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Tropers: Loustar Jogger
Yo. My terrible handle comes from my Homestar Runner fancharacter. Absolutely pathetic, I know. My real name's Louis, and I prefer the "addendum"-style of giving examples, tacking on a mostly relevant example onto another troper's example, i.e. in the EarthBound example of You ALL Look Familiar. I've made one trope so far: Repetitive Name. Also, I would like to thank the academy TV Tropes for introducing me to Dominic Deegan, The Order of the Stick, Megatokyo, Excel Saga, and Ctrl+Alt+Del. I fear no Internet Backdraft for saying that. In addition, I personally think that Super Smash Bros. Brawl should be added placed higher (purposely) to a famous list, and would do so single-handedly if he only had the courage. I've also been working on an EGS Original Flavor Fan Fic recently, down to making seem like the script for a comic (although, I write in script-style better than novel-style, anyway. Makes it easier for me.) I have a webcomic now, too. P.S. I forgot my password, so now I can't log in. Wonderful.

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