A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions.

Attention-grabbing, sensationalistic headlines designed to elicit page views.

A character that resides in a trailer home will instantly become a prime suspect in an investigation.

Dragons that can take on a human form and humans that can take dragon form.

Menial paperwork is their greatest joy

Fatal bludgeoning with fists or blunt object.

An able-bodied person parks in a handicapped space, just to be a jackass.

Tropes involving sweet foods.

Tropes involving break-ups.

Tropes involving meat.

Characters use superpowers to play sports or other mundane physical activities.

An owl who is humanoid

A look at the history and culture of the Zulu tribe of Southern Africa

Two people who know each other well on some forum are surprised to discover they know each other in real life

X-Ray reveals something humorous or unusual inside a character or object.

Characters with unnaturally high-pitched voices are usually evil.

Lightning/electricity is associated with high speed.

Something that comes in two parts.

Something mundane or silly happens and is treated like a tear jerker.

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