Looks like the best way to beat the enemy is to EAT the enemy!!

Bringing up a book that is applicable to a problem characters are having.

A fusion genre of R&B, Hip Hop, Disco and Funk that was popular from 1987 to 1994.

When your feet hover just off the ground.

Adapting books to TV

A character hates being called by nicknames.

You can never get the evil out out of a once evil place

Non-standard powers usually unique to dragons.

Whatever that attack does, you\'d better interrupt it before it goes off

A big character rolls over a small character while sleeping

A character has to make a hard choice and before they can do so, someone else makes the choice for them.

People are in need of clothing and steal from a clothesline

Shows that were picked up at first, but got cancelled before ever airing an episode.

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

Faster than everyone else

A pipe organ or similar instrument where something unusual shoots through the pipes.

Prisoners are forced to do certain jobs.

Hassle Free Hotwire? No, you actually just made things worse.

An official hashtag created by a corporation to be viral.

Kill the killer of the Villain

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