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    I was looking at the Related page for something and stumbled upon Pantheon.Tarot Crusaders. It SEEMS to be an MLP fanfic of some kind but I have no idea what it is, and the Sandbox and Trivia pages are no real help. The related pages for the Pantheon pages are just links to other Pantheon pages, and I don't think that's quite how it works ^^;

    EDIT: Sandbox.The Friendship Asylum is the same way! That also had a Pantheon page that was cut. Reply
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    Can this trope also be used for food offerings as well as drink? Reply

      I don't think so.

      It's explicitly about drinking with the dead by pouring one out on the ground for them.

      Seems like a question for Trope Talk.
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    The YMMV page for Insomniac Games was deleted a while ago. The reason being "Creators aren't allowed YMMV pages". Is that true? A lot of creator pages have YMMV's. Pixar, Naughty Dog, Nintendo, Dreamworks... Reply

      Creators can have YMMV subpages only for their works, not for themselves, and only if there is not already an article for the work that the example is about.

      So all those pages should be deleted?

      ^ As long as the entries in those YMMV pages you mention discuss about the works they create, and not about the creators themselves (or their policies), they may stay.

      It strikes me as very unlikely that we'd have any examples in, say, YMMV.Pixar that are not redundant with one or more work articles. Indeed, looking at that page, most examples are about the company or its works in general, and should therefore be removed.

      The phrase is "cut-listed" and please don't go about it willy nilly. Cross check with relevant work pages and screen for bad examples first for each YMMV page. This is one of the things currently only humans can do.
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    Jaro7788 is ignoring the consensus of a discussion thread on Mass Effect: Andromeda to remove an Unfortunate Implications example. He is removing the other two, properly-sourced and non-conspiracy theory examples. Reply

      And he's basically admitted to having an anti-liberal, anti-feminist, white nationalist agenda.

      Might wanna take a look at his edit history while you're at it. Especially the Bioware entries.

      The entry is also factually wrong, and trying to argue that the game doesn't let the player make a character with a pale skin tone when it does.

      Well, I guess the warning we gave them earlier in the month didn't stick. Sproing. Clean up their crap.


      What does that mean?

      Basically, that's a fancy way of saying that someone's bounced.

      I'd just say "Boing!"

      Went ahead and wiped the entire section he'd created to spread those conspiracies in the main Bioware article. And now that I know it ties into some dumb conspiracy theory, I'm going to more-aggressively lobby for the removal of the "Female characters aren't attractive enough!" section from the Andromeda page.

      Question:Does his addition to the Real Life section of "Blind Idiot" Translation violate the rule of cautious editing judgement?

      Yes, it does.

      Zapped it.

      I'm going to more-aggressively lobby for the removal of the "Female characters aren't attractive enough!" section from the Andromeda page."

      Why is that even a thing? Appearance issues, YMMV issues, ROCEJ issues...

      I say start a discussion to get Hive Mind consensus to nuke it into orbit.
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    Sandbox/ is a namespace for tropers and projects for specific pages, but Sandbox 2/ and Sandbox 3/ don't really make sense to me. They seem to be used by a few tropers to store their own stuff — which a second or third Sandbox/ doesn't seem necessary for. Courtesy links: Sandbox2/ and Sandbox3/

    Bringing these namespaces and pages up here because they are so weird to me. At least one seems to be for hosting some sort of original work concerning our Pantheon/ namespace and R Ping — which has recently been purged from TV Tropes anyway. This page is Sandbox3.Nightelf37.

    The R Ping character page is what convinced me to bring this to the hive mind. Reply

      Actually, there's a purpose why some tropers, like me, created multiple sandboxes since my main sandbox used to be a big page until I decided to split them into 3 sandboxes in order to save more spaces.

      That is wrong. You can accomplish the same goal in a different way.

      Create multiple articles with different names in the same Sandbox namespace, instead of creating multiple articles with the same name in different Sandbox namespaces.

      Think of namespaces as folders, and articles as files. You want one folder with multiple files in it, not multiple folders each with one file.

      I guess I gotta do some work to merge my 3 separate sandboxes back to a single one.

      No, they can stay three separate articles, but they should be in the same namespace.

      They need to be Sandbox.Nightelf 37 One, Sandbox.Nightelf 37 Two, etc. Otherwise things get overly complicated.
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    On the YMMV page for the 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast, I noticed that there are tropers who keep adding and deleting Designated Villain for Gaston. Reply

      The two tropers in question as well as a mod have already taken the example to the discussion page. If people want to chime in, I would suggest going there.

      Whoops. My bad. >_<

      Link directly to discussion page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/remarks.php?trope=YMMV.BeautyAndTheBeast2017

      It is mostly two people arguing back-and-forth, feel free to add more voices.

      After taking it to discussion yesterday, both Chris Valentine and Edward Davies have continued to Edit War over Designated Villain today.


      ^^ Okay. That might be a problem. Do we need to lock the page just because of Designated Villain?

      I have not seen this movie yet, BTW.

      Edit: Okay, I'm looking at the conversation AND the history page, and I think NOW we are in trouble. First, Edward Davies's Alternate Character Interpretation of Gaston included a Complete Monster Pothole before that was removed, and the Designated Villain has been officially Edit Warred over.

      And is the Chris 116 account the same as Chris Valentine?

      Both editors suspended. No indication so far that Chris 116 has anything to do with Chris Valentine.

      Hi there, one of the parties involved here. Chris 116 is not me, I think he actually was agreeing with Edward Davies on this one (since I'm presently suspended, I can't say for sure).

      Anyway, I'm very open to suggestions on how to come to an agreement on this discussion.

      Not a mod, but both you and Edward need to step away from this discussion for a bit, at least until your suspensions have been looked at by the mods. The example was added and deleted so many times that I lost count. Let some more people look at it and we might be able to come to a consensus.

      (Also, I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to be posting here when you're suspended, but I'm not 100% certain of that)

      ^I believe you're actually supposed to discuss your suspension on the Edit Banned/Suspended thread only; as long as you're not discussing your suspension, I think you can go elsewhere and talk about other stuff.

      Can a mod chime in?

      I'll wait my turn on the suspension thread, to be safe. I figured if I could post here, systematically, then it must be allowed. See you guys then, I hope!

      It used to be you couldn't post or even see ATT when you were wiki suspended. That was changed.

      Still can't ask for edits from others, though.

      I can appreciate mentioning the suspension to explain why you can't see/edit X page, but you can only appeal it in the EBS thread. Just mind your manners and turn over that new leaf, and you should be good.

      (Just don't get suspended again. That's not good.)
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    The folders on Unusual Eyebrows are split between four cosmetic subtropes, and I can't remember where to go to complain about that. So, I came here.

    The split seems unnecessary and more trouble than it's worth. Can we integrate them into a single list and just folderize them by medium like normal? Reply

      I suspect that the intention for the split is to make it easier to move them off page if suitable separate subtropes are ever launched.

      Maybe, but I doubt that's ever going to happen, especially with the depreciation of overly specific appearance tropes.

      Does anyone have a problem with me just integrating the examples into one list?

      You might as well as some of the people over at the Appearance Trope cleanup thread. I know they're on profession-related tropes right now, but popping in for a specific concern is probably fine.

      Plus if you accidentally make the page technically worse, they'd likely be the ones cleaning it up.

      ^^ No, I think they should be integrated into one list.
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    Western Animation
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    Browsing the Dethroning Moment page (which is something i like to do somewhat often while waiting for something else to finish up) alerted me to a long list of entries on the main page which can get rather long. So I was wondering if some of them (example: Steven Universe) should be moved to their own pages as to not clutter up the space, but I was also just questioning in general where the cutoff is for making an entry its own page. Reply

      According to the page itself, a work needs to have more then thirteen examples before it gets split off into it's own page. To follow off your example, Steven Universe has ten (twelve if you count the sub bullets) examples, so it wouldn't be split into it's own page yet.
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    Hi. I'm thinking that it might be the right place for this matter, but here goes nothing:

    While I've been trying to eliminate Expy trope mis-uses in several pages starting in December 2016, since that particular trope is not meant for superficial similarities by fans or audiences and has to be made explicit by the creator(s), what's the best idea for a possible cleanup effort? Thanks. Reply

      Might this be what you're looking for?

      That could be the answer I was looking for.
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    Someone made a really bizarre re-write to an example I posted in God Is Good the other day just to change the formatting of the first line.

    It's not inherently a problem, but it just seems bizzare and pointless,


      They may have meant to edit the whole entry from scratch, but then decided against it. It doesn't really matter, the edit didn't hurt the entry at all.

      Nearly the whole description is spoilered, though. That should really be fixed.

      Well they italicized the title of the work which is good

      The episode's plot itself is pretty spoileriffic since it's a season finale and ends in a Disney Death with someone being Put On The Bus, so it's hard to do without heavy spoiler text.
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    Okey so forgive me for all of my gramatical error and stuffs but I seriously needed a help. So I watched this anime when I was about 7years old I guess and I watched it on channel 24 hero(tv) and all I remember was this episode which is my favorite, ami has a like a sky blue hair with two ponytail and she's using like a balls clip for it she's young and they're like travelling from a distant world using a train, okey so part of the episode while she's kind of sleeping and she hear noises from the woods which sound of a flute like a melody and she follow from where its coming from then she finds a boy on a tree with long lightish blue hair and she called her ami cause maybe he has no name and the sound just came from nowhere which is so calming and beutiful and the blooming flowers and the night of a dark sky which is so perfect under a pond or a lake they dances and the guy told to her that how beautiful she was and she looked on the pond/lake on her reflection which is has changed the older her but more beautiful and kinda wearing a gown, the girl ami is just a kid while the boy is like in his 20s. So yeah, please help me I'm very sorry but help me do you have any idea how to search some anime when you don't know the g*d*mn title and all I remember was the sound they've used while dancing and I kept on humming it but you know I can't use that on researching so I clearly trying to find it and it just you'll come to the part when maybe your just fantasizing it and its not real but its sh**ing true, so I ask for your kindness to help me the best way you can for my content so I can finally watched this anime anytime I liked. Reply
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    Why don't we have a Slurred Speech trope? Reply

      Because it's so broad as to not be a trope, just a thing that happens. Slurring to indicate a character is drunk, drugged or otherwise intoxicated would be tropable; Slurring from exhaustion might be tropable. Just slurring isn't; it has too many things that it could mean, as well as not meaning anything.
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    Peeve added the Insane Troll Logic entry to YMMV.Interviews With Monster Girls. I wanted to remove it for complaining, but I want to be sure whether it's actually complaining. Reply

      Not a YMMV trope, so it doesn't go there period.

      It also doesn't seem like a good example, but I'm not familiar with the manga enough to know. It's definitely too long, though.
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    Hi, hope someone can help. I remember growing up and watching a spy type show with an Australia Brother and sister in a Bark (hidden) and with communication devices to speak with children all around the world to help fight evil. (some reason i have salvatory) in my head Reply
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    There is already Artistic License Astronomy, but there is also Space Does Not Work That Way, and its laconic page has the forbidden "X DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOODNIGHT!" meme. Does it need TRS attention? Reply

      I changed the Laconic; Yes, A TRS to complete the work of Merging the two pages under Artistic License Astronomy would probably be a good idea. That whole project bogged down years ago. We really should finish it.
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    I noticed on some recap pages that Trivia entries are not flagged like Acting for Two, for example here. On other pages they are flagged though, like here. Is there a reason for it? Reply

      They are set as different page types, if you look at the "Page Info" section you can see the Stargate page is set as Examples while the Stooges is is set as a Subpage

      I see. Now, is (a) the page type for the 3 Stooges recap page wrong or (b) is there a bug for subpages not recognizing trivia items?
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    So I want to launch my first trope, but am kinda confused over it after reading both YKTTW Guidelines and A Guide to Easy Launching of Your YKTTW. From the former I got "Click Launch. Add the trope title without wikiwording it. Click Launch again. A blank page for the trope is created. Edit the page and paste the code that was in the draft". But the latter says "Don't hit the launch button until you have the page up", which seems to contradict the other page.

    Also, what is this permanent link I've been reading about? What does it do and where is it in TLP? Reply

      I haven't launched a new trope in a while, but when you launch the trope, it takes you to apage where you can confirm its name. The actual trope page itself used to be blank until you copy/pasted the code from your TLP entry into it. Though I think last time I did a launch that was changed so it should go right into effect. Just make sure your trope has the 5 hats on it to make sure it's prepped and ready. Otherwise it may get removed/taken to the tlp crash thread. In the case of the permanent link, it refers to the direct URL of your trope. In your case, for example, it'd be here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/discussion.php?id=ckb8jwyf4s1g59h81mw5ifae

      "Click Launch. Add the trope title without wikiwording it. Click Launch again. A blank page for the trope is created. Edit the page and paste the code that was in the draft." This is correct. The other information is outdated.

      I've launched a page with the old method and the new method. The new method links the first edit in the history to YKTTW, which can only happen reliably if it's automated. On top of that, you cannot create a new page in Main/ without clicking the launch button, which really helps on people unilaterally launching tropes and work pages in Main/.

      The permanent link refers to the permanent link to the particular draft. Think of DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for academic articles, but for TV Tropes. You can find it by opening a draft and looking at the URL in the top of your browser. That URL is the "permanent link" to the draft.

      OK, it's launched. Turns out all I needed to do was adding the title; the info on the draft was copied over automatically.
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    I believe that someone got Playing With confused with Laconic as the content of this page seems to be indicating a Laconic description. Can we (or someone else) fix this? Reply
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    I just noticed some pages about "The official TVT fan comic" on the Cut List, and they say the parent page has been PRLC'd/cut and locked. Why is this? Reply

      Those pages were stubs in the wrong namespace. It just so happens that the other page was cut and locked. It was probably cut a long time ago (judging by the lack of brackets around the troper's name), and we used to auto-lock all cut pages, and the page was in Main/ so I figure it was cut for being in Main/.

      Courtesy link: The Unofficial TV Tropes Fan Comic
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    So when I look at the Edit Banned/Suspended thread, I sometimes see two kinds of comment-hiders. A standard thump/Please See The Rules message, and the Troll Post.

    So what's the difference between the two? And how do you get your post labeled a Troll Post? Reply

      And maybe I should submit the Main.Troll Post page to the cut-list while I'm at it, as it leads to a redirect page.

      Essentially the difference is the context or spirit the post was made in. A thumped post may be discussion of something political that gets heated or rude, or it may veer into something that the site wants to not discuss such as paedophilia pandering or that scandal about that gate game thing.

      A troll post would be for pure crap. A banned member who wants to go out in a blaze of glory and yell and scream and swear about how wronged they were and they'll just make a sock account. Or someone who clearly does not have a stake in, say, BioWare and how they write their games, they just want to say the most antagonistic, misogynist, racist things they can to get attention.

      "Troll Post" is the output of the "troll crusher" mod tool. It removes all of a user's posts from a topic and replaces them with that message. We use it when thumping someone's posts one at a time would be too time-consuming, or we want to Unperson them. It rarely accompanies anything other than a permanent ban.

      OK. Now I know. I saw someone's posts on the Edit Banned thread from today all thumped, and am thinking if he will be labeled a troll.

      What about the Main.Troll Post redirect?

      It's not a redirect. Main/TrollPost doesn't exist; it's just an auto disambig created because Troll Post pages exist in other namespaces (Tropers/ and Laconic/ ). You'll see those anytime Xnamespace/YPagetitle doesn't exist, but Ynamespace/Ypagetitle does. Just a software quirk.
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    I actually came here to find this particular trope, in which the person who says "Don't trust anyone" is the one who betrays the protagonist, such as seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and a number of other films which currently escape my memory. Is there a name for such a trope? Where can I find it here? Reply
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    Are Justifying Edits automatically wrong when responding to a YMMV entry like What an Idiot? I mean, a troper thought a character was an idiot in a certain instance and another troper is trying to state he wasn't by providing minute detail about the circunstamces that led to the supposedly idiotic action. Check out the What an Idiot entry in Rise of Legends (it has spoilers, though).

    Aren't YMMV entries inherently right because they're subjective? Justifying edits could have a point about an objective trope, but if they're trying to discredit the way a person felt about a character... Reply

      That's Natter and the two of them need to take it to the discussion page and hash it out there, not on the main page. I've edited it out and moved it to Discussion, and sent both of them a message.

      To your other question, a YMMV is not inherently right because it's subjective. If the facts of the situation are inaccurately stated, it is wrong and should be removed. In this case, it hinges on whether he went into combat horribly over-matched because he thought he had a chance (in which case, What an Idiot would apply) or whether he knew that he wasn't likely to win but fought to buy time for his lord, in which case he wasn't being stupid at all, and it's very likely a Heroic Sacrifice.
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    Is this the right namespace? Reply
  • 4 Mar 23rd, 2017 at 7:07PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Mar, 2017 06:01:07 PM

    My index "China Fiction" has been removed. The reason given is: little content in the wrong namespace.

    I aim to recreate it because I want to catalog the various fiction written in English about China and have an index that reflects this. Could someone give me some guidance on the proper to way to go about this? Should it be under Literature or Main?

    Thank you for your help. Reply

      Could you please WikiWord the page? It's easier than going through pages of the Recent Cuts list. What namespace was it in before?

      That said, generally new indexes should go through YKTTW.

      It looks like it was at Literature.China Fiction

      ^ Thank you. I was particularly confused why the Literature namespace was brought up, but now I get it.

      We do have Chinese Media (which is under Main/), and Chinese literature is already listed on that index. I think if you are looking for an index of works about China, then you could bring that to YKTTW in order to collect examples.

      I'll try that then. :) Thanks for your help!