The handheld light source doesn't need to be held on hand to be used.

To resolve the plot's overall conflict, a twist ending reveals that the events of the plot must be erased such that it might as well have been All Just A Dream (formally All Must Be Erased)

The act of shutting a door/gate/etc used to cause damage to an opponent

He's new, she's not.

A character in a horror work wears a raincoat

The setting is Earth but it looks different.

When taboo gets in the way of a relationship.

Z is chased by Y, and they encounter A as obstacles (hats, please)

A roleplay where you become a Pokemon and do a bunch of stuff.

Similar to Stock Shonen Hero, but with its own various tropes and cliches.

Character doesn't have a True Name because they've never been given one.

A house that is horribly prone to damage and disasters.

A character is hellbent on following a slightly off(at least, to them) character to try and uncover their secret that nobody else would likely give a shit about.

Non-Japanese Samurai.

Dragons that spend most of their time sleeping, and may even act lazily when up and awake.

Attack requires user to anchor oneself beforehand

Story starts with main character walking in on a cheating partner

In a family with many children, there will inevitably be one set of twins

A character poses with their sword held up over their shoulder, indicate badassery and training

The human agent/proxy/assistant of an AI

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