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World Building
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new postpinnedThe Quick Questions About World Building Thread356Tue, 25th Nov '14 1:42:17 PM
new postSci-fi Military Tactics and Strategy1,172Wed, 26th Nov '14 11:08:10 PM
new postSci-fi Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment1,837Wed, 26th Nov '14 8:48:57 PM
new postDeconstructing Fantasy Races27Wed, 26th Nov '14 11:49:16 AM
new postNatural trap for sea monsters.3Wed, 26th Nov '14 11:16:34 AM
new postFictional East African Country, Dysfunctional Democracy, and more.4Wed, 26th Nov '14 10:14:21 AM
new postComplex World Build9Wed, 26th Nov '14 2:05:06 AM
new postMention a random quirk of your world881Tue, 25th Nov '14 2:13:48 PM
new postMental/ physical changes to get an utopia40Tue, 25th Nov '14 10:22:05 AM
new postFantasy Gods, Races, Settings, Magic Systems and Miscellaneous36Tue, 25th Nov '14 2:59:41 AM
new postAlternate History, Modern Era or Near Future Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment25Tue, 25th Nov '14 2:36:49 AM
new postAlternate history scenarios, ideas, general questions and miscellaneous points44Tue, 25th Nov '14 1:20:16 AM
new postYou are Hitler, now take over Europe173Mon, 24th Nov '14 5:53:01 PM
new postdeconstructing dark fantasy25Mon, 24th Nov '14 2:56:29 PM
new postI need an original name for this9Mon, 24th Nov '14 1:12:41 PM
new post deconstructing urban fantasy16Mon, 24th Nov '14 9:14:14 AM
new postGame Mechanics21Mon, 24th Nov '14 8:13:23 AM
new postDescribe somewhere in your world.53Mon, 24th Nov '14 6:54:25 AM
new postFantasy Weapons, Societies, Cultures, Equipment and Mounts/Vehicles54Mon, 24th Nov '14 12:53:15 AM
new postReaction of a sane person when seing the supernatural?24Fri, 21st Nov '14 7:03:03 PM
new postFantasy World Cultures Questions Thread530Thu, 20th Nov '14 11:32:08 PM
new postFictional Custom Regulartions In Context of Extraterrestrial Travel10Wed, 19th Nov '14 5:50:32 AM
new postBuilding a Power Armor RP3Tue, 18th Nov '14 3:55:11 AM
new postWind Currents on a Fantasy World11Mon, 17th Nov '14 4:48:52 PM
new postA calendar for a Fantasy Counterpart Culture of the Inuit12Mon, 17th Nov '14 11:08:35 AM
new postPlausibility of interdimensional Earth-looting?40Mon, 17th Nov '14 3:21:00 AM
new postThe Lord of the Rings; but with more advanced technoligy20Sun, 16th Nov '14 10:21:15 PM
new postRivers through mountain range7Sun, 16th Nov '14 1:28:33 PM
new postDeconstructing Beast Fable5Fri, 14th Nov '14 6:21:05 AM
new postRuritania and Überwald3Fri, 14th Nov '14 2:54:24 AM
new postLynching a vampire?28Wed, 12th Nov '14 6:35:47 PM
new postSci-Fi FTL drive problem - Please help16Wed, 12th Nov '14 3:48:36 PM
new postStygian Technologies - Setting11Wed, 12th Nov '14 2:56:45 PM
new postHard Sci-Fi Mecha Space Conflict - My Webcomic idea67Tue, 11th Nov '14 8:05:09 PM
new postHow to avoid a Game of Thrones-like civil war18Mon, 10th Nov '14 9:58:42 PM
new postName for a Feudal Japan-inspired setting13Mon, 10th Nov '14 3:22:18 PM
new postTitanium Swords Redux: If Guns No Longer Worked Today69Sat, 8th Nov '14 11:57:10 AM
new postWhat (future) year should my setting take place in?9Thu, 6th Nov '14 9:05:31 AM
new postCreating a biomechanical menace15Wed, 5th Nov '14 2:54:01 PM
new postMost efficient form of galactic government?20Mon, 3rd Nov '14 9:10:55 AM
new postThe passage of time4Wed, 29th Oct '14 10:47:47 AM
new postCounter to Wuxia-level martial arts?16Sat, 25th Oct '14 6:12:59 AM
new postLowest possible population without harmful inbreeding.21Fri, 24th Oct '14 3:32:58 PM
new postFinal Fantasy as a Military Science Fiction. 14Fri, 24th Oct '14 3:20:47 PM
new postOther names for alchemists5Thu, 23rd Oct '14 3:45:56 PM
new postWarfare in the Avatar-verse. 30Wed, 22nd Oct '14 2:44:46 PM
new postPrison full of clones46Wed, 22nd Oct '14 12:23:08 PM
new postis this plausible?17Sun, 19th Oct '14 8:26:19 AM
new postDesigning a realistic Force Field18Tue, 14th Oct '14 5:00:20 PM
new postOpposition to self-sustaining economy15Tue, 14th Oct '14 11:05:13 AM
new postWhat If China had won the Opium Wars?10Mon, 13th Oct '14 2:44:24 PM
new postSuperhumans in the Second World War24Sat, 11th Oct '14 5:57:19 PM
new post"Slightly Off" Traits For Possibly Not Quite Human Characters77Tue, 7th Oct '14 7:39:26 PM
new postState-of-matter (and element) Combination Attacks1Mon, 6th Oct '14 9:21:01 AM
new postMedical torture methods?3Fri, 3rd Oct '14 12:27:20 PM
new postGods and religions27Fri, 3rd Oct '14 8:31:46 AM
new postGifts of the Gods28Thu, 2nd Oct '14 11:14:47 AM
new postMatching Fantasy Races with Counterpart Cultures27Tue, 30th Sep '14 8:22:28 AM
new postTime travel mechanics11Mon, 29th Sep '14 12:25:34 PM
new postDeconstruction - giving a "romantic wanderer" tribe their own nation?5Sat, 27th Sep '14 7:34:50 PM
new postSpace Fantasy! Worlds building help.32Fri, 26th Sep '14 5:54:50 AM
new postShould I Use The Cthulu Mythos?24Tue, 23rd Sep '14 11:16:21 AM
new postMagic based on fundamental forces4Tue, 23rd Sep '14 9:07:45 AM
new postDescribe Your Magic System in a Few Sentences157Mon, 22nd Sep '14 5:56:46 PM
new postEveryone wants to fight North Korea18Mon, 22nd Sep '14 5:25:31 PM
new postPostapocalyptic calendar month names9Mon, 22nd Sep '14 3:37:42 PM
new postTaira's Crazy Idea Take 253Sat, 20th Sep '14 10:26:19 PM
new postTechnology without metal35Fri, 19th Sep '14 10:43:26 AM
new postMagical/Mystical Substances21Fri, 19th Sep '14 9:40:57 AM
new postshow your religions9Fri, 19th Sep '14 1:38:33 AM
new postDeconstructing the standard fantasy setting?13Fri, 19th Sep '14 1:00:05 AM
new postPost apocalyptic population levels?5Thu, 18th Sep '14 2:35:42 PM
new postCustom Alternative English Script2Thu, 18th Sep '14 12:17:52 PM
new postEffect of one world currency?21Thu, 18th Sep '14 12:04:29 PM
new postResource Exhaustion as a Solution to Fermi's Paradox35Thu, 18th Sep '14 9:36:12 AM
new postUrban fantasy questions? Magic, Masquerades and the Supernatural9Tue, 16th Sep '14 11:49:08 PM
new postMagic appears in a tech setting, what are the consequences?29Mon, 15th Sep '14 7:45:13 PM
new postThe Magic comes back.... why?21Sun, 14th Sep '14 7:53:07 PM
new postA bunch of questions about Biology/Ecology/Evolution and stuff.58Thu, 11th Sep '14 5:10:49 AM
new postInfluence of invincible warriors?15Mon, 8th Sep '14 5:05:18 PM
new postLet's create a high fantasy/space opera hybrid and set an RPG in it.6Mon, 8th Sep '14 12:11:10 AM
new postGiant evolution15Sun, 7th Sep '14 9:46:42 PM
new postPost-apocalyptic/crime procedural deconstruction11Sat, 6th Sep '14 12:39:27 PM
new postHas there ever been a Crapsack World like this?16Sat, 6th Sep '14 9:14:12 AM
new postArguments for and against the Masquerade19Tue, 2nd Sep '14 1:33:36 PM
new postConlang Development47Tue, 2nd Sep '14 12:17:10 PM
new postHow do I NOT make this romance squicky?24Mon, 1st Sep '14 9:56:01 PM
new postAbsolute Monarchy in a Modern Setting64Mon, 1st Sep '14 8:57:05 PM
new postUsing Slums As A Military Defense142Sat, 30th Aug '14 1:27:41 PM
new postTweaking mythology to make it sound cooler/ that ok?6Thu, 28th Aug '14 10:02:13 PM
new postSympathetic Cannibal Character?21Wed, 27th Aug '14 10:22:34 PM
new postGalt's Gulch and the post-apocalypse24Wed, 27th Aug '14 9:51:21 PM
new postGothic/Lovecraft horror aesthetic mixed + Imperial Chinese aesthetics 7Wed, 27th Aug '14 9:19:53 PM
new postDepth Trumps Breadth11Tue, 26th Aug '14 12:39:53 PM
new postNeed help with neuroscience in relation to demons.13Tue, 26th Aug '14 12:29:48 PM
new postExtraterrestrial Laws And Differences Between Local Laws19Mon, 25th Aug '14 6:07:01 AM
new postUnderused Sapient/Humanoid Species?15Sun, 24th Aug '14 1:23:15 AM
new postYour Races?52Fri, 22nd Aug '14 3:09:51 PM
new postImplications of a Single-Biome Colony30Thu, 21st Aug '14 7:35:23 PM
new postAbandoned sky cities25Thu, 21st Aug '14 11:30:01 AM
21 pages in this list
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