Commanding others with a large whip.

If characters finish a line with an eternal promise or oath, they\'ll attempt to kill someone

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

A characters design looks different in early in the series

When a character's creations turn against him/her and they say this line

A character is more flawed than initially suggested

Throwing one punch and hitting something multiple times.

An East Asian woman has blue, purple or red in her hair.

Something that you have inherited has some nasty surprise for you.

A villain swears to do something evil to evoke fear or display resolve.

Someone is sick and can\'t do something they were going to.

A character sneezes once and the other ones go uh-oh

Poor traction on something moving sends you sliding all over the place.

When normal storms just aren't quite hazardous enough

List of pages whose images don\'t really portray the trope

A character\'s last words are a profanity/insult/curse.

A mage draws magical energy from both internal and external sources.

When a sapient being is created by magical methods.

A pipe organ or similar instrument where something unusual shoots through the pipes.

Adapting books to TV

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