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  • Zeta Gundam:
    • Katz Kobayashi is hated for being gullible and stubborn as well as obsessed with enemy pilot Sarah Zabiarov. It is no surprise that the fandom squealed with joy when he died by his own stupidity when he crashed into an asteroid, then get blasted by Yazan.
    • Reccoa Londe, for betraying the AEUG for "using her" despite the fact that they never thought of her as anything less then a great friend and ally, and that she defected over to Scirocco, a womanizer of the highest order. And also, she indirectly caused the death of fan-favorite Emma. Many fans snidely remark that if Char had just slept with her once, all this could have been avoided.
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  • Gundam 0083: Nina is a fairly generic, but somewhat likable love interest through most of the series, until the end when a romantic link with the antagonist is pulled out of nowhere and she suddenly interferes with Kou to prevent him and Gato from killing each other, inadvertently helping make the Colony Drop they're trying to prevent a sure thing. Because of that, she is not very fondly thought of by fans.
  • Char's Counterattack:
    • Both Quess Paraya and Hathaway Noa could also be considered Scrappies. Hathaway was partially Rescued from the Scrappy Heap because of how things go wrong in the sequel novel Hathaway's Flash.
    • Chan Agi from the same film also takes some heat, mostly due to the fact that fans felt her role should have been filled by the conspicuously absent Sayla Mass or Beltorchika Irma. In fact, she only even exists for the purpose of replacing Beltorchika, since after Tomino was given the green-light for CCA Sunrise wouldn't let him keep Beltorchika around.note 
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  • Gundam Wing: Wufei, an Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy who is Flanderized in fanfiction as a misogynist bastard who only knows four words: "Justice", "Evil", "Nataku", and "ONNA!". His case is hardly helped by the dual facts that he is a blatant Hypocrite who spouts off about honour and then kills soldiers in their sleep, or that he starts off the events of Endless Waltz on the bad guys' side.
  • Mobile Suit Victory Gundam:
    • Shakti Kareen is very hated for constantly making stupid decisions, being a stock damsel in distress, and not contributing much else.
    • Chronicle Asher is seen as one of the most smug yet incompetent Char Clones. Not helping matters is that Tomino's next work would have Harry Ord, who is one of the most popular Char clones.
  • Gundam X: Try to find a fan of Olba, the younger of the Frost brothers. "Whiny, flamboyant male Yandere with a brother complex" doesn't even cover it, although he only has one instance of freaking out over his brother getting hit. His brother is also the only other Category F Newtype, which are useless in the eyes of basically everyone. Still, even his own voice actor hated him, even to the point of giving him an aversion to the phrase "Nii-san".
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  • Gundam SEED and its sequel Gundam SEED Destiny: The trio of DOM Trooper pilots, who do nothing other than act as attack dogs while berating people who dare disagree with Lacus-sama; even those on Kira's side of the fan-war find them irritating and one-dimensional.
  • Gundam 00: Louise Halevy went from being pitiful into despicable for some people when she joins A-LAWS to get revenge on Celestial Being and deeming the latter an Ultimate Evil despite A-LAWS' atrocities. Even though she was heavily damaged mentally and physically, some couldn't excuse her attitude or trying to kill Saji. And even when Louise kills fellow Scrappy, Nena, it didn't help. For some, it even made it worse, considering that it didn't solve anything and that, while not forgiving her of her actions, they felt that the handling of Nena was completely botched. Made worse is that she faces no direct consequences for it and her efforts to atone are only mentioned in side material.
  • Gundam AGE:
    • Kio Asuno wasn't exactly well liked at the beginning of his arc (some saw him as a poor replacement for Flit and Asemu), but he definitely made no friends when he switched to becoming a Technical Pacifist. Viewers who had hated SEED quickly drew parallels between him and Kira Yamato, but even those who like Kira or have no opinion on him were annoyed by Kio's actions. Bad enough that the reasons behind Kio's shift were extremely dubiousnote , but his portrayal as a technical pacifist was even less endearing: badmouthing his grandfather (who had already lost much to the Vagans' wanton genocide) and anyone else who didn't see the Vagans as warm wholesome people, insisting on pleading with enemy pilots to "understand" no matter how many times it didn't work (i.e. it never worked), and overall seemed far more concerned with Vagan deaths than his own wingmates.
    • Zeheart Galette. Being a Char Clone is often divisive enoughnote , but Zeheart only compounded that status by being the most ineffectual Char Clone to date; despite his continually getting promoted up the ranks, Zeheart was at best an indecisive commander who repeatedly botched the Vagans' chances of victory. Even worse is the fact none of the characters ever saw Zeheart as a General Failure; throughout the series he's reputed as one of Vagans' top generals (one who eventually became Ezelcant's successor as Vagan supreme commander), while the only character that ever saw Zeheart in any type of negative light, Zanald Beihart, was dismissed as a self-serving glory seeker (which he was) who demeaned Zeheart for personal gain (which he did) and had no basis to his claims (which was quite the contrary). Combine that with the the Third Generation's inconsistent writing, which caused Zeheart to alternate between A Father to His Men and Worthy Opponent to a pure General Ripper with a We Have Reserves attitude in the span of a single episode, and you have one of the most poorly received Gundam villains.


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