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    Lastest Reply: 23rd Mar, 2018 08:24:41 AM
    On the Kirby - Bosses and Villains page, this was deleted.
    • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: His abusiveness towards his own followers is bad enough, but wanting to see the entire universe destroyed by resurrecting a God of Evil? Yeah, the Kirby series being a generally happy, idealistic, and cute franchise full of Affably Evil characters, Tragic Villains with sympathetic backstories, and Generic Doomsday Villains makes him really stand out and hold the dubious honor of being the darkest most evil villain in the franchise itself, with none of the redeeming traits that flesh out most of the villains in the games.

    Pretty sure the trope fits, but someone did a big revert edit that deleted most of the added tropes when there was no reason to. The name of the user is King Ghost.

    May I add this back? Reply

      Who is the entry talking about? It doesnt say anything about who exactly it is talking about.
  • 1 Mar 19th, 2018 at 4:04AM
    Lastest Reply: 19th Mar, 2018 05:42:39 AM
    TV Tropes doesn’t have any “tropes” on DIY Server Clusters or single-board computers used for videogaming and basic programming, can one be created? Reply

      A computer having circuit boards or connecting to a server sounds like People Sit on Chairs.

      I don't think either of those is a trope as such, and I can't imagine they'd figure into storytelling much except maybe fanfic for programmers.
  • 7 Mar 17th, 2018 at 12:12PM
    Lastest Reply: 17th Mar, 2018 08:02:56 PM
    On Drakengard 1 "All There in the Manual: Among other things, it's revealed that Leonard was absent from the massacre that killed his companions because he was off in the woods having sex with a young boy." May I, please, have some kind of evidence? Because in character trope of Leonard it's written he was alone in the forest, and japanese sites also confirm he was alone in the forest. So, uhm, is this a foundless accusation of actually a terrible crime...? I know he's a fictional character, but that's just terrible to accuse a person of something like that without any kind of evidence??? Reply

      Uh... Yeah, I think there needs to be some kind of evidence that that was what he was doing.

      Do you know who added the example?

      Checking the history that example existed already when the page was moved to that namespace in 2012. I can't track it further back than that.

      According to http://drakengard.wikia.com/wiki/Leonard/Novella from a translation of the Drag On Dragoon Official Guide Book Complete-Edition, the story there (if it is an accurate entry regarding an accurate translation) suggests that he was "enjoying his time alone" in the woods, rather than actually with anyone.

      I am very glad somebody's concerned too. Just to prove my point, I don't speak japanese, but I know some of it, and I spent 2 days (legit) browsing japanese sites on Leonard, and it only says "interested in boys" and "alone in the forest when his brothers were murdered". No molested kids. None. Nowhere. Just nowhere, expect for this particular page on Tropes that has no evidence.

      I hope there's a way to remove that line of text. Most people don't do research, they end up believing what they've read. Since I only registered to point that one out, I have no idea how this site works. Let's hope this gets fixed.

      Well considering there's no actual evidence for it, and we don't know who added it, I'd say remove it and link back to this thread in the edit reason.

      I figured out how to edit, but how do I link back to this particular thread? Just, er... I'm not the brightest in these things, but I really wanna help poor Leonard though.

      Okay, I KINDA fixed it? Thanks, guys. I'll monitor this for a bit more and see how this goes. Thank you!
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    I wasn't sure if this was the best place to ask this; I asked this on the discussion page for Elder Scrolls as well, but that page is not highly frequented.

    Should there be a new page created specifically for dealing with the deep lore; especially relating to C0da, Obscure Texts, Landfall, and other out of game lore treated as "canon" by the community (bear in mind that canon as found in other works doesn't really exist in the Elder Scrolls)? We have a page for ingame books, but what about out of game lore? Reply

      If it doesn't have a discrete source in a work, be it canon or fan-based, then it can't really be troped.
  • 2 Mar 13th, 2018 at 5:05AM
    Lastest Reply: 13th Mar, 2018 03:13:03 PM
    When creating a page for a video game separate from its parent franchise (which was, up until the former's page creation, covering all previous games in one article), if we migrate tropes to that new page, do we delete their entries on the franchise's page?

    This is actually a general question, but since my focus is on a particular video game, I tacked this flair instead. Reply

      If it shows up multiple times in the franchise, I like to include a subbullet from each work. If it only occurs in the one work, remove the example from the franchise, or specify that it only occurs in a specific work.

      If it's general to the franchise, leave it on the franchise page.

      If it's distinct for different installments, indlude the general context on the franchise page, and then also include the distinct elements on the individual work pages.

      If it's just for a few installments at most, then move the entry to those pages.
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    Lastest Reply: 9th Mar, 2018 11:26:05 AM
    We're having a discussion in Fire Emblem Warriors about the inclusion of two characters who are Advertised Extras, but not available in the game until after clearing the main story. Much like That One Level or That One Boss, is They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character even allowed for characters introduced outside of the main story? Reply

      I'd argue Celica and Lyn fit, mainly because there was no way of knowing they wouldn't be in the story prior to the game coming out. Since they are in the game, but not at all in the story, it does seem like they got shafted. That's my opinion anyway.

      I would go against since they aren't in the main campaign and don't have any interaction with the cast.

      ^ They do interact with the main cast, but only in support conversations and in-battle dialogue. I would still say that they shouldn't be included in They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character because they were never meant to be in Story Mode, and trying to put them into They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character would just end up being complaining.

      The story is pretty pedestrian, so it's not like they'd contribute anything of value if they were present.

      I don't think they count. All the meat of the writing is in the Supports and battle dialogue, which they both got to participate in.
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2018 05:38:03 PM
    Why is Robot Unicorn Attack in the Sugar Wiki? Same with its spinoff in the Dark Wiki. Shouldn't they be under Video Games? Reply

      Yes, it should be namespaced as VideoGame/.

      See Eversion for a good example of a video game page with SW/DW subpages.

      It's been that way for a long-ass time and I'm not actually sure why it was even done.

      Maybe a mod that remembers the logic behind it can weight in?

      Before my time, but since it was pre-crash it's hard to tell. Most likely it was namespaced to sugar wiki as a joke regarding its content.

      Moved the Sugar Wiki page including wicks, will probably do the Darth Wiki move tomorrow :)

      That'd be odd logic.

      Only time I've seen work pages done on the Sugar and Darth wikis is when we did the Candle Cove joke.

      The one where SugarWiki.Candle Cove is a joke treating it like a real show and DarthWiki.Candle Cove is a factual page about the Creepypasta

      The Candle Cove stuff really should have gone in JFF, anyway.

      But aren't Sugar Wiki and Darth Wiki also part of Just For Fun?


      Darth Wiki and Sugar Wiki contain the pages were complaining and gushing respectively are given a lot more headway so they're o extensions of the JFF category.

      Darthwiki.Candle Cove also works better there since not drawing attention to the fact it's a fictional show and pretending it's real is part of the meta of it. Having it in the JFF namespace would defeat that a bit.

      Originally Sugar Wiki hosted the Robot Unicorn Attack page, and Darth Wiki a horrific take on what the backstory of the Unicorn was. Now the Darth Wiki hosts the heavy metal version. Since both should be one article, maybe with Darth and Sugar articles that show up the lighter and darker versions of the setting, like with Eversion.
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Mar, 2018 01:01:33 PM
    Dere made this edit to Main.Ret Canon a week or so ago that seems bashy, with a link to Critical Research Failure, and I'm unsure how accurate it is since some Sonic games' stories were written in Japan and changes were made in localization.

    Original: ** Sonic Unleashed and later games seem to borrow a bit from the American cartoons. Namely their more westernized tone and style, as well as Sonic and Eggman's characterizations, such as the former having a hyper personality. Before that, he was usually depicted with a more calm and cool personality.

    Edited: ** Sonic Colors and later games seem to borrow quite a bit from the American cartoons. Namely their more westernized tone and style, as well as Sonic and Eggman's characterizations, such as the former having a hyper personality and cracking jokes all the time. Before that, he was usually depicted with a more calm and cool personality.note  Reply

      That's not kosher. At All. I dunno what to do about it though.

      I vote for changing it back.

      Remove that note on the end of it. Looks more WMG'ish, and it doesn't work.

      Should I PM him?
  • 8 Mar 6th, 2018 at 1:01AM
    Lastest Reply: 6th Mar, 2018 08:17:27 PM
    Purpleand Red has posted a rewiew on The Legendof Zelda Skyward Sword that has me concerned about their attitudes towards women. They have also been banned from reddit for spamming and has done the same tactic on other sites. I'm not asking to ban them, just that people are aware when they inevitably start an edit war. Reply

      I took a look just out of curiosity and.... yikes. Someone with a banhammer should definitely take a look-see.

      They rant about how much they want to abuse female characters who express any sort of emotion, which is pretty shitty of them.

      I took a look and yes, this is a really disgusting person. They need to be called in, this isn't kosher.


      Courtesy Link to the review.

      Does the flag being white there mean it's already been flagged?

      Also Purple and Red has responded to peoples' comments on the review since I first looked at it earlier today. Not sure who here has seen that yet.

      Review was bad enough, but the responding comment from the author in the reviews is what seals this.

      Mind if I alert a mod?

      ^ That comment you speak of is the one President Brit , ^^^, just talked about.

      Yep, suspended.

      Should the review be deleted?

      I may comment on it noting the author has been suspended.

      Review has been nuked.
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    Lastest Reply: 6th Mar, 2018 12:44:36 AM
    I know that the Wiki Word has changed to fit multiple namespaces, but what if a work with similar names (and thus sharing all namespaces with them) has different punctuation in its titles? For example, Bug (disambiguation page), Bug and Bug - the last has an exclamation point in its name, but trying to change the wikiword would also change the former two. Is there a way to make Bug display "Bug!" as its Wiki Word without the others changing? Reply
  • 2 Mar 4th, 2018 at 11:11AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Mar, 2018 05:51:29 AM
    So, I've been maintaining the pages for TinkerQuarry, a game on Steam that's still in Early Access Mode, but constantly being updated until the game is completed, whenever that will happen.

    The game has an official Discord server where the creator reveals tons of supplemental info.

    I try to limit my additions to the TV Tropes pages to info that is already in the current version of the game. However, the creator reveals so much interesting info on Discord that I want to add some of it too, but it's hard to tell if some of this info will be added to the game eventually, or just remain All There in the Manual.

    It doesn't help that I've spent much more time following the Discord channel than actually playing the game, so most of the additional info is practically common knowledge to me. :P

    So, how should I go about this? Is there a limit to what information I can or can't add? Reply

      What they said on Discord counts as Word of God, but keep in mind it may be contradicted later.

      What the creator says will be in the game is interesting information, but until it's actually in the game, it's just speculation, regardless of Word of God on the matter. We should try to limit trope content to what is actually present and playable.
  • 1 Mar 4th, 2018 at 4:04AM
    Lastest Reply: 4th Mar, 2018 05:05:57 PM
    As in the title. Does anyone know where it was first introduced? Reply
  • 11 Mar 1st, 2018 at 2:02AM
    Lastest Reply: 1st Mar, 2018 06:08:33 PM
    I want to add to the Dethroning Moment of Suck page an entry about Overwatch, but considering it's not in the game proper, where should it go?
    • So, when Overwatch revealed its newest hero (28 feb 2018), her official bio was put on the site, except the age she's given doesn't make any sense (she's supposed to be 28, but according to a letter released, Mercy is supposed to have been there a few days after she was born, meaning that Mercy would have been 9 when that happened). Compounded by the lead writer's reaction on Twitter when releasing her, which was a simple "some things are wrong with her backstory". He didn't proofread himself, he didn't check if the information he gave to the team uploading the site was coherent with what he wrote, and he didn't apologize for it, his reaction could be summarized as "meh, i made a mistake, no big deal". It's at this point that I gave up any hope I had left for some form of coherence/continuity with this universe or for Michael Chu to have any credibility as a writer.

      That seems like a really petty reason for a dethroning moment of suck looks like a very bad case of complaining.

      I guess, but i had already low hope for the lore to be properly developed, so this just destroyed what was left. Anyway, is it still viable to go on the page?

      Your entry does look like complaining. Why does he need to apologize for a very small mistake on a person's age?

      Put it under Writers Cannot Do Math, which is exactly where it belongs.

      Whirl RX Because he's the lead writer. His job is to prevent this kind of blunder. Daefaroth According to him, the age was something he had forgotten to change when writing her bio. But can I put in the Videogames Dethroning Moment of Suck page or not? Because for me, it's definite proof that the lore team doesn't care.

      I say no. Mistakes happen. That doesn't mean they don't care.

      "Oh no. a wrong number was entered on a website"

      Seriously, that is astoundingly petty.

      I know next to nothing about Overwatch and this still reads as embarrassingly petty.

      If, as you say, that he wrote the lore, then the story was updated and he forgot to change a number in the lore before it was posted by presumably other people who likely already had the text ready to go, it doesn't seem like anything but a minor case of forgetfulness. But I guess if it ruins the game for you then it does, but you could rephrase the entry a bit to make it seem less complainy so that it doesn't attract flame from other fans of the game. I wouldn't know where to put it; I guess if you think it dethrones the game rather than the creator then it's your prerogative for it to go on the game page.

      It goes in Overwatch anyway.

      What would be the problem with Mercy being nine when the hero was born?
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    Lastest Reply: 27th Feb, 2018 07:46:54 PM
    Troper Leid did a big overhaul of the Fate/EXTRA character page by moving all the tropes for the Fate/Extra Last Encore verisons of the character to a new section on the page. Their reasoning was to "avoid cluttering the page", but in doing so, has made the page huge and ironically made the page cluttered. Can I request an undo of it since going in and manually moving things back would take a good chunk of time? If not I'll fix it, but its far easier to request. Also theres no reason to separate the page that way since its an adaptation, if we did this, we'd have to do the same for all adaptions now. Reply

      No traction for over a whole day? Huh...bump anyway.

      Reverted it. Please PM Leid to the discussion page.

      Done, thank you.
  • 9 Feb 23rd, 2018 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Feb, 2018 06:08:06 AM

    Troper Gregster 101 added this to the Fire Emblem Fates YMMV page.

    • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Similar to Fire Emblem Awakening, many veteran fans are unhappy with the title overshadowing the rest of the series. Things got even worse with Fire Emblem Warriors, since the game disproportionately favors the newer games to the detriment of the older ones, and fans accuse both Fates and Awakening as the main culprits for being the games that brought the series into the mainstream.

    I went ahead and removed it since this is just using one games YMMV to take a dig at another game, and that's not kosher. Wanted to see anyone else's thoughts just in case it escalates. Reply

      I see the overall text too be complaining . Though, I'm jaded at complaint and fandom.

      IMO, I think this fits more in the Fandom Rivalry territory, considering many fans from older entries hate FE Fates.

      Well the issue isn't fandom right now, its someone using another page to criticize another game. That isn't kosher.

      That particular troper seems to have a history with problematic Fire Emblem-related edits. They had also inserted Iago as The Scrappy on the Fire Emblem Warriors page back in December.

      Wait, is it Lunatic0verlord again?

      Checked IP. No connection with 0verlord.

      I didn't think he was using a proxy or anything, I just didn't see the name in the OP. X_X

      My bad.

      Edit history wise this guy just abruptly starts editing in December of last year only focusing on Warriors. Thats incredibly weird.

      We can't rule out the possibility of a proxy. Did the check reveal dynamic changes to the IP?
  • 2 Feb 23rd, 2018 at 8:08PM
    Lastest Reply: 24th Feb, 2018 02:05:14 AM
    I know Hilarious in Hindsight is subjective, but some of the entries on Blazblue Cross Tag Battle seem like big stretches. More specifically, those involving Game Mods and fan-made music videos. Is it really worth mentioning that someone put Persona 4 music over a RWBY fight scene once? Reply

      The entries on using music could go.

      Not really, but then it's a YMMV page, by definition a matter of opinion.
  • 3 Feb 21st, 2018 at 9:09PM
    Lastest Reply: 22nd Feb, 2018 07:25:57 AM
    What I asked on the title. Reply

      It was cut for having no tropes.

      Well, that was really deserved then...

      You should be allowed to remake it, assuming you have tropes for the page.
  • 1 Feb 16th, 2018 at 6:06PM
    Lastest Reply: 16th Feb, 2018 06:56:15 PM
    Ok, I remember playing this game while a few years ago probably around 2013-2014 (maybe...) and you were this piece of gum and the gum was pink and monster-like. I believe you had to click on walls and platforms and the bubblegum monster thingy would shoot out gum almost like it was stretching its long bubblegum arms to stick to something. The game wasn't that fun but I really do I want to play it again for some reason. Please even if you don't know exactly what I am talking about just give me any answer you have or any other questions! Reply
  • 4 Feb 15th, 2018 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 15th Feb, 2018 11:47:29 PM
    I've done what I can to redirect tropers who still edit the page to this discussion on whether an example is valid, but RemiV stubbornly decided to ragequit the discussion after a fair amount of tropers both on discussion tab and the related game forum have started placing doubts on the validity of the edit in question. After stating their intention of abandoning the thread, they even added back without reason the example I explicitly removed for discussion.

    On a related note, how exactly do we proceed with examples when the work has so many ambiguities concerning its lore? Reply

      We had this issue with user Sarakael and if the Twin Lords are Lords of Cinder. We never reached a good conclusion on it sadly, since despite my use of legit evidence and he didn't.

      Anyway my issue aside, we have to use evidence gathered from in game. Does the item descriptions associated with the character/boss match the lore, do they have some manner of connection from skills, etc. Only way is to use these as a group to discuss it.

      As for this, Remi V stepped out of line, and that's not Kosher.

      Time to have a chat with them.

      Can I have an IP-check on TheNuclearSoldier, who immediately popped up in the discussion with a similar train of thought? Without any edits or forum history to their name, I cannot know if it's a new account (with possible ban evading) or a non-contributing account.

      Subtle. IP isn't an exact match, but it is within the stadium. Canned the sock.
  • 6 Feb 11th, 2018 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 12th Feb, 2018 12:59:17 PM
    From VillainSong.Video Games:

    I would assume that the song is used in the game in association with some evil character, but the example doesn't really tell us anything. That rhetorical question is very unhelpful, as I have no idea who the writer is talking about. Although they explained how the song is villainous, the example still needs a lot more context.

    Is it okay to cut this? Or does anyone know the proper context? Reply

      It doesn't seem to be FROM a game so i think it can be cut.

      If you're not sure, you could pull it to discussion, with an edit reason pointing to it.

      Power is not a Villain Song in Saints Row: The Third. It is not associated with any particular character (villain or not), just used to highlight a particularly badass action set piece. Cut it.

      ^^I did mention it in the discussion page a while ago, but no one responded.

      But we seem to agree that the example needs to go, so I'll pull it now.

      EDIT: Never mind, someone else did it.

      It seems like it should be moved to VillainSong.Music.

      It's already on there.
  • 2 Feb 12th, 2018 at 7:07AM
    Lastest Reply: 12th Feb, 2018 12:51:26 PM
    Hey all,

    Troper Save Aqua XIII removed the game Catherine from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise page, saying it wasn't spin off, so I'm trying to get clarification.

    On our Spin-Off page, we define it as "Spin-Offs are when part of a successful show, usually characters, but sometimes a general concept are taken and given a second show of their own". Catherine's The 'Verse is based around a minor character unique to the main Shin Megami Tensei games, Astaroth/Ishtar (a single character that can transition between male and female avatars that was taken from this franchise's specific reading of Ishtar's import as Astaroth into Christianity). Further, the main character of Catherine, Vincent Brooks, appears as minor character at a bar in another part of this franchise, Persona 3 Portable. The game also features other characters from other franchise games, such as the demon Nergal in minor roles. Fruther, the game uses the same Order Versus Chaos and Karma Meter mechanics and Central Themes as other games in this franchise. And, you can also listen to music from other games in this franchise on a juke box in the bar the main character frequents, along with other secondary connections.

    As far as I can tell, this meets our definition of a Spin-Off in both character and concepts, along with other secondary elements, but is there something I'm missing here? should the entry be re-added with the other spinoffs? Reply

      Vincent in Persona 3 isn't really the same Vincent as Catherine. It was a semi-based character designed to be a cameo and promo of the characters.

      Other then that, Catherine is a spin-off of the SMT series. It has its roots in the series history, and it has themes from the SMT games.

      Noting that there's discussion on both that page's discussion and the Characters page's discussion.

      Both discussions tapered off but seemed to lean towards including it. It's also included on the Megaten wiki, though that's hardly proof, of course.
  • 4 Feb 10th, 2018 at 10:10PM
    Lastest Reply: 11th Feb, 2018 08:57:19 AM
    The most recent edit to this page is from a new account that says they are deleting "outdated misconceptions", but also deleted several entire examples that seemed valid. Reply

      One of them, Anvilicious, was talking in first-person, so that's a good delete. The rest look like deleting YMMV.

      Should I PM him here?

      Uh, no, they can't do that.

      YMMV examples are about opinions and reactions. The only reason to remove the examples completely is if the trope is misused or the cited events did not happen as stated.

      Put the examples back and message them. You can cite not only YMMV policy, but also TV Tropes being descriptive, not prescriptive; we describe how things are, not how things should be.

      Edit: ninja'd because I scritched the cat. :P

      Sent an issue notifier. Seems like someone who doesn't understand how YMMV pages work yet.

      I put the rest of the examples back.

      Edited to clarify it was a statement not a command.
  • 9 Feb 6th, 2018 at 10:10AM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Feb, 2018 09:50:42 AM
    On the Undertale Funny and Undertale Nightmare Fuel pages, you can see a sizable fan content section. There used to be a section like this on the Undertale Tear Jerker and Undertale Heartwarming pages too, but they were deleted last January with the excuse that you cannot show fanwork on a main work page.

    As it is common for having Noncanon subpages to these pages (Tearjerker and so on- see f.e. Avatar the last airbender, Steven Universe, Harry Potter), I created noncanon subpages for Tearjerker and Heartwarming fancontent of Undertale.

    Now however both were deleted, one saying that "website links are not examples and this page is nothing but a link collection trying to look like a blue link page" and the other saying that it was a red page already before deletion (probably the content was deleted before, and it was just left empty.)

    I want to ask if it would be safe to recreate the pages or the content into the main pages as it is terribly unfair that fancontent that deserves to be there can be on the Undertale Funny and Undertale Nightmare Fuel pages but not on tearjerker and heartwarming. Reply

      The content should have been removed from all the subpages. I started an ATT last year where a mod (Fighteer) determined that.

      Edit: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/query.php?parent_id=50756&type=att

      Linking to ATT threads doesn't work but it's here. If you search ATT for Undertale, it'll be on the first page of results.

      You could try linking the relevant forum threads:

      Wiki Talk Thread: where we discussed what to do with these pages, and determined the best route to be cutting them

      Short Term Project Thread: where we put said plan into action

      If you wanna recreate the pages, it's gonna be a no from the higher-ups, and it's probably also gonna be a no if you try to merge it with the main page, as that's not how pages work. You can't just dump the fan works onto the main pages.

      You also might want to look up Weblinks Are Not Examples. Trying that anywhere on the site will get the answer removed, unless someone wants to fill it out.

      In that case we need to delete all the non canon pages for f.e. Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and so on, is that what you are saying? You allow them to exist. So Undertale's should be allowed too.

      They just haven't been cut yet.

      I believe most have been cut.

      @akanesarumara: Do you mind posting links to some of those non-canon pages you mentioned? None of the non-canon pages were meant to survive (except for the few that were actually troping Canon Discontinuity materials), so if a few managed to slip under the radar somehow, it'd be useful to know which pages to cut.

      Many of the Undertale subpages have fanwork sections that need removing.

      People trying to do an end-run around "non-canon" page bans ughhhhhhhhhhhh

      I don't suppose anyone's left a commented out note on any of said Undertale pages specifically saying to not put fanworks on the main game's pages?
  • 6 Jan 10th, 2018 at 2:02PM
    Lastest Reply: 8th Feb, 2018 01:40:40 AM
    VideoGame.SIMULACRA has several all white examples. I'd go through them myself, but I haven't played through the game and don't know what actually constitutes as a spoiler. Reply

      Given that the whole game is about uncovering secrets, and every secret is important, combined with there being a huge plot twist...

      There's soo many spoilers, I can't even count....

      Even the facts of an event, with the names spoilered out... Might still be spoilery?

      If you haven't already, I'd suggest sending a spoiler notification to the people who edit it/add the all white entries. If they know the game they can better judge what isn't spoilery.

      Unfortunately doesn't seem to be a forum thread when I searched for simulacra

      If it is that big on spoilers, the best thing to add a note saying spoilers will be unmarked and then remove all spoiler markings from the page.

      Let's see what a mod has to say.

      Bumping because this was never resolved.

      You may want to use this forum thread.

      Ah. Thank you! Brought it up there. Wish I knew about this thread before I stripped the spoilers off of Connie Swap...