This product was built in the buyer's country... and that's all it has going for it.

A ShowWithinAShow entirley based off one joke.

A character falls into water and comes out with some sort of aquatic animal or plant on them.

A man without a woman cannot create a decent meal...and doesn't care.

Characters using their popularity to get away with anything.

Aliens try to heal an injured character, but end up disfiguring them through ignorance of what they're meant to look like.

Stomping on berries to make wine.

Killing someone by sabotaging their parachute.

A character whose allegiance to their master extends only as far as their goals overlap.

A character takes a pregnancy test, and waits — eagerly or anxiously — for the results.

A fictional addition to a nation's Constitution.

Footwear which doesn't cover the full sole

Blaming your spouse's bastard child for the infidelity they were born of.

Hero versus villain dynamic of a trickster/unscrupulous hero and an honorable/morally rigid villain

A page describing services and procedures pertaining to the education of students with disabilities.

What offended people then, bores people now.

Finding the corpse of an unfortunate adventurer in a cave

A work is created (at least in part) by a young child.

If you're a creepy kid, you've gotta have a knife. Nothing else will do.

Someone who is sensitive to specific sounds

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