Brown hair doesn't exist.

Someone is not hurt by fire or heat.

Italians are loud, talkative, tough, and very expressive.

Child missing a parent pairs the remaining one with a replacement.

The Expy explicitly lives in a universe where the character(s) he is based on also exist.

An artist (especially a funny one) must wear a beret.

A soup or stew that is repulsive.

A character swipes everything off of a desk, either out of rage or frustration

Animals and automobiles are not simply used in professions; they behave like employees as well.

A character acts as if he's still in his former occupation, forgetting he doesn't work there anymore.

What they call sexual intercourse by another name.

A world where humans aren't dominant, another species is

Your Cheating Heart leads to murder.

A character who is graceful and light on their feet.

(Former names from youngest to oldest: Flourish Cape, Cover Mouth | Cover Fangs With Capes) When someone grabs his/her cape and holds it up in front of his/her face. Sub Trope of Cape Swish.

Sports fan crazy about his/her game or team

When an antagonist is insane (instead of simply evil) the focus becomes altruistically getting them "the help they need."

A character hurriedly looks for something to write down notes on

An item rolls away from a character, which prompts the character to follow it, thus diverting their attention to something important for the episode

In a fight, going after an existing injury.

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