A faction that excels at early-game conflicts.

A scroll that allows a spell to be cast once, then is consumed.

a year of disaster or misfortune.

Smart-aleck prefixes, suffixes and buzzwords used in naming spells

extreme self-determination

Someone who likes to go really fast

A character needs a diet out of the ordinary to survive.

You die here and you are doomed to haunt it.

People love to watch cute animal videos online

Consumption/digestion of souls.

A pair consisting of a smart but mean person & a nice but dumb person.

Doing bad things allows demons to possess you.

A character has an impossibly boring voice.

How vast the world within a work feels to the audience.

A sorting algorithm for works based on how much they depend on emotions vs logic for storytelling.

Some horror video games have more action emphasis than others.

A character displays a different personality when not in public or face-to-face.

Where you modify something in a manner that upgrades others, but instead it turns out to be differnt in function than before.

Villains like to wear red.

A special rat or rat collective that controls other rats.

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