Character performs a task that requires extreme athleticism inconsistent with lifestyle

Gauge/numbers dedicated to your armor/shield's durability

A ludicrously powerful, somewhat psychopathic magic-user who, instead of being an antagonist, sticks around as Comic Relief.

The destruction of an object represents the death of someone/something important.

The main cast somehow get recruited by the Fire Department

A good hearted but abrasvie person befriends someone who softens their edges.

All or most female characters are drawn with no breast development

Leaving for a far-off place in shame.

A story with almost no humans or just a few of them as part of the story.

A longstanding Noodle Incident finally gets expounded upon in a new episode.

Tinny Montage Fade Out

Same-gender couples that consist of one very masculine individual and one very feminine individual.

When what you don't do says more than what you do ((And couldn't fit that in the title >.>))

Taking a risk gives a rewards

Someone makes a joke that is literally true (or becomes true later on) without them knowing beforehand.

A person who insistently harasses people with unwanted sexual advances.

Numbers appear when hit points change, commonly damage.

If time travel is possible it WILL be needed.

LGBTQ characters really like things that are LGBTQ-related

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