Lightning/electricity is associated with high speed.

A look at the history and culture of the Zulu tribe of Southern Africa

Dragons that can take on a human form and humans that can take dragon form.

Disasters, either natural or man-made, do not work this way in real life

A character that resides in a trailer home will instantly become a prime suspect in an investigation.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions.

This character has an oddball allergy, most of the time not even existing in real life.

A character is given the name "Nobody" (or a tranlsation thereof) to make them seem more stranger and/or mysterious.

A character dies, or nearly dies, after having an attempted suicide

X-Ray reveals something humorous or unusual inside a character or object.

A character is killed by their body being completely frozen.

An able-bodied person parks in a handicapped space, just to be a jackass.

A character is thought to be suicidal when they're really not

LGBT heavy works are obscure or only interesting to LGBT people

A Useful Notes page on the night of April 30 and the holiday that follows it. "The night before May Day, adapted by modern Pagans as a major holiday, present in media featuring the occult."

Fatal bludgeoning with fists or blunt object.

A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

Attention-grabbing, sensationalistic headlines designed to elicit page views.

Menial paperwork is their greatest joy

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