Tropers / Rissa

This is the person responsible for the WMG on The Daily Show which manages to involve ghosts, robots and cannibalism all at once. But it makes so much sense! (There's actually a whole lot more to it than that, and it's just turned out Stephen Colbert is probably Jesus. Watch this space.)

She also wrote up the 'Stephen is a Time Lord' theory, but is definitely not the first one to say it. ...Er, and this is her fault too. But come on, it's obvious!

Inhumes spelling errors with extreme prejudice, and migrates things to Troper Tales whenever it seems appropriate. If she's editing a page, odds are it contains a spelling mistake, is somehow relevant to Stephen Colbert, or has a title with a missing apostrophe in it. Then again, everything is somehow relevant to Stephen Colbert.

Very opinionated about a lot of things (including this, this, this, this and this). Good at picking fights, but trying not to.

Now also likely to be sighted on Benedict Cumberbatch-related pages, especially Sherlock and Cabin Pressure.

She is the only one left who remembers Roger and the Rottentrolls. And that's terrible.