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Hi! I'm just one of the many contributors here on TV Tropes. I'm an Aquarius, so don't be surprised if I go into a sudden period of inactivity after a heavy one of editing. I keep on vacillating in my interests—one week, I'll be crazy about manga, the next, I'll be tired of it and be more interested in riddles and optical illusions. Of course, somewhere in the next month, I'll be hankering for manga again.

I originally took the username Roseanne before it was pointed out that there was a TV show of the same name. Oopsies.

Most people who know me in real life would label me a Meganekko (if any of them read this site, which they unfortunately don't), but I'm more of a Cloud Cuckoolander deep down inside. I have a horribly selective memory that will remember entire quotes from books but not the author or character names!

Case in point: I remembered a book from my childhood being about a male character's experience in a labor camp, and also that there were complaints about there being no snow-ins so far (a snowstorm means no work assigned on that day due to escape attempts, see), and that the main character managed to smuggle a shard of metal (useful for cutting things) into the camp by hiding it in one of his mittens, made a point of picking the old-aged inspector over the young one, and was almost busted when the old inspector crushed the mitten not holding the shard (thankfully, at that point, the inspector was told to hurry it on already). Despite recalling all this in minute detail, I could not for the life of me remember the author or even the protagonist's name! (Happily, Wiki Magic did its work and some random tropers who read this identified this as One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Did I mention how much I love TV Tropes?)

Additionally, I tend to get my story ideas from minor, unimportant scenes in books that just happen to tickle my fancy and send my imagination running off into less and less related tangents. Though I'm currently just trying to finish some of the half-finished fanfics lying on my hard disk and overcome my chronic Attention Deficit Creator Disorder.

I am also a Yaoi Fangirl who likes to believe that I can tell the difference between well-written and poorly-written Slash Fic. I dislike Natter and Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, but have been guilty of indulging in them quite a few times. Hey, I'm only human!

Finally, for the record, I'm a young nerd who just happens to be female.
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