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    Live Action TV
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    So I have noticed something that I don't see anywhere on the site, but I'm not sure how to add it or where it belongs.

    There seems to be a commonly used 'joke' that has appeared in more TV shows than I can count - I can think of at least 10 examples off the top of my head.

    Generally in a show someone says it when they are noting the ethnic/racial diversity of a group of people. The reference is some variation of :

    "We look like a United Colors of Benetton ad!"

    Seriously, I have heard this joke SO MANY TIMES. I don't know how it's even relevant? Are a bunch of preppy people from 1987 watching modern day TV?

    Most recently noted in "Last Man on Earth," Season 3, Episode 4: Tandy (Phil) notes, after finding out their new Asian friend is gay: "We got a real Benetton ad goin' here!"

    Another example: Glee, Season 1, Episode 5, April Rhodes says: "You guys look like the world's worst Benetton ad."

    And so on and so on... so I'm just wondering where (if) this belongs on the site?

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    In the Oversaturated World, Everyone Is Gay is Discussed:

    Sunset: Sunset took a deep breath, then said, "I have to ask; given all the student bodies of all of the versions of Canterlot High, is there a single heterosexual girl among them?"
    Derpy "Well, there's me."

    How do I put that on Everyone Is Gay? In Western Animation, as the Oversaturated World is My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fan Fic, and Everyone Is Gay is sorting by Official Work? Or do I make a Fan Fic folder and put the example in there? Reply

      The way Everyone Is Gay is set up currently, you would note that as part of the FIM example in the Western Animation folder. It's a trope that only appears in fanfic, by definition, so if one example was listed under Fanfic they all would be.

      (I'm a bit dubious about the way the page is set up, because it strikes me as encouraging 'examples' that just say "this happens a lot in fanfic" and don't cite any specific instances, but that's a discussion for another time.)

      A fanfic is considered a separate work from the source work. So a MLPFIM fanfic belongs to the Fan Fic folder, rather than Western Animation.

      No, it would go in the Western Animation folder. Everyone Is Gay is a fanfic trope, so a fanfic folder on the trope page would be redundant. On a work page, it would go on the fanfic's page, not the parent work's.


      There's fanfic folders on LOTS of trope pages. If there isn't one, you make it and put the fanfic examples there. Western Animation is for canon works.

      What Gideoncrawle means is that Everyone Is Gay only applies to fanfiction, and so everything on that page can then be assumed to be fanfic, and that's why its all sorted on that page by what the source material of the fanfiction is; otherwise it'd all be in the same folder with no sorting at all.

      Precisely. Per the Everyone Is Gay trope description, it's logically impossible for any canon work to be a valid example, because the trope is about how fanfic writers change canonical characterizations. Canon works and sanctioned derivatives fall under a different trope, namely Cast Full of Gay.

      From what I've seen on this wiki, sorting examples into folders by the parent work's medium is standard practice on the pages of fanfic-only tropes.

      ... which strikes me as a bad idea, anyway.

      How many examples of that trope in non-fanfic works are there? It may be that the description is too narrow.

      Everyone Is Gay is specifically about a high prevalence of gay characters in derivative works — this requires that there be a parent work, which excludes canon material by definition.

      Bump... So, should there be changes or something? Or is this discussion being continued elsewhere?

      Why don't we just add the word "Fanfics" to every folder name? Anime & Manga Fanfics, Live Action Film Fanfics, etc.

      Maybe "Everyone is Gay in Fanfics" would be a more clear name? I don't really see a lot of misuse, other than maybe a couple of yaoi anime that should probably go under Cast Fullof Gay.

      Bump? I think this is still unresolved?
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    I notice that the article for Jesus is in the Main namespace rather than in Useful Notes, like all other Historical Domain Characters should be. Strangely enough, he's actually listed on a Useful Notes index (namely, Religious Leaders). Is there a particular process for transplanting articles to the Useful Notes namespace, or can I just go ahead and do it unilaterally in such clear-cut cases? And the Main namespace article — should it be redirected to the newly made Useful Notes article, or cutlisted? Reply

      You can probably do it unilaterally, since namespace fixes are a big thing around here.

      And you should probably cutlist the main page, since getting rid of main page redirects is also a big thing lately.

      Since the main page has over 30 inbounds (in fact, it has over 3,000), you should redirect it. A cutlist request would probably be declined. See Wick Namespace Migration for more info on the whole process.

      There's actually a whole project for these at Useful Notes Pages in Main, but Jesus slipped through the cracks; it's not listed there. Once you're done with it, list it on CompletedMigrations.Useful Notes.
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    Why is the a page of the new Doctor Who spin-off at Class (2016) if there are no other works called Class? Reply

      Link to Class history: here.

      Apparently bwburke94 moved it "to disambiguate from the CBBC series".

      Is that worth doing that if the CBBC one doesn't have a page? There should at least be a note somewhere.

      Doesn't have a page, yet. Who knows when some editor might decide to start one? It could pop into being tomorrow if someone was so inclined. Better to disambiguate right from the start and then save a lot of work later.

      Okay, but either Main.Class or Series.Class should be turned into a disambiguation.

      Yes, I took the CBBC programme into account when disambiguating. Just because it doesn't have a page right now doesn't mean it will never have a page.

      At the time I moved the page, there was a preference among page-creators to year-disambiguate if any other work, in any medium. shared the title. Take a look at this page on The Other Wiki, just to see how many works are called Class.

      I'm curious about a similar situation, there is an upcoming game called Agony that I believe will get a page - what happens with the links that refer to the 1992 game of the same name that doesn't have a page yet

      Rewick all 4 of them to Agony 1992 and create the page there, I'd assume.
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    Dust Snitch has been removing lots of wicks to Badass. Is there a cleanup going on or is he Righting Great Wrongs? Reply

      There's a cleanup going on in Long-Term Projects.

      Alright then.
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    Web Original
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    Hi, user Kendall has deleted a substantial amount of content on the Yogscast's YMMV page, found here. When confronted, they said that the stuff they deleted was "not opinions". Reply

      It looks like they've already been suspended. Seeing that they do not have any record of posting in the fora, I assume it still stands.

      Feel free to add what he deleted back onto the page (I would, but I'm currently busy.)

      Yes, they've already been suspended, and have not appealed, but I added a comment about that article to their notes.
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    On Does Not Like Shoes. Troper DeathVoid keeps adding paragraphs about "earthing", despite it being removed two times by two separate tropers for being pseudoscience that doesn't add anything to the trope at large. It's a bit of a long-term one - it was first added in either March or May of 2016 - but I don't think timescale is a factor when it comes to these things.

    Personally I kind of want to remove it from the page as well, but at this point that'd just be contributing to the ongoing Edit War, so I'm reporting it here instead. Reply

      Putting aside the fact that what he's describing is clearly BS (connecting to the Earth's "electrical energy" to promote health?), it doesn't have anything to do with the trope, which is about characters who display a preference for going barefoot. The health effects (if any do exist) of going barefoot are not relevant to the article.

      To be honest, this particular trope always needs constant trimming. It seems to constantly attract certain kinds of people.

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    I looked it up a long time ago, it was a trope about a person who would most notably stand up for someone else who was largely defenseless in an injust social situation among others. I think it had its own article, but I can't seem to find it now. Does anyone know what I'm looking for? Reply
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    the moment of Capthanos in Gravity Falls looks as an accusation of hypocrisy directed in the viewers.

    Opinions? Reply
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    It appears Dota Allstars character page still uses the old Radiant/Dire page links (Which are then redirected to the non-divided Dota character pages for each stat), while Dota 2 has switched to A new format. Could someone who knows how to redirect pages fix this? Reply
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    A troper named Forenperser seems to have issue on what is considered 'canon' in Dragon Ball as seen with this edit on the http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=DragonBallSuper.TropesPToZ. He actually tries to post an illegal image. I tried to point out that something being filler or 'not canon' to the manga doesn't matter as long as it is part of the work since they made an edit earlier about this subject. Maybe you can PM them since this could be an issue they continue down this path. Reply

      I should point out that both of you are technically Edit Warring over this.

      I didn't edit war. I just said Buu threatened the entire universe, which he did and several characters said it in the manga. The original line was that Buu could destroy the universe, which was what Forenperser protested.

      Basically, semantics. I honored what he wrote by not putting the original line back, but I did give context on how dangerous Buu was.
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    I've seen some entries link to Cracked to justify the entries, even though the views on Cracked are often slanted. For example this entry of Unfortunate Implications which could count but seems to be more of Fridge Horror than actually being offensive: But sometimes, the entries with those links argue that what Cracked thinks is wrong.
    • Unfortunate Implications: Cracked.com had an article arguing that the true messages of this movie are "the strong are strong, the weak are weak, and evil happens when you try to make the weak strong." They compared Syndrome's desire to give everyone super powers to technology being used to help the disabled. This is forgetting/ignoring both that Syndrome's evil plan was made out of spite for Mr. Incredible spurring him from being a sidekick, rather than the goodness of his heart, and that he would only distribute his technology when he was old and had spent years lording his own superiority.
    This isn't restricted to Unfortunate Implications either. Reply

      Those are YMMV tropes, no? I don't see how a cracked writer's opinion is worth different than "some fans" opinions on tumblr.

      To be honest, I've been wondering if someone has been adding the Cracked links on trope pages in order to generate traffic to that website

      I don't see a problem in linking to Cracked articles, as I have seen Unfortunate Implications cite personal blogs before. But the latter two entries you posted should be rewritten, as it's not considered proper to argue with an entry within an entry.

      ^^^ YMMV has its limits though. An entry can't argue with itself and it needs to fit within the definition of what trope/reaction it is talking about.

      Unfortunate Implications require citations to another site on the web. I'm not sure if the website has to be unbiased or not, or how unbiased it can be, etc. Youd should ask the mods if there are any guidelines about that.

      As I understand it the citation rule is literally just about providing proof that it's not just one troper with an axe to grind adding the example. It doesn't have to be at all credible, since examples are supposed to be more about documenting what's already out there than having this site itself provide an opinion.

      I'd rewrite the "numero uno" part in the first example. Whether something being number 1 in a Cracked article is that important is heavily author dependent in my experience.

      A link to Cracked articles is also a link to their comment sections -and there's a lot of readers and commentators, making it easy to make it clear it's not just one tropers with X opinion, however the article slants.

      I don't think Cracked.com is a reliable source for Unfortunate Implications citations, for the simple reason that it's a humor site. When their articles appear to call out UI, the question one must ask is, "Do they mean it, or are they saying it with tongue in cheek?" Even with the accompanying comment sections, there's the possibility that people simply didn't get the joke.

      More generally, the message to editors (commented out, visible only in Edit Mode or the source code) at the top of the UI page states that UI citations must demonstrate that "it's not just your own (or somebody else's) opinion." By that standard, personal blogs are not valid citation sources. I saw a statement somewhere that Tumblr is not a valid source for UI citations, and I seem to recall seeing a statement that citations should link to material from reputable organizations (which Cracked.com would be, if it's considered sufficiently reputable). In other words, citations must prove that the supposed UI isn't a fringe opinion.
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    I have an issue with an example on Audience-Alienating Premise (For future reference, where would I go for this sort of thing, if not here?):

    Watership Down is a movie about rabbits aimed at kids somewhere between late elementary and middle school age. Except it's notoriously violent and mature, with more than a few scenes having the rabbits tear each other to shreds or die violently, including a disturbing scene of rabbits slowly suffocating to death after being buried alive. The art style enough is a bit unsettling, being very dark and realistic in design.

    The whole issue with this example is that neither the film nor the original novel were ever aimed at kids. They were aimed at teenagers/adults who would be more likely to be able to handle the violence, which only happens during the climaxes of both the film and novel, contrary to the popular belief that they're literally just slasher horrors with nothing but violence and death everywhere. What do I do about this? Reply

      Sounds more like What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?, doesn't it?

      Yeah, it does.


      I also smell the "bunnies/animation = for kids" fallacy. Sigh.

      The page image for the opposite trope, What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?? is from that movie. Can the book go under one trope and the movie under the other if they were made with different audiences in mind?

      "neither the film nor the original novel were ever aimed at kids"

      The film is PG rated on IMDB. A search of the novel has it in YA or adult sections. They are both not meant for kids.

      The image needs an Image Pickin' thread.

      sounds like whoever wrote that example fell into the Animation Age Ghetto

      @PegasusKnightmare Funnily enough, the original page image on What Do You Mean, It's for Kids? was a scene from Pingu, which depicted Pingu's mother hitting him, with the caption saying "Abusive Parents on a kid's show? No thanks." Why such was changed, I don't know.

      Scan the image picking thread for any mention of this, and notify the user who changed it if they did so without permission.

      According to the history, Sailor Tardis changed the Pingu image to a Gravity Falls image (unilaterally), and then mod Willbyr put the current image on the page after an Image Pickin' thread decided on it.
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    Is Putting on the Reich specifically for things that evoke Nazism, or anything resembling real-world governments? The main description says the former but the Laconic says the latter. Reply

      Nazism specifically.... If a laconic differs from the page itself, the laconic is wrong. Always.

      Checking over the laconic's history, an edit meant to make the laconic more accurate backfired and only served to make it vague. Anyone in favor of fixing?

      Hm, the old version of the Laconic said it's only for uniforms that evoke the Nazis'. Now I'm not sure what to think. Never used this trope myself, but I thought it was for any time a group seemed to be evoking Nazi imagery, like with banners or rallies, not just the uniforms.

      "any time a group seemed to be evoking Nazi imagery, like with banners or rallies, not just the uniforms."

      Any time a group seemed to be evoking Nazi imagery, such as with banners, rallies, or uniforms.

      I think that would work. :)

      Alright, I'm gonna change the laconic. And delete that entry that led me to the trope, that said something looked like Stalin's Russia.

      I think some people are confusing the trope with A Nazi by Any Other Name.

      To me at least, Putting on the Reich, is about emulating Nazi imagery, while A Nazi by Any Other Name is about emulating Nazi politics and methods.
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    The troper James231448 has a history of poor grammar issues and spoiler misuse, most notable on the Manga.Sengoku Strays page (which is a major mess and needs cleanup.) Since I can't find any prior reports on him, I'm assuming he's not banned, so either he needs one or a mod can tell me if I'm mistaken. Reply
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    Can you please add the characters of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers? There are 12 main characters and I would love if someone added them...if not just teach me and I'll do it. Reply
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    Would it be worth creating a TRS thread for Muppet for having an inaccurate name? (See its entry on YouKeepUsingThatWord.Moderately Pedantic.) Reply

      Only if the inaccurate name either causes widespread misuse or if it leads to the trope being underused.

      The trope is very poorly defined, it can't seem to decide if it's using the loose definition of "Muppet" as "an advanced animatronic/puppet character", or the official definition as "a character whom the holder of the trademark on the name Muppet deems to be a Muppet". The latter of which, however, is a brand name, and thus no more a trope than Mickey Mouse. I would suggest renaming it to something along the lines of "Advanced Puppet", which avoids the confusing definition issue altogether. But I wondered if I was just being pedantic by disapproving of the loose definition, which is the one that most of the examples follow.

      Well, make the topic while citing a ton of examples of misuse, and it's all good. Simply put, you need to prove misuse yourself. When that's proven for sure, other tropers will gladly help out in fixing the trope as well as changing wicks to it that are inaccurate(including properly putting in the new name if any).
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    I am not entirely sure how to go about this: I am planning to create a works page for the last Drizzt trilogy Homecoming. Thing is, that Literature/Homecoming already exists for an unrelated fantasy book. What I think to do is make a works page called something like Homecoming (Drizzt) and then request the display name be changed to Homecoming(Drizzt) or the like. Is this the way to go, or is there a better solution? Thanks in advance. Reply

      Disambiguation between titles under the same namespace is usually done by year (mostly for films) or by author name. Sometimes other things (like works of origin for fanfics) but it's rarer.

      Note that, whatever the method chosen, none of the works have a specific claim over the short title (which is usually turned into a disambiguation); both works must have something appended to the title.
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    Live Action TV
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    In the first episode of Luke Cage, Cottonmouth is standing in front of someone he is interrogating (or something, I forget the exact context of the scene) who is tied to a chair, with the POV being just above his head. for much of the scene, the camera is still. Now, would this count as a Visual Novel Shot? Reply
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    I want to put this on the Digital Destruction page but I'm worried it won't fit on there.

    • On the first episode of Digimon Adventure 02 (at least on the Netflix prints), if you look closely at the first few seconds of the episode in the top left corner, you can see a TV-Y7 screen bug obviously blurred out. The opening intro is also cut out as well.

    Any ideas? Reply
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    Can we get a new page dedicated to interesting titles characters are given? I.e. not the character's name, rank, or position, but rather unofficial titles such as "Emhyr var Emreis" (Emperor of Nilfguard) from the Witcher series being called "the White Flame Dancing on the Barrows of his Enemies," Dr. Who being called "The Oncoming Storm," or Gregor Clegane from Game of Thrones being called "The Mountain." Alternatively, if this already exists, can you point me to it? Reply
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    Is anyone else getting a weird gap at the top of the page under the header? Reply

      Isn't that normal?

      Do the both of you use addblockers?

      I actually get it sometimes on mobile, and I don't use an adblocker.

      The ad probably failed to load.

      I do but this is new.

      The gap is where the add is suppose to go.

      Oh yeah...my workplace uses an adblocker. Sorry about missing revenue or whatever.

      There's a smaller one on the left side, as well.

      There's supposed to be an ad there too, isn't there?

      Getting this as well. Didn't start until late last night.

      These seem to be new places for ads to go, but the top one on the left is broken and all I see is " ".

      I've also had that happen when my computer/browser is running slow.

      I do.

      I run Ad Block Plus so ads don't come up. But before a couple days ago, the page filled up the blank spot. Now it doesn't. That's where my concern comes from.

      ...please whitelist sites you like. The ads pay to keep the sites up. It's that, donations, or paid subscriptions.
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    Mon is this page. Reply

      Someone has to do the scutwork. There are always more people asking for something than people willing to implement that something.

      I'm doing some construction on that page, are you willing to help?

      I'd already filled in some of the Playing With stuff, Played Straight, Downplayed, Justified and Deconstruction is already written as well with Subverted, Parodied, Defied and Played for Laughs by V Phantom and Raygunguy.