In every air duct, there will be one.

Dragons that can take on a human form and humans that can take dragon form.

Something that comes in two parts.

A video game level where the player is given a game-breaking weapon or ability that is unusual for the game as a whole.

A character is killed by their body being completely frozen.

A person seems to be on the brink of losing the fight (or is nearly dead, in a Fight To The Death) when all of a sudden, they are able to turn the fight in their favour.

The very real threat of imminent death is a constant source of emotional despondency.

Needs a better name, the current one will probably be modified into the Laconic

The tendency for creepy characters to wear top hats.

The past isn't a very nice place to be, basically.

A song in a musical that pushes the plot along

The teens that die in a horror flick follow these standard roles.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions.

An able-bodied person parks in a handicapped space, just to be a jackass.

Works of fiction using World War I as a setting.

This character has an oddball allergy, most of the time not even existing in real life.

Tropes involving meat.

Fan of Being Muddy

Crime solving with a unique gimmick to help the work stand out amongst other similar works

A character who has a corpselike appearance, even though they're alive

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