A seal which is opened by killing the enemies around it.

A thrown/tossed character violently ricochets off a wall

A parody of a series or scene improves on the dramatic qualities of the original

Onscreen character doing the narration.

Characters using their popularity to get away with anything.

If humanity and a non-human race have something in common, the non-human's version is always 10x worse.

The phenomenon where characters, usually animated ones, lose teeth without any consequence.

New character? Stop the movie for a few seconds to get a good look!

Hitting a wall in mid-air and slowly sliding down

If you're a creepy kid, you've gotta have a knife. Nothing else will do.

Freedom of Speech in The United States

People tend to mention the ability to bake bread when listing the things that mark out civilisation.

A guide to making your Costume Porn as accurate as possible.

Hero versus villain dynamic of a trickster/unscrupulous hero and an honorable/morally rigid villain

An international holiday occurring in the First of May; celebrated by Neopagans and Socialists alike.

A speedrunner from Germany who plays Super Mario 64 romhacks.

Adding info, will add more based on the comments. First time doing this sort of thing.

A Useful Notes page on the night of April 30 and the holiday that follows it. "The night before May Day, adapted by modern Pagans as a major holiday, present in media featuring the occult."

A page describing services and procedures pertaining to the education of students with disabilities in America.

Aliens try to heal an injured character, but end up disfiguring them through ignorance of what they're meant to look like.

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