Characters names sound the same in dubs despite being changed

Planets orbiting massive stars that apparently have life despite being billions of years younger than our sun and have no potential for life.

Nowhere is a place, No One is a person

When a game rewards killing enemies with restoring your own hit points.

Repairing a broken character

Being killed by a ball launching machine

Pajamas might as well not exist.

Pulling someone's pants down.

Tabletop Games that could be played with just 1 player.

Before continuing the conversation the character must first correct a mistake a character made.

Day is peaceful and safe. Come nightfall though, you better be armed.

Chaos caused by the bad use of a domestic appliance

Slamming the door hard when you're mad.

Robots or electric-themed beings have a power cord for a tail.

The foil to the Stock Shonen Hero.

Someone with an advantage in a contest, entering and winning that contest, is seen as unethical.

A character is compromised by someone's attempt to contact them

When a character is fired, they leave with a cardboard box full of their personal items.

When a tabletop RPG includes explicit rules on retiring player characters or even ending the entire campaign.

When two or more characters finally meet.

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