an album made entirely of remixes, either of another album or a compilation thereof.

Marking off kills to keep track of how many.

A clandestine meeting which takes place in a bathhouse or a sauna

By accepting their punishment, they're spared of it.

Funny things that happen when characters are approaching a toll booth.

A slaver who treats slaves humanely.

When a villain kills somebody as a reward for performing a valuable service

Wonder and adventure begins with a girl or boy falling from high above

A character with an adorable appearence dislikes/hates being called cute.

Powerful magic & monsters hiding in fear of powerless muggles

A character mocks another character for their physical resemblance to someone which might be clever if it wasn't written into the script that that character has a resemblance to someone.

A title which distinguishes the Player Character from other potential player characters or playable characters in the same series

A list of tropes involving characters saying goodbye to each other.

A shortened version of a song occurs prior to the main song

When a permanent marker is permanent, even on skin

A character's parent is absent because they are fighting in a war.

An index of media originating from Malaysia.

A fantastical character/world has its more unrealistic elements toned down in an adaptation.

When a Continuity Reboot turns out to have an Uncertain Audience

When a character's sensory inputs cross.

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