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    5 dec, orangeninja101 added the following entry in Pokémon Sun and Moon:

    • Was there a reason to establish Mega Evolution as something horrible and abusive to the Pokemon that undergo it? Mega Evolution was a popular feature from the previous games, with a lot of Mega Evolutions becoming complete fan favorites for all involved, and the feature is still very much beloved, even in the wake of Z-Moves. So why go through all this effort to create Pokedex entries to establish that Mega Evolution is, in fact, evil, when the previous games preached it at a bond phenomenon between Pokemon and trainer?

    I removed this with "headscratchers is not to complaining" as edit reason.

    6 dec, Orangeninja 101 added this back, with "t's a legitimate query" as edit reason. Reply

      I personally don't think he is complaining, it is strange why they would make Mega Evolutions turn Pokemon evil. That said he did an edit war so I feel like everyone is in the wrong here.

      I dunno. I think the contradiction with previous lore is a legitimate question, but bringing up the popularity of Mega Evolution among players kinda pushes it into complaining territory, IMHO.

      I think it might work, but the fan stuff should go.

      I think the parts regarding stuff that's actually in the games are fine, but the stuff about fans' opinions is irrelevant. Usually the latter kind of stuff goes on YMMV pages, but I have to agree with those who said it resulted in complaining in this case.

      I don't think this is complaining, myself.

      I think it's a legitimate question.

      With language like "becoming complete fan favorites for all involved" and "even in the wake of Z-Moves," I can't help but think it is passive-aggressively complaining. However, it is a legitimate question. The execution of that question seems misguided. I agree with Gaston Rabbit that the fan opinion is irrelevant, and I think that info, at least, can be removed.
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    Can a regular trope be YMMV in certain situations? Specifically when in an interactive medium you have a clear example of a narrative trope, but the player is required to take an action they might not necessarily take? Would that not make the example subjective? The following was an entry I added to The Stanley Parable, but it was removed for the reason "Not YMMV."

    • The Tape Knew You Would Say That: Judging by approximately 100% of Let's Plays of this game, the Narrator completely has the player's number in the Countdown ending.
      Narrator: Did you just assume when you saw that timer that something in this room was capable of turning it off? I mean look at you, running from button to button, screen to screen, clicking on every little thing in this room! These numbered buttons! No! These colored ones! Or maybe this big, red button! Or this door! Everything! Anything! Something here will save me! Why would you think that, Stanley?

    To expand on the context, the Narrator leads you along by the nose through the game until you reach a machine that you may either turn on or disable. The Narrator tells you that you will disable it, but if you defy him he declares that a nuclear bomb will blow you up in two minutes. Immediately before this point in the game you pass through a room filled with buttons and screens. Now here's the key point. Absolutely nothing in the game indicates that any of those buttons will prevent the bomb from going off, nor are you prompted to try. However, in every single case I am aware of the player will run around trying to survive anyway, just as the above quote by the Narrator indicates. The Narrator is the Tape. His message is pre-recorded, obviously, and plays regardless of what the player does. The player could do nothing, even though they never do as far as I am aware. That is what makes the example a subjective audience reaction, as I understand it, even though the trope is not normally YMMV.

    Is my understanding incorrect? Reply

      You are using that trope wrong. The Tape Knew You Would Say That is specifically for in-universe situations. If a programmer is able to accurately predict how a player is going to react that is likely Developers' Foresight and / or Intended Audience Reaction. The situation is also specifically Controllable Helplessness.

      While YMMV tropes can be used in-universe, only YMMV tropes can go on YMMV pages.

      That's not what "subjective" means. A trope which only appears if the player performs certain actions can still be objective.

      Think of it this way: "It's an objective fact that if the player does certain things, the trope happens". All players who do those things experience the trope.

      Subjective in thsi context would be that the player gets a certain impression of things or reacts in a certain way. This is subjective because it depends not on what the player does, but what they think, so not all players who do the same thing get the same reaction.

      Another way to think about it would be that every work would have every trope in its YMMV/ page if objective tropes were allowed on those pages. It would just artificially inflate the number of wicks, which is never helpful.

      Moreover, if it is your opinion that X trope is in the work, then you should be able to explain how that trope is present in the work. If you have to rely on the fact that it's "just your opinion," then it probably is not actually present in the work the way you're saying it is. You'll want to use Trope Finder to find a more accurate trope for the situation, and if we don't have it yet then you should use the Trope Launch Pad.

      If the trope is actually present in the work, it should go on the normal works page or — if it applies to a particular character — on the Characters/ subpage.

      That all said, the Countdown ending is already listed on the page as Boss Battle and Red Herring. It might also be a trope where the game parodies common gaming patterns (like the fact there will be a way for the player to solve the problem if the game presents the player with a problem), but I'm not sure.

      Regular tropes cannot be added in YMMV or Trivia, nor the other way around unless they're played In-Universe. In the (fortunately rare) instances when someone does the improper addition, it's usually because the trope's incidence is being described as if it wasn't actually happening in the work itself, but through the viewer or audience. For example, a long time ago someone had added Perfectly Cromulent Word to the YMMV tab of Super Smash Bros., a non-YMMV trope, with the entry being that fans were using a non-existent word ("deconfirmed") in relation to the debunk of certain characters supposedly being in the game for 3DS and Wii U. Since the word itself didn't appear in the game, I removed the entry under the reasoning I'm explaining.

      To summarize, it is not appropiate. In the particular case of your example, the trope is better added (and described with a context of objectivity, not YMMV) in the involved Let's Play articles.
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    The article I'm asking this is for the DDLC, where there is a Wham Line (obviously a Spoiler) mentioned in the middle of the game. Now this line doesn't make sense at first and leaves the player guessing and treating it as a joke, until the endgame where, upon remembering the line, it all makes sense, and is actually a fact. Due to the gap between the two points of the game being long enough, can we say that it is indeed a foreshadowing? Reply

      I don't see how it could be both. If it doesn't make sense and makes you think it is a joke then it wasn't a wham line because it doesn't give you the "this changes everything" moment. It could count as foreshadowing if later knowledge made that line more important. On the other hand if it is a wham line then the impact is right then and it isn't a hint anymore it is a specific statement of what is going on.

      Wham Line and Foreshadowing do seem mutually exclusive.

      I woudn't think so: Wham Lines are lines that, by their very nature, change how the story is interpreted on the spot.

      You look back on foreshadowing and realize the Fridge Brilliance of it. A wham line is more what you actually find in the fridge just by opening it.

      "I don't see how it could be both. If it doesn't make sense and makes you think it is a joke then it wasn't a wham line because it doesn't give you the "this changes everything" moment."

      This is correct. And if the example given is accurate, it would fall under foreshadowing but not Wham Line.
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    This was added to Doki Doki Literature Club! by Etheru on November 17:
    • Anti-Frustration Features: There's a "skip" button that allows the player to fast forward through dialogue that they've already seen, which significantly helps to streamline the process of getting the Golden Ending for the game. It's also functional when Yuri kills herself in Act 3, since clicking through all of the garbage text takes a while.

    I removed it later that day for being a non-example with this edit reason: "I'm not really sure this should count...having a skip button is a standard feature of visual novels, and in Ren'Py in particular, V Ns made with it include it by default—you have to deliberately disable the functionality in order to not allow for skipping. It's a bit like calling the save function an AFF."

    A similar example was added to the page by King Lyger, and subsequently edited by them, on December 8. It currently looks like this:
    • Anti-Frustration Features: If you load a save from a previous day, the game lets you fast-forward through dialogue you've already seen by either clicking "Skip" or holding down a key. The skip stops automatically when you reach dialogue that you haven't seen yet. The game also lets you skip through a part of Yuri's event in Act 2 after she stabs herself to death, which features nothing but strings of broken font characters.

    The third sentence is a valid example, but the rest is essentially the same as the example I removed. I was going to remove that part again, but I thought it might constitute an edit war if I did, even though they were added by two different tropers (and I don't think King Lyger intentionally re-added a deleted example; that page has gotten a lot of edits). Reply

      I dont know how to help... I hope someone else sees this.

      I would suggest you start a discussion on the subject, sending PMs to the tropers in question if necessary.
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    Is there a rule stating I can't use an image from my computer as a reaction image in a discussion post? Reply

      providing you're not be disruptive you should be fine
  • 6 Dec 15th, 2017 at 2:02PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 16th Dec, 2017 02:43:51 AM
    'hiddenelastic' has been adding a lot of long entries to the Riverdale character pages, some of them being Wall of Text, and has been adding a ton of tropes to the pages in general (in particular the main characters; Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead). While I do admire his/her commitment to the show, I'm concerned because I feel that, at this point, the Riverdale character pages are getting bloated with too much information. Reply

      Courtesy link to her edits.

      She's got a pretty big obsession with the Riverdale pages, barely editing anywhere else.

      If I'm not wrong, I already know this troper. She used to make a lot of edits in the The Vampire Diaries character pages (now all locked) and similar shows. She had a lot of different accounts over the years, incuding this but her edits are always similar

      That, and she's a ban evader from what I read among the history of one of the pages she edited. Not sure how easy it'd be to restore some of these pages though. ._.;

      Banned. Over 3000 edits...

      Holy moley!

  • 10 Dec 14th, 2017 at 11:11PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Dec, 2017 01:47:56 AM
    So what's the groundwork for multiple images on one character in a character page? Another troper and I voiced concern about this in an Image Pickin thread. Reply

      Isn't it "one main image, other images hidden within label notes"?

      Not sure. I'm prepared to remove any extra images attached to one person, but I would like a little direction.

      Thank you.

      There's no formal rule that I've ever seen made, because the situation has never called for the creation of one. It strikes me as a bit over the top, but without enough of a consensus to establish an actual policy, I cannot say anything else in an official capacity.

      To clarify (I'm the other guy who brought it up) we're talking about a number of entries and pages on the Characters.Star Wars index. It appears that at some point it became an unspoken rule that characters appearing in multiple "eras" in the franchise should have a picture for each appearance, which makes sense in some cases (characters like Luke, Vader, and Palpatine change drastically between trilogies) but in others looks kind of... well, dumb (for instance, Mon Mothma's two images look near-identical, and several characters have their prequel-era picture taken from the heavily-stylized Clone Wars cartoon).

      Should I start a project in Short Term about this?

      I think it makes more sense to create separate entries for each of the eras. Luke of the Original Trilogy does not fulfill the same narrative roles as Luke from the Sequel Trilogy. He doesn't use the same tropes.

      That is being done for a few characters - Luke is one example; his page is split into an OT folder and an ST folder with the pictures split across folders. The problem comes from characters who appear in multiple eras but don't have a big enough role to justify that kind of split. I mean, we could reorganize the entire index to have different sections for different eras, and sift through dozens of pages and entries to separate them, but...

      Hmmm. I am debating on the article for Palpatine in Image Pickin. I can probably split his page into Prequel and Empire folders as well.

      ^^ So what you're saying is... Whether character tropes are separated by era or not is inconsistently applied.

      This isn't a problem. If folks want to have a policy on this, the Wiki Talk forum would be the place for one.
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    So my watchlist just updated me that the Characters.Naruto Team Eight Members page was edited, and every single instance of "Hyuga" or "Hyuuga" were edited to "Hyūga", by the troper Naru Hina Fan. Considering that, admittedly, the surname does suffer from Spell My Name with an "S", I'm confused as to which is the spelling that's adhered to most here on TV Tropes. Does anyone know?

    The same goes for Otsutsuki, Ootsutsuki, or Ōtsutsuki, from the Characters.Naruto Otsutsuki Clan page.

    Here's the Team 8 Members page's edit history: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=Characters.NarutoTeamEightMembers

    Here's the Otsutsuki Clan page's edit history: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=Characters.NarutoOtsutsukiClan

    Here is the troper's edit history: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=NaruHinaFan

    See, if this troper actually left an Edit Reason as to why they edited the surnames, I wouldn't be here asking about it... Reply

      However the English version spells it.

      Just edited my post because they also edited the Otsutsuki surname as well.

      There's a rule here on TV Tropes that the spellings *have* to adhere to the way the English version spells their names? Where can I find this rule, so that I can reference it?

      I don't think there's a place where the rule is officially listed, but it's well known (in ATT anyway) that we always use the most recent English translation.

      Yeah. It's mostly an unwritten rule. Though if it helps, How to Create a Works Page does state, in reference to work pages in general:

      "TV Tropes is an English-language wiki, so we prefer to use the English titles where applicable. So if the work has an official localized title, use the English title for the page and add the non-English title as a redirect. However, if the work doesn't have an officially-translated English title, you can use the non-English title for the main page and make the English translation into a redirect instead."

      question then is, what's the most recent english translation spelling it as?
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    I know that spoiler tags aren't allowed in folder names, but what about label notes? You can't click to open them without simultaneously opening the folder, so I have the feeling that they might not be allowed in there. Reply

      I imagine the formatting nightmare of it alone means they're disallowed.
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    While wiki walking I came across CG-Druid's edits to LoveConfession. I corrected them and sent a notifier, but I decided I should take a look at their edit history. The last edits were a bunch last month, and I found noticeable grammar issues in:

    Good Bad Girl - Mainly first entry they added, which has what looks like an incomplete sentence at the end.

    Shameless Fanservice Girl - Entry is a ZCE and ends with "With her, but also has a special reason."

    PubertySuperpower - Which reads "In The Mortal Instruments, shadowhunter Jace tells that most shadowhunters get their first runes at the beginning of their puberty."

    Nothing horrific, I suppose. I'm sure we've seen worse, but it struck me enough that I felt it should be reported. Reply
  • 1 Dec 15th, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Dec, 2017 12:32:31 PM
    Nexus LQ seems to be showing the exact same edits as Trustworthy 69 and Random X, who ended up being the same person. To elaborate, Trustworthy 69 showed major grammar issues in many tropes, such as Wouldn't Hit a Girl, and displayed shipping bias towards Naruto/Sakura in Wouldn't Hit a Girl by adding false and unconfirmed information. Nexus LQ is showing those very same grammar issues, shipping bias and false information in one of the Naruto entries for BigBrotherInstinct.Anime And Manga.

    For a comparison of my suspicions:

    Here is Nexus LQ's edit history: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=NexusLQ

    However, I am not 100% sure if Nexus LQ is Trustworthy 69 / Random X. May I get a confirmation about an IP match from a moderator? I have my suspicions, but I have been wrong in the past about possible sockpuppets/meatpuppets, so I want to know for sure if Nexus LQ has a positive IP match to Trustworthy 69 / Random X or not. However, it cannot be denied that the edits look similar to each other.

    For another comparison: Reply

      It's close enough with a geolocation match to call it a positive. Banned.
  • 5 Dec 14th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Web Original
    Lastest Reply: 15th Dec, 2017 11:54:20 AM
    Godsfall is listed as an index when it shouldn't be, and I can't find the page type editor anymore. If there's a link to a tool or a forum thread for page type changes, I'd appreciate for the report to be directed to the right place. :) Reply

      Fourth box down in the sidebar is "Page Info", including "Page type".

      ...it doesn't appear to have the "index" box ticked, though. Odd.

      ...well, I tried setting it as an index and then setting it as not an index, and that seems to have worked.

      ^^ it doesn't appear on certain browsers like chrome on android devices for some reason

      Thank you! I was trying to edit the page info from mobile Firefox, so that explains why the "Page info" link didn't show up (even after requesting the desktop version).

      The presence of [[index]] tags on a page will cause the system to magically start indexing after the page is saved/updated. There don't seem to be any on this page, but it's worth noting for future reference.
  • 0 Dec 15th, 2017 at 11:11AM
    iOS Games is divided into arbitrary, kind of confusing categories. It seems conducive to duplication and doesn't seem like it's serving a useful purpose.

    Can I redo it into a unified alphabetical list? Reply
  • 2 Dec 15th, 2017 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Dec, 2017 09:23:21 AM
    What do you call a trope where the protagonist acts like a complete jerk who thinks he/she is right, when in reality, they are actually wrong, but the characters treat them like they are right because of plot. Reply
  • 5 Dec 15th, 2017 at 4:04AM
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    WARNING: Star Wars spoilers

    Here Reply

      That is on The Last Jedi Headscratchers page, so people beware spoilers.

      It would constitute an Edit War , which the mods can suspend you for. So, yes, you could very well end up banned for edit warring.

      If the edit you are asking about is the one where you complain about the characters being minorities, then no it should not be restored on grounds of Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement and Headscratchers not being for complaining.

      Also, please note what the page is you are directing people to. I don't mind spoilers, but this is a movie that is only just released and sending people directly into a spoiler ridden page, blind, in order to see what your query is; that is just rude.

      Yeah, seriously. That's in poor taste if nothing else. There, edited in a spoiler warning.

      The entry is not complaining about minorities, did you read it? And sorry about the spoiler link, at the time I didn't think there were any major spoilers on the page but yes I should have warned.

      To me, as someone who doesn't care about Star Wars, this does sound like complaining. It doesn't really matter about what, because complaining is a no-no regardless.

      People saying it's complaining, how is it complaining? It's a discussion/query and discussing race is not automatically against TV tropes rules otherwise pages like Black Dude Dies First wouldn't exist.
  • 7 Dec 14th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Dec, 2017 05:16:33 AM
    Phantom Dusclops 92 just cutlisted Lion & Bobo Adventures for the third time after escalating to blanking it. Reply

      Declined and suspended them for violating the rules, but what's that page doing there to begin with?

      Beats the hell outta me.

      Don't know if you caught it at the end of the description but apparently that's an old hoax that got out of control and became a thing? It's Actually Pretty Funny imo lol.

      The page blanking and stuff was obviously wrong, but I couldn't tell if Fighteer meant "not in Western Animation" or what. It looks to be in the right namespace wdyt

      Well, JFF isn't the right namespace for it. As an unpublished work, it would belong over in Darth Wiki.

      That's what I thought, but if the subject itself is the joke, rather than the hypothetical work that is unpublished, and if that joke is "published" on the Internet, then why would we categorize it as an unpublished work?

      If it is JFF, then continuing the joke seems appropriate, but if it's as — say — a Web Original or serious namespace, then we'd have to totally convert the page to be about the joke itself.

      Well, it's still an unpublished work, even if it doesn't actually exist, and even if it's a joke (the joke has been taken so far as to actually trope the "work"), so I'd say it belongs on the Darth Wiki.

      My reasoning is that when it comes to unpublished works it's always a bit ambiguous whether they exist or not. Some unpublished works are actually finished and in a shape where they could be published as-is, but I guess many of them are in some state between "finished MS" and "just a bunch of ideas in the creator's head". This particular "work" just happens to fall at one extreme point of that scale.

      My question was vaguely worded, but I meant it: what is that work and why is it in JFF as opposed to somewhere else? That seems to have been answered, but it still forces the question of whether it's the proper namespace. We've permitted the creation of articles in Just for Fun for fictional works, so I'd say it can stay.
  • 9 Oct 24th, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Dec, 2017 04:25:46 AM
    I'm not entirely sure I'm referring to the correct page, but I'll ask here anyway.

    I was just reading the Sleepy Hollow page and was kind of disappointed to see that there was no Characters page. If there's some reason for this that I don't know about, that's okay, but if not, I'd like for one to be created. I've never written a page before, and I'm not even completely sure how to, but I still wanted to check in with someone else first. Thank you. Reply

      It doesn't have a characters page because no one has really bothered to make one.

      You can look at other character pages and see how they're formatted to give an idea of how to make one.

      Thanks. I may still need some help with it, though.

      1. Best way to start is to make a list of the characters in the movie, who have enough individual tropes applied to them.

      2. Keep in mind that character pages are to have unmarked spoilers, with a warning for that on the top of the pages.

      Oh yeah, here's a link to Sleepy Hollow for anyone else interested.

      Character pages can have spoilers on them. Same rules as the main page.

      ^No, character pages are not supposed to have any spoiler tags.

      Of course, the best thing to do would be to not make a character page to begin with.

      Yes, they can have spoiler tags on them. If most of the page would need them, it's better to have them off with a spoiler warning up time. It's not a hard-set rule for which pages have spoiler tags on them(bar Recap pages, last I checked, which gets none, since they are inherently about spoilers anyway).

      ^That's incorrect. Fighteer just said (in another ATT thread) that the spoiler rules on character pages are the same as for normal works pages.

      Quote from Fighteer: "The same spoiler rules apply on Characters subpages as anywhere else. Trope names, headers, folders, and character descriptions may not have spoiler tags ever, under any circumstances. Entire examples should not be tagged. If it's impossible to avoid ruining the work utterly for anyone who so much as glances at the article under these restrictions, then put a SPOILER WARNING at the top and remove all the tags."

      And before anyone points out that other character pages have entire examples spoilered or headers spoilered, those are prime examples of misuse and should be fixed.

      Go to this link and click edit page.

  • 2 Dec 14th, 2017 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 09:29:17 PM
    I forget what the name was, but the description had something along the lines of "a character wants to get out of a situation/go somewhere that is not here and states that they have to go to the bathroom". Reply

      I'm not sure which it is but you can check the history tab if you made a comment in the draft. Or if you starred it, you can check it that way.

      I found it, thank you! It was Restroom Excuse.
  • 2 Dec 14th, 2017 at 6:06PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 09:28:47 PM
    Last month, 1n73rn37_n3rd_584 had recommended a fic on FanficRecs.Homestuck under the name "InterGuy584". I've since corrected it to their actual handle, but I was wondering if there was ever a user by that name.

    History page. Reply

      Checked. No such user as Inter Guy 584.

      I thought it might be internet_nerd_584's username on the MSPFA site, but a google search for "user interguy584" literally comes up with two pages (same nada when searching MSPFA's site). Weird and strange, but doesn't seem to be a problem unless it persists?
  • 1 Dec 14th, 2017 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 08:12:19 PM
    I just read about the trope "Straw-man has a point" When in attempting to straw-man a particular viewpoint they actually make their point. I was wondering if any of the following had a point: When the author is so obviously making a straw-man it's no longer believable or engaging ("I will burn down these trees even if it cost me money because I am a greedy corporation man, never-mind I could easily replant them") When an author tries to make "Both sides reasonable" but instead makes a straw-man (There's evil on both sides, now let me only list the evil side A has done, Now that I've done that I will recount both sides had done good things, like all those people side B helped) When an author tries to make a good guy out of their beliefs but instead make him a straw-man or quasi-villan (Equality is amazing, and everyone is equal, except you!, we should tolerate everyone Except those stupid intolerant people over there!) Reply
  • 2 Dec 14th, 2017 at 7:07PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 07:56:54 PM
    Here, I'm trying to find out how this trope is named; it's almost certain that's been identified and classified already, I just don't know what it is. So, I'll describe it for you to find out. It's basically what I would call a "nightmare ending"; seen in some terror movie series for instance where the protagonist confronts the Big Bad, maybe some Ax-Crazy psychotic slasher guy and defeats him, usually killing him, or so it appears. But then, after the final confrontation has happened, in the movie's epilogue when the protagonist tries to return home to his/her normal life, the Big Bad seemingly appears out of nowhere and attacks him/her there, and then the screen cuts to black, signifying the end (a bad end at that) of the movie. However, this differs from a standard Downer Ending in that in a (canonical) sequel, the protagonist is seen again, alive and well, with no recollections of ever having been attacked at the end of the previous movie; thus the whole ending of the first movie being a "nightmare" of sorts, with that whole event ignored by the sequel movie without any explanation whatsoever (and not acknowledged as an actual nightmare by the protagonist), and usually it's only acknowledged that the villain of the first movie was killed back then and it's still dead all along. For example of this, see the ending of the first "I Know What You Did Last Summer" movie, in which Julie and Ray appear to defeat Ben Willis (the murderer who is the villain of the series) by throwing him to the sea, where he sinks presumedly dead, only for the guy to later attack Julie in her bathroom; however no mention of this attack is ever made by the second movie; although in the sequel Ben Willis reappears alive as well, the ending of the first movie where Julie is attacked is not acknowledged, and is simply retconned out of existence without any explanation. Reply
  • 1 Dec 14th, 2017 at 6:06PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 06:11:29 PM
    So I am looking to see if there is a trope based on a scene I saw in a couple of video games where the hero has defeated and knocked down a seeming enemy (such as when said enemy is a friend/ally trying to help you though they did it in the wrong way), and they are about to finish off/kill said enemy/ally when another character comes in and tries to stop them from killing them by saying they are actually on their side or that if they kill them then they are no better than the enemy/ally.

    One example is Mr Ribbs from Grabbed By The Ghoulies he nicks an egg you have found that is to be taken to Ma Soupswill, and you/Cooper chase him through the mansion and eventually into the kitchen when Cooper manages to engage and defeat Mr Ribbs in battle and gets the egg back but enraged by being harrassed by and having to chase Mr Ribbs, Cooper punches Mr Ribbs in the face knocking him down and is about to finish him off when Ma Soupswill comes in and stops Cooper by explaining that Mr Ribbs is her assistant and that she asked Mr Ribbs to help Cooper by getting the egg.

    Anybody know if thats a thing, oh and heres a video link to show what Im talking about go to 35:38 of the video to see the exact part.


    Edit; Ok, so I may have asked in the wrong section sorry about that Im still new to this site, but thansk Orbiting, I will ask there. Reply
  • 2 Dec 13th, 2017 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th Dec, 2017 03:47:22 PM
    The Myst character page looks like it could use some TLC. I managed to find ZCEs and spoilered out trope names. Reply

      There are threads for these issues in the Projects: Long Term/Perpetual section of the forum. Post here for the ZCEs and here for the spoiler issues.

      Thanks. Commented in those threads.

      Lock this one, please!
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    [[tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=Dex-N-Mex 95 Dex-N-Mex 95]] is showing problems like not knowing how to add tropes or how capitalization works. Reply
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