If you're not the only "Paul" in your school, and you're taller than the other one, get used to being called "Tall Paul."

Sloths are awesome and they improve everything.

An actor gets to imitate another for plot reasons

A champagne glass tower *will* be knocked over

It is stated that something, such as an item or ability, is rare, but in practice it is found much more commonly.

A character gets squished between two bigger characters from the sides.

Something that portrayed as far more effective in fiction

Robots and synthetic lifeforms being depicted as better than organic lifeforms

The cosmos inflicts Misplaced Retribution on an undeserving character.

Unfurnished - or minimally furnished apartment - to some degree showing the loneliness of the resident

The foil to the Stock Shonen Hero.

Assets in a game are fudged to look right or make the game run better, which looks weird if you peek behind the scenes.

Cyborgs don't wear clothes.

A self-centered character with speed as a defining feature.

The consent (or lack thereof) of a scene is altered when translated to a different medium

We killed this animal. You (or your family) could be next.

Music with pizzicato strings indicates mischief or terror.

A zombie who is sentient, humanlike and physically attractive

Over time, a show not originally in the territory starts having psychic/telepathic plot elements

In a detective story with several suspects, the culprit is never the most obvious one.

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