A minor obtains a fake ID to do something they are too young to do.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions.

Monster burps after eating someone to make it clear they're gone for good.

This character has an oddball allergy, most of the time not even existing in real life.

A character who has a corpselike appearance, even though they're alive

The magnetic poles of the Earth get reversed.

Dragons that can take on a human form and humans that can take dragon form.

X-Ray reveals something humorous or unusual inside a character or object.

Someone puts underwear on a flagpole

Lightning/electricity is associated with high speed.

Tropes involving meat.

Tropes involving sweet foods.

Tropes about baked products and baking,

A music video that contains only the song and the lyrics

A place wherein entertainers perform for an audience. Features a huge tent with a circus ring, and a Ringmaster.

A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

A Useful Notes page on the night of April 30 and the holiday that follows it. "The night before May Day, adapted by modern Pagans as a major holiday, present in media featuring the occult."

The tendency for creepy characters to wear top hats.

The past isn't a very nice place to be, basically.

In every air duct, there will be one.

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