• 2 Sep 24th, 2017 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 03:56:47 PM
    East is East has a custom title that renders the "is" non-capitalized. This is incorrect as verbs are always capitalized in titles. Submit a custom title request to un-custom? Reply

      Actually, that depends on whether you follow AP style, Chicago style, MLA style, or something else. Ordinarily, I prefer Chicago (which would agree with you), but the work itself uses lowercase (as you can see in the page image), so they're obviously following a different style guide (possibly a British one, as it's a British work), and I'm not sure we should second-guess them. It is a matter of style, not a hard-and-fast rule.

      Personally, I adhere to Strunk & White and they'd say to keep it uncapitalised, but whatev.
  • 1 Sep 24th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 03:53:17 PM
    This occurred a month ago (and I'm not sure how no one else noticed it), but Mega T Guytm left a "fuck you" as an edit reason in YMMV.MegaMaker. Reply

      Sent a rudeness notifier, at least. Hopefully this is not a recurring trend.
  • 4 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 1:01AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 03:39:43 PM
    So after reading the "State the Source" section in How to Write an Example, I want to verify something, either with a more knowledgeable troper or a moderator: Can links to interviews be placed anywhere on any page? Whether it's a character page of a work or a subpage of a work or the Trivia page or YMMV page, or what have you—are we allowed to put links to interviews anywhere? I *feel* like it's okay to do that, so that there will be official Word of God sources to back up the information for tropes associated with characters. However, the reason why I ask is because, at least on the Naruto and Dragon Ball character pages, I haven't seen any links to interviews, hence my reluctance to insert any such links on those character pages. So I was wondering if links to interviews are allowed anywhere, or are there only certain places where they can be placed, thus they're not allowed on character pages? Reply

      Interviews are OK if they add information to an example. Beware that Weblinks Are Not Examples in and of themselves, and that Word of Dante and Word of Paul is not necessarily official.

      Understood. But...well...

      See, the reason why I want to add interview links on examples in character pages (not every single example since that would be overkill, but just one interview link that is most relevant to the actual trope) is because I've noticed a lot of information simply state that "Word of God stated this in an interview", and I've seen some trollish tropers delete it for petty reasons and leave no Edit Reasons as to why they did it, and then other tropers would re-add it—which is an Edit War. I feel like adding an interview link would lessen the chances of people Edit Warring over examples.

      Here's an example, in my logic, which I hope makes sense to you, since I'm better at explaining things in-person than via text, so I tend to over-explain myself via texting of any kind:

      Could invite an Edit War (and I have seen that this has caused Edit Wars): According to Word of God in an interview, this character is the most popular supporting character in the entire franchise.

      Most likely would *not* invite an Edit War due to the actual evidence given: According to Word of God in this interview, this character is the most popular supporting character in the entire franchise.

      Septimus Heap (or any other moderator or a more knowledgeable troper), would interview links be okay if the example was written like how I wrote it in my basic example above, not only to add information to a trope like you said, but also to state the official source (as described in How to Write an Example) and prevent any Edit Wars from happening?

      Your 2nd version is closer to correct. It should actually mention in the example itself when/where the interview was, in case something happens to the linked page and it becomes unavailable (whether completely gone or just a change in UR Ls from a restructuring of the site it is on).

      Here's an example that I wrote in the WMG.Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 page (the Confirmed part):

      Kishimoto has indeed stated in several post-series interviews (most notably in the 2015 New York Comic Con Interview and the 2017 Jump Festa Interview [...])

      As you can see, I wrote the interview links as "2015 New York Comic Con Interview" and "2017 Jump Festa Interview". Is that what you were referring to, when you said "It should actually mention in the example itself when/where the interview was"?
  • 2 Sep 24th, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 03:15:11 PM
    From Esoteric Happy Ending:
    • Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: The ending of the show is very uplifting but bittersweet where majority of the Tekkadan members and their allies died. Mars finally got their independence which led to the formation of the Martian Union while Gjallarhorn was reformed, abolishing the Seven Stars and lessening their presence on Mars. However, the guy responsible for the reforms had committed a lot of atrocities and was never punished for it, using the death of nearly half the Seven Stars to reform Gjallahorn, ironically doing what McGillis Fareed wanted. Since history is Written by the Winners, McGillis and Tekkadan's names are forever stained as villains with only a few people knowing what they truly are.

    This looks to me like hounding on the bitter aspects without explaining how they unintentionally negate the sweet. It sounds to me like an intentionally Bittersweet Ending, especially since the show wasn't very happy to begin with. This was added shorty after the controversial ending, when there was a lot of angry additions that had to be cleaned up afterward.

    Any objections to removing? Reply

      Christ, cut it. It's almost an inversion, really, since the "happy" elements are much less overt. But at the end of the day it's just a Bittersweet Ending.

      Thank you for bringing this up! Its a terrible entry.
  • 2 Sep 24th, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 12:03:33 PM
    It was on Stranger Behind the Mask, and doesn't mention at all what game it's from, though apparently it's something to do with Star Wars. I'm commenting it out for now.

    • The members of the Star Cabal, the ultimate antagonist of the Imperial Agent's storyline and really, of the entire game, are revealed in the IA's ultimate mission as a bunch of individuals never hitherto seen by the players (though obviously recognizable by some supporting NPCs). The only person you can recognize is the Cabal's chief enforcer, who turns out to be wearing a holographic mask herself—over another complete stranger's face.
      • Subverted if you've played the other class stories, and remember them well. That matronly Twi'lek leading the peaceful villagers on the Jedi starter world? The crime lord from the Smuggler's story? The droid that won the Great Hunt? Yup, all of them are members of the Star Cabal.

      Normally this is the point someone would suggest You Know That Show or Trope Finder, but since it's a specific entry and I think I know it, I'm thinking it sounds like Star Wars: The Old Republic. Imperial Agent is a class in the game and Jedi start on a different planet than the Trooper and Smuggler, the other republic classes.

      Yup, SWTOR is definitely the game referred to. I added that to the example (and also fixed an indentation issue).
  • 0 Sep 24th, 2017 at 10:10AM
    Mozilla Firefox has a Useful Notes page. Shouldn't Google Chrome have one too? I just found and added a Scunthorpe Problem example related to Google Chrome. Reply
  • 4 Sep 24th, 2017 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 10:55:53 AM
    We have pages for funny stuff, sad stuff, heartwarming stuff, awesome stuff, and spoopy stuff. Why don't we have a page for stuff that makes us angry? Like that one annoying sidekick, or shitty writing. Although, it would also be a cesspool of flame wars... Reply

      I believe you've answered your own question.

      With some moderation it could be manageable I think. If things go too far pull the plug on 'em.

      I doubt the moderators want or need any extra work. Plus, it has nothing to do with the purpose of the Wiki. (Tropes, in case you've forgotten.) If anything, we should get rid of the pointless heartwarming/sad/etc. pages, which have nothing to do with actual tropes. We tolerate a certain amount of that sort of fan-wank, but there is no way we want to have more of it. Especially the negative sort.

      We did kind of have pages for angry stuff... Wall Bangers and It Just Bugs Me (now renamed "Headscratchers" and redefined as a "I'm confused by this, please help" page).

      They basically did turn into a cesspool of hatred and flaming that was impossible to moderate, so they pulled the plug.

      And that is why we don't have pages dedicated to complaining.
  • 7 Sep 24th, 2017 at 7:07AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 09:38:52 AM
    Hello everyone I'm new and I'm glad to join you as I'm an aspiring writer in the animation field. Well there is an event I would be organising along with some friends to talk about pitching stories. As I'm a fan of the Disney show the buzz on Maggie I wanted to know how did it evolved ? In other words, did Disney call Dave polsky to pitch a show, was he recommended by someone or he simply had an agent and he arranged a meeting for him? Looked online I couldn't find anything about pitching the buzz on Maggie...So, I want to know how did it happen? Thanks and your feedback would be very important to me because there is a prize for the best storyteller and participant. Lol that's not the only reason I would just love to know how coz I liked the show. So please I would appreciate your answers. Reply

      Ask the Tropers isn't the place for this topic. Try the Western Animation forum, where there's already a thread for the show you mentioned, or possibly Yack Fest or Writer's Block (this thread, for instance).

      Are there any other places where I can ask?

      I want to ask but there is no posting button on the last thread u shared with me

      I think if you're brand new, posting on the forums is blocked for the first few days or so. Otherwise you need to be on the very last page for the add post button to appear.

      Sgamer 82 otherwise what can you elaborate please?

      I just meant that if the age of your account isn't the issue, the only ones I can think of are you're suspended from forum posting (which I'm assuming is not the case precisely because of the age of your account) or you're not in the right place (the add post button doesn't appear except on the last page/most recent of a thread)

      Ah okay thank you do you have an idea about animation forums where I can get answers
  • 1 Sep 24th, 2017 at 6:06AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 07:45:26 AM
    When I typed "Playing With" into the URL and pressed Enter, I was informed that there used to be a Playing With page for Raised by Wolves, but it was cut because of the trope being renamed "No Social Skills".

    Because Raised By Wolves still exists as a trope and is clearly a different trope from No Social Skills, I am following standard etiquette by asking if it would be okay if I were to recreate the Playing With page for Raised By Wolves.

    In the event that the permission is denied, I'll simply go about my business and move on. Reply

      In this circumstance, there's no problem with creating a new page.
  • 2 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 06:43:36 AM
    Shadowgazer has made what i feel are some nattery edits to World of Jerkass (and a bit to Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist). I dont want to revert and start an edit war buit i feel they are unnesesary additions Reply

      I see you've already reverted his changing of a Jerk with a Heart of Gold pothole on a Seinfeld entry on the page.

      Looks like he may have applied a little too much Word Cruft to these pages. Should I notify him?

      yea. i reverted the Jerk with a heart of gold edit because his version broke the link. thanks
  • 6 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 05:13:03 AM
    There's a troper called Penitent Tangent who is a new user whose trope history largely features entries on the Mother.

    I tried to make some edits correcting this stuff, like pointing out that the film's Bible Allegory is kind of way off from the source material but he deletes it, and puts natter entries.

    I have a sneaky feeling he's someone involved with the publicity of the film... Reply

      Have you notified them on natter?

      Or they're a fan of a movie and have never troped before.

      That said, This Is A Wiki and if they added then you deleted then they re-added... doesn't really matter if they're genuine or not...? Plus adding natter is bad too.

      Wait I'm a bit confused about the edit warring. You said "they deleted it"? Am I just misreading you.

      I did say one entry is Natter and should go to YMMV and he did that. There hasn't been any edit warring...i.e. removing/adding/readding. I made an entry arguing for Sadly Mythtaken, and then put another entry on Broken Aesop, the latter part was edited but not removed...after that I thought I'd come here...

      What I'm reading is PT added stuff, JL removed/adjust/explained (be careful with that last one), and PT removed what he didn't agree with.

      Needs a PM about editing conventions here.

      ^ Is that Edit War in any way?

      RE: ^ : That doesn't sound like an edit war. JL added some stuff and then PT removed some of that stuff. It's been added-and-deleted, but it hasn't been re-added, apparently. That's what was confusing to me before.
  • 2 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 03:25:21 AM
    Need a revert on Characters.Riverdale. The most recent edit, by the troper Cryptological, seems to have suffered a bad copy/paste somewhere. The reason given is "fixed a misquote," but the page got at least partially duplicated, and the history got so messed up I can't tell what actually happened. Reply

      Done, may want to PM them.

      I've sent him the PM.
  • 4 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 03:03:33 AM

      Either I'm missing something or this is Refuge in Audacity, posting spam on the place where spam is reported

      Want me to hail a mod? The username looks like a spammer username, and asking for help like that in this part of the site doesn't get you far.

      Moderators always follow Ask The Tropers. Banned dialbrocom.

      Comment has been deleted. I think it's time to lock.
  • 2 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 4:04PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 02:03:59 AM
    pankajshiral is creating spam pages Reply

      The spam pages have been cut.

      And I got the spammer.
  • 28 Jun 15th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Sep, 2017 02:02:40 AM
    In addition to issues with indentation and (to a lesser degree) grammar, JohnHowarth has made bizarre edits (such as asking why Kidz Bop doesn't cover songs about drugs on a Headscratchers page) that may or may not be vandalism/trolling. I've sent him a message regarding his indentation, but I'm mentioning it here in case we need to take action. Reply

      Kidz Bop? I feel like I'm in a Jacksfilms parody. Someone actually takes that seriously enough to write diatribes about it?

      If it exist, someone is probably on TV Tropes complaining about it.

      It's like Rule 34, but for the site instead of porn.

      As an aside, I don't really see why we have a need for a WMG page for Kidz Bop; it's literally just people guessing what's going to be on the next CD.

      Isn't that misuse of something even as flexible as WMG?

      Bumping because he's now answering his own Headscratchers queries.

      Calling him in.

      He's back.

      Settles that nicely as a vandal. Bounced both and reverted the most recent edit.

      Is this him?

      Yep. Bounced again.

      ^^^^^^ Sorry to derail the conversation but serious question: Is posting an answer along with your own Headscratcher really considered vandalism? I've done that sometimes too, with the best of intentions, and never knew this is against the rules.

      There's no rule against replying to one's own headscratchers posts, but it is weird.

      He could have had a polite discussion in the EBS thread -his POV, the mods saying how we do things here, etc. It would've been cool.

      Ban evading rather puts the kibosh on that option.

      Back again. Can't even make a halfway new name. :P

      Can they be google bounced? Or are is that not an option this time?

      He might be even more persistent than Nate.

      @LB7979: It's not just that he answered his own Headscratchers. He also posted inane, self-explanatory Headscratchers (such as "why doesn't Kidz Bop sing songs about drugs?").


      ^^Ssshhh! He Who Must Not Be Named has an almost psychic resonance for when he's mentioned here!

      (/kidding... kind of)

      Anyway, the nameless one has a record of years, so I hope this guy tires quickly.

      He's still here…

      Bounced, reverted. We're working on a preventative measure.

      Honestly it seems like cutting or locking the page would be simplest if the vandalism is that obsessively focused...

      Has our vandal/troll focused solely on that page? Because it would be a shame to have to lock a page because of one asshole.

      @jameygamer: he's edited two subpages of the same work.

      Possibly back? New account and all. Might be a coincidence, though.

      Wow, that dude refuses to stop doesn't he?

      No IP match, and geolocation points to two areas too far to be one person. Best to keep an eye out. Are their edits similar to John Howarth's in any way?

      I was weary right away, due to the constant ban-evading. But nothing similar. Anyway, his entries are completely full of mediocre grammar(no capitalization), outright answering his own queries over and over again. It's really strange. We can see it near the end of the page which looks strange as is. It seems he has no idea how to format at all nor possibly care. Maybe just needs a quick tap on how to properly add. Also, are you supposed to Joss and Confirm your own entries? I doubt that's kosher.

      Also, he was known for constantly answering his own stuff, so that might be it. Also, considering the time taken to get a new account, the idea he moved isn't too farfetched. I do concur it's a bit hard to tell, though. I'll keep watching. Repeated edits are the usual style of evaders.

      Yet another new account there. Notably, the headscratchers one is clearly adding and editing to his previous entries under the earlier username. Not entirely sure if the same person, but could we check if they're the same user as Furtive Pack?

      Looks like a different ISP and much better grammar than Furtive Pack. Didn't check for a behavioural similarity to other sockpuppeteers.
  • 0 Sep 24th, 2017 at 1:01AM
    I've seen moaning from some people on a forum that people on Plusnet and Virgin Media can't get to your site, and get time-out errors. Any 1 know why this is?? Reply
  • 3 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 06:55:59 PM
    What is the meaning in Wedding-Enhanced Fertility?

    So that it isn't just "Honeymoon = Pregnancy", which seems Chairs to me... Reply

      Seems like a Trope Talk question. Unless you're questioning its tropeability. It seems like a plot-related trope. May need a wick check...?

      I think the description does need a bit of work. It's a bit scattered.

      "Nine months later, a wild baby appears" is a thing in media, but it varies how relevant it is.

      I agree with ~Candi that the description meanders around. Ignoring parts of it, I come to the conclusion that the trope is meant to be "honeymoon is the right time to reveal pregnancy". I am not confident in my conclusion.
  • 4 Sep 21st, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 06:39:57 PM
    Made a thread in Long-Term Conversations.

        Bad Omen 
    Bad Omen, currently pointing to VideoGame.Bad Omen.

    Point to both VG and Portent of Doom? Yes? No?

        Beat The Clock 

    Beat the Clock - Currently pointing to Series.Beat The Clock.

    Point to both Series and Race Against the Clock? ... Asking 'cause I saw what seemed like 1 misuse.

        EDIT: Giant Bomb 

    Giant Bomb is currently going to Website.Giant Bomb. It's saying not to confuse with Big, Bulky Bomb. Should we make it a disambig into Podcast.Giant Bomb, the Website, and Big, Bulky Bomb?

        EDIT: Carnivores 
    Carnivores is currently going to VideoGame.Carnivores, but there's a redirect called Carnivores Are Mean to Predators Are Mean... Should we disambig?

    There are a few redirects that are shortened versions of the trope name to the important noun...

        EDIT: God of Death 
    God Of Death is currently going to Fanfic,God Of Death, but that page is saying those who go there could be looking for Psychopomp... Should we disambig?

    I guess it does make sense, but not all gods of death are psychopomps? Or are they??

        EDIT:Witch Hunter 

    Currently going to a Manhwa. There's The Witch Hunter, and Anime.Witch Hunter Robin...

        EDIT:Big Brother 

    Currently going to the Series. Whose page points to Literature.Nineteen Eighty Four, Big Brother Is Watching, and Shadow Dictator...

    I should find / make a thread in Long Term or something, for this sorta thing... Reply

      Okay, it took me a second to understand what you're asking. You're asking about colloquial phrases and disambiguating them to point to works and tropes or indexes.

      Main.Bad Omen current targets VideoGame.Bad Omen, and I think it could be made into a disambig for VideoGame.Bad Omen and Portent of Doom. It's just that there's maybe 20 wicks going to both the Main/ and Video Game/ pages, so I'm not sure if it's really all that necessary. Getting rid of the Main/ redirect certainly is, but making it into a disambig probably has no plus side.

      As for Main.Beat The Clock (targetting Series.Beat The Clock), I think agree that it could easily be made into a disambig. There's no wicks to the Main/ page, but there are a few inbounds. Just remember that the trope is Race Against the Clock, not Race Against Time.

      Well, I think the phrase "bad omen" is more common than "portent of doom"?

      Changed the only use of it as such, at PlayingWith.Light Is Good... So, now Bad Omen is empty...

      Bad omen also has a different meaning then portent of doom; the second usually means the advent of something nasty.

      Please stop editing the OP to add new questions. A long-term projects thread for deciding if redirects should be changed to disambiguations sounds okay, but starting a new thread here in ATT has worked for years.
  • 7 Sep 21st, 2017 at 2:02AM
    Print Comic
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 06:24:16 PM
    Its very weird that one of main Dc character has not her personal page.

    Why dont move all the info from Batman Rogue Gallery page to the comic book page? (just put all in a separate folder called "General Tropes"). Or instead create two page, one for the character and another for the comic book?. Reply

      Comic book character pages are a mess. We'll deal with Harley when we've figured out what to do with everyone else.

      Starfire's page has character tropes and series tropes. I think Harley's page could use a similar structure.

      There's already a ComicBook.Harley Quinn page that deals with her solo runs.

      ^^ Exaclty, this is a possibility. Move the info from rogue gallery to a folder (for general tropes) in the comic book page.

      Treating a work page as both a series and character page is part of the existing problem with Comicbook pages.

      The problem is the civilian name/hero name/title overlap. How DO you neatly intersect those!?!

      I'm not sure if we can "neatly" intersect everything. That's why I started this thread. I've had some ideas, but I'm not enough of a fan to know it they ideas will work properly for everyone/everywork.
  • 1 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 05:32:10 PM
    Raven The Crow is deleting a bunch of entries, then adding new, poorly-formatted ones with no edit reasons. (The YGO ones are WAY hyperbolic but I don't think they have to go entirely.)

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=DarkerAndEdgier.AnimeAndManga Reply
  • 1 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 04:15:24 PM
    This is a hypothetical question and it goes like this:
    • Why religion X is evil
    • Vicious truths about scripture.
    • Why prophet X deserves to be called evil and violent.

      Anyone can holler the mods for any reason, but mind the fact that if you abuse the holler function, you'll probably be the one to get suspended.

      Also, the kind of thread you are talking about would most likely be in On-Topic, which requires mod approval before anyone can post in such a thread. So it'd be okay for such a thread if the mods approve it. Then again, we're just talking in hypotheticals here... I'd say just holler the mods if you think policy is being broken, and if policy isn't being broken but you're offended anyway, you should just avoid the thread.
  • 3 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 04:09:16 PM
    notShemp had issues with the numbering on OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, started a discussion thread and left comments for changing it (counting the midseason as 25 and 26). Was changed back (to counting the two part episode as 25, and then ep 27 as 26 etc) for no justified reasoning. What's typical protocol for numbering 2 part episodes (and future episodes) on Recap pages? Reply
  • 10 Sep 21st, 2017 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 03:18:46 PM
    I accidently misspelled the title of my new trope (Recorded Spliced Coversation) and launched it without noticing.

    Is there an easy way to fix it, or should I cutlist and launch again? Reply

      Copy it over to the correct name and cutlist it. (Just put "wrong spelling" for the cut reason.)

      Trying to edit a blank main/ page redirects to the TLP.

      Oops, forgot about that. Yeah, a mod will need to unlaunch it.

      Made a post on the YKTTW crash rescue thread to improve visibility. I also completed the crosswicking using the correct spelling, so the grunt work should be done.

      Bump, still need help with this.

      Why not change the incorrect spelling as a redirect then cutlist?

      The Locked Pages thread is the one where to ask for any change that can only be done by mods.

      When did you launch this trope and where on the launch list is it?

      I launched it on Thursday, September 21. It doesn't look to be listed on the Launches list, but I did launch it through TLP.

      For what it may be worth, I also (a) saw it on the launch list when it was first launched, and (b) don't see it on the launch list now.
  • 5 Sep 23rd, 2017 at 10:10AM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Sep, 2017 02:13:51 PM
    Planet Eating Warlord Keeps on deleting a bulletpoint for the “Hypocrite” section for Starlight Glimmer without any explanation. I added it back, but the troper deleted it again with no explanation. I started a discussion on it. Reply

      They're already Edit Warring.

      Have you at least messaged them, too?

      I will message, but I think the troper is biased towards the character and will delete any entries or add justifying edits to entries that he/she disagrees with.

      I’ll message the other trope though

      I messaged the troper while adding back the example. If the troper deletes it, I’ll ask another question strictly for the mods to see.

      The fact that there was an edit war is grounds for a suspension. Calling them in.