Major differences between characters relationships in adaptations

Associations between school cliques and hair color

When an important piece of story is hidden away in The Stinger.

In historical fiction, when the audience's knowledge of what happens outside the show changes the perception of a work

A mundane object or place takes on special significance when its name is partially forgotten or obscured.

A villain swears to do something evil to evoke fear or display resolve.

A character stops doing evil, because they realizes it hurts their goal.

An Aesop about self-knowledge.

Tropes dealing with moral and cultural relativism

A weapon that fires through portals at remote targets

A work targeted at young kids that covers subject matter considered more suitable for teens/adults.

Scents used to evoke a response in others.

An official hashtag created by a corporation to be viral.

Crossbows treated as inferior to drawn bows, despite many technical advantages.

One or more characters keep telling the main character that they are going to fail, only to insist that they had always believed in him/her once they succeed.

Evil or scary characters smile so that their lips curl in a physically impossible way.

Walrus characters tend to be portrayed as villains or jerks.

A pipe organ or similar instrument where something unusual shoots through the pipes.

Looks like the best way to beat the enemy is to EAT the enemy!!

A character enquires on the relationship status of their love interest

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