In nearly every episode, the protagonist causes the problem that they have to solve.

When Poor Communication Skills rule over all

"Yikes, what ugly aliens!" "Maybe they think WE'RE the ugly ones."

A video game (usually RPG) trope, where two kinds of hitpoints are used simultaneously: one which is easy to lose and easy to refill in tactical combat, and one which accumulates slowly over time and cannot be recovered during tactical combat

Killing someone you happen to be related to, aka Familicide.

Cain And Abel get lethal

A mundane object or place takes on special significance when its name is partially forgotten or obscured.

A neighborhood, ghetto, or barrio distinct from the surrounding community.

Adding, Switching or Modifying the Sets Over Time

Someone's initials spell something silly

Distant, abusive, or otherwise opposing family members do care for each other

The Fair Folk only accepts insubstantial sorts of payments.

Hatred of gays, lesbians, cross dressers, transsexuals, etc.

A character sneezes once and the other ones go uh-oh

The sabre is a dashing and daring military hero's Weapon Of Choice

Handheld objects and the Short Con combine to demonstrate a character's cleverness.

A show that doesn't mesh in with the rest of the channel.

Hiding the fact that a big actor is even there

One or more characters keep telling the main character that they are going to fail, only to insist that they had always believed in him/her once they succeed.

A character has shorter hair as he becomes older.

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