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Merriam-Webster defines trope as a "figure of speech." For creative writer types, tropes are more about conveying a concept to the audience without needing to spell out all the details.

The wiki is called "TVTropes" because TV is where we started. Over the course of a few years, our scope has crept out to include other media. Tropes transcend television. They reflect life. Since a lot of art, especially the popular arts, does its best to reflect life, tropes are likely to show up everywhere.

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Episode 104
February 03, 2016 05:47 PM PST
Alien Invasion

The guys talk about things from outer space that have come to kill us, enslave us, and make Bill Pullman make great speeches.

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Episode 163
February 5, 2015 10:51 AM PST
Rhythm Games

This week we're reviewing some of our favorite Rhythm Games! What makes this unique genre so accessible? Lisa joins in on the conversation as we also talk about our favorite video game Bonus Stages and drink a caffeinated mouthful of a cocktail.