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Just For Fun: Where Are You From?
Here at TV Tropes, we're an international bunch. Submit your current location or place of origin and find out who else lives nearby.

And, if you feel like it, you can add a pin on this map. (You do need to have a Google account to edit the map.) If you can't register with Google for some reason, and you want to be on the map, PM Madrugada with infomation that will allow her to figure out where to put your pin, and she'll add you.

(Please don't include full addresses. You probably wouldn't want any of the Tropers turning up at your house for dinner unexpectedly. Probably.)
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  • Fake Nog: Life of Insects Explo Station.


  • Australian Capital Territory
    • Sonica, Canberra, ACT, living in the capital!
    • Shwoo, born in Hobart but grew up in Canberra. Which are clearly the best two cities in the country, though not many would agree with me.
    • Kesa Ange Canberra, ACT, and incredibly bored -_-
    • wildgazelle In Ainslie, but grew up in a variety of rural NSW locations.

  • New South Wales

  • Northern Territory

  • Queensland
    • Visionary, only Brisbane person on the entire Internet.
    • Aziraphale, the other only Brisbane person on the entire Internet.
    • Ouroboros, the third only Brisbane person with internet access. Yep, not many people from Brisbane on the Internet...
    • Grimace, Haha! Fourth Brisbane person with internet. Labor's "Broadband Future for Australia" is mental.
    • Lycanious Fifth Brisbane Person on the internet, just to annoy you all.
    • Anomaly. Born in Cairns, raised in Brisbane.
    • Atara: also from Brisbane, or close enough, at least.
    • Dark Decapodian. In Toowoomba, and hopefully moving to Brisbane soon. Strangely, everyone I know from the state capital is quite active on the net indeed, but we're a young-ish bunch.
    • Gaunt88, Brisbane's eastern suburbs.
    • Lady Shlay: another Brisbanian on the net! Used to live in NSW.
    • Psyber Goth would like the world to know that he hails from Moura, Queensland, so when the time comes that the world bows to his will, they will know the most Holy of places.
    • Marky Markk from Brisbane's southside. I mean the REAL southside, not just that 10 minutes out of the city nonsense.
    • jasonalex in Blackwater.
    • Murillion Blue in the Garden City (Toowoomba). Originally from another Garden City (Christchurch, New Zealand).

  • South Australia

  • Tasmania
    • Oh! I know this one! Georgie, Hobart.
    • Randallw, Hobart.
    • RC Mirror, Hobart too (there's so many of us!). Formerly of Maitland, New South Wales
    • Reiko Kazama, Nicholls Rivulet (look it up).

  • Victoria

  • Western Australia
    • Mason: Born in New Zealand, Raised in Victoria, Living in Perth.
    • Mediiic, from Perth, currently residing in Melbourne.
    • PG 556, born and raised in Karratha, living in Perth. Westralians unite!!!
    • Origami Moose, Perth girl.
    • Stolen By Faeries, born in Brisbane, been in Perth since late 1999.
    • Fearmonger, Perth, Inglewood.
    • Sauka lives in Perth, but originally hails from Geraldton, (or bogan central according to This Very Wiki)

  • Bahamas
    • Fast Eddie: In Nassau. Has spent more than five continuous years in each of: England, Switzerland, the Bahamas. Born in Texas. Spells with International English or Amurrican English at random intervals.
    • Xen0nex: Also from Nassau, but was born there and other than a few years in the USA and Japan, lives there. (I thought I was gonna be the only one from the Bahamas, but if I'm sharing it with Fast Eddie I guess that's okay.)

  • Jamaica

  • Puerto Rico
    • Gravekeeper procrastinating over here in Bayamon
    • Red-Hatted Plumber, originally out of San Juan, temporarily in Rochester, NY
    • Sijo in Cabo Rojo
    • Do Know Butchie hails from Carolina, but has lived in Río Piedras most of his life.
    • hotcakes rotting in front of a computer in Trujillo Alto.

  • Dominican Republic
    • Only because the Dominican Republic is underrepresented, Maximus identifies himself as a Dominican. He actually lives in New York City and spent some time in Northern Virginia.
    • Individuo from Santo Domingo.
    • nightfool: Yep, underrepresented. From San Francisco de Macoris, currently residing in Vancouver, Canada

  • Trinidad & Tobago


     North America 
  • Canada


    British Columbia
    • Aphid: Vancouver, BC
    • Blueeyedrat: Near Vancouver, BC.
    • Doomlewa Originally from Ft. St. James, BC (nice town really), but recently lived in Prince Albert, Saskactchewan before moving to Vancouver.
    • Cameoflage: Vancouver, BC (I technically live in Coquitlam, but I spend most of my time downtown.)
    • Cookies: Richmond BC
    • Spider Rider 3: Near Vancouver, British Columbia
    • Full Metal Cookies: Port Alberni, British Columbia (The most boring town in BC!)
    • Tropers/Perrenial: Somewhere in the vicinity of Victoria, British Columbia. (Even more boring than Port Alberni. Trust me.)
    • Keltik: Kamloops, BC
    • Beatriz: Surrey, BC
    • Morgana/Sinta-tan - Lake Country, BC (I used to live in Kelowna. I wish I still lived there. D:)
    • clockworkspider - Vancouver, BC (well...a suburb thereof, anyways).
    • Dread Baron - Whalley, part of Surrey, B.C.
    • Kaosubaloo - New Westminster (That's near Vancouver), BC
    • Matrix - a suburb of Vancouver, BC.
    • Kai-suke - New Westminster, British Columbia. Somewhere in School District #40.
    • I Troper - Grand Forks, British Columbia. Most obscure little town of 3000 I've ever seen.
    • Wynter - Richmond, BC. I think I win for the most boring city... not that it's a bad thing.

    • kaijuu: Winnipeg, Manitoba
    • Fujiwara No Mokou Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    • Slaanesh - Winnipeg, Manitoba, until I can get out of this place.
    • Krimsh: Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the Silver Heights / St. James part of the world.
    • kiragecko: Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's possible there are other places in Manitoba, but I can't prove it.
    • Banana Pancakes: The sixth Manitoban troper from Winnipeg on this list. Specifically, I live in Fort Garry.

    New Brunswick

    Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Tael Nightengale: Somewhere on the western side of the Avalon penisula, Newfoundland (and Labrador).
    • TheCuza - Paradise, Newfoundland (It's pretty much a suburb of St. John's & Mount Pearl).
    • Ronka87 - Newfoundland (Townie)
    • NewfieMEKZ - Newfoundland (Eastern side of the Avalon Peninsula)

    Northwest Territories
    • Bang: Norman Wells, Northwest Territories. Waaay up there.

    Nova Scotia


    • Alas Dear Coriander: Oshawa, ON. It's that place east of Toronto with the GM factory.
    • Blade Tiger: Toronto, Ontario. (North York, to be overly specific.)
    • robinwolfe is another North York person. Tropers are taking over!
    • Susan Davis, Toronto, Ontario
    • shakes019: Guelph, Ontario
    • Crazyrabbits: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    • V1 also lives, unfortunately, in Mississauga.
    • Nosys divides his time between downtown Toronto and Central Ontario cottage country
    • Not: Southwestern Ontario
    • Pom Rania: Southern Ontario; studying in Hamilton
    • Drake Darkhunter: Ottawa, Ontario in the suburbs
    • Little Serge: Cochrane, Ontario. A really sad little town. The Ontario equivalent to Perrenial, most likely. It's in The Great North Woods, full of lumberjacks named Pierre.
    • Strawberry: Hamilton, Ontario
    • Kingogtheingdaw: Brampton, Ontario, Canada. First Bramptonian to represent! YEAH!
    • Void: Brampton, Ontario, Canada. ^I'm not the only one!
    • Case: Another Bramptonian!
    • Myles: Bramptonian number 4 here.
    • Saithor: Bramalea!
    • Furiko Maru: Somewhere in the wilds of the Golden Horseshoe, Ontario
    • Babbler: Ottawa, Ontario; born in Montreal, Quebec.
    • Volouscheur: Ontario, currently attending university in Cape Breton.
    • Endark Culi: Just an hour or two's drive away (depending on whether or not you follow speed limits) from Toronto, Ontario.
    • neobowman - Toronto, Ontario
    • lotuschan - Windsor, Ontario
    • Bill - Toronto, Ontario. Has somehow managed to never go up the CN tower.
    • Nyktös - Toronto
    • Gendoikari1 - Richmond Hill, ON (a bit north of Toronto proper, built around and between 2 streets)
    • Omega Metroid - Born in Scarborough, ON, lived in Huntsville, ON for 18 years, now for some bizarre reason in Gambo, NL.
    • songwithnosoul - Ontario
    • coldacid - Pickering, Ontario, just a short drive east of Toronto.
    • Min - Toronto, although my grandmother is from Montreal.
    • Wandering Moon - The dirty, dirty 'Shwa, Ontario. There is no escape!
    • Nika-senpai - Has lived in Hamilton, Pickering, and now resides in London, ON.
    • Thorenn G - A town in the Greater Toronto Area
    • tehjai - Petawawa, Ontario via South Branch, Newfoundland and Halifax, NS
    • sirnoob - Brampton, Ontario
    • Sum1 - Toronto, Ontario
    • A Rabbit Filled Nightmare Ottawa, Ontario
    • Marksthespot Toronto, Ontario
    • Fluffness - From Mississauga, a land only known for that huge shopping mall we got here.
    • Organicmcgeee - From the origin of the rust belt itself, Brantford. Studying in London, which is just as damp as it's British namesake
    • Das Nordlicht 91 - Toronto, Ontraio.
    • NN Land - Toronto, Ontario. Born to an Ethiopian family.

    Prince Edward Island

    • Arc9: Gatineau, Québec, although it's usually associated with Ottawa (and, by extension, Ontario). If you live here, know what to expect. Seriously.
    • Lonewolf23k: Longueil, Quebec.
    • Poppylitus: Montreal, Quebec
    • wire: Kahnawake, Quebec
    • tehSandiwch - directly SW from Shawinigan, QC, directly at the border between a municipality and a parish municipality. Pinpoint that out.

    • Jisu: Saskatchewan (any hick jokes out of you, and you will be subjected to the fury of a "pushy fangirl")
    • Shoruke - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (i.e. the largest city in the puckered sphinctor of nowhereland).


    • Bill: South Carolina, VA, DC, Toronto, Vancouver. Currently traveling.

  • El Salvador

  • Mexico
    • Avencri: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
    • Tropers/Da_Nuke — Guadalajara, Mexico.
    • Coyotic Evil: idem, currently living in Mexico City.
    • Romanticide: Born and raised in Mazatlan, living in Mexico city. Female, and completely sure there are other mexican tropers there, come out, come out, wherever you are.
    • Set: Merida, Yucatan. Spent all my life here, not planning to leave anytime soon.
    • Tovarishch: Also born in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Previously lived in Ensenada, Baja California, and Monterrey, Nuevo León. Currently living in Tijuana, Baja California.
    • Varasek: Puebla, Mexico.
    • Aenima: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    • Girl Without Hat: Baja California Sur, Mexico
    • Foxhack: Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico
    • Nedrae: Born in Tampico, another troper living in Mexico City.
    • Encarnacion Pastora near Ensenada, Baja California.
    • darkasecas: Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    • Sayuri Yamada: Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas. Born in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, and has lived in Tampico and Monterrey.
    • heartlessmushroom: Born and Raised in Mexico City.
  • Panama

  • United States of America

    • This is where Thunder Phoenix is from, though he is currently stationed in Japan.
    • Miff The Fox thinks that Huntsville, Alabama needs more love in fiction.
    • Murky Muse
    • Elmer36919 Born and raised in the little town of Silas, Alabama
    • pkticker hails from Sand Mountain.
    • daibee brings you greetings from Birmingham, and asks that you don't quote "Sweet Home Alabama" at her.
    • Anthony Alexander sends greetings from Shelby County, though he was born in Birmingham!
    • pensive dwells in the wooded areas of Shelby County, though her physical address reads 'Birmingham'.
    • Nola is from Greene County.
    • Far Beyond C maintains his real world base of operations in Montgomery, Alabama.




    • Commando Dude: Sacramento County; Folsom, CA
    • Aejemy Santa Paula, Ca. Tiny little town near Ventura (which is slightly larger and only slightly more well known).
    • Amarys Paso Robles, CA. Then Cotati. Also had a Brief stay in Tuebinen Germany.
    • Aster Selene Santa Monica, CA (Los Angeles). Moved back and forth between Orange County and Los Angeles for several years.
    • Bucky Katt Love: A poor little county in the mountains bordering the yuppy Napa County.
    • Sivi: Roseville. Close to the capital. Only for another two years, then it's off to the military.
    • joss: LA. Currently elsewhere. Did time in England.
    • Heart Burn Kid: Lancaster, California, in the heart of the Antelope Valley, about an hour's drive outside of LA. Standing offer: If you find yourself in the area, drop me a line and I'll buy you a beer at Schooner's.
    • Shire Nomad: The OC (but not The O.C.). Previously from all over the Bay Area.
    • Seanette: Currently in Sacramento, have lived in Santa Barbara and Lompoc. Originally from the Oregon coast. My mother, still a resident of our native area, teases me about living south of "the Manson-Nixon line".
    • Karalora: San Fernando Valley. Yes, that Valley. Like, y'know, whatever.
    • zxynoxia: Coalinga, California.... yeah...
    • nine:So Have I... you know, lived in Modesto my whole life...
    • The Green Herring: San Diego, California. Lived here (almost) all my life.
    • Larxene: Currently about half an hour from, but generally in or around San Francisco.
    • Eponymous Kid: Born in Mission hills, goes to school in Mission Hills, lives in... Sylmar. Ouch, huh?
    • Black Meph: San Diego. Grew up in Tucson, AZ.
    • Loustar Jogger: Concord, Cali. Only left the 'States for summer vacation, but prefers "colour" to "color" anyhow.
    • Danifesto: San Diego, for now.
    • Kiyo: Originally born in Chicago, IL. I call San Diego home since I've lived there for a while.
    • Tabs: Cupertino, California. Born in Santa Clara.
    • Kriegsmesser: A mountain resort town, no less. May be the only troper in California who's cold most of the year.
    • Crazael, though he only spells it "Kali Fornya" online. For more specifics, he lives in the "Spielburg Town" (as his mother calls it) of Pleasanton.
    • Orange Aipom: San Mateo, please.
    • Neo Chaos: San Jose.
    • Nosferatu: San Jose, but going elsewhere for college.
    • Gina In The Kings Road: Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley); attending UC Santa Barbara
    • Ironeye: Somewhere in So Cal, though which city depends on the day of the week and the time of year.
    • Selasphorus: Sonoma County.
    • Ray Ayanami: Santa Clara. For those unfamiliar with Silicon Valley geography, that's just west of San Jose.
    • Galen Dev: Sunny Palmdale, CA, about an hour north of LA on the 14. (Or three hours, if traffic is heavy. This is LA, after all.)
    • Solandra: Formerly located in Dallas, Texas but now rooming in Stanford. Yes, the university.
    • Thebobmaster: Santa Maria, CA.
    • Nightsky: San Jose originally, now LA CA.
    • Smashihng Melons 42: Somewhere in the bay area, between San Francisco and San Jose.
    • A Random Serf: Live in the east bay area, but I'm currently attending college in Ashland, OR.
    • The49th Persona: Sacramento. I hate where I live, though. Too many preppy people.
    • Green-Stapler: Orange County, CA. It's sunny!
    • J Bridge: Alameda, Bay Area. Awesome town.
    • Smerf: Glendora, originally from Washington. May also be found in confusion (see below)
    • Clever Pun: Seaside, Monterey County, California. A tourist town, but I live here anyway.
    • Cynicallad: Los Angeles, CA
    • Feelthe Loff Orange County, CA. Thankfully only until I graduate high school.
    • Thebobmaster Santa Maria, CA. Nice enough city on the coast.
    • Morven: Anaheim, CA. Two blocks from Disneyland; the fireworks shake the house nightly. This is in northern OC (Orange County); not The O.C.; that was a term invented for a crap TV show that wasn't even taped here. I'm originally from England; born in Hampstead, London, and moved a lot as a kid; went to college at Imperial College, London, and worked in Oxfordshire and London before moving here a dozen years ago.
    • Voodoo Master: Chicago Park, which is near Roseville, which is near the capital. A friend of mine has dubbed it a "maggot town" due to its small size; it is often ignored and refused DSL service.
    • Torri : Riverside, apparently the only troper in the IE?
    • Hubris : As if it's anything to brag about, this troper is also from the IE. San Bernardino~
    • Evil Midnight Lurker: born in Canada but spent most of my life in Santa Cruz.
    • Captain Planette: formerly of the Stanford/Palo Alto area.
    • Mellon Collie: Orange County, soon to be in Berkeley.
    • Nombretomado: Chula Vista, nearly all my life.
    • Sonic GTR: Palm City (a.k.a. That area between Chula Vista, Imperial Beach, Nestor, and Otay Mesa) in San Diego.
    • sgtangua4: Born and raised in Fremont, the city famous for Kristi Yamagatchi and being mentioned in The Kite Runner.
    • Cat22: Currently in Orange County. Born in Florida, had to move to Salinas, CA before high school. Escaped that place like it was Alcatraz, ended up in Southern California for college and stayed.
    • Taeraresh: Born in Oakland, now living in Alameda, just across the bay from San Francisco.
    • shlabam: Born in Oakland, lives in Oakland, considers himself a Berkeley native.
    • Shy Tenda: Born in Oklahoma City, now lives in Glendale and considers herself Californian.
    • Crackers N Cheese: Born in Long Beach, now lives in Cerritos. (Think Orange County/LA County border)
    • Lone Centrist: Lake Nacimiento, Paso Robles; almost exactly half-way between San Fransisco and Los Angeles.
    • Johnny Lurg: San Luis Obispo; exactly halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
    • Pepper-Jak: Big Bear City, which is basically South Park, CA.
    • dxman: Pasadena, CA.
    • Thomas Castle: South California.
    • Honey Brown 1976 La Verne, CA (Originally born and raised in Philadelphia, CA)
    • Super Jesus: Woodland California, about 20-odd miles NW of Sacramento.
    • Tropers/Uber_Pye: born and raised in Orange County
    • Taelor: Napa.
    • Calamity Jane: Lives in Napa too. She lives in a little pink trailer somewhere near New Tech. How lame.
    • Skooma: Lives in between the San Fernando Valley and Pasadena.
    • Lady Sylvan: Mill Valley, CA, near San Francisco.
    • Solitaire Roulette: Born and raised in The Capital No One Remembers.
    • Serene Shadow: Lives in a town so small that no one outside of a fifty mile radius knows what it is. Living in Fresno, CA for college.
    • De Luman: Livermore, CA About twenty miles east of Oakland
    • Smiling Cyclops Near San Gabriel
    • Those Dancing Days Fresno, CA
    • Luo: San Jose, roughly ten minutes away from SJSU no less.
    • Selecao IX: Coronado, a small city across the bay from Downtown San Diego.
    • cirrocco: I see your Napa and raise you Sonoma. And I'm a truck driver. TV Tropes: Read in truck stop bathroom stalls all over the USA!
    • Dogman15: Danville, CA. According to the map, I'm the only troper in my area, but I know at least two of my local friends have accounts here.
    • Seiryu: Northern California, and that's as specific as I'm going to get.
    • Sabre's Edge: currently in San Diego, but considers his home to be a hundred miles north, in the San Gabriel Valley.
    • Plan Awesome: Am I seriously the only Troper who actually lives in San Francisco? Huh.
    • Tropers/Azzizzi: Orange County, near the beach. Life is good.
    • Tropers/Tuba: Dublin, in the East Bay.
    • Tigerlillymelody: Claremont, Los Angeles.
    • Sharysa: Alameda, California.
    • Mr ZAP: Born in Chicago. Raised and live in the San Fernando Valley. I am the only person I know who hates the L.A. climate. I am a creature of the cold. Like, really cold. I want tundra. I hope to someday move to it (but only if I can convince everyone I know to also come) or become a Mad Scientist with a weather machine and totally alienate everyone here.
    • So We Ate Them: Born in Oakland. Lives in Martinez.
    • Shrikecatcher: Glendale, California.
    • Wolf Comet 24: Fairfield, North Cal. Born in the Philippines, moved here when I was 9 years old.
    • Immi: Campbell, California.
    • Ellowen: Berkeley

    • Boolean Earth : Used to live in Boulder. Currently in Denver.
    • Bright Blue Ink: Denver Metro area
    • bserkii: Current locale - The People's Republic of Boulder. Formerly of Basalt and Minturn (near Aspen and Vail, respectively), Ten years of experience in Skiatook, OK, and a year or two in Woodlawn, TN. Born: Minot, ND
    • xyzzy: Colorado Springs. I miss Texas; it seems like all the wildflowers are yellow around here.
    • Yo Adrian: Also Colorado Springs. Wonders if she might know xyzzy...
    • Anonymous User: A suburb of Denver
    • Flaming Spider: Aurora, near Cherry Creek State Park.
    • Major Tom: Colorado City, a small town south of Pueblo.
    • Mc Donsan: Colorado Springs. I doubt I know either of my fellow tropers. Can sometimes be found at Geeks Who Drink
    • theflaminghobo : Centennial. Previously an inhabitant of Las Vegas, and Arizona.
    • Asmaria Moon: Denver, quite a bit south of downtown, but still in Denver.
    • Awe Striker : But if you want it more specific, you're out of luck.
    • Megamagikarp
    • gyaku: Denver, eventually relocating to Japan.
    • Gideoncrawle: Denver metro area


    • Cosmic M: Does not particularly like South Western Connecticut, too cold in the winter. Lives about 45 minutes outside New York City.
    • Misfit119: Lives in unlikable South Eastern Connecticut while wishing for the good ol' days of living in Brooklyn, New York.
    • Elk: A native of West Hartford, this troper hopes to one day get out of this boringness.
    • Drusilla Hysteric: Lives in southeastern CT, is (thankfully) leaving for Massachusetts
    • Hremsfeld is also from Southeast CT, but is currently attending college in Vermont. He would like to point out for the benefit of Cosmic M that Connecticut is, in fact, NOT "too cold" in the winter; I'm looking forward to when it's -40 out, because I'll be blowing bubbles, which are gonna freeze in the air and roll around on the ground ^_^
    • SOCR Lives... somewhere around here. College is in the Southeast though. Totally inverting three of the examples here.
    • Bishop Rodan is a British expatriate who lives in southwest Connecticut, near the border between CT and New York.
    • Dave The Analyzer is an Autistic boy whose too paranoid to give where he is in Connecticut.

    • Jader: North Wilmington, right on the Pennsylvania border.
    • lnksmartt20: Smyrna Delaware, right in the middle of nowhere
    • Toothbrush64: Newark, right on the edge of Bear though.
    • Wimblesaurus: Also Newark, but closer to Wilmington.
    • Nekoalexa: Dover, more to the south

    • dburn13579: Northeast Florida, outside Jacksonville.
    • ZombieMonster: Born in Gainesville, lived eighteen years in Lake City, moved to Jacksonville to attend Jacksonville University.
    • Donomni: Tampa Bay area, about only an hour from Busch Gardens.
    • Ohiyesa: Tampa Bay area, about 45 minutes from Busch Gardens and little under 2 hours from Disney World
    • Glenn Magus Harvey: currently from New England, but counts his roots as being South Floridian.
    • Harpie Siren: Central Florida, near Orlando.
    • JIKTV: Tampa.
    • Lucy Wanabe: Brevard county, and that's as much as will be supplied. Considering the sheer size of it...nyah nyah nyah. :P
    • The Noun: Ocala. My birthplace is Liverpool, England, however.
    • Artemis92: Melbourne. Born in Virginia.
    • Mac Phisto: Jacksonville, by way of Chicago.
    • Mickey Moose: Poinciana (about 35 minutes south-southwest of Orlando) by way of Alaska.
    • Midonin
    • Nerdspringer: North Central Florida, grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
    • Nyperold
    • Old Troper: Tampa, for a l-o-n-g time (hence, "Old")
    • Shaon: Hendry County. Not really elaborating because there's about two objects of any interest in the entire place and I live in the middle of one.
    • Unit Omega: Central Florida, right above that big blue splotch on the map (It's called Lake Okeechobee, if you haven't heard of it). And when I say right above, I mean right above.
    • Tropers/Skum_Bananer: Melbourne. Or, as we locals call it, "Melboring".
    • LE Xicon 712: Haines City, Florida (40 miles south of Orlando).
    • GCO: St. Augustine, or Gainesville during the school year.
    • Wheezy: Carrolwood, FL (just north of Tampa) by way of Washington DC.
    • mimichan3 : Ponte Vedra, a town just a few miles south of Jacksonville. But was born in Atlanta, Georgia.
    • Roihu: North Miami Beach (Sunny Isles, to be more specific). He is surprised no one is from Miami.
    • Sirius Love Girl: Oveido. Born in Winter Park.
    • Dyn Skeet: Melbourne. No, not that one.
    • steelmag9: Jacksonville.
    • diyabeetus: Jackson county
    • Chelsie: Key West, FL.
    • ixa: Port Orange, which is really just Daytona Beach, except with less beaches & NASCAR.
    • Zilo: Originally from Jacksonville, now in Green Cove Springs, which is near Orange Park.
    • Jomar: North Florida, but grew up in Southwest Florida.
    • Asian Chicken: West Palm Beach, born in Daytona Beach.
    • Tasun : Been moving around a bit recently, but always within the Tampa/Valrico area.
    • Irksome Dude: Central FL (right in the middle between Tampa and Orlando), born in Tennessee.
    • fairywaif: Born in Michigan, now residing in Western Florida.
    • No Lily On My Grave: Originally from Brooksville, Florida (an hour north of Tampa and an hour west of Orlando), currently in Tallahassee.
    • Ayara: Fort Walton Beach, Florida, about an hour from Pensacola and three hours from Tallahassee.
    • flareons: Orlando, but I was born in Venezuela and moved here when I was 7.
    • Kersey475: Born and raised in Davie, a town near Ft. Lauderdale.
    • SanDemonMax: Born in Coral Springs, Florida, and currently in Davie, within walking distance of Broward College Central campus.

    • That Anime Otaku:Augusta.
    • Ahkeem94:also Augusta
    • Cygnus: Atlanta, where he is being lazy in college ;_;
    • Paradisca Corbasi: Living just outside Atlanta, GA in Marietta, but from New York City, born and raised..
    • Suave IV: ...too close to Alabama for comfort...
    • Meta Four: Currently. Previously in Rhode Island, Virginia, California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, California again, Virginia again, Texas, Arkansas, Indiana again, and North Carolina.
    • Code Man 38
    • Cpt Button: Macon. Previously from Long Island, New York via San Antonio, Texas
    • Fading Echo: College in Atlanta. Actually from the west end of nowhere near the Alabama border.
    • Tad Bolmont: Eastman, GA. Used to live in Dallas, TX. Likes Texas better...
    • Karmik Cykle Kennesaw on weekdays, Atlanta on weekends/holidays/breaks.
    • Tomoe Michieru: Carrollton, going to uni.
    • Akimi: Born in Riverdale, migrates between Athens and, to quote Fading Echo, the west end of nowhere.
    • Rabid Rainbow: Doesn't actually live in Atlanta but lives in the heart of suburbia, aka Dunwoody.
    • Ev Carey: Warner Robins, a great example of a suburb without an urb.
    • wuggles: Mc Donough, what used to be the middle of nowhere. I was born in Toronto, Canada, though.
    • rallyfan9000: Evans. Born in Orlando, Florida; lived for a time in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.
    • Caits Meow: Statesboro, previously Prairie Village, Kansas.
    • Lo Haze: on the edge of GA and TN.
    • Descendant Of Shinobi: Hephzibah currently, lived most of her life in Columbia, KY.
    • Devs Haruhix: Oklahoma born, Hawai'i raised, Georgia resident of nearly 5 years, vaguely around Conyers.
    • Oh No A Bear: Born, raised, and living in Atlanta.


    • The Evil Oboist Currently attending college in Rexburg. Surely I'm not the only one here... am I?
    • zombieface: Boise, soon Arizona, then San Francisco, formerly of Texas. You're not alone anymore!
    • Heptite: Idaho Falls
    • Earl of Sandvich: Moscow. Meh, whatevs! Since I'm Seattle-born and where I am is just smack-dab on the Idaho-Washington border, I consider myself more Washingtonian.
    • Snarky Ninja Also attending college in Rexburg. Curse the weather, much? I'm originally from Colorado, moved to Utah junior year of hs, yadda yadda. Troping rules!

    • Martin The Mess: Chicago, North Side. The actual city, not a suburb.
    • Micah: Chicago (grew up in upstate New York, went to college near L.A.)
    • Andrew Leprich: Small hicktown in northwestern Illinois, population 1,200
    • The Toon Geekette: Chicago suburb.
    • Mythsage is from a Chicago suburb. Near the Wisconsin border. It's that one with the big petty-theft-magnet we call a mall, and that godawful theme park. You know the one. Also, if you want to show up to dinner, go ahead. Mom's making meatloaf. Bring your own ketchup.
    • dockmarm hails from a southwest Chicago suburb, but currently resides in the Second City.
    • Severed Sam: Another small hicktown, or possibly same as Leprich's, who knows, who cares
    • Jefepato: Northwest suburb of Chicago. Nothing noteworthy around here except Woodfield.
    • dexterian120: Lake Zurich, an average size suburb outside of Chicago. About a half hour away from the guy above me.
    • G-Mon: Born, raised, and lives in the Windy City.
    • Muninn: Officially lives in a Chicago Suburb, actually spends the majority of the year in Michigan
    • Black Humor: Chicago, also North Side, also the actual city, not a suburb.
    • Umbee: Chicago suburb, of course.
    • Zyxzy: SW Chicago sububrs.
    • Aela: Going to college in the city proper, but hails from the far western suburbs.
    • I Hawk: North suburbs, just outside the city. At school in Minneapolis most of the year.
    • Toalordsothe: My fate was forged in the suburbs of Chicago, a little slice of heaven called Forest Park. Oh and if you show up for dinner bring your own cutlery...still haven't found that last set...
    • Zooty Cutie: Naperville, born in Elmhurst.
    • Madrugada: Not Chicago. Not a Chicago suburb. Not a small hicktown in Northern Illinois. All the way over on the other side of the state, on the Mississippi River.
    • Floating Root Beer: From a reasonably-sized city in northwestern Illinois, population 15,000. No, it is not a hicktown, thank you very much.
    • teamphineas Born, raised, and currently resides in the northwest side of Chicago. And I've got no intent of leaving anytime soon. So stalkers will have no trouble finding me (great...)
    • Sammich: Small hick-ish town in northern IL. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out which one, based on my tropername.
    • Primary Normal: A decent sized city 45 minutes from Peoria.
    • Jadey Chicago~
    • Nerdarena: Chicago suburbia, near O'Hare.
    • Voila Viola: Chicago - SW suburbs
    • Mutant is from a predominantly Polish neighborhood in the north side of Chicago.
    • Dr Mc Minty Carbondale. Start at Chicago, and go south. No, further. Further. Keep going. Are you near the bottom tip of the state? Look to the west.
    • Warrior of Light : Born, and currently living just outside Peoria. Lived in Tampa, Florida until about a year ago.
    • Malph: Born in Chicago. Currently reside in the suburbs, not far from O'Hare (the planes stopped bothering me long ago).
    • Chicago Mel: Born in Indiana, currently living in the south suburbs, close to the Indiana border.
    • Tropers/tgsnum5: Born in New Jersey, then moved to South Carolina, then to Connecticut, and then to his current residence.

    • Sandblast: Northeast IN, near Ft. Wayne.
    • Akatsuki Daybreak: a very small town in Southern Indiana, near Louisville, KY
    • Rakuen: Indianapolis, IN
    • Emyrean
    • blackcat: Fort Wayne, IN but work in OH
    • Doppelganger511: Currently residing in Goshen. However, I was born in Florida. Quite the change in scenery, I must say.
    • Mutant Rancor: Forest, Clinton County, Indiana. So small that people in neighboring counties have never heard of it. Having been to Florida, I agree with Doppelganger511 above.
    • Niel Jacoby: Lafayette, IN.
    • Iverum: Muncie, IN
    • Yurifanboy-sama: Gary,Indiana!
    • Terry78: East Chicago, Indiana. Yes, like East St. Louis. And yes, just as charming.
    • Gambit508: Kokomo, Indiana
    • Valbinooo: Gas City, IN. It's about forty miles south of Ft. Wayne. Pretty small. Even people who live in the county have to ask us where it's at...or if thats REALLY what it's called. And we pronounce it "Miss-iss-in-uh-wa" High School, if you HAVE heard of it. * cough* not "Miss-in-wah"* /cough* .
    • Ayjazz1: Portage, Northwest Indiana, also known as The Region.
    • Katrani: South Bend/Mishawaka, which are two towns that've basically grown into each other and just close enough to Goshen, Bremen, Ft. Wayne, and a lot of other places that we might as well be in the Region but we're not, luckily. :p Currently going to school in Muncie, though.
    • Vibrating Piggies: Greenfield, central-eastern Indiana. It's only about 15 minutes east of Indianapolis but hardly anyone knows where it is.
    • Whispering: Indianapolis, although I miss Michigan where I grew up. Don't worry Vibrating Piggies I know where Greenfield is.

    • Dante Dyavol: In western Iowa, about an hour from Sioux City. Born in Liberal, Kansas.
    • Echo Hotel: Iowa City ,IA
    • Figment Jedi: Waterloo, IA
    • Steel Blaidd:Cedar Rapids, IA; Previously: Lubbock, Lake Jackson and San Antonio, Texas. Orem Utah, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • Strigiforme: Iowa City, IA
    • natsuo Raised in little ol' Hudson, but in Iowa City for college.
    • Nabi, but originally from Spokane, Washington.
    • Dalantia, rural southwest IA (Can't say more, because then I'll have tropers showing up for dinner >_> )
    • The Girl From The Well: Fort Dodge, IA



    • Phartman: Originally from Baton Rouge. However, a certain hurricane chased me off to Connecticut, where I'm now attending college.
    • Dragonryder: Haughton. (AKA Hicksville, Louisiana. About 30 minuets from Shreveport.)
    • Dark: UL Lafayette!
    • Insubordinate
    • Conswake: Mandeville

    • Pteryx
    • Miss Twister
    • Marandahir: Originally from an hour north of New York City, but spends far more time at college here and on vacation in the Mount Desert Island area.
    • Jacks Bot is born, raised, and most likely to die here.
    • The Abby Normal Born in Atlanta, moved to Maine when she was 13. Temporarily relocated to Manassas, VA, but Bangor is considered home.

    • Red Shoe: Baltimore
    • Sct Fn: College Park
    • Arrow: Riverdale
    • dupreewith2es: Takoma Park/Silver Spring
    • Cheshire Grinne: Baltimore
    • Walker_of_Maryland: PG County. Lotsa us here. (Yes, Takoma Park, I'm including you.)
    • Meghatron: Harford County.
    • Blue Heel: Salisbury (Eastern Shore)
    • Jade Eyed 1: Hagerstown, Williamsport, and now Hedgesville (WV).
    • Robin Zimm: Silver Spring.
    • The Ninth: Baltimore City
    • eset: Annapolis
    • The Big N: Riverdale (according to US Postal Service, Riverdale Park everywhere else)
    • Elecveg: Ellicott City
    • Hestra: Ellicott City, though going to university close to Baltimore, also known as "Bawmer"
    • Goldie Brawn: Baltimore, but originally from the Eastern Shore.
    • Tropers/Landscape: Bethesda, although originally from Kolkata, India.

    • The Bad Wolf, Cambridge (Inman Square)
    • bwburke94: Conway, Western Mass
    • dysfunction: Northampton, Western Mass
    • Katsuhagi, Western Mass by the Quabbin, Boston as of next Fall.
    • Kitsoru, a suburban of Worcester. Wachusett Mt. disrict. (I feel ya, Spaceman.)
    • Miss Hap, Boston
    • Metz77, Saugus
    • lyonie17, outside 495, but only by eight miles or so.
    • Jackgar Prime, Brighton, formerly South Boston
    • Filby: Somewhere in the suburbs of Hampden County.
    • Revolos55: Boston/Cambridge area, grew up in New Hampshire.
    • Elihu: MIT (Cambridge, MA). Originally from Dallas, TX.
    • O Malley: Gloucester, MA. It's a fun city.
    • Tropers/Sword_tenchi: Also from MIT. Originally from Memphis, TN.
    • Spaceman: Worcester is a total shithole, but my university is keeping me there for 2 more years, at least.
    • Mike K: Malden
    • Progeny Ex Machina: Newton. It's a nice place, as long as you're not a 5-to-18-year-old with mental disabilities.
    • Pastafarian: Belmont (Boston suburb of ~25,000).
    • Asphodelus
    • starshine: Boston!
    • Rbx5: Acton: the kinda place you've never heard of or been to unless you, friends, or relatives live here.
    • Gamer Am I: Home is in Essex county, going to school in Middlesex county. (not comfortable giving specific cities here)
    • manoftin: Groton, MA. If you've heard of it, you live here, or in a surrounding town.
    • Brotha Soul Small town in Worcester county called Charlton, departing for Framingham State University in the fall. In my heart I know it won't be warmer there, but I can pray.

    • Bluetooth The Pirate, Southeast Michigan, but I work all along the 401 in Canada (line-haul trucking).
    • D Wibby, born and raised above the 45th parallel, now living in Western Lower Michigan.
    • Jubal Harshaw, born in the UP, currently living in Fenton.
    • Rennie, Macomb County
    • Queen Of Dorkness lives in Macomb County but attends Fraser High school.
    • The Oblivious Warrior, lives in Cedar Springs but works and goes to college in Grand Rapids.
    • Muninn, attends college in the Flint region
    • Darc Discordia lives and attends college in Flint.
    • Volkai, lives in Ann Arbor. But is still a Hooiser at heart.
    • bjt71988, lived in the state his entire life (in Canton); goes to college in ann arbor
    • Isabel, lives near South Bend, is still a Red Sox fan.
    • Aardvark, lives near Canton
    • Nurfle is surprised there aren't more tropers from his native Grand Rapids metroplex.
    • Will Fail For Food counters Nurfle's assumption that there are no tropers in Grand Rapids, for he is from there as well!
    • Stevie C is from Grand Rapids, born and raised.
    • Invisible Jester And a third! This Troper grew up in and still lives near Grand Rapids, going to college there as well.
    • Blackmoon, but originally from Minnesota. Lives closer to Detroit than he'd like and not as close to Ann Arbor as he'd like.
    • Phoenix Oasis is from Battle Creek, MI. Battle Creek is known for cereal, factories and staggering unemployment.
    • appealus, lives in Detroit, MI. Mostly known for being too lazy to fin
    • Milotic dwells in Ann Arbor and passes his time either freezing, writing, or spinning poi.
    • huMI lives in Ypsilanti
    • Mr Bluesky grew up on 8 Mile... and Novi Road. (For the uneducated, 8 Mile does extend outside of Detroit. FAR outside of Detroit.) He currently resides in sparta.
    • Genki Girl was born in her living room in teeny tiny Waterford Township, MI. (For those of you confused by that, her spot of origin is super close to Pontiac.)
    • Shadic The Hedgehog from Ionia. Smack dab in the middle of the glove, and home of the world's largest Free Fair!
    • Freedom In Panem goes to high school in Bloomfield at IA Central and Tropes during Math, Bio, Spanish, World Lit, World Studies... Aw, Shucks, all of them!
    • Qmwne235 was born in Canada, then moved to Bloomfield Township, then the wonderful town of Canton, and now goes to a certain college in East Lansing.
    • Tropers/flyingferret grew up in Ypsi(lanti). She now resides on the moon, but can sometimes be found hovering over international borders.
    • VF 1 S Valkyrie Battle Creek. We've got cereal.
    • Samalander lives and works in Muskegon.
    • The Music Fool: Born and raised in the city of Marquette, in the county of Marquette, in the Upper Peninsula. We've got deer. And, uh, iron ore. And trees.
    • Tropers/usadestinyfate: Lives in Oak Park, a small city in Detroit full of oaks.
    • Kyojikasshu: Born in Garden City; spent my first few years in the Warrendale neighborhood of Detroit; spent most of my life in Plymouth; now living in Canton.
    • Andrew Mcmann: La Crescent, just south of Winona, which is an hour east of Rochester, which is two hours south of The Cities.
    • Edible Complex: Just off the U of MN
    • Man Called True: About twenty minutes outside of Lakeville, Minnesota.
    • Nate The Great. Go Gophers!
    • Verity, though out of state for college most of the year.
    • Ozzie. Right in the Twin Cities.
    • Skorpio :Tiny tourist trap of Nisswa.
    • Quartermain St. Paul
    • Just Call Me Ned Minneapolis, right in the middle of Gopher Territory.
    • Followerof Eris Near Mankato (which is nothing like the Little House on the Prairie books)
    • buri-chan New Brighton for summer, Bemidji for the school year.
    • Ezzie - Mounds View, a northern suburb of the Twin Cities.
    • Teemo New Hope.
    • Ekajra Lives in Rochester, currently editing from his dorm room in the cities.
    • Lagomorph: Jackson, Mississippi.
    • Trickster-Belle Jackson, MS. Yes, we wear shoes & have paved roads. (Why do I always get asked that when I travel?)
    • Tropers/A*** Ace Flyheight: The titular namer for "backwater" community - Banner, Mississippi.
    • Mswordx24: Vicksburg, Mississippi.
    • Loose Cannon

    • Crazy Dreamer: St. Louis, mostly
    • Thatother1dude: St. Charles (suburb of St. Louis)
    • TMOH: Springfield
    • Mantid: High Ridge, which south of St. Louis (but I'm from Cahokia, IL)
    • Shar Phoe: St. Charles, Missouri, born and raised.
    • Space Wings: Born in St. Peters, raised in St. Charles, not that the former makes a difference.
    • Landstander: St. Louis, born and raised.
    • Heatherly: Springfield. Born in Texas, raised mostly in southern California, with some stops in Kansas, South Carolina and Pennsylvania along the way. (Can you tell my dad was in the military?)
    • Painfulblue: Kearney, a small town outside of Kansas City. Born in Louisiana; and spent time in downtown Kansas City and Oakland, CA.
    • Capt Hayfever: St L (born & bred), currently at school in Kirksville (kinda in the north central part of the state).
    • Animenutcase: Kansas City, born and raised.
    • gwr2004: And that's all the detail ya need!
    • Kissof Camine: St. Louis, though born in Texas and spent most her childhood in Georgia and Illinois. It's complicated.
    • Miar: Hannibal
    • redhed311: I lived in St. Louis my entire life, except for my first year of colege, which was spent in Kansas City.
    • Superkim111: St. Louis and the suburbs of.
    • Robinton: Way east of KC, but still north-west of St. Louis.




    New Hampshire

    New Jersey
    • Looney Toons: Near the Raritan, two major universities, several colleges both major and minor, and numerous landmarks from Weird New Jersey
    • Japanese Teeth: Newark area. It isn't quite as bad as they long as you don't leave your house. Currently attending a college in Indiana.
    • Rogue 7: Westfield- If you've seen Ed, the intro was my town. Rich, white, and preppy.
    • Haven: Originally from around Red Bank (Kevin Smith was from there), though currently living in the Big Applesauce.
    • Dookie: Living so close to the Big Applesauce, I may as well live there. Nonetheless, New Yorkers still ridicule me for living on the other side of the Hudson River from them (separated by less than 3 km). I like living in New Jersey, however.
    • Rain Krystal: Same here, I can see the skyline every day on my way to school. I live up in high elevation (for Jersey) so from where I am, it looks like the sun rises every day out of JFK airport.
    • SpiriTsunami: Live in Hunterdon County, and go to college in Morris County. You might've seen my college in some movies. Or music videos. Or probably TV shows. It gets a lot of use as scenery.
    • Eaver: East Brunswick, New Jersey. Did you know that it's the population center of the state? Useless knowledge is useless power.
    • Anime Dutchess: Home is in Middlesex County...forget which one my college is. But it's still in New Joisey.
    • Killer Squid: Marlton/Evesham is my hometown. Very wet town. Go to college at Rutgers, live right next to the Raritan. Fan of everything.
    • Esse Est Percipi: About an hour away from Morristown. (That's the nearest location to my hometown that anyone has actually heard of.)
    • starshine: Same here, Esse. I only live about 20 minutes away, though. (And I go to school in Boston for most of the year.)
    • Captain Planette: I've lived in too many places for my own good. As far as NJ goes, I've lived in Lakewood, Ocean County for a few years. Spent more time in Passaic of Passaic County and Fort Lee of Bergen County (let's walk to NYC!). Currently living in England, alas.
    • Ari Rockefeller: South Jersey.
    • B Krueg: I live in Princeton, New Jersey and attend university there as well.
    • kuramalove: Currently living in Lawrenceville in university. Originally from Union!
    • Servo91: Maple Shade, New Jersey: Close to Camden and Phildelphia. Going to college in Ewing, NJ
    • Forming Babby: Can see the NYC skyline from the mountains in my hometown, going to school down in mid/South Jersey.
    • Saraphyn: in the South Jersey area that tries not to associate itself too much with Camden. AKA Camden County. :P Attending college in North Jersey.
    • Brendan Rizzo: South Jersey, on the border of two counties. Near where the suburban part of the state ends and the rural part begins.
    • Tropers/XSOULFIRE: Around the Newark area, can see the Appalachian mountains.
    • Joesolo: Middlesex county, in a town famous for bricks and not much else. Well, except that one guy that hated the place. Going to college in the same county next year, hopefully for just 2 years before going for greener pastures.
    • karstovich2: Originally from Metro Detroit, currently in South Jersey.

    New Mexico
    • Generico, Portales
    • Kjorteo: Albuquerque
    • Mike: Socorro, at the moment. (Guess why)
    • Wolf Samurai: Albuquerque
    • Zentillion: Silver City
    • Kamui Valentine: Albuquerque
    • 0blivionmobile Alamogordo - the town with the highest church per capita (not chapel, yhat would be Las Vegas, NV) and lowest average pregnancy age in the country!

    New York
    • 67thave West Hempstead, NY. Still angry at the MTA for cutting off weekend service on the West Hempstead Branch.
    • Self Called Nowhere Buffalo, NY. A recent development after 18 years of being stuck in the middle of Texas and Oklahoma...
    • Tyrekecorrea Bronx, NY. Trying to make peace with manhattan traffic.
    • Sugar Princess 125, Queens, in Richmond Hill.
    • Fungal88 was born in the state's capital of Albany and was raised in a hamlet near Saratoga Springs for her entire life so far.
    • Jonny D, New York, Buffalo (although I'm originally from England)
    • jacklined, Long Island
    • Hershele Ostropoler, Brooklyn 18, very nearly with an accent to match.
    • Kalle, who is so far upstate that she can throw a rock across the river to Canada
    • Keltena, hailing from Manhattan.
    • Komodin, Brooklyn, but without the accent.
    • Leylicite, who is also from "upstate" although inside this region called "Central New York" which has a weird obsession with calling itself CNY and adorning most everything in it with this acronym
    • Malimar, originally from Boston, MA, currently living in Buffalo, NY. Also, it is interesting how we seem to have three upstaters/WNYers and one Long Islander, but nobody in the Big Applesauce itself.
    • Megatron has spent her entire life jumping around Queens neighborhoods in the Big Applesauce.
    • No Limit, Queens
    • Pixagi has lived in Brooklyn for 11 years.
    • RTHSFF - Southampton, NY
    • Skadi, Buffalo, NY. Born and bred.
    • Star Bright: Big Applesauce coming up. Native Brooklynite, though currently attending college in Boston.
    • Tzintzuntzan: Another Big Applesauce native here, lived my whole life so far in Manhattan.
    • Anony Monk: A Big Applesauce worker, but living in Westchester, home of the X-Men
    • Tropers/Ri_L is from DC but emigrated to Brooklyn after college. She doesn't plan to leave New York City.
    • Rangi: Queens, Big Applesauce.
    • Black Vion: Yet another Big Applesauce Troper. Born and raised in Queens.
    • Sir Gawain is an upstate New Yorker from Albany. ...y'know, the capital. Currently living in Mass.
    • The Strom Lord Brooklyn again! Over 9000 cheers for the Big Applesauce!
    • Massawhore: I run the Big Applesauce. Honest.
    • Apocalypsering: Representing the western end of the state, that being Buffalo and Niagra Falls.
    • Doubleyouteeeff: Born in The Bronx, then moved to Yonkers, then East Fishkill, my current residence. Near Poughkeepsie. Halfway between Albany and New Yawk.
    • oreopizza47: Binghamton. A quaint, perpetually cold little place. Home of the Speidie Fest!
    • Wild Knight grew up in northern New Jersey, hated its guts, and moved to an apartment in the middle of butt-nowhere in Dutchess County.
    • Rob T Firefly: Long Island, descended from a family of Brooklynites.
    • Dr.Cuddlbeunny lives in Bunnyland =3
    • Trayzark: Born in Brooklyn. Still here so far.
    • Kaiserin Kai: I was born in the Bronx. I moved to Mount Vernon when I was 10 and then to Long Island when I was 19, where I currently reside.
    • Endyz Wayz: Another Big Applesauce Brooklynite, currently in Long Island.
    • City, another count for Manhattan (although originally from LA).
    • Dog Lover: I'm from Long Island.
    • Schizo Niko: Buffalo~
    • Jesska: Binghamton. Originally from the Baton Rouge, LA area though.
    • Lady Ant Bane: Binghamton. Nice place that whiney college students like to bitch about.
    • Apejack: Long Island during the school year, the city the rest of the time.
    • Witchdoctor: Clifton Park, about half an hour to 45 minutes from Albany depending on traffic.
    • VmKid: Long Island. In a town full of rich kids.
    • smittykins: Seneca Falls—Finger Lakes represent!!!
    • flarp22: Long Island, don't plan on staying forever though.
    • Metalitia: The Bronx/Manhattan (it's a gray area, seriously). And completely friendless, too.
    • purplequeen14: Born Long Islander, moved to California, now residing in a suburb of Philly.
    • The Apple Freak: Lived in Brooklyn for his entire life.
    • Gamermaster: Farmingdale, Long Island
    • Sibuna: Albany, all my life. Well, just outside the city actually. Not a bad place, but kind of boring.

    North Carolina
    • Gamer From Jump - Greensboro
    • William Wide Web
    • Zephid
    • Sarahsuke
    • Shazzbaa
    • Andrusi
    • Ansoro, Raleigh. Originally from Florida and lived for a year in New Orleans. I can typically be found munching on fudge sundaes in various McDonald's locations using free WiFi since I'm also a freelancer.
    • Callahan lives in Raleigh, too. :D
    • Mighty Favog
    • Nill N Mikey resides in tiny, tiny Hampstead.
    • Tropers/Chartoc - Spring Lake
    • Fragwurdig lives in Charlotte, but not by choice.
    • Insano is hanging out around Raleigh and Cary. Lives in Cary, hails from the Philippines.
    • StarSword lives in Pittsboro, attends school at UNC Greensboro. Can also be found somewhere in deep space.
    • Boo Boo Bob Whee.
    • Grev
    • The Kakapo (although nowadays you'll find me in Northern Kentucky)
    • Violet Strange
    • Zombified Angel
    • Dr Thinker
    • Raekuul in Cincinnati.
    • Stinkoman87 in Cincinnati's neighbor city Dayton.
    • Shukaro
    • Mistress Minako
    • Red Rajah stuck in Hell, err Cleveland.
    • mochakasem suburbs of Akron, but soon to relocate out of state (and really, how many NE Ohioans are here by choice?!)
    • All of us by birth, none of us by choice, mochakasem! Replis Monathin's stuck here with you in the suburbs of Akron(more accurately, in Uniontown, on the border of Springfield Township. (No, not that Springfield) So no need to worry!
    • Bookhobbit is a hermit in an unknown suburb in the general vicinity of Youngstown.
    • Giles, in Columbus, but I'm originally from Australia.
    • Trumpet Marietta, well, gee, it's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it?
    • Akiba Similar to Bookhobbit, I'm somewhat of a hermit; I'm in a basement in a suburb of Reynoldsburg (which is itself something of a suburb of Columbus).
    • Trumpy Can Do Magic Things is from the southern part of Ohio, the part where there is dissagreement among locals over whether or not the southern part of Ohio counts as "the South" and therefor makes it appropriate to display Confederate flags. For my part, I prefer to not even bother commenting upon this pressing issue.
    • Pretzel Boy is located in His evil lair deep below the Salt Flats of Utah...actually I'm from eastern side of Ohio along the river of the same name.
    • Tree Hand Thingy is from Harrison, west of Cincinnati, and splits his time between there and Kent.
    • Darkness, Cleveland. At least we're not Detroit.
    • Jcatgrl is from a little itty bitty minuscule Dayton suburb you've probably never heard of. We've never really done anything remarkable. We do, however, have the largest amount of brick houses. Yeah, Huber Heights pretty well sucks.
    • Loser Gamer Britt, some little town near Urbana.
    • Sunny V—The boring, obscure city of Newark. Not to be confused with the one in New Jersey. That's Something Completely Different.
    • Ariamaki here by birth and by choice, in the depressingly tiny Village of Mogadore, just outside of Akron and Kent.
    • Dark Dice Dude - Just outside of Winchester.
    • Across The Stars agrees with the sentiment that Columbus is the world's biggest college town, and would like to GTFO, thankyouverymuch.
    • Rubyfruit is from Toledo. Not as bad as it sounds.
    • Arucia is from a suburb of Toledo.
    • Taco - Columbus.
    • The Velvet Hand from Brunswick.
    • Baseballfan1456 is from Austintown, a suburb of Youngstown, which is about an hour away from Cleveland and about 3 hours from Columbus.
    • Central Avenue — Columbus
    • hitstun - Westerville, suburb of Columbus.
    • Nwafc - from Cleveland. Wants to go to Japan but that ain't happening.
    • Mark Lungo - Grew up in suburban Cleveland, lived in the city for a while, now back in the suburbs.
    • tombcannon is an Akronite.
    • Bold as Love is sadly from Cleveland. The bad part of Cleveland


    • Adam850, Springfield, Oregon
    • Sci Vo, Portland, Oregon
    • L Guardinal, Portland, Oregon, and knows either an Unknown Troper or Sci Vo. Red Nintendo Shirt boy?
    • Manis, La Grande, Oregon
    • Po8, Portland, Oregon
    • Killbot, Albany, Oregon
    • English Ivy, Portland
    • Brimestone Cow, Constantly commuting to Salem and Lincoln City, Oregon from his home base of Mc Minnville, Oregon.
    • jwdoom, Portland
    • Zetta, Portland, and Beaverton for school.
    • Jigoku Bosatsu, Portland
    • katiekid, Eugene, Oregon.
    • MRL, Springfield, Oregon
    • Sparkysharps, Portland, Oregon — Though the summers are spent in Los Angeles, California
    • The Ghost Hybrid, Klamath Falls, Oregon. Born and raised, baby!
    • Permagreen, Portland, Oregon. Let's chill sometime!
    • Loracarol Born in souther California, but moved to Eugene, OR when she was under two years of age, and has lived there ever since.
    • Lurkie, Native Oregonian, born in Portland; lived in Portland, Hillsboro, Aloha, and currently residing in Cornelius.
    • Zaatar, Portland
    • Transkaren, Native Oregonian, Transgendered. Lives in Eugene currently.
    • Davis J 3608, Native West-Coaster. Born in Utah, lived in the Tri-Cities, WA (where the air is radioactive), moved to Medford, OR, then to Vancouver, WA, and now live in Salem, OR. As soon as I get a transfer degree, I'm moving to Eugene, OR for the purpose of going to U of O. Hurrah for moving!
    • Stark1111, presently in Portland
    • MS Adict, now in Salem at a reduced price.

    • Andyroid, Boothwyn, Pennsylvania
    • Dr Mc P, a suburb of Philadelphia that no one's heard of. Currently living in downtown Chicago for college, however.
    • Lale, currently attending and working @ college (Farmsville, U.S.A. as I like to call it) near Philadelphia, but Pittsburgh will always be my home.
    • Lady Norbert, Lehigh Valley
    • LTR, State College, Pennsylvania
    • Piano-kun: Currently residing in Philadelphia for college, but my permanent home is in Orlando, Florida.
    • Ryoko Mocha Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
    • Willy Four Eyes, Darby (it's close to Philadelphia...really, I swear!)
    • Mads, Media (also near Philly), knows where Darby is, and probably knows where Dr Mc P's suburb is too.
    • Shale, Paoli, yet another Philly suburb and could probably find Mads, Dr Mc P and Willy easily enough.
    • Atagamay, jerkwater town in the south-central region. Intends on relocating to the pacific northwest some time in the coming years. (Because this place sucks and I simply do not want to be here any more.)
    • The Great Unknown, also Lehigh Valley, an hour and a half away from Philly. The same town, actually, as Randall Munroe is from.
    • Come Love Sleep Pittsburgh. Specifically, the South Side, though at this rate I'll have lived in every district before I end up moving away.
    • Unicogirl, Erie, a small city no one really notices and judges based on it's large farm areas.
    • Septimus Pittsburgh. And like nearly everyone else here, wanting to get out.
    • Zero Greenville, a small ass town in Mercer County. Don't feel bad if you don't know it. I always just tell people "Between Erie and Pittsburgh" or "If you know where Trent Reznor is from...". Now, I'm down in Pittsburgh at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Gotta love those late night runs to the corner store for energy drinks...
    • ladygem Blue Bell, yet another Philly Suburb, could probably find Dr Mc P, Mads, Willy Four Eyes, and/or Shale with a litle effort
    • Killadelphia The famous crime rate right followed by the famous cheese steak rate.
    • knave Ambridge. It's west of Pittsburgh. And crappy.
    • Eriksson usually gives his location as "small town kinda near State College" but is, in fact, in Clearfield County, close to the town of Clearfield itself.
    • Aerodactylus Red Lion, a small town in the south central region (York County, to be precise), but goes to school in Mansfield, which is in the north-central region (Tioga County).
    • Imipolex G Pittsburgh area.
    • Mac Fall Vandergrift, a defunct steel town northeast of Pittsburgh. Almost nobody, including people in the adjacent towns, knows where it is.
    • Mitochondria Eve York, a magical city where all of your dreams come true.
    • Saint Gutfree In Philadelphia for college purposes, but don't live too far away from it anyway.
    • The Bear is, like Dr Mc P, from a suburb of Philadelphia nobody's heard of.
    • packardcaribien 'You've gota freind in; who am I kidding. Welcome to Strausstown - pop 247 - slight northwest of nowhere (Reading is nowhere)
    • John Z may be the only Pennsylvania-native troper who actually wants to stay here. (Born in Mercer, now living in Pittsburgh.)
    • allaboutsoul likes living in Pennsylvania, so that's at least two people.
    • hiratsu is another from Red Lion, although currently attends a photography school right outside of Philadelphia.
    • pittsburghmuggle lives in Pittsburgh. Avalon (which is right off the edge of Pittsburgh proper) more specifically, but born in Toledo, Ohio.
    • LadyStarwing is currently in Pittsburgh for schooling, but was born and raised in Michigan.

    Rhode Island

    South Carolina
    • Amarys Is Monckscorneran, and now lives in California
    • Andy Waltfeld, Summerville
    • Asim, Greenville (in 2/09)
    • Kamon, Lexington, just outside of Columbia
    • Rew, I live near Irmo and work in downtown Columbia at USC.
    • Junk Box 99, on the coast a short way from the SC/NC border.
    • Karn I was raised in Irmo. I live in Columbia now, not too far from downtown. And remember: "y'all" is a way of life.
    • Bannermanonemillion Charleston. It's about as urban as it gets here.

    South Dakota
    • happybear, Memphis. Well, technically I live in Germantown, but it's one of those small towns right next to a big city that everyone lives in but will often work/study/hang out in the bigger city. I was born, lived, and went to school most my life in Memphis, anyway.
    • Wordsmith, Memphis (woop)
    • Civanfan, Murfreesboro, land of a thousand fast food restaurants and one used bookstore.
    • Freezer, Memphis
    • Vulpy...y'all.
    • LW Gadra, Milton, Tennessee
    • Electric Rat, Chattanooga
    • Saratonin, chattanooga, Tennessee
    • Specialist290, currently residing in Nashville
    • Kazeno, formerly of Carteret, New Jersey, now resides in Chattanooga.
    • Lostman
    • benteen: St. Louisan-in-exile (until the day he dies), now resident in Memphis ["Home of the Blues, Birthplace of Rock 'n Roll"].
    • Senshuu Nashville is surprisingly boring.
    • The Tygre I'm from Knoxville. No one actually escapes Knoxville, you only move away for an extended period of time. So don't even fucking -talk- to me about boring.
    • One Pixel Jump Man And dying to get out.
    • Molly Wobbles 6093 lived in Clairfield for a while. Migrated to KY to be closer to her Mc Job.
    • Mica1884
    • Catzalcoatl Nashville, Music City
    • Electivirus: Memphis. I was born in Memphis but moved to Collierville in the 2nd grade and stayd there for about 11 years. I only just recently moved back into Memphis.

    • BTB Houston, Texas (west side)
    • Outsyder0486, The Colony, Texas. Spent some time in Denton for college and grew up in Haltom City, a suburb of Fort Worth. And now back to Fort Worth proper. Yay!
    • SAMAS, Houston, Texas
    • Shay Guy, Houston, Texas
    • Tangent128, Longview, Texas.
    • Colin, Dallas, Texas
    • Nexus, Dallas, Texas
    • jdreyfuss, Houston, Texas
    • stardreamer, Houston, Texas
    • Giro, San Antonio, Texas
    • Tex, Dallas, Texas
    • Sarcastic Elf, Houston, Texas.
    • logoseph, San Antonio, Texas
    • flamingtoilet, Dallas, Texas. And actually in Dallas. Not a *** suburb.
    • Coyotes Song, Dallas, Texas. - gMap
    • Timid Tree, Round Rock, Texas. gMap
    • Elkian: You too?!
    • pinkbaron, Houston, Texas. Probably one of the few who actually likes it there.
    • Chrisham2, Irving, Texas.
    • Aarqon, at least for now.
    • Captain Wow, Coppell, Texas. Originally from the Republic of Ireland.
    • Mudstep5956, Coppell, Texas. Born in Lewisville, moved to Grapevine. Then to Burnet. Then to Coppell.
    • Potato Bucket, Angleton, Texas.
    • Tokuiten, Dallas, Texas
    • Sorata Yuy, Killeen, Texas. More by default than desire, since my retired military mother got out of the Army just as I was getting out of high school.
    • Zemyla, Corpus Christi, Texas.
    • Rinny, Austin. Originally from western Massachusetts.
    • Spaghetti Cat III, Houston, Texas.
    • airgonaut, splitting time between Amarillo and Texarkana, Texas.
    • Silent Animal, currently in Luling, Texas.
    • Inverted Tritone currently living in Waco, TX. Currently sounding like she's from Canada, apparently.
    • helenw713, who doesn't slur her words, lives in suburbia, and hates rodeos. The opposite is true for snow. Yeowch.
    • Neesee Progreso, TX. Did someone ask for cheap Mexican agoods?
    • Mariecat, East Texas.
    • The Random Guy, Plano, Texas. A very affluent and suburban area of Texas, BTW.
    • Wacky Meets Practical, going to school in Arlington, TX.
    • Treuan Porter, Texas. A small town just below Houston. It's more or less the Mexican Ghetto. I only wish I was joking.
    • Mustango, Dallas, TX, but born and raised in Michigan. Even after 12 years I still find the locals' reaction to "winter" weather laughable.
    • Ghastly One Eyed Minno, Garland, Texas. A suburb of Dallas.
    • BlackWolfe, Austin, Texas. Not born here, due to being a Military Brat, but living here now, and in it for the long haul.
    • Taelia Rose, of the Pineywoods boondocks. Originally from NY, so yes, I'm a yankee.
    • Eccentric, currently in Big Spring, Texas.
    • Hyrndhrafninn, Born in Houston, all subsequent years in San Antonio.
    • Werewolf Cake, Pasadena, TX. Southeast Houston suburb. I miss Ohio, where I lived for one year.
    • Burstkiller, Missouri City, TX. Southwest Houston.
    • Inco G5nito, Waco, TX.
    • Dr Static, San Antonio, TX.
    • Theoneyoucallwe same as Wacky Meets Practical. Also, I feel like a staker. I mean stalker.
    • khayes521, Lubbock, TX.
    • Irish Zombie, I alternate between Dallas and Abilene
    • Koraki, Austin, TX. Born and raised here; spent a few great years in MO, but returned and have been back for six years now.
    • Meitah, Richmond, TX
    • Lilla, Grapeland, TX
    • Sixthhokage1, Fort Worth; De Leon when at dad's


    • Ryani, Central Vermont.
    • Exaggeration 17 A, Originally from Maine, now living & working in the Burlington area.

    • Kuciwalker, Virginia, Fairfax County. Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when he's at school.
    • Tanto, Virginia. City varies depending on time of year.
    • Angelus Virginia Beach. And he hates having to scroll to the bottom of every list of states to find his home.
    • Strangehouse Norfolk, Va... Literally woke up here one day, not sure why. Lots worse places to wake up.
    • Loki Mischief-Maker Not Northern Viginia when at college. Central Virginia when at home.
    • Gecko is in the Shenendoah Valley, and that's all you get.
    • Tropers/Mew_at_heart is in Virginia Beach when at home and in Blacksburg when at college.
    • Arcdash lives in Fairfax...and goes to that school^ of all place.
    • lee4hmz, Dale City. Used to live in Manassas, but got sick of it (literally).
    • Pinata. And the state's all you get, though I will say there seem to be a lot of other tropers in my general area.
    • Fifth Interval Chantilly, right in the Dulles International Airport flight path. Yay?
    • Pumpernickel is somewhere in the western end of the state.
    • Fringe Benefits is in a basement somewhere in Roanoke. Maybe YOUR basement! MUAHAHAHAHA!
    • Lizard Bite secretly rules this state from his secret lair of secrecy
    • Master Thief, Arlington (People's Republic Of)
    • Hydrall, Fairfax, VA.
    • Citizen, King George. So cold compared to SC. ;_;
    • Tropers/Lightning_Storm, Vienna, and dangerously close to D.C.
    • AC Drawings, Falls Church. I used to live in Vienna^. Lightning Storm and I are practically neighbors!
    • Iambic, proud Staunton transplant, happy to be out of NoVa.
    • Paradoxical Frog, of Henrico.
    • Happy Duck, Orange VA. Only I do everything in Charlottesville. Such a friggin' long drive! =(
    • Strawberry Flavored, Virginia Beach, Virginia
    • Demongodofchaos2, Cross Junction, Virginia, though next year I might move to Strasburg.
    • Witchdoctr, Washington D.C. Not technically Virginia, but I live on the Virginia side.
    • Lione Fortuna, currently in Chantilly, not too far away from Dulles International Airport.
    • Tropers/Hagagaga comes from Reston.
    • Quarter Dollar was born, raised, and currently lives in Arlington, though she usually just says DC for convenience.

    • Bighoggi14, A small town not too far from Puyallup (PEW-all-up).
    • Ceiling Cthulu, Snohomish (Say it with me, Snow-hoe-mish). I go to school in Oregon, but Washington will forever be my rainy home.
    • Tropers/Darkstarr, Seattle/Tacoma area (but refuses to be more specific).
    • Death To Squishies, Monroe
    • Dot Dot Dot!, Spokane
    • Gabriellemv, Spokane
    • Geoduck, Olympia
    • hrdcrnwo, Bellevue, Washington
    • Indigo12ash, small town near Vancouver, Washington
    • John A Dreams, Marysville
    • KAM, outside Puyallup
    • Kilyle, Tulalip (north of Seattle, north of Everett, next to Marysville... and pronounced too-LAY-lup)
    • Kurtsoft, kirkland, seattle (used to live in sydney, australia)
    • Maggie Dynamo, Spokane
    • Magnus Ryujin, Bothell, Washington. Surprised to see another troper from this boring little town.
    • Mecha Mummy, Seattle
    • Morgan Wick, Seattle
    • Nethilia: Level One of Robot Hell (okay, Bothell. Grew up in Texas, though)
    • Not Always The Hero, Vancouver. Currently deployed to Iraq.
    • Numbuh9494: The sweet, sweet, rainy capital...oh, Olympia, how wet you are...
    • Reiko Afterglow
    • Shiniki: Tacoma, WA, born and raised!
    • Smerf: originally from Kent/Renton, now going to grad school in California. May also be found in confusion (see above).
    • So It Begins: Ook!
    • SonicPanther: Sammamish. Near Seattle; up on the plateau.
    • Sylvia Viridian: Suburbia, just south of Tacoma.
    • The Defenestrator, Bellevue, Washington
    • Thebazilly: Washington State University and/or Cheney, WA (about 20 miles from Spokane)
    • owlcroft: Ritzville, in the Inland Empire, where I-90 meets US 395.
    • Xenus Oregard, Lynnwood
    • Zebra Von Claw, Bainbridge Island, It is an island. More importantly its a small city that is connected to seattle via a 30 minuet ferry ride. Oh and the ferry system over here is the biggest one in all of the US, and third largest in the world, so take that New York!
    • Zetaseal, Seattle
    • Sir Bob 42: Seattle (University District) now, Spokane originally.
    • The Evil Oboist: Lives in Spokane, claims Tacoma, currently in college in Idaho.
    • Tzetze, a small town north of Vancouver
    • Mystolnaut: Issaquah (suburban town near Seattle on the plateau)
    • Spam Warrior 3000: Bellevue, born and raised in Kirkland and Juanita.
    • afiendishthingie: Tacoma, WA
    • Dorkus: Renton
    • PD Format: Been living in Seattle for past ten years. I have 30 tabs open in Firefox. Guess from where...

    Washington, D.C.
    • Azreal: by way of Boston, MA. I CAN'T be the only troper from the District, right?
    • Mr Fluffykins: originally from Chicago, IL. Is it a party yet?
    • Wheezy: Born in DC, raised in PG county. I live in Tampa, FL now.

    West Virginia
    • Ellen Brand, Morgantown (north of the state, near Pennsylvania.) Born in Bellevue, though. (waves to
    • The Defenestrator)
    • The Lobster, Parkersburg. Born in Marietta, Ohio, though (just across the river).
    • Neogeo, Bethany. At the college there. Trapped on top of a mountain.
    • Sweet Madness, Born and raised in Parkersburg, although currently living in Morgantown while attending the university.
    • Spaekle: Charleston.

    • Yoru No Grim, Eau Claire
    • Cayt, Waukesha/Milwaukee (depends on the time of year, live in Waukesha, attend UWM)
    • Slifer Alpha, Milwaukee. Attends the Milwaukee School of Engineering
    • Lady Rivelata, Evansville
    • wombats hides in Madison.
    • Kvschwartz also hides in Madison. Atop a hill, near the State Capitol building, which is, of course, the ideal place for hiding.
    • Molly Wobbles 6093 was born in Oshkosh, and went to school (K-9th grade) in Neenah. Cranky Pat's Pizza rules.
    • Alkthash was born in Phoenix AZ, but lives in Milwaukee. Attending college at UWM>
    • Tropers/40SecondsLater, New Holstein, aka middle of nowhere.
    • Khepshef, raised in Fairchild, currently living in Eau Claire.
    • Marnax, somewhere near Oshkosh. Support House of Heroes, located on main street by new moon cafe.
    • Tokyooranges Currently In Wausau, which is smack dab in the middle of the state/nowhere, though I was born in Milwaukee and spent most of my childhood in Sheboygan.
    • Explosivo25


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