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  • To Hell and Back (Arrowverse) offers a good number of them:
    • Part IV of the prologue describes a two month-long one that the three leads give to the entire organization of H.I.V.E., which they dismantle base by base. Of particular note is Damien Darhk's death, in which he manages to stop one of Oliver's arrows with his magic and begins to gloat — only for Barry to speed over and stab him in the throat with one of his knives.
    • Many of the metas that Barry originally faced in Season 1, as well as Vartox, receive these from Barry and Kara, assuming they aren't just killed or knocked unconscious outright.
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    • Chapter 19 features two of these Kara completely destroys the 8 members of the Kord Industries attack team which includes 2 Kryptonians without any effort; while Oliver forces Malcolm to flee without getting hit.
    • Even after being having his speed dampened, Barry manages to take out an entire S.W.A.T. team with little difficulty.
    • Oliver almost beats Thawne one-on-one when Thawne has his speed dampened, and manages to knock him out after he is distracted by Firestorm.
    • After both running out of arrows, Oliver manages to incapacitate Malcolm in 12 moves, with Malcolm only getting one hit in.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • Atonement has Jet's group ambushing Iroh, Zuko, Mai and Ursa, but only Jet offers more than token resistance before Zuko, Iroh and Mai (who have already defeated his companions) gang up on him, with Mai kicking him in the balls from behind.
    The sad 'fight' that followed was too humiliating for descriptions. Therefore the curtain of silence is lowered.

Axis Powers Hetalia


  • The Touhou Project/The Familiar of Zero crossover Border of the Void is not afraid to show that Gensokyans are extremely powerful.
    • Special mention goes to chapter 32. One one side, there is a large army of elves. On the other side are Louise and Agnes, who have learned Gensokyan magic, and seven native Gensokyans. It's so one-sided, you almost want to feel sorry for the elves.
  • Comic Book SNAFU
    • Black Rose Dragon takes down Phantom Rider and Lancer in seconds.
    • Orphan easily handles Baron Zemo.
  • The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work is chalk full of these, to the point where it is practically the premise. Highlights include:
    • Adam West Batman casually defeating Xlestia, with Bat Deduction and unbelievable amounts of Crazy Preparedness.
    • Equestria vs. the uninhabited Gas Giant Planet Neptune.
    • The Mane Six are also on the receiving end of one, courtesy of Kakashi, who easily dispatches all of them at once.
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    • The Mane Six and Sonic and friends, vs. Eggman's Mooks. Those poor robots.
    • In a more tragic example, Equestria was apparently the victim of one, against the SCP Foundation.
  • Children of an Elder God: Asuka against Amaliel in chapter 4. The Sea Monster sliced her mecha's hand off. She bludgeoned it and tore it to pieces.
  • Happens a few times in Leviathan. Godzilla curb-stomps Sachiel, and Shinji curb-stomps Shamshel, though fights start becoming more even later on.
  • In Fractured, the Trans-Galactic Republic vs. Reapers. It doesn’t end the way people hoped, since the people who would have united facing the Reapers just get to sip drinks instead—leaving old grievances intact. An alliance of humans destroys the batarian navy relatively easily as well. Even the super-ship Revenant ends up on the other end of this after running low on energy reserves, then getting surprised by a massive assault fleet with spoofed IFFs (so while enemies shoot, Revenant can't respond).
    • Escalated in Origins, where a Force-sensitive Siren smacks down virtually everyone, before the Flood arrive and completely take over the galaxy despite the best efforts of the heroes.
  • In Imaginary Seas, Percy's battle with Caenis is this to the point that he initially sums it up as "So anyway, I kicked her ass." When he decides to go into detail about their fight, he has the upper hand the entire time and can't even be scratched by her due to his invulnerability. He then simply prays her invincibility away before burying her in the dirt. The only reason why he doesn't kill her outright is the arrival of Wodime and the threat of Artemis nuking the island from orbit.
  • Last Child of Krypton: Shinji's early battles against the Angels tended to be very one-sided. He pushed around and punched Sachiel as much as he wanted while Sachiel was unable to retaliate. Then Sachiel self-detonated... which doesn't harm Shinji at all.
  • In No Gods, Only Guns, this happens frequently, which only makes sense, as both source materials are more or less about one-man armies kicking the crap out of legions of mooks and giant monsters. Particular examples include Salvador stopping the entire invasion of Mindoir by himself, Zer0 destroying Fist's bandit army singlehandedly, Roland taking out an entire force of Eclipse/Maliwan assassins, and Lilith against... well, Lilith versus anyone.
  • Pain Throughout Remnant has Team RWBY challenge Pain's Asura Path right after the latter took down an Atlesian Paladin with a single tackle and throwing said Paladin at a Bullhead.
  • The Buffyverse-meets-Xmen premise of Heroes & Villains puts our heroine in a version of Sunnydale High where everyone has superpowers. Even so, Buffy's blend of strength, speed, agility, and enhanced fighting ability allows her to achieve several very one-sided victories over her fellow students.
  • Superwomen of Eva 2: Lone Heir of Krypton: Asuka's fights against human enemies used to be this due to her being super-strong and virtually invulnerable. Special mention goes to the leader of a terrorist group who kidnapped Shinji; suffice it say, it did not end well for him.
  • One of the biggest faults of crossing over two series with combatant protagonists is if the author turns every fight into a curb-stomp battle for the fandom they like better, even when it makes no sense, for example, for Edward Elric to be taking down 50+ Death Eaters at once.
  • In chapter 32 of The Wizard in the Shadows, Ginny flips out spectacularly at the Battle of the Black Gate. Channeling the power of what is hinted to be at least one of the Valar (and it being sustained by Gandalf and someone else), she obliterates the physical form of three Nazgûl and at least half of Mordor's army with three flaming tornadoes. Admittedly, Harry had just been killed, so she had a fair amount of Unstoppable Rage going.
  • In The Odyssey, due to an insane spree of luck during his battle with the former Immaculate Monk Beman, Ulyssian manages to leave not only victorious, but uninjured. Beman, on the other hand, left with a gash running across his chest and missing an arm.
    • Played straight once again later in the story, but with Ulyssian on the receiving end. After going to great lengths to sabotage and weaken his opponent Jael, he still loses quite handily to him, to the point that he would have died in the first few seconds had Jael not shown restraint.
  • In Blue Moon, when new Slayer Bella Swan finds herself surrounded by three 'regular' vampires after staking one of them, Edward tears off the heads of all three before Bella or her new acquaintances Willow and Xander realise Edward’s even moved.
  • In White Devil of the Moon, Nanoha is able to kill Jadeite with a single Divine Buster attack. When Tuxedo Kamen and the Inner Senshi attack Fate and Arf on two occasions to prevent her from keeping them away from Nanoha, she is able to defeat them easily, although she suspects that things would have gone differently if they had been at their full potential.
    • An omake had Vivio defeat the Nanohaesque version of Chibiusa in ten seconds.
    • Beryl vs. Miyuki. Despite what you might think, given that Beryl's a powerful being and Miyuki is a human, Miyuki does the curb stomping. She is a Takamachi, after all. Beryl wins by sheer luck.
    • Beryl vs. Hayate. Hayate learns the hard way why you don't bring a cannon to a gunfight.
    • Lunar Heart powered Nanoha vs. Metallia. Nanoha wins by firing a Moonlight Breaker at Metallia from inside.
  • A Hero has Dalek Sec going up against a witch. It ends with the witch being vaporized via Maximum Extermination.
    • Earlier, we have Dalek Sec being utterly destroyed by Kriemhild Gretchen. Thankfully, Sec gets better.
    • There's also his battle with Kyoko. The one on the receiving end was the Puella Magi, and he would've killed her were it not for Madoka.
  • My Little Avengers: The first fight between the Avengers and the Dark Avengers ended completely in the latter group's favor. This is because Loki specifically chose them not just because their powers match and exceed those of the Avengers, but knew the Avengers well enough to hit their Berserk Buttons to throw them off balance. The Avengers Opponent Switch during the Final Battle in order to counter this and end up returning the favor.
  • In Dungeon Keeper Ami by Pusakuronu, Mercury invades the Avatar Islands — a blasted wasteland of dead rock and populated by thousands, if not millions of undead and ghosts. Her initial attack is mildly successful. But Zarekos' counter attack has her on the ropes. At that same time, Mercury discovers that Arachne, a rival Keeper with a grudge, has deployed a force of several thousand giant spiders, and Keeper Morrigan landed troops on Ami's beachhead, denying her access. What does she do? She pits the mindless undead against the spider army, allowing both to kill the other off. She then follows this up with a brutal Blitzkreig that utterly smashes Morrigan in the fiercest, most one-sided fight in the series.
    • What makes this such a Moment of Awesome is that three Keepers (Arachne, Alphel, and Nero) all stage a simultaneous attack on her dungeon almost directly after this, after weakening her forces and forcing them to fight on a battelfield of their choice. It's close, but she still prevails.
  • Thousand Shinji: 35 Special Forces agents under SEELE versus four Rubric Marines. No contest. Justified as Warhammer 40,000 tech is just that much more advanced than modern tech.
  • In Buffy's Friday the 13th, Jason hands one to Angel, stabbing through his shoulder and arm, and ending with him impaling Angel on the wall with his machete.
  • Christian Humber Reloaded has this when the main character fights virtually anyone, to the point at which the exceptions (such as him losing for most of the fight with Chridion) are less common than the straight examples, although some of this is due to a lack of description apart from the killing blows. In what appears to be the final battle, he manages to defeat Chaos Blade in three moves, then destroys the hordes of Chaos and much of the US army before killing the corrupted President without any indications of being injured or having any difficulty.
  • Golden-Eyed Pixie Series: A Twilight-Heroes crossover. Elle inflicts one on Jamie. It turns out that a vampire is not a match for electrical attacks. And then's there the fact that she gets doused in oil and blown up.
  • A Shadow of the Titans: The Jade vs Kitty (Jade wins) and Raven vs Georgia (Raven wins) fights in the Tournament of Villainesses.
    • Gadjo versus anyone unlucky enough to piss him off always ends with a victory for him.
  • The Minbari were curbstomped from the get-go from The Federation and Klingon Empire when they chose to fire on a Human Alliance ship in A Thin Veneer.
  • Justice League of Equestria:
    • Mare of Steel:
      • Rainbow Dash's fight against Flim and Flam's Humongous Mecha early on in the first arc; the robot doesn't even ruffle her mane.
      • Rainbow is on the receiving end of one delivered by General Zod later on, before she is crippled by a Kryptonite necklace and tossed into a ravine.
    • The Princess of Themyscira:
      • Diana's first fight with the Alicorn Amulet-empowered Ares — she gets some hits in, but is ultimately beaten unconscious and has to be carried to safety by Soarin'.
      • After donning the Helm of Nabu, Twilight dishes one of these out to Ares' demonic army during the Final Battle.
  • In Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Norio Eguchi, granted the power of Kamen Rider Den-O: Wing Form, tries to go up against a resurrected Gentaro Kisaragi. Unfortunately for Norio, he gets knocked down easily and nearly had his head cleaved off by a chainsaw had it not been for Sieg getting him out in time. Later on, Shun, given the power of Kamen Rider Den-O: Rod Form, goes off against Ryusei Sakuta and is also defeated...and then killed off.
  • In the Doctor Who/Teen Titans crossover "Equilibrium", the Titans easily defeat the Slitheen that have come to their Earth.
  • Sick of Malfoy's bullying, Harry Potter-Tano challenges Draco Malfoy and three Slytherins of Malfoy's choice to a duel. To make things fair (and possibly to piss Malfoy off), Harry prohibits himself from using magic. He defeats the Slytherins simply by reflecting their spells back at them using his Lightsaber, then finishing them off with Lightsaber strikes.
  • During one fight in Fate/Stay Night: Ultimate Master, Ben as Ultimate Humungosaur takes down Archer in one throw after the latter pushes Ben's Berserk Button about harming civilians, after the two were more or less equal before. Then, to save Shirou from being killed by Berserker, Ben turns into Way Big and ends the battle in one punch.
    • Also, when Saber and Ben's Servant Avenger try to use their Noble Phantasms against each other, Gilgamesh shows up and interrupts the fight by unleashing Ea on both of them. He makes them bite the dust without even having to reveal himself.
  • Hilariously standardized in The Infinite Loops. Not only is every character stuck in a time loop which grants them advance knowledge of their enemy's moves, they're also growing in power and have more and more things stored in their Hammerspace between loops. Defeating the bad guys becomes more of a game than a challenge.
  • A fight between Iron Patriot and The Dark Avengers and The Avengers in Because I'm Not Popular I'll Try to Go Out with a Hero ends with Iron Patriot winning with ease.
  • In Opening Dangerous Gates, the demons from the Book of Zeref tend to deliver these to the Fairy Tail characters, but the Bleach characters tend to deliver these to the demons.
  • In Child of Rao Book II, Cordelia aka Heat Sink fights Heat Wave at one point. Given that the former absorbs heat and the latter uses flamethrowers, the fight is so one-sided that even without Cordelia attacking, Heat Wave is sitting on the curb crying by the time the police show up.
  • Monsters In Paradise: Yukari Yakumo, deprived of her boundary manipulation, versus a gang of delinquents and their Pokémon. She wasn't even aware that she was being attacked for trespassing in their territory, or at all. Not that it mattered, really; none of the Pokémon left the area on their own power.
    • Croagunk plus Cirno equals Half-Conscious Poisoned Ice Fairy.
  • In The (Questionable) Burdens of Leadership of a Troll Emperor Naruto's general Setsuna crushes Karasuba in a spar after the latter is Brought Down to Normal. Even beforehand, Setsuna proved to be a dangerous opponent due to having centuries of combat experience and training.
  • Coreline: The first fight of the story, Rise Of The Extraordinary Avengers Coreline, features a spar that pits "Captain America" Mari Illustrious Makinami vs three of the Champions. A lone Crazy-Prepared Super Soldier with some Supernatural Martial Arts training against a Kryptonian ("Superman Gamma" Shinji Ikari), a DC-verse Martian ("Martian Manhunter" Hikari Horaki) and a Sub-Mariner-style human/mutant Atlantean hybrid (Nadia La Arwall). The poor slobs never even stood a chance...
  • The Sword of the Stars/Mass Effect crossover Shepherd Of The Stars features a few.
    • Prior to the start of the main plot, the Batarians pushed the Actual Pacifist Liir into invoking a year-long example of Beware the Nice Ones so brutal it almost rendered the Batarians extinct.
    • The 'Sleeping Giant' simulation SolForce created to see how a war with the Council would go is explicitly this in the Most Likely and Worst Cases. Even the Best Case doesn't go well for them.
    • When the Peacekeeper Enforcer shows up, almost every fight against it goes this way. Even when outnumbered over a hundred to one, it barely takes more than cosmetic damage. It takes a huge Council fleet and an 175 gigaton kinetic kill vehicle to finally bring it down.
  • Luna Trolls Freddy Krueger sees Luna try to stop Freddy's reign of terror on Earth. What happens? Luna is way out of Freddy's league (what with Luna being a goddess while he's simply a demon) and reverses all his attempts to kill people in nightmares before he can even start the nightmares, robbing him of his power source. Freddy is so powerless against her he ultimately chooses to pull a Heel–Face Turn just to finally get her off his back.
  • Cycles Upon Cycles: Mass Effect vs. StarCraft. The battle between the Citadel and the Terrans and Protoss. The Citadel's forces stand absolutely no chance. Ditto for the Batarians who are on the receiving end of one courtesy of the zerg.
  • Sudden Contact: The First Contact between the protoss and turians ended very badly for the latter after the turians thought the protoss were attacking them.
  • The Star Trek: The Next Generation/Firefly crossover Lost in the Woods puts the Enterprise in a position where their options are to destroy the Reavers- who the crew have determined were innocent victims driven incurably insane by a flawed scientific experiment- or uphold the Prime Directive and let the Reavers destroy a crucial planet in the solar system. With the Enterprise alone against the entire Reaver fleet of fifty-plus ships, the battle is over in seconds with the Enterprise having taken no damage and the Reavers destroyed in just a few shots (mainly because taking out the bigger ships destroyed the smaller ones around them as collateral damage).
  • In the backstory of The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds, documented in the side story Day of the Broken Fang, this was the case when Cobra got the bright idea to attack the Decepticons. The 'Cons were barely scratched, but pissed off enough at the arrogance that they retaliated totally and completely, wiping the entire organization out of existence. The only survivors were those lucky enough to not be in any of their bases at the time, or smart enough to flee when they realized what was about to happen.
  • Dante's Night at Freddy's. Everyone's favourite badass half-demon demon slayer from Devil May Cry ends up having to work a stint at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to pay off an arcade machine he trashed in frustration. The haunted murderous animatronics think they know exactly what they're getting into and will just kill Dante like every other night watchman who's come to work there. Oh boy, they couldn't be more wrong.
  • A World Of Bloody Evolution: Yang Xiao Long is dropped into the horrific future of Warhammer 40,000. Thanks to her Super Strength, Healing Factor and Battle Aura, she's pretty much a killing machine; Chaos cultists get pulverised in short order, and even Traitor Marines have to struggle mightily just to put up a fight. And Weiss is even deadlier. Yang does sometimes end up on the receiving end of this trope, though: a Rubric Marine beat her badly.
  • While in the Warhammer universe in Per-Verse, Xander manages to utterly destroy a goblin army that outnumbers his own forces by five to one by having his Hedge Mages blow powdered quicklime over the goblins before summoning a rain stormnote . Word of God states the battle was going to be more drawn out and bloody before he realized he'd put quicklime in the town's mine.
  • In the Magical Girl Crisis Crossover Shattered Skies: The Morning Lights, the entire Dimensional Navy of the Time-Space Administrative Bureau goes up against Viluy and the resurrected Will of the Book of Darkness, Unisoned with Hayate. Viluy's Nanomachines disable the whole fleet in minutes, and they're all summarily wiped out by the Will without being able to fire a single shot.
  • Infinity Crisis:
    • Used in a sense when the Arrowverse cast arrive at the Avengers facility, as Barry and Wally neatly disarm the Avengers and Kara lets Natasha fail to shoot her to prove to the Avengers that if they were working for Thanos they could easily have just swooped in to kill them all.
    • Thanos can hold his own against Supergirl and Captain Marvel, but the equation changes when Superman joins the other two, as the trio remove the Gauntlet from Thanos's hand.
    • What happens to the forces invading New York when Thanos' "snap" is undone. A couple thousand aliens, elves, frost giants and HYDRA soldiers against the combined might of the Avengers, the Justice League, Team Arrow, Team Flash, the Legends, the Defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Supergirl, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Lightning and their various allies? "Slaughter" is more like it.
    • Played with in Powers and Marvels; the Mandarin can hold his own against the Power Rangers, but the author justifies this as the Mandarin in canon has been shown to hold his own against the Avengers and acknowledges that the Rangers would be holding back as they wouldn't think of one man as a threat.
    • On the other hand, once Doctor Strange takes an hour to study his books, he finds a spell that allows him to banish Zedd, Rita, Goldar and Rito back to their reality and unable to return to his one.
  • The Red Dragon's Saber:
    • Artoria Pendragon vs Freed Sellzen. She blocks a sword strike and a bullet, then knocks him through a wall with one kick.
    • Artoria vs Raynare's group. They are unable to land a single blow on her. The only reason why the fight lasts longer than a minute was because Artoria promised Rias Gremory not to kill them to prevent the risk of starting a war.
  • Transposition F: Upon arriving on Remnant, Gohan is transported right in the middle of Team RNJR's fight against the Nuckelavee and proceeds to eliminate the Grimm with barely an effort.
  • A Peaceful Afterlife:
    • Several, but most spectacular is Charlie reaching her Rage Breaking Point and single-highhandedly eviscerating God Given's army of Exorcist constructs and smashing the ever-loving shit out of him.
    • Kira also gets one in on God Given when the latter foolishly challenged him to a one-on-one fight. Kira even throws in a mocking 'WRRRYYYYY' as insult to injury.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion: Happens in Chapter 5, when the Autobots and Zero free Suzaku from Britannia. To add insult to injury, the Autobots win without even killing a single Purist.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron
    • As in Legendary Defender, the Red Paladin is no match for Emperor Zarkon, and that still holds here, even when Suzaku is backing Kallen up.
    • The Paladins, in turn, get one in their favor during Chapter 23, Zero's Return, as Cornelia's forces have nothing on the Lions.
      • Special mention goes to how Lelouch defeats Cornelia - he completely dominates the fight, and while he spares her, Zenobia utterly demolishes her Gloucester.
      • When Voltron is finally formed, he demolishes Cornelia's ground forces with only a few energy blasts. He then obliterates her aerial ones with a single slash of his sword, forcing her to retreat lest she loses what few men she still has left at that point.
  • The Bridge: Starlight Glimmer, an exceptionally talented sorceress and was bolstered by wrath fueled dark magic, was way out of her league when attacking the transformed Godzilla Junior. While having no magical knowledge, he carried over plenty of his innate durability, strength, and firepower. And he just got possessed by the Nightmare entity to become a wrathful Shin Godzilla expy.
  • J-WITCH Season 1:
    • When Daolon Wong first summons the Shadowkhan into his service, Prince Phobos orders his guards to attack the magical ninjas to see what they're capable of. The Shadowkhan utterly beat the guards in mere seconds.
    • During Phobos and Uncle's first fight, Phobos is unable to land a single hit on the old wizard who in turn gives the prince a humiliating defeat.
    • In "Ghosts and Shadows", Jade discovers that she can actually hurt Tarakudo with her shadow magic, so the fresh Guardian of Shadows proceeds to deliver the Oni King a brutal beatdown which she finishes by sending him and the rest of the bad guys rolling down the mountain.
  • Point Me At The Skyrim: Victoria and Sevitus are surrounded by a group of Bandits who begin to taunt and threaten them, treating her as though she was a simple Mage. Victoria Dallon is a superhero who's fought giant Kaiju several times, so she literally wipes the floor with the poor Bandits when they don't take her warning seriously.
  • Abyssal Plain: After they accidentally take over a farm, Breakthrough and the Undersiders are confronted by a seemingly endless army of Others surrounding them on all sides. The Others are boogeymen used to attacking terrified victims and each other. Breakthrough and the Undersiders are experienced teams of Superheroes and Villains who've fought endless armies and giant monsters for most of their careers with exotic powers. By the end of the fight, the surviving Others are left fighting amongst themselves while the Heroes and Villains get away with only a few injuries.
  • Gospel Of The Lost Gods: Cuff, Grace, Romp, and Wanton are forced to flee Kings Landing, but are surrounded by a small army of knights and guards. Despite it being a fighting retreat, the heroes wreak absolute havoc and crush every normal opponent in their way.
  • Notably averted in XCOM: RWBY Within, which has a disclaimer at the top of Chapter 1 warning people that Team RWBY will be unable to access their supernatural abilities (but still have their training and experience) while trapped in a parallel universe, because otherwise this trope would be played so straight it would become boring. Then they get their powers back around the halfway point, but by that time the Elders have acquired Grimm so the playing field stays pretty level.


  • It happens in Hellsister Trilogy when thousands of Darkseid's Para-Demons invade New Genesis and they are utterly crushed by Superman, Supergirl and a third Kryptonian.
    She hurled herself into the strange skies of New Genesis, both her arms stretched out perpendicular to her body, and screamed in rage. The group of Para-Demons she was headed for didn't have time to run for it. They barely had time to see she was there.
    Her powerful, blue-clad, Kryptonian arms acted like twin plows, knocking the winged beasts out of the air. They fell like shot birds, hailing down on the landscape. The New Genesis troops had a chance to gape at the blue streak that was mowing down the enemy.
    Superman had smashed his great hands together in an impact that almost deafened the New Gods who hovered too near to him. The shockwave from the crash buffeted a flying legion of Para-Demons. That was all the time Superman needed to separate them physically from the New Genesis flight troops they were attacking, and to tap them into dreamland.
  • Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation: Kath and Sybilla have a Cat Fight, and Kath loses. Badly. Kath's friend Lorile takes exception to see her brother's girlfriend injured and bruised and squashes Sybilla like a bug when Sy stupidly picks a fight with her.
  • In Peggy Sue fanfic New Beginnings (Smallville), many of the early meteor freaks faced by Clark in the original timeline are of little real threat to him now that he has his future experience.
  • With This Ring: The general result of unpowered humans going up against Orange Lantern.
    • Orange Lantern is also at the receiving end of one, thanks to Klarion. He ends up with two chunks of raw Chaos Magic lodged in his chest and gut, which are shredding and melting his body, all the while triggering his pain receptors. Even worse, thanks to having no resistance to magic due to his lack of a soul, instead of ending after a few seconds, the spell just continues on endlessly. It takes most of his rings power to keep him alive, and the efforts of three different magic users to fix him. The rest of the Team fairs better, with the worst being M'gann, who suffers a few broken bones.
      "Not dead quite yet, M'gann."
    • OL actually breaks the infamous training simulation with the help of Ophidian, and simply starts assimilating all the alien ships. He gets up to seventy motherships under his control before J'onn manages to snap M'gann out of it.
    • Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing. Given that one is the champion of all plant life on earth and the other has spent a few years in Arkham... it doesn't end well for her.


  • In the Tamers Forever Series, the sovereigns end up on the receiving end of a swift beatdown at the hands of ChaosGallantmon.
    • And during the final chapter of Silent Sorrow, Daemon gets the everloving crap beaten out of him by Gallantmon Crimson Mode.
  • In Digimon Adventure: Episode 1: The Destined Jedi T.K.'s fight against Piedmon is utterly one-sided. After he gets his power boost he tells Kari to stay put while he goes charging back into Piedmon's fortress much to the Dark Master's jargon. Then T.K. proceeds to mop the floor with him. It doesn't matter what Piedmon tries he can't even touch the little guy. T.K. blocks every swing of Piedmon's lightsaber while making hits of his own. Piedmon tries to throw various things at him only for T.K. to throw them back at him. He has an Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes that T.K. is very different from the others. When T.K. pushes the fight back outside Kari wisely stays out of it. Not wanting to be turned into a human shield by a desperate Piedmon. His final words are a Why Won't You Die?. T.K. responds that he is fighting for something he believes in before finishing Piedmon off. It should be noted that although at no point is T.K. fighting with anger, he was not merciful in his brutality.

Dragon Age

  • In Dragon Age: The Crown of Thorns, the Sloth Demon's strongest form, like a werewolf, gets its rear handed to it, thoroughly, by dwarven commonner warden Faren Brosca, in single combat, even though it had been thrashing everyone else up to that point, including the protagonist. This is because the DC had made contact with it directly the moment it morphed and gained an understanding of how his Fade realm worked, then instinctively began to ignore all imposed limitations much like Sloth was doing. Flash Step battle ensues.
    • In the same tale, Uldred is killed instantly because the main cast doesn't wait for him to transform into the Pride Demon form.

Dragon Ball

  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged!
    • It condenses the Garlic Jr. Saga into one episode. This is due to Garlic Jr. running into Mr. Popo right out of the gate.
    • Goku vs. Nappa can be included, even though the entirety of the battle occurs offscreen.

The Familiar of Zero

  • Zero no Tsukaima: Saito the Onmyoji has the duel between Karin de Vallière and Vicount Wardes. While the latter is far from a wimp, the Duchess is a widely-feared war hero with enormous magical talent and great expertise with the sword. On top of that, she wants to avenge her daughter's mistreatment (which he's responsible for), so he never stood a chance.

Final Fantasy

  • In The Tainted Grimoire, this has happened and probably will happen again.
    • Early in the story, there were several people who went up against Cid and Ensei, that were defeated in just one hit.
    • At the climax of the St. Galleria arc, after Ensei was able to give Judgemaster Cid proof of Vaticus' crimes, Judgemaster Cid sent his personal guard to assist The Heretics in battle against the Archbishop Guard. The back-up easily defeated those that went up against them. Many who saw them were in awe.
    • When Veis and Villi were introduced, Veis defeated the leader of a group of would-be thieves easily.
  • In Memento Vivere, the battle with the Chocobo Eater turns into one of these.


  • Forward has this happening at the end of the "Mosaic" story arc, when River, Jayne, and Mal take on and obliterate Ott's crew. Complete with Team Fortress 2 references.
    • Later on in "Second Interlude," Echo beats Jubal Early unconscious in the span of a single second.
    • In "Hunt," there's a cringe-worthy one where Kaylee fights a Hand of Blue. Kaylee is in a power loader. Needless to say, it ends fast and messy. For the Hand, that is.

Girls und Panzer

  • In Boys Do Tankary, this is defied when the protagonists go up against St. Gloriana (which, in canon, ended with Miho just barely losing, after taking out all but one of her opponent's tanks). The male main characters could have won almost effortlessly, but hold back to see what Miho and the others can do, and ensure that they don't rely on the boys too much. Miho sees through the boys' claim of having mechanical problems and is less than happy with them.

Harry Potter

  • Rebuilt: Luna vs. Fenrir. Luna wins.

Haruhi Suzumiya

  • Kyon, Yuki, and Tsuruya in Kyon: Big Damn Hero pull this off against two dozen Yakuza, with the first two doing practically all the fighting.


  • Hivefled: Gamzee spent two months imprisoned, tortured, starved, raped repeatedly, drugged into incoherency, and bled almost to the point of death, and still managed to deliver a curbstomping to both Equius and Eridan at the same time. Later on, Lereal attempts to lead the 250 Child Soldiers of the sufferist cult into battle with the empire, with predictably disastorous results.

How to Train Your Dragon

  • A Thing of Vikings: Curb Stomps are a recurring feature of what happens when unprepared medieval-era conventional forces go up against dragon-riders, and even those ones that are prepared tend to take heavy losses. This is also what tends to happens to anyone who goes up against Hiccup and backs him into a corner.

Jackie Chan Adventures

  • Queen of All Oni: The fight against the sages in their shrine is entirely in their favor; Brothers Dark and Gray hold the advantage against the Shadow Hand and the J-Team the whole time, while Brother Light doesn't even seem to exert himself while continually tossing Jade and Hak Foo out of the inner shrine.
    • When Ikazuki temporarily usurped control of the Shadow Hand from Jade, it was greatly aided by his samurai wiping the floor with her ninja.
    • The Hero vs Mother fight lasts all of thirty seconds and ends in Hero's favor (which is quite impressive, given that Hero's hands were manacled at the time).
    • Uncle and Jade's first Wizard Duel outside the Section 13 Vault. She has the advantage for about two seconds before he overpowers her.
    • When Left and Right assault Lung's fortress in order to save Jade from him, they completely cut through his defenses — terracotta Mooks? Mow them down. Hybrid Monster guardian? Take a chainsaw to it. Gateway completely impervious to magic attack? Dynamite. While Left is freeing Jade, Right continues after Lung, who proves to be a rather Squishy Wizard and is killed rather quickly.
    • Right vs Viper in chapter 12. She gets in a few hits, but he's simply stronger and more skilled than her.
    • When Kuro takes control of Finn's body during the same fight, he quickly overpowers the heroes and is only stopped by El Toro taking him by surprise.
    • Flashbacks show that Tarakudo easily defeated the Oni Elders, barely wasting any effort in the matter, due to their advanced age and weakness.
  • Shadows Awakening: The first fight with Daolon Wong's new dark chi warriors has the J-Team hit with a serious case of The Worf Effect, forcing them to retreat for their lives.
  • Ages of Shadow: In Chapter 5, Maximus Domino confronts Jade/Yade Khan, and effortlessly manages to restrain and injure her. Except she was just messing with him. She heals herself, breaks free, shrugs off his further attacks, and then blows his head off.

Killla Kill

  • In A Minor Miscalculation, Ryuko arrives at Honnouji Academy with as much power as she had by the halfway point of the anime, making her battles with Takaharu Fukuroda and an unprepared Satsuki virtually effortless.

Kingdom Hearts

The Legend of Zelda

  • In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link's battle with Bongo Bongo goes by very quickly because of Link's skill development as well as his array of holy weapons, which were massively effective against the demon.

The Lord of the Rings

  • legolas by laura: "Gandalf is have a fun time trying to distory the dark lord."

Lyrical Nanoha

Mai Hime

  • In Perfection is Overrated, Shizuru vs. Hitomi ends fairly quickly, with the new arrival launching a sneak attack on and destroying her opponent's Child. It doesn't help that the defeated combatant had posed a threat to Natsuki's well-being, and was largely unused to opponents who could actually fight back on equal terms.
    • As Shizune has the ability to reduce the effectiveness of people's powers and completely depower a single person, she's at a considerable advantage against the Himes, as well as her fellow SUEs in "A Common Enemy Without A Common Cause". On the other hand, her powers provide no protection against mundane weapons, enabling Natsuki to kill her with a handgun in the main story, and two police officers to do the same in "A Common Enemy Without A Common Cause".

Marvel Universe

  • Sleepwalker ends up fighting a Hulk being driven nearly insane with rage tearing through New York City. Nothing Sleepwalker does even fazes the Hulk, whether it's impaling him with a large barbed spear or electrocuting the Hulk by connecting him to the New York power grid. The Hulk rapidly heals from all of Sleepwalker's attacks, and while he doesn't manage to hit Sleepwalker too often, the blows he does land are quite literally the most brutal attacks he's ever felt. It's only because Sleepwalker noticed that the Hulk's anger was being increased by his Demonic Possession and tried to use his warp vision to free the Hulk from it that he managed to survive.
  • Origin Story features a Kryptonian teenager who is thrown into the Marvel Universe just as the Civil War is cranking up. Naturally, the government decides she's a threat because she just wants to be left alone, and continually attacks her. Pretty much every time Alex Harris gets into a fight, its counts as a Curb-Stomp Battle simply because she's a Kryptonian and the Marvel Universe really doesn't have much in the way of people powerful enough to handle a Kryptonian outside of Galactus and his Heralds. Even Sentry, Ares, and Ragnarok get their asses handed to them on a plate.
    • The fight with Typhoid Mary is the closest Alex comes to being beaten, and that's because Mary is a telepath able to manipulate her target's perceptions. Mary is actually winning against Alex when she's suddenly cold-cocked from behind by Louise, who beats Typhoid Mary down from behind with a bottle of sparkling grape juice.

Mass Effect

  • In Uplifted, after the death of Galas'Yoad in the first book, Dieter Hertzer and crew of Sigrid use the goggles he'd modified for night vision to devastating effect against an Allied convoy moving through the desert at night.
  • In Mass Effect: Murphy's Law, after Cerberus fails to destroy Orbital Defense Platform Cairo with their opening salvo above Reach, the Cairo and the rest of the Orbital Defense Flotilla proceed to wipe the floor with them.

Mega Man

  • In Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race, Bass tends to deliver these to his opponents.
    • In episode 11, chapter 7, the Mad Grinder delivers one to the Robo-Commandos and US Army, killing everyone except Mega Man.

Mobile Suit Gundam

  • A Feddie Story features the first encounter between the main character's tank battalion and Zeon's mobile suits; entrenched into a strong defensive position, only five of the forty-eight tanks in the battalion survive. Only one tank actually manages to kill a Zaku.
    • This is reversed during the Battle of Saint Paul, when the Zakus are lured into a city that's crawling with Federation infantry. A whole fire team of six mobile suits is knocked out in seconds when it stumbles into an ambush by a Federation infantry company with rockets and anti-tank missiles, and the Zeon commander withdraws because any attempt to push further into town will probably get the whole battalion killed in series of ambushes.

My Hero Academia

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • A Brief History of Equestria: When the corrupt Unicorn court tried to perform a coup on the royal family, Star-Swirl the Bearded came to the rescue, and single-handedly wiped the floor with every noble involved.
    • Before the Lake Trot Crisis, the Kingdom of Unicorns held roughly a third of said lake's shoreline. Afterwards, they held only three percent.
    • Also during the Crisis, Lady Cripps the Pink led the forces of the Hyracotherium Republic to victory over the Celestine Junta. The Junta's forces were devastated, while the Republic lost exactly one soldier... who died from choking on a sandwich.
    • When the Founders were all in the cave during the Winter War, Platinum and Puddinghead tried to kill Hurricane, only for him to knock them both out with a single buck each.
  • The Immortal Game: General Esteem vs anypony that isn't Rarity, Twilight's mother, or Twilight herself.
    • Nihilus vs Luna, round one. Though it should be noted that the latter was exhausted and drained at the time.
    • God-mode Twilight vs. anyone who isn't Titan himself (and that includes his Puppet avatars).
    • The second Battle of Ponyville is very clearly in Terra's favor, even when all the Mane Six and Luna are working together to try and bring her down. Then they reignite the neutralized Elements of Harmony and even the playing ground.
  • Turing Test, the robot pony in The Iron Horse: Everything's Better With Robots!, avoids violence at all costs until she's absolutely forced to. When she does, the previously undefeatable villain gets his flank handed to him effortlessly.
  • Equestria: A History Revealed: The Battle of Canterlot was set up to be one by Princess Luna as a Defensive Feint Trap, assaulting Celestia's tired forces with her own Nightmare battalion three times in number. But she didn't consider the difference that an empowered alicorn princess could make in the battle, and Celestia manages to pull off a very narrow victory.
  • Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons:
    • By chapter 42, Blackjack has gone berserk twice: The first time in Miramare Air Station, where she only awakens after the carnage she wreaked unarmed was over. The second time, her brutality made an allied Highlander visibly afraid and her remaining enemies attempted to flee after her first two kills. They didn't make it.
    • Later, she fights Legate Vitiosis, who manages to completely No-Sell everything Team Blackjack can throw at him, up to and including cutting his head off with a starmetal sword. The only reason the story doesn't end right then and there is because he decides Blackjack isn't a Worthy Opponent.
  • In Jericho, there's one particular fight scene so quick that it's literally blink-and-you'll-miss-it. The main character, Jericho, is reading a billboard when a stallion comes up from behind him, they exchange words, and the guy catches Jericho completely off-guard with a punch. But the actual fight?
    I gave the guy a side-neck chop as I pivoted and let him fall past me.
  • Some battles in Ace Combat: Equestria Chronicles may qualify. Since they usually involve the Mirage squadron, their enemies have a hard time winning against them.
    • However, in chapter 11 of Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Rainbow Dash is brutally curbstomped by Gilda. While being immobilized.
  • Inner Demons: Queen!Twilight Sparkle versus Luna. The Princess only gets one attack in, which Twilight reflects back at her, before immobilizing her. And then she uses a Mind Control spell on her, ending the fight.
    • Applejack's first encounter with Queen!Twilight's magically constructed Mooks was over very quickly. Unfortunately, she lost.
    • When Applejack and Rarity are breaking out of the castle, they absolutely mow down all of the soldiers in their way. At least until they're confronted by the brainwashed Princess Luna.
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves: The Diamond Dogs try to sabotage Trixie's charity concert and are confronted by Rarity. Having been given ear plugs by Checker Monarch to protect themselves from Rarity's whining, the Dogs figure they can take her... only for Rarity to reveal that she knows kung-fu (or the Equestrian equivalent). She then proceeds to kick. Their. Asses.
  • Chronicles of Harmony's End: Array wastes most of his energy on an unsuccessful Beam Spam and Kamehame Hadoken combo, which Discord casually evades before snaring and restraining him with a whip. Fight over.
  • Rainbooms and Royalty: When Twilight fights Blackened Armor (the brainwashed Shining Armor), she stops holding back her power, as she'd been doing her whole life, and completely wipes the floor with him, purifying him in the process.
  • In Guide To Recent Equestrian History:
    • The Battle of the Republic: Discord manged to defeat over one million republic troops.
    • The First Battle of Las Pegasus: The Third Army of Equestria is stomped so thoroughly that only fifteen of the ten thousand ponies survived.
  • The Ponies of Olympus series:
    • The thugs who harass Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo in Storm Alley don't last very long.
    • Pretty much every fight Rarity's in. She barely even breaks a sweat.
      • Subverted with Ran Biao, who actually proves a match for Rarity, though she still loses.
    • She seems to have picked this up from Lao Wu — the first match we see him in lasts all of a minute.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape:
  • In the RealityCheck's Nyxverse fanfic Tirek Gets A Righteous Beatdown: Tirek versus Spike. An armored, Godzilla-sized Spike with an epic mad-on. The outcome is pretty accurately described by the title.
  • In the Pony POV Series, the Dragon-Hooviet War ended in one of these when Queen Tiamat entered the fray. Even by dragon standards she's huge, and after laying waste to the southern half of the Hooviet Empire, (willingly) stopped just short of completely destroying their capital.
  • The war games exercise in Diaries of a Madman ends up with the Night Guard winning against the Day Guard in a near-flawless victory after Navarone teaches them guerrilla warfare, to devastating effect.
  • In the more realistic Conversion Bureau fanfics such as The Conversion Bureau: Not Alone and The Conversion Bureau: Cold War, humanity wipes the floor with the Royal Guard thanks to the huge gap in technology between the two sides.
  • My Little Metro: Expected in-universe when Lockbox challenges Steel Crescent to single combat for the freedom of Sidewinder. Averted when Lockbox actually wins, to the shock of nearly everypony present.
  • In The Dark Side of the Mirror Verse, a story taking place in Reflections Equestria while saving Rainbow Crash, Mirror!Starlight Glimmer ends up fighting against bully who refuses to back down. Not only does the guy get his flank kicked without laying a finger on her, Starlight takes time to tell him why his lack of discipline is getting in the way of his martial arts Special Talent.
  • In How Trixie (Somehow) Saved Hearth's Warming:
    • Trixie's first encounter with the Rat King ends with her turned into a puppet and captured quickly. Her second encounter with him goes much better ending with his Disney Villain Death, but she's fully aware that he's a much better straight up fighter than her and this would be the result of her trying to fight him head on. So she doesn't.
    • The fight with Leidr is this for much of it. As strong as Trixie and Vixen are Leidr is a Windigo (though not as strong as the original trio) and a mutant sapient one at that (meaning that unlike normal Windigos, he's actually learned to cast spells). To make matters worse when they finally manage to deal some damage to him he goes One-Winged Angel by performing a Fusion Dance with his two nonsapient pack mates. However, [[spoiler:this is reversed once Trixie remembers how the original trio were defeated and manages to invoke the Power of Friendship with her friends, at which point it's Leidr who's completely overpowered and has most of his power destroyed.
  • In Midnight Star, Midnight does this to Twilight's Luna AND Discord in a 2-vs.-1 fight. Considering she had beaten Nightmare Moon and Discord in her previous world, it's not surprising.
    • Midnight Star and Twilight do this to each other. At first, once Midnight tries to take over Twilight's body, Twilight is hard-pressed to last out against Midnight, and once under her hoof she can't do anything to stop her. Even when Twilight manages to separate from her body as pure magic aether, she still can't quite keep up with Midnight's raw power and chaos magic. However, once Twilight fully embraces Harmony and her latent magic power, she turns around and counters everything Midnight can throw at her.
  • In the My Little Pony fan video Elements of Cringe, Flame Majesty is able to one-shot three Alicorn Princesses in a row, after becoming one himself.
  • The Pieces Lie Where They Fell: Sharp Point’s gang is on the receiving end of one when the Questioning Order gets involved in their fight. While not shown, it is implied to have been very brutal.
  • In The Meaning Of Harmony Princess Celestia delivers one of these to the Windigos in the frozen wastes, when she arrives to rescue Sunset and the others from the blizzard.
  • In Below Average, Starlight Glimmer's army is on the receiving end when facing Princess Luna and the royal guards. While Starlight's forces do outnumber their enemies, they're all completely average at fighting (read: no skill at all) while wearing "average" armor and fighting trained soldiers wearing exceptional armor, many of whom have combat related Cutie Marks. In the very first clash, most of Starlight's army has their weapons break immediately.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Chapter 11 of the third story, Diplomacy Through Schooling. The Lady of Magic Vs. Tirek, full stop. Tirek ends up losing an arm and his mind, and is re-imprisoned in Tartarus… and now has cancer to boot, but can't die from it because of the extra effects the Lady of Magic added.


  • In Nareto: The Scret of Shiobi, Emeraldia frequently gets into these. Interestingly enough, when she defeats Gaara with a single water attack, the narration tries to pass it off as a long fight.
  • In Team 8, the Naruto vs. Sasuke fight in the Chunin Exams results in this due to Sasuke pushing Naruto's Berserk Button. Oops.
  • Any fight involving a Corporation Agent in Akatsuki Kitten: Phoenix Corporation Overhaul. The interesting part? The readers actually still like them. The author does nothing to hide how well-versed she is in tropes, especially Sue tropes, and knows exactly how close the Agents come and why. Then again, the Agents refer to themselves as being minions, employees, or even just servants of the author.
  • In Naruto Mysterious Power, there are a few minor fights like this, but the battle between Naruto, his harem, and Future Sakura definitely count; Future Sakura pretty much overpowers them quite brutally.
  • In Kitsune no Ken: Fist of the Fox, the fight between Shikamaru and Aoi during the Uchiha Zaibatsu Invitational Tournament results in this. Aoi badmouthed Ino repeatedly, so Shikamaru shut him up with one punch.
  • Naruto's first fight with Jiraiya in The Sealed Kunai predictably ends with Jiraiya easily kicking Naruto's ass.
  • There are almost as many fights in A Teacher's Glory that play this straight as avert it, and they are all awesome.
    • Using teamwork, Team 7 and Hinata run circles around Jiraiya.
    • The Sand loses the invasion so badly, it becomes known in-universe as The Breaking of Suna, and Leaf's counter-attack leaves Orochimaru without minions or bases and running for his life.
    • Hinata being beaten by Neji in thirty seconds instead of ten minutes wouldn't usually be awesome, except that she fought back so hard that Neji collapses after being declared the victor.
  • Dreaming of Sunshine: Naruto's fight with Neji in the Chunin exams. Neji never even touches the real Naruto.
    • And then by the Sound Four against Ibiki.
    • Shikako vs. Netsui. ends with the former winning without ever touching the latter.


  • Fate/Black Dawn: Shirou wins his first duel against a prospective knight in three breaths, without magic, and without killing his opponent. Then Arturia offers him a friendly duel. By the end of it, Shirou has barely managed to survive despite going all-out while Arturia was clearly just toying with him.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • A Crown of Stars:
    • Chapter 55. Asuka's Red Whirlwind against a dozen of armored vehicles and some infantry units. No contest.
    • Several chapters later the Avalon forces engaged the Jinnai’s fleet. The UN army could not even put a scratch on them.
  • Advice and Trust: After Shinji and Asuka's full graduation to Battle Couple some of their battles have been quite... one-sided. When they fought Leliel, the battle was over as soon as they went berserker. Shinji shattered its shadow into pieces, and Asuka ripped its body from within.
  • The Child of Love: Asuka against the Angel that appeared in chapter 3. The giant alien was crushing her fellow pilots when she came along, pushed it away with a hand, and helped Shinji and Rei to kill it with a single attack.
  • Doing It Right This Time: Rei against Sachiel in the first chapter. She kicked its groin, shattered one of its kneecaps, slammed its face against a building, suplexed it and finally disembowelled it.
  • HERZ: Any battle involving an Eva –especially Unit 01- is one-sided and is over very, very quickly.
  • Once More with Feeling: Shinji and Asuka against Israfel. In this timeline they managed to fight coordinately from the start, and they stomped all over it without need of a rematch.
  • The One I Love Is: Shinji against the MP-Evas in the Final Battle. Asuka was butchering them when they suddenly gained the upper hand and tore her robot into pieces. Then Shinji arrived, saw what they had done, and went completely berserker. He utterly massacred them.

One Piece

  • Many of the Peggy Sue fics use this for most of the protagonist's battles, such as Once Again, Luffy's Renewed Adventure, Second Wind, and New Game Plus.
  • In Our Mrs. Monkey, Luffy and Nami have gotten married. So when Absalom kidnaps Nami during Thriller Bark? Curbstomp ensues.
    Nami: Why is there a hole in the... everything?
    Luffy: Well, first I hit him in gear second, but then he turned invisible and I couldn't see him. But I knew he was in the room, so I used gear third to hit it.
    Nami: Hit what?
    Luffy: The room.
  • This Bites!:
    • The Bellamy Pirates' assault on Cricket's home ends like this. All it takes is Soundbite's Gastro-Phony and Gastro-Blast techniques, and the whole crew is out with Cross or Luffy hardly having to lift a finger.
    • Thanks to Cross's foreknowledge and cunning, Soundbite's listening, Lassoo's trick ammo and the rest of the crew's defensive reflexes, Satori is sent flying without even laying a hand (or ball) on the crew.
    • Jabra slammed on Luffy's Berserk Button as hard as he could in hopes of getting the fight of his life. The resulting Death Glare makes him fully aware that it was a fatal mistake, and what follows isn't so much a fight as a massacre.


  • Ash in Challenger utterly destroys the top ten students at Pokemon Academy due to being Taught by Experience while his opponents only know theory and most barely train their pokemon at all.
    • Almost any time Ash faces off against a Team Rocket Admin, he's on the receiving end. His first fight against one ends almost the moment it begins when his opponent's Crobat attacks him directly. A later fight has Ash fleeing for his life from a Hydreigon after Team Rocket decides to stop messing around and actually kill him.
  • In Common Sense, Ash, from his run-ins with Team Rocket, dedicates much more time to training than in canon, lest the Terrible Trio actually succeed in their plans. By the time his most important battles swing around, he manages to win them handily, since he's used to Team Rocket's Combat Pragmatist tactics.
  • Contrary to what might seem with the Peggy Sue premise, in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines these don't take place very often between Ash and other opponents, mostly because, while Ash's Pokémon have their memories, they don't regain their physical abilities and thus need to retrain. Most of his victories this way are against weaker opponents like the Samurai, and the Sensational Sisters.
    • On the other hand, the battle between Erika and Morana is Erika's favor, since despite having Type advantage, the much more experienced leader beats her without taking any hits.
    • Falkner tries to battle and catch Ho-Oh. End result? The legendary swats his strongest Pokémon like a fly, and leaves Falkner unconscious for 4 days.
    • The battle between Blaine and Raymond also becomes this when Blaine's Growlithe defeats his entire team, single-handedly.
    • And what happens when a bunch of green-horn Team Rocket grunts go against Elite Four member Lorelei and her boyfriend Frey? Mega Evolution, that's what.
  • In Play it Again, Ash, Samurai challenges Ash's Pidgeot with his Metapod. After a couple tackles fail to do anything at all, Pidgeot just holds Metapod down and asks it to stop, saying it's embarrassing both of them.

Ragnarok Online

  • In Warriors of the World: Soldiers of Fortune, Baphomet proceeds to thoroughly stomp Valkron despite the knight getting in a few hits, true to his nature as an ancient demon and one of the Boss Beasts of Midgard. It probably didn't help matters that the knight had to fight against some mind control in the process.


  • Ruby and Nora has many cases, though the most infamous is RWY’s complete and total annihilation of ARN.
  • From Four Deadly Secrets:
    • Most of India and Ruby's duel is just Ruby practicing her defensive stance. When she stops playing around the battle's over in one blow.
    • When Ruby drops into the White Fang's ambush on Weiss, the White Fang literally come out in pieces.
    • The Jaws Of Menagerie mooks who attack Ruby, Miltia, Venus and India don't put up much of a fight.
  • From Good Bellas:
    • In "The Mancunian Candidate", Blake inflicts a messy one on the mafiosi who betrayed and murdered her father, with a little help from Ruby.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • Adam Taurus vs. Kevin the Grimm dragon. It's less a fight and more Adam frantically running away with his strongest blows barely scratching Kevin. After Adam loses his weapon and tries to take a hostage, Kevin crunches Adam in a single bite. The most difficult part of the battle is that Ruby has to order Kevin to spit out Weiss, who was standing next to Adam.
    • Any time Jaune has gone all out, nobody has stood a chance against him. Adam came closest, and might have been able to defeat him, but Jaune was just stalling for Kevin to arrive.
    • Vernal taunts Jaune by telling him he's "no one important." Cue offscreen beatdown of Raven's "best student."
    • All of Salem's faction, the Atlas army, and the White Fang are completely incapable of even mildly inconveniencing the God of Darkness. With a heroic effort, they manage to cut off his leg... which he ignores, standing on one leg until he gets bored and regenerates it.

Sherlock Holmes

A Song of Ice and Fire

  • The fic The Merchant Prince of Pentos has the Braavosi navy deliver an epic one on the Pentoshi navy. Out of eighty ships, the Pentoshi lose more than sixty. The Braavosi? They "win" twenty-five vessels (they captured them). It's a very strong defeat when you're crushed and your opponent get stronger.
  • In chapters 46 and 47 of Purple Days, King Joffrey Baratheon goes off to meet Renly's Storm-and-Reach host of a hundred thousand men with only about five thousand of his own Royal Guard, Crownlander knights and lowborn raiders. Rather than confront them directly, Joffrey uses textbook Fabian strategy that turns Renly's greater numbers into his greatest weakness, with supply and morale loss so great that even Lord Randyll Tarly can't do anything to restore discipline. The end result is that Renly's court very quickly dissolves into own civil war, not helped by Renly's ill-thought ideas, which fomented jealousy and anger between the various lords and knights, with Joffrey and his men taken aback at how quickly the enemy army disintegrated. Moving in, he slays the entirety of the Rainbow Guard single-handedly and the remainder of Renly's faction, who still outnumbers Joffrey's forces by several orders of magnitude, either turn coat, surrender or flee.
    • In a previous cycle of the ongoing "Groundhog Day" Loop, Joffrey leads a Crownlander force to head off the Riverlanders gathering at the start of the War of the Five Kings and utterly smashes the gathering Darry forces, with him killing a few knights and lords in single combat. When he gets to the Northern host, he plows right through everyone and defeats Theon and Robb in quick succession, despite the latter having a Valyrian steel advantage in Ice. Unfortunately, he dies later of his wounds.

Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Episode 64 of Sonic X: Dark Chaos: Lord Maledict himself appears to challenge Sonic and take the Chaos Emeralds. When Sonic and his friends refuse, Maledict promptly stomps Super Sonic, Super Shadow, and Super Eric into the floor at the same time. He also obliterates the Tryphon station and the entire Metarex fleet with a single attack.
    • In Episode 73, Tsali kills Tails and is about to kill Cosmo. Then Tails turns into Shroud Tails, regenerates himself, sucks out all of Tsali's Dark Chaos Energy reserves, and throws Tsali into space through a window.
  • A New Life Era:

Spyro the Dragon

  • Chapter 16 of The Portal: Blizzard gets absolutely demolished by Zobek and then infected by his power when he gets stabbes by Zobek's tail.

Star Trek Online

  • In The Headhunt, Eleya derides the USS Enterprise-A, which was stolen from the breaker yards by The Mafia over a century earlier, as a "hundred-twenty-five-year-old museum piece with some newer tech bolted on", right before her own Galaxy-class USS Bajor, launched in 2409, casually catches up to it when it's going flat-out and blasts it out of warp in about three seconds. Enforced in that the author's note said it was a Take That! to the Vocal Minority wanting a T5 retrofit of the Constitution-class in STO.
    "See that? That's what's supposed to happen when you send a 23rd century ship up against a 25th century ship. Kiss my pretty Bajoran backside, T5 Connie crowd."
  • Justified in "Aen'rhien Vailiuri". The Kazon were never exactly a threat even forty years ago against the USS Voyager (it always took multiple Kazon ships to pose a credible threat), and Voyager was just a medium cruiser stuck on its own with no support. Now factor in that Morgan's ship is a D'deridex-class battlecruiser with modern armament and a cloaking device. T'Khnialmnae, the tactical officer, says the Kazons' weapons are about as good as what the Romulans were using a century ago and the shields aren't much better.
  • "The Road Not Taken": Eleya versus a Klingon warrior who's threatening to kill the Ferengi bartender Hadron. She tries to arrest him for assault, then adds "resisting arrest" and "assaulting a law officer" after tripping him and putting him in a hammerlock when he charges her.

Star Wars Legends

  • In the The Thrawn Trilogy AU TIE Fighter: Turning Point Rukh's assassination attempt on Thrawn is foiled, and the battle of Bilbringi turns into this for the Empire.
  • In Darth Vader: Hero of Naboo, Vader mops the floor with everyone he's come across thus far. To wit:
    • He mows the Trade Federation battle droids down like grass.
    • He bests Maul without even needing to draw his lightsaber.
    • When making a staged attack on the Jedi Temple, he is an unstoppable juggernaut.

Star Wars Rebels

  • In Ezra Lost, we have Darth Vader vs. Kanan Jarrus. Yeah. It goes about as well for Kanan as you think it does.
    • Then we have the Vidian vs. the Battle Star.
      • And near the end, Kanan vs. the Inquisitor. Inky is back after the season 1 finale and he is renewing his victory streak against Kanan, no doubt about it.

Steven Universe

  • In The Story of Black Pearl, the titular character, Black Pearl, effortlessly wipes the floor with a gem rebel force; shattering over half and poofing the remaining ones.
  • In Faded Blue, Blue Pearl is outclassed by Garnet in both strength and combat skill, but she does take the Fusion by surprise at one point by... hitting her with a fish.


  • Early in Down to Agincourt, Castiel takes Dean down casually and with no apparent effort in order to make a point. There's no actual beating up, but it's quite clear that's because Castiel doesn't feel the need to, rather than because he couldn't do it.

Super Smash Bros.

  • In Smash Mansion: Runaways, while the Smashers are visiting the world of Fire Emblem Awakening, a dark mage with an army of Risen assaults the characters, planning to get vengeance on the Shepherds for killing Grima. Naturally, she turns out to be woefully outclassed; not only does Samus destroy her army singlehandedly, her most powerful spell turns out to be Flux, one of the weakest ones in the game. Tharja ends up rotting her body to nothing out of disgust over how weak she is.


  • Imperfect Metamorphosis pits a limitedly-powered-up-Marisa (was also supplied with twelve of Yukari's absolutely insanely over the top Spellcards), Mima, Yuyuko, Youmu, Utsuho, Satori, Orin, Flandre, Remilia, Sakuya, and Yukari against Yuuka and Elly, who Yuuka brought in to even things up a bit after Yukari cheated and brought in 11 people to a supposedly one-on-one duel. Yuuka laughingly curbstomps the Scarlet Devil and Underground forces using one quater of her power (possibly permakilling Satori and Flandre, or trapping them in a Fate Worse than Death), and then brings three quaters of her power to bear against Yukari and gets a draw where both sides are too damaged to continue, with Yukari in worse shape. The only battle she 'lost' was against Marisa, Mima, Yuyuko, and Youmu, and even then she was only using 1/4 of her power, and she had 'Team Halloween' down to the ropes during the later part of the fight. Yuuka curbstomped most of the upper tier of the Touhou-verse at once without ever bringing her full power to bear.

Warhammer 40,000

  • In Tales of the Emperasque, practically every fight the Emperor gets into ends this way, by the virtue of him being now seventeen-feet tall monster and psyker powerhouse. On the other hand, Word of God is that if he tried to attack any Chaos God on his own, he'd be on the receiving end of this trope.

Whateley Universe

  • In Hard Being Pure, the fight between Snatch and Rust is completely one sided in Rust's favour, with him easily cutting through Snatch's robots with his laser while Snatch's bot are stuck with inefficient weapons like a railgun and jackhammer.


  • Atonement: Every battle where Ruin decides to cut loose in ends with a word or two from her and a dead opponent. This includes Horde of the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Youjo Senki

  • A Young Woman's Political Record features several courtesy of Germania:
    • The Battle of Duisbusch. Thanks to the newly developed concept of stealth casting, the occupying army didn't even know Tanya was there until about a minute before she opened fire, taking out all the 32nd's senior officers and over 90% of their mages in the opening salvo. While most of the rank and file troops survived the attack, the surprise so shattered their morale that they surrendered in place the next morning.
    • During the Francois invasion of Northern Ildoa, an aerial mage recon force decides to probe the Germanian defenses at Carthinia and they die to a man without doing anything meaningful.
    • In the first ever battle of Germania's new navy, one carrier and fourteen destroyers go up against a carrier, five battleships, ten cruisers and twenty two destroyers; a six to one tonnage disadvantage. Through a combined force doctrine between Air Force guided bombs, aerial mages, dive bombers and torpedo runs, all of the Francois ships save a single destroyer are sunk or taken, with the only confirmed Germanian casualties being three dive bombers and a fighter. The surviving ship defects to Albion to avoid having to return to the war.
    • The entire second World War ends up one for Francois, with Tanya riding a tank down the streets of Parisee just two weeks after the war starts.

Yu-Gi-Oh GX

  • In Dueling Unlimited, we have a few duels that are completely one-sided. The first is when Santa Claus shows up to take on a villainous mercenary. The next four take place when Anti-Heroes/Anti-Villains Bat, Boa, Raven, and Dove pull off their Big Damn Heroes moment and curbstomp enemy forces. All these duels double as Funny Moments.


  • Yognapped's main antagonist Sben wipes the floor with Duncan when the latter tries to hold him off. It's strongly implied that Duncan gets killed.
    • In the third installment, every fight with the resurrected Sben plays out like this, due to him hosting the spirits and power of both Herobrine and Rana. Even Notch bails out when he steps onto the scene.
  • Tiberium Wars has this happen pretty much anytime infantry go up against a Commando. At one point there's a drawn-out fight between a GDI soldier and a Nod Commando that only exists because the Commando was quite clearly toying with the soldier.
    • Later on, this happens when the Nod army runs headlong into the Mammoth Tanks of the GDI 2nd Heavy Armored. Specifically, the one thousand Mammoth Tanks of the GDI 2nd Heavy Armored.
  • Fated.htm Fated has a different version of the climactic battle at the end of "Innocence". The Scoobies ambush Spike and the Judge at the factory. Buffy's blowing away the Judge with her BLOODY ROCKET LAUNCHER is followed by the Scoobies barraging the vampires with crossbows. Spike and the wounded Drusilla beat a hasty retreat through the sewers, leaving Spike's minions to get massacred.
  • Sins of a Colonial Empire has one: 30 Colonial ships from BSG 2003, including 6 Battlestars Vs. 1 GDI ship. The GDI ship, which incidentally is mentioned as one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy, wins, suffering only 17% damage to their shields, even after being hit with 6 nukes!
  • Several examples in With Strings Attached:
    • In New Zork, the “Hitler Youth” ambush Paul and Ringo in the “alley” next to the Dakota Building. About ten seconds later, one guy has been slammed into the wall across the street, one guy has a garbage can crimped around him, one guy is upside-down in a garbage can, and one guy is hanging upside-down on a fence. Shortly thereafter, the fifth guy, after a brief moment of glory, recognizes just how outmatched he is and goes to help his friends.
    • The final battle in the warehouse.
    • When Ringo beats the huge warrior Mung in three seconds.
    "I think I win. Can I please go to sleep now?"
  • Plenty of examples in The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World:
    • John single-handedly neutralizes six guys when he rusts away their armor and weapons.
    • John and Ringo overpower four ninjas so efficiently that the entire scene is offscreen.
    • Similarly, John, Ringo, and Paul easily, if crabbily, handle a variety of attackers in the pubs and in their hotel room. (George doesn't participate, being too drunk.)
    • Paul singlehandedly wipes out every robot in the cliff dwelling.
    • Paul quite easily takes down one of the Animals' more potent members, while simultaneously Ringo takes another nasty one completely out of the battle.
  • Most of the fights in Kaiju War Chronicles are fairly even, but some of them end up being this. Most of them involve Bagan during the "Bagan Trilogy" (Bagan vs Monster X, Bagan vs. Everyone, and Bagan vs Everyone: Fallout). First he utterly destroys Monster X with ease and the title of the other two isn't lying, it literally takes basically the entire roster just to stand a ghost of a chance against him.
  • In the Megacrossover Massacre: Fall of the Nosferatu, The fights between Diva fromm Blood+ and Damon (Vampire Diaries) Vampire Hunter D vs Alucard (Castlevania) and Hellsing's Alucard vs Simon Bellmont (Catlevania) are this trope.
  • The second battle of Markab in The Dilgar War sees the Dilgar First Strike Fleet, Second Strike Fleet and First Line Fleet receiving one by the Earth Expeditionary Force. Justified by the extreme toughness and short range firepower of Earthforce warships when compared to the faster but less tough Dilgar ones, the Dilgar being used to fight opponents with faster ships and less skill than Earthforce, Earthforce having brought an insane number of nuclear weapons and admiral Hamato having an intelligence operative telling him what orders Jha'dur gave to her forces, allowing him to place his dreadnoughts for maximum effect and launch all of his nukes at the one moment when the Dilgar were concentrated enough to be annihilable in one shot and with their point defense weapons away from where the missiles were coming from.
    • The ground battle on Tiree is even worse. The Dilgar have eight regular divisions, one Stormtrooper division (basically thugs in uniform) and one Guard division, with comparable infantry and artillery equipment and no dedicated tank, only infantry fighting vehicles with good firepower. EarthForce shows up with overwhelming numbers, aircraft and orbital support that obliterates most of the Dilgar artillery before the troops even land, even without that EarthForce is artillery heavy, and human infantry equipment has better body armour with superior communication abilities. It's not pretty.
  • In XSGCOM, most of the Tau'ri - Goa'uld battles end up like this after the X-COM soldiers join the Stargate program.
  • It's perhaps easier to list the fights that The Prayer Warriors have that do not fall into this, but the one that stands out more than any is the battle against Hades. Hades is said to be Satan's "most elite servant", is able to revive all the other "false" Greek gods, and makes a Badass Boast about being stronger than God and Jesus and being undefeatable. The Prayer Warriors fall to their knees in prayer and he is immediately defeated.
  • This is a requirement for the duel against Guiche in any The Familiar of Zero fanfic, but it's up to the author to decide which side is the receiving end.
  • The SI of With This Ring has been on the delivering and receiving end of these. On the delivering end, against most opponents, who are incapable of even touching him. On the receiving end, against Klarion, who decided that torturing him would be more fun then just outright killing him.
  • In Black Princess Ascendant, Jen is asked to come at Flitwick with everything she has so he can gauge her current fighting ability. The fight lasts fifteen seconds with Jen on the defensive most of the time. Flitwick is impressed she lasted so long given how much he was holding back.
  • Ares and Aphrodite are on the receiving end of one in Broken Bow, with Artemis in Mama Bear mode delivering it.
  • Happens early on in the Inheritance Cycle fanfic Phoenix-fire. Mercury is defending with a force of around 30.000. The attacker has around 250.000, including over 150 dragons. The battle starts out with a little ranged skirmish, before Mercury lures the dragons into attacking head on, spreads out his lines and begins to harass the enemies with artillery fire. With the attacking leader occupied with the dragons, the rest of the army charges...right into a trap. The ground explodes beneath the attackers' feat, also bringing down the dragons above them, and Mercury's cavalry quickly charges into the stunned reserve forces, while the rest of the army encircles the surviors of the explosion. Conclusion: a few thousand survivors from the 250.000 strong attacking force, and a mostly intact defending force. Even Mercury's own government feels queasy with the death toll afterwards. He doesn't.
  • A literal example occurs in The Pride of Sunnydale when a furious Xander storms out of the Bronze, throws a random vampire to the ground, and stomps on his head hard enough to dust him.
  • Davion & Davion (Deceased) sports several merciless beatdowns, particularly when the Federated Suns starts using carrier warfare and battle armour against unsuspecting foes - although the Davion Guards' crushing of the Otomo would also count.
  • Persona: The Sougawa Files: Rina Oshiro has a conversation with Yuudai Honda that doesn't go so well, ending in the two fighting. It's not even close - Yuudai effortlessly tosses her around with his newfound Shadow powers, culminating in him entering her mind and striking her hard enough there that she's left unable to summon her Personas for a bit. He claims she got some good hits on him, but... she really didn't.


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