A human head is mounted on the wall like a hunting trophy

Pretending to be sick to get the drop on your captors

Are they the good guys or the bad guys?

A complex test that androids must pass in order to be deemed "conscious"

When a character has a large scar over one of their eyes (but often the eye itself does not seem to be damaged.)

Non-humanoid aliens are less intelligible to the audience than humanoids

"Just Married" on the back of the the new couple's car.

The moment of death marked by a candle going out

Adding info, will add more based on the comments. First time doing this sort of thing.

Someone finds letters exchanged by two lovers having an affair.

A fat character pushes their fat up, giving them a barrel chest, but then it comically plops back down.

Bob orders an X, but calls it a Y. Alice corrects him, and Bob asks for "one of those too".

Muscled character found in beach settings.

A character mistakes (or pretends to mistake) an emotional symptom for a purely physical one, or vice versa.

A Video Game level taking place inside a tornado.

A competition is held, and one or more of the viable competitors is an inanimate object or deceased person.

A beautiful, attractive ghost that may serve as a Love Interest for humans

A smart character who is not athletic at all

A character who loves to puzzle others with secrets

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