The rivalry that is between enlisted troops and commissioned officers.

Changing the time on the clock to suit your own needs.

Something that comes in two parts.

Heavy breathing to signify a tense or stressful situation is resolved.

X-Ray reveals something humorous or unusual inside a character or object.

Where mythical characters get unorthodox depictions

Dragons that can take on a human form and humans that can take dragon form.

Nikola Tesla or his inventions used to explain bizzare technology in alternate timelines.

Lightning/electricity is associated with high speed

An utterly useless talent.

Main. Funny. Nightmare fuel. Tearjerker. Awesome.

Flouting procedure and ethics, a missing persons investigator promises the parents that they *will* find their child.

A character's presence is revealed by someone's attempt to contact them

Tropes involving break-ups.

A fusion which does not go as planned at all.

Her husband just died and all she can do is scream and cry.

Robots or electric-themed beings have a power cord for a tail.

The moral inversion of the Big Bad Wannabe

A secretary says this, as they vainly try to stop someone from barging into an executive's office.

A single-player game where other players can show up unexpectedly.

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