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World Building
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new postpinnedThe Quick Questions About World Building Thread323Thu, 21st Aug '14 10:38:22 AM
new postLet's create a high fantasy/space opera hybrid and set an RPG in it.1Tue, 2nd Sep '14 7:57:55 PM
new postPost-apocalyptic/crime procedural deconstruction1Tue, 2nd Sep '14 6:07:34 PM
new postHas there ever been a Crapsack World like this?15Tue, 2nd Sep '14 2:47:36 PM
new postMagical/Mystical Substances5Tue, 2nd Sep '14 2:45:13 PM
new postArguments for and against the Masquerade19Tue, 2nd Sep '14 1:33:36 PM
new postConlang Development47Tue, 2nd Sep '14 12:17:10 PM
new postEveryone wants to fight North Korea7Tue, 2nd Sep '14 11:52:11 AM
new postDeconstructing the standard fantasy setting?6Tue, 2nd Sep '14 10:59:10 AM
new postShould I Use The Cthulu Mythos?9Tue, 2nd Sep '14 10:17:55 AM
new postA bunch of questions about Biology/Ecology/Evolution and stuff.52Tue, 2nd Sep '14 7:32:25 AM
new postMention a random quirk of your world782Mon, 1st Sep '14 11:16:47 PM
new postHow do I NOT make this romance squicky?24Mon, 1st Sep '14 9:56:01 PM
new postFantasy World Cultures Questions Thread503Mon, 1st Sep '14 9:53:30 PM
new postDescribe Your Magic System in a Few Sentences145Mon, 1st Sep '14 9:51:57 PM
new postAbsolute Monarchy in a Modern Setting64Mon, 1st Sep '14 8:57:05 PM
new postSci-fi Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment1,140Mon, 1st Sep '14 12:38:35 PM
new postInfluence of invincible warriors?3Sun, 31st Aug '14 5:18:44 PM
new postUsing Slums As A Military Defense142Sat, 30th Aug '14 1:27:41 PM
new postTweaking mythology to make it sound cooler/ that ok?6Thu, 28th Aug '14 10:02:13 PM
new postSci-fi Military Tactics and Strategy990Wed, 27th Aug '14 10:52:11 PM
new postSympathetic Cannibal Character?21Wed, 27th Aug '14 10:22:34 PM
new postGalt's Gulch and the post-apocalypse24Wed, 27th Aug '14 9:51:21 PM
new postGothic/Lovecraft horror aesthetic mixed + Imperial Chinese aesthetics 7Wed, 27th Aug '14 9:19:53 PM
new postDepth Trumps Breadth11Tue, 26th Aug '14 12:39:53 PM
new postNeed help with neuroscience in relation to demons.13Tue, 26th Aug '14 12:29:48 PM
new postSpace Fantasy! Worlds building help.16Mon, 25th Aug '14 10:11:43 AM
new postExtraterrestrial Laws And Differences Between Local Laws19Mon, 25th Aug '14 6:07:01 AM
new postUnderused Sapient/Humanoid Species?15Sun, 24th Aug '14 1:23:15 AM
new postYour Races?52Fri, 22nd Aug '14 3:09:51 PM
new postImplications of a Single-Biome Colony30Thu, 21st Aug '14 7:35:23 PM
new postAbandoned sky cities25Thu, 21st Aug '14 11:30:01 AM
new postSubverting the Hero's Journey...40Thu, 21st Aug '14 8:13:55 AM
new postHow to avoid a Game of Thrones-like civil war16Tue, 19th Aug '14 2:02:57 PM
new postMaking a believable masquerade and urban fantasy series. 9Tue, 19th Aug '14 12:16:09 AM
new postWar! Motivation9Mon, 18th Aug '14 5:36:06 PM
new postHow does one make an oligarchy interesting? 6Sat, 16th Aug '14 10:00:30 AM
new postSymbols again - an alternative Taijitu (a.k.a. the yin-yang symbol)12Sat, 16th Aug '14 9:56:32 AM
new postFeasibility of an elevated city?17Fri, 15th Aug '14 3:49:23 PM
new postObjective way of measuring battle prowess?8Fri, 15th Aug '14 4:19:36 AM
new postMagic appears in a tech setting, what are the consequences?28Fri, 15th Aug '14 12:44:56 AM
new postRequire Feedback on Fantasy Setting.20Thu, 14th Aug '14 11:14:37 AM
new postCreate a party11Thu, 14th Aug '14 9:59:11 AM
new post"Slightly Off" Traits For Possibly Not Quite Human Characters69Tue, 12th Aug '14 11:06:50 PM
new postA world with no fossil fuel, no solar power and no nuclear power.64Tue, 12th Aug '14 3:59:28 PM
new postIllegal Shonen Tournaments18Tue, 12th Aug '14 1:27:06 PM
new postOur Zombies Are Different - Are Yours?19Mon, 11th Aug '14 4:20:49 PM
new postHouses and buildings for snake people25Mon, 11th Aug '14 2:02:03 PM
new postAdventurers: A Dying Breed23Mon, 11th Aug '14 1:51:03 PM
new postDescribe somewhere in your world.46Mon, 11th Aug '14 4:05:16 AM
new postA minor issue: to elf or not to elf5Sun, 10th Aug '14 10:41:46 AM
new postInteresting real world plants for Green Thumb powers8Sun, 10th Aug '14 4:41:09 AM
new postHereditary genetic transmitted diseases: Possible Implications5Sat, 9th Aug '14 11:50:12 PM
new postAll inclusive racial terms in a multi-racial society.12Thu, 7th Aug '14 10:54:46 PM
new postAnachronism Stew World6Thu, 7th Aug '14 3:32:36 PM
new postReligion World Building28Wed, 6th Aug '14 8:56:21 PM
new postYou are Hitler, now take over Europe114Wed, 6th Aug '14 7:46:55 AM
new postShow off your conlangs!31Tue, 5th Aug '14 3:56:35 PM
new postTarus Space6Mon, 4th Aug '14 6:13:11 PM
new postThe Magic comes back.... why?20Sun, 3rd Aug '14 11:23:14 PM
new postDeathworld14Fri, 1st Aug '14 8:33:33 PM
new postCreating a Humanoid Dragon Species76Thu, 31st Jul '14 5:45:38 PM
new postHow would a technopath work? Averting everything is online.19Sun, 27th Jul '14 5:51:08 PM
new postMagical Girl Thingumajig 17Sat, 26th Jul '14 9:06:18 PM
new postFantasy world needs to be populated...10Sat, 26th Jul '14 8:31:48 PM
new postMagitek Reactor13Sat, 26th Jul '14 8:28:02 PM
new postBest way for humanoids to use a bio-weapon against flying dragons?15Sat, 26th Jul '14 8:19:20 PM
new postSynthetic muscles or hydraulics?6Thu, 24th Jul '14 1:38:26 PM
new postNeed some design help, please8Thu, 24th Jul '14 10:33:12 AM
new postAmericanized names for Haruhi Suzumiya characters.12Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:47:11 AM
new postFuture World Conflict Zones3Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:43:48 AM
new postRandomly-Generated People16Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:28:21 AM
new postDetails for an alternate techline of sorts.2Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:11:33 AM
new postStock Superpower Reconstruction6Wed, 23rd Jul '14 11:00:47 AM
new postPerhaps too broad: how do brands interact2Wed, 23rd Jul '14 10:55:12 AM
new postMagical manipulation of alternate realities9Wed, 23rd Jul '14 10:46:24 AM
new postResource Exhaustion as a Solution to Fermi's Paradox34Tue, 22nd Jul '14 9:35:29 AM
new postNoble Dead10Sat, 19th Jul '14 11:21:14 PM
new postElemental powers and the effects on their owners18Tue, 15th Jul '14 1:42:22 PM
new postThe Aquila and the Rising Sun: The Imperium of Man Comes to Gensokyo Resources Thread.68Tue, 15th Jul '14 7:33:29 AM
new postTransportation in a tree house city20Sat, 12th Jul '14 11:20:26 AM
new postStygian Empire - Setting5Wed, 9th Jul '14 12:41:11 PM
new postPhysics: How much energy does it take to partially explode a planet?16Mon, 7th Jul '14 3:35:32 PM
new postWhat kind of world would result from this?10Mon, 7th Jul '14 2:35:01 AM
new postSome help with Winged humanoids?15Sun, 6th Jul '14 10:00:39 PM
new postReasons to go to Space69Fri, 4th Jul '14 6:20:54 AM
new postFor the Finns on this board: Finnish Elves for a Dickensian fantasy11Tue, 1st Jul '14 8:49:08 PM
new postMetropolis of the Damned: The City of Dis3Sat, 28th Jun '14 7:56:10 PM
new postMiddle Eastern Mythos and Mysteries8Wed, 25th Jun '14 3:00:05 PM
new postInitial draft of my magic system (looking for constructive criticism)9Sat, 21st Jun '14 8:07:21 AM
new postHigh Speed Pursuit and Shootout at Warpspeeds9Thu, 19th Jun '14 8:43:36 AM
new postDeveloping Sci-Fi Setting16Thu, 19th Jun '14 12:54:49 AM
new postMedievalish kingdoms and empires. How big is too big? 9Thu, 19th Jun '14 12:03:58 AM
new postMagitek? Your opinions 35Mon, 16th Jun '14 7:28:12 PM
new postThe Queen of the Riverlands-general world building6Mon, 16th Jun '14 2:25:16 AM
new postIn a world with cultures advanced to at best early 19th century6Sun, 15th Jun '14 3:58:57 PM
new postHazard symbol for magic?20Sat, 14th Jun '14 1:33:08 PM
new postExcuses to explain lack of tidal lock in a red dwarf system14Thu, 12th Jun '14 6:22:37 AM
new postTechnology without metal28Thu, 12th Jun '14 12:02:33 AM
new postTo Have Grav Or Not To Have11Wed, 11th Jun '14 12:08:11 PM
20 pages in this list
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