Mario franchise than she already has. Just her mere existence doesn't make any sense whatsoever when you consider Rosalina's backstory in Super Mario Galaxy.
    • Pink Gold Peach is a Palette Swap Slot Filler Up to Eleven. Basically she's a metallic version of Peach that hasn't had any previous appearance, unlike Metal Mario. She has been subjected to a lot of mockery for her incredibly uninspired nature and has even spawned the meme of coming up with intentionally unoriginal Joke Character variants such as "Green Silver Luigi" and "Baby Pink Gold Funky Kong".
    • Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach are hated for being too similar to regular Mario and Peach, and for oversaturating the roster with Marios and Peaches. It does not help that the DLC also included the Villager from Animal Crossing in male and female forms who did not get separate slots, not to mention Cat Peach's incessant "meow"-related puns. This seems to go into Creator's Pet territory as, when the Smash Ballot was introduced, they used Cat Mario as an example with the reason being "Because I'm a big fan of Meow-Meow Mario."
    • And now as of Deluxe, you get a new character for completing all the cups on 200cc. Who is this mystery character, you might be asking? Gold Mario, who's yet another Palette Swap of Mario. Bonus Feature Failure doesn't even begin to describe it. Compared to other additions like Bowser Jr., Dry Bones, King Boo, and the Inklings (all of which are available from the start), this inclusion sticks out like a sore thumb. And being the only unlockable character in the game turns out to be both a blessing and a curse considering that, at least, you don't have to get him; but if you do choose to go for it, you're still putting in a lot of hard work for another Mario clone. At least his golden hue is stylish.


    Yoshi Games 
  • Baby Peach's special ability allows her to float using the wind, which usually only makes the player more likely to end up crashing headfirst into enemies or simply fall straight to the ground because she sometimes doesn't catch the wind to float. The fact that her crying is even more obnoxious than Baby Mario's doesn't help matters.



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