A character's belongings are vandalised by a slur or an insult written to scare them.

Someone shouts. The echo that comes back isn't what they said.

A women's skirt accidentally gets tucked into the back of their underwear.

Previously monosexual character turns out to be bisexual in order to ease tension.

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

You play as a Ruler

Female animals look better groomed than male animals.

When a character reveals something at a very inappropriate time.

When normal storms just aren't quite hazardous enough

Scents used to evoke a response in others.

A character\'s birthday is forgotten in the story

A character is cornered but escapes using Offscreen Teleportation.

An official hashtag created by a corporation to be viral.

Skeleton imagery makes anything darker

A veteran, sometimes [[ShellShockedVeteran Shell Shocked]], sometimes not, that served in Vietnam

A BigBad who only shows up during the final segments of the story before being defeated for good.

Lips move to form a profanity, but no sound comes out

A military leader with power and authority beyond legal or official status.

A character who is obsessed with one particular form of wealth, usually a precious metal or jewels.

A character has to make a hard choice and before they can do so, someone else makes the choice for them.

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