Finding the corpse of a previously introduced adventurer in a cave

Try to leave the barter menu without buying anything, and the merchant will give you a piece of their mind.

A parody of a series or scene improves on the dramatic qualities of the original.

Delusion of devilhood

Fourth stage to Superhero Prevalence Stages where supers "go away".

If you're a creepy kid, you've gotta have a knife. Nothing else will do.

If humanity and a non-human race have something in common, the non-human's version is always 10x worse.

A man without a woman cannot create a decent meal...and doesn't care.

A character looking to buy contraband ends up having a misadventure.

Gauge/numbers dedicated to your armor/shield's durability

A setting in which Russia is an inalienable part of the Western world

False final line stated by a character to give the illusion a conversation was taking place and that everything was normal.

All kinds of foods showcased throughout a work.

The phenomenon where characters, usually animated ones, lose teeth without any consequence.

A character falls into water and comes out with some sort of aquatic animal or plant on them.

Someone who is sensitive to specific sounds

Same-gender couples that consist of one very masculine individual and one very feminine individual.

New character? Stop the movie for a few seconds to get a good look!

More evolved species inevitably, swiftly, and sometimes gleefully eradicate less-evolved species.

A work is created (at least in part) by a young child.

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