Using a device in the reverse function.

Converting weapons of war into peaceful use.

A real-life historical event has a fictional cause behind it.

When a character (AIRHORN) has a conversation (TRAIN) and you have a hard time (JACKHAMMER) filling in vague blanks (HONK) because of loud noises (TRUCK HORN).

An otherwise harmless character manages to stop a serious threat for just a split second... which is enough.

Orange can symbolize energy and vitality (passion of red, happiness of yellow) and characters with these traits tend to associate with it

Character gets hit/poked/branded etc. in their rear.

The handheld light source doesn't need to be held on hand to be used.

A character starts pulling or pushing a door, locked or unlocked.

A setting in which Russia is an inalienable part of the Western world.

A number of important leadership figures are taken out in one fell swoop.

A villain or monster touches the Distressed Damsel in a predatory manner.

In a fight, going after an existing injury.

A sourcebook for 4th & 5th edition D&D designed to allow modern & science fiction settings

Animal cruelty Played For Laughs.

A character takes a pregnancy test, and waits — eagerly or anxiously — for the results.

A Jerkass becomes nicer in an adaptation.

A kiss that does not involve the use of mouths.

Luring an enemy into consuming poison by taking some of it yourself.

A character commits an extremely virtuous act that puts them beyond any chance of corruption.

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