More evolved species inevitably, swiftly, and sometimes gleefully eradicate less-evolved species.

Professional or wannabe writers are often shown having manual or electric typewriters as their tool of choice, instead of handwriting or computers, and may explicitly state such preference

The teens that die in a horror flick follow these standard roles.

Opponent gets repeatedly slashed at lightning speed at all angles by a Fragile Speedster

A character sighs to indicate they're in love.

Character doesn't have a True Name because they've never been given one.

The character won't tell you their name. (Hats?)

Character forgot their name. Needs better name.

Hitchhiking characters will show some skin to attract a ride

Two people who know each other well on some forum are surprised to discover they know each other in real life

A character is given the name "Nobody" (or a tranlsation thereof) to make them seem more stranger and/or mysterious.

Features created to reduce downtime between action in games.

A Useful Notes page on the night of April 30 and the holiday that follows it. "The night before May Day, adapted by modern Pagans as a major holiday, present in media featuring the occult."

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions.

The bad guy only thinks he's got class

A look at the history and culture of the Zulu tribe of Southern Africa

Nikola Tesla or his inventions used to explain bizzare technology in alternate timelines.

A situation calls for someone in the police/military to hide his/her affiliation with them

A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

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