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  • The Trope Namer is Scrappy-Doo from Scooby-Doo, the bane of the Mystery Inc. gang and fans alike. Scrappy was hated by many of the show's longtime fans, with some of the hate coming from his introduction, which happened to be timed with other major retools to the series (specifically dumping half the original cast, switching to a Two Shorts format, and the franchise's first clumsy attempts to lose the "Scooby-Doo" Hoax). But a great deal of the vitriol was also being earned by Scrappy's thoroughly obnoxious behavior, often vainly boasting about his perceived abilities and trying to pick a fight with villains that he most likely couldn't hope to harm.

    However, despite how much Scrappy has been loathed and how hard the franchise has distanced themselves from the character, Scrappy was extremely popular at the time of his introduction. The show was already on the verge of cancellation due to low ratings, leading the writers to create the character in a last-ditch attempt to save it.note  Kids loved him and the ratings skyrocketed, leading to the various format changes that happened later to give more prominence to Scrappy.

    The 2002 movie, meanwhile, parodies this nicely: the gang are revealed to have expelled Scrappy several years beforehand for his obnoxious behavior, including urinating on Daphne, and attempting to elect himself leader of Mystery Inc., going so far as to leave Scrappy on the side of a deserted road in the same box Scooby found him in while they drove off. He is then revealed to have been the Big Bad of the film, consumed with a desire for revenge against Mystery Inc. for his expulsion. He becomes a hulking monstrosity bent on destroying the main characters and taking over the world with an army of demons, even going so far as to suck the souls out of Velma, Fred and Daphne and trying to do the same to Scooby (his own uncle!) as his pure soul was all he needed to complete his plan. Following his defeat, Scooby punches him. It's gotten so bad that Scrappy's presence is all but removed from advertisements of any series or movies he appears in when they're released on DVD – the content itself is unchanged, but the trailers, cover art, and descriptions for Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo, Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, and The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo reduce Scrappy's presence to a bare minimum if not outright leave him off entirely. The Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo Show first season DVD features him on the cover, as the title makes it impossible for Warner to hide his presence.

    Cartoon Network has occasionally made reference to the character's hatedom; the oldest Shockwave game on the official site was Scrappy Stinks, having been up since at least 2000. One of their ad bumpers for their 20th birthday has a massive pileup of the network's past and present cartoon characters preparing for a photo shoot, but just before the photo is taken, Jake extends his body to force Scrappy, who was standing right next to him, out of the frame. However, Cartoon Network's sister network loves Scrappy, and they constantly make him "Boomeroyalty".
    • In a special featurette on the Aloha, Scooby-Doo! DVD, the Scooby gang is interviewed. Fred mentions a sixth member of the team, but Shaggy tells him that they aren't supposed to talk about Scrappy. Of course, Fred actually meant the Mystery Machine, but still...
    • Even in 2010's Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated series, Fred and Daphne come across a statue of Scrappy. Daphne attempts to ask what happened to him, only to be hushed by Fred, reminding her that "we all swore to never speak of him again", which can be considered what happened to Scrappy to be a Noodle Incident.
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    • The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo had an Ethnic Scrappy in the form of Flim-Flam. What makes this example amazing is that Scrappy himself was in the show, but due to a setup that made better use of Scrappy's attitude and behavior, he became Rescued from the Scrappy Heap. The result is that Flim-Flam became more of a Scrappy than the trope namer, even though the trope namer was there. This was also referenced in Mystery Incorporated, where Daphne mentions that Flim-Flam got a twenty-five to life sentence for his Con Artist antics. Surprisingly, when Warner Bros. decided to finally finish that series with Scooby-Doo! and the Curse of the 13th Ghost, Flim-Flam got a second chance, having gotten an Age Lift.
    • Think Scrappy's bad in the old series? Say hello to Scooby-Dum, Scooby-Doo's inbred hillbilly cousin. Feel your brain dying yet? This was a character who contributed even less than Scrappy. Scooby-Doo would literally have to drag him over to fairly obvious hiding spots and lead him away from danger on chases. He'd also get into moronic antics that made Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and Scrappy all look intelligent by comparison. Hell, he makes Jar Jar Binks look like a dignified and sophisticated paragon of comedy. Thankfully, he only lasted four episodes.
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    • Then there was Yabba-Doo, whose cartoons completely took Shaggy and Scooby out of the equation and the only member of the cast he left us with was Scrappy.
    • What Were They Thinking? The 100 Dumbest Events In Television History lists Scrappy at #7, putting him higher than the "Heidi game", My Mother the Car, Supertrain, and Pink Lady and Jeff, but apparently less bad than the 1950s quiz show scandals, Jerry Springer, and The Star Wars Holiday Special.
    • During season 3 of Drawn Together, in a parody of Hostel, they show a gag of Scrappy being tortured, his intestines being ripped out and put on a scale, much to the delight of many fans who hated said character. This of course, as the character giving exposition about their torture business is explaining how hated cartoon characters fetch higher prices.
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    • In The Scooby-Doo Project (a mashup of Scooby Doo and The Blair Witch Project), the rest of the gang literally run away screaming when they hear Scrappy coming.
    • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law had an episode centered around Scooby and the gang. When Scrappy tried to get in, Avenger promptly picked him up to kill him, prompting laughter from everyone else. Scrappy's corpse is later seen among Avenger's belongings.

Other examples

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  • Kate and Pal also qualify, mostly due to them starring in episodes that feature them talking to one another a la Rugrats. Note that they do not do this in other episodes of the series and practically never interact (IE: speak) to any of the older characters in the series. Many fans find these episodes a far-too-jarring shift from the usual formula of the series and wish that Kate and Pal never spoke in the first place.
  • In the "Pal and Kate Speak" episodes, Francine's pet cat, Nemo, is hated for reasons similar to Pal and Kate's listed above, as well as playing the Cats Are Mean stereotype a little too straight.
  • Ladonna Compson and her little brother, Bud, are seen as two annoying and unneeded characters by many fans of the series. The fact that they're introduced in such a way that they have a more developed backstory then some of the previous main characters, such as Sue Ellen or Fern, or the fact that these two have become very close best friends to the Read siblings so fast has rubbed some people the wrong way. In later seasons they end up getting a lion's share of episodes at the expense of other characters. They were also introduced as soon as the show switched to cheaper Flash animation, which to many fans is a point of Seasonal Rot for the show, which definitely doesn't help for Ladonna and Bud.
  • The Tibble Twins are not very well liked, due to the fact that they are both very bratty and dimwitted, and very rarely get punished for their actions. While they may have a Freudian Excuse (their parents aren't around, so they are taken care of by their grandmother, who seems to spoil them), that doesn't excuse the fact that they misbehave so much, they make D.W. look like a saint in comparison. Also, they've become incredibly overexposed over the years.
  • Jenna Morgan doesn't seem to be liked simply for being "ugly" and uninteresting. The writers clearly took notice of this, as she went back to being a Living Prop after Season 9's "Binky Goes Nuts". After Season 10's "Do You Speak George?", she went a full five seasons as nothing more than a drawing in the background, without being so much as referenced, talked to, or mentioned, and it wasn't until Season 18 that the writers finally broke her silence of almost a decade.
  • Lydia Fox has been accused of this due to the fact that A) She was originally a fan's Original Character who was inserted into the show, and B) She mostly appears in episodes where her being in a wheelchair is a relevant plot point note .

    American Dad 
  • Reginald the Koala. He's obnoxious and he's written like a bad fan-character. It's hard to find anyone who is actually a fan of the character, yet the writers haven't taken the hint. He also got a completely pointless Story Arc (in a show that usually goes out of its way to avoid these) where he tried to hook up with an incredibly out-of-character Hayley, which fans thought was a total waste of time. Reginald was okay for his few appearances in that he was just another of the show's random non-sequitur minor characters that pop up each episode. Plus he was a voiced by Donald Fullilove (Goldie Wilson from Back to the Future) who had a cooler, baritone voice that unfortunately was replaced by show writer Erik Durbin who had a more high and nasal sounding one starting with "Return of the Bling" from Season 6. It seemed as though the creators themselves caught on to this as Reggie's appearances after the 6th season were severely reduced before eventually being written out altogether in the Season 14 premiere "Father's Daze" where we learn via flashback that he was taxidermied and last seen being sold at a CIA yard sale (although the ending narration of the episode "Bahama-Mama" teases a possible return).
  • Steve. He's basically a stereotypical horny teenage virgin nerd, whose Flanderization in the 10th season has him often acting like an obnoxious brat to his parents.
  • Hayley. She's a lazy drug user who bites the hand that feeds her non-stop (AKA Stan) who spends 98% of her dialogue whining and complaining about laws, conservatives, Stan, most things Stan believes and so forth and constantly dumping and getting back together with Jeff until they got married. Her Soapbox Sadie hypocrisy was intended to make her a Not So Different rival for Stan, however since only he is usually the subject of Aesops and comeuppances (see above) she exists more as a Rightly Self-Righteous Karma Houdini with none of Stan's acts of humility or pathos.
  • Jeff, Hayley's on-again-off-again boyfriend and then husband. He's a lazy stoner who has never amounted to anything in his life and likely never will. While he is admittedly much nicer than Hayley, he makes up for it with jaw-dropping stupidity.
  • Debbie. She was originally pretty popular for being a quirky goth and very different from all the love interests Steve has ever had. The problem was, every episode about her after her introduction was them repeatedly breaking up for whatever reason. Coupled with her miniscule development, she became a source of annoyance with many.
  • Fung Wah. He only appeared in the episode “American Fung”, which is considered to be one of the worst episodes in the show. He doubles as an Ethnic Scrappy because his behavior and accent was seen as offensive towards Asians. He is also hated for appearing in both live action and cartoon form and appeared to be included in cartoon form for no particular purpose. He even caused a subplot involving Roger struggling to organize his wardrobe to be completely forgotten and have no resolution and became a one man Spotlight-Stealing Squad in this episode for this reason.

    Ben 10 
  • Ben 10: Kai, for being interested in Ben only because she wanted to tame one of his forms as a pet in her debut episode, which was also her only episode in the original series. When the character finally reappears in Omniverse three series later, it would only sink her reputation further due to her singlehandedly angering almost all the shippers by turning every other love interest for Ben up to that point into Romantic False Leads thanks to a huge case of Strangled by the Red String. note  Not helped at all by her still being a complete jerk to him.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force: Despite having not done much of anything, good or bad, Julie became the fandom's Scrappy surprisingly fast. This is mainly because she's seen as a barrier in the path of the fan preferred Gwen/Ben, or for the Ho Yay Shipping fans, Kevin/Ben. The character would zig-zag between this and Rescued from the Scrappy Heap up until Omniverse thanks to occasionally taking a level in jerkass. A good amount of fans did feel sorry for her and were very furious when writers had Julie break up with Ben in Omniverse and brought back Kai.
    • Anodites aren't a very well received species due to what many saw as an incredibly confusing and pointless retcon concerning the existence of magic in the show's universe, with the species itself appearing to be completely overpowered. It doesn't help that the few representatives (Sunny and Verdona, though mostly Verdona for her admitted favoritism to Gwen and actually aggressively attacking her own grandson) weren't well-liked either.
    • Humungousaur is very unpopular in the fanbase, due to Ben overusing him in favor of the more popular aliens like Big Chill and Swampfire, while there are countless Super Strength aliens who are more creative than him. Doesn't help that his one unique power (growing bigger) was seemingly forgotten starting with Season 1 of Ultimate Alien.
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien:
    • Trumbipulor didn't exactly impress anyone during his small appearances. Most fans agree Omniverse did a mistake by bringing him back later.
    • Fasttrack is one of the less popular aliens, being viewed as a inferior replacement to Ensemble Dark Horse XLR8. He ends up being Put on a Bus in Omniverse.
  • Ben 10: Omniverse has this trope applying to almost all background comedic characters, but Blucik and Driba deserve a special mention. They have practically become the franchise's own Jar Jar Binks by now.
    • Pax deserves a special mention, being a walking hippie stereotype with Animal Wrongs Group tendencies whose very existence contradicts Secret of the Omnitrix (where Florauna were portrayed as feral and carnivorous).
    • Harrangue managed to get even more hatred than he already had in Ultimate Alien when he praised the Incurseans for invading Earth and getting rid of Ben.
    • The aliens introduced in "Outbreak" (namely Walkatrout, Pesky Dust, Molestache and the Worst), due to all four of them having poor designs (the design process was literally just picking some of the preexisting "civilian" background aliens) and being introduced as nothing else than Joke Characters. Pesky Dust had its powers revealed 28 episodes later, Molestache and the Worst 46 (And Molestache's was revealed in a deleted scene, with that), and Walkatrout never did (and according to Word of God, his sole power is to walk).
    • While Rad Dudesman wasn't particularly disliked when first introduced, he has started becoming this trope after his portrayal in Galactic Monsters, where he Took a Level in Jerkass.
    • Collectimus, due to being a very obnoxious character and a blatant Take That, Audience!. Fans, especially those who liked the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era, were not amused.
    • Maltruant is not particularly well-liked due to being a generic megalomaniac in a series whose megalomaniac quotient has already been filled and then some, as well as a complete waste of a good concept and voice actor. Not helped by the fact his final plan is nearly identical to the previous series' first antagonist, Aggregor.

    Family Guy 
Family Guy, as you can see by the number of entries, is a show with very unlikable characters, at least in the audience:
  • Due to the massive Flanderization, Lois is also falling into scrappy territory, since she becomes more of a Jerkass each episode. The fact that she's arguably the most consistent Karma Houdini after Peter likely doesn't help.
  • Quagmire reached these levels after his vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Brian. The writers have attempted to correct Brian's ways, while Quagmire kept getting worse. In fact, some fans have pointed out that Quagmire did some of the same things Brian did, which made a huge chunk of Quagmire's rant at Brian sound hypocritical. It came to the point where Quagmire just ran over Brian after the loves of their lives dumped them for acting childish. Aside from his petty hatred of Brian, ever since Season 9 or so he's also been reduced to a selfish, non-empathetic, annoying sex maniac.
  • Another Scrappy is Jasper. Calling him Camp Gay is too liberal; instead suffice it to say that he's a rude conglomeration of almost every offensive gay stereotype ever conceived. He became even worse when the writers decided to make him a key player in an episode advocating gay rights, in one of the most counter-effective attempts at activism ever on the show. This same problem occurred with Quagmire's transexual father way later on. Despite many people considering Jasper to be the homosexual equivalent of the Ethnic Scrappy (especially other gays), Seth MacFarlane stated in an interview that Jasper was supposed to appeal to the gay audience. To say that backfired is an understatement. Convincing Brian to hurt Stewie's feelings and sabotage his play certainly hasn't made him any more endearing.
  • Carl, Chris's boss. He seems to exist solely for saying random things and adding nothing to the plot. And yet, they made him Yoda (instead of a more suitable character, like Joe or Meg) in their Star Wars episodes. This is probably the reason why he's been Demoted to Extra. On the plus side, he is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin (Coach McGuirk, Bob Belcher, Sterling Archer).
  • Herbert is considered this by some of the fanbase. This is probably due to the fact that he's a one-joke character and because of what he... ahem... hunts for.
  • Conway - You Can Take A Bathroom Break Now Twitty. The fact that he hasn't appeared since the episode which he had a nearly three-minute long scene (in a 23 minute long ep no less) and it was rated the worst episode in the series probably states that the writers got the hint. This was eventually acknowledged in "3 Acts of God" when God tells Peter "Oh, by the way, Conway Twitty says, 'Cut it out! Just write a joke!'".
  • Vinny, who replaced Brian for a few episodes following "The Life of Brian". Vinny is an interesting case, because despite relying a little too heavily on Italian-American stereotypes, he was one of the more genuinely kind—if somewhat flat—characters on the series during his tenure, and was established to have a very sympathetic backstory. A great deal of fans' ire was probably focused on the unceremonious way in which he replaced Brian. He has some fans, though, and his departure from the show, in which he gave up his happiness to bring back Brian, prompted an Alas, Poor Scrappy response from some of his haters. Vinny's biggest issue was being a textbook example of a Replacement Scrappy - he wouldn't have been nearly as hated if he hadn't replaced Brian.
  • Vern and Johnny, who were two vaudeville actors placed in the show as a gag, were severely hated by fans for being very annoying and bland. They got so much hate that the creators of the show eventually decided to kill them both off and treated fans to seeing them meet their demise at the hands of Stewie in "Saving Private Brian", only for them to appear one last time in "Back to the Woods" (Vern as a ghost and Johnny in Hell, because he was attracted to underaged boys). These two characters were also wearing out their welcome with the writers: on the DVD commentary for "Saving Private Brian", it's stated that one of the reasons they were killed off is because the writers felt they were becoming overly reliant on Vern and Johnny, cutting to them whenever the writers couldn't come up with anything better.
  • Loretta Brown as some fans noticed that she only existed on the show just to be Cleveland's wife. Her day in the limelight episode even involved her cheating on Cleveland with Quagmire just because her husband's laid back personality didn't provide her any passion. She is even considered to be a Scrappy by her own voice actress, Alex Bornstein, as she found the character to be too difficult for her to voice.
  • There is also Scrappy Brian, created for a one-off gag as a parody to the original Scrappy Doo. He didn't make it through the night.

    Hey Arnold! 
  • Lila is widely disliked for two reasons: a reasonable one (she's "ever-so" irritating), and a... not-so-reasonable one (Die for Our Ship in regards to Arnold/Helga, even though she repeatedly states she doesn't "LIKE like" Arnold and isn't a real threat to the ship, regardless of what Helga might think). It doesn't help that she has a tendency to lead Arnold into thinking he may have a chance, only to crush his hopes when he asks if there's anything between them, but that was really a problem with the Romantic Plot Tumor of later seasons as a whole and not just Lila. Similar to Iggy below, Lila ends up being Demoted to Extra after Arnold finally gets the hint and stops pursuing her in "Timberly Loves Arnold/Eugene, Eugene!" only appearing as a non-speaking background character in the subsequent episodes and both movies.
  • Tied with Lila in this regard is Olga, Helga's older sister. The show established some Hidden Depths with her, however it also made her a Hypocrite who goes out of her way to get her parents' attention. Not to mention she doesn't seem to grasp the extent of Helga's Parental Neglect nor does she seem to follow through with promises she made to Helga. For example, when Olga becomes an assistant teacher for Helga's class, Helga pleaded with her to keep any embarrassing stories out. Olga either forgets, or deliberately tells an embarrassing story to the class after Stinky fails a test.
  • Probably the most despised character is Iggy from "Arnold Betrays Iggy". It starts with blaming Arnold entirely for something that was mostly Stinky and Sid's fault, followed by making Arnold his servant for weeks and still not forgiving him after that, ending with forcing Arnold into a sadistic and cringe-worthy walk of shame. He was in fact demoted back to being an extra after that episode.
  • Gerald's younger sister Timberly is disliked by most of the fandom due to her being an Annoying Younger Sibling and often getting in the way or ruining Arnold and Gerald's plans. Screwing over Arnold and Gerald twice in "Chocolate Turtles" being a major example.
  • Sid. He is a Poisonous Friend who betrays everyone at the drop of a hat, makes fun of Harold and Patty like a Jerk Ass, and everyone forgets he pulls the same thing over, and over, and over again. Whenever Sid gets A Day in the Limelight, it highlights how weird and off-kilter he is, and not in a likeable way either. "Bag of Money" is the most notable example of why Sid is often disliked.
  • Principal Wartz has quite a few haters for acting like a tyrannical douchebag and being far too cruel to both the students and the teachers when giving out punishments. Even Arnold called him out for continuing to extend Harold's suspension despite Harold literally begging for mercy, and in return, Wartz suspends him for two days.
  • Similar but to a lesser extent is Coach Wittenburg, who seems to suffer from Aesop Amnesia regarding his hyper-competitive nature in every appearance he makes.

    Looney Tunes 
  • Buddy, the studio's main character from 1933—1935. Unusually for a Scrappy, he wasn't that annoying. In fact, he wasn't really anything at all — his problem was that he had absolutely zero personality, which was compounded by the dull, plotless cartoons that he starred in.
    • This was parodied in the Animaniacs "65th Anniversary Special," where it is revealed that Yakko, Wakko, and Dot gained their popularity by showing up in all of Buddy's cartoons and smashing him with a wooden mallet. He later turns out to be the antagonist of the segment, attempting to assassinate the Warners with a bomb only to be Hoist by His Own Petard, which was ironic, seeing as they were in the middle of praising him for helping launch their career.
    • Cartoon Network used to have a bumper featuring a (now old and retired) Buddy-like character who basically spent the entire bumper complaining about the "new generation" of cartoons who were in color and had cartoons with plots, while in his day "We'd come out, mug for the camera, maybe dance around a little..." Which is a spot-on description of Buddy cartoons.
  • A lot of people feel that Tweety deserves this title too, mostly because he was made more for cute appeal rather than humor, though he also has his fans. It should be noted that a lot of Tweety's unpopularity is due to Flanderization and Badass Decay under the direction of Friz Freleng, making his shorts more a Villain Protagonist series with Sylvester. The more capable, deceptively sadistic Tweety made by Bob Clampett (and some of Freleng's earlier works) is more popular.
  • Pepé Le Pew is also one, due to how formulaic his shorts are. Also, due to Values Dissonance, Moral Guardians are also quick to categorize the character's humor as Black Comedy Rape nowadays. While he has his fans, even they find him rather....irritating to begin with.
  • The series introduced a whole army of Scrappies in the late 1960s, when the original creative staff was dumped and Alex Lovy took over the studio. In a desperate attempt to stay in the game, Lovy created some new characters to supplant the classic line-up, and we were treated to such memorable characters as Cool Cat, Merlin the Magic Mouse, and Bunny and Claude. The new characters proved unimaginative, unfunny and unmemorable, and it was soon game over for the original Looney Tunes series. One "Cool Cat" cartoon even went to the trouble to introduce "Spooky", a seriously dull ghost character, with a mention in the opening titles. A case of hitching your wagon to a sinking ship there. By this point the few original characters still present in the shorts were considered Scrappies as well. Daffy and Speedy in particular due to personality changes and a questionable teamup of the two, though granted outside this era they are Ensemble Darkhorses more than anything else.
  • Gabby Goat, Porky's rude and ill-tempered sidekick in the 1930s. He was intended as a foil to the shy, easy going Porky, but this did not work out as well as the creators had hoped, as audiences found him more obnoxious than funny. This led to him being Put on a Bus after appearing in only three cartoons and hasn't appeared since.
  • Apparently, according to several WB sources, Porky Pig is a Scrappy to many creators and executives of the series, explaining his lack of spotlight. Director Frank Tashlin in particular thought Porky was "a terrible character", and resented most of his filmography being devoted to him compared to more abrasive and flexible characters like Bugs and Daffy.
  • The attempted redesign of Elmer Fudd into a taller, much fatter version of himself was so badly-received that only four cartoons were ever made with the design.
  • Henery Hawk from the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons, due to being a Bratty Half-Pint, although he has his fans as well. Not to mention Foghorn himself to Henery fans, for stealing the show, or for simply being a lazy loudmouth.
  • The Looney Tunes Show is split between those who think the old characters have become Scrappies and those who think the existing Scrappies (i.e. Lola) have been rescued from the heap.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 

    The Simpsons 
  • In the Show Within a Show, The Itchy & Scratchy Show, Poochie is viewed as such by the characters in the show. His debut is universally panned for being excessively pretentious, obnoxious and painfully unfunny. Eventually, the creators lazily get rid of him via a Bus Crash.
  • Helen Lovejoy for constantly criticizing everything and being a gossip machine.
  • Dr. Marvin Monroe with his very raspy annoying voice; it even did damage to voice actor Harry Shearer's real voice (Shearer wanted Monroe removed). Even Matt Groening hated Monroe simply because his voice annoyed him, and thus he was dropped.
  • The Crazy Cat Lady gets a lot of heat for having one joke (it's in the name) that keeps getting used long after it stopped being funny.
  • Rich Texan as well, for the same reason - his one joke is that he's a tired Texan cowboy stereotype.
  • The Yes Guy is a similar one-joke character. His entire shtick consists of an exaggerated "Yeeeeeeeees" pronunciation a la comedian Frank Nelson. He was introduced in season 10 and his (admittedly infrequent) appearances quickly lost their humor.
  • Gil Gunderson. He was introduced in "Realty Bites" as a parody of Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross, but soon became a recurring character. While occasionally amusing, Gil's never developed beyond being a Straw Loser despite receiving several focus episodes. It doesn't help that he occasionally works as an incompetent attorney, which led many to label him a Replacement Scrappy for Lionel Hutz.
  • Herb Powell, due to him blaming Homer for ruining his company and refusing to acknowledge his own responsibility. Those not fond of Herb view his later reconciliation episode with Homer as undeserved, and his subsequently becoming broke again as Laser-Guided Karma.
  • Manjula and her octuplets for some, due to always appearing nagging and complaining, and eventually due to their presence turning Apu from a quirky and lovable character into a miserable sad-sack whose only schtick now is "complain about my family".

    South Park 
  • Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo — first appearing in season 1's Christmas Episode — was originally intended to be an Ensemble Dark Horse Breakout Character à la Slimer (although... see Ghostbusters for how that turned out), and was heavily marketed and designed to be quite Merchandise-Driven. However, his shrill annoying voice, general lack of personality, and role as a pointless gross-out prop led to unpopularity with fans. He has been entirely phased out of later seasons and he only appeared once in a "Hey, remember me?" kind of gag.
  • Lisa Berger, particularly in "The Hobbit". She might have been The Woobie for her one-sided crush on Butters, but after she gets Photoshopped, she turns into an abrasive and arrogant bitch. While the fandom may debate extensively about how Wendy handled the issue in this episode, they'll unanimously agree that Lisa was terrible.
  • The Member Berries from season 20. What should have been a one-episode gag got beaten into the ground throughout the entire season. Their constant utterance of "Member (insert nostalgic pop culture reference here)?" and numerous Big Lipped Alligator Moments just screamed "Forced Meme." Their story abruptly ended after the 2016 presidential election, and their story will likely stay that way.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987):
    • We have Vernon, a whiny load who existed to make April look better.
    • Also Burne, April's boss for being a massively unsympathetic jerkass. Made worse by the fact that he was Put on a Bus by the time he could finally be useful to the plot.
    • Carter from the same season, for blatant Positive Discrimination and outshining the turtles. Carter has a few fans, but most of them agree that he doesn't really belong on a show like TMNT.
    • Howie, a character who was so hated, he was written out after just two episodes.
    • Zack for being a Kid-Appeal Character in a show that clearly didn't need one.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003): While the Fast Forward season was maligned for many reasons, a substantial amount of the blame is still heaped upon Cody Jones, the descendent of Casey Jones and April O'Neil. While insofar as that he doesn't sound too bad on paper, in practice he was basically The Load added to the existing team dynamic of the turtles and Splinter that had been successful as it was for two decades of stories, with most of the Fast Forward episodes based around him being a turtles fanboy and his uncle conspiring against him just because of a corporate grudge. Though later in the season he did finally become competent and did win some fans, but other people started having the opposite complaints- Cody became the one who ended up saving the day more often then not (especially in "Day of Awakening") which got him labelled as a Creator's Pet to some extent.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012):
    • The Kraang get this mostly for the fact that once they start talking, they're almost never going to shut up. As time has gone on, the show seems to have tried to phase out the humor aspects, possibly saving them a little.
    • The Pulverizer is quite disliked for being an obnoxious fanboy whose levels of stupidity range from uncanny to mind blowing. Of course, a lot of fans didn't quite know how to react when he foolishly decides to expose himself to mutagen in the hopes of gaining superpowers, only to become a hideous blob monster later named Mutagen Man.

    Total Drama franchise 
  • While Ezekiel himself is considered Unintentionally Sympathetic and still has a decent number of fans who want him to get another chance as a human, his feral transformation in World Tour is universally hated for derailing his character into a Gollum ripoff.
  • Revenge of the Island's Zoey has long been considered this by many fans; reasons for this include her label as "The Indie Chick" which is only shown superficially, her bio claiming her to be from a sheltered background and a loner despite her ease at making friends suggesting otherwise, becoming a part of the Spotlight-Stealing Squad, and a perceived lack of personality throughout. Reasons for this final claim stem from her being a Satellite Love Interest to Mike, their relationship being the almost exclusive focus of her character for two straight seasons. This continues in All-Stars as this romantic arc continued to drag out, with Zoey becoming Too Dumb to Live when she doesn't recognize that her own boyfriend has become corrupted by an evil persona despite repeated warnings from her fellow campers, as well as winning nearly half the challenges over the course of the season to ultimately become a finalist alongside her boyfriend; to say that fans found this ultimate outcome to be less than subtle would be an understatement.
  • Mike went from a Base-Breaking Character to this over the course of All-Stars, thanks to being behind a long arc about him going through his mind, him being part of the Spotlight-Stealing Squad for that season and overshadowing many other possible plotlines, and how his comedic portrayal of Multiple Personality Disorder (which is seen as a problem by itself) as well as the Big Bad of the season ends with one of the biggest anti-climaxes of the series. For these, among other reasons he has become arguably the most hated of the main characters, and the hatred for him, if nothing else, is perhaps the most outspoken.
  • Sam in All-Stars, by being underused. The writers didn't do anything interesting with him, save for getting a poorly done Snap Back when he helped win a challenge, making him a very Flat Character whose only defining traits from the last season (video game obsession and having a crush on Dakota) are very underplayed. Instead, he becomes Chew Toy fodder. And even worse, his inclusion meant more popular and noticeably more heroic Revenge alumni Dawn and Brick would not be included in the cast. As such, he is widely considered one of the least qualified to have been an "All-Star".
  • Dave, who was already a Base-Breaking Character before Pahkitew Island started. Following the severe and record breaking blows to his character like taking a level in jerkass and his Sanity Slippage in "Hurl and Go Seek" and the finale, he has now become one of the most unpopular characters in the series.

    Other animated series 
  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series
    • If you talk to any fan, one character they will all agree on hating is Lieutenant Pug. He is a villain that the pups are capable of physically speaking with, acting like that certain hated teacher. This has the potential for comedy, but because Lt. Pug is handled so poorly, he doesn't push the viewers' right buttons and everyone basically hates him for the wrong reasons—his loud voice and pushy mannerisms make him seem like a military school commander mixed with the most annoying trolls people meet on an Internet message board. He is just not likable, he is not funny, hell he's not even appealing at all. When you factor in he just doesn't add anything to the show that makes viewers hate him more.
    • Swamp Rat qualifies for this also because of how he effectively Took a Level in Jerkass in practically every appearance he was in, though he at least comes off as more watchable than Pug.
  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers had a couple.
    Rowley: Oh, Buzzwang. We wanted to kill him so badly.
    Everyone else in the theater: So did we!
    • Another were the Kiwi Kids. Take Spridle from Speed Racer and multiply by three. It didn't help that Corrine Orr was using variants of her Spridle voice for all three, either.
  • Nanette Manoir from Angela Anaconda is an invoked example - Angela never misses an opportunity to point out how much she hates Nanette, and in practically every episode, there's an extended Imagine Spot where Nanette gets elaborately humiliated. And in an active defiance of Designated Villain, Angela's hatred is completely and utterly justified - Nanette is a manipulative, selfish, arrogant, 'fake-French' and downright nasty Rich Bitch who happily goes out of her way to make Angela's life worse. Nanette's Beta Bitch, January, also gets this treatment to a much lesser extent, since she just follows whoever's popular rather than being outright malevolent like Nanette. Karlene on the other hand actually gets some Character Development.
  • Animaniacs:
    • The Hip Hippos. They are a pair of very urbane well... hippos speaking with rather obnoxious faux-Barcelona accents (does not help they tend to talk in nearly histrionic tones). Their main shtick is basically "Hippos live upper class life, clueless zoologist tries to trick them into moving back to the wild". Only a few shorts that starred them were made before the production team realized how unpopular they were and relegated them to side characters.
    • The same thing happened to Katie Ka-Boom, though this may have had more to do with the writers realizing she lacked potential as a character. The few shorts featuring her are so formulaic that they're almost indistinguishable.
  • Archer:
  • As Told by Ginger: Dodie is probably in the theoretical top ten most hated Nicktoon characters list. She's a part of the Power Trio but fans absolutely hate her. She's gossipy, obsessed with Ginger, easily jealous, and has done many backstabbing and generally inappropriate things over the series. At least Miranda is an antagonist, Dodie is treated like a good character yet comes off more like a Token Evil Teammate. It got worse as time went on, as fans think she became a mini version of her mother.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: While Mai isn't really an example of this in the cartoon, since most of the fan hate towards her is because she's both Zuko's canonical girlfriend and not Katara and she's actually fairly well liked when shipping isn't taken into consideration, the comics' portrayal of her has caused her reputation to drop dramatically, starting with The Promise when she left Zuko for hiding things from her. Her reputation has reached an all-time low in Smoke and Shadow, where she is a straight-up Hypocrite and constantly blames everyone else - but especially Zuko - for any negative consequences resulting from her own actions. To make things worse, we are supposed to agree with Mai, who is specifically designated as the main character, despite all her morally questionable acts, including manipulating Kei Lo's feelings, making fun of Zuko potentially dying, even lying to him that her father could be attempting to kill him; but Zuko is cast as being in the wrong and has to apologize to Mai. And since she is designated as the main character, she neither gets called out nor does she suffer for her actions. All in all, the comics not only destroyed the positive goodwill she had built amongst the fanbase, turning her into perhaps the most actively despised character of the series, but Mai's reputation as an unambiguous scrappy also single-handedly caused fans to completely abandon the Maiko ship, reviving the ugly shipping wars involving Zuko and subsequently infuriating other fans who had to suffer through the previous shipping.
  • Batman: The Animated Series:
    • Many of the one-shot villains created for the show get this from fans, often due to having little depth and ridiculous gimmicks (even by Batman villain standards) that made it difficult to take them seriously (Boss Biggis talks with his mouth full, Sewer King resides in a sewer with alligators as bodyguards). Several fans hate Red Claw in particular simply because of her offensively bad Russian accent. Admittedly, though, others such as Lock-Up and, most famously, Harley Quinn were popular enough that they were later added to the mainstream DC Comics canon.
    • Of the villains who were adapted from the comics, many single out The Penguin as the worst of the bunch. While singer Paul Williams was praised for his performance, the series had struggled to reconcile the gentlemanly figure from the comics with the deformed sewer dweller from the recently released Batman Returns, which led to him lacking any discernible motivation or reason for his villainy. His debut episode in particular, "I've Got Batman in my Basement," is widely considered one of the series' worst episodes due in part to the Penguin's laughable dialogue.note  On that note, many consider his revamp in The New Batman Adventures to a gentlemanly nightclub owner who committed white collar crimes under the radar to be a welcome change for the better.
  • The New Adventures of Batman had Bat-Mite.
  • Brickleberry:
    • Connie has got some hate for being too crude, obnoxious, and for having too much Les Yay moments with Ethel. The fat jokes that involved her are considered to be too over the top and gross and it can be argued that she is the lesbian equivalent of an Ethnic Scrappy.
    • Denzel as his personality and traits involved him being flanderized into a pot-smoking maniac who constantly has sex with old ladies. The jokes that generated around this quickly became tasteless.
    • Bobby Possumcods is also a hated character for his umm... flanderized perversion towards animals.
  • Captain N: The Game Master: While many fans of are unhappy with the personality and appearance changes made to the title character's supporting cast, they also tend to hate...
    • Game Boy, a mid-series addition to the team who rarely did anything useful. It didn't help that Game Boy was introduced in the most illogical way possible. Princess Lana's dad, who is trapped in another dimension, sends Game Boy to them via a warp portal that only opens once per decade. He thinks Game Boy will be able to help them in the war against Mother Brain... but by doing so, the king gives up his own chance to go through the portal, despite the fact that his return would have probably ENDED the war.
    • Mega Man also because of his voice and Verbal Tic, and the fact that he was green instead of blue, despite being nicknamed the Blue Bomber. This also applies to most of the Robot Masters, if nothing else for their ridiculous character designs, especially Cut Man, who will haunt your nightmares.
    • Pit (who for some reason is called "Kid Icarus" in this show) for his voice and Verbal Tic, plus a tendency to screw up badly.
  • William Dunbar from Code Lyoko tends to suffer this from many fans of the series; aside of the obvious reason, he has been criticized by fans as an unnecessary character who only created more tension in Ulrich's and Yumi's relationship that made it even less likely to be solved than it already was (whereas you would have expected the opposite), being an annoying Stalker with a Crush, and getting a pretty big focus through the show that would have been far better used on the protagonists, or even Sissi. Season 3 and 4 had him partially Rescued from the Scrappy Heap by making him The Dragon to XANA and giving him a Tear Jerker moment in the finale, but he is still a largely despised character, to the point where his clone is more popular than he is.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
  • Here's a clever In-Universe example: In the Cow and Chicken episode "Squirt the Daisies", in one of the virtual reality games that Chicken plays when the Red Guy invites him over to play some, he finds a turtle who constantly tells him the object of the game to be so annoying that he reacts, "How's about, 'Kick da turtle! Kick da turtle!'"
  • Daria is a rather interesting case. Due to Ship-to-Ship Combat, Tom wound up going from being one of the most loved characters in the series to the most hated. But in later years, Tom has actually been given a much nicer treatment... since you can't swing a cat without hitting a couple Tom-bashing fanfics or fanfics where Tom's existence is flat-out denied in favour of Daria x Jane or even weirder pairings like Daria x Mr. DeMartino.
  • Zuffy, the Small, Annoying Creature from Defenders of the Earth.
  • The Dreamstone:
    • Spildit is whiny, annoying, bratty, and only seems to have been introduced because they felt they had to. Double Scrappy points for being the 'niece' of one of the main characters.
    • There's also Wildit, who was not part of Mike Jupp's original character designs and was far too good at everything, being the main reason the bad guys lost in the vast majority of episodes she appeared, and thus demoting the Noops to incompetent Tagalong Kids, particularly in the early seasons.
    • The rest of the hero ensemble (particularly Rufus and Amberley) tend to go in and out with fans, largely due to being far more boring and syrupy than the more colourful Urpneys and their occasionally gratuitous treatment towards Sgt. Blob and his goons. For what it's worth the show did try to tone down these problems for the last third or so.
  • Drawn Together
    • Captain Hero. While some viewers regard him as funny, a majority of fans dislike him for many of his traits such as his stupidity, his constant acts of having sex with dead bodies, and the fact that the creators have decided to make him their Creator's Pet and have him basically become the main character of the show, having him take up tons of episodes at the expense of other characters like Ling-Ling, Toot, and Wooldoor. He is also hated for being a Karma Houdini as he was shown to get away with things like destroying his own home planet of Zebulon, killing or wounding everyone in a charity AIDS walk, and kidnapping the daughter of a Greek immigrant couple while treating her like a goat after terrorizing her family. In fact, Hero has received punishment for his actions in only one episode, which featured him getting arrested for possessing an obscene photo of his 12 year old self.
    • Spanky Ham as he is disliked for his very disgusting toilet humor and Jerk Ass behavior. While creators have toned down his jerkassery after season one, his gross potty humor still remained.
    • Princess Clara degraded herself into being a scrappy as well as she was originally portrayed as an Innocently Insensitive princess but over the course of the series, she molded herself into a Holier Than Thou woman who was also a huge homophobe and then in season 3 she turned into an unsympathetic, selfish Jerk Ass while she apparently didn't have any Freudian Excuse for turning into this.
  • DuckTales (1987): Bubba. This is so bad that he was Put on a Bus shortly after starring in a few episodes.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • Sarah falls under this to a lot of fans. She's an annoying brat of a child who does nothing but act bossy towards the other characters (including her Morality Pet Jimmy), is loud and obnoxious, and is especially abusive to her brother Ed (who, for the most part, is unbelievably nice/loyal to her... when he's not fearing her) both physically and verbally while being a Karma Houdini (IE: "Ed, you have to do as I say no matter what, or I'll tell Mom!").
    • Kevin is also hated for being a massive Jerkass towards the Eds even when they don't do anything to him. Granted, he had good reasons to hate the Eds, but some of his actions were inexcusable.
    • Jimmy isn't well-liked by fans either. He's probably the second most disliked character behind Sarah. Most of this stems from him being a weak-willed Extreme Doormat. He also garners bile for his antagonistic role in the episode "If It Smells Like An Ed" for framing Ed and Edd even though Eddy was the only one who antagonized him first.
    • Out of the Kankers, Lee. Marie is considered intriguing and good looking, May has Hidden Depths and the most sympathetic personality. Lee, on the other hand, is seen as obnoxious and unattractive so she's the one who gets the most hate.
  • The Fairly OddParents!: Fans hate the new characters in the show, such as:
  • The Flintstones:
    • The Great Gazoo, which was a contributing factor for the show's eventual cancellation.
    • Pebbles herself —and Bamm-Bamm to a lesser extent— have this distinction to the older seasons.
    • Every character besides Fred in the early seasons. A number of fans initially didn't like Wilma and Betty because they were always nagging and chewing out their husbands for comparatively small reasons (a notable example being in the very first episode) and always sabotaging Fred and Barney's schemes. Barney wasn't particularly likeable in the early seasons either, notable examples being "The Golf Champion", "The Sweepstakes Ticket", and "The House Guest" where Barney was extremely inconsiderate towards Fred and received no comeuppance.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends:
    • By far the most hated character to ever enter the show was Bendy. He fools Herriman and Frankie into believing and loving him while he does terrible things around the house and ends up getting Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco screwed over for it. Bloo, being not very bright, decides to trap Bendy in a situation where they would have to acknowledge that Bendy was guilty of something wrong only to end up screwing himself into destroying most of the house while "Bendy took a cookie." Most fans see this as a bit ridiculous after Bendy gets away with everything. His episode got such a negative reaction from fans that Lauren Faust publicly apologized for writing it. Bendy then never appeared in any subsequent episodes after that.
    • There's also Goofball John McGee, who is hated by a large number of fans because he acted like a Diabolus ex Machina for Frankie.
  • Futurama:
    • Mr. Wong. Sexist, stupid, and demeaning to everyone, he's earned a lot of haters who wished he died in Into the Wild Green Yonder. And given that sexism and possessive behavior towards one's children are Chinese stereotypes, he might even qualify as an Ethnic Scrappy.
    • The "Susan" butt boil got a lot of this for various reasons, such as it being an already outdated joke in an already topical-heavy episode, and for just having a really annoying voice.
    • Leela's parents, Morris and Munda, are also rather disliked by fans. A lot of it comes from the fact that they separated for silly reasons just to get an episode's plot going, and they tend to be shoehorned into every episode they appear.
    • Ndnd, the wife of Lrrr is hated as well as she basically does nothing but nag her husband around and downright abuses him verbally while in one episode, she hits him over the head with a frying pan and kicks him out of their house all because he got her a gift she didn't really like.
    • Michelle, who not only cheated on Fry, but showed that she was an incredibly selfish and controlling person in her Day in the Limelight episode.
    • Yivo, despite being the main antagonist of The Beast with a Billion Backs is not really villainous or evil but he is hated for forcing almost everyone in the universe into a relationship with him, meaning that he forcibly put his tentacles into peoples necks and was revealed to be "mating" with those people through those tentacles. Yivo was technically raping these people, yet he got away with all that and was Easily Forgiven for it despite how serious his crimes were. He was also an invincible villain due to being entirely composed of electromatter, only being harmed by Bender's robot army lining weapons with his "skin" after he was forgiven by his victims. To top off the whole thing, while his victims were universally forgiving of him, he can't find it in himself to forgive them when one of them breaks a rule he set of no outside contact, which just makes him look even worse, with even more parallels to romantic abuse.
  • Garfield and Friends had two in-universe examples;
    • The first is with the Buddy Bears. They were there to irritate Garfield and parody the then-current state of educational television, as well as to savagely mock The Complainer Is Always Wrong (the trope that showrunner Mark Evanier – who, incidentally, also created Scrappy – hates more than anything).
    • Another in-universe example was Binky the Clown - although he's been viewed as an Ensemble Dark Horse by much of the show's real life fan base. Ironically, Garfield twice had to help Binky get back on the air after his show was cancelled because 1. Binky was a greater menace working in the real world than on TV, and 2. the second time, he was replaced by the aforementioned Buddy Bears, who proved even more annoying on the air than Binky.
  • Godzooky from Hanna-Barbera's The Godzilla Power Hour.
    • And even Godzooky himself is nothing compared to the human characters in the series. Bland, one-dimensional characters whose only purposes are to either A.) Get attacked/captured by the Monster of the Week and/or B.) Summon Godzilla to solve all of their problems for them. Say what you will about Godzooky. At least he actually does something other than say "Oh, no! (Insert monster here) is destroying the city/attacking the Tagalong Kid! We must summon Godzilla!"
    • The webcomic Sluggy Freelance has Torg mention this once in quasi-TVTropeish terms, resulting in the without knowing the context completely brain-damaged-sounding sentence "Godzookie [sic] is the Scrappy-Doo of Godzilla."
  • Harvey Beaks:
    • Officer Fredd, due to him not caring about anyone. He kicked Harvey out of the Junior Squealers just for protecting his friend. He also zaps anyone who does nothing wrong, and is quite a bit of a jerkass.
    • Moff became this in "Steampunks" when he becomes a jerkass to Harvey.
  • Horrid Henry: Perfect Peter is hated by many fans for numerous reasons. He is hated for being a Bratty Half-Pint, who is favored by his parents more over Henry, gets constantly spoiled by them, and most of the time whenever Peter himself is horrid and does something that is naughty, Henry is the one who gets blamed and punished for it.
  • In House of Mouse, Shelby Turtle is seen as an annoying little hellion and Karma Houdini who has gotten away with tormenting both Donald and Mickey, in both the wraparounds and the Mouseworks shorts. His mother is hated as well because she never realizes how much trouble her son causes them, yells at them really loud whenever they mess up, and whenever they do manage to get the job done, she tells them she will have them babysit her son again on a later day.
  • Weasel from I Am Weasel had many "talents". These included: this trope, and Invincible Hero. When first introduced, he was the "man" who could do no wrong and everyone in the show worshiped him, while his "rival" I.R. Baboon had no friends of his own and often got the crap-end of the stick by the episode's end. Weasel wasn't well liked by the fans who, in the end, only seemed to watch it for the real star, Baboon. The creators realized this after some number of episodes, and took a different approach instead. Now Weasel and Baboon were partners and, though Weasel was still the multi-talented fellow of the two, he now could, and would, receive just as much punishment as his less intelligent counterpart.
  • Inspector Gadget had Corporal Capeman, who was added in the second season as part of an attempt to make it more different from the first season, as well as an obviously shameless attempt to boost low ratings. He was an extremely idiotic superhero wanna-be that looked like a nerd (complete with oversized eyeglasses) and idolized Inspector Gadget (despite Gadget referring to Capeman as "Capman"). As a result, Gadget soon became Capeman's mentor. But Capeman, unfortunately, was stupider than Gadget, who was also an idiot himself. Capeman didn't appear in all the episodes during this season though, which lead to some rather confusing continuity.
  • Buttons from Iron Kid has all the trappings of Scrappydom, being an annoying talking robot dog intended for comic relief, and does very little to help the heroes whatsoever.
  • Jackie Chan Adventures: Paco was basically all of Jade Chan's trouble-causing tendencies, none of her plucky, awesome, or ingenious ones, had a few extra pints of annoying fanboy for good measure, and couldn't even hold a consistent accent. There's a reason the fandom prefers to ship Jade with a homicidal demonic bat.
  • Babu, from Jeannie. A man-boy of the first order, his magic ALWAYS causes disaster and in one particularly cringe-worthy episode, he runs away after getting chewed out by the other characters for messing things up. This isn't some sulk on a park bench, he literally grabs a teddy bear, raids the fridge and scampers off somewhere until the other characters apologize.
  • The 1985 syndicated revival of The Jetsons introduced spring-legged alien Orbitty in the first episode. The episodes where he plays an important role in the plot can be counted on one hand, and he is largely a background annoyance for the rest of the season. Even the animators thought Orbitty was a pointless addition; John Kricfalusi, who worked as a layout supervisor on several episodes, has gone on record as having tried to work in scenes where Orbitty was on the receiving end of slapstick abuse (such as being smacked around by an automatic golf putter) to vent his frustration. Hanna-Barbera tacitly acknowledged their mistake by unceremoniously dropping the character for the 1987 episodes and Jetsons: The Movie.
  • Johnny Test. Even genuine fans of the show tend to hate the main character for being a bratty, unpleasant Designated Hero. Who honestly thought making the Annoying Younger Sibling the hero was a good idea?
    • Also Johnny's dad, for being extremely Lawful Stupid.
    • Mr. Black and Mr. White are considered to be borderline scrapped for suffering Too Dumb to Live a lot, overly relying on the Test family to fix any problems that Mr. Black and Mr. White themselves cause, and for having too many Ho Yay moments with each other.
  • Kaeloo: Pretty, the group Alpha Bitch, is widely despised by the fans for her cruel, bullying nature, constant mockery of everyone else and superior attitude. Unlike Mr. Cat (who has most of these traits but is still adored by the fandom), she has never actually shown signs of caring for the rest of the cast (she rejoices when they are presumed dead in one episode), and the way she treats her sister is awful.
  • King of the Hill:
    • Lucky is seen as a Scrappy by a large segment of the show's fandom. A stereotypical "redneck" character, he contributes practically nothing to the plot except as a love interest to Luanne which ALSO caused the ire of fans since it detracted from her desire to get away from being a stereotypical "hillbilly" like the rest of her family. About his only redeeming traits are that he genuinely cares for his friends and family and that he has an "honor code" (IE: He refuses to marry Luanne until he's graduated from high school). Even then, he made it clear that even with his GED, he still refused to get a job and intended to live off of Frivolous Lawsuits for the rest of his life. And Hank, who had long been established as a champion of hard, honest work, just rolls with it.
    • Peggy Hill is seen as this due to her massive Flanderization in later seasons changing her from a somewhat smug yet intelligent woman who spoke decent if rudimentary Spanish, to a Jerkass Small Name, Big Ego who couldn't speak a lick of Spanish if her life depended on it yet she acted like she was fluent in the language. It also doesn't help she became so smug in later seasons that she even tried to mooch off of Hank's popularity as a (temporary) substitute teacher in order to win yet another substitute teacher's award, and sabotaged Lucky's attempt to get his GED by giving him false answers, then automatically assumed he and everyone else in his family were bastards because no one achieved their goals before marrying, before he explained they were married in shotgun weddings.
    • Kahn and Minh Souphanousinphone both fall here. While they just barely avoid being walking Asian stereotypes, they are both obnoxious Jerkass people who take utter pleasure in being dicks towards their neighbors, including referring to them as "Rednecks" in a derogatory sense. While they do have some redeeming qualities (such as genuinely caring for their daughter, Connie), said good aspects of them are overshadowed by their flaws. One episode in the series had Kahn not only sexually harass Hank (all because Hank could see Kahn through Kahn's bathroom window), but also he and Mihn would break into Hank's house, raid the fridge, mess with the furniture, and it's implied they would have sex there as well all the while mocking Hank and Peggy. There's being a jerk, and then there's blatantly breaking the law just for the sick amusement of it.
    • The show's protagonist, Hank, certainly falls under this if the numerous examples in the DMOS section of this site are of any indication. While his hard work ethic and the fact he genuinely cares for his family are admirable qualities, they are often overshadowed by the fact that he is so painfully old-fashioned that he treats anything "new" (even if it turns out to be helpful to the other characters) with utter disdain and horror. Not only that, but he tended to be so controlling of Bobby's life that anything even remotely unorthodox that interested Bobby in the slightest would cause Hank to freak out and attempt to get rid of it (IE: "Dad, look, I can (Insert activity here)" "BWAAAAAA!") It did not help at all that Hank was usually portrayed as right in whatever stance he took. In the few instances when he actually allowed Bobby to pursue his interests, Hank had an odd habit of taking over Bobby's current hobby; for instance, when Bobby practiced ventriloquism, Hank treated Bobby's dummy as the son he always wanted while ignoring Bobby.
  • Kulipari: An Army of Frogs:
    • Gee is considered to be by fans as an unsuccessful attempt at making a Kid-Appeal Character to try to lighten the dark tone of the show. He's basically a frog who is the butt of all the fat jokes on the show. He's also hated for being a Non-Action Guy who managed to survive the entire season and he is the cause of the massively slow pace of the first half of the season when he foolishly gets himself kidnapped by the scorpions, which forces protagonist Darel to spend almost three whole episodes trying to rescue Gee.
    • Burnu was initially a scrappy as well as he was initially portrayed an arrogant frog who constantly made condescending comments towards Darel just because Darel was not a kulipari like Burnu was. In Burnu's case though, he gets Rescued from the Scrappy Heap when he gets a significant amount of Character Development after episode 8 and his conversation in the finale with Tipi proves that he got rescued from the heap of scrappies.
    • Queen Jarrah's assistant is also another scrappy as even though she appeared late in the series, she was basically a Minion with an F in Evil who did not get much development in her character, which caused her to be seen by fans as a very bland character and she was basically forgotten after Jarrah was murdered by Lord Marmoo.
  • The Legend of Korra: In a series filled to the brim with cool, well-intentioned, charismatic and interesting Anti-Villains (many of whom get the leather pants treatment), Book 2's Unalaq has the dubious honor of being the most straightforward, dull, Take Over the World villain in the series. He lacks many of the complex traits that make Amon, Zaheer and Kuvira so interesting or any of the menace or power that made Fire Lord Ozai and Princess Azula from the previous series such severe and intimidating threats. Eventually even the creators realized this and spend a good portion of the Recap Episode "Remembrances" mercilessly mocking him and calling him "incredibly boring and uninteresting."
  • Bunga from The Lion Guard is hated by a lot of the fans of the The Lion King franchise, mainly because he seems to be the biggest source of forced "comedic" conflicts in every episode of the series. The fact that he shares some of the same traits as Scrappy-Doo himself does not help matters, nor does his catchphrase, "Un-Bunga-lievable!", which some perceive as annoying.
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: Peppermint Larry is hated for being too childish and delusional to the point where he creates a feminine candy mannequin and calls it his wife.
  • Little Rock in The Mighty Mightor. He was The Load and a Bratty Half-Pint: always recklessly getting into trouble and forcing the title character to have to waste time rescuing him. Even Mightor himself agrees:
    "Oh no, it's Little Rock again!"
  • In-universe version with Mr. Skipperdoo in Mr. Incredible and Pals, a parody of low budget Saturday Morning Cartoons. He is a rabbit with glasses who does nothing but hop up and down occasionally and point out details that should have been completely obvious (like the fact that a giant section of bridge is right above the characters' heads). Frozone devotes much of his commentary complaining about Mr. Skipperdoo, and while Mr. Incredible at first tries to excuse the bunny as a Kid-Appeal Character, he eventually admits that 'the rabbit bites'.
  • Shapey from Moral Orel. His lines consist mainly of "Waaahhh!" or "Nooo!" in the most annoying voice possible.
  • Every character from My Life Me that's NOT Mr. Towes. Special mention goes to Liam and Birch – the main characters of the series.
  • My Little Pony:
    • Molly and Danny from the original series aren't exceptionally liked by the fanbase, seen as Annoying Younger Siblings to Megan who weren't needed since Megan was good enough.
    • Megan herself is quite disliked by fans, mostly from post-G1 fans. They consider her unnecessary, that the series should be about ponies and not have humans in it. It doesn't help that the series changed her into a borderline Creator's Pet. Her Rescue from Midnight Castle version is quite popular. It was before she got hit with a Girliness Upgrade.
  • Gawayne from Mysticons is presented as this. He doesn't care that his father and step-mother are petrified, only caring to be King. He also poorly treats his butler, as seen in Episode 3, and in his Character Video, when asked about helping others, he dismisses them. His voice is also annoying, and it doesn't help that from any of his videos does it seem like he'll develop any time soon.
  • Phantom Investigators: Wad tends to be the most hated character on the show, for pretty much the same reasons as Slimer. He's an obnoxious comic relief sidekick with an annoying, grating voice who often screws up whatever the gang are doing, only doing anything useful in about three or four episodes. Most of his moments tend to be too low and crude, contrasting the rest of the show's campy yet clever writing. It doesn't help that many of his appearances, such as in "Birthday Presence", are so irrelevant to the plot that either him or the entire scene could be removed without affecting the episode at all.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Suzy is one due to how relentlessly cruel (and creepy) she is. Indeed her appearances on the show have become less and less.
    • The Bug Trio. They have appeared only in one episode and the OWCA special. They are really annoying and completely out of place in the show.
    • Both Irving and his brother Albert are this to many fans due to their personalities and overexposure. Many are alright with Irving, but believe he was better off as a one episode character.
    • Coltrane isn't very popular due to being somewhat of a pointless Satellite Love Interest for Stacy. It also isn't helped that he was seemingly created just to have another High School Musical guest star appear.
  • Popeye: In a handful of theatrical cartoons when Popeye joined the Navy, he was given a buddy named Shorty who would frequently screw things up, making Popeye miserable. In one cartoon, Popeye got so annoyed with him, he hauled off and shot him in the end.
  • The Powerpuff Girls: The Mayor became this in the later seasons, as Flanderization turned him into a horrible example of Psychopathic Manchild. He also seemed to become a minor Creator's Pet in the last few seasons.
  • Mindy from Ready Jet Go! is almost universally despised by the fanbase for being bland, annoying, and becoming a major Creator's Pet/one woman Spotlight-Stealing Squad in Season Two, particularly in episodes like "Mindy's Ice Rink", "Mindy's Bedtime", and "Commander Cressida Begins". The latter gets special attention for Jet, the titular freaking protagonist, being Demoted to Extra.
  • The Real Ghostbusters:
    • A character who garnered substantial ire during the run of Slimer and the Real Ghostbusters was Janine, as she had gotten a Lighter and Softer redesign that changed her from a Deadpan Snarker into a perpetually-worried-sounding, stereotypical female. Fortunately, an Author's Saving Throw addressed the complaints. A lot of fans also didn't like Venkman's overhaul and voice change, seeing him going from a cool and snarky character, voiced by Lorenzo Musik, with a much dumber and slower sounding character, along with lost edge and not many snarky jokes, voiced by Dave Coulier. The network also saw fit to redub some of the older episodes with the new voice actors for Janine and Venkman, making those episodes nearly unwatchable for fans.
    • The Junior Ghostbusters, a trio of children, didn't get to appear very often in the main series but were still hated for stealing focus away from the actual Ghostbusters and having little to do in actually affecting the plot. J. Michael Stracyznski was notably opposed to the kids and said he'd only use them if he could show them being run over by a truck. Classic Ghostbusters fans have proceeded to fulfill his wish in some fanworks.
    • Louis Tully isn't very liked for being a useless, obnoxious geek and having only been introduced to the show to tie in with the Ghostbusters films. It also doesn't help that some of the ire carries over from the film universe, where Janine broke up with Egon and started dating him instead.
  • Regular Show: Quips, Skips' cousin who constantly makes bad jokes. Considering the other character's reactions to said jokes, this was most likely deliberate.
  • Rick and Morty:
    • Jerry and Beth take this up in season 2 due to Taking a Level in Jerkass, flanderization and how their arguing/dysfunctional marriage take up way too much time when they're onscreen. What doesn't help matters is that sometimes the show seemingly takes Beth's side when she can be just as jerkish, idiotic, selfish, and incompetent as Jerry. It's to the point when Blim Blam, an alien captured in Rick's garage so he can patent a cure for Blam's "Space AIDS", has a "The Reason You Suck" Speech that rings true about their entire marriage, and more than many fans agree with him.
    Blim Blam the Korblok: Um, first of all, hello. Uh, my name is Blim Blam the Korblok. Second of all, cards on the table, I'm a murderer that eats babies, and I came to this planet to eat babies. However, I am also carrying a highly infectious disease that I suppose you could call "Space AIDS" as you put it. And Rick did chain me up so that he could attempt to cure it. At the same time, Rick's motivation to cure my disease was not to save my life or anyone else's, but to patent and sell the cure for billions of Blemflarcks. But you know the reason why I ripped my chains out of the wall? And do you know why I'm never coming back to this planet? Because the two of you are the fucking worst! You both hate yourselves and each other, and the idea that it has anything to do with Rick is laughable. I'd laugh, but I'm biologically incapable - that's how alien I am. And even I'm sitting here listening to the two of you and being like, "What the fuck?!" So, good luck with your shitty marriage, and tell Rick I'm sorry he has to deal with either of you. Blim Blam out! (mic drop)
    • It's so bad that plenty of people actually cheered when Beth and Jerry were about to be divorced (and were disappointed when they got back together). Although, whether being apart ultimately gave them some much needed Character Development or only made their individual flaws stand out all the more is a subject for debate among fans.
    • Revolio "Gearhead" Clockberg Jr. He's hated mainly for being a minor Creator's Pet, having taken the most amount of episodes out of all of Rick's friends. His first appearance in "Ricksy Business" has him take up a chunk of screen time that robbed another of Rick's friends, Scropon of decent screentime and caused Scropon to become a wasted character in that episode. His next appearance doesn't redeem him either, having him betray Rick for the selfish reason of making money and he gets beat up for this. However his third appearance in the Vindicators episode has him shockingly Easily Forgiven by Rick and invited to another one of his parties but in that same episode, he trips in the end credits scene and its doubtful if he is going to be seen again.
  • Rocket Power: Otto Rocket. Fans of the series had issues with him due to his jerkass attitude towards his friends, his stubbornness, and his inability to remember and learn from his mistakes. That isn't even mentioning his arrogance and his overly competitive attitude, in which he acts like a jerk to others whether he wins or loses.
  • Rugrats:
  • On The Smurfs, Brainy Smurf was someone who nobody liked in-universe or out. On the surface, he's a Know-Nothing Know-It-All who's more of a narcissist than Vanity Smurf (a guy whose name denotes narcissism) and more annoying than, well, anyone else on the show, mostly because of his whiny, nasally voice as he lectures anyone unlucky enough to listen. He never plays a vital part of the story (unless he's the antagonist of the story, which happened a lot). Worst of all, this guy tends to do terrible things all the time, like bake living gingerbread Smurfs that almost destroy the village, blame Clumsy for losing Baby Smurf (after he was responsible) and put him through a Kangaroo Court, and even seize control of the village, crown himself king, rule like a tyrant, and start a Smurf civil war. (Although in fairness, it wasn't him in the original version.)
  • Sonic Sat AM:
  • SpongeBob SquarePants:
    • Mr. Krabs. While he was already something of a Base-Breaking Character in the pre-movie era due to his greed, his Flanderization in the later seasons caused him to become near-universally despised, to the point where many fans just want to see him suffer a truly horrible fate, like he almost did in the movie. Recent episodes have seen his rivalry with Plankton devolve into making his life hell just for fun, feeding poison or rotten food to his customers intentionally for the sake of an extra dollar, or extorting and abusing his employees. The fact that he gets away with these at least 80% of the time doesn't help. According to writers and the creator himself, Krabs is supposed to look as bad (if not worse) than Plankton himself. It's just the matter of letting him get away with it that they and the audience seem split over.
    • Patrick likewise was a case of this in later seasons where he essentially just expected to get his way because he's an idiot. As with Mr. Krabs, the writers seemed to find this funny. But fans started loathing him for his more selfish antics and never getting reprimanded for it, especially at the expense of another character (namely Squidward and even his "best friend", SpongeBob) just for the sake of the joke. Possibly Rescued from the Scrappy Heap since the 9th season, which undid some of his Flanderization and actually forced him to suffer the consequences of his actions when his stupidity did cause a problem.
    • Patchy the Pirate gets a lot of hate due to his main shtick being that he is an Stylistically Sucky, extremely obsessive SpongeBob fanboy whose segments are full of lame jokes that mainly appeal exclusively to the target audience of young children. Extra points for being a Scrappy since the pre-movie days.
  • If you ask any Steven Universe fan about their least favorite character, chances are they will either say either Onion and/or Ronaldo. The three of them have the distinction of being rather big jerkasses in a show known for how nice and likable almost every other character is, which makes them stand out more, but there's more to them on an individual level on why they are so hated:
    • While Onion being a huge Creepy Child doesn't help, most fans hate him on how he's a Karma Houdini: despite being shown stealing often, being prone to violence, screwing with Steven and doing more felonies, the show treats him as just a mischievous prankster a la Amethyst rather than the psycho he is. Worse, he's actually given an incredibly thin Freudian Excuse, the fact that he doesn't get to see his father too much, which falls apart when you realize that Steven never met his mom, yet he doesn't use that to act as a Jerkass.
    • Then there's Ronaldo. Unlike Onion, who sometimes show redeeming qualities (for example, Onion gave Steven an "Explorer Gal" figure as an apology token) it seems like there's nothing positive to say about Ronaldo. He's a HUGE Know-Nothing Know-It-All with a good amount of Wrong Genre Savvy fueled by a desire to feel important. While most of his antics are played for laughs, most people find them irritating rather than funny. PhantomStrider calls Ronaldo in his Top 10 Worst Episodes of Otherwise Good Cartoons a "train-wreck of a character" and "an ugly wart in the face of an otherwise immaculate, gorgeous cartoon".
  • Superfriends:
    • The animated series originally had three Scrappies in the mascot/sidekick characters of Marvin, Wendy and 'Wonderdog', two ordinary teenagers and their pet who dressed in superhero drag and whose roles in the series (especially Marvin's) were to do stupid but plot-enabling things. The characters were so annoying to even the pre-teens who were the primary audience of the show that they were replaced by the only marginally more acceptable Wonder Twins, a pair of teenaged alien superheroes and their pet space monkey Gleek, who filled the "get captured by the Monster of the Week" and "cause trouble through abject stupidity" roles until the series finally dumped them too and redid the format into a more traditional superhero show.
    • In the "Power Hour" of Superfriends, there are three Scrappies: El Dorado, a one-Spanish-word-a-sentence hero with vaguely defined powers; Samurai — a one-Japanese-word-a-sentence fellow who had a horribly stereotyped personality; and Firestorm, who is considered a Scrappy thanks mainly to his status of always being the fellow to yank the Big Damn Heroes moment from everyone (especially from a badly Chickified Wonder Woman).
    • Thanks to Never Live It Down and Audience-Coloring Adaptation, Aquaman had a really bad time of being a Damsel Scrappy. Also, most of the time, his powers are useless owing to the series' extreme Cast Speciation limiting him to aquatic abilities in a land-based series.
    • Hawkman didn't fare much better than Aquaman. On this series, his powers was flight... and that's it. All the situations that made the comic book Hawkman heroic were entirely absent, leaving him basically useless. The all-time low in the Scrappy department probably came in the episode "Secret Origins of the Superfriends", which showed Superman getting erased from history in the middle of a "Superman Day" celebration... and replaced it with "Hawkman Day".
  • Superjail!:
    • The Twins started out as the designated Scrappies for most of the vocal fanbase, contrary to the popularity they'd receive later on. The general reasons for hating them amounted to them having annoying voices, having ugly appearances, constantly getting in the way of the Warden's plans, and being a little too flamboyant for some viewers' tastes. While this reaction mostly died down with the following seasons, there is still some grousing about the characters that's now mixed with backlash from their popularity among some of the female fanbase.
    • The Mistress is mostly hated for her stuck-up personality, her cruelty to Charise, and for attempting to take over Superjail twice (briefly succeeding the second time), as well as being seen as in the way of The Warden and Lord Stingray by particular fans. She was slightly relieved of this when she slept with Alice and became a hippie.
    • Lord Stingray received hate in season 2, as he was seen as an unnecessary addition to the cast, as well as being obnoxious and feeling like he was shoehorned in to be Warden's rival and enemy. He's still a source of debate to the point of being a Base-Breaking Character in show discussions.
    • While most inmates have their fans, the fat perverted convict (Fatty) is understandably the most hated, owing to him being way more one-note and his existence revolving around being creepy and making sexual advances to anyone (and anything) he fancies. Of course, he always winds up killed or maimed for his behavior, which is part of the joke with the character.
    • The Demonic Dummy Prison PeeDee is basically the new Scrappy for the show among parts of the fandom, due to his obnoxious shrill voice and the fact that he would apparently be in season 4 "a lot" with Lord Stingray (who's divisive as is). It was not helped by the announcement that season 4 would only be six episodes instead of the usual ten, leading to the pre-emptive impressions of them stealing spotlight from the rest of the cast.
  • Despite being one of the kindest souls you'll find anywhere, even after taking a level in badass, Jinmay gets more slings and arrows from the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! fandom than anyone else in the show for reasons such as having pink hair, being a Girly Girl, being Chiro's love interest, being kidnapped a few times, and not using her powers every single opportunity she gets.
  • Superman: The Animated Series:
    • Due to abandoning Superman in his time of need by being willing to let Supergirl die in the Grand Finale and then using Superman's rightful anger at him for stabbing him in the back as an excuse for a Face–Heel Turn in Justice League Unlimited, it's highly doubtful you'll find someone who likes Professor Hamilton ever again. Bruce Timm stated in his Modern Masters book that THEY didn't like Professor Hamilton in the first place. That's why, when debating who Darkseid should kill, they finally came up with Dan Turpin, because they weren't allowed to kill Ma and Pa Kent and they felt if they killed Professor Hamilton it wouldn't have any impact, because they never liked him anyway.
    • Livewire could be seen as a villainous example. Bruce Timm said in an interview that he and the guys hoped fans would embrace her as "the Harley Quinn" of Superman's series, and while she did eventually get added to the comics Livewire was never as popular or well-liked as Harley, seeing as how she had none of the tragic sympathy that made Harley endearing, and Livewire tended to be more obnoxious than funny and she gained her powers from, quite frankly, being a complete idiot and blamed Superman when he, you know, saved her life from being a complete idiot. And her irritating New Yorker accent certainly doesn't help.
  • Super Noobs:
    • All four of the Noobs are mainly seen as Scrappies by the fandom. They are widely hated because they often show off a lot of selfish and bratty behavior and sometimes do things that are contrary to that of virtuous superheroes. They are also hated for taking up way too much of the show's screen time despite them being the main characters at the expense of Memnock and Zenblock which often shoehorned the two aliens into very boring subplots. Out of all of Noobs, Tyler and Roach fall into the Base-Breaking Character territory.
      • Kevin Reynolds is considered to be the main Scrappy of the Noobs as he is the most selfish and irresponsible of them, is overly hammy, is frequently rude and disrespectful towards Memnock and Zenblock almost destroyed Earth by accident, and once almost compromised his team's secret identities.
      • Jennifer Shope is another Scrappy as when she speaks, she often raises her voice and when she does so, her voice sounds very irritating and distasteful. She is also hated for when she Took a Level in Jerkass by forcing Kevin to transform into a gerbil and proceeds to humiliate him all so she wouldn't get an F in her science project, Her fail was a Good Punishment.
    • Mr. Wertz for being a Karma Houdini and for having done things that would have gotten him fired from his job as a science teacher, arrested, and thrown in jail as he once attempted to mind control all of Cornbury and experimented with the virus in a secret lab underneath the school.
    • Amy Anderson, as some fans expected her to be a Fifth Ranger of the Noobs, but she was regulated to being a typical Damsel in Distress as well as a poorly made ripoff of superhero girlfriends. She also does not get much screen time and because of this, her romance with Tyler is half-baked.
    • Principal Warmeramer is mainly hated for just being a minor obstacle for the Noobs to go through in concealing their secret identities and for having Mr. Wertz sent to a mental institution instead of firing him for trying to enslave Cornbury with mind control goggles.
    • Jock Jockerson is disliked for being a Flat Character as he seemed to have no purpose on the show other than to bully the Noobs and become the first person on the show to be infected with the virus in the first episode. After the first episode, Jock's importance on the show seemed to quickly evaporate and was apparently Demoted to Extra by being pushed into the background in most of his appearances.
    • Heck, any of the characters on the show who aren't Memnock and Zenblock deserve to be on this list.
  • TaleSpin:
    • There's the High Marshall of Thembria, who also doubles as an Ethnic Scrappy. He's so bad that his threats and mistreatment of Colonel Spigot save the colonel from being a Scrappy and push him into Jerkass Woobie territory.
    • Also Molly Cunningham, for the same reasons as Webby.
  • Teen Titans:
  • Teen Titans Go!: As a result of taking tremendous levels of jerkishness, all five of the Titans in this cartoon became widely hated by fans of both the original show and this show as well. Despite ostensibly being superheroes, they come across as so utterly unsympathetic and annoying to the point that most viewers find themselves rooting for the villains:
    • Robin has gone from being an actually strong leader with a sense of morality who genuinely cares about his comrades into a whiny, arrogant, egotist who never stops obsessing how he's the "Lone Wolf Leader", and actually values getting glory over doing heroic deeds.
    • Cyborg was the resident smart guy of the group and was its physically strongest member. Like Robin, the show tones down his competent traits considerably to make him as dumb as Beast Boy. And whenever the two of them get together, they act like immature party guys with no regard for anyone but themselves.
    • Beast Boy in the original series was already pretty silly, but he could get serious when it was needed, cared about his friends, was quite clever, and was a pretty cool guy to be around. In this show in contrast, he's a lazy, selfish, and obnoxious jerk who cares for no one and is a complete dumbass. "Ghost Boy" and "Staring at the Future" are the episodes where he is at his worst, the former taking advantage of the Titans and casually killing them off while the latter has him and Cyborg ruin the lives of the other three Titans.
    • This version of Aqualad isn't very popular, due to his Chick Magnet persona being escalated to The Casanova and acting like he owns every girl. Not to mention him hitting on Raven clashing with the show's colossal BBRae fandom.
  • Some of the introduced engines of Thomas the Tank Engine, particularly those created during Hit Entertainment's run, tend to be disliked, either due to having limited, more gimmicky personalities, or by fans of the original Railway Series novels who dislike the show's overuse of newly created characters over the original cast. Charlie "the Playful Purple Engine" and the Logging Locos seem to get the most flak in particular.
  • ThunderCats (1985)
    • The unforgivably awful Snarf. Has there ever been a more aggravating "cute" character in a cartoon?
    • Snarf's young nephew Snarfer, who is, if anything, even more annoying.
    • Lion-O in the blooper reel (NSFW) says what most of us are thinking:
      Snarf: You—you've got to snap out of it, Lion-O! Call the ThunderCats before—
      Lion-O: Shut up, you fuck.
    • There might just be a reason that Snarf in ThunderCats (2011) is retooled into a pet, who doesn't talk.
  • Time Squad: Buck Tuddrussel has got some hatedom of his own for his jerkassery towards Larry 3000 as well as for constantly making the time squad's missions to repair the timeline more difficult by constantly Going Native in the historical eras that needed fixing.
  • Tiny Toon Adventures:
  • Tom and Jerry:
    • The babysitter who would spend more time talking on the phone, rather than babysitting, while Tom and Jerry have to always watch the baby since it always crawls its way to danger. The babysitter also repeatedly beats Tom with her broom for supposedly "bothering" the baby. She always got off scot-free for this.
    • Little Quacker, the little duckling who shows up in a few cartoons, partly for its voice (Donald-but-not-quite) but mostly for being irredeemably stupid (thinking Tom is its mother, taking a swim in a pot of soon-to-be-boiling water, etc.), thus acting as a load for Jerry. Quacker would reappear in many Hanna-Barbara televised series (albeit under the moniker Yakky Doodle) where his role is practically the same alongside other beleaguered characters such as Chopper the Bulldog and Yogi Bear.
  • The Transformers fandom has several different Scrappies to choose from, both humanoid and robot.
  • Most of the main cast of Ultimate Spider-Man, with the exception of Iron Fist; Nova and White Tiger are especially criticized for being this, the former for his hot-headed, abrasive personality and the latter for her nagging attitude toward Spider-Man. To an extent, even Spider-Man himself suffers this, mostly because his sense of humor seems closer to Deadpool's than that of the comic Spidey (whose comedy depends more on wit and dialogue more than zaniness).
    • Nova qualifies as the worst of them; he acts hot-headed and aggressive, has some strong moments of Too Dumb to Live and constantly disagrees with Spider-Man and puts him down even when Spidey does have a point. The worst part was probably his attitude toward Harry Osborn (see Tear Jerker). On top of that, he's based on Sam Alexander, who in the comics, is a Replacement Scrappy for Richard Rider... and given that Alexander was created by Jeph Loeb, Marvel Head of Television, he might even be a Creator's Pet.
    • The Spider-Cycle counts as an object example of this trope; most fans think that the only reason Spider-Man was given a motorbike was for merchandise purposes, and feel like it's essentially useless, considering he can web-sling. An excuse is given to justify, but it's generally considered a poor one.
      • It even gets this treatment in-universe from Hawkeye, who even lampshades how stupid it is to have a bike when you can web-sling.
  • The Venture Bros.:
    • The Murderous Moppets, who the creators planned to keep on the show solely because they're so universally despised by the fans. The Moppets are hated by the characters themselves.
    • Dermott, too, has become something of a Scrappy. He was almost universally hated by fans and many have called for his non-return: he's obnoxious, boastful, and gets Hank in trouble more than a few times. The fans has softened up to Dermott in season 5 for being more a true friend to Hank and becoming stoked over being a Venture brother.
    • JJ, or Jonas Venture Jr. is another Scrappy among fans, because of his increasingly Smug Snake personality, perhaps why he never made an actual appearance in season 4.
    • Augustus St. Cloud - it's hard to tell if he's meant to be a Hate Sink or not, but his Always Someone Better nature and Smug Snake-ness seem to rub a lot of people the wrong way, even aside from his voice and his looks.
  • Wild Kratts: Some of the fans see Zach Varmitech as one of the most pathetic villains in cartoon history, for being an annoying, money-grubbing and inmature little puke stain. He even sees himself as "the world's greatest mind" despite the fact that his inventions fail more than Aviva's.
  • Winx Club has its share:
    • She was never liked to begin with, but during season 4, most fans really wanted Mitzi to just disappear already.
    • The villain for season 5, Tritannus, became this almost immediately, due to being probably the most pathetic villain in the entire show. He's considered one of the absolute worst things of season 5. Valtor and Darkar had problems, but they still had their fans. No one likes Tritannus.
    • Roy, also from season 5, is also this, due to being a complete Flat Character and a Replacement Scrappy to Nabu. The fan base rejoiced when he was Put on a Bus after Aisha's Love Triangle ended.
  • Blunk from W.I.T.C.H. is probably the most hated character. Essentially a combination of Slimer, Gollum, and a filthy, dumpster-diving bum, exactly how he fits into a magical girl show was never explained, nor was exactly whom he was intended to please. Also, while the show had many original characters added, most had bit parts; Blunk was essentially a Creator's Pet by the end of it. It really says something when a character voiced by Steve Blum receives so much hatred.
  • Xiaolin Showdown:
  • X-Men:
    • The animated series from The '90s had Jubilee, who seemed to exist solely to give it a "teen" viewpoint.
    • Warlock from the "Phalanx Covenant" story arc. He was just an annoying voice attached to a silly alien belief structure that was reminiscent of nothing moreso than Rolf from Ed, Edd n Eddy.
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Spyke was an example of the crew's attempts to bring in a brand new X-Men character for the series who would be the "epitome of cool." This failed so badly (with almost all of the fans being irritated by his "cool lingo" and overall skater persona) that he was Put on a Bus halfway through season 3, having experienced further growth of his "spikes" to the point where he looked more like an armadillo than a kid, he ran away to live with the Morlocks in the underground sewer system. It didn't really help matters that he had basically the same powers as a relatively well-known Morlock from the comics, Marrow, although Word of God says this was a complete accident.
      Yo Rogue, why don't you shed them gloves and give K-Girl a tiny tap?"


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