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Awesome / Getting Back on Your Hooves

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  • All of Paraderpy's artwork for the series qualifies. (Alas that the account has been deleted, rendering all links to them useless.)
  • Twilight's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Blueblood after he calls Rarity selfish.
  • Trixie gets one in chapter 9 when Checker tries to Mind Rape her with nightmares again, only for Trixie to give a speech and force Checker out of her dream, stunning her.
  • The Diamond Dogs try to sneak backstage and ruin Trixie's charity show, and are confronted by Rarity. Having been given ear plugs by Checker to protect them from Rarity's whining, they figure they can take her... then she reveals she knows kung-fu (or the Equestrian equivalent). And then she kicks. Their. Asses.
    • The charity show itself is pretty awesome, being a huge Shout-Out to the G1 pilot "Rescue at Midnight Castle". And guess who's playing Tirek? Princess Luna!
  • The Batman Gambit-induced Engineered Public Confession that Trixie and the Mane 6 pull on Checker in chapter 11. She manages to subvert it, but then Helping Hoof double subverts it by double crossing her, ensuring her reputation is ruined.
    • Also, Rarity gets two for getting the Diamond Dogs to make an Heel–Face Turn and convincing the board of investors of Monarch, inc. to abandon the mall project, by simply telling the truth: she told the Diamond Dogs that Checkmate planned to build the mall over their mine (offering a steady pay also helped), and the investors about the attacks from Nightmare Moon, an Ursa Minor and Discord, the parasprite infestation, being near the Everfree Forest and on the Dragons' migration path, and that time Cerberus showed up. By the time she was finished, the Diamond Dogs worked for her, and the investors had not only decided that building a mall there would be a waste of money but also that a theatre would be a good investment instead.
  • Trixie and the Mane 6 managing to defeat Checker in Chapter 12.
  • In Magic Duel, Trixie giving Twilight a run for her money. To the point that, in the end, even the much more powerful Twilight is exhausted.
    • Particularly awesome is Trixie actually planning for it: when they're both exhausted, she uses hypnosis to put Twilight to sleep, something that normally would be ineffective on a more-rested Twilight, but now nearly succeeds.
    • Twilight narrowly manages to snap out of Trixie's hypnotic spell simply through her devotion to Celestia alone.
  • Trixie finally putting her past as the Great and Powerful Trixie behind her at long last in a true Trixie fashion complete with Twilights' finishing move in the duel putting Trixies' signature cape and wizard hat on her before it was burned away... and replaced with Raritys' new outfit for the Magnificent Trixie right beneath it.

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