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Big Brother Bully
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"Only I can pick on Twister! It's a brother thing!"
Lars Rodriguez, Rocket Power, "Twisting Places"

Older siblings as bullies towards their younger siblings as well as others. However, if the victim in question is an Annoying Younger Sibling towards them, the work may use this as an attempt to justify it. In some works, maybe the older sibling was compared by their parents, or their parents care more about the younger siblings.

Related tropes: Kids Are Cruel, Teens Are Monsters (because the big sibling is often a teenager as compared to the younger more sympathetic protagonist). If one child is abusive to their parent, rather than sibling, it's Abusive Offspring. A Big Brother Bully who has been Promoted to Parent might, functionally, become an Abusive Parent.

Compare Aloof Big Brother, Sibling Rivalry, Cain and Abel. Contrast Big Brother Instinct; oftens mixes with it in the "The only one allowed to hurt my little brother is me!" sense, as well as the opposite trope Cool Big Bro.

Do not confuse it with Big Brother Is Watching, even though a totalitarian state, like a bully, can use physical force to intimidate its citizens into submission.

Unfortunately, very Truth in Television... and even a big sister isn't exempt.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • Attacker You!: You can at times be pretty mean to her adoptive little brother Sunny, doing things such as practicing volleyball serves with him by aiming the ball at his face, whacking him for wetting himself and getting angry when this unsurprisingly makes him cry, scolding him for introducing her as his big sister (because they're not "actually" related) and worst of all, letting him dangle out of the window of their apartment (a really high building) after he told her he's being bullied for not knowing how to swim.
  • Bakemonogatari: The protagonist, Koyomi Araragi, is this towards his sisters.
  • Black Clover: Noelle's older siblings, Nozel, Nebra, and Solid Silva, took their time tormenting her during their childhood, pushing the guilt for their mother's death on her and ridiculing her lack of magic competence. Nozel forbade her from taking the Magic Knights Entrance Exam and forced her into the Black Bulls so as to not shame the family publicly. Nebra mocked her for her failed training and broke her mirror as a "favor" for her to not look at herself. Solid would often destroy her things when they were kids. Nozel's actions are justified as not only did he not want to have Noelle disappear from his sight, but he kept her off the front lines all because he was concerned that Noelle wouldn't become powerful enough to defend herself.
  • In Boarding School Juliet, Airu beats Romeo bloody several times, ostensibly to make him a better person.
  • Ryousuke and his now-deceased sister Yui from Bokura no Hentai got along well for the most part however he mentions she would always beat him and make him cry.
  • Bokurano and Kodocha play it for drama, as both Jun Ushiro and Natsumi Hayama abuse their siblings Kana and Akito because each one blames their kid sibs for their moms falling victim to Death by Childbirth. And in Jun's case, Mrs. Ushiro wasn't even his mom, as he grew up believing that she was his birth mother but she only was his aunt or the wife of his birth mom's teacher (depending on whether you're watching the anime or reading the manga). In Jun's case, after his fellow pilots repeatedly point out where he's going wrong and how much stronger a person his younger sister Kana is than he is, he eventually sees the error of his ways, and essentially sacrifices himself to save Kana in the anime.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: Touya Kinomoto is both this and an overprotective older brother: "No-one's allowed to bully my little sister but me!"
  • Gender Inverted by every big sister in Daily Lives of High School Boys. The only big brother in the series is just isn't that different from the main characters.
  • Raditz from Dragon Ball Z so very, very much. Upon finding his younger brother Kakarot he tries to force him to join the other Saiyans by kidnapping his son and then attempted to kill him when he refused. There's no love lost when Raditz is killed and Goku never thinks of him again.
  • Durarara!!:
    • Mairu and Kururi's more unusual... quirks probably stem from having one. Let's face, growing up with Izaya as an older brother can't be easy.
    • Ran Izumi constantly beats up his younger brother Aoba when the two were younger.
  • Inverted with the Kongo Bros in Eyeshield 21; the younger twin tends to pick on the older one.
  • Olivier Mira Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist was the eldest of the Armstrong children and frequently beat up her younger brother Alex when they were kids, before repeating this in the present day despite being half his size. Despite this, Alex adores her and she in turn has a Hidden Heart of Gold, caring deeply for him and the rest of the family even if she'd never say it aloud.
  • Played for Laughs in Futari Ecchi, where male lead Makoto's older brother Akira keeps butting into his and Yura's sex life whether Makoto wants it or not.
  • In How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, Shera L. Greenwood's older brother, Keera, is incredibly abusive towards her and sees her as a sex slave, going so far as trying to force his little sister into having his children. When Shera runs away from her elf kingdom to get away from him, Keera attempts to get her back by hunting her down, threatening to start a war, and even puts out a bounty for Shera.
  • Inuyasha: Sesshomaru was a bully to Inuyasha when Inuyasha was growing up, mainly due to Inuyasha's half-human heritage, which youkai view as a stain on their family reputation. Not helping was the fact that Sesshomaru beleived their father saw him as The Un-Favourite. Once the brothers learn their father's Infinity +1 Sword, which Sesshomaru spent years searching for, was intended to be given Inuyasha, their Sibling Rivalry escalates into Cain and Abel territory. By the time the inheritance issue is resolved, Sesshomaru has morphed into the Aloof Big Brother who never protects his brother, he just happens to be passing through whenever his brother is in trouble...
  • In Komori-san Can't Decline!, Masako's elder sister loves to torment her in a Faux Affably Evil way, even going into a literal Big Sister Is Watching during their hiking trip.
  • Kaname Asagiri fits this trope all too well in Magical Girl Site. He appears like a kind, loving big brother, but the moment he's alone with his little sister, Aya, he becomes a violent, sadistic scumbag who ties up Aya and makes her his personal punching bag (as if the poor girl didn't have enough problems dealing with bullies at school). When Aya starts hanging out with Tsuyuno Yatsumura and other magical girls, Kaname becomes incredibly frustrated because he didn't have his sister to punch around anymore. He eventually steals Nijimi Anazawa's magic stick and uses it to brainwash Nijimi and subdue Aya and her friends (as well as resume beating on Aya). Nijimi eventually breaks free of Kaname's control and at the cost of her life slits Kaname's throat with a broken bottle. He is later captured (and raped) by a police officer. Can't say he didn't deserve his fate.
  • In Muhyo and Roji, a flashback shows Sophie's sister as secretly being this. The rest of the family left Sophie at home, which Sophie's sister said was for Sophie's own good, but once the sister was out of earshot, she said that the family's reputation would be ruined if they brought an ugly girl like Sophie along. In response, Sophie killed her sister, ripped her face off, and asked if she could go with them now. This led to Sophie becoming a haunt that killed at least 2,000 people, including two named characters, and served as the main Arc Villain of the Arcanum arc.
  • From Nichijou, we have Mio's older sister Yoshino. She loves playing pranks on just about everyone, but her little sister is her favorite victim.
  • One Piece:
    • When Ace first met his adoptive brother Luffy, he spat at him. When Luffy followed him through the mountains, Ace attempted to kill him several times and outright contemplated murder when Luffy learned of Sabo and his treasure stash. Eventually, he graduated to Aloof Big Brother and finally Big Brother Mentor by the time of the main story.
    • Sanji is revealed to have had three (though one was technically a Little Brother Bully), in the form of his fellow quadruplets (Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji). His older sister Reiju was a downplayed version of a Big Sister Bully; she didn't directly participate, but she didn't help him when his brothers were picking on him, either, merely laughing at his misery. This behavior is explained in chapter 852: Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were psychologically altered in-utero by their father to have no empathy at all so they can become strong warriors, but instead they turned into vicious sociopaths who literally can't understand that being cruel to others is wrong. Reiju, who was conditioned to always follow her father's orders, secretly loves Sanji, but became a Stepford Smiler because she was utterly terrified of being on the receiving end of her family's abuse and only shows her true colors when they're alone.
  • Osomatsu-san:
    • Since Todomatsu is the youngest of the sextuplets, he's at the bottom of the family hierarchy and has to answer to all five of his older brothers (who can easily make life hell for him). This is best exemplified in "Pachinko Police", where his older brothers literally gun him down for hiding some money from them (with a supplementary article later explaining that this is something that only happens to Todomatsu), and "Kerosene", where all the brothers except Jyushimatsu (who was pretending to be sleeping) gang up on him by pinching his feet so that he'll be forced to leave the kotatsu they're all sitting at. However, Todomatsu's situation is downplayed in that he isn't exactly a saint, and Word of God maintains that his inability to overcome his brothers is essentially a form of karmic retribution.
    • In the same skit, Osomatsu sticks a tissue up Ichimatsu's nose (which goes all the way through and out his mouth) and rubs it in and out until Ichi goes up in flames.
    • Osomatsu is generally a very mild version of this, often teasing his siblings for the sake of getting a reaction, but "Letter" has him crossing a line by kicking and then threatening Jyushimatsu after the latter accidentally pisses him off during dinner. The situation is rectified by Karamatsu decking Oso and then dragging him out of the house, but the younger brothers are visibly shaken both during and after the outburst.
  • In Persona 5: The Day Breakers, it turns out that the Phantom Thieves' target isn't just the ringleader of a gang of thieves, but he's also physically abusive toward his younger brother. After defeating the incarnation of the evil within him, the Phantom Thieves sway him into apologizing for his behavior and turning himself in.
  • Pokémon: The Original Series: Misty's three older sisters often tease her about her looks.
  • The Quintessential Quintuplets:
    • Ichika used to be one towards Yotsuba when they were children, often stealing her snacks, stickers, and even her friends. She grew out of it by the present time after their mother died.
    • Nino can also sometimes be one towards Miku, often teasing or bossing her around. Unlike most examples, though, Nino does sincerely apologize when she goes too far, especially when she ends up getting Miku near tears.
  • Sailor Moon: Downplayed with Usagi. While she's a Nice Girl, she does have her occasional moments of being one to both Chibiusa and Shingo (and it's not like they make it easy for her). That being said, she clearly loves them dearly.
  • Tamagotchi: Moriritchi remembers her older sister Anemoriritchi as one in episode 118, with Moriritchi's memories including Moriritchi swiping an ice cream cone from her, not letting her swim in a pool, and not letting her play outside, all for seemingly no reason. Moriritchi later discovers she didn't remember everything about those memories, and Anemoriritchi was trying to help her — Moriritchi had already eaten too many ice creams to the point she would have gotten a stomach ache before Anemoriritchi took the one she was about to eat; the pool incident was because Moriritchi was getting too cold; and Moriritchi had gotten sick, which is why Anemoriritchi didn't let her go outside.
  • Bratty Teenage Daughter Mirai from Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 isn't as much of a bully as other examples but still counts. She is at odds with her positive, friendly Cheerful Child younger brother, but still shows huge concern for his safety. When Yuuki dies after saving her, she breaks down and goes into heavy denial.
  • Maho from Wandering Son is often seen picking on her younger sibling Shuuichi. She also has a Big Sister Instinct though, but it only appears a few times in the series.
  • YuYu Hakusho: Kazuma Kuwabara's older sister Shizuru. While she's sometimes abusive towards her brother, she also has a Big Sister Instinct.

    Comic Books 
  • Etrigan was this to his brother Scapegoat.
  • Junior Braves of the Apocalypse: Most of Travis and Marvin's interactions involve Travis tossing insults at his younger brother or telling him to shut up. On one occasion, Travis even threatens to punch out all of Marvin's teeth, explaining that their mother will then yell at Marvin for not having any teeth.
  • Robin: Jason Todd makes for an absolutely brutal big brother, mostly to Tim Drake, constantly belittling him, attacking him, and refusing to use his actual name. After he snaps, he ends up nearly killing both Tim and Damian Wayne, and thought for a while he had killed Tim, for which he showed no remorse.
  • Adventure Comics: Lex Luthor resented his family after being Promoted to Parent towards his younger sister Lena due to his mother's death and his father's alcoholism. He never abused Lena physically, but had no qualms about abandoning her and running off with the insurance money after their father's death to found his corporate empire. In the present day, he goes out of his way to hide his connections to Smallville and remarks that he should've had Lena and her daughter Lori killed. When Superboy calls him out for not doing anything about Lena's terminal illness, he cures her then reinfects her with it to blackmail him into killing Superman for him. He's much kinder to her in most other continuities.
  • In the last arc of Runaways, Chase nearly becomes this towards Klara, because he resents the fact that she survived the accident that killed Old Lace. After realizing what he was turning into, he decides that he needs to get away from the others for a while.
  • Sabretooth was this to Saul, whom he terrorized constantly and gave annual birthday beatings to. Both Saul and his sister Clara hate Victor. After Saul's death, Sabretooth shows up on his birthday to beat him. Clara informs him that his little brother is dead. Victor is angry that Saul would be dead without his permission, and it's implied that this is where part of his hatred of Wolverine stems from (Logan is the one who killed Saul). When they were younger, he gave Saul a choice — get maimed by him or maim Clara. Saul chooses the latter and was very hurt at having to harm his sister, which Clara said was Victor's motivation. Clara brings up the last part when Victor tells her that he never hurt her.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic the Comic is this to Tails, though they're not blood-related. He's constantly calling him "Pixel Brain" and berating him, though it's shown he does care for him.
  • The Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do miniseries introduced a minor supervillain named Francis Klum, whose slide into evil began after his older brother started sexually abusing him and then forced him to use his low-level teleportation abilities to help create a criminal empire.
  • Spider-Man's villain Kraven the Hunter was technically like this towards his younger half-brother Dmitri. (Who would grow up to be the Chameleon, his occasional partner in crime.) "Technically" because Dmitri didn't know they were brothers at the time, Dmitri only learning this from Kraven's son Alyosha decades later.

    Comic Strips 
  • Calvin and Hobbes: Calvin once wanted to invoke this trope, asking his mom if she could have a baby brother so he could have "someone small [he] could beat up". The strip immediately cuts to Calvin's dad getting a call from her discussing an operation for one of them to get their tubes tied.
  • Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts is a female example; she yells at her younger brother, Linus, and punches him a lot.
  • Jeri Keene in PreTeena tries bullying younger sister Teena, but her heart isn't really in it. Besides, Teena gives as good as she gets. Jeri does behave predictably abominably to Teena's best friend, the dorky Stick, though.
  • Baby Blues: Zoe is this to Hammie, especially when he was much younger. On more than one occasion, Zoe has told Hammie a story for the sole purpose of freaking him out. That being said, in more recent years, Hammie is much more capable of fighting back.

    Fan Works 
  • All Assorted Animorphs AUs: Played for Laughs in "What if they all went to college together post-war?", where Jake, Rachel, and Ax discuss how it's the oldest sibling's job to troll the others. Rachel told her sisters that peeing in the pool would dye it green, Tom told Jake that Santa Claus never visited their house because Jake was on the naughty listnote , and Elfangor told Ax that all creatures with mouths cannibalised their parents.
  • Inverted because of age in A Triangle in the Stars, but this is what Gabriel was implied in Chapter Thirty-Five to have become towards Bill when they were growing up. All the love and especially the hierarchy of their society went to his head.
  • Gender-inverted in Divided Rainbow, with Pinkie Pie starting out as a verbally abusive older sister to young Apple Bloom (It Makes Sense in Context). She gets better, though.
  • Invoked on Dungeon Keeper Ami. Once Tiger gets adopted by Dr. Mizuno, she starts using this as a justification to act in a more trollish and insubordinate way towards her boss and new little sister, Keeper Mercury.
  • In Frozen Hearts (Sakume), some of Prince Hans' brothers fall into this. Harald beats up Hans when two of his best men get dismissed over how they treated him. Harken is eager to punish Hans with a whipping, even though people have died from his whippings before, largely as a means of saving face. Both of them were participants in the "pretend Hans is invisible" game that Hans referenced in the film.
  • Randy Cunningham: Ninth Grade Ninja fanfic "Killer Chimps In Norrisville" introduced the OC Robert Warburton as brother to other OC Niall Warburton who also debuted in KCIN. Robert didn't appear in person though until "The Good, the Bad and the Randy" where he was established to be physically abusive and even tried to strangle Niall with a scarf or sock. Needless to say, Robert is very much hated by readers.
  • In the crossover The Hater Good, Gus from Rocket Monkeys picks on his younger brother Wally like in canon. But he treats him better after Wally stands up to him.
  • Jonathan Crane in The CATverse is a horrible older brother to his sister Marilyn. He murders their mother before mutilating the body and driving Marilyn to insanity, then having her abducted years later to terrorize her again.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves. Exaggerated with Checker Monarch. She is systematically determined to destroy Trixie's chances at happiness.
  • Inverted in Sword Art Online Abridged. Suguha's a year younger than Kirito, but she mercilessly thrashes him during kendo practice even as he protests that he just got out of the hospital, and spends the rest of her time with him unleashing a constant stream of sarcasm, insults, and other verbal abuse.
  • Tales of the Undiscovered Swords:
    • Himetsuru Ichimonji, being an incredibly selfish Royal Brat, doesn't spare his younger brother Nansen the shitty treatment he dishes out at everyone else.
    • Ishida Sadamune who regularly abuses his brother Kiriha over his supposed betrayal of the Toyotomi clan. Hell, he even borders on Cain and Abel when he flat-out stabs his brothers when they try to stop him from murdering the saniwa for petty reasons. That and his just being a Jerkass in general makes Himetsuru look nice in comparison!
  • In the Total Drama fanfic Big Brother Blues Jose to Alejandro and very mildly to Melisa some of the time.
  • In the Peanuts fanfic Everybody's Gotta Leave Sometime, Lucy Van Pelt slugs her little brother Linus because she thinks he might be insulting her stealthily.
  • In Ask the Ryans, Aran Ryan can be quite dickish to his little sister Rory, often calling her names and implying she doesn't have a soul. Rory usually insults him back.
  • Deconstructed in Logic of the Soul. Raph behaved this way towards Mikey and Don because he thought it would toughen them up. While Mikey was able to shrug it off and retaliate in his own way, Don wasn't and it's shown to have a deep impact on his psyche.
  • In Dragons, Butterflies, And Who Knows What Else?, Hiccup gets a front-row seat to Mirabel and Isabela's relationship when Mirabel accidentally bumps into her and Isabela responds by verbally assaulting her.
  • Lovino Vargas in ''Snakeskins is considered that by Hogwarts, and it's hard to blame them since the Italian constantly sends his younger brother Howlers filled with insults and won't hesitate to physically assault him for making a mistake.

    Films — Animation 
  • 101 Dalmatians: Though it's never stated, Jasper is implied to be the older of the Badun brothers given that he clearly acts as the leader. He also frequently yells at and hits Horace. Horace never fights back.
  • Denahi from Brother Bear is a stereotypical big brother, who loves to tease his baby brother Kenai about everything from his "disappointing" spirit totem, age, and his lack to follow directions and orders properly. However, he does care for his brothers, becoming a Knight Templar Big Brother by hunting a bear he believes is responsible for the death of both of his brothers (in actuality, Kenai killed the first bear and received a Karmic Transformation into a bear). He changes however by the end of the movie, and acts more like the eldest brother, Sitka, does.
  • Hopper from A Bug's Life is this to Molt, his younger brother. He threatens Molt when the latter interrupts his conversation with Princess Atta with a story of how a bird nearly ate Hopper. He also makes it very clear to Molt that the only reason he won't kill him is that he promised their mother on her deathbed that he wouldn't.
  • Frozen: Prince Hans of the Southern Isles says three of his brothers pretended he was invisible for two years, and Word of God confirmed he grew up without love.
    • Further expanded upon in the Tie-In Novel A Frozen Heart, which retells the story of Frozen with an emphasis on Hans, including a backstory that gives a Freudian Excuse for his villainous actions. In it, his father is a corrupt man who encourages his sons to humiliate each other, especially on Hans. Hans ends up giving up fighting back out of fear that they'll just treat him even worse, yet it worsens the situation, as even this enables his brothers to humiliate him even further. One particularly cruel example was a "fake ransom note" prank, where Hans is tricked into believing that a "King Gotya" had "kidnapped" one of his brothers, but would only release him if he ran around the entire castle three times in nothing but his underwear. He was only four years at the time.
  • Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe: Super Super Big Doctor had her younger brothers locked in the dungeon just because everyone thought they were more special than she was. She also destroyed a ball that they made just to keep them from having fun.
  • Ben from Song of the Sea is introduced as being excited to be an older brother, but in the present day he bullies his younger sister Saoirse when he isn't acting aloof towards her, due to resenting and silently blaming her for their mother's disappearance. It doesn't help that their father Conor tends to dote on Saoirse more than him. He gradually starts to treat her better as the story progresses, eventually having a Jerkass Realization and admitting that their mother's disappearance wasn't her fault.
  • Sid Phillips from Toy Story is not nice to his younger sister, Hannah. He enjoys taking her dolls away and mutilating them. Once Sid gets a scare at the climax of the movie, Hannah exacts some unknowing revenge by showing him her latest doll.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The Bloody Man: Michael, the eldest sibling of the Harris kids, is nothing but mean to his younger siblings, Sam and Amy. He finally stops acting this way when he realizes The Bloody Man is real.
  • The titular character of Boy is this to his four-year-old younger brother Rocky, insulting him constantly and, according to Rocky, even blaming him for their mother's death, saying that his 'super-powers' killed her.
  • In Clownhouse, Randy spends the entire movie bullying and threatening his two younger brothers; Geoffrey and Casey.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick, Rodrick, RODRICK. He frequently torments Greg and plays mean pranks on him. It's a plot point in the second movie where Rodrick has a major focus and his relationship with Greg slightly improves by the end.
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial: Elliot's bro normally. He improves.
  • Fanboys: Eric Bottler's older brother constantly belittling him and his friends for their love of Star Wars. At the end of the movie, he shows up while they're in line for The Phantom Menace and chases off two guys who were harshly criticizing Eric's new comic book.
  • Ben Grimm's brother in Fantastic Four (2015). One of the most detested changes to the source material is changing the Thing's catchphrase of "It's clobberin' time!" into what his brother says before beating him.
  • Home Alone:
    • Buzz to Kevin. The reason why the family gets mad at Kevin at the beginning of both movies is because of something Buzz did to pick on Kevin and make him mad; eating Kevin's cheese-only pizza in the first movie and pulling a prank on him at the school's Christmas concert in the second. Even after Kevin is accidentally left behind, everyone shows concern for him being alone at home. Everyone except Buzz, who is still unsympathetic to him.
    • While Buzz gets more focus, Kevin has other older siblings and none of them are very nice to him. Linnie calls him "les incompetent", while Megan and Jeff call him "completely helpless" and "such a disease", respectively.
  • James Bond: In Spectre, Franz Oberhauser/Ernst Stavro Blofeld hated the attention an orphaned 007 got from Franz's own father, spiraling into a Cain and Abel situation where Franz committed Patricide and now wants to screw his foster brother's life in any way possible.
  • Judd for Billy in Kes.
  • Little Nicky: Both of Nicky's older brothers have spent most of their lives picking on him, from hitting him with a shovel (giving him a speech impediment) to psychically forcing him to crotch-punch himself. Their father steps in when this goes too far:
    Dad: Cassius, didn't I tell you to stay out of your brother's mind?
    Cassius: I forgot.
    Dad: Maybe this will help you remember. (Cassius punches himself so hard he goes flying)
  • Inverted by the film Little Sweetheart. The younger sister blackmails and bullies her older brother with the information that he's sleeping with an older woman in secret.
  • Michael Wormwood in the film version of Matilda. He acts very similar to their parents towards his younger sister Matilda, throwing food at her and calling her names when they're alone. Contrast with the book version, who's never mean to his sister and we know very little about him outside that he seems to be average.
  • SHAZAM! (2019): Dr. Sivana's big brother liked to beat him up. Sivana's father didn't step in because he felt Sivana needed to learn to solve his own problems. This, combined with being rejected by Shazam to receive magic, set Sivana on the path of vengeance.
  • Sex Drive: with the big brother constantly giving his brother crap about his supposed sexuality (or lack thereof). On the other hand, the brother does give him a ride to work in his Pontiac Judge and helps him out in the end.
  • It's mentioned several times by Loki that Thor wasn't exactly the easiest older brother to be around before his Character Development in the first film. This is likely what led to a lot of Loki's crippling self-worth issues, including a massive Inferiority Superiority Complex and obsession with being respected by his family. In Ragnarok, it's also implied that Loki's accustomed to using tricks and annoyance to express affection, which sheds a different light on his various betrayals against Thor.
  • Scowler from Walking with Dinosaurs: The Movie acts this way to Patchi just because Patchi is the runt of the litter, pestering him for not much reason. It gets worse when they become adults, where Scowler mauls Patchi when the latter just led the Pachyrhinosaurus herd off the frozen lake to safety.
  • Andrew from Rags not only bullies his stepbrother Charlie but is also quite mean and aggressive toward his actual brother Lloyd. He blames him for everything that goes wrong, outright physically attacks him at one point, and happily betrays him to fulfill his own goals.
  • Mathilda's older teenage half-sister in The Professional is pretty mean and rude to her, she’d constantly insult and threaten her, and when she changed the channel because she’d rather watch cartoons than watch her exercise, she beats her with the remote and gives her a bloody nose, unlike a lot of examples she never gets redeemed because Stansfield the Big Bad kills her when he and his gang burst into their apartment.

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer starts off with the suggestion of this, when Tom scraps with the local dandified boy; each boy swears he'll get his big brother to beat up the taunter, with Twain adding that both big brothers were imaginary.
  • Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day: Alexander's older brothers, Anthony and Nick. In one scene in the book, Anthony trips Alexander up while Nick calls him a crybaby.
  • Amelia Peabody: Amelia got this from pretty much all her brothers, but especially her oldest brother James:
    "Dear Amelia. You haven't changed since you were a little girl. Do you remember the time..."
    There he stuck, probably because he couldn't recall any fond memories of our childhood. I certainly had none that included him.
  • In Autobiography of Red, Geryon's older brother insults, undermines, and sexually abuses him.
  • A Brother's Price starts with Corelle bullying Jerin. Later, there is a moment where he mentions that it's the first time in some weeks that he felt love for Corelle. He gets along better with his eldest sister, though — it's a big family. There are also passing references to (the late) Princess Eldest using a riding crop to keep younger sisters in line. Eldest Whistler may be a borderline case, since none of her siblings seem at all surprised when Eldest slaps Corelle during an argument.
  • Bruce Coville's Book of...: Played straight in one story, but a couple of non-brother variants are also used.
    • Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares:
      • David's older cousin Harold in There's Nothing Under the Bed. His idea of fun includes putting a sock over a cat's face and then watching it struggle to get out, and when David tries to stop the cat from getting too close to the portal under his bed, Harold catches and holds him to stop him from "ruining the game".
      • Jimmy's brother Richard in The Hand, who constantly picks on and teases him, including gleefully telling him that Jimmy's new room is the one where their new house's former owner slept before he died.
    • Bruce Coville's Book of Nightmares II: Big Sister Bully, in the case of Amanda's Room. Amanda, when she was alive, fought with her younger sister Brenda over anything and everything. She continues to do so from the grave, as her ghost tries to drive Brenda out of what had been Amanda's bedroom. Finally subverted when Amanda's ghost appears and the two sisters talk face-to-face, leading to Amanda realizing and accepting that Brenda never wanted her to die, and ultimately accepting her own death as a result.
  • In Stephen King's Christine, Roland LeBay was this to his younger siblings: he badly injured his three-year-old brother George just because he got in his way.
  • Edmund Pevensie is this to Lucy at the beginning of The Chronicles of Narnia, despite not being the oldest. In fact, Peter harshly calls him out on it when he pretends to side with her and then humiliates her.
  • Played for Drama in When She Was Good by Norma Fox Mazer. Em's older sister Pamela brutally abuses her, physically and emotionally. In fact, she is suspected by psychologists to have some sort of mental illness. Em and Pamela end up moving out, and Em works while Pamela stays at home and forces her to have a very strict routine, cooking for her and cleaning for her. The book deals with what happens after Pamela unexpectedly dies of a stroke.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid:
    • Rodrick. Just like in the movies, he's a complete Jerkass who just abuses Greg and gets away with it.
    • In one of the books, Greg explicitly says he had intended to become this to Manny and treat Manny the same way Rodrick treats him. But he could never really do it because he can't get away with a thing with Manny, due to his parents being extremely protective of him.
  • In Doctrine of Labyrinths, despite them being adults, Felix is often this to his half-brother Mildmay, bossing him around, mocking his facial scar and lack of education, embarrassing him publicly, and occasionally even hitting him for no good reason. Only in the final book in the series, after an almighty dose of Break the Haughty for Felix, combined with Mildmay finally standing up for himself more consistently, does their relationship take a turn for the better, with Felix finally apologising in a meaningful way and making a genuine effort to be more kind and supportive.
  • Both of Cardan's older brothers in The Folk of the Air outdo him in cruelty. Dain, for reasons that are never explicitly clarified, has Cardan bared from the main house as a child, forcing him to turn to Balekin for shelter. Balekin, taking a shine to Cardan's own cruel streak, decides to nurture his cruelty by teaching him through example. Cardan subsequently grew up the subject of frequent beatings. The time Jude is privy to such an incident, Cardan is beaten with a lash for failing to put up a good fight during sword lessons, and is verbally put down for being born while their father was old, and for not having it in him to murder a human slave who is party to the torment.
  • Goosebumps has its fair share of these siblings along with the Annoying Younger Sibling stereotype. These are stand-out examples:
    • In The Barking Ghost, Cooper's brother Mickey is this to him big time, taking advantage of his fear every opportunity he gets.
    • Then there's Eddie's older brother Kevin in You Can't Scare Me, in which he often looks down on his brother and makes fun of him for being scared.
    • Followed by Don't Go To Sleep with Matt's older siblings Greg and Pam, who are seen as good siblings towards Matt according to their mother, even though they constantly torment Matt when their mother is away.
    • But the worst out of them all is Wade's older brother Micah in the 2000s series book Revenge R Us, who enjoys tormenting Wade for pleasure, and their parents do nothing about it!
  • In Great Expectations, Pip's older sister who is bringing him up is physically abusive both to Pip and to her husband Joe. The latter is a rare example of female-on-male domestic abuse not being played for laughs.
  • Harry Potter:
    • Harry's cousin/adopted brother Dudley Dursley spent most of their childhood making Harry's life miserable. He improves, though.
    • The Weasley twins, while not as thuggish or mean-spirited as Dudley, could be hard to live with for Ron. They turned his teddy bear into a spider, used one of his pets as a bludger, nearly had him make an Unbreakable Vow, and didn't do much to help his Performance Anxiety on the Quidditch team.
      Hermione: I think Ron might do better without Fred and George around. They never exactly gave him a lot of confidence...
    • Morfin Gaunt was as horrible to his sister as Marvolo was, standing by and laughing as she was abused. He gleefully told their father about her crush on a Muggle, despite knowing what he would do to her if he knew.
    • Petunia Dursley to Lily Potter. Snape's Pensieve Flashback in the final book shows that she bullied her for being a witch, calling her a freak, despite being secretly envious of her. They were still in touch right up to Lily's death, however, and it's implied that her death greatly affected Petunia (something made more clear in the film adaptation's deleted scenes).
  • Into The Broken Lands: The more Lord Ryan thinks about his recently deceased older brothers — verbally abusing him, destroying every possession they knew he liked, trapping him in a well for fun — he comes to realize that they were truly dreadful people, not anything he wants to emulate in the position of authority he inherited from them.
  • Jane Eyre: Jane Eyre's older step-brother John Reed has been bullying Jane with impunity her whole life when the book begins.
    Narrator (Jane): John had not much affection for his mother and sisters, and an antipathy to me. He bullied and punished me; not two or three times in the week, nor once or twice in the day, but continually: every nerve I had feared him, and every morsel of flesh on my bones shrank when he came near. There were moments when I was bewildered by the terror he inspired; because I had no appeal whatever against either his menaces or his infliction; the servants did not like to offend their young master by taking my part against him, and Mrs Reed was blind and deaf on the subject: she never saw him strike or heard him abuse me; though he did both now and then in her presence: more frequently, however, behind her back.
  • A Kestrel For A Knave has Billy's half-brother Jud.
  • Kindling Ashes: Huw taunts Corran, deliberately injures him during sparring, and later tries to kill him for being a firesoul.
  • Fisk claims that his older sister Judith in the Knight and Rogue Series was and perhaps still is one of these (he expresses a desire repeatedly for her to turn out to be the criminal they're tracking). While some of the past actions he claims sound rude at best, she does nothing worse than one-up him in arguments while present in the story.
  • Love Letters to the Dead: Hannah's older brother Jason is introduced as having a short temper and she is visibly scared of him. It is later revealed that he physically abuses her, being responsible for the bruise on her cheek.
  • May the Best Man Win: Lukas's older brother Jason constantly mocked and insulted him for being autistic. A part of Lukas feels angry at Jason for dying young, because now they'll never get a chance to figure their relationship out.
  • In Metaltown, whenever Otto was punished as a child, he'd take it out on his younger sister Lena, and this tendency continues into young adulthood.
  • Patricia AKA "The Troll" in Patrick McManus's humorous stories of his childhood.
  • My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!:
    • In the original game timeline, Keith was bullied by his half brothers for his mother having been a prostitute. This continued when he was adopted into the Claes family, as his new older sister Catarina was jealous of him having taken away their father's undivided attention. Due to Catarina having thrown the game's plot Off the Rails in the story proper, she tries to be a Cool Big Sis for him almost immediately and the two of them would grow up with a healthy relationship.
    • Mary's three older half-sisters would often harass her due to her mother having a lower-ranking noble than their own. She started to grow out of her shell after she was complimented for her skill with growing flowers, either by Alan (in the original timeline) or Catarina (in the altered one).
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four invokes a massively exaggerated version. The mythical ruler of Oceania is called "Big Brother", watching over us 24/7, who must be loved and feared. Their vision of humanity is to stomp on humanity and grind it into the ground forever after.
  • Paddy Clarke in Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha is this in the first half of the novel, letting his friends pick on and bully his younger brother Francis, making him pop a capsule of lighter fluid in his mouth only to then light it on fire to make it seem as though he's breathing fire. Later in the book, as it becomes obvious that his parents are going to get divorced he and his brother become extremely close.
  • Jeb from Peta Lyre's Rating Normal is beaten by his older brother Damon, as well as by his father.
  • Aun in The Shamer Chronicles beats his younger half-sister, Rose.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Gregor Clegane, towards Sandor and their unnamed baby sister. He kills the little girl and almost does the same to the little boy, leaving him badly scarred.
    • Viserys Targaryen is this towards his younger sister Daenerys. For 14 years he did the best he could before bitterness, paranoia, and possibly genetic madness turned him into what he was. Dany thought well enough of him to name one of her dragons, albeit the smallest one, after him after all.
    • Joffrey Baratheon to his brother Tommen. In the fourth book, Tommen says that he would "go away inside" whenever Joffrey... actually, we don't know what Joffrey did to Tommen because Cersei interrupted him, but whatever it was it clearly wasn't good.
    • Gender-inverted by Cersei Lannister, who hated Tyrion and blamed him for their mother's death, and never let him forget it. According to Oberyn, who visited the Lannisters as a child, Cersei has been hurting Tyrion physically and emotionally since he was a newborn.
    • Theon Greyjoy's memory of his brothers Rodrik and Maron are chiefly of "Rodrik's drucken cuff and Maron's cruel japes". It seems to run in the Greyjoy family. Theon's uncle Aeron still has nightmares about his older brother Euron Crow's Eye. It's strongly implied Euron actually raped Aeron.
    • Not quite as bad as some other examples in this series, but Sansa Stark was rather nasty to her little sister Arya: calling her names, mocking her appearance, her and her friends nicknaming her "horseface", calling her stupid, scoffing at her tomboyish behavior, telling her she was too ugly to marry anyone but their old stablehand, and at one point saying she wished she'd died. Even after they've been separated for years and suffered much worse situations, Arya still struggles with lingering insecurities caused by Sansa and thinks of herself as Arya Horseface. (While Sansa, even when thinking Arya is dead, muses on how "unsatisfactory" Arya had been as a sister and that she prefers her new ladylike friends).
    • Historically, King Aegon the Unworthy. He abused and raped his younger sister (and wife) Queen Naerys and accused his brother Aemon the Dragonknight of fathering Naerys' son to damage both their reputations, even after Aemon died saving his life.
  • Paul in Tangerine was The Unfavorite of his family who preferred his sociopathic Jerk Jock older brother Erik to the point of covering up the incident where Erik damaged Paul's eyes by pouring paint into them. Erik not only physically abused Paul but also anyone who associated with him, and his violent tendencies paired with a Lack of Empathy only got worse from there.
  • In the novella A Taste of Honey, the Corporal, Aqib's older brother, has a very hands-on way of making Aqib do what is right and proper. He flat-out beats Aqib into marrying Femysade and attacks him and Lucrio at the fondac, meaning to drag Aqib back home. Unfortunately, Aqib sees the Corporal more as an Aloof Big Brother and refuses to believe Lucrio when the latter points out the truth of things.
  • Charlie Angelfield in The Thirteenth Tale intends to make a victim of his much younger sister. This doesn't work as planned, and they instead become more like partners in crime.
  • In the Warrior Cats book Thunder Rising, as soon as he sees Jagged Peak, Clear Sky drops the niceness and politeness he showed Gray Wing and acts ugly towards him, taunting him and accusing him of being lazy and selfish. Gray Wing stands up for Jagged Peak, and Clear Sky begins to apologize only to be rejected by Jagged Peak, calling him out for making him leave the forest just because of a broken leg. As of The Blazing Star, however, he's no longer this. In fact, he even apologizes to Jagged Peak for kicking him out of the forest.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Mary from 7th Heaven is this to Lucy, which the latter lampshaded when talking about two sisters who were close and said "She's much nicer to her than Mary is to me!" It's most telling that she's this way with just her and is comparatively more civil to her other younger siblings.
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Ward's older brother. It was his older brother's bullying of both Ward and his younger brother that convinced Ward to learn how to fight and made him the man he is today.
    • In Season 2, we actually meet Grant Ward's older brother, Senator Christian Ward who claims that Grant tortured their little brother and blamed him for it. It's not clear whose story is more trustworthy, the HYDRA mole who fooled a lie detector, or the politician.
    • In Season 3, we finally meet the youngest brother. He reveals both of his older brothers bullied him, but Grant apparently also tried to act as a protector and denied any responsibility for his bullying. This leads to the youngest brother begging S.H.I.E.L.D. to kill Grant, and outright tells him he is the worst person in a deeply screwed up family.
  • Inverted in Drake & Josh in which their little sister Megan is very much the bully to her two older brothers, and she also is often able to make it look like they are bullying her by being a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing that her parents don't see past.
  • The eponymous character from Frasier has elements of this towards his little brother Niles. However, Niles is far from a poor helpless victim of his brother's torment, and can usually give as good as he gets.
  • Game of Thrones universe:
    • Game of Thrones:
      • Viserys has browbeaten Daenerys emotionally and physically all her life.
      • Renly claims Robert and Stannis both bullied him for possessing zero aptitude for warfare. Robert was more passive but certainly no kinder to Stannis, never giving him credit for his many accomplishments and staunch loyalty. Robert admits to Ned that he never loved either of them and he's far closer to him than both of them.
      • Tommen reveals in Season 4 that his brother Joffrey threatened to have his pet cat Ser Pounce skinned and then the meat served to him in his food.
      • Gregor Clegane's response to his little brother playing with his toy was to push his face into a brazier.
      • Cersei has been cruel and hateful to her little brother since his birth. As related by Oberyn Martell, she considered him a monster and presented him as a freak to strangers, and openly abused him even as a baby.
      • Yara is introduced invoking Surprise Incest on Theon as a cruel prank when he returns home and the second season sees her treat him more or less as The Chew Toy.
      • Inverted with Arya and Sansa. While in the books, Sansa was usually the crueler one, in the series, Arya throws food on Sansa's gown she'd made herself in front of their house and her future in-laws for no good reason, calls her an idiot, mocks her interests of sewing and marrying a prince, and stuffs sheep crap in her bed when she's annoyed with her (which apparently was a lot).
    • House of the Dragon: As a teenager, Aegon Targaryen (later King Aegon II) dislikes and abuses his younger brother Aemond, for which his mother scolds him. Aemond also reveals that, as a birthday present for his 13 years, Aegon took his brother with him to a brothel in order to "make him a man" and that whatever happened has somehow marked Aemond.
  • Brad and Randy to Mark on Home Improvement, especially in the earlier episodes, when they were too young to really know better.
  • Life with Derek's eponymous Supporting Protagonist is this towards his younger brother Edwin. He also behaves this way towards his stepsister, Casey, though it's usually more of a case of Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • Malcolm in the Middle plays this quite well. The real oldest brother, Francis was implied to be this before being sent to military school; however, he's more of a Big Brother Mentor during the series (though he can still have moments that fall under this trope). The next eldest brother, Reese fills this role for Malcolm & Dewey for the majority of the series, although Malcolm gives as much as he receives and joins in with bullying Dewey. Dewey, being the youngest for most of the series, doesn't fall under this but gets a few The Dog Bites Back episodes and after Jamie's born, complains that it's not fair that Reese and Malcolm got the Cool Big Bro Francis when they were kids, but Francis left for military school before Dewey form any memories of having a cool big brother — Francis then reveals that he treated Malcolm & Reese the same way they treat Dewey when he was younger. However, in the episode where Malcolm and Reese go out with some popular girls (they were trying to make their boyfriends jealous by going out with the biggest losers in school), they ditch Dewey and leave him alone with Jamie, and he tells a story whose moral is that Dewey will mistreat Jamie the same way his brothers mistreated him. At the end of the final episode, Dewey and Jamie are hiding from Lois to avoid punishment for something they did, when Dewey gets the idea to pin the whole thing on Jamie.
  • At her worst, Kelly from Married... with Children is this way to Bud. Examples range from her endlessly teasing his lack of a love life to allowing her friends to badmouth him as well to threatening to run him down in a car upon getting her license (and the latter example was in the early seasons!)
  • In The Middle, Axl is towards this with his little brother, Brick, and especially his younger sister, Sue.
  • Paper Girls: Dylan bullied Mac while they were growing up, and he expresses regret after they meet again in 2019, apologizing for it saying he's come to realize upon becoming a father how wrong that was.
  • In Scrubs, Dan Dorian is a selfish, irresponsible Manchild who goes out of his way to bully and annoy his brother J.D. and mooches off him constantly despite being well into adulthood. He does show some signs of maturing in later seasons though.
  • Sherlock perceives his brother, Mycroft, this way in his own mind. He sees himself as an inferior child in the presence of his brother who is always being admonished and demeaned by his brother's superior intellect. However, this may only be his perception, as Mycroft is often a loner and distant, showing concern for his brother as the only real positive human interaction he can sustain. He is, however, intellectually superior so there may be merit to Sherlock's perception.
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Robert Picard to Jean-Luc, as shown in "Family".
    • Also Lore to Data.
  • Stranger Things: Before getting abducted and renamed 001 by Dr. Brenner Henry Creel used his powers to give his little sister nightmares, hallucinations and leave dead rabbits where she played. Then he brutally murdered her.
  • The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Zack is ten minutes older than Cody and often ventures into this territory when he picks on Cody, such as calling him nerd-related names, stealing his money, and locking him outside the hallway wearing only a towel.
    • Moseby's older brother Spencer, though much shorter, seemed to behaved this way towards Moseby back then, at one point even shaving his hair while he was sleeping, and it seems to continue on as he takes advantage of Moseby when he comes over at the Tipton hotel as his employee. It then ends in a Cain and Abel fashion when the two brothers end up fighting each other physically in the hotel.
  • In the Supernatural episode "Heart" (S02, Ep17), Dean tries to use his status as the older sibling to bully his way into staying with an attractive woman, but Sam gets him to rock paper scissors for it. Dean loses, even though they do two out of three.
  • That '70s Show: Female example, with older sister Laurie relentlessly teasing Eric and smugly rubbing in the fact their father favors her whenever she can. No wonder Eric and his friends call her "the witch".
    Eric: Last time I trusted you, I wound up in the dryer with a pillowcase full of bees, so…
  • Victorious: Trina is a "big sister bully" example, being very rude to Tori, even when the latter tries to be nice to her. She's at her worst in "The Birthweek Song", where Tori sings a song about how much she loves her sister, but Trina insults the song because it's not a real present, and the next day she sells the song to a recording studio for cash.
  • Charlie in Two and a Half Men was this towards Alan in childhood and hasn't completely grown out of this during adulthood.
  • As mentioned in the film section, Chett to Wyatt in Weird Science, probably due to his military formation. Due to the nature of the show, this turns him into both the Designated Villain and the Butt-Monkey.
  • In The Worst Year of My Life, Again, Alex's older sister Sam is a female example.
  • The Wonder Years: Kevin's big brother Wayne is probably the most perfect example of this trope.
  • It's revealed in Wynonna Earp that dead big sister Willa Earp was this big-time to Waverly, but Waverly isn't comfortable bringing it up since Willa's tragic death happened so long ago. Averted with middle child Wynonna, who was close to both her sisters.
  • Ian and Paul Branagh to Robin in Young Dracula.

  • The Book of Genesis has Ishmael. As a teenager, his younger half-brother Isaac was born, and when Isaac's mother Sarah caught Ishmael picking on Isaac, she saw to it that her husband Abraham banished Ishmael and his mother Hagar. Abraham became worried about this, but God told him to do as Sarah told him, for He will bless Ishmael and make him into a great nation.

    Stand-Up Comedy 
  • Denis Leary talks in his book Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Being Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid about how his brother Johnny was one of these. One section details how he got shot with an actual arrow from a bow fired by his brother, who got his attention by yelling "Hey, Faggot!", while someone, presumably one of Johnny's friends, named Cliffy DeCoursey watched. Denis ran several flights of stairs with the arrow still firmly embedded in his forehead to his uncle, who pulled the arrow out and told him, "It's out, goddamn it, you're fine, so SHUT UP!" Meanwhile, Denis and Cliffy's fathers went on the hunt for their wayward sons and beat the shit out of them for doing such a stupid thing.
    John Leary: Hey, Dinzo.
    Denis: Yeah, dad?
    John: The next time your brother, or anyone else for that matter, points an arrow at your precious, pink, Irish noggin, know what I want you to do?
    Denis: What, dad?
    John: Duck, goddamn it! DUCK!

  • Enrico in Lucia Di Lammermoor provides a rare operatic example. When he finds out that his sister Lucia is in love with his enemy Edgardo, he intercepts Edgardo's love letters and forges another letter himself, first to convince Lucia that Edgardo is unfaithful, then to force Lucia to marry his little friend Arturo. Even after he finds out that she's gone mad, Enrico still denounces Lucia, until the tutor Raimondo points out that it was his, Enrico's, bullying ways that caused the whole tragedy in the first place.

    Video Games 
  • Aurelia from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is this towards her brother, Sir Alistair Hammerlock. Alistair won't let her stay with him on "vacation" because she'd kill the creatures he studies just for fun. Their rivalry eventually comes to a head in Borderlands 3 where Aurelia attempts a hostile takeover of the Jakobs corporation and allies with the Children of the Vault just to torment Alistair by killing his lover Wainwright.
  • In Fate/EXTRA CCC, Meltlilith acts this way towards Passionlip; Meltlilith is verbally abusive and callous to Lip as she only could only protest weakly at her.
  • Choice of the Dragon: Axilmeus, one of your dragon's elder clutchmates, who even as a hatchling always tormented others hoping to take what didn't belong to him. No matter what choice you make as a hatchling, he always succeeds in stealing your golden shield, but as an adult, you have an opportunity to teach him a lesson after he encroaches on your territory with designs on your treasure hoard.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Miklan was this to Sylvain growing up. He hated his younger brother out of jealousy because he was born with a Crest and sought to make his life miserable, even throwing him down a well and leaving him there for hours. By the time of the main story, their relationship has degenerated into Cain and Abel.
  • The Child's brother in Five Nights at Freddy's 4. He locks him in his room, terrorizes him with a Foxy mask, repeatedly takes him to a pizzeria he knows he hates, and shoves him into a Fredbear animatronic's mouth, causing the child's head to be smashed in when it closes, killing him. The latter causes the brother to have a My God, What Have I Done? moment. It's worth mentioning that it's implied the older brother is Michael Afton, the closest thing the franchise has to an overarching protagonist, and the two are William Afton's sons. Given their father's favorite pastime, his treatment of his brother suddenly starts to make a lot of sense.
  • In Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Mori Kibbutz plays this role towards his brother Brucie from the main game.
  • In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, Guybrush Threepwood's creepy brother Chuckie is a tormentor. It's also the true identity of the villain LeChuck. Because the entire two games were just one big daydream by a young boy in an amusement park. This was thankfully retconned later.
  • Female example: Beldam from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door towards her little sister Vivian, who she is highly verbally and mentally abusive towards. Thankfully Vivian wises up and dumps her sister after accidentally befriending Mario, who treated her way better.
  • Persona:
    • Persona 3 and its assorted spinoffs have Elizabeth, one of the Velvet Room attendants.
      • She harasses and pulls off cruel pranks on her younger brother Theodore, which include things such as force-feeding him dog food and soybean powder. Exaggerated in Persona Q, where their mutual older sister Margaret also treats him poorly, and their treatment of him dips into outright abuse at times.
      • Elizabeth doesn't treat Caroline and Justine any better, and both claim to see her as an enemy rather than as a sister. The twins are also afraid of Margaret and are grateful to Theo for taking their sisters' attention away from them.
    • Persona 5:
      • Zig-Zagged by Makoto and her big sister Sae. The two genuinely cared for each other but after Sae was Promoted to Parent after their father's death, the stress from her job and having to raise Makoto caused her to inadvertently emotionally abuse her through verbal lashings or being distant with her. The two eventually reconcile as a result of Joker's influence.
      • One of the sidequests involves the Phantom Thieves taking down a petty burglar who's also been physically abusing his younger brother (if this sounds familiar, that's because this sidequest was the very one adapted into the Persona 5: The Day Breakers OVA).
      • Subverted in one sidequest added in Royal, revolving around a young man who like Sae was Promoted to Parent and taking care of his younger sister, even dropping out of school to support her. He ends up striking her during a nervous breakdown, and he's so grief-stricken over it he attempts Suicide by Cop through the Phantom Thieves.
  • Leon in Yggdra Union and its related games. In Blaze Union it's pretty clear that this is just a part of his tsundere nature, but it's Played for Drama in Yggdra Union, where his being a jerk to his little sister Elena and everyone else is representative of the fact that he recently took a dive off the deep end.
  • Both of Raz' older siblings Psychonauts 2, although his brother Dion is significantly worse. While his sister Frazie uses her psychic powers to sneak around and chuck pinecones and rocks at him, they can still make reasonable conversation without Raz being visibly uncomfortable. Talking with Dion, on the other hand, is a never ending barrage of anti-psychic verbal abuse, which is implied to be typical of him. This is reflected in how they see Raz if you use clairvoyance on them - Frazie sees Raz as an annoying toddler, while Dion sees Raz as a literal punching bag.
  • One of the early reveals in Relayer is that Luna absolutely hates her all-loving Amnesiac Hero sister Terra because Terra previously went from a caring big sister to a massive Jerkass who sucked up to the management of the House of Stars at the expense of Luna and their peers; the most notable case being Terra throwing away Luna's birthday gift to her, then repaying Luna in kind by dumping a bucket of cold water on her in the middle of a snowy night and locking her out of the house. The Terra that the game follows technically isn't even Luna's sister; Terra was mentally destroyed by the House of Stars' experiments, and the Will of the Earth possessed her body largely because it felt sorry for Luna.

    Visual Novels 
  • In the first season of Cause of Death, constant abuse from his sister eventually causes Brian Resler—better known as Eric Mills—to snap, kill her, and ultimately become the Serial Killer known as the Maskmaker.
  • Fate/stay night has Matou Shinji, who plays this very seriously. We find out right off the bat that he heavily beats his younger sister Sakura for spending any amount of time with Shirou, we repeatedly see the effects of the mental abuse he has put her through, and Heaven's Feel exaggerates it by revealing Shinji rapes Sakura frequently, and showing the real effects of the mental abuse he has put her through. There’s a reason Shinji is almost unanimously called the biggest Hate Sink in the franchise.

    Web Animation 
  • In Homestar Runner, Strong Bad is very abusive and cruel to his younger brother, Strong Sad. To a lesser extent, so is the oldest of the brothers, Strong Mad, but he mostly just follows orders.
  • Bridget Tice in The Most Popular Girls in School is this to her sister Rachel; though to be fair, Rachel always ends up bringing it onto herself.
    Rachel Tice: Yeah, that's right, just walk away! ...Like a bitch.
    Bridget Tice: What. The fuck. Did you Say?!
  • In Manga Soprano, this is to be expected when Kanade is the little sister.
    • Ayane bullied her younger sister Kanade for years. The latter, in her usual fashion, takes the abuse until the former drenches her in black ink right before going on the trip, leaving her alone at the airport until she is taken in by the siblings Alto and Haru.
    • Erica mistreated her younger sister Kanade since childhood and get her parents to side with her.
  • Otakebi: Izumi was bullied by her older brother throughout her childhood, and her parents always took his side when she asked them for help.

  • In Clarissa, Sean might be the family member who's most overt in his disregard for Clarissa, and his antics get laughed off.
  • Mike to Angel in The Good Witch, but only in their original history; his memory of that has been erased. In the reality created after Angel is given the powers of the Good Witch, it's inverted into "Little Sister Bully" instead, since she's a sociopathic Reality Warper who loves to turn him into a girl for what is ostensibly "punishment" for his behavior in their old timeline, but is really for her own amusement.
  • In Homestuck Bro is kind of this to Dave, though given that he's Dave's sole guardian he's really more of an abusive parent.
    • "uu"/Caliborn is this to "UU"/Calliope in the later acts; he takes it to the extreme, though, as later he sends someone to murder her. Double subverted because they're actually sharing a body, but still see each other as siblings.
  • Plume has Aricon and Corrick in the latter's backstory. The former literally forced his younger brother to take upon himself a dangerous and untested spell without consulting him or even informing him about it first, out of his own paranoia.
  • Princess Princess: Sadie's sister, Claire, who belittles and ridicules her and puts her away in a tower.
  • Matilda's older brother Gordon is this in Step Monster, with Gordon being such a Jerkass that he actively visits his sister for the sole purpose of taunting her about how she's an overweight loser with no real friends or family who most recently had a job as a Closet Monster, which is the monster equivalent of being a Burger Fool, whilst he's a top executive in a prestigious company and has an exotic foreign wife.
  • Heartstopper: After Nick comes out as bi, his brother David constantly belittles him with biphobic remarks even going as far as nearly outing him to their father. As patient as their mother is, she draws a line with David's verbal abuse, repeatedly telling him to stop. (He doesn't.)

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 
  • The Amazing World of Gumball:
    • Gumball sometimes can be this, like when he left Anais out of a party in "Halloween" by hanging her from a tree branch.
    • Rachel appeared to be this to Tobias in "The Party", but as she disappeared from the show entirely, and never ever made a single physical appearance after Season 1, this was never further explored.
  • American Dad!: Hayley often mocks her younger brother Steve for being a "loser". Any moments of genuine affection between the two are few and far between.
  • Arthur: D.W. can be this towards baby Kate at times, such as when she threatened to pinch her just for playing with her toys. Naturally, she gets grounded by her parents for this. At her worst, she can be an Inverted example with Arthur, with her Lack of Empathy towards his problems she caused.
  • Inverted in Avatar: The Last Airbender, where the little sister, Azula, bullies her big brother Zuko. Eventually, this turns into a Cain and Abel relationship.
  • Bobby's older brother Derek in Bobby's World is like this. He often portrays the villain in Bobby's fantasies. His teen sister Kelly is sometimes, albeit most of the time she's just indifferent to Bobby.
  • Camp Lazlo: Edward's four older brothers are revealed to be this to Edward, which probably explains why Edward is in a perpetual bad mood in many episodes.
  • CatDog: Depending on the Writer, Cat may be one to Dog. He often abuses, yells at, and manipulates his brother for his own gain, and for the record, he's the older of the twins by five minutes.
  • Cree Lincoln in Codename: Kids Next Door had a Cain and Abel relationship with Numbuh 5 to the point that their entire cordial relationship at home after Cree's betrayal was a façade to keep from worrying their parents. The moment they leave the house Cree's willing to go for her throat, although it's shown that she does still care for Abby on some (twisted) level and has a We Can Rule Together attitude towards her.
  • Dexter's Laboratory:
    • Inverted with Lalavava and Mandark. Even though Lalavava had one appearance, she proved herself to be dominating and demanding towards her older brother. It had reached a point where she threatened to beat him up if he didn't help her, which had Mandark begging her not to hurt him.
    • In the episode "Oh, Brother", Dexter creates an alternate universe where he has an older brother instead of an older sister. Unfortunately, "Dudey" turns out to be a bullying Jerk Jock who's even more destructive than Dee Dee.
    • Dee Dee tends to be more of a Childish Older Sibling, breaking his stuff while running away when he tries to stop her, but sometimes is more directly confrontational and often mercilessly teases. She once stole Dexter's money right out of his hands to buy something, and when Dexter asks why she did so, she tells him point-blank, "You're so small and weak that I could!"
  • Frida's older twin sisters Anita and Nikkita in El Tigre are this to her.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, we finally meet Eddy's brother, and he's not as great a guy as Eddy said he was... in fact, he's a sadistic thug from whom Eddy has to be saved.
    • Lee and Marie Kanker to their younger sister May.
    • Inverted with little sister Sarah bullying big brother Ed.
  • In The Fairly OddParents!, whenever she is not babysitting any children Vicky often tends to abuse her little sister Tootie to death.
  • Family Guy inverts this with Chris, Meg, and Stewie. Meg is the eldest sibling, but she is constantly abused and bullied by Chris, who is the middle child. Stewie, being the youngest (and a baby) of the three, also abuses Meg but not as much as Chris and has made attempts to stick up for Meg on a few occasions.
  • The trope image features Mac and his cruel older brother named Terrence from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Fortunately for Mac, Terrence is also really dumb, so he's pretty easy to outsmart.
  • Duncan Douglas, the older brother of Dexter Douglas alias Freakazoid!
  • In the U.S. Acres segments of Garfield and Friends, Orson is unlucky enough to have three big brothers who are like this. (And they don't limit their bullying to him; the whole farm is afraid of them).
  • In The Ghost and Molly McGee, Peter's older siblings were like this to him as children and are still treat him that way even now as adults, causing him to essentially regress to his childhood days whenever they're around. However, it's later revealed that they bully him out of a sense of inferiority, having always felt like he was better than them even as children and they admit that they respect him and everything he's accomplished, which allows them all to reconcile.
  • Grojband: Trina Riffin to her Annoying Younger Sibling Corey. Not only is she is extremely rude to him and his band, she has tried to harm or even kill them in several episodes. However, some episodes suggest Trina wasn't always this to Corey and actually used to be his Cool Big Sis until she hit puberty and developed a crush on Nick Mallory.
  • Harvey Girls Forever!: Audrey's older sister Zoe is this to her, having her refer to Zoe as "Her Majesty Queen President For Life Zoe" for the first six years of Audrey's life and continuing to torment her and her friends well into her later youth. Zoe's friend Maria is also suggested to be this to Melvin.
  • Hey Arnold!: Gerald's older brother Jamie-o is this to Gerald.
  • Horrid Henry: Henry, the series' main protagonist, was most likely this to his younger brother Peter.
  • Invader Zim inverts the trope with the Membrane siblings. Younger sister Gaz abuses her brother Dib both verbally and physically, although in the comics and Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus she displays a softer side towards him.
  • Susan in Johnny Test displays even less concern for Johnny's well-being than her sister Mary when using him as a guinea pig for their experiments, and in one episode when Mary begs Johnny to help her rescue Susan she asks him to remember the "good times" with her. It then transitions to a montage of Susan abusing Johnny, with Mary cutting him off saying "I said remember the good times!" only for Johnny to emotionlessly reply "Those were the good times."
  • Kaeloo:
    • Mr. Cat had two of these, who often beat him up because they believed that their mother liked him more than she liked them. He ended up running away from home to escape from their abuse.
    • While they are twins, Pretty definitely comes off as this to Eugly — she treats her as a slave and constantly insults her.
    • It is unclear whether Cramoisie or Violasse is older, but the trope is very much in effect with them. Cramoisie both verbally and physically abuses Violasse, and goes out of her way to make Violasse feel bad despite the fact that Violasse has never wronged Cramoisie herself.
  • Kick Buttowski's older brother Brad.
    • In one episode, Kick gets wrestling lessons from a former wrestler, whose wrestling school was taken over by his own Big Brother Bully, who in turn is teaching Brad as well.
  • One episode of Kim Possible shows that this is how Bonnie's sisters behave towards her.
  • It's mentioned in the backstory to The Legend of Korra that Tenzin was often beaten up by his older siblings as a child. It's implied this is because they were jealous of him being their father's favorite kid (being the only Airbender), and even as adults, their relationship is less-than-perfect.
  • Let's Go Luna!: Salami Strong, the Italian strongman of the traveling circus, has two older sisters named Capicola and Pancetta back home in Rome who have bullied him constantly throughout life, even when they were children, and even now as adults. Their crimes include planning a sneak attack, pulling his hair, taking his toy, eating his snack, giving him a wedgie, and mocking his strength.
  • The Loud House
    • Lori Loud, the eldest Loud sister, was originally portrayed as one towards all ten of her siblings. She's extremely protective of her room (to the point that when Lincoln accidentally enters her room, she threatens to "literally turn [him] into a human pretzel"), clothes, phone, you name it. Whenever she's in charge, she would often be strict and domineering towards them, though her defense is that if she doesn't act that way, the chaos in the Loud House will go out of control. Eventually, however, her characterization changed to her being more of a Cool Big Sis than anything.
    • Lynn Loud Jr., the fifth-eldest, is very aggressive towards Lincoln, being the quickest to use threats and physical violence to get him to do what she wants.
    • Lola Loud, the third-youngest, is a Spoiled Brat of a princess wannabe, often bossing her siblings around and yelling at them for small things. As she's the third-youngest, she's only this towards Lisa and Lily, who are younger than her, and is otherwise an Annoying Younger Sibling.
    • In the episode "One of the Boys", Lincoln goes to an alternate universe where he has 10 brothers instead of sisters. At first, Lincoln has a heck of a time with his brothers, but they soon fall into this trope (even the younger ones) in ways the Sisters wouldn't do, such as mocking Lincoln's "boo-boos", making fun of his relationship with Ronnie Anne, and lacking the inherent sensitivity of his sisters. Yet again though, they do seem to be protective of Linka.
  • In the Mega Man (Ruby-Spears) cartoon, Proto Man was an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight who was desperate to prove he was stronger than Mega Man and saw him as an Annoying Younger Sibling for always foiling his plans, even sarcastically calling him "little bro" while shooting at him.
  • A downplayed example in Molly of Denali: Tooey's older brothers, Jay and John, often tease and sometimes underestimate him, but not excessively and they also help him on occasion.
  • Brad to Tuck in My Life as a Teenage Robot.
  • Oh Yeah! Cartoons: The Dan Danger short "A Lighter Shade of Danger" has Dan visit his older brother Stan for his 21st birthday. It is established that Stan used to pick on Dan by lying that there were monsters in the closet to scare him (which had the side effect of Dan becoming far stronger than his big brother due to developing his musculature from moving heavy objects in front of the closet door out of fear) and that Stan deeply resents his younger brother being a famous celebrity who overshadows him in spite of his cowardice.
  • The Oblongs: Biff and Chip always pick on Milo, but sometimes, they’re nice to him.
  • Olliver's Adventures: Ollie has three older sisters that he revers to as "the giant big sisters". Their greatest joy in life stems from being cruel to Ollie, doing things like giving him unwanted makeovers.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Downplayed with Candace. She constantly obsesses over "busting" Phineas and Ferb, but still cares deeply for them, and sometimes loves their inventions instead of trying to bust them for it.
    • Played straight with Irving's brother Albert, who is seen bullying Irving in pretty much all of his appearances.
  • The Powerpuff Girls (1998):
    • Although they're technically the same age, Buttercup sometimes veers into this territory towards Bubbles, like destroying her chalk in "All Chalked Up," but she shows that she cares for Bubbles. Occasionally, Buttercup merely teases her sisters a bit and sometimes, she doesn't intend to make them feel bad.
    • The "Forced Kin" episode features one who repeatedly calls his brother "stupid". Similarly, in the next scene, a military officer is also shown to call his subordinate "stupid".
  • Ready Jet Go!: Inverted with Face 9000's younger brother, Face 9001. In "A Kid's Guide to Mars", Face 9001, is mean to Face 9000, argues with him, and always try to show off, to the point of 9000 calling "MOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!" at least two times.
  • Recess: Averted with Vince's older brother Chad, subverted with T.J.'s older sister Becky, since she's nicer to him at the end of Recess: School's Out, but mostly just a Bratty Teenage Daughter, and as for Spinelli's older brother Joey, not much is known about him...except that he's in prison.
    • Played straight, however, with Paul Prickly, Principal Peter Prickly's brother, who always schemes to make Peter feel inferior, including having a fifty-foot flagpole. Peter, in turn, is eager to put the old blowhard in his place.
  • Gart DeFault from Robot and Monster is a rare example. Rather than physically threatening his younger brother Robot, he uses Alpha Bitch tricks to ruin his life.
    • Also, the DeFault family are also mean to him and the others. The only one (apparently) to have a kind heart of this "family" is Gizmo... even if he's schizophrenic.
  • Tommy Turnbull's older brother, Donnie, from Robotboy.
  • Rocket Power: Twister's older brother Lars often enjoys picking on Twister for the heck of it, playing simple pranks on him, tricking him into believing his lies, and is even a rival of him during the hockey games.
  • Zigzagged in Rick and Morty. Summer doesn't actively pick on Morty, mostly because neither one speaks to each other. At one point she groin kicks him for what at first seems like a very flippant reason — but it turns out she thought he went in her room. It still appears to be an overreaction ... until it is revealed a minute later in the episode that Morty masturbates in EVERY room in the house. Even so, they do care for each other.
  • In Rugrats, Drew was like this to Stu when they were kids and doesn't quite seem to have grown out of it. Played with since he's not nearly as bad as Stu's accounts, and at least one Flashback episode shown both brothers were equally abrasive towards each other.
  • This Scrappy cartoon called ''The Little Pest'', which featured the titular Scrappy being abusive towards his baby brother just because he wanted to tag along with him on a fishing trip, not only mercilessly beating him around but also trying to drown him.
  • South Park:
    • Kyle to Ike in the first season. "Kick the baby!" (This seems to be done more for his and everyone else's amusement. He is still very protective of his little brother.)
    • Scott Tenorman to Cartman, though they don't know they're half-brothers at the time. Incensed at being pushed around by Scott, Cartman eventually gets his own back.
    • Gender-Inverted with Stan's older sister Shelly, who beats him up and calls him "Turd".
  • The first few episodes of Stanley depicted Lionel as this, like in the episode "Watch Out for Lionels"; He turned into a Cool Big Brother after that.
  • The third season of Superjail! introduced "The Triplets", a group of older brothers to the Twins. Immediately in their introduction, they proceed to verbally intimidate the Twins. After they all meet face-to-face, the Triplets proceed to beat the Twins up and humiliate them. We then learn that sibling rivalry can escalate to the point of wars on their planet if the younger siblings don't properly respect their elders (that is, to hand over anything said elders demand from them).
  • Raphael in the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon was shown to bully Michelangelo when they were little, although he is a bit nicer to him when they're older, he does smack him when he says something stupid.
    • The tradition continues in the new Nick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where Raphael's tendency to smack Mikey around a bit extends to Donatello and even Leonardo (the last of which, at least, will hit back). A lot of Raphael's humor involves various insults leveled at his brothers.
  • As the villain, Blackfire is the Big Sister Bully of Starfire in Teen Titans (2003).
  • Total Drama:
    • In the finale of World Tour it's revealed that Alejandro despises being called Al due to the fact that his older brother José (who is apparently better than him at everything) has called him that all his life. It came to a head in an episode of All Stars when José made an appearance and the two had a boxing match (the challenge of the episode was a boxing match with everyone's worst fear). During that fight, José proceeded to call his brother Al the entire time and then insulted Heather by calling her personality unattractive. Alejandro snapped after that point, and needless to say, it didn't end well for José.
    • In Pakhitew Island, Amy is this to her twin sister Sammy, or Samey, as she calls her. Amy's the older twin by 17 minutes and constantly abuses Sammy both physically and verbally, often putting her down as nothing more than a poor man's version of herself.

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