One or more sequels get added to a franchise, usually when it's thought to be done.

Orange can symbolize energy and vitality (passion of red, happiness of yellow) and characters with these traits tend to associate with it

A woman wearing a prominent string of pearls is likely to get them yanked off her neck... of rip them off herself.

Luring an enemy into consuming something that is poisoned by eating some of it yourself. (Or appearing to do so.)

A character is chained to a heavy object to keep them out of the way. They later show up dragging the item with them.

A real species that resembles a fictional one is discovered later on.

A work displays chapter titles onscreen throughout the course of the story.

Someone promises to do something embarrassing or painful if something happens, to show how unlikely they think it is. And then it actually happens.

Works centering around fictional animals and plants that could hypothetically evolve or have evolved

A real-life historical event has a fictional cause behind it.

A setting in which Russia is an inalienable part of the Western world.

When there's alliteration in speech.

A character is killed by being depowered

Characters remove protective gear as soon as possible, no matter how much potential danger there is.

A princess by neither blood nor marriage.

Animal cruelty Played For Laughs.

An otherwise harmless character manages to stop a serious threat for just a split second... which is enough.

A character takes a pregnancy test, and waits — eagerly or anxiously — for the results.

Converting weapons of war into peaceful use.

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