Cain And Abel get lethal

Non-standard powers usually unique to dragons.

Choking is always interrupted before it can be completed.

An official hashtag created by a corporation to be viral.

A character who is obsessed with one particular form of wealth, usually a precious metal or jewels.

A villain swears to do something evil to evoke fear or display resolve.

You can never get the evil out out of a once evil place


An unattractive mushy meal as a shorthand for poverty

A characters race, nationality, or ethnicity is exhibited through their hair color

A scroll that allows a spell to be cast once, then is consumed.

When your feet hover just off the ground.

Faster than everyone else

A character has to make a hard choice and before they can do so, someone else makes the choice for them.

You play as a Ruler

A love triangle containing two people of the same gender.

A character\'s birthday is forgotten in the story

Skeleton imagery makes anything darker

A Love Interest exists to reward the protagonist for Character Development without undergoing any of their own.

A women's skirt accidentally gets tucked into the back of their underwear.

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