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Welcome to Pandora.

"There was a legend... Many people tell it. The legend of the Vault. My father would always go on about the Vault; even with his dying breath. Advanced alien technology. Infinite wealth. Fame. Power. Women. So you can understand why some little kiddos who hear the stories grow up to become Vault hunters. Well, I have a story you may not believe. But I tell you it is true. The legend of the Vault is real! And it is here, on Pandora."
Marcus Kincaid

Borderlands is a series of Space Western Hero Shooters with RPG Elements (or Action RPGs with FPS elements) for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows, and OS X developed by Gearbox Software - creators of the Brothers in Arms series and the three expansion packs for the original Half-Life.

Each game follows a party of adventurers who arrive on the desert planet of Pandora in search of an alien vault said to contain vast stores of untold wealth, power and alien technology. The only problem is no one seems to know where these Vaults are, and finding them won't be easy — Pandora is a backwater world where no one wants to live, filled with mutated monsters and violent convicts left over from a Mega-Corp's previous mining operations. Aided by an extremely complex Randomly Generated Loot system that creates every weapon, shield and accessory you find, resulting in about Eleventy Zillion combinations, and some of the funniest and most irreverent writing in the history of video games, the player sets out to find the Vault and become a legend.


Works in the series include:

Video Games

Comic Books

  • Borderlands: Origins (2012-2013)
  • Borderlands: Fall of Fyrestone (2014)
  • Borderlands: Tannis & The Vault (2014-2015)


  • Borderlands: The Fallen (2011)
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  • Borderlands: Unconquered (2012)
  • Borderlands: Gunsight (2013)

Now has a character page and a shout out page.

"Later, Vault Hunter!"

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