A characters race, nationality, or ethnicity is exhibited through their hair color

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

A character has to make a hard choice and before they can do so, someone else makes the choice for them.

Characters wait and hide from a danger, unable to do anything about it

A women's skirt accidentally gets tucked into the back of their underwear.

A work is adapted from another medium, which was adapted in the first place from a third medium

None standard powers usually unique to dragons.

Faster than everyone else

Sometimes characters praise themselves by praising "someone else."

Killing someone you happen to be related to, aka Familicide.

Cain And Abel get lethal

A character\'s birthday is forgotten in the story

A character is effectively bi/pan/omni/polysexual, but the specific label is never mentioned.

A villain swears to do something evil to evoke fear or display resolve.

A character may or may not be transgender

Scents used to evoke a response in others.

In Fictionland, nobody's hair color will change shade until it greys.

A characters design is changed significantly in the remakes/reboots

Evil or scary characters smile so that their lips curl in a physically impossible way.

When something unusual rains from the sky.

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