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    Mike Shogun Lee created the page WMG/Virginia yesterday. It has many English errors, including incorrect spelling and verb tenses, extra words, apostrophes for possession (not used or used incorrectly), missing punctuation (commas and a period at the end of a sentence) and not capitalizing the first words of sentences.

    It also has a violation of Example Indentation in Trope Lists. I'm not sure how strictly that's enforced in WMG and similar pages.

    He went on the Get Help With English here thread and said "Help please.....I AM SORRY I GOT REALLY EXCITED!!!" Reply

      Issued an edit suspension, many of their other changes have also grammar issues. Example Indentation rules apply to this page as much as to any other.

      To their credit, at least they seemed to realize something was wrong enough to go to Get Help With English of their own accord.
  • 0 Jun 23rd, 2018 at 4:04AM
    Is it okay to move LongStory's namespace from Video Game to Visual Novel because it is the latter, going by the way it is presented? If so, how do I do it without damaging the page itself?

    EDIT: Nevermind, it has already been moved. Reply
  • 3 Jun 20th, 2018 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 22nd Jun, 2018 08:05:57 AM
    I'm finding myself in an edit war on Fallout 76. A troper recently put the Doomed by Canon trope on the page, stating the Vault 76's mission to rebuild America in the aftermath of the nuclear war "obviously' failed based on how much of a bombed-out hell hole the Capital Wasteland of Washington D.C. and Boston Commonwealth are 185 years later.

    • Vault 76's mission to restore America is obviously doomed to fail from the start, since the east coast is still a Crapsack World 185 years later."

    Here's the thing though: this game is a prequel and a spinoff from the main series, but there is literally NO MENTION of the end results of Vault 76's efforts anywhere else in the entire franchise. There's no mention that it's located in West Virginia, or anything else. There's only a computer terminal in Fallout 3 that only mentions that Vault 76 exists.

    According to the Doomed by Canon's own Playing With page, if something hasn't been mentioned in the main installments, then it counts as an Averted Trope, and thus should not be mentioned.


    • Bob wasn't mentioned in "The Main Tropes", so it doesn't matter what his fate is."

    Or, to put it into context:

    "Vault 76's efforts aren't mentioned in the rest of the Fallout franchise, so it doesn't matter what its fate is."

    The game hasn't even come out yet. It'll be released in November, so nobody actually knows if the game's main storyline will address any actual results from the efforts of the players. To say that they failed because of the Crapsack World that previous (but further down the timeline) installments are with literally zero mention of this game is ridiculous. Reply

      Any suggestions?

      Well, if their goal is to rebuild America, and America hasn't been rebuilt a hundred years later, it sounds like they failed in their mission. Even if they aren't specifically mentioned, we can still plainly see that their country is far from its former glory, we don't need to be explicitly told "Vault 76 didn't fix things up as well as they wanted to" to understand that.

      Yeah, but rebuilding all of the entire east coast is a pretty impossible task for a place that canonical only has 500 inhabitants. There are other control vaults in the country, and 76 is the only one we know of in the general vicinity of the east coast. "Rebuild America" is a pretty broad statement. From a technical standpoint on this wiki, the Averted Trope still applies because we don't know how Fallout 76 will play out and there is no mention.
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    There's a page that's locked into spoiling the plot of its subject, and I'm not sure where to raise this as an issue, or if and where it's already being discussed. Reply

      What's the page and how do you mean "locked into spoiling"?

      Edit to save some scrolling: The concern is over unmarked spoilers over the famous Character Death in VideoGame.Final Fantasy VII and how/if it should be spoiler tagged. The page is locked, so I have suggested the Final Fantasy general forum thread as there is not a Final Fantasy VII thread

      FFVII. It's such a notable work, I'm sure someone's already brought it up.

      I'd point out it's literally there in my name, but admittedly I grew up on the SNES Final Fantasies.

      Anyway, you're asking about VideoGame.Final Fantasy VII, I take it. So that's question one answered. Now how exactly is it "locked into spoiling the plot of its subject"? I confess I'm not certain what you even mean by that.

      I assume you mean the edit lock?

      Sorry. I worried about going over your head and didn't look at your name.

      The page is locked, and has open spoilers for a plot twist littered over the page.

      If you want to make edits to a locked page here's the place to ask. That said, is there a particular area where there's concern? Nothing in the page's description seems spoilery, and the entry section is long enough I'm not even sure what I should be looking for or if I'd agree about the spoiler nature of it if I did

      Is there something specific that's violating Handling Spoilers?

      If the plot twist you're thinking of is Aeris' death, I think that's considered It Was His Sled territory by now (Yep, it's listed there in the YMMV page)

      The spoiler has to do with a character's death. Some people consider this "It was his sled," but it's a PS 1 video game, not a blockbuster film. Even if it was Star Wars, it's disrespectfully noninclusive to let newcomers to a fandom get spoiled and be denied experiences based on when they got into the fandom.

      Again, PS 1 video game. It's too niche to be It Was His Sled except for the established fandom.


      1. You really need to be a lot more specific, given we just went over half a dozen posts just trying to find out what you were asking in the first place.
      2. There was mention of this of the discussion page but only enough to confirm there was no consensus on the subject.
      3. in answer to your question, since the discussion page is as locked as the actual work page, the best place to bring this up would probably be the forums. In lieu of a proper FF7 thread, my first thought is the Final Fantasy general thread.

      I didn't say it straight out because I don't like spoiling other people. Thank you for your assistance.

      Still, there's a difference between "don't want to spoil" and "so vague there's essentially no question to answer"

      That said, you're welcome, best of luck, and my apologies for any rudeness there.

      Okay, for the record, Aerith's death was common knowledge in the gaming community by the end of the 90's, I believe. Wreck-It Ralph has a nod to it. To my knowledge, it does not take long for major plot points regarding the numbered games to get leaked.

      Also, don't forget about the Locked Pages thread. That's where most issues regarding locked pages are brought up. I think I'll create a Final Fantasy VII forum thread, but that's related to a general discussion about the game; I don't know about the treatment of asking about edits in Media forums.

      Yes, one needs to spell out which spoiler you are concerned about. We cannot effectively act on vague waving. For what it's worth spoiler tags work in Ask The Tropers so you can put the spoiler under tags here if you are concerned.

      Also, just for the record, we also have a thread about spoilers here, if that's relevant.

      As I believe the OP's spoiler concerns are about Aerith, and the page is locked, I'm posting in the Locked Pages thread about it, if that's ok.

      I honestly forgot about the "Violations of Spoiler Policy" thread.

      @jameygamer, re: discussing edits in media forums

      I suggested the FF General thread because I forgot about the spoiler thread and, on occasion, I've had the form threads for works bring up editing issues like who to include on character sheets and the like. So to me it seemed like as good a spot as any.

      I see no reason to be concerned that anyone reading the FFVII article over twenty years after the game was released is going to care about spoilers, but this should be brought up in the appropriate forum topic.

      I picked the most appropriate one I could think of.

      Savini24's concern, as I understand it, is that precisely because of the game's age, the It Was His Sled nature of the Character Death has diminished to the point that it's looped around and become a spoiler again.

      Went ahead and posted in the spoiler violations thread. I tagged Savini in it too so they'll get directed to it.


      Questions like this could very easily be solved by simply making a common-sense, blanket rule that no work older than a certain age should have spoiler tags. If you don't know the details of a 20-year-old video game, don't read the work page for that game. Why do people assume that TV Tropes should bear responsibility for what they read?

      ^ Fighteer has already pointed out that this is not the place to have that conversation.
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    Lastest Reply: 16th Jun, 2018 07:40:08 AM
    Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories is famous/infamous among YGO fans for its difficulty and balance issues, but has the benefits of awesome music, an interesting story and characterization, and people who like the challenge said difficulty provides. The game got a sequel, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists Of The Roses, which had easier difficulty and confusing gameplay (you move your cards around on a tiled map with different terrain effects affecting stats, movement range, and such depending on their type) that was more balanced, but had a less complex story and characterization while still being connected to the first game's story. Many of the cards are the same in both games as well.

    Circa August 2017 this edit was put on DOR's YMMV page, added by MBG:

    "* Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories was, to put it kindly, crap. Strategy was rock-stupid, balance was flatly nonexistent, the difficulty was a brick wall conquered only by monotonous grinding, and the gameplay was profoundly unfun. Its only advantages were its somewhat novel story mode, its animations, and capturing some of the feel of Duelist Kingdom. Duelists of the Roses, filling the Spiritual Successor role, features actual balance, a card pool large enough to pursue any number of unique strategies, a reasonable level of difficulty, and actually fun gameplay, while giving two story campaigns, better animations, and one of the best interpretations of the Duelist Kingdom rules in the franchise."

    On February 20 I noticed the entry and thought that was unfair to FM fans who genuinely liked the first game, so I changed it to this with the edit reason "Believe it or not, FM's legendary difficulty is a big part of why people like it":

    "* Contested Sequel: Some see Forbidden Memories as a better game, while others think this game is superior. They share similar rulesets and cards, and are connected storywise. While some prefer Forbidden Memories' story and difficulty, others prefer Duelists of the Roses' unique gameplay and better card pool."

    On May 22 Contested Sequel was deleted and it was put back as this by MBG 159 without an edit reason:

    "* Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories was, to put it kindly, crap. Strategy was rock-stupid, balance was flatly nonexistent, the difficulty was a brick wall conquered only by monotonous grinding, and the gameplay was profoundly unfun. Its only advantages were its somewhat novel story mode, its animations, and capturing some of the feel of Duelist Kingdom. Duelists of the Roses, filling the Spiritual Successor role, features actual balance, a card pool large enough to pursue any number of unique strategies, a reasonable level of difficulty, and actually fun gameplay, while giving two story campaigns, better animations, and one of the best interpretations of the Duelist Kingdom rules in the franchise.

    I didn't want to edit war, so I'm taking it here. You guys got any advice? Reply

      Well, whatever the status of this as an edit war, that's a flagrant twofold violation of the rules for Example Indentation in Trope Lists; not only is a single second-level bullet always wrong where indentation is concerned, but trope entries never get indented at second level below another trope entry for any reason.

      Bumping and I added dates for the relevant entries.

      Sent in an indentation notifier.

      The entry's still there. What should I do?

      Can an IP check be done between Tropers.MBG and Tropers.MBG 159? I want to make sure they didn't use a sock to get out of edit warring.


      Bumping again.

      Also, Tropers.MBG 159 has made a considerable number of ZCEs recently, and has continued to make them.notifiers have been sent.

      It seems like they are trying to improve. IP check gives some shared educational PMs.

      What should be done about the problem example in the OP?

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    I usually check TV Tropes for things if I'm curious about them, and Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning is no exception. When I looked it up, I came up with its laconic, funny, YMMV, and quotes pages, but there doesn't seem to actually be a work page for it, instead saying it was cut.

    Am I missing something, or did someone delete the page on accident? Not to accuse anyone or anything like that, just genuinely curious. Reply

      The page is going to be restored soon, there editors who cut the page and remake it to change the capitalisation of namespaces (in this case Videogame/ to VideoGame/) though the next site update is supposed to do that automatically without removing the history making it pretty much pointless

      I went ahead and did that.

      Oh, okay. Thank you for the troubleshooting!
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    Someone reverted an example I had edited on Pokémon Trainer Classes to reflect something I'd seen in a trailer for Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!. To my understanding, those two games are still Generation VII, aren't they? Reply

      I never thought to think if Spin off games are consider part of any Gen. Though, the troper who deleted might of thought of the main games.

      I'm pretty sure they're part of the core series, being remakes of Pokémon Yellow and all.

      Yeah remakes still count as mainline entries, but the remakes are usually are updated to include mechanics of the at the time current Pokemon generation. So far all we know of the Let's Go games are they are remakes of Generation 1's Pokemon Yellow. Both versions are limited to only the Kanto Pokemon + their Alolan variants and one never-before-seen Pokemon (possibly an early-bird cameo of a Generation 8 Pokemon), but the versions will have the battle and catching mechanics of Pokemon Go.

      Since the Alolan variants of Kanto Pokemon are included, Let's Go is definitely Generation 7 (even if they're not resuing the battle and catching mechanics from the 3DS Pokemon engine). We will have to see if they implement Z-moves for the Kanto Pokemon and their variants at release or if they plan to issue an update to include them later. We don't know if Mega Evolved forms of Kanto Pokemon will be included either at launch or if they will come with a later update.

      It's currently unknown what generation they fit best in.

      If i am not mistaken, "generation" is a fandom- created term.

      ^ Game Freak has some concept of generations (though not under that name).
  • 1 Jun 6th, 2018 at 9:09AM
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    Given the recent reveal of a game titled Tetris Effect, should Main.Tetris Effect (currently a redirect to the trope) be converted into a disambiguation page? Reply

      I would wait until we have a page for the game Tetris Effect. But overall, I agree with the sentiment.

      Edit: Scratch that. We could have it disambiguate between Tetris (noting the new game specifically) and The Tetris Effect.
  • 7 Jun 3rd, 2018 at 12:12AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Jun, 2018 12:52:12 AM
    Analysis.Nier Automata was created and all it is so far is an external link to a video analysis. I'm unsure about what goes on an Analysis page and what the criteria is, so I wasn't sure what to do—the only other interaction I had with one was deleting a first-person POV analysis that was more speculation than anything.

    What exactly goes on an Analysis page and what are the criteria for them existing? Reply

      Is Analysis.Todd In The Shadows a proper Analysis page? It seems a little fishy to me - I'm not sure what is actually being analyzed.

      I think he's analyzing the songs but the links and descriptions don't make that clear, nor do they share pertinent information.

      For the record, The Room has the same story

      Regardless of what should go on a page, my initial thought on reading the original post was Weblinks Are Not Examples

      Well, weblinks should not be the sole content of any wiki article (except maybe in the Image Links namespace). Analysis is no exception. Our articles should contain original writing, not copypasta and not links to someone else's work. We aren't getting paid for referrals.

      So they should be zapped?

      I slapped a few of them on the cutlist. If a mod wants to keep them around, it's up to them.

      I don't read analysis pages all that much, but the Todd in the Shadows one does not look like an analysis page to me at all.
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    How many dashes should be used between sentences and should there be spaces between the fragments?

    -like this-

    -- or this --

    --or this--?

    The third is the most common I've seen, since it looks neatest when put onto a page. Asking cause Theriocephalus is changing singular dashes and double-dashes without spaces to double dashes with spaces on Sunless Skies and Fallen London. Reply

      I've always only seen the "no spaces, double-dashes" variant advised in style guides (like Merriam-Webster's)—like this—but I wonder if there is a difference in U.S. vs. U.K. English in handling this?

      ^The use of spaces around dashes is standard in British English, if I'm not mistaken, while the no-spaces style is more commonly seen in American English than British English.

      Edit: Post modified for clarification.

      As an American, I would normally use a single long dash separated by spaces. If I can't use a long dash, I would use a short one, e.g. "Tom said - and I'm not joking - that he is the best."

      I've always done double dashes with spaces. Less because of any preference of style guide or nationality and more because I think double dashes without spaces—like so—seems cluttered and doesn't look right.

      I also generally use spaces, despite being American. Maybe I should have indicated that I was referring to the lack of spaces being more commonly seen in American English than British English, as opposed to everyday usage.

      Edit: I modified my original post to indicate that I meant that a lack of spaces is more common in American English than British English, not that it's necessarily the only acceptable style.
  • 1 Jun 1st, 2018 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 1st Jun, 2018 03:50:07 PM
    The page only contains examples of Awesome Art, Awesome Music, and Awesome Bosses. But no real example of any crowning moment of Awesome. I was thinking of moving those examples to the YMMV page. And maybe even create a Awesome Music page for this work. Since I don't see any actual examples of moments of awesome, I was thinking of cutting the original page. Reply

      The art and music could be moved to YMMV page. But on the Bosses, is more "this boss is awesome" or "this boss battle is awesome"?
  • 3 May 31st, 2018 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 1st Jun, 2018 05:09:26 AM
    Troper Erebus42 has been making some rather hard to follow, and grammatically bad edits to the Alien: Isolation pages, with his recent edit being on the Alien: Isolation tab they made themselves. Their grammar is pretty bad, and they might need a tap. Reply
  • 8 May 31st, 2018 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 31st May, 2018 10:38:38 PM
    There's been a running edit war on Octopath Traveler over whether one of the characters is to be considered a White Mage or a Red Mage. I'm not going to go over the arguments here, but keep in mind that the game isn't even out yet. No attempt has been made by those involved to resolve it in the Discussion or anything like that. Reply

      Only one person has done multiple edits, so that person was warring and is thus suspended.

      "the game isn't even out yet"

      Speculative Troping

      Even if a game isn't out, we can still add tropes about the information given pre-release in trailers and articles.

      The description of the White Mage says this:

      They may also have access to magic that causes some status effects. Modern incarnations will often be given some offensive ability, often magic of the holy variety, though the Elemental Powers of water or wind may be given a healing affinity.

      I'm not familiar with that game, but having offensive magic doesn't disqualify one from being a White Mage so long as support and healing remain their main strength.

      White Mage is different from Combat Medic, how?

      Or is that better elsewhere?

      Pre-release info doesn't give the whole story.

      That's why it's pre-release info

      Well, if it changes later, then its subverted or something?

      Can't deny the tropes are there, though?

      If a trope is unambiguously present in pre-release materials, then sure.

      Given that it's apparently unclear which (if either) trope applies in this case, the prudent course would be to not include either one until release.

      There's no prize for putting a trope in first. The game comes out in six weeks. Just chill until then.

      Regarding Combat Medic: Generally, a Combat Medic is a primary healer with some physical combat ability. A White Mage is more of a Squishy Wizard type that is primarily focused on support. If a character has equal focus on support and attack magic, they generally fall under Red Mage.
  • 3 May 28th, 2018 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 29th May, 2018 11:53:38 AM
    There are huuuuuuuuge, nattery, too-detailed lists on King's Quest (2015) pages to the point that deleting them frees up a ton of room, and every reference to the old games is added to the page as they happen. Plus there's losing sight of the original trope or not fitting the trope.

    Examples include under Chaos Architecture, Broad Strokes, Continuity Nod, Deconstruction, and Unreliable Narrator. and a mistaken trivia entry for Alternate Continuity used to have a terrifyingly long list until I deleted it when putting it back on the main page. I can add it back if you guys want.


    Should I delete the lengthy entries entirely while giving a generalized example, IE "* Continuity Nod: There's lots of name drops and nods to material from the classic games, and even The King's Quest Companions, thrown in as fun references for old time fans who might be keeping track. Some of these nods include 'alternate' visual adaptations of the box art from the original series, while others include specific creatures and events that are non-canon in this series." or move them to a new page?

    EDIT: These entries on the YMMV page are suspect too.

    " Protagonist-Centered Morality: The game falls into this with the way Graham treats his two grandchildren. Graham is the hero, so anything he does is more or less indicated to be okay - including the fact that he clearly favors his granddaughter Gwen over his grandson Gart, to the point that he names her his heir, making her Queen of Daventry when he dies. This is despite Gart being the older grandchild, and the one who actually lives in Daventry with his grandfather. Gart himself is given a few minor character flaws, while Gwen isn't shown to have any; she becomes the player character in the epilogue of the game, meaning that she has apparently also inherited Graham's Protagonist Centered Morality. "

    "Vocal Minority: When the first chapter was released, the reaction was positive for the most part, but those who didn't like it were much louder than those who did.
    • There are/were people who believe it was made with money stolen from the Hiveswap Kickstarter and were very displeased with this. There's no proof as far as we know; Andrew Hussie himself has said he can't take legal action and has tried to keep angry Homestuck fans from doing anything. "


      Chaos Architecture should probably be split up. Are any of the subbulleted examples elsewhere shoehorned?

      Deconstruction seems better fit under Irony.
  • 5 May 28th, 2018 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 29th May, 2018 06:09:09 AM
    Right now, on the entry for Kingdom Hearts II in the Vindicated by History page for Video Games, there is debate on whether or not it fits the criteria. While prior arguments on the subject have concluded that the game is an Even Better Sequel, it is still being argued that it was not very well-received in its debut. Reply

      I am guessing that a sequel that was Vindicated by History may become an Even Better Sequel.

      Okay, well in that case, the only thing that would need to be changed in the entry is that it is claiming the game to be a Contested Sequel, which may or may not have been true during its debut, but as has been discussed in the past, the game is certainly considered an Even Better Sequel. And to add on, there is also a claim that something that is now well-received can no longer fit the criteria of Vindicated by History.

      I'm pretty sure the game was well-regarded even when it first came out. It reviewed decently, made many "Top Games" lists, and debuted some of the franchise's most popular characters.

      The only constant criticism was I remember was the Kudzu Plot. And and the Atlantic Level. The gameplay was praised.

      Uh, yeah. It was considered an Even Better Sequel even when it came out. Cut that example.
  • 1 May 28th, 2018 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 28th May, 2018 08:16:52 PM
    This entry on FranchiseKiller.Video Games about Mega Man doesn't seem to fit the trope definition, as new games in the franchise, ports, and other stuff like a cartoon were being made even if they weren't particularly well-received. I was under the impression a Franchise Killer was something like Batman and Robin or Bubsy 3D, which stopped everything about those franchises for a decade or more before being rebooted.

    "** Fans point to the departure of Keiji Inafune (the series' chief game designer) from Capcom and the subsequent controversy surrounding Mega Man Legends 3's cancellation as the points where the once-strong video game franchise finally lost its way, as there have been no new Mega Man games released aside from ports, the Mega Man Legacy Collection (a compilation of the first six Mega Man games on the NES) and the rather unfavorably-received announcements of a film adaptation from 20th Century Fox and an animated television series from Man of Action Studios. Attempts by other developers to branch the series out in other directions never made it out of production, and Capcom's own attempts to move the Blue Bomber onto mobile devices with sloppy ports of Mega Man X and the first six original Mega Man games on the NES, and the just-plain-bad Rockman Xover, were met with harsh disdain. Capcom eventually revealed in late 2017 they started work on a new title in the Classic series, but it remains to be seen if this can firmly reboot bring the series back into activity."

    They also announced an X collection, with hints at a new X game if it does well. Reply

      Cut it since the Mega Man franchise never truly died according to the example.
  • 1 May 28th, 2018 at 2:02AM
    Lastest Reply: 28th May, 2018 04:29:14 AM
    How is a Justifying Edit handled on YMMV pages? YMMV.The World Ends With You has some, like "However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it helps showcases how much Neku has grown since the beginning of the game." and "However, it should be noted that partnership is quite literally the only way to survive in the game, so Shiki’s badgering of Neku to connect with her is actually beneficial for the both of them." Reply

      You delete them.Those lines you mentioned are full of Word Cruft and really don't contribute to the example.
  • 4 May 27th, 2018 at 12:12AM
    Lastest Reply: 27th May, 2018 09:14:37 PM
    I tried to download Castlevania Fighter, using link provide in the link from our page. Well, Chrome say it recognize that the file is dangerous and refuse to save the file. I tried again with IE8, then scan the file with Avira Antivirus and it say the file contained pattern of a trojan.

    I'm pretty sure that linking to trojan count as dickery, should I remove the link in that article? Reply

      I say when in doubt kill the direct link. If people are interested in the game they can google it themselves and then it is on them if there is something wrong with it.

      Direct links are questionable in any case since they tend to die or move periodically.

      This could be a mistake, but better safe than sorry. In addition, a link to an official website is more standard than a download link. And if the official website doesn't have a download link I wonder about the legality of a link that does download, since that might imply you have to pay for the game.

      The link on the page is actually to the game's website. I didn't really look into it, but it does say it's made using M.U.G.E.N, plus it's a fan made work based on a Konami franchise so it's likely to be a free distribution, as Konami sics their lawyers on any attempt that even just sort of looks like profiting off their I Ps. It's possible the download on the site itself has been compromised.

      Well, link removed. Noted in edit reason to restore it if the creator fix it (I really wish the creator is just unaware of the trojan instead of being nasty).
  • 3 May 27th, 2018 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 27th May, 2018 10:43:20 AM
    I'm unsure it would be safe enough to remake clash quotes in Injustice 2. I just made two separate pages just weeks ago. Reply

      ^ - IIRC, it was split, 'cause it was getting too long...

      And then cut as not related to a trope...

      If quotes are supposed to be for tropes only, then we have to cut a few connected to Creators and stuff, like:

      The problem is that (at least on the Injustice 1 page) it's literally every clash quote, at which point we can be found liable for violating copyright. It's not likely, but it's possible.

      This isn't the place for every single quote in the game.

      I do think that quotes from works would be worth keeping, but only particularly notable ones. Listing every single clash quote is a bit too much.

      Speaking of which, the game's quotes pages seem to basically amount to every single line of voiced dialogue in the game. We don't need every single match intro, mid-fight quips, and the entire script of the story mode on this wiki.

      Quotes.Mortal Kombat X also has a similar issue, though at least it doesn't contain all of story mode, just the intro and mid-fight dialogue.
  • 2 May 21st, 2018 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 21st May, 2018 08:55:14 AM
    What do you call the trope where MMORP Gs have "event re-runs / redux" that basically allows new players to play old events that have been updated to meet the game's current quality. The said event has ran before, but on its second iteration, new features are added. Is it Updated Re-release? Reply
  • 2 May 19th, 2018 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 20th May, 2018 02:52:10 PM
    There's a back-and-forth argument going on in Headscratchers.God Of War PS 4. Massive spoilers below.

    A prophetetic mural at the the end of the game depicts Kratos dead in the arms of his son. Not only that, but the words around the mural literally say "death". Despite this, people are arguing in the Headscratchers page over what the mural means, coming up wuth outlandish excuses to say Kratos might not be dead in that mural. Personally, I don't care about who's right here, but this argument needs to be taken somewhere else so it doesn't clutter the entire page. Reply
  • 4 May 17th, 2018 at 8:08AM
    Lastest Reply: 18th May, 2018 05:35:43 AM
    AliceSoft and its YMMV page seems to consist of tropes from all of the company's individual games. I thought creator pages were only supposed to list tropes that are highly common in the creator's works.

    From the page description, I assume that most AliceSoft games can't have a page due to violating the Content Policy, so this looks like a sneaky way to trope these games. Reply

      Correct except for the "sneaky" - that was deliberately done in 2012 so that the works could still be troped.

      If these games are against the content policy, is it really OK to trope them? At the very least, shouldn't there be separate sections for each game?

      The idea of officially sanctioned loopholes in the rules does not sit right with me, honestly.

      The Content Policy allows for SFW examples from works cut by the 5P, so long as they don't link to an actual work article.
  • 1 May 14th, 2018 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th May, 2018 05:55:50 AM
    I mostly have my eyes on the FinalFantasyXIV WMG page, troper by the name of Doot has been posting a lot of really Complaining About Shows You Don't Like edits regarding the quality of Stormblood's plot disguised as WM Gs on future content.

    Don't personally want to go back and do it and would prefer to let a mod do it, I've had people heckle me before and try to start edit wars (and given the content of his edits on that page, I feel like he'd pick a fight). His history is pretty clean (if conspicuously small, apparently only joined/started editing in Feb.) so I think he may just have a bone to pick with the game but EITHER WAY that page isn't the place for it, I don't think. Reply

      Did you notify them for complaining?
  • 2 May 14th, 2018 at 3:03PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th May, 2018 04:16:32 AM
    JoiningReaper keeps insisting to add a spoilered name above the example line, even after Zaptech deleted it once under the same grounds and for identity speculation (it is not confirmed 100% that the character's name is that, only implied). Reply

      You also can't add any spoilers above the example line anyway, so the speculation or not is irrelevant.

      Suspension issued.
  • 11 Apr 26th, 2018 at 1:01PM
    Lastest Reply: 14th May, 2018 04:09:00 PM
    Both the GameCube/GBA era and the 3DS/Wii U era are listed as a Dork Age for Mario on the video games page. Myself and a few others got into a discussion about it, and we felt that neither of those actually do classify as a Dork Age. One of the users went ahead and removed the examples. Soon after, however, they were added back by another user, who disagreed with the deletion. The other user was unaware that there had been a discussion about it, so I linked him/her to the appropriate page.

    I'm still leaning on the side of 'doesn't count as a Dork Age' myself, but I felt that maybe I should get some more opinions first. Thoughts? Reply

      I'm personally leaning towards "doesn't count as a Dork Age." Has the user replied to discussion yet?

      A Dork Age would need a few to several bad entries in a row. A rare stinker now and then doesn't qualify. The only games I know of that people weren't receptive to are:

      1) Sixth gen: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and Super Mario Sunshine. People originally disliked Double Dash for introducing the winged Spiny Shell and the soundtrack wasn't as great as other Mario Kart games. Super Mario Sunshine was disliked for being Super Mario 64 in the tropics. Both are now vindicated by history for trying to be different with Double Dash!!'s dual-drivers and Super Mario Sunshine's FLUDD.

      2) Eighth gen (Switch doesn't count as it's unknown since Sony and Microsoft don't have their next console sequels out): People grown to dislike the New Super Mario Bros. series (2 and U) as showing "Nintendo ran out of ideas". The series hasn't be vindicated by history yet though. For Super Mario 3D World and Land, they were loved by players though. The only pieces of criticism some had of those games is why they couldn't be Super Mario Galaxy 3 instead or a remake of Super Mario Sunshine at the very least.

      I think that's enough to disqualify the sixth generation right there. As for the eighth gen, even if it was controversial in some ways, it just doesn't seem like a strong enough example to count for the trope. Even New Super Mario Bros. 2 was moreso just highly divisive than it was full-on panned, nor did it help tank Nintendo as a company or anything like that. And there were still other well-loved games released like Super Mario Maker, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and Mario Kart 8.

      @dragonfire5000: Not yet, but I'll wait a little longer.

      I am not sure we should be considering the Gamecube era of Mario games a Dork Age, unless someone wants to try to include the Mario Party games. I did personally enjoy a good amount of the games from that time period.

      So the deleted Gamecube/GBA & 3DS/Wii U entries were re-added to the Nintendo folder, this time by a different user, even though the consensus from the discussions is still leaning against these being examples of Dork Age.

      I do understand what the examples are saying, and I think they touch on some valid points. I just feel that it's more a case of something like Contested Sequel or Broken Base than it is a full-on Dork Age. However, I didn't want to just go ahead and delete the examples again and risk getting into an edit war. And I am willing to leave the discussion open for anyone else to chime in. But beyond that, I'm not really sure what to do next.

      Dork Age is YMMV, while you (and I) don't feel it was one for gamecube era Mario, it seems to have been one in the eyes of those tropers. If someone took the effort to put it back, I would leave it alone.

      Sent a Pm with a link to this thread to the troper who readded the examples.

      ^^^^^^ I can't say either Double Dash or Sunshine were ever hated. They weren't as well-liked as their N64 predecessors but, aside from a vocal minority, they were never truly disliked. 'Just seen as more flawed.

      @jameygamer: Did they respond?


      In my opinion, they don't qualify for Dork Age. A Dork Age must be unanimously unpopular and signify a financial loss for Nintendo. As far as we can tell, these games are not any of those things.