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    The first three recaps of Sozin's Comet are very, very long summaries to the point that I go TL;DR. Reply

      Those recaps almost go line-by-line. Condensing them is the best way to go.

      Yes, a recap isn't really supposed to be a detailed synopsis, or even worse, a line-by-line transcript.

      Some recap pages do a Short Summary first and then a Long Summary second.

      I've wanted those chopped for ages.

      I wrote two possible summaries for the first recap here. One of them is a long summary while the other one is a single paragraph.

      Recaps will host synopses thanks to an ill advised merger years ago.

      A synopsis is a condensed description of any given narrative. It should never, ever be a frame-by-frame retelling that describes every single scene of the episode in detail.

      Frankly, every recap/synopsis that delves into such detailed TLDR territory is terrible writing and should be removed. Telling us that the Gaang is deliberating on something and the contents of said deliberation is useful. The fact that somebody took a seat by kicking a chair is not. This is not a novelization of the episode. It is a summary.

      There's nothing wrong with a recap that's a number of paragraphs long if a lot of important plot stuff happens, but these are beyond excessive in length with tons of superfluous details.

      DustSnitch's mega condensed version is a little too condensed for my liking, but it's a huge improvement for the first recap.


      I opened one and those seem more like entire play-by-plays of the episodes than they do plot summaries. The art of being concise with summaries seems to have been lost on the editor responsible.

      Not relevant to the question at hand, but in large part the idea that a recap has to be a shot-by-shot retelling of the entire episode can be laid squarely at the feet of (the now-defunct) Television Without Pity. Their recaps were so detailed that you didn't even have to watch the episode — even for things are complex as West Wing, CSI and Firefly. Even things like American Idol had recaps running to 20 or more pages. Per episode.

      I am of the opinion that long, detailed retellings of episodes, issues, etc., are the province of dedicated wikis, not TV Tropes.

      I think a decent synopsis or recap that touches on all main events, hangs together well, and is coherently written is fine for this site.

      Preference seems to be leaning to a synopsis which hits all the beats of the episode, but not in ludicrous detail. I tried my hand at doing a recap that took up seven paragraphs with an average of 3.5 sentences.


      "Sozin's Comet Part 1" Recap

      The episode opens with Aang practicing Firebending with Zuko until Katara leads the gang down to the beach for a break. They try to ignore their problems and have a good time, only for Zuko to start attacking Aang. He chases the Avatar from the beach, up a hill, and into the beach house, only for Aang to get mad and blow Zuko out a window. Beaten, Zuko explains that he attacked Aang to get him ready for his fight with the Fire Lord in three days, since that's when Sozin's Comet will arrive. After hearing from the others that they planned to fight the Fire Lord after the Comet had left, Zuko informs them that the Fire Lord intends to use the power from Sozin's Comet to burn down the entire Earth Kingdom. Horrified, Aang questions himself, but is quickly reassured by the solidarity of his friends.

      Some time later, Zuko begins to instruct Aang on how to redirect lightning, a lethal technique. It becomes clear that if Aang wants to survive the Fire Lord's lightning, he'll have to shoot it back and kill him. Aang says that he'll be willing to kill, but he seems very downcast as he says it.

      A few hours later, the entire team practices an assault on the Fire Lord. Everything goes well until Aang refuses to strike the dummy standing in for the Fire Lord, unwilling to kill even the proxy of a human. At nighttime, Katara unwittingly shows the gang a baby picture of the Fire Lord, giving Aang more reason not to kill him. Sokka tries to crack a joke about it, but it only makes Aang upset and he leaves. While meditating to calm his nerves, a mysterious island appears by the coast, accompanied by chanting that seems to pull Aang into a trance that pulls him towards the island, with Momo following him.

      The next morning, the rest of the gang is about ready to leave, when they notice Aang is nowhere to be seen. They search the house, the coast, and the nearby town, but they find no sign of him anywhere... or of the mysterious island the audience saw. With only two days until Sozin's Comet, Zuko takes charge and leads Team Avatar to the Earth Kingdom to get an expert's opinion on the Avatar's location.

      The view changes to show the harbor plaza at the Fire Nation capital. The Fire Lord, standing in front of a massive army of Fire Nation soldiers, informs Princess Azula that he will personally lead the assault on the Earth Kingdom. From this day forth, Azula will be the Fire Lord, while Ozai will rebuild the Earth Kingdom from it's ashes as the newly crowned ruler of the world, the first Phoenix King.

      Cut to Zuko leading the gang into an Earth Kingdom bar, where they find June, the bounty hunter from "Bato of the Water Tribe." Zuko explains that June's shirshu can track Aang's scent anywhere in the world, saying "It's the one shot we have of finding him."

      Meanwhile, Aang and Momo are asleep in a forest. Aang stirs and begins to wake up. He breaks off in surprise as he sees he's on a the forest island, which is now in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.

      That's FAR BETTER than the wall of text that's on the page now.

      Okay, I'll paste it in now.

      Seems those recaps have been that long since before records on those pages begin - at least 2012, anyway. The recap on this page for the last episode before the final story arc, however... is just as long and was only made such within the last few months. Someone more familiar with the series than I (i.e., familiar with it at all) may want to pare that one down as well (seems unfair to get DustSnitch to do that one AND the three that sparked this ATT thread).
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    NotAlwaysRight.Sister Sites just... doesn't seem kosher. Should it be moved to, say, Website.Not Always or something? Reply

      Yeah, that's wrong. They should be moved to actual Website articles.

      That page is pretty awful even apart from that: most of the examples are just a link to the page, sometimes with a few comments that don't make sense without following the link.

      We could just cut it and let people make it again if they actually care about it.

      That said, Not Always Right makes fun of real people, making it a good candidate for the chopping block under our general policy about articles for such things.

      Are the inbound numbers significant here (given that the page isn't kosher)? NotAlwaysRight.Sister Sites has about 20% as many inbounds as Not Always Right (1,548 and 6,665 respectively).

      If those inbounds matter, should that page just be a redirect to Website.Not Always Right or a disambig page or what?

      If it's decided that the NAX pages should be chopped, I'd strongly advise locking them to avoid recreation.
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    What does the Lefthand Sidebar option in the profile menu do? I've turned it on and off and experimented w/ pages and it doesn't seem to do anything. Reply

      It's supposed to be Exactly What It Says on the Tin, move the sidebar to the left of the page.

      There is some weirdness with the profile. For example, saving anything on it turns off the Wide Load function. The "Lefthand Sidebar" option, however, does toggle the position of the bar for desktop viewing formats, after you click Save. I don't think it would have any effect on mobile.
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    I'm looking for a trope for a character that is so boring to watch, that you don't like and/or care about him/her. Reply
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    Editor mogo has some serious troubles with grammar (often confusing "their" and "they're", notably), spelling and punctuation, as well as with examples indentation. Reply

      Have you messaged them on these issues?

      They have already been suspended for these issues.
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    Is Late to the Punchline In-universe Examples Only? As in characters being late to it? Because the example in Rocky and Bullwinkle goes on to talk about the audience. And then it talks about a guy in real life and a lawsuit, in which I don't see any relation to the trope... Reply

      That's bad example indentation, natter, conversation on the main page, and I don't know what else. Zorch that sub bullet.
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    I noticed that candyflaps cut most of the content on the pages for LetsPlay.Necroscope 86 with the reason "Privacy issues" Reply

      Candyflaps suspended.

      Looking at the history of the page, there is some personal troping going on. The real person's Dark and Troubled Past is not troping his work, but his life. Those have to be removed altogether.

      Yeah, there's some stuff violating troping real people there but at the same time the editor basically nuked everything on the main page instead of cleaning it up.

      Not the way to handle it.

      Ok I don't know enough about the Necroscope to clean up the blanked sub-pages
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    So, a character's brother died. They're not twins. The brother had the goal of becoming a famous sports star, and since the character knew her recently deceased brother wanted to accomplish that dream, she decided to accomplish it herself for him.

    It's not played for laughs. The two look nothing alike. Still, is this even a trope? Reply
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    LamPark has been vandalizing VVVVVV and Minecraft. Requesting a revert on both those pages. Reply

      Thanks, handled it.
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    Live Action TV
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    Does anyone seem to care about seeing this post? Reply

      "Have a question about tropes, the content, or how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away!"

      Pretty sure questions like these aren't what ATT is for.

      Indeed, this isn't what ATT is for. This query doesn't belong anywhere else either, for that matter.

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    Just stumbled across this, and I think it's pretty bad, but I wanted some second opinions. Banal Fantasy is a work page with no tropes at all. My first reaction was that it should be cut as a stub, but when I went to look at the "Related" page, I discovered that there are three character pages! One (the only easily accessible one) is just an index of the other two, and should almost certainly be cut. But the other two seem to have plenty of tropes.

    Really, the whole thing is a mess! I mean, in addition to the fact that there are apparently no non-character-specific-tropes listed anywhere, you can't even get to a single trope without two clicks away from the main page!

    My first reaction is that all the subpages should be merged back to the main page, but I'm not sure. Like I say, it's a big mess, and I want more eyes on it. Reply

      Sent a "stub" notifier anyhow.

      I;'d say merge the character pages back. Folderize them if it is, as it appears, three different series under the same umbrella.

      As much work went into those character page, I'd just organize into folders on one page to streamline it like Mad says and then PM the pages author that needs fleshed out instead of scrapping everything.
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    More of a comment than a question— What the site references as a Memograph gag is indeed (no doubt) lost on many younger Fast Times watchers, as suggested... However they are showing in the movie isn't tied to a Memograph, nor were Memographs what students liked to sniff. I've run across this misconception quite a few times over the years.

    The thing students loved to sniff were commonly called "Dittos." They were made from Spirit Masters on a Spirit Duplicator. A sheet of solid purple master material served as the "ink" for the process. A master was typed on or written upon and transferred a reverse image of what one wanted to duplicate was transferred to the blank back half of a pair of hinged pages. The purple source page was removed, then at time of duplication, a (clear) spirit fluid washed across the reversed image on the master (each revolution of the drum on the machine refreshed the fluid) and made the purple material ready to transfer to each copy. The process wet each page lightly with the fast evaporating fluid, but since teachers often duplicated right before class, the pages were often still quite damp from the duplication. Dittos had a very limited number of copies that could be produced, because with every single copy, some of the "ink" was lost and there was no adding more ink. It just faded until useless.

    Memograph is a totally different process using actual ink. It is sort of a mini-printing process without the traditional printing plates. Instead of a plate, a stencil was prepared where the thin plastic membrane was perforated wherever one wanted to type, write or draw. Special tools were required for hand work that would perforate but not tear. Typing was sufficient to perforate as well. Dittos were not really correctable. Stencils for Memographs could be repaired to some degree with special correction fluid. (Nothing to do with conventional typing correction fluid, like liquid paper.)

    While nowhere close to the quality of traditional printing, many more copies were possible with Memograph (as compared to dittos) and masters could even be carefully dried and reused. The entire process of Memograph was more complicated and costly, though results were superior quality to read and lasted much longer. If you want to see a Memograph in a movie, look at Animal House. A stencil, wet with ink, is tossed into the trash. John Belushi's character and his sidekick D-Day (if memory serves) find the stencil in the trash, though it has already been switched (by Omega House?) so they steal the wrong test answers.

    I know that's beyond the scope of a movie review / description, but when one is posting that a bit os lost on young people, it is extra-confusing for the young people to be trying to learn about the wrong process being discussed.

    Having graduated high school right after that movie was released, Fast Times hits very close to home, and remains one of my all time favorite films. Animal House too, for that matter. Reply

      Isn't it spelled "Mimeograph"? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mimeograph

      Utopian, I'm not sure what you want done. I'm of an age that I well recall the purple handouts, and frankly, they were interchangeably recalled "dittos" and "mimeographs" depending on the teacher.
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    Just stumbled across CXRP and RPers. At first, I thought it was a particularly sad stub, but when I looked closer, I discovered that it's more like a case of page (nearly) blanking. Reply

      Called 'em in, reverted it to the last complete version. Updating is fine, but blanking the page to do it isn't. Especially when the blanking happened nearly seven moths ago and the updating hasn't happened yet.
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    I just noticed that Lou Reed has a headscratcher's page, that isn't allowed is it? He's listed under the music namespace, shouldn't that be the creator name space or is it different for musicians? Reply

      We don't generally permit Headscratchers for real people; however, musical artists are hybrid articles, containing aspects of both a creator and a work page. Headscratchers about the work are not banned that I know of.

      There's only one entry there, which is about the music, so that part's ok. I don't know about the format, since I don't normally go to headscratchers pages.
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    What are the rules for adding/removing examples of Complete Monster to YMMV pages?

    I'm asking because at February 20th, Demon Duckof Doom removed an example that was added around a month and a half before to YMMV.Surface Detail, without an edit reason. Reply

      All CM examples go through the dedicated forum thread. Examples that qualify are properly crosswicked and can be checked against the locked CM pages.

      Looks as though this one wasn't cross-wicked, and its threadbare description suggests it was almost certainly not discussed in the thread. An edit reason would have been nice, but the removal appears correctly motivated.

      There was so much misuse (ie: listing every really evil character when this trope is for the extreme of being both evil AND having literally no redeeming traits or sympathetic qualities) that every example has to be discussed in the forum thread and approved now.

      Doing horrible things isn't this trope. Doing horrible thing AND being completely unlikable with no redeeming qualities, Pet the Dog moments, or sympathetic excuses is.

      ^ Pretty sure "completely unlikable" isn't prerequisite. Ok, you don't like the character as a person, but they can be likable as a villain. Sometime they're incredible fun to watch, maybe they're only one who manage to counter the resident Mary Sue with The Reason You Suck Shut Up, Kirk!, for example.

      The criteria are discussed in the topic.

      • They must be exceptional in terms of heinousness, both within the context of the work and the context of general audience expectations for works of that type.
      • They must not be eclipsed in heinousness by other characters in the work, even if said characters themselves do not meet the standards for CM. (Note: Allowances may be made for wildly varying capabilities — a corporate overlord may do more net harm, but a serial killer is a much more personal threat and operates on a vastly different scale.)
      • They must not have any redeeming qualities, such as love, remorse, etc. If presented with the opportunity for redemption, they reject it.
      • They must not have a genuine excuse for their actions — any justification they bring to the table should be insufficient or clearly specious.
      • They must have agency — they must be in voluntary control of their own behavior and moral choices.
      • They must be characterized sufficiently to establish motivation and intent. A Generic Doomsday Villain may do awful things, but unless we get some sense of why they do it, they can't be a CM.
      • Their actions must be visible to the audience and they must be directly responsible for said actions. Offscreen Villainy usually doesn't count; heinousness cannot be an Informed Attribute.
      • They must be an individual, not a group.

      • They should be reviled In-Universe. If there's anyone out there expressing love or regard for them, and that character is not brainwashed or otherwise insane, it's a serious mitigating factor.
      • They may be comedic, so long as their humor value does not mitigate their evil. Villains who laugh while torturing and killing can be among the most terrifying.
      • They cannot be genuinely likable; any apparent affability must be a facade.
      • The work itself should be capable of believably sustaining a monstrous character without losing its audience. This is why most works intended for young children (a "G", "E", or equivalent rating) can't have a CM.

      • We will not consider creepypastas or dark fics where the sole or primary intent is to evoke horror or disgust without any consideration for verisimilitude with the canonical interpretation of a character or characters.

      I almost feel like we're starting to run afoul of Tropes Are Not Narrow with this one, guys...

      Not relevant in this case. CM is a subjective trope because people cannot agree on the criteria, and it becomes something of a stamp of honor for a work to claim one. The cleanup effort is intended to address the problem by establishing rules that allow it to at least maintain the veneer of objectivity. The trope itself is legendary and is not going away, but the alternative to being rigorous is to have literally every villain in every work listed, which is what was happening before we attacked it.

      I kind of thought that was the point of YMMV tropes, of which this seems to be marked a YMMV trope judging by the banner.

      The thing is, YMMV tropes still all have definitions. And people love to add Complete Monster without bothering to figure out if they fit the definition of it.

      And if we let CM just go the way it was going, damn near every single work would have Complete Monster listed effectively making it meaningless. For reasons beyond my comprehension, fans tend to want their pet work to have a CM and think that it makes them better so they shoehorn it in.

      You can longer call a trope an audience reaction in good faith when it has such a restrictive definition. It might as well be moved to the main work pages and have it's YMMV status revoked at that point.

      In theory, that's the goal. Whether we ever get there or not is another matter. As it stands, all CM examples get voted on in the topic, which rather disrupts the idea that it can be treated objectively.

      CM is also not an audience reaction. It's a subjective trope, which is different. A subjective trope is based on criteria observably present in the work, even if people may disagree about the extent to which it occurs.

      This is dependent of Moral Event Horizon, that is an Audience Reaction.

      Worth noting: Moral Event Horizon is not an audience reaction, either.

      That's not what subjective means

      It's unclear why we are having this argument. There are several classes of non-work, non-creator article that we recognize:

      • Objective tropes, which occur factually within a work
      • YMMV tropes, which are arguable in terms of presence or degree of presence
      • Trivia, which is interesting information that is external to the presentation of a work — you wouldn't know it just by watching
      • Audience reactions, which do not occur within a work at all, but rather in a viewer's thoughts or opinions about a work
      • Flame bait, which is a subcategory of YMMV trope and/or audience reaction that is so volatile that we've decided not to host examples at all

      In many cases, the difference between an objective and a YMMV trope is usage: does it cause arguments? Is it a constant source of natter? Do we keep having to clean up examples that are a matter of opinion rather than fact? In all these criteria, Complete Monster falls squarely into the YMMV category.

      However, YMMV tropes can still have definitions. They aren't an excuse to lump anything you feel like in there because "it's your opinion, man". The reason for the CM cleanup thread and the strict criteria that we've been applying is that people were literally shoveling any villain they thought was the slightest bit mean into it, making it meaningless. It can't be seriously defined as the "worst possible villain, with no redeeming qualities" when some teenager beating up his younger brother is held in the same category as Jack the Ripper.

      Shoboni: Let's put it this way. The subjective, YMMV aspect to Complete Monster is not "I would like to call this character a CM" (which was the case before the cleanup effort), because it would make the trope so subjective as to be meaningless. It would mean just "somebody out there really thinks this character is evil".

      Instead, the consensus has been to make a set of criteria, and the subjective part is "I think the character fulfils the criteria".

      In general on this wiki, YMMV does not mean anything goes. Ignoring this is likely to land you in trouble and other tropers with a cleanup effort.

      In attempting to fix it we've gone the opposite extreme and and IMO, I strongly believe the new definition runs afoul of Tropes Are Not Narrow because so many restrictions have been added.

      Regardless, we've answered the OP's question and I am locking this.
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    I think I may have deleted part of the Character sheet for Shadowchasers Series when trying to index it. Is there a way to restore it, possibly via saved History? The one deleted was Shadowchasers - Shadowchasers Reply

      There is a Page History tab at the top of the page (next to discussion), that logs any changes made to the page. If you did delete anything, there's a record of it on the Page History. You can copy-paste from there if need be.

      Only the mods have the ability to perform a blanket "undo everything" change (called a "page revert").

      EDIT: Or do you mean that there was some material on the deleted page that you forgot to bring over? I'm not sure whether an archive of recently-deleted pages exists. If it does, I would suspect only the mods have access to it.

      No, no, I had wanted to break up one page into a Trope with subtropes. But it's fixed now. Thnx.
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    I've already seen a bunch of pages for RPG games that list lots of tropes nearly omnipresent in the genre without giving any context or explanation at all. Common offenders are Experience Points, Bag of Sharing, Universal Poison, Fight Woosh, No Hero Discount, Standard RPG Items, Party in My Pocket, Mana Potion, Character Level, Standard Status Effects... You get the idea. What is to be done with these? Comment them all out? Reply

      Yes. A ZCE is a ZCE, no matter where it occurs.

      Shouldn't they be only listed as Playing With because of how common they are in this genre?

      Generally, for tropes that are omnipresent within a genre, only interesting or played-with uses should be listed, yes.
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    simonsolly seems to have huge grammar issues. His recent edit that I fixed up in Fairy Tail YMMV was just brutal to read through. Reply

      Ugh. That's an eyesore. Suspended.
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    Can someone please update the entry on Awesome.Deadpool 2016 with the sin tally before and after the bonus round? I'd like to know how exactly it changed, but I don't want to click the video myself. Reply

      118 and 90. But I'm not sure why that has to be on the page TBH.

      Cinemasins isn't part of Film.Deadpool 2016. Therefore, anything coming from Cinemasins should not go on any of Deadpool's subpages.

      That would go on Cinemasin's own Awesome page, if anywhere, I believe.

      Candi: It's already on their Awesome page dedicated for absolved sins.

      Um, I was the guy that put that particular entry in after reading that entry about Ryan Reynolds crashing the Honest Trailer for the Deadpool film. Thought the absolved sins thing on Everything Wrong With Deadpool would also count...

      Tropes found in derivative works and/or reactions to those works always go on the articles for the derivative works, not the parent work.
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    I've just made a new character page: Pokémon Professors. The problem is that I want the page to be called "Pokémon Professors" and my redirecting fu is a bit rusty. Thank you for helping. Reply

      You don't need redirects. Just use the WikiWord tool under the "More" menu to request a custom title with the proper diacritics.
  • 1 Feb 23rd, 2017 at 12:12AM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Feb, 2017 07:42:47 AM
    What does the "awl" in the Watchlist URL stand for? Edit: Thank you. I've wondered about that "a" for ages. Reply
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    Web Original
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    I still think a YMMV page on William Grubb is fine on the site, as many of the other brony reviewers have their own YMMV pages. Reply

      That is not a question.

      Snark aside, YMMV for creators themselves are not allowed, the page can only be used for YMMV about their work. If those others pages are not like that, they should be removed or fixed and not used as an example of what is acceptable on this site.

      Not sure what a "brony reviewer" is, but the rules apply equally to all creators. YMMV cannot apply to them, only to their work.
  • 10 Feb 22nd, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 23rd Feb, 2017 04:59:56 AM
    New account servicesolahart created what google translate suggests is an Indonesian ad Reply

      I think that "edit" needs to go.

      The username suggests this is a bot of some sort.

      Permission to wipe that page?

      Typically, you always have permission to cut spam pages.

      Although I already put it on the cutlist. B^)

      Nuked everything.

      Including the "user"?

      What's the difference between "cut" and "nuked"?

      Functionally, none. But nuking is more satisfying to say in extreme circumstances.

      The action is the same. The phraseology is more fun. :p

      I think this thing is back. Look up a little further on ATT.

      It was from the same user. It's been handled.