Heavy breathing to signify a tense or stressful situation is resolved.

A single male support to a female lead

Beating a person to death with fists or blunt object.

The tendency of reboots to either cast far younger actors than the original, or age down major characters.

Lightning/electricity is associated with high speed.

A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

Nikola Tesla or his inventions used to explain bizzare technology in alternate timelines.

Characters communicating via earpiece will feel the need to touch it frequently

A tutorial in which the only option is failure

Opponent gets repeatedly slashed at lightning speed at all angles by a Fragile Speedster

Fan of Being Muddy

The magnetic poles of the Earth get reversed.

A character is given the name "Nobody" (or a tranlsation thereof) to make them seem more stranger and/or mysterious.

When a work from another country or region is released and takes a long time to reach other shores.

The remixed version of a song is more popular than the original

An actor is replaced by an Other Darrin, but later returns to the role

Failing neon signs to set an eerie atmosphere

Two people who know each other well on some forum are surprised to discover they know each other in real life

A character is killed by their body being completely frozen.

The very real threat of imminent death is a constant source of emotional despondency.

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