An official hashtag created by a corporation to be viral.

Adding, Switching or Modifying the Sets Over Time

Scents used to evoke a response in others.

A friend who feels they don't deserve to be one. (Split from Weird Friendship Wonder.)

A situation where a malevolent figure is shown being in charge of a benevolent organization or collective group

LampshadeHanging on an OddFriendship with differences in respect rather than personality.

Universal Strangulation Immunity

A pipe organ or similar instrument where something unusual shoots through the pipes.

A song does not fit in the standard of the genre is stated to belong to.

Major differences between character's relationships in adaptations

Tropes involving negative attitudes towards [=LBGTI=] people.

Strategy campaign plot with missions of increasing hardness, tech level and map size

When normal storms just aren't quite hazardous enough

Having an extreme ambivalence toward life and safety that results in death.

One or more characters keep telling the main character that they are going to fail, only to insist that they had always believed in him/her once they succeed.

When an important piece of story is hidden away in The Stinger.

Looks like the best way to beat the enemy is to EAT the enemy!!

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

A character is more flawed than initially suggested

A strong guy who doesn't look strong somehow.

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