Tropers / Self Called Nowhere

So, I've discovered that, not only can I touch my tongue to my nose, I can stick my tongue up my nose. I feel that this is going to be necessary information someday.

When comfortable, the elusive Self Called Nowhere is a Brilliant, but Lazy Genki Girl Cloud Cuckoo Lander to the Nth level, though it takes very little for an outsider to reduce her to her usual state of Shrinking Violet, usually as a result of the fact that she Hates Being Touched. Then, non-confrontational creature as she is, it is only a matter of time then before she scampers away to find something big and safe to hide under.

She can easily be coaxed out again, though, if you titillate her love of cheesy 80's stuff, smart discussions and healthy amounts of Ho Yay in all of her favorite TV shows. She is a disciple of You Gotta Have Blue Hair and Gratuitous Russian, as well as being something of a Chew Toy to those who know her as a result of her crippling amounts of social awkwardness. You can find her in Buffalo, New York, partying with Canada, and she's always game to talk. Her Geeky Turn-On is a fellow who can play the accordion.

Oh, and she has a pretty darn rockin' art gallery.

Jeez, once you put your life into TV Tropes terms, it all seems kind of meaningless.

Things I love right now: They Might Be Giants, Ace Of Cakes, Homestar Runner, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Ed, Edd n Eddy, The Killers, Criminal Minds, Hey Arnold!, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, The Decemberists, The New Pornographers, South Park, The Princess Bride, No Country for Old Men, The Fratellis,