One or more characters keep telling the main character that they are going to fail, only to insist that they had always believed in him/her once they succeed.

A weapon that fires through portals at remote targets

Crossbows treated as inferior to drawn bows, despite many technical advantages.

When an important piece of story is hidden away in The Stinger.

LampshadeHanging on an OddFriendship with differences in respect rather than personality.

A friend who feels they don\'t deserve to be one. (Split from Weird Friendship Wonder.)

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

East-Asian lottery game

When a person combines two weapons, spells, abilities, or other, to produce new effects.

A character is more flawed than initially suggested

When a character's creations turn against him/her and they say this line

Throwing one punch and hitting something multiple times.

An East Asian woman has blue, purple or red in her hair.

Someone is sick and can\'t do something they were going to.

A character sneezes once and the other ones go uh-oh

A character\'s last words are a profanity/insult/curse.

When something unusual rains from the sky.

When normal storms just aren't quite hazardous enough

A mage draws magical energy from both internal and external sources.

Evil or scary characters smile so that their lips curl in a physically impossible way.

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