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Shout Out / Borderlands

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Pages that cataloging Shout-Out examples for each individual entry in the Borderlands franchise:

Works that are referenced in multiple entries in the series:

  • Doctor Who: To the Daleks' and their "Exterminate!" Catchphrase:
    • Borderlands: From Claptrap's New Robot Revolution: It's one of the things Rebel Claptraps yell.
    • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!: In the mission "Eradicate!", President Tassiter has you assemble a new Claptrap that strongly resembles a Dalek to fight an infected soldier. It's called a CL4P-LEK, and sounds just like how a Claptrap version of a Dalek would.
  • Firefly: Multiple things of the series is referenced:
    • Borderlands: Multiple things:
      • One mission has you kill Jaynis Kobb. You even find him in Jaynistown.
      • Referencing River Tam, with the "Firefly" class mod for Lillith, resident supernaturally-powered girl who specializes in close-quarters combat.
    • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!: A line from Jack in the beginning, when he and the Player Character meet The Watcher for the first time, when asked what the, at the time unnamed, Watcher is:
      "Uh, no idea, but I get the feeling it could kill us with its brain, so, y'know, keep running!"
    • Borderlands 3: The Companion is a twofer - It deals fire damage on headshots, mimicking the Firefly perk from Destiny... and has a quote to complete the reference. Similarly to Captain Mal's gun, it's also a revolver-styled pistol that acts more like a semiauto (and visually looks just like Malís gun):
      You can't take the sky from me.
  • The Half-Life series:
  • Star Wars: